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so in one of squiggs streams..she was pulling our heartstrings by drawing this comic as a surprise for zango who happened to came in the stream. For zango to catch up, squiggs showed her the already finished panels of the comic AND JUST IN TIME this music came in as a perfect timing while squiggs was showing the panels. Yes we all cried.

I don`t have much practice using filmora but i`m very proud of this tbh c:

the art used in this video belongs to:

@shinyzango (who happens to be the creator of this AU too)

and @squigglydigglydoo

with all my love guys ovo/

OH and the music used is:

Undertale (Heartache) ReVamPt [Orchestral Re-Arrangement]

(English is not my first language btw)

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Could you do a tutorial or give me some tips on how to digitally paint hair is the hardest for me thanks for your time:)

Some tips:

*Never color black hair with pure black, it makes it look bad and you cant put shades on it and, its very difficult to make good lights too. Its much better if you put like a dark gray or something like that but never paint it black.

*Is more preferable if you do not use very saturated colors for the hair, it’s just too bright and make it difficut to watch, putting away the fact that it makes it look very ugly if you dont know how to use that kind of saturated colors.

*Have fun painting it, take your time. I do, and tbh one of the best parts for me its painting the hair, it makes me feel relaxed.

I hope it helped a little bit at least (?)

also sorry again if you didnt understand, my english is a little crappy and my handwriting is very confusing for some people <:0

Friendly reminder to all the muns out there:

  • You are allowed to drop threads. 
  • You are allowed to follow whoever you want. 
  • You are allowed to say no to an plot you aren’t comfortable with. 
  • You are allowed to have a bad day and express how you feel. 
  • You are allowed to take an hiatus if it’s too much.
  • You are allowed to say no to people if you aren’t up for a thread. 
  • You are allowed to say no to plots involving smut. 
  • You are allowed to be gone for a few days.
  • You are allowed to not make drafts. 

This is supposed to be fun. This is not your work. Remember that you are loved. 

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a fanart asking me to reproduce it in cosplay! So here we go with a picture based on a fanart of @blackenedkrono, I had fun trying to pull out something <3

I am so attached to Prompto Argentum as I’ve never been. Tbh i didn’t think i’d connect with him like I have, but playing the game showed me he is the closest character to my own personality, and he lived pretty much what I had too. Changing country, finding friends and “having so much fun I forget what I’m not. Than reality hits me like a splash of cold water and I remember that I don’t belong. I can’t change where I came from. What I am.”

As usual, thanks for supporting me, always <3 You mean a lot to me! I’m really happy knowing I’m making you happy with the things I do ~

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hey! i was wondering how you draw eyes? i'm trying to find my style but i'm never happy with the eyes but i really admire the way you draw them so i was curious as to how you draw them

Eyes are easy to draw when you get the hang of it, the thing I do is use guidelines 

my eye drawing style is pretty lame, just a heavy line for the top eyelid and a lighter line for the bottom eyelid, but I use guidelines on the face so I know how lidded to make the eyes (like Bokuto’s half-lidded eyes) 

The tricky part comes when you’re trying to make your eyes look different (I struggle with making kuroo and bokuto’s eyes look different, usually the defining factor is the eyebrows)  and the guidelines on the face can help you with that, you can see on the picture I posted that I don’t add any other features onto the characters and you can tell who they are already - or at least I can. 

but even if the eyes look different just look at the way i drew them, it’s still heavy line, soft line but what varies is the distance they are apart and their orientation. my way of drawing eyes is REALLY simple tbh. 

this is basically how I draw every single eye, but what’s different is how wide the eyes are and how they’re orientated, if that makes sense? literally that ^ is my general eye style. 

I think if you think too much over eyes you overcomplicate it! All you need to do is practice drawing it in different ways. You can also take inspiration from people’s styles you like but make sure to only reference and not trace, have fun with drawing ok, dont get too stressed about it!

EXO reactions to the fact their girlfriend is bisexual

Originally posted by tinyjunmyeon

Suho: He will be surprised, trying to accept that fact. But, he believes that your relationship with him is still good, nothing’s change. He likes the fact that he discover more of you and will try to understand you better. He also knows now why you sometimes stare at those girlgroup poster too long.

