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so in one of squiggs streams..she was pulling our heartstrings by drawing this comic as a surprise for zango who happened to came in the stream. For zango to catch up, squiggs showed her the already finished panels of the comic AND JUST IN TIME this music came in as a perfect timing while squiggs was showing the panels. Yes we all cried.

I don`t have much practice using filmora but i`m very proud of this tbh c:

the art used in this video belongs to:

@shinyzango (who happens to be the creator of this AU too)

and @squigglydigglydoo

with all my love guys ovo/

OH and the music used is:

Undertale (Heartache) ReVamPt [Orchestral Re-Arrangement]

(English is not my first language btw)

Friendly reminder to all the muns out there:

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This is supposed to be fun. This is not your work. Remember that you are loved. 

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what if chloe wanted to work with nadine to start with bc she kinda had a crush on her. bc man those looks chloe gives nadine from the beginning, totally gay


Chloe to Sam: “You said to get help, so I got help.”

Sam: “Her?!”

Chloe: “She’s saved my life more than once. I trust her.” *in a quieter voice, to herself* “and she’s fine as hell, I mean, have you seen those arms? I wanna climb her like a horny koala…”

Sam: “What?”

Chloe: “Wot m8?”


my bnha oc kohana oshiro’s bio~ 

 had a lot of fun making this to be honest…


Summary: The tour crew is teasing you about how you’re picking up on everything Shawn’s doing. 

a/n: I feel like I should be writing some angst bc like I feel like I have too much fluff and cuteness but here I am writing another fluff. I also don’t know where I’m going with this one tbh. Here’s one I wrote like after The Not Shawn Mendes tour. To the anon that requested, I will post it very soon. Just need to make my mind up on some stuff.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Woah,” Zubin just stared at you after asking him something. 

“What?” You raised your eyebrows, you have been with Shawn the whole world tour. Going home whenever you wanted to, and getting to go wherever you want to. It’s been very fun on tour, you got closer with everyone else. You felt like they were really your family, they took such good care of you.

“You literally just sounded like Shawn. Not even kidding.” Zubin laughed, and you rolled your eyes. Everyone on the tour family with Shawn has been saying that you and Shawn has been been together way too much, that you’re starting to act like him. 

“Oh my God, Zubin!” Zubin just laughed and finally replied to what you were asking him.

“Wish me luck.” Shawn whispered into your ear while giving you a hug. He was about to go on stage. You can hear his fast beating heart while you were in his tight embrace.

“Good luck, kill it out there.” You giggled. He let go of the hug and smiled at you. Your heart skipped a beat because of that smile. He started walking away to go below the stage where he comes out the start of the show.

“I love you.” Shawn mouths to you once he gets on stage and he spots you standing backstage. 

“I love you too.” You blew him a kiss. He smiled at you and started the show. This was you and Shawn’s ritual every single time he gets on stage. 

Every single show, you and Shawn were both nervous. Shawn was nervous about pleasing all of the people that came to see him, and you were nervous that everything goes right and it’s another great show. You started chewing on your nails, praying that he doesn’t get hurt, he doesn’t get mobbed by fans switching from stage to stage. None of those has ever happened, but you always had that worry before one of his shows start. 

“Y/n, what did I tell you about biting your nails?” Aaliyah commented while walking to where your seats were. “Stop. You are seriously picking up everything he does. Don’t pick up Shawn’s bad habits, you have such pretty nails.” 

Your face turned red, even the person who was pretty close to Shawn noticed. She’s lived with Shawn for all of her life. Aaliyah has been on tour for a couple of days now. She said she wanted to hangout and tour with her big brother while Manny and Karen are on a cruise for their anniversary. 

You were having a late lunch with Aaliyah, Matt, and Brian after having a little look around the city. You scrunched up your nose in disgust when you felt that wet, mushy, awful tasting tomato in your mouth. You just wanted a nice sandwich but tomatoes just had to ruin it. Brian watched you pick out all the tomatoes off the sandwich you’re having for lunch, while Shawn was working out.

