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I just got hit by this realization.

Eugene is telling this as a bedtime story to their kids.

Like, all I could imagine is this adorable little brown haired kid with green eyes sitting in bed watching as he makes this really dramatic face, and begins

“This is the story of how I died!”

and they look a little scared, so he quickly goes

“Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel and it starts with the sun.”

And they both look at Rapunzel real quick because, hey, Mom’s in the story, great!

And by the end they’re both teasing each other and making sappy faces and the kid’s giggling and half asleep and

“There you go, kiddo. That’s the story of how we met. Sweet dreams, sunshine. Tomorrow night we’re gonna tell you the story of how your Aunt Elsa froze her entire fucking country because of her emotional issues.”



OPM Vol. 2 DVD really gives us more in-sight into Saitama's character aka...

I feel like in the past 24 hours since the One Punch Man Vol. 2 DVD release, Saitama has gone from being kinda gay for Genos to being REALLY GAY FOR GENOS lol. Taking baths with him, practicing “voice pitch training” with him, giving him his house keys, worrying he will catch a cold, worrying that he would run into trouble, preparing dinner for him, eating happily with him, going to watch fireworks with him, paying for him to have fun, buying food for him, waiting for him to come back, wanting Genos to live a normal life, JUST PROPOSE TO HIM ALREADY GDI UGH I CAN’T EVEN…

on zemo

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there are two things i love the most in stories. the first is an ambiguous villain who has legit motivations for doing what they do. the second is a plot twist i didn’t see coming. since civil war succeeds on both counts with zemo, i think he deserves some appreciation as a character rendered with subtlety and style. 

i haven’t seen much conversation or gifs celebrating what an incredible villain daniel bruhl’s baron zemo was in civil war. so i’m gonna take a moment: 

civil war is, at its heart, a movie about justice and revenge, and who has the right to see these verdicts enforced. morality in media is usually absorbed in short-hand poignant bursts. we accept that tony stark could be motivated in his sokovia accords decision by hearing a story about one mother’s lost good kid. 

we accept that t’challa, lovely righteous new-crowned king of wakanda, is justified in his attempts to take down bucky for his father’s murder – a position he rectifies gloriously and immediately when he realizes he’s after the wrong man. still, when he thought it was bucky, no one would have told him he was incorrect in revenge-mongering (except steve, who will defend bucky in All Things. but even steve is buoyed by his knowledge that bucky is innocent)

enter zemo. there’s no doubt that he’s the villain. and yet.

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03-12-16 ∴ I run.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:imagine if remus and tonks had survived though. imagine little teddy growing up with his parents and getting sorted into hufflepuff. imagine mcgonagal breathing a huge sigh of pure relief. imagine him having a crush and unable to keep from shapeshifting around her. imagine remus teaching at hogwarts and finding out about his sons crush and pairing them together for everything. imagine tonks and teddy going to a weird sisters concert together. imagine tonks and ginny on victorie and teddy's wedding day. imagine how we could've had this and how perfect it would have been.

I love their friendship so much and I’m disappointed in myself for not drawing something for them yet.

Lance is down with the flu and feeling extremely homesick; Hunk is the World’s Best  Friend and does his best to take care of him :’)

Long version under the cut:

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“You are still no threat to me, little girl. I am your creator, your master. You exist only to serve me. You survive only because I allow it. What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all powerful father?!