Originally posted by baekthecorgi

Xiumin: Xiumin doesn’t care as long as you still love him and didn’t have any intention to break up with him. But now, he’ll be cautious of your girl friends like who knows they attract you more than his cutie baozi face. He will be more jealous in the future which you have to deal with it.

Originally posted by yeshelloyehet

Lay: Lay will be puzzled with that terms you’re using but then when you say, “I like girls too. Get it now?” then he gets it. He will paused for a few seconds and askyou a question, “But we’re still together right? I mean I still love you, don’t leave me for some girls…” and of course you will hug this lil angel and tell him not to worry.

Originally posted by angetae

Chen: This guy accepts you in any forms of human being so he basically just be cool about it. Sometimes, he got curious and ask you random questions like, “If I was a girl, would you date me?” or maybe when you go on a date and he saw a few cute girls he’ll be like, “Who’s the hottest of them all?” he kind of asking who’s your type in general lol

Originally posted by a-bacon-and-a-happy-virus

Baekhyun: He will gasped and say, “Girl, don’t you know the fact that I’m a unicorn so you don’t have to worry if you’re bisexual or any sexual I’m still a unicorn that you will date for the rest of your life” that was not what you expected. But, he’s okay with it actually. Like he said, you’re dating a unicorn.

Originally posted by a-bacon-and-a-happy-virus

Chanyeol: Chanyeol just smile and holds your hands, saying that you are still you and nothing changed. He will try to understand you more like Suho. But then he whispers in your ear, “The other day when you compliment Yura noona, did you really mean it as a sister or you are attracted to her too?” but you never tell the answer, let him suffer.

Originally posted by daebaksoo

D.O: He just give you a nod, and an awkward smile. That’s just the way he react at first and then he will overthinking what if you would not like him like you used to, what if you found a girl who can sing better than him, what if you found someone who cook better than him and it’s a girl, what if you ran away….etc2 but when you asked him is he okay, he just say yes.

Originally posted by kimjonginkilledme

Kai: He will be just fine, as long as no one is sexier than him, you have to admit that he still the sexiest. So, he’s confident, nothing changed much.

Originally posted by sehunicorne

Sehun: Sehun give you a normal reaction, no surprises. Actually, he knew it when you sometimes compliment too much on the model in the magazine (the girls or boys, same thing), or staring at his girl friends boobs sometimes (it’s too obvious tbh) So yea, there’s nothing to hide, you are easy to read.

Thank you for requesting and I tried to make it fun I hope you like it anon! ^_^ -Cuppy-nim

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mary Sue culture is the worst fucking thing lmao. Like… I’ve legit seen people list “regarding your OCs as your kids rather than writing tools” listed as a “Mary Sue thing.” I’ve seen “wishing you lived your OC’s life” as a Mary Sue thing. I’ve seen “being attracted to your OC” listed as a Mary Sue thing. Even just fucking being friends with preexisting canon characters can have a character be labeled a Mary Sue. They like don’t want you to have fun lmao. Anything that makes a character unique or stand out or LIKABLE to the creator is “a Mary Sue thing” because in these assholes’ minds the only people allowed to make unique characters are published creators I guess, and even THEN they’ll go after (usually) female characters (sometimes those of other marginalized groups though like LGBT characters or nonwhite characters) who they deem “too perfect” or “too unique” (ex. calling Hermione a Mary Sue when Harry Potter exists, calling Leia or Rey a Mary Sue when Han Solo and Anakin exist, calling Amy a Mary Sue when Sonic and Shadow and Silver exist, etc).

Even if someone does make an OC who’s a self insert or who’s friends with or dating canon characters or who is super duper overpowered and out of place….. who cares omg. Who is it hurting. People seem to usually mention kids doing it but even adults should be allowed to have fun with their goddamn characters - I was an adult when I made my self insert OC and he did loads to help with my gender dysphoria and identity (since I have borderline personality disorder and a common symptom is struggling to have a stable sense of self). I don’t care what age someone does it, it’s not… hurting anyone…. There’s nothing wrong with it at all omg. What’s the point of making an OC who isn’t fun. Why make a fan character who has no close relationship to any character you like. Why create someone who doesn’t stand out at least enough that they’re interesting to think and write about. Who is it hurting if someone just plain draws themself smooching their fav. Who cares if someone makes their Harry Potter OC a wildly gifted young sorceress who could create the perfect patronus and turn into their favorite animal by age 13 and is dating Neville like it literally doesn’t hurt you it’s for fun omg.