“You and Shawn are perfect for each other. Both of you are so damn weird.” Brian shook his head, with a smile on his face. You knew he was kidding even if he wasn’t smiling. Out of everyone, Brian was the most supportive of your relationship with Shawn. Quoting his words, you and Shawn were his otp

“I never noticed tomatoes were so nasty.” You laughed, examining the sandwich.

“Yeah, you say that now after Shawn probably brainwashed you into not liking them.” Matt commented which made Brian and Aaliyah laugh. 

“How is it like touring with y/n?” A fan asked Shawn during the q&a. His eyes lit up and made eye contact with you when the fan mentioned your name.

“Horrible. She takes such long showers. Just kidding.” The fans cheered and you playfully pouted. “It’s been fun actually, everyone thinks she’s turning into me. We were walking with Aaliyah this morning, y/n made this face and I was like, that’s something I do.” 

“Oh, sorry. Like it’s fine. No big deal,” You smiled and talked with your hands. “You can definitely do it later. I don’t want to bother you.” 

One of the people from the crew smiled and nodded. She walked away and before she was out of your line of sight, Tom and Mike came by to grab a water bottle in the cooler beside you. 

“Was that y/n or Shawn?” Tom commented and Mike laughed. You smiled at them and walked to Shawn’s dressing room. All the comments were funny at first, but it started to get frustrating and annoying. 

“Hey, babe.” Shawn greeted you when you walked in. He was just sitting in his room and strumming a guitar. 

“I feel like I haven’t seen you all day,” You gave him a small smile. Shawn’s been busy all day, so you didn’t want to bother him, so you ended up running around the venue. He immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the tune of your voice and put the guitar away. 

“Come here, baby.” He opened his arms wide open for a hug, and you crashed on his lap. Your head on his shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Am I really doing everything you do?” You buried your face in his chest, embarrassed of what you just asked him. You felt his chest vibrate while he laughed.

“Oh, baby.” He kissed the top of your head and started stroking your hair. “Yeah, kind of.” 

With what he said, you immediately sat up from burying your face in his chest to look at his face. “I knew it. Everyone’s been saying that I’m with you too much that’s why I’m doing everything you do! And it’s been getting annoying.”

“Is this why I feel like I haven’t seen you that much these past few days?” Shawn looked at you with those gorgeous brown eyes. You nodded, Shawn knew you very well. He knew that you let anything people say to you. That’s why he insisted on you not having any other social media aside from Snapchat, you always let what people say get to you. And you act upon it. He buried your head in his chest again, holding you in his arms, you heard his heartbeat. That heart that was yours. 

“They’re just teasing you,” Shawn whispered, with his lips pressed to your hair. “That’s what happens when you’re with somebody way too much, you start picking their slang. I actually caught myself talking like you the other day.” 

“Did you really?” You laughed, you felt better about the whole thing.

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Could you do a tutorial or give me some tips on how to digitally paint hair is the hardest for me thanks for your time:)

Some tips:

*Never color black hair with pure black, it makes it look bad and you cant put shades on it and, its very difficult to make good lights too. Its much better if you put like a dark gray or something like that but never paint it black.

*Is more preferable if you do not use very saturated colors for the hair, it’s just too bright and make it difficut to watch, putting away the fact that it makes it look very ugly if you dont know how to use that kind of saturated colors.

*Have fun painting it, take your time. I do, and tbh one of the best parts for me its painting the hair, it makes me feel relaxed.

