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AkaYona Chapter 136

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but I just couldn’t stop thinking about this chapter ever since I saw the first spoilers. I wanted to wait until the whole translation came out, but I have too many feelings and need to share them :P

Please note that this isn’t a deep analysis of the chapter or anything like that, just random thoughts. (I am salty af about some things you have been warned)

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For me, my problems with BvS wasn't the top layer stuff, it was the underpinnings. Batman's reaction to Martha was fine, but Supes saying it right then, them having the name in the first place was an issue. Why didn't Bruce already know when he researched Kent? Why did Lex know their identities. Why did he care. Why did he tell Lois? Why did Clark know about Lois, but not his mom? Why did Supes play along at all? How the hell did Lex pull this off, seriously. Its too much diablos ex machina

i feel you there like the people who made this movie were the background characters but like

I just want to remind everyone that


…..diablos ex machina is like

the sin of so many movies

And a lot of times I feel like BvS is held up to too high of a standard for some reason. Like. Of course people didn’t like it. We’re holding it to a super high standard. Diablos ex machina is a tool, and maybe there’s too much of that in it, but i’ve seen too many shitty movies lately to care too much if one that overall was very good did it a lil bit

I’ll try to help ease some of it for you tho:

  • I can’t remember if Bruce even knew Clark grew up as a human, or if he sort of assumed “this is how superman is all the time” and rolled with it, but assuming he did find out Clark’s identity instead of just obsessively researching the alien bit: he doesn’t see Clark as human. This is very, very key. He doesn’t see Clark as human. Martha isn’t his “mother” on paper, she’s a poor woman who was taken advantage of by this alien leech.

    And she stays that way until Superman is about to die, and all he’s thinking about is a woman who has Bruce’s mom’s name, and this woman is saying it’s his mother.

    Sometimes you don’t take things in context until it’s the worst moment.
  • I was under the impression Lex only knew Superman’s ID, not Batman. Superman’s not as good at hiding shit as Batman; Lex was gonna get through eventually. But I don’t remember anything in the film that specifically proves Lex knows Bruce Wayne is Batman (the “two people I wanted to meet!” is suspiscious I guess but like??? he bails pretty fast. I think that was just fanservice of the “let’s him and you argue without fighitng” kind. I loved it. Dramatic tension is exactly my kinda fanservice ok. )
  • Clark’s always listening for Lois in trouble. He’s expecting his mom to be a few states away in Kansas. No reason to listen for what shouldn’t be there. If you’re saying why does he hear Lois first then like… Martha’s kinda gagged I think, but Lois screams.
  • Supes plays along because he doesn’t trust himself enough to gamble with his mother’s life. Idk if you’ve ever been in a position where you might lose a loved one but–yeah. Man. It’s a lot easier to stand up to that in your head than in front of you while he’s holding the trigger and says that if you make any move against him she’ll die. I think going to Bruce and trying to tell him was prob the best plan, it’s just…. Lex has spent months and months hyping Bruce up to the point where his anxiety is eating him alive.

I don’t think it’s all diabolus ex machina

I think it’s Lex playing the long game

And I’m thrilled to have a Lex that can play the long game instead of just builds giant robots to try and navigate a large city in

this is me tho

Can people just stop?

While watching videos on youtube this morning I glimpsed a title of a video that said the following; “Jacksepticeye backstabs Pewdiepie”…. Sorry what?? I haven’t watched or read anything about this and I don’t intend to because there is simply no need whatsoever to do it. I watched Seán’s video and that’s all you need. He didn’t backstab Felix. He could and perhaps should have been more showing of his support in his video but still, he wasn’t unsupportive. He came at this from a more objective perspective, that’s all. Maybe a bit too objective but he did try and clear things up and make it right afterwards so I really don’t understand why some people feel the need to try and create non existent conflicts. There is already so many other and bigger actual existing conflicts and issues in the world that we need to focus on right now.

We are all only human and we all make mistakes and do things we regret. Now I don’t think that he should regret nor feel bad about his video (“Let’s talk”) because I think it’s good to look at things from several different perspectives. To sort of keep an open mind and be open for discussion. And also to allow yourself and be willing to grow and learn as a person, like Seán himself said in his video.

