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Love is Vibrant

I’ve been wanting to do this Soulmate AU for a long time but I haven’t known how to make it unique. But I was talking to @didsomeonesayprince and was given the absolute coolest idea ever. I still hadn’t ever sat down to write it but then @loverofpizzaandallthingssweet requested it! So here we are! Into the thing!

Pairing: LAMP/CALM, polysanders, polyamsanders

Summary: HumanAU, SoulmateAU where you can’t see color until you meet your soulmate.

Side Note: This got out of hand. It is the longest thing I have posted this far. So.. Just a warning. 

Patton walked cheerily down the street with his gentle giant of a pet, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Sander. It was just like any other Saturday, he took his big snuggle monster of a dog out for a nice long walk around the park and then they went and ran errands around town. They were hitting the height of summer and it was only getting hotter and hotter in Florida.

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so there are a lot of hornets around my town right now and im not sure why but they were everywhere at my school. i go to large, college campus sized highschool so basically you have to walk to every class, and i swear theres a hornets nest on every building. it started off being a minor issue, i only saw about two or three a day, but about a month ago it started to get out of hand. i was walking to the busses and all i heard was people yelling and the distant buzzing of hornets flying around. it was like that for a few weeks and nothing was being done about it. they were on campus and in classrooms. you couldnt walk to a building without a hornet landing on someones bag or hearing screams of freshmen running from them. its finally cold, so theyre gone now, but it was surreal to see teachers walk around and do nothing about the demon hornets buzzing around the school.

Noct’s Part Time Job

I FINALLY got this dialogue! I thought it was a myth. I have walked around Insomnia so much trying to get them to say this banter and FINALLY!

Prompto: Huh, remember when we used to hang out here?

Noctis: Yeah, like every day?

Ignis: And the Prince worked part-time nearby.

Gladio: Wearing a scowl on his face the whole time.

Noctis: Hey, I smiled as much as I could.

I work at a cafe that has a fancy water fountain (triple purified, electrolytes added, all that jazz…), so sometimes people are unsure what its for or if they can have some. So I’m used to saying things like “oh yeah help yourself/yes its free…”

So today this couple walks in and is looking around. After a little while the dude comes up to me, stands uncomfortably close, and points to the water fountain. So I automatically say “oh yeah, help yourself!”.

Then he says “if you freeze it, does it shrink or expand?”

Me (thinking he’s inquiring about the chemical makeup of alkaline water with electrolytes and oxygen added, and I also happen to still be loopy on vicodin from wisdom teeth removal): “I haven’t frozen that water specifically but-”

“It expands. And when you heat it up it shrinks. Water is the only substance on earth that does that.”

Me: *stunned speechless because did this dude just mansplain water to me? This is real life. This just happened. This is why Dyke Is Tired*

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People’s solution to this problem is always to tell me to wear headphones, but they never to