i have to work today too :.((((

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I'm working two jobs to try make ends meet. Today I worked for 12 hours straight (my jobs are opposite each other so I can literally have 3 mins between ending one job and starting the other) and I have to be up for work in 4 hours time. Yet all my managers tell me is "you're working too hard". Like maybe if you paid me enough I wouldn't have to half kill myself to survive.

anyway i’m beating myself up about this less now than i was before class but like, don’t you just love when you know you need to take care of something but haven’t, and then your procrastination produces an even bigger problem? hashtag The Worst, honestly.

“Anyway, like I was saying, get Rose to get breakfast ready. I need to get to the salon and then I’ll be home. Max?”
I was sipping orange juice by now, and almost choked as I tried to answer her quickly. “Huh, uhm, yeah Aly?”
“Are you okay?”
I was staring at my glass. The juice was still sloshing around inside from having set it down too quickly. No, no I wasn’t.
“I am. Aly don’t worry about me, today’s your big night. Focus on that, you deserve it.”
She really did, she had been working so hard and so much at work for this promotion, I was so happy when they gave it to her.
“Well, okay honey. I’ll see you in an hour. Make sure you let Rose know-”
“Yes, a light breakfast. Aly we went over this so much already.”
“I’m sorry, I’m nervous.”
“Don’t be. I’ll see you soon.”
“Love you.”
“Yeah, love you too.”

I Will Remain Confident In This

I have a confession: I’ve been quiet. I’ve been sulking in a pool of self-pity and discouragement for some time now. I’ve struggled every day to get out of bed and move. I’ve given myself pep-talks and tried to find encouragement in all the wrong places. I’ve shut the world out and can barely recognize myself anymore. I’ve decided enough is enough and that I have to get out of this dark place. I’ve come to this point only by the grace of God who loves me too much to leave me in this condition. I’ve been delivered from all this yuck today because the Holy Spirit prompted me to open up my Bible and read the words on the pages. These words gave me life and warmed all the cold places in my heart. These words are Abba’s promises for me and you. I am grabbing hold of them and never letting go. I still have a lot of things to work through, but for the first time in months, I can see the light. For the first time in months, I can feel my light surfacing again. 

Abba spoke to me today and I want to share it with whoever is being crushed by discouragement, anger, self-pity, depression, anxiety or hopelessness. I believe Abba can deliver you, too. 

Friend, you have to stop considering yourself inadequate or not enough based on the rejections you receive from others. You need to shut down the lies of the enemy who tells you that you will never amount to anything. You need to remember your worth, which was the cost of Jesus’ life. You need to remain confident and maintain a life of perseverance as hard as it may be. Abba calls you worthy, and He says you are more than enough. Abba is coming back for us in time with more than we can ever imagine. You need to be fixated on Him and this truth so that you can be ready. You have to stop focusing on the things of this world and worrying about not being able to measure up to those around you. The world won’t lead you to eternity with Jesus. While you must persevere in this world and do well to steward the life Abba has given you, you must always remember to keep the eyes of your heart fixed on Him. You can’t let anything sway you. You have to be ready for your Savior, because He is coming. You’re going to be united with Abba. You’re going to walk into freedom with Him. You can be confident in this, and you can persevere because of this. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Choose freedom today, friend. You cannot operate in the way Abba has created you to if you are living in chains. You must choose freedom. Abba awaits you. 

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. For in just a little while, He who is coming will come and will not delay.” - Hebrews 10:35-36

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You probably get asked this way too much, but I just found this today and already need more, so I was wondering, do you have a ballpark estimate of when you expect book 1 to be finished? Also! What do the vamps think of different forms of human entertainment? Movies, TV, video games, music, etc?

It is a popular ask, yes :D But, unfortunately, I don’t know a release date yet. I’m really working hard to get the writing finished this year- but then it still has to be edited and also go through the Hosted Games process.

But yeah, my goal is for Book One to be released this year, probably late end of the year :)

As for the entertainment question-

A prefers sticking to books, generally. But they do enjoy TV every now and then, and they’re also a big fan of the variety of modern ways of listening to music.

N doesn’t really like it at all. Any kind of new tech is beyond what they’re willing to try out :D They stick to classic forms of entertainment, though will watch TV if it’s on already.

F loves all form of modern entertainment- video games, movies, music. You name it, F is willing to try it out and love it.

M likes the speed of modern entertainment- how everything is at their fingertips and they don’t have to wait. They’re not exactly patient and prefer instant gratification when it comes to stuff like that.

Thank you so much for the questions! :)

Actual complaint about me at work today: 

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m a comedian, I like laughter, but she’s too loud. I can’t concentrate.” 

 I was in a padded control room, down the hall, with the door shut, just chillin n’ shootin the breeze with my crew. Nothing was taping. And this guy comes in and tells us all to ‘keep it down’. We thought he was joking, naw, come to find out it was me he had a beef with. 

Check this. 

I have toxic laughter. 

My new badge of honor!!!