The only thing this mindset has rly done is make ppl scared of having fun and being unique with their characters! They feel like they’ll be judged or hated if they make their characters stand out or unique or too much like them or too edgy or interact with their favorite characters. I have a friend who does OC Fridays and like…. every single week he gets messages like “omg I know this character is kind of a Mary Sue but…” all apologetically, even when he’s stated before he supports characters like that…. It’s just so sad tbh. And I was victim of it too; I made the most boring fucking OCs when I was a young teen because I was so scared of them standing out too much and being called Mary Sues. They had nothing going for them! Nothing that made them stand out. Nothing I could relate to because “making your OC too much like yourself” is a bad thing. No interaction with any canon characters because that was a Mary Sue thing. I’d like…. defend them as Not Mary Sues At All and go through “how to make your OCs not Mary Sues!” and remove anything that put them at risk and it made the most boring, flat characters who I felt no connection to! I didn’t care about them because I wasn’t having fun!

My most recent OC is a self insert with angel wings (in a world where there aren’t angel wings canonically lmao), and he works for and interacts with my favorite characters. I write about him having sex with my favorite characters. I draw art of him transitioning because I’m trans myself and I wish I could transition already. When I’m upset about something I like to imagine him in the same scenarios but having support and help from my favorite characters and the problem being solved for him. He’s absolutely a Mary Sue but he’s also fucking fun lmfao. Writing about and talking about and drawing him is some of the most fun I’ve had with any OC in ages. And that’s…… what it should be about…….. OCs should be a fun thing that you enjoy, you should be able to do whatever the hell you want (within reason; I’m not condoning anything offensive or bigoted or harmful here) without fear of judgement and criticism. I’ve been writing for years, I know how to make a developed and mature character, I’m an English major lmao, but I also think it’s fun to make a character that’s a complete projection of my wants and interests and things I think would be fun or cool. And honestly? Creating an atmosphere where people feel like they can make whatever they want and just have fun with their creations is 900% more likely to produce unique, interesting, creative, fun characters than if you police and mock and criticize people who create characters that you deem too outlandish or silly. Make Mary Sues.


SKAM 1:09

“What is this bullshit about what kind of person I am? Maybe I am someone who gives up! I don’t know! Why would you know what kind of person I am? Everyone is like: ‘what kind of person are you? you have to know who you are!’ What a fucking cliche.”

tbh i love shipping the gryffindors with slytherins just because it’s so fun to see the slytherins roll their eyes when their gryffindor counterpart does somethimg stupidly heroic but they cant keep the fond smile of their face because theyre so fucking charmed but the others being an idiot so they have to stick with them to make sure they dont get hurt trying to save the world

or alternatively, slytherins and ravenclaws

like one of them comes up with a meticulously thought out plan and is like “idk tho it may be too much of a dick move” and the slytherin to be like “nope it’s perfect.”

or slytherins and hufflepuffs where the hufflepuff is like “but we’ll be nice about it wont we?” and slytherin’s like “yeah ofc bby” and once the hufflepuff is gone the slytherin goes “but not really.”

slytherins are so goddamn shippable

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Hmmm.. what do you think about the monoma x shinsou ship??

It’s… possibly a good ship? I guess? I’ve seen it around a bit, but ngl I don’t really understand it haha

Anon said:  when’s your birthday?

November 13th! It’s still pretty far~

Anon said: you say you like seeing the bakusquad taking care of babies hmmm? draw them maybe? OuO

I did haha

Anon said: Because of your art (you made me fall in love with Bakugou and Kirishima and Kaminari) I started BNHA and got my best friend into it. Now I can’t stop writing them and my friend and I have several AUs already.

