i have too much makeup

I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?


People rlly be thinking that I don’t love myself bc I always got a full face of makeup on but I rlly am confident without makeup. I wear makeup bc I like it and the process of doing my makeup calms me and it’s fun to me. It rlly irks me when people tell me that they think I wear makeup bc I’m “not confident”. Yes I do have self confidence issues but none of it has to do w me always wearing makeup.

안녕 친구! My name is Caitlín, I am 16 years old, I’m from Ireland and i am a recent language enthusiast! You may know me as @fromirelandtokorea

I began to study Korean in September 2015, but only made slight progress because of my lack of motivation, but I started this blog in July 2016!

Now, i’m determined to acheieve “fluency” in Korean and also; French, Russian, Japanese and Dutch - I also have an interest in Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch and Chinese (wow that’s a lot)

I am doing my Leaving Certificate in 2018 and my chosen subjects are History, French, Biology and Home Ec (5th year is hell)

I dye my hair a lot and have posted photos of it on this blog, and it is currently red (oops this is a photo from February oh well) and I love makeup way too much 😂

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It’s been a while since I spammed y’all with selfies, have some with my favorite makeups that I’ve done recently. Too many products to list individually but I used Smashbox foundation and contour, MAC eye shadow, ELF blush and eye shadow, Mary Kay eyeliner, Urban Decay eye shadow and lipsticks, Hard Candy lipstick, and Too High Cosmetics highlighter. Then for brushes it’s MAC, ELF, and Smashbox. If you have questions about any of my makeup/brushes/techniques shoot me an ask and I’ll blab all about it and post more photos of my stuff lol. Also everything except MAC is cruelty-free (and cheaper than MAC, don’t waste your money for the same quality and less humane production y’all)

Maybe I don’t talk to enough people, but I have never once in my life witnessed someone get made fun of for not wearing makeup, and people on the internet say that this happens all the time. I have only ever seen people get made fun of for too much makeup or poorly applied makeup.


I had no time to prep for ctcon this year and am about to start a grueling little 6-day work week so here’s this!

human clothes michael. you can’t tell I put on gold eyeliner for this, but boy do I look tired

anonymous asked:

Is there a picture of you on the internet where you DON'T have makeup on??? Like you're thirteen chill

1. the first picture I posted of myself on here is one, there’s one of me eating a s'more where I only have mascara on, and I think I posted one where I was with Kimmy and neither of us had makeup on but I could be mistaken. Stop making me sound like I’m fake because I never post pictures of myself as “I actually am” or some shit, because they’re there.
2. okay bitch, I know I’m young. I get that thirteen is probably a bit too young to have as much makeup as I do, as high quality as some of it is, and to wear as much as I end up wearing sometimes. I don’t like wearing makeup. It’s a hassle, it’s time consuming, and it’s a complete waste of money. But ever since I saw that first blemish pop up on my face, I’ve always been insecure about my complexion. I know that there are negatives about wearing makeup to hide imperfections, the most prominent being the cause of even more imperfections, but I do it as a temporary fix to a potentially long term problem. It takes weeks for my skin to get clear, but when it is I embrace it and don’t wear makeup until I see it start to get bad again. Let me feel good about myself, let me wear makeup, because I have a reason to. Besides, you shouldn’t even be shitting on people for looking the way they want to anyways. Fuck you.

I did enough cleaning/throwing shit away today. I can’t get all the stuff I want done in one day because there’s just so much that accumulates from living in the same room for 24 years. My goal is to just get rid of things that I don’t use, if I haven’t used it/worn it/even thought about it in years, I don’t need to hang onto it.

I definitely need some new clothes but first I need to get rid of everything that’s either super old and like threadbare, things that don’t fit and never will fit again(I’m looking at you “sick” clothes there is no “what if"goodbye)
Or just things that I know I won’t wear again because it’s not my style anymore.

Same with makeup too, I have so much cheap shit that I don’t use because I got them for gifts and people who don’t really understand makeup seem to think it’s all the same quality, not true at all. I also have a bunch of really old makeup that needs to go because I don’t use it and it probably shouldn’t be used tbh. I just have a really bad habit of hanging onto things that I don’t actually need because I think "oh I might need this” or it’s nostalgic because I used it a lot in like 7th grade. Time to move on with my life.

Come to think of it there’s only a few #actuallysentimental things that I own and the rest is just garbage that I don’t need and it’s taking up space and collecting dust.

I used to be very insecure and have always applied too much makeup. I often try, with my fans, especially with the very young to talk about uncertainty, because I know how that feels. Unfortunately, no escaping the typical uncertainty teenager passes. I do not know anyone who has not gone through with it. But you have to be the greatest inspiration and  over the years I was able to strengthen my self-confidence. 

“She Likes You” - Sammy Wilk Imagine

Request:  Hi can I have a Sammy imagine please

‘Do I look good? Did I put too much makeup on? Should I put a jacket on or should-’ I was running out of my breath worrying about how I look. 