Friends can disagree on things, disagreeing on something doesn’t make you a backstabber. Seán did defend Felix and made it clear that he is not anti Semitic and that he is indeed a good person. But he also made some other good points too, like for example that the joke Felix made went too far and that it wasn’t as well thought through as it should have been. And that making dark jokes like that can and most possibly will have consequences and that you will have to take care of and handle those, which is true. He also says in his video that this whole thing could have, and should have, been handled much better (both by Felix and the media).

What I think really matters, in the end, is that Felix knows that he supports him. Seán tweeted and said that he had had his mind opened by many of the comments on the video and that, in my opinion, just shows that it’s fully possible as well as allowed to change your mind about things. He also said that he had talked to Felix so I’m just hoping right now that things are good between the two of them. According to me that’s what’s important.


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My school is so whitewashed it hurts, my friend and I mentioned black history month and almost the entire class just started yelling at us saying that "it makes no sense", "there should be a white history month", and that it's stupid I'm in pain like black history is important !!!! It showcases their accomplishments and talents, showing that they're people too !!!! ITS IMPORTANT

That frustrates me to no end, because literally almost ALL of the history we’re taught in school is whitewashed history already, and becoming more whitewashed. And I say that with having an educator as a father and taking classes on the US education system. All year long is basically white history appreciation.  It’s amazing how many things that I learned happened in America with people of other nationalities that were never taught in school. To the people who say “it makes no sense”, consider your privilege of always feeling represented in history books. You’ve never had to wonder what people of your ethnicity were doing or dealing with during certain eras in US history. Black history month was created specifically to shine light on how many contributions to American history black people gave that we are not taught. And if people of privilege just took the time to look into it, I think they’d be surprised how much they weren’t aware of. It’s so important because representation matters, self-worth matters, and this month is to specifically focus and encourage the black community that their minds, their words, their actions, all of it can make a positive difference in this world. 

If you want to be a punk because you have had a rough life at home or at school and you just need a way to express the shit your are going through and want a place to let go of your problems and have fun, I’m all for it. If you already have so much going on in your life and you don’t feel like being actively political and just need to let loose and have fun. I got your back, no judgements from me. There are too many people quick to judge or tell you what is or isn’t punk. Ignore that shit. Those people are always going to exist, worrying too much about what others are doing than themselves. Don’t take more on your plate than you can handle. Do what you need to do to survive. Punk is a family and I’m definitely here to support you.

Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH


I can’t stop thinking about Bitty’s use of the words “fraught” and “opaque” to describe his relationship with his parents. 

I have so many questions. 


obviously the gay thing, the stifling feeling of being closeted and not knowing how much of yourself you’re allowed to be, of not being able to trust the people you should be insanely close to, the constant feeling of DANGER, DANGER that comes from extended interaction with family members

also the fear of “I’ve let too much slip already” with the figure skating and the baking and the beyoncé, even as Coach is including him (somewhat against Bitty’s wishes) in football, fishing, and Guy Talk with him and his uncles

also the fact that his best friend is his mother, but when he hangs out with her and her friends they’re from church circle and all that baggage is hanging over his head, and Suzanne is already hinting about girlfriends and grandbabies and it’s all so MUCH 


maybe the Bittles are that family that focuses on Everything Being Pleasant, with everything deemed uncomfortable or unseemly getting shoved under the rug 

maybe they don’t talk about shit in the Bittle household, or when they do it’s in hushed tones, making it clear that whatever conversation is happening, Bitty is not a part of it 

he loves his parents, and his parents love him, but Bitty doesn’t know the score, either. he doesn’t know where things stand in their family, what their views and stances are, what lurks under the superficial drama of jam disputes and football stats. he can’t know what coming out would do. he can’t know, and what’s worse, he can’t even bring it up to feel around the issue. 

the Bittle family doesn’t talk. 

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Do you have any SKK fic recommendations?

Boy do I? Do I? Of course I do.

¬ All in the Night’s Work by ultramarcypan ; Mature
“When Chuuya heads in to service his customers for the evening, Dazai is not who he’s expecting to see.”
(Courtesean Chuuya, need I say more?)