This is the best kind of ask omfg !!!!! Glad I could get you into my disaster trio!!! …but also are you maybe gonna share like I’m starved for bakushimanari content a n o n

Anon said: Aw man i was gonna recomend that fic by newamsterdam to you. Like i finished reading it and thought you could like it since you like that other kuroo x teru fic (thanks to you and the anon for that btw) and it seemed your style? Im kinda sad i missed the chance (ok i know this whole ask sounds stupid)

Awwww don’t be sad anon, reccing me bakushima stuff is seriously hard because I might or might not go daily in the ao3 tag to read anything complete that’s been updated and I might or might not be following all fics regularly updating unless they have a character death/angst with no happy ending warning oops - thank you for thinking about me tho!!! That made me happy haha

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my mom just texted me and asked me to think about things i want to talk to my therapist about and i said everything


I should tell someone to stop me…but I’m having too much fun tbh

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Bleach Quotes Part One

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i know how you feel about the pride thing, i live about twenty miles away from the city where one of the biggest pride events in Europe is held, and tbh i'm pretty nervous about going this year, especially with some of the stuff that's been going on over here... idk, i think that you'll be with a largely safe and loving crowd at a pride event, i guess just stay alert, don't drink too much (if u do), watch out for your friends and make sure they watch out for u. but stay safe! i hope u have fun!

Thank you, friend! You as well!

All I’ve heard you say is that you have no hope, and that this is your hell, so if it’s so bad then why don’t you just end it?


Life at last! (he/him!)

Oh my gosh I’m so happy with how this all came together… it was such a fun costume to make and I was worried it wouldn’t work out (especially considering I’m tragically pre-op and had to cover my chest entirely; also since I’d be with/around children I decided against adding the glittery star on Beef’s crotch at least for now, if I ever take this outfit out again I’d add it…), but I’m honestly so happy with it omg…. You can’t tell in any of these pics and I didn’t feel comfortable just taking a pic of my ass but I also had the “tail” that Beef has on; it was really glittery and sparkly!

I was warned by my entire family that no one would know who I was because of the obscurity of the character but that didn’t make it any less fun?? I went to the dentist and then spent all day at school in costume, then I took my 10 year old sister trick or treating, then I was on candy duty for like an hour. It didn’t matter if no one recognized me (or if they did they didn’t say anything). Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love being able to dress up as my favorite characters and feel good about how I look and have fun!!

My mom helped me so much too I shouldn’t not give her credit tbh… she was the one who helped bring Mister Mistoffelees to life last year and I knew I could count on her to help with this again and she really really did oh my gosh. And Paul Williams actually responding when I tweeted him a pic made my day omg!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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Since you're a Power Rangers fan, I've got a fun tidbit for you. The actor who plays Katie McGrath's husband in Slasher is the guy who played the Red Ranger in Power Rangers SPD.

I actually haven’t watched anything but the new movie (I wouldn’t have watched it if they hadn’t made trini gay) huge trimberly shipper now So I’m kinda only a fan of the new movie..

..and I tried slasher but tbh she was making out too much with that guy so I stopped like 20 minutes into the first episode, the whole time I was like “Lena you can’t make out with that guy you’re in love with kara” so yeah watching katie on other shows doesn’t really work out for me, can’t really not see her as Lena.. 

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👏! -badlydrawnpol

fusion song (explicit)

A bit of a strange character. They are extremely devoted to their teammates above all else, although they’re often torn between being extremely introverted and extroverted, making them temperamental and unstable. Their strange confidence seems to be some sort of coping mechanism. They have a lot of appreciation for their appearance and spend at least a couple hours getting ready a day. Also they’re 6′7″ and decently more jacked than they first appear, hiding most of their muscle with a feathery boa. In language they frequently switch between French, Italian, and English and when they threaten you it’s clear regardless of which they’re speaking.

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Little Yamaguchi having a stutter but with Tsukki it got better but then his bullies start making fun of him so he just stops talking all together -Tornado

You love my pain, and I do too, tbh. 

Tadashi doesn’t see Tsukki around much after the Akiteru incident; he skips practice, leaving Tadashi to walk home alone, and it’s hard to call and ask to come over on weekends when neither had a phone, nor the option of relaying messages through Akiteru’s phone. They hardly spend time together out of class now, and Tadashi’s gradually building confidence is beginning to diminish, evident in the way his stutter begins to come back. He’d been doing fine with the help of Tsukki, but with his vanishing presence, it was slowly but surely making reign on his life once again. 