I hope it helped a little bit at least (?)

also sorry again if you didnt understand, my english is a little crappy and my handwriting is very confusing for some people <:0

doctor! Wonwoo

anon requested: “If you doing Requests can I have Wonwoo as a doctor? And y/n as a nurse there ❤️”

  • tbh I see Wonwoo as a neurosurgeon
  • and can you imagine Wonwoo during medical school?
  • he’ll probs be studying in the library very often
  • to the point they have to tell him to leave sometimes lmao
  • always carries a book bag everywhere
  • and surprise surprise
  • always has a book to his face
  • cutie with his messy morning hair going to the cafe to get coffee
  • with his morning voice
  • and him in glasses!
  • you knew who Wonwoo was but you weren’t friends with him
  • but since you were a nursing student
  • you had a few classes with him sometimes
  • and wow he’s such a smartass
  • always answers all the questions right
  • and you’re just here like
  • ???! Excuse me
  • nobody was surprised by the fact he graduated early
  • and sports science major Seungcheol was just like
  • “you’re younger than me stop”
  •  let’s get into doctor Wonwoo
  •  he got a new position at this hospital
  •  for their neurological expert
  •  and despite his cold looks
  •  he’s so caring towards his patients :’)
  •  also has a mini library in his office
  •  and when he’s not tending patients
  •  he’s reading books in his office
  • or playing with the kids awee
  • there’s this one grandma with a brain tumour
  •  that sees Wonwoo very often
  •  and she’s told him how her kids are all grown and too busy
  •  which makes him sad even though he doesn’t tell her
  •  but the grandma treats Wonwoo as if he’s her own grandson
  • and Wonwoo lends books from his library to her <3
  • you had just been transferred to a new hospital
  • and you were excited but at the same time scared
  • because you didn’t know anyone
  • but ended befriending a lot of the patients
  • like this one really nice old lady
  •  who always seems to have a book on her
  •  but you noticed she likes to dog ear the pages to bookmark them
  •  which annoys you a bit cause of your inner book worm
  • so you decided to make a bookmark for her <3
  • with her name and everything plus some other cute things
  • and your name at the bottom
  • the grandmas always tells you about this one cute doctor in her section
  • “I’m telling you, he’s such a cutie!!”
  • and when the grandma returns the book to Wonwoo
  • she forgets (deliberately) to take out the bookmark
  • so when Wonwoo opened the book he had noticed the bookmark
  • and how the pages weren’t folded on the top anymore
  • tbh the dog ears did bother him a bit but he didn’t have the heart to say anything to her
  • he decides to visit the grandma in her room
  • and you were in there sitting next to her and talking to each other before your next shift starts
  • “halmeonim! You left your bookmark”
  • and when Wonwoo notices you, he’s like
  • “Weren’t you from the same medical school as me?”
  • you’re just here like?? Jeon Wonwoo knows I exist¿
  • you couldn’t recognise him at first
  • because he wasn’t wearing his iconic glasses anymore :(
  • grandma was happily in her own world tho
  • because she’s happy her ship is starting to sail off lol
  • “you two kids will be so cute together!”
  •  from then on,
  •  you and Wonwoo were around each other pretty often
  •  and got to know each other despite being in the same school for years
  •  and he’s actually a pretty cool guy
  •  such a sweetheart too
  •  all the other nurses have crushes on him as well
  • which is honestly not a surprise
  • Also, Wonwoo’s mini library became yours as well
  • sometimes you both just sit and read together
  • in comfortable silence
  •  because somehow you two had gotten that close
  •  which makes you strike up a question
  •  “hey why don’t you wear your glasses anymore?”
  •  “idk I just don’t think they look good on me, I use contacts now”
  •  “lies, your glasses looked hella good on you”
  •  and the next day he comes in,
  • and he’s wearing his glasses!!
  • finally!!
  • you two banter a lot
  • with the occasional friendly flirting lmao
  • “hey Wonwoo”
  • “yeah?”
  • “Are you my appendix? Because I have a gut feeling I should take you out ;)”
  • “sure, you free on Saturday?”
  • and your just like wait what,,,
  • you meant it as a joke
  • but he took it seriously
  • but who would turn down a date with Wonwoo lmao
  • he picks you up and brings you to this museum
  • what an intellectual cutie awe
  • and you both just had fun wondering around the museum
  • learning new facts and just some more general knowledge
  • and reminiscing about the old school days
  • “I’m not sure if you were in my class, but do you remember when Seungcheol passed out?”
  • “Oh!! When we had to cut up the human body right?”
  • you never realised how great of a human being Wonwoo is
  • he’s so interesting and there’s so much more to him than what you expected
  • after finishing the museum date
  • you both spontaneously decided to go to an art gallery
  • and when you both arrived,
  • the art just awed both of y'all
  • but Wonwoo couldn’t really concentrate that much
  • because while you were admiring the art hung on the walls
  • he admired the artwork that was in front of him
  • which is you!!
  • because he thinks you’re the actual masterpiece :’)
  • and when you turned around to look at him
  • he thinks you’ve noticed him staring at you
  • and he just blushes up!
  • and just couldn’t get rid of this goofy grin on his face!!
  • and then he just asked you to be his girlfriend there and then
  • followed by taking a lot of cute couple pictures together
  • because you guys are gonna be that couple on instagram lmao
  • almost everyone in the hospital knows about your relationship with each other now
  • and jokes about how your relationship is a typical soap drama on tv lmao
  • but if anyone says anything bad about your relationship
  • grandma is ready to fight them
  • because she credits herself as why the two of you started dating lmao
  • your birthday was coming up
  • and Wonwoo wasn’t exactly sure what to get you
  • ends up going for a homemade gift
  • instead of something more materialistic
  • ends up making a book with all the moments you guys shared together!!
  • and when he gifts the book to you
  • you were speechless
  • you just couldn’t think of anything to say
  • even though you were ecstatic
  • “you don’t like it?”
  • “wHAT? No Wonwoo!! I love it so much!! I just can’t express myself well right now”
  • you were surprised by how much effort was put into it
  • with all the pictures of you two together and little captions written by him
  • followed by some pages with titles like
  • ‘5 things I like about you’
  • ‘I greatly appreciate you"
  • ‘why I don’t deserve you’
  • and you just try to convince him that he was worth so much more than he thinks!
  • which really helps him and tbh he’s really thankful for your constant reassurance :’)))
  • “honestly, I didn’t think I could fill up this entire book. But I guess we were too occupied with having fun we didn’t realise we were making these amazing memories”