‘Y/n, firstly, you need to chill out, okay?’ My best friend Cara put her hands on my shoulders to calm me down. ‘Secondly, you look amazing, you didn’t put too much makeup on and yes, you need to put a jacket on because it’s fucking freezing outside.’ She said. 

‘Okay, okay.’ I sighed. 

‘Why do you worry so much anyway? We’re just going out like every Saturday night.’ She asked. 

Yeah, but tonight is Sammy coming along with us. ‘I do not..I-I just wanna look good.’ I said while putting my earring on. 

‘Yeah, but you’re never so stressed about- Oh wait..’ Oh no..here it comes.. ‘There is going to be Sammy! That’s why you’re so worried and excited!’ 

‘Whaat..No..that’s not true.’ I was trying to fake it, but it was too obvious that I was head over heels for Sammy. 

‘Yes, it is! Aw, y/n is in love!’ Cara teased me. God, she’s gonna do that forever. 

‘Shut up!’ I said, but couldn’t help but laugh along with her. 

‘Do you like him a lot?’ She asked being curious as always. 

‘Cara, stop.’ I was already blushing and I just wanted to end this conversation. 

‘No, seriously, do you like him?’

‘Well..maybe, just maybe, I have a small crush on him?’ 

‘I knew it! I knew that you were gonna fall for him!’ She said.

‘What do you mean you knew it?’ I asked her confusedly. 

‘Well, it’s kinda obvious that Sammy is fuckboy and you always fall for fuckboys. Don’t even try to deny it, y/n.’ She said. Sadly, what she said was completely true. 

‘You know what? Let’s just stop talking about this and let’s go. It’s not like anything will ever happen between Sammy and me.’ I said taking my purse that was laying down on my bed and leaving my room along with Cara. 

‘Why do you think that nothing will happen? I can always ask Jack to-’ 

‘Don’t you dare!’ I turned around pointing my forefinger at her. ‘Cara, I’m being serious now. Do not do that, please.’  

‘Alright, alright, I won’t do anything.’ She said a bit terrified by my reaction. ‘Gosh, you’re so sensitive.’ She said and I rolled my eyes as we left the house. 

‘Hey, girls.’ Jack, Cara’s boyfriend who was waiting for us in the car in front of my house, said as we got into the car. 

‘Hey, baby.’ Cara said and kissed him. 

‘Hey, Jack.’ I waved to him. 

‘Why are you alone? Where’s Sammy?’ Cara asked him. Yeah, where is Sammy?! 

‘Oh, he said he’s gonna be there waiting for us.’ Jack said and I felt so relieved ‘cause I already thought that he wasn’t coming. 

I’ve known Sammy for a very short time - maybe two weeks. He’s Jack’s friend and one night Jack brought him out with us.I had no idea that he was supposed to go with us, but when I saw him, I instantly fell in love. Even though, we’re like, two different worlds, I still want him. It’s crazy how I always fall for fuckboys. And Sammy was one.

We entered the club and there was Sammy sitting at the bar. My heart started to beat so fast at just the sight of him. 

‘Hey, guys!’ First Jack and he did their handshake and then he hugged Cara and then me. ‘Hey, y/n.’ 

‘Hey,Sammy.’ I smiled pulling back, but oh God, how much I wanted to stay in his arms. 

Soon, we started to drink. One shot of vodka, second shot of vodka, third shot of vodka, fourth shot of vodka and for Cara, that was enough to get drunk as fuck. I was drunk too, but not as drunk as she was. I know my limits. I got lost in the crowd and started to dance.  

‘You look so hot.’ I heard someone says in my ear. I turned around to see Sammy. I immediately wrapped my arms around his neck and started to dance with him. 

‘You’re not so bad yourself.’ I smirked. He chuckled and came closer to me biting his lip. 

‘You wanna go outside?’ He asked and I nodded. He took my hand and led us outside the club. We walked over to where Jack’s car was and I leaned with my back on the hood of the car. 

‘What?’ He asked when I started to laugh hysterically. ‘Why are you laughing?’ 

‘I don’t know.’ I shrugged my shoulders and continued to laugh. 

‘You’re so crazy, baby girl.’ He said as he came closer to me so our faces were just a few inches apart. My breathing quickened as well as my heartbeat when he moved my hair behind my ear and whispered ‘You’re so pretty.’ I smiled a little to him and he smiled back before our lips met. 

We started making out when we heard someone says ‘Wow, Sammy you’re fast.’ It was Jack and with him was drunk Cara who shouted ‘Finally! She likes you so freaking much, how don’t you see that Sammy boy?!’ 

‘Is that true?’ Sammy asked me and I blushed and hid my face in his chest. He chuckled and hugged me placing a kiss on my head. 

‘You taking her home now, Sammy?’ Jack teased. 

‘Fuck off, Jack.’ He said, I looked up at him and he pressed another kiss on my lips.