Everyone notices them drifting apart, but the people that use this to their advantage are Tadashi’s old bullies. They start cornering him on his way home after the second week, when they’re sure Tsukki isn’t going to be around. 

“You left us all on our lonesome, Yamaguchi,” One boy says coldly, glaring Tadashi down. 

“We had to find another kid to mess with, and he wasn’t as fun as you,” Another says, and pushes Tadashi down. Tadashi falls to the ground with a whine, already feeling the tears welling up in his eyes. “Oh look, he’s as easy to get crying as always!”

The boys laugh, and one nudges him with his foot, not quite a kick but surely building up to one. The leader growls down at him. “What, not going to say anything? No ‘p- p- please d- don’t hurt me’? C’mon, we missed that!” 

“I- I just w- want t- to go h- home, l- l- leave me alone,” Tadashi whimpers, crawling away from them. One of the boys swings his leg and kicks Tadashi in the gut, and he falls with a grunt. 

“There it is.” The leader grins, like he’s proud of himself, and the others follow suit, snickering together in a monstrous roar. “See guys! I told you it would be back if the big one left him alone. And we all knew it was going to happen, too! Why would anyone so cool hang out with Yamaguchi?” 

The boys laugh again, and a sob bubbles up in Tadashi’s throat. “Wh- what wou- would come back?” He can’t help but ask. 

“That weird thing when you talk. Where the words stop!” The leader laughs heartily, and shifts, pointed stick Tadashi hadn’t noticed earlier poking Tadashi in the gut. “I knew it would come back. You’re so lame without your big body guard around you can hardly speak!” 

“Your precious mommy and your Tsukki probably hate having to wait twenty minutes for a response to a simple question like ‘how was your day?’ or something like that.” The first one spits, and punches Tadashi in the jaw. 

The words hurt more than the blow of the fist, bringing the sob up from Tadashi’s throat, and he can’t bite it back. The other boys are closing in around him now, in a large circle so he can’t escape, and another is winding up a punch when someone nearby yells and the kids all curse, scattering, leaving Tadashi on the ground crying as the stranger who had yelled approaches. He flinches when the stranger crouches down next to him, peering up at them through the tears blurring his vision. 

The stranger turns out to not be much of a stranger at all, and he flinches once again when Akiteru pulls his head into his lap, petting his hair as he sobs. “Tadashi? Is that you?”  

“Y- Y–” Tadashi cringes as the words stop in his throat, and instead he just nods. The boys were right; his stutter was really lame, and he was lame, too. 

“Who are those boys?” Tadashi shakes his head. Akiteru shouldn’t concern himself with his problems. “Tadashi, they–” Tadashi reaches up and tugs at Akiteru’s shirt collar, effectively shutting him up. 

“I- It’s f- fine, Ak- Akiteru-k- kun…” He whispers. 

“But–” Tadashi just shakes his head, still sobbing. That’s that. He and Akiteru sit like that for a few minutes, until Tadashi’s stopped crying, and then they stand, Akiteru silently walking Tadashi to his apartment. “…C- Can I tell Kei?”

Tadashi shakes his head rapidly, panic setting in. Tsukki can’t know. Tsukki can’t know how pathetic he is, how bad his stutter’s gotten without him around, he can’t he can’t he can’t

“But he can–” A whimper raises from Tadashi’s throat, and Akiteru’s mouth clamps shut. “Ok. Ok, I won’t tell him. You’re lucky he’s not happy with me…” 

Tadashi flinches at the threat and bows in thanks before fumbling into his house. His mother sees his distressed look, but he can only stutter out a few words before he decides he shouldn’t trouble her with trying to understand his jumbled sentences when she really should be resting before her next shift at the coffee shop. He hates being a burden. 

“You’re quiet.” 

Tadashi squeaks as Tsukki speaks, breaking the morning silence with his signature pout. 