~admin meagan


this liveshow was incredible. it was nice and relaxing and giggly but to me it proved again just how connected dan and phil are. after all these years they never get tired of each other, dan recognised their popcorn box by just touching it and it reminds me that they have so many memories, many of them that we don’t know about. their whole lives are tangled together and something that would become boring to other people is fun to them.

it truly makes me emotional because that’s goals right there. to me it’s all someone could ask for. they make each other so happy and positive and they act so natural and it’s all a little bit too much tbh. it’s too much in a sense that their relationship is so unique and special. it’s fascinating how they found each other and i truly believe they’re lucky. and i also think we’re lucky to see at least some of it.

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Now I keep thinking about Angus getting to be a kid... I think Angus would get really involved in his classes sometimes and forget to do fun things. I like to think the twins would "kidnap" him from campus sometimes to make sure he did fun stuff with his friends (because they didn't always get to do the kid stuff growing up and Angus isn't gonna miss out on their watch).

yeah like angus being the classic “oh im too busy to do xyz i have to do this [work/detectivestuff/etc]!” type of kid. and then taako and lup (and lets be real, magnus and barry and everyone else tbh) being like, “hm. kid needs to goof off more,” and making sure that he has the time/opportunities to do dumb shit — it’s kind of interesting to think about, actually, because i bet the twins didn’t have anything like a normal childhood either, and so by taking angus to do fun stuff with his friends they’re kind of getting to do all the things they missed out on. so like, by making sure angus gets a childhood they get to have one too, just, a really belated one, haha. 

wonder what angus’s friends think of all the heroes angus knows, haha. 