¬ Days of our lives by setosdarkness
“You don’t have to sound so happy, it’s an insult.”
“…you called me your boyfriend.”
“It’s an insult. See this? This is a goddamn wedding ring. We’re already wed. Calling you my boyfriend is supposed to be an insult.”
(Chuuya + Agency, fluff, more fluff and more more fluff)

¬ Beyond All Logic by setosdarkness
“Like most things that involve them, it’s easy to explain the fact that they just can’t let each other go.”
(Agency!Chuuya ; Mafia Boss!Dazai, so many feels, too many angst)

¬ This Beautifully Cruel World by setosdarkness
“Dazai becomes the Boss of the Port Mafia. Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from ruining the organization, Yokohama, everyone. Most importantly, Chuuya tries to stop Dazai from destroying himself.“
(Mafia Boss!Dazai, this is like Dazai being a version of Light Yagami)

¬ Intoxicated by setosdarkness (like bruh, setosdarkness is my queen and my fav skk writer, i worship what she writes; fluff, this is too funny, i swear; porn with feelings, apparently)
“Chuuya getting into fights (and winning, somehow) is nothing new.”

¬ Not Safe for Work by Insomnia_Productions
“In which Dazai doesn’t come to work, and Kunikida and Atsushi go to his place to drag him to the Agency and faced with a very strange surprise.”
(fluff + Chuuya interactions with the ADA + skk wedding, too much fluff i swear)

¬ On the contrary, you’re happy by succocku
“Chuuya never changed apartments, Chuuya never changed numbers, Chuuya never changed at all.“
(one of the most read fic in my library; 897 words of dazai’s thoughts and pain :))) i love pain)

¬ Take Me With You by doubleblacked
“I’m home.”

The door of their shared apartment clicks a soft thud as eager footsteps hurry themselves towards Chuuya. Before he can even respond with a “welcome home”, Dazai’s hand had already sneaked around his petite waist; and somehow, this feels like home. Dazai’s voice sounds like home. Everything about Dazai is Chuuya’s home.An hour later, Chuuya finds out that when Dazai said he’s home, he really isn’t.
(pain pain pain :))), those damn ‘ps’ killed me, dazai stops being a dummy)

¬ Truth to be told, I was never yours by doubleblacked
“People might say you deserve better.
But no one would understand.
That you don’t want someone better.
What you want, is Dazai Osamu. “
(pain, pain, even more pain, i’m a sucker for second person’s point of view)

¬ 1893 by mountainlaurels
“5 times Dazai and Chuuya run into each other and one time Dazai decides to stop running.”
(I love 5+1; quiet angst)

¬ Lost in Translation by Lwin
“In which Dazai travels to France to handle a little business of the Port Mafia and meets their operative there. Of course, Dazai pisses him right off the bat.”
(!!! Fucking hilarious. French!Chuuya + nsfw ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

¬ Noir by Adargo
“In the past, he never truly understood that darkness growing behind Dazai’s eyes. Yet lately, Chuuya thinks, when he stares back into the black of his own, encircled by those pale-blue skies. He’s starting to catch glimpses of it .”
(angst!!! 💯💯 i swear this fic killed me; too damn good)

¬ One plus one by peppersnot
“The last time you said something like that you left. So, I won’t fall for that kind of thing again.”
(fluff; bless this!)

¬ Disqualified as a Human Being by fleetingspark
“Dazai comes back home to Chuuya after a long time.”
(angst, angst, angst, NHL, angst, i love this, ok!!!)

¬ Born Back Ceaselessly into the Past by protectginozasquad
“Pasts are like ghost, but far more permanent.”
(angst :))) hilarious, angst, 💯💯)

¬ Yesterday’s News is tomorrows chip paper by yaoyue
“In which Dazai and Chuuya are advice columnists for rival newspaper agencies and have far too much fun writing their columns.”
(hilarious as fck, idk how they should trust these two, fluff)

¬ 11 Things Chuuya does when he’s drunk by peppersnot
“He causes a scene that Hirotsu kind of wants to record, just for the sake of reminding himself that he should never invite Chuuya-san out for drinks again, and maybe also because it’s kind of amusing to watch.”
(the title says it all, waaaay too damn funny, god bless hirotsu and tachihara)