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i don’t even have a sweet tooth and i’ve eaten cake every day at caffe nero. i never get cake in coffee shops! the banana loaf is just too good to pass up, and then today i had a chocolate twist as well, ommmmmmg i just wanted my entire life experience to just be me eating chocolate twists, forever. it was so good. the one sweet thing i fucking love also is caramel shortbreads. literally gods work. 

i also spent at least an hour staring at the cutest baby today… it made me want one so much. so tiny, so cute. it’s a shame that’s the only stage of having a child i’m interested in.

I’m gonna be a little real here, and this time not in the tags.

Last year today, on my birthday, I worked my normal night shift. I didn’t want to take the night off, I didn’t want people at work to know it was my birthday.

I was fighting with my then husband, and knew for a fact I wouldn’t see my family (for the 3rd birthday in a row) and that I wasn’t going to do anything to celebrate it.

I didn’t know it yet, but we were right about to split up in less than a month. I was already feeling like we were about to hit a point where we weren’t going to be the same again. So, I didn’t want to celebrate.

Since then, I’ve gone through a divorce. I’ve nearly attempted to taken my own life (which most people don’t actually know). I spent every holiday between halloween and mothers day alone.

I say all this to say thank you to my friends. You guys make me glad to have made it through all this. Today, I’m grateful. I have amazing friends. And even though I’m not actually celebrating my birthday by doing anything, it’s a good day.

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What’s wrong?

Nothing terribly specific. Just.

Endless disappointment. Uh, my nephews were EXTREMELY frustrating today (oh my god, some days…) but I finally had like… an hour to myself in which I might be able to WRITE which I’ve wanted to all week

(you’d think I’d have more time to write in the summer with maggie home but instead i’m working later in the evenings)


I think it would help if I could make up my mind. B/c I’m like… I got inspired to start doing re-writes on my cyberprep of 4 years ago and I realized today that my character’s just sort of been talking to air and with Siri and Alexa and Cortana and nonsense it’s ridiculous to think that by the time we can implant computers in people’s brains that we won’t all have some form of smart home.

Thankfully I’m not too far into re-writes.

And I think that the dragons in my Dragonspeaker book should be more bestial, maybe, or tricksy or DANGEROUS or something and I have to figure that out.


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I'm really curious because at one point in my life I wanted to work at a bakery: Do you need to have an education in baking/cake design in order to work at a bakery? (I hope your sneezes are beautiful today too uvu)

i took a few classes at le cordon bleu, which certainly helped me get my foot in the door. but honestly, a lot of my fellow cake decorators have no formal training whatsoever! there are a few places that refuse to hire cake decorators with no experience… but a lot of places are willing to provide the training!

i recommend starting out in a grocery store bakery. you’re gonna have to do a lot of grunt work first, starting off as a clerk and working your way up. i also watch a LOT of cake decorating videos and practice at home!

Who is Lay?

♡ Zhang Yixing

where to start i love him so much

♡ Every exo-l is soft for this boy

♡ The most hardworking person on earth


♡ King of China

He is the china line

I wanna cry while hugging him my ot12 feels

♡ “Healing unicorn”

♡ Suho’s precious kid

♡ I’m pretty sure sm hates him

Dance line

♡ Visual

♡ Actor

♡ Basically perfect


♡ Has a separate fan base called Xingmis

♡ Yi(Xing) + Nai(mi)

♡ Yixing’s name + My name

Chanyeol is the biggest xingmi

♡ As you can tell from the name 

♡ He is S O F T

♡ His softness is nothing like ksoo’s softness

♡ We call him unicorn because he is literally unreal

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♡ He is the softest member

♡ He is just pure fluff

♡ Is cute

♡ Really cute

♡ Even if he just stands there doing nothing but existing

♡ he is cute

♡ When he is breathing

♡ When he is smiling

♡ When he’s confused

♡ Is the type of person who would fix the plushie’s bangs when a plushie’s eyes are closed and say

♡ “now you can see”

♡ he is literally an angel

♡ He would do anything for his fans

♡ Literally anything

♡ Reads all the fan letters at the airport

♡ Males sure he performs well otherwise thinks that people’s money go to waste

♡ makes sure everyone has a pic with him before leaving the conference he was on

♡ gives handwritten invitations in chinese and english which he wrote for his bd

♡ translated his album “Lose Control” to japanese,english and chinese

♡ chinese—->cantonese+mandarin

♡ Gives members special bags called “hope bags”so that they won’t meet any troubles

♡ His pureness can’t be explained with words

♡ While we’re talking about how soft he is

♡ I wonder if the blindfold he uses while he’s dancing to artificial love is also soft


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♡ I ain’t joking i’m serious

♡ I feel like he has a dark past coz those moves are pure sin

♡ He often likes to kill exo-ls with kai

♡ As a soft unicorn,he can also turn into a wild stripper on the stage

♡ I see hip thrusts

♡ Once he was performing Lose Control,his belt opened


♡ I mean he is so rude

♡ Has solo’s like Lose control,what u need? and monodrama

♡ Lose control is basically hip thrusts

♡ Along with lay’s heavy gaze and soft voice

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♡ It’s just rude


♡ We ain’t complaining

♡ His looks are everything

♡ He is the visual king

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I have found so many rude gifs u guys have no idea