“In face, you’ve been quiet these last couple days…” 

Tadashi wants to deny it, say that nothing’s wrong, but he knows it’s true. He only spoke to the teachers, now, and only when they needed him (which, with his stutter making it hard to speak with him for more than a minute at a time, wasn’t often), and he chose silence during their walks to school together, figuring Tsukki couldn’t hear him speaking anyway with his headphones on, music playing in his ears. Instead, Tadashi shrugs. 

“Is anything wrong?” Tadashi shakes his head, and makes a humming noise so Tsukki doesn’t think he’s completely mute. Tsukki frowns, and Tadashi, curiously, wonders why he looks upset at his lack of verbal response. “You’d tell me if there were, right?..” 

Tadashi opens his mouth to speak, because he needs to give Tsukki a response so he’ll stop worrying – god, does he hate the look on his face – but the words catch in his throat. He nods, pretending to cough to cover up his lost words. Kei’s frown deepens, and he shoves his hands in his pockets, looking down at Tadashi with seemingly knowing eyes and Tadashi panics. Tsukki can’t know–

“…I’m here, if you need me. I know I haven’t been around, but…I am. Ok?” 

They reach the schoolyard, and immediately a few classmates ambush Tsukki, asking him to help them with homework they’d forgotten, and Tadashi takes the opportunity to slip off to the classroom, glad he’s not going to have to reply. 

He passes one of the boys that cornered him and worries his bottom lip, trying to look as if he wasn’t hiding the black eye he gave him under some of his mother’s concealer. 

“H– How– How’s it g- goin’, Y- Y- Yama- Yamaguchi?” He mocks, and Tadashi feels the breath leave him as a few other students laugh at the joke, trying to walk past him, but his friend pops up beside him, blocking the way. 

“Wh- What? You not t- t- talking n- now?” He sneers, and Tadashi whimpers involuntarily. A few students watch warily now, but most still laugh along with the two, and Tadashi is glad their leader Hotarou isn’t there, because he would surely bring the hallway full of students to hysterics. 

“P- Please–” He only now realizes how rough his voice sounds from lack of use, and frowns. “Please l– let–”

“P- Please l- let me go to c- class, Kohinata-san, I believe you’re looking for,” The first boy smirks, and suddenly he’s towering over Tadashi and the laughter from the other students stops. “Isn’t that right?” 

Tadashi scans the crowd for any familiar faces that he could use as an excuse to run away, but he doesn’t see anyone. There’s a restroom directly to his left, and he could lock the door if he could reach it before the boys realized it. 

Tadashi shakes his head, and glares defiantly up at Kohinata. 

“Oh? Then what is it?” Kohinata moves in to grab Tadashi and push him to the ground, but Tadashi ducks under his arms and makes a rush toward the restroom, slamming and locking the door and locking it just in time. He flinches at the sound of Kohinata and his friend slamming into the door and prays they don’t come after him for this later. There’s a bit of pounding and teasing from the other side of the door, but Tadashi just slides down the dirty wood, hands over his ears. 

Eventually the noise stops, and Tadashi breathes a sigh of relief as he stands, looking himself in the mirror. He hadn’t even noticed he’d started crying, but now most of the concealer under his eye has washed off, showing his freckles, marred by a rather nasty bruise from the day previous. With a sigh, Tadashi washes the rest of it off of his face with a grimace. There was going to be no hiding this from anyone– from Tsukki. 

The warning bell rings, and Tadashi steels himself as he unlocks the door, walking to his classroom with his head down. Tsukki stares at him as he takes his seat across the room, probably curious as to where he’d been the last ten minutes, and for once, Tadashi is glad they sit across the room from each other. 

- - -

“You’ve been awfully quiet, Yamaguchi,” Kei mumbles, not looking up from his book. Tadashi hadn’t had practice, and so they’d walked home together for the first time in three weeks. Three long, long weeks, and Tadashi hasn’t spoken a word. Kei had expected him to have stories upon stories, as per usual, but Kei’s bedroom is unnaturally silent as they do their homework together. “In face, you’ve been quiet for the last couple days…” 

Tadashi shrugs. He’d decided it would just be better to stop talking, so he wouldn’t have to force everyone to try and decipher his words. The bullies were right, after all. His stutter is pathetic. 