also angus with an enormous, slightly weird family is just. very good. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mary Sue culture is the worst fucking thing lmao. Like… I’ve legit seen people list “regarding your OCs as your kids rather than writing tools” listed as a “Mary Sue thing.” I’ve seen “wishing you lived your OC’s life” as a Mary Sue thing. I’ve seen “being attracted to your OC” listed as a Mary Sue thing. Even just fucking being friends with preexisting canon characters can have a character be labeled a Mary Sue. They like don’t want you to have fun lmao. Anything that makes a character unique or stand out or LIKABLE to the creator is “a Mary Sue thing” because in these assholes’ minds the only people allowed to make unique characters are published creators I guess, and even THEN they’ll go after (usually) female characters (sometimes those of other marginalized groups though like LGBT characters or nonwhite characters) who they deem “too perfect” or “too unique” (ex. calling Hermione a Mary Sue when Harry Potter exists, calling Leia or Rey a Mary Sue when Han Solo and Anakin exist, calling Amy a Mary Sue when Sonic and Shadow and Silver exist, etc).

Even if someone does make an OC who’s a self insert or who’s friends with or dating canon characters or who is super duper overpowered and out of place….. who cares omg. Who is it hurting. People seem to usually mention kids doing it but even adults should be allowed to have fun with their goddamn characters - I was an adult when I made my self insert OC and he did loads to help with my gender dysphoria and identity (since I have borderline personality disorder and a common symptom is struggling to have a stable sense of self). I don’t care what age someone does it, it’s not… hurting anyone…. There’s nothing wrong with it at all omg. What’s the point of making an OC who isn’t fun. Why make a fan character who has no close relationship to any character you like. Why create someone who doesn’t stand out at least enough that they’re interesting to think and write about. Who is it hurting if someone just plain draws themself smooching their fav. Who cares if someone makes their Harry Potter OC a wildly gifted young sorceress who could create the perfect patronus and turn into their favorite animal by age 13 and is dating Neville like it literally doesn’t hurt you it’s for fun omg.

The only thing this mindset has rly done is make ppl scared of having fun and being unique with their characters! They feel like they’ll be judged or hated if they make their characters stand out or unique or too much like them or too edgy or interact with their favorite characters. I have a friend who does OC Fridays and like…. every single week he gets messages like “omg I know this character is kind of a Mary Sue but…” all apologetically, even when he’s stated before he supports characters like that…. It’s just so sad tbh. And I was victim of it too; I made the most boring fucking OCs when I was a young teen because I was so scared of them standing out too much and being called Mary Sues. They had nothing going for them! Nothing that made them stand out. Nothing I could relate to because “making your OC too much like yourself” is a bad thing. No interaction with any canon characters because that was a Mary Sue thing. I’d like…. defend them as Not Mary Sues At All and go through “how to make your OCs not Mary Sues!” and remove anything that put them at risk and it made the most boring, flat characters who I felt no connection to! I didn’t care about them because I wasn’t having fun!

My most recent OC is a self insert with angel wings (in a world where there aren’t angel wings canonically lmao), and he works for and interacts with my favorite characters. I write about him having sex with my favorite characters. I draw art of him transitioning because I’m trans myself and I wish I could transition already. When I’m upset about something I like to imagine him in the same scenarios but having support and help from my favorite characters and the problem being solved for him. He’s absolutely a Mary Sue but he’s also fucking fun lmfao. Writing about and talking about and drawing him is some of the most fun I’ve had with any OC in ages. And that’s…… what it should be about…….. OCs should be a fun thing that you enjoy, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want (within reason; I’m not condoning anything offensive or bigoted or harmful here) without fear of judgement and criticism. I’ve been writing for years, I know how to make a developed and mature character, I’m an English major lmao, but I also think it’s fun to make a character that’s a complete projection of my wants and interests and things I think would be fun or cool. And honestly? Creating an atmosphere where people feel like they can make whatever they want and just have fun with their creations is 900% more likely to produce unique, interesting, creative, fun characters than if you police and mock and criticize people who create characters that you deem too outlandish or silly. Make Mary Sues.