¬ after the war (we were free) by Insomnia_Productions
“The one in which Dazai and Chuuya rekindle their friendship after the war, and no, Ranpo, that’s not "friendship” with quotations, they’re both straight, dammit, who asked you?”
(no dialogue but still hilarious af, too cute ok)

¬ Consigned to Oblivion by ShesAParadox
“What is your name?”
“Nakahara Chuuya.”
“Do you know where you are?”
“I’m in the Port Mafia obviously, I’m a member here.”
“Do you work with a partner?”
“Do you remember ever having a partner?”
“No, I can’t remember ever having a partner.”
(dazai suffering!!! memory loss)

¬ Find Something Worth Dying for (and Learn How to Live) by Kibasix
“The boy was scared. This was nothing new. The boy cannot remember the last time he slept soundly without fear; the last time he felt love and affection; the last time he smelt clean air or felt the sun on his face. But this…this was a different kind of fear. The kind of fear that had the boy’s blood running cold. The kind of fear that had his breath wheezing from his lungs in panicked
pants. This was fear for his life. His legs are aching, they feel like they are about to collapse with exertion and yet he pushes on, willing himself to be faster as he flees through the dirty alleyways, zig-zagging this way and that with no comprehension of where he’s going. This city is entirely new to him and he is flying blind. The footsteps behind him are drawing ever closer. The boy doesn’t dare to look behind him, for fear of what he knows is looming in the darkness: the large hulking shapes, the glint of sharpened steel, the putrid scent of death. ”
(angst, 💯💯 best, one of my faves, one of the fics that caused me too much pain)

¬ Camellias in Full bloom by setosdarkness
(hanahaki!!! angst at the moment, this is too good to pass up idc if it’s on-going)

¬ Your love burns against my skin by setosdarkness
(angst, soulhate and soulmate au, chuffering bc i’m masochistic, one of my favorites!!!)

¬ Retrace by Kuronoa
(angst, angst, fuck you kura, angst :))) chuuya getting killed over and over again, oh, did i mention angst??? :))))

I know we’ve already been saying this the whole season but god dammit Tarjei and Henrik need the biggest fucking applause.. We all needed that clip “minutt for minutt”.. and Henrik is just amazing at portraying the inner conflict that Even is having. The whole season he’s been amazing at building up the character and hinting that things were off but making sure the audience wasn’t quite sure why.
I was anxiously waiting to see how he would be able to portray Even after Isak and the audience found out about his mental illness. But he has handled it with such delicacy and it’s not over dramatic. It’s realistic and his face and body expresses what his words does not. But at the same time Even finally verbally expresses his fears and thoughts. That’s major character development!
And of course Tarjei is doing once again a wonderful job at showing how much Isak cares and loves Even with out even saying the three little words. The gestures, the “you’re not alone” , the freaking “Even og Isak minutt for minutt” game…

BTS Reaction To Their S/o Being Good In Different Styles Of Dance

Request: Lovin your blog~~ may you please do a bts reaction to their s/o being a dancer who does many different styles (hiphop, modern, ballet, etc.) Thanks C;

A/n: Hope you enjoy! To everyone who’s requested a scenario just know they will be completed but it will take some time since i’m super busy, but don’t worry they will be completed!~Joy


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*Him after going to seventy of your different dance recitals* 

I think overall Jin would be amazed with your capability to be able to do that many styles of dancing, since mastering one type of style is already so hard he would be very proud of you and feel very lucky to have such a talented s/o in his life.


Originally posted by cyyphr

He would be really proud but concern of how much you work yourself to stay fit to do all of these dances.


Originally posted by kths

I think Hoseok would be very happy to have a s/o that can dance really well too, he would probably make you teach the other styles of dance you know.


Originally posted by pjkook

“Hi Jagi~ Teach me how to dance too?” 


Originally posted by chimcheroo

“That’s awesome!”


Originally posted by kths

“That’s my Jagi!”


Originally posted by jjks

“Well time to learn all the styles of dances”

I’m thinking of leaving the undertale fandom. I don’t feel like I make any difference whatever I post. There’s just too many others who have already done so much with AU’s, dubs, fangames, sprites, & I’m just here struggling to finish anything. There are just too many things I want but know I’ll never get. I feel I missed too many opportunities to be a part of something. I don’t wanna say what I want in fear of what others might think. I’m not responding to anything anyone sends me. Just leave me alone.