Kei raises an eyebrow. “What? Giving me the silent treatment?” 

Tadashi flinches at Kei’s harsh words, gnawing at his already raw lip. Kei sighs. 

“Sorry. Just– Are you mad I’ve been skipping practice? You haven’t spoken a word to me in…I don’t even know how long. If you are, I’m sorry, but that’s kind of pathetic.” Kei frowns at the sharp intake of breath Tadashi takes. Had he said something wrong? He didn’t mean to. “Hey, I’m– I’m sorry. I just…don’t want you to be mad at me…” 

Tadashi gulps, and it hurts, his throat stinging in pain from misuse. 

Are you mad at me?” Tadashi shakes his head vehemently. “Then are you going to talk?” 

Again, Tadashi flinches, and Kei feels frustration take over. God, Tadashi’s so frustrating sometimes


“S- S- Sor–” Tadashi coughs, his throat burning as he tries to speak for the first time in three weeks. “Sorry, T- Tsukki,” 

Kei frowns. This was unusual; Tadashi’s stutter had gotten better. “Your stutter is back.” 

Tadashi looks down at his hands. 

“Yamaguchi. I know you can talk now, so spit it out. What’s going on. Why is your stutter back?” 

“I– It– It’s n- n- noth- thing. Don- Don’t w- worry about– about it.” Tadashi feels sick at how long it takes for him to say six words

“It’s not nothing,” Kei snaps, and suddenly he’s mad. Mad at Tadashi, mad at the guilty look on his face, and definitely mad at his damn stutter. “Now what happened? What went wrong?” 

For a panicked moment, Kei fears that it’s his fault, because he’s been leaving Tadashi alone, he’s been ignoring Tadashi more because of his own petty feelings, and now he feels sick, and angry at himself. 

Please tell me.” He whispers, looking up to meet Tadashi’s watering eyes. That’s when he remembers the black eye, and the bruises he’s been seeing Tadashi cover more and more often, and everything clicks. “People have been picking on you again, haven’t they?” 

Tadashi gulps. 

“Yamaguchi.” Silence. “Tadashi,” And Tadashi flinches. 

“O- Ok…S- Some people m- mi- might be…t- tease– teasing m- m…e…” 

“About your freckles? Because If they’re bringing that up again–”

“N– No!” Tadashi says immediately, interrupting Kei, startling them both with the volume of his voice. “No. N- No, it’s…i- it’s ab- abou- about m- my–”


“I– It got– got w- worse…af- after you st- stopped walking w- with me–” Tadashi gnaws at his lip, and Kei’s suspicions are confirmed. “Th- The bullies started– started b- beating me up af- after p- practice…” 

“Is that why you haven’t been talking? They’re bullying you into thinking your stutter is bad?”

“I- It is, isn’t it?” Tadashi asks meekly, and Kei feels rage building up in his chest. 

“It’s not.” He says, pursing his lips. “And I’ll beat up anyone that says it is.”

“B- But–”

“I’m going to practice tomorrow, and every day after that. You won’t have to walk home alone ever again, ok?” Tadashi looks shocked as he nods. “Good. And you better be talking when we walk to school tomorrow. There’s no need to worry about it.” 

“B- But…Don’t you hate it wh- when y- you have to s- suffer through my stories?..” 



Kei raises his hands to rest on both of Tadashi’s cheeks, mushing them together and muffling his complaints. “Yamaguchi Tadashi. Stop.” 

“Oh-tay, Tfukki,” Tadashi says, voice muffled by Kei’s hands. 

“Good.” Kei’s hands drop into his lap. 

No one was going to pick on Tadashi ever again. 

anonymous asked:

IMAGINE: Ten soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate's skin as well ♥️♥️

in this au ten being your soulmate could either be really nice or an absolute mess……

• we all know ten wasnt the best of students lmao but hes a very talented artist
• you would be trying to take notes in class and an intricate pattern would start appearing on you and you would space out staring at it and get detention
• or you would fall asleep tracing the colorful lines adorning your fingers and hands with a smile on your face
• whatever he draws on your arm you would colour it in and you would get a cute “nice! :)” written on your wrist in response

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