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Would it be morally wrong to go to Mike DeMartinos autograph signing at comic con Specifically to yell at him about Zutara? Like? I have the time, and 10 YEARS worth of angst over this....but would it be too much?

tbh,,, my honest opinion,,,,,,

they’re not even worth the time. put all that rage to use by making kickass zutara content we can rub in their faces

plus i feel like they’d just patronise you if you went and did that, and it’d give the antis a reason to shit on us more

like, honestly; bryke?

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Last ask got me thinking, How do you go about drawing wings? You draw them amazingly, Like holy shit. I got a character with some wings and I struggle drawing the wings at times, Have you already OR have you ever considered making a tutorial on how to draw them? :0

ok so im by no means an expert but here is like… some tips¿¿ 

thats one way to do it that i use, mainly for wings that arent slotted which i dont draw as much
my more usual method is a lot less visual tbh and its.. step one draw a stick step two draw the rest 

additional tips include: wings have a base, if ur wings dont have one and they just look like paddles then ur critter wouldnt be able to fly and much less glide cause the air woudl just slip the fuck out from under the wing (ej, smaug, drogon, monstrous nightmare type wings.)

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hey! i was wondering how you draw eyes? i'm trying to find my style but i'm never happy with the eyes but i really admire the way you draw them so i was curious as to how you draw them

Eyes are easy to draw when you get the hang of it, the thing I do is use guidelines 

my eye drawing style is pretty lame, just a heavy line for the top eyelid and a lighter line for the bottom eyelid, but I use guidelines on the face so I know how lidded to make the eyes (like Bokuto’s half-lidded eyes) 

The tricky part comes when you’re trying to make your eyes look different (I struggle with making kuroo and bokuto’s eyes look different, usually the defining factor is the eyebrows)  and the guidelines on the face can help you with that, you can see on the picture I posted that I don’t add any other features onto the characters and you can tell who they are already - or at least I can. 

but even if the eyes look different just look at the way i drew them, it’s still heavy line, soft line but what varies is the distance they are apart and their orientation. my way of drawing eyes is REALLY simple tbh. 

this is basically how I draw every single eye, but what’s different is how wide the eyes are and how they’re orientated, if that makes sense? literally that ^ is my general eye style. 

I think if you think too much over eyes you overcomplicate it! All you need to do is practice drawing it in different ways. You can also take inspiration from people’s styles you like but make sure to only reference and not trace, have fun with drawing ok, dont get too stressed about it!

tbh i love shipping the gryffindors with slytherins just because it’s so fun to see the slytherins roll their eyes when their gryffindor counterpart does somethimg stupidly heroic but they cant keep the fond smile of their face because theyre so fucking charmed but the others being an idiot so they have to stick with them to make sure they dont get hurt trying to save the world

or alternatively, slytherins and ravenclaws

like one of them comes up with a meticulously thought out plan and is like “idk tho it may be too much of a dick move” and the slytherin to be like “nope it’s perfect.”

or slytherins and hufflepuffs where the hufflepuff is like “but we’ll be nice about it wont we?” and slytherin’s like “yeah ofc bby” and once the hufflepuff is gone the slytherin goes “but not really.”

slytherins are so goddamn shippable


SKAM 1:09

“What is this bullshit about what kind of person I am? Maybe I am someone who gives up! I don’t know! Why would you know what kind of person I am? Everyone is like: ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ What a fucking cliche.”

EXO reactions to the fact their girlfriend is bisexual

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Suho: He will be surprised, trying to accept that fact. But, he believes that your relationship with him is still good, nothing’s change. He likes the fact that he discover more of you and will try to understand you better. He also knows now why you sometimes stare at those girlgroup poster too long.

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Xiumin: Xiumin doesn’t care as long as you still love him and didn’t have any intention to break up with him. But now, he’ll be cautious of your girl friends like who knows they attract you more than his cutie baozi face. He will be more jealous in the future which you have to deal with it.

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Lay: Lay will be puzzled with that terms you’re using but then when you say, “I like girls too. Get it now?” then he gets it. He will paused for a few seconds and askyou a question, “But we’re still together right? I mean I still love you, don’t leave me for some girls…” and of course you will hug this lil angel and tell him not to worry.