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They’ve acknowledged how the passage of time makes the gang’s behavior even more pathetic than it was a decade ago — in one of the upcoming episodes, Dennis tries his hand at stripping, and his first clients are dismayed to realize they’ve hired a 40-year-old — and they’ve become more experimental and self-aware as they’ve gone along, so that even the kinds of stories they’ve done three or four times already feel new and surprising on some level.

Not all of the experiments entirely work — Wednesday’s season premiere is a musical, racial body-switching farce called “The Gang Turns Black,” and its sociological reach at times exceeds its grasp — but many are delightful, whether a Jinx/Making a Murderer homage where Dennis is accused of killing his ex-wife, or a story (the sixth episode, called “Hero or Hate Crime?”) that starts out as another petty dispute between the members of the gang, but turns out to be deeply personal for one of them.

The amount of implications that Rahkeid’s magic only affects virgins had me curious, so I decided to make this list.

Mavis (What…. WHATTTTT??)

Max (Think we all guessed that one)

Laxus (slightly surprised)

Rogue (hella surprised but I kind of want to see Sting’s reaction)

Laki (meh not really that surprised)

Eileen (I don’t know what to feel with her anymore)

Sorano (Who was it? Midnight? Racer)?

Alzac and Bisca (In front of the kid? Really?)

Gildarts (Welllllll we already knew that one)

Macao (Knew that one too)

Minerva (Both Rogue and Minerva??? Coincidence?)

And Zeref….? (Damnnnn boy what have you been up to????)

i. you are a porcelain boy who can be torn with just a little tap and he stands so tall; you can hardly see him at first. people look right through you to snatch a quick look at him but he asks you your name and when he says it, you think you might have found a place to feel at rest- inside the melody bouncing off his chest.

ii. he is expected to hold too many hearts in his hands one day, but he already has yours. you should be afraid but you watch, and watch, and watch, and do not mind if he holds it too tight.

iii. there are no words that could keep you away from him. no twisted forms of letters in any damn language that could get you to stop kissing him. they yell, protect yourself. you ask, from what? love is not something i will hide from.

iv. darkness tries to blind you but light glows from his skin on bed sheets, in tents, hiding away for the night. during the day, red bleeds but you forget about those horrid colours when you look at the soft blue shore in his eyes and feel the twirl of waves from his body against yours. swoosh, splash, a gentle touch here and there and you wonder how your soft hands could make the beat of his breath sound like a song, a beautiful song. nothing that happens beneath sunlight matters and the moon holds everything better.

v. love was never something you wanted to hide from so you fight, and face the daytime horrors with a courage beating through you that you have never felt before. for him, you know you would do it all. you would swim through the oceans and fight though every battle a spear throws at you; even if it means that you will jump right into a sea of your own blood. you look death right in the eyes and whisper, i will not be afraid. for him, i will not be afraid.

vi. when you fall, you do not mind. your heart does not ache and feet do not shake. the only thing that hurts is him. you can hear the thunder booming in his heart. you wonder, can he breathe through the storm that he lets fall from his eyes? he is a walking hurricane and causing organs to shake in the hands he once touched you with. he is a walking tornado and spins different bodies into corpses with just a twirl. he is a walking monster now, just because of you, because your lips do not tingle when he presses his mouth against yours.

vii. you were a porcelain boy. a simple underdog but to him, you were a kaleidoscope of the hearts desire. he tore apart the world for a heart that no longer pounded. he tore apart the word for you. his name was heard from every corner while yours only appeared when his did. you were never anyone but through his eyes, you were everything and in the end, that was all you ever needed.

- you fall in love with the ones who make even bleeding appear beautiful. you fall in love with him. (ms)

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Sometimes I feel bad for cc creators like you, because people are always rushing you to release cc and forget that you're a real person and that you have to take care of yourself too. Love your content. <3 G'day!

