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i feel so blessed to your voice,,,,,,, *whispers* so blessed... on the lines of dj otabek, is there a song that reminds of of yura or beka ? -🎶

Bfgbehfgtg thank you my darling~!!! My gosh you’re so sweet <3

Ooh! Hm, well i mostly have a lot of songs that inspire me to write Otayuri fics and AUs, but let me take a look at my iTunes library and see if I have anything that reminds me of them!

  • Meteorite - Years & Years: “One touch and you’re so powerful
    You’re burning through the night”
    (Yura about Beka and wanting him.)
  • Moonlight - Ariana Grande“Sweet like candy, but he’s such a man” Yura about Beka again because he may be a daddy but he’s damn lovey dovey)
  • Everglow - Coldplay“So if you love someone, you should let them know - Oh, the light that you left me will everglow” (Otabek pining over his best friend. Did somebody say Hashtags?)
  • The End Of All Things - Panic! At the Disco: “In these coming years many things will change, but the way I feel will remain the same.” (Just about them being in love over the years - sorry about that Hashtags mention fhjwhgeg)
  • Close To You - Neon Trees“All we need now is the dark, dancing shadows move on to white walls. I want to be close to you” (More Otabek pining, competition and distance and other guys getting in the way - idk why I like to make my man suffer)

Just a few!!!! This was really fun so omg hit me up with any song suggestions/requests anytime! <3

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I saw some response tweets angry about Karamel and hating monel but like saying a woman should write/direct supergirl. And I'm like ok but not all women are great writers (twilight, 50 shades comes to mind) just like some men can write epic female driven stories (game of thrones, arya-Sansa-Dany.) depends on the talent not the gender ffs.

I agree, but I also need to specify: it’s highly important that various types of women are involved in the process of creation, especially for a show like Supergirl. You can’t just have a token woman and think everything’s going to work. 

I saw the hashtag killmonel today, and that’s just so… juvenile and lame. Just as lame as attacking someone like Kevin, who actually does his best to be a damn good feminist and queer ally. And, like, again, he’s only been a director on the show thus far. And a good one at that. 

Furthermore, the comment in support of the mon-el/kara relationship that everyone’s all up in arms about today for some reason? (unless i missed something, feel free to correct me) Was from him directing an episode back in, like, February?! And all he knew was the gist of what was intended for the characters, he specifically stated at the time that he mentioned to TPTB that he was kinda iffy about the whole thing (especially in terms of Kara) and whatever they told him made it seem legit to him. Kevin is insanely in love with comics, he’s a total fanboy for comics of all types. He loves the Supergirl comics, that alone would be enough for him to be super protective of the Kara character and want to do right by her. Kevin’s also, like, a super feminist and is always talking to that end and bringing to light the trials and tribulations his wife and daughter and other women in his life have to go through. (Not related to this, though kinda, Kevin’s also a really good Ally to the queer community. His brother’s gay and he speaks to the bullshit he has to go through, poking holes in the bullshit’s logic all the time.)

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I’m not saying he’s perfect, but as someone who never takes himself too seriously, he’s excellent at learning from his mistakes.What I AM saying is that people really need to fucking stop attacking our allies/friends, especially when there’s still so many REAL foes to focus energies on.