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Chen: This guy accepts you in any forms of human being so he basically just be cool about it. Sometimes, he got curious and ask you random questions like, “If I was a girl, would you date me?” or maybe when you go on a date and he saw a few cute girls he’ll be like, “Who’s the hottest of them all?” he kind of asking who’s your type in general lol

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Baekhyun: He will gasped and say, “Girl, don’t you know the fact that I’m a unicorn so you don’t have to worry if you’re bisexual or any sexual I’m still a unicorn that you will date for the rest of your life” that was not what you expected. But, he’s okay with it actually. Like he said, you’re dating a unicorn.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol just smile and holds your hands, saying that you are still you and nothing changed. He will try to understand you more like Suho. But then he whispers in your ear, “The other day when you compliment Yura noona, did you really mean it as a sister or you are attracted to her too?” but you never tell the answer, let him suffer.

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D.O: He just give you a nod, and an awkward smile. That’s just the way he react at first and then he will overthinking what if you would not like him like you used to, what if you found a girl who can sing better than him, what if you found someone who cook better than him and it’s a girl, what if you ran away….etc2 but when you asked him is he okay, he just say yes.

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Kai: He will be just fine, as long as no one is sexier than him, you have to admit that he still the sexiest. So, he’s confident, nothing changed much.

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Sehun: Sehun give you a normal reaction, no surprises. Actually, he knew it when you sometimes compliment too much on the model in the magazine (the girls or boys, same thing), or staring at his girl friends boobs sometimes (it’s too obvious tbh) So yea, there’s nothing to hide, you are easy to read.

Thank you for requesting and I tried to make it fun I hope you like it anon! ^_^ -Cuppy-nim

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Am i the only one who still ship supercorp?

nope, I do too.. a lot of people are just really upset rn (myself included) but I think we as a fandom are stronger than the cast’s ugly behaviour 

I’m never gonna watch supergirl again because the show isn’t about the strong supergirl I fell in love with anymore, I won’t support a cast who makes fun of their fans and I’m done with the show’s shitty pro sexism, it’s been going downhill during season 2 and with all that’s happened now, I’ve had enough..

that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop shipping supercorp, kara and lena are perfect for each other and the cast won’t ruin this for me!! I understand when people can’t really look at it the same way now after what happened, I’m still kinda struggling a little bit too.. but are we really gonna let them “destroy” us? I don’t think so!!

so let’s create our own supergirl universe where kara and lena can actually be together, our fandom is so talented, there’s so much fanart and fanfiction, let’s have our own safe space where noone makes fun of us and thinks we’re a joke, we don’t need the show or any of them!! 

..and tbh katie mcgrath would support this and that’s really all I care about

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Why does it feel like this cb wasn't as hyped as the previous ones? Since we won a bbmas I thought this cb would the cb of the century or something, did people not like DNA so much? Not today and spring day was hyped more... even fire and bst! People talked about those for soo long but with DNA it feels like people have already moved on, of course there's a lot of people taking about DNA but it feels less than what I expected...

Not sure what’s your criteria for cb of the century though hehe~ i think this cb is hyped in its own right. I mean we’re really breaking a lot of records for it. And have accomplished so much and it’s only been 4 days. For one I just think a lot of armys weren’t too fond of DNA as the title track. Which is perfectly fine I might add. Us fans are the most critical of their work in the first place. But I think the album as a whole, a lot of people liked.

But also, the DNA mv was simple enough that there was no need to make theories and read theories and stuff. Which I really like tbh. I really didn’t want another emo mv. It’s great to just watch the video and have fun and enjoy the music. Also maybe bcoz it’s September and school started for a lot of fans. So although we work a lot behind the scenes, maybe not much visibly in social media or something? That’s why probably you feel like there’s not much hype :)

but honestly don’t worry too much this album is doing great so far! We just have to consistently work hard to stream the music and mv to win music shows and to also have good results for bb200 and hot100.