♡ His smile is everything

♡ When he smiles

♡ The world just stops for a minute 

♡ It becomes a better world

♡ the sun shines a bit brighter

♡ the birds sing a bit happier

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This boy is srsly killing me SOMEONE SEND HELP PLS

♡ As he also works and promotes in china he has lots of photo shoots

♡ He is beautiful

♡ King of serving looks

I’m just gonna put this here coz this is art

♡ He is literally so handsome

♡ I mean he’s breathtaking

♡ Every pic that he has no matter with or without make up

♡ is so precious cause he looks so freaking good in all of them

♡ I S  E T H E R E A L

♡ I really dunno how to express this handsomeness


♡ Also an actor

♡ Played a cutie pie in his movie kung fu yoga w jackie chan

♡ Has a movie where he and his gay husband have a baby from the future lesbians called oh my god


i dunno what to say anymore

♡ Also Operation love where he is a character full of regrets

♡ but returns to the past and tries his best


♡ As i mentioned before,he has his own solo career 

♡ His last album lose control killed all of exo-ls

♡ Has a studio in china

♡ His voice is so soothing

His singing makes me want to punch myself

♡ Sings in many languages

♡ While we mention about languages

♡ His korean is just

♡ bootiful

♡ His korean teacher told him to get a gf


♡ Often makes pronunciation mistakes

♡ “Members wet their pants”

♡ “Jurazil park”

♡ Said penis instead of pepper 

♡ chanyeol was shook

♡ cameraman was shook

♡ exo-l were shook

♡ But its ok since we love him the way he is

♡ and baek often helps and explains him 

♡ There’s a precious friendship called

♡ Baekxing

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♡ Baek often explains him anything in korean

♡ They’re super cute

♡ Precious af

♡ Yixing just loves him so much

♡ Yixing just loves every member so much

♡ Baek is yixing’s nr.1 fan

♡ He also has a super confused side

♡ Always confused

♡ Bbh is his life saver

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♡ Fangirl bbh mode on

♡ You can actually ship lay with any member since he’s a fluff ball

♡ —->sulay

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♡ He is suho’s most precious kid since he’s innocent and easygoing

♡ —–>xiulay

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♡ —>Layhan

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♡ Even tough they’re former members he still keeps in touch with his brothers from china

♡ And supports them and their movies,music..etc

♡ also meets them in china


♡ also teaches sehun chinese

♡ Since he’s really kind and considerate towards people he’s loved by everyone

♡ His dance is everything you want in your life

♡ He is really passionate about dancing

♡ he is a choreographer

♡ What u need?’s choreo

♡ Lose contol’s choreo

♡ also helped they never know’s choreo

♡ Is close with 1m dance studio’s Kasper

U can actually spot kasper in every sm dance practice video

♡ His moves are so smooth yet delicate

♡ he is an angel dancing

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♡ He also ended saesang fans

♡ “as saesang fans have every information about us including our phone numbers,i’m expecting them to know teacher lee so man’s number too”


♡ He is really hardworking

♡ produced an album in china

♡ Shot 2 movies,one w jackie chan

♡ shot a drama

♡ Promoted exo

♡ promoted his work

♡ performed his solo work

♡ sometimes danced sometimes sang

♡ Joined his brothers for the comeback


♡ Did all those things in half a year

♡ As we can tell

♡ overworks himself

♡ fainted twice

♡ The photos taken today at the airport was showing how tired he was

♡ he works nonstop 

♡ he gotta rest

♡ he was working all the time when the rest of the members had time to rest

I fucking hate sm

♡ He is the most precious kid i’ve ever seen


♡ I swear if they comeback without lay i’ll fly to korea and let the sm building on fire after stabbing lee soo man 384737 times

♡ He is the cutest pls protect him

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On my first Fourth of July in the United States, I woke up in the morning, stretched and realized that my wife was still in bed.

I asked if she was going to work. She said, “Oh, don’t you know today is July Fourth?”

I looked through our window. Just about everybody in Fernley, Nevada, the town where we lived, was on their way to Main Street with chairs, umbrellas, drinks and snacks.

I was confused. What were they going to celebrate? I was curious, too, so I got our camp chairs and headed out to join our neighbors. That’s when my wife told me what was going on: “July Fourth is America’s Independence Day.”

I jumped out of my seat! This couldn’t be true. Who could have colonized a great country like America?

I thought colonization only occurred in Africa, where I grew up. I didn’t believe her.

That was in 2014 — the year I found out that America was once a British colony, just like my native Ghana.

I have had the privilege of seeing two ways of celebrating independence — and along the way have given a lot of thought to what independence really means.

George Mwinnyaa: Why I Love (And Question) Independence Day

Photo: Cristina Aldehuela/AFP/Getty Images


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

➸ 06.20.2017 | My spread for this week! ✨ I’m also working on putting together a speed video of my process for this rn - and should have it up today or tomorrow! > o < )9 Tried just taking out some stationery and see where it would take me with no plan to start. Didn’t turn out half bad, I think?