Well this is understandable. I release cc for sims 4 because that’s the most playable game right now. And some people still play sims 3 and almost no one already releases new stuff for it.
But at the other hand you’re right, I am a human and I need to focus on many more stuff. So I just need a little bit of patience ^^
Thank you so much for understanding 😌😊

If anyone could spare a dollar, that’d be really great. My friend gifted me this gorgeous pressed glitter palette and about 20 minutes ago, by some ill fated freak chain of events, it got knocked to the floor by a jar, destroying 80% of it. It was $31, one of the few Christmas gifts I’ve gotten and it meant so much to me and I don’t have the money to replace it– I already can barely afford my living expenses. It feels like I cannot have anything good or nice.

There are so many important things you could put your money to, I understand. I feel like an asshole for asking but it’s one of the few things keeping me alive, because being able to express myself via makeup is like one of 5 reasons I have not ended things sooner. I just had my entire month ruined because of some ridiculous clumsy accident and I’m too poor to do anything about it.

PayPal email is tesoroazul7@gmail.com and my square cash tag is /$iridessence

Update: you don’t have to reblog this post, I made the $31.
Episode 04 x 11 Mini Analysis

Okay gang as promised, I started up my Episode Analysis again but as I mentioned before, I would only focus on one or two things in an episode. And I may not be able to do it every week, but this week I can!  As always, I look through a Lizzington lens as I am sure you will figure out soon if you haven’t already :)

So the scene I want to talk about is the conversation between Emma and Liz. I found it really interesting as Emma seemed to have been totally infatuated with Red. And she feels the same thing is happening with Liz. So here we go:

^^^ Oh honey I am too (oops that was a personal message from me, never mind)

^^^ Hmmm, why did that sound so familiar?

^^^ She went on to elaborate here - “My work, my marriage. I had no idea how many lines I was crossing until it was too late.” 

Wow! Emma had it bad. How many people think that she had a relationship / affair with Red? I do. Also it is interesting to note that she is 38 years old (the actress is). Red does seem drawn to younger women.

^^^ Liz thinks it is easy to “get out” so to speak. But she is totally compelled by Red herself even though she knows his life is dangerous. She had to fake her own death to get away from him. She didn’t have the strength to tell him to leave her life on her own. Because she can’t. She does love him - underneath her angry exterior. And she really does want him in her life. She has always come through for Red when push comes to shove - even with Kirk when she thought he was her father. But let’s move on….

^^^ I loved this line. It certainly implies that Emma thinks Liz’s feelings towards Red are similar to her own. And we know they are not familial. Also, remember that Emma talked to Red. So he may have shared something about Liz with her.

Now, going back to the first part of the conversation, who else talked about being the center of Red’s universe? Why Carla of course, Red’s former wife. She was obviously in love with Red at one time. And as an aside, I believe she still has strong feelings for him - witness the interaction between the two of them when they said goodbye to each other in Episode 02 x 04. But below is the comment I was referring to:

So let’s review:

We have Carla the center of Red’s universe = wife

Then we have Emma the center of Red’s universe = former lover or at least totally infatuated with him.

And who is the center of Red’s universe now? = Lizzie.

Now I am not saying that Liz and Emma are the same. After all, Red knew Liz when she was a little girl even though he left her life for over 25 years.  And Red has a very strong connection with her (even though we won’t know what it is until the end of the show). So Red’s feelings towards Liz are much more intense than anyone else. After all he practically committed suicide after he thought she died. And right now Liz is all Red cares about (and Agnes). And Liz knows it.

So where is this going? Well the implication in this episode is very non-paternal.  This scene especially was really good for Lizzington. I was expecting the arc to begin turning this way after the DG arc in 4A. TBL does jerk you back and forth with their arcs. And I’m sure they aren’t done with DG yet although I wish they would close that book soon for all our sakes.

So let’s talk about the rest of Season 4B. Red seems to be spiraling down emotionally - initially thinking Liz died, realizing Kaplan betrayed him, getting Liz and Agnes back, “killing” Kaplan (probably the person he trusted the most in the world), dealing with Kirk, and most of all having Liz distance herself from him emotionally after getting her back. Dembe is very worried. So what I hope will happen in 4B is that Liz does save Red. From himself. I don’t think he will survive this without her.  And then hopefully this will repair and propel their relationship.

As always, thanks for your support. Hope you enjoyed :)