i have too many rohan feels

okay so

if you have been following me for a while then you know I like to obsess about the House of Eorl (it is my life’s purpose)

today’s obsession is the clothing of the male members of said House as shown in the movies by Peter Jackson and co.

and I’d like to show you these fine specimen, which are of course Marshal Éomer and Prince Théodred:

look at this bamf

now colours of their armours are obviously different, but aren’t those devices about the chest plate very very similar to each other? and their overall design is pretty much the same. now I wonder if this is some brothers-in-arms thing or maybe a statement on their royal blood?

now I’d like to direct your attention to the devices at théodred’s collar:

notice how éomer doesn’t have any?

however, there is one gentleman who does:

he is, of course, théodred’s dad and the king of rohan.

here’s one with armour:

but guess what appears on Éomer’s neck when he becomes king?

that’s right, ladies and gentlemen: fancy neck decorations. Conclusion: in Rohan, the closer to the throne you are the more fabulous your neckline is.

This has been a Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy Costume Department Apprecation Post.

Despite whatever antics would ensue (and she could foresee many), the author felt obligated to show up. Her name had been called out, after all, and she was friendly with the hosts… Eto sighed, eyeing a particular outfit in her closet.

Well, she’d have fun, too.

Eto waved her invitation as she entered the Ushiromiya mansion, glancing around at the extravagant decorations. What a dramatic family. It made her smile, as she tucked her invitation away with her cellphone in her suit pocket. All this commotion, it really was characteristic of this city.

She took a drink from a waiter, remembering the advert the hosts of such a party had aired the other day. Eto let out a small chuckle; yes, she was definitely going to have fun tonight.