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Side by side comparison of the original first jumpscare in FILE.exe (thanks to Yamimash) and Mark’s edit.

Things changed by Mark:
-Raven’s facecam has a creepy face
-There is a visible face with a small red smile to the right of Lenore’s picture over where the dating profile pic was
-Mark’s facecam has bloody tears
-Lenore’s eyes were brightened despite the screen being blacked out
-The red sun-like area above the camera (though that may just be meaningless)
-The light blue oval is clearly a face, with a mouth visible near the “?” Box. There appear to be veins. It appears to be laughing. The shape of the ear on the left side suggests there may be black hair going in the same direction as Dark’s but it’s hard to tell.

Adrien is jealous of himself *how every fic goes imo*
  • Chat Noir: Ladybug, you are the prettiest girl in Paris
  • Ladybug: Thank you Chat Noir.
  • CN: Will you accompany me to-the-mysterious wedding today?
  • LB: … Nnno.
  • CN: But-But, Ladybug, I love you!
  • LB: I love you too. I LOOOOVVVMM YOU!
  • CN: Marry me Ladybug!
  • LB: ...No
  • CN: WHY!?
  • LB: I…I don't love you! Woopsies~!
  • LB: I am in love with another
  • CN: Who is this maaan!?
  • LB: He…is…you
  • CN: *happy gasp*
  • LB: I love you!
  • CN: Marry me Ladybug!
  • LB: …Nno
  • LB: I am in love with your other identity.
  • CN: ADRIEEN!? I'll kill him when I find him!
  • ADRIEN: No if he finds you first
  • CN and LB: Adrien!?
  • A: The mysterious wedding has been our wedding all along. Ladybug and I are getting wed at the wedding today! YOU are not invited! Will you be my best man?
  • CN: Of course, Adrien…I hate you so much.
  • A: Goodbye ChatNoir! I'll see you at the bachelor party!
  • LB: Goodbye, Chat Noir! I will always love you!
  • CN(whispering): Ladybug~
If the acotar character's had to pick a movie for date night

Rhys: The Notebook so he could stare at Feyre and quote everything.
Feyre: The Da Vinci Code because it’s artsy but full of mystery.

Cassian: Deadpool because it’s action/comedy and romance.
Nesta: Pride and Prejudice because it’s angsty love but classic. Or Mr. and Mrs. Smith depending on how annoyed she is with Cassian that day.

Elain: The Secret Garden.

Lucien: Zootopia because he doesn’t want Elain to think he’s trying to hook up and it has a fox.

Azriel: Mission Impossible.

Mor: Honestly no idea. Could be anything. I’m getting Princess Bride vibes or some obscure indie film.

Tamlin: Hostel or Silence of the Lambs.

Amren: The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug because of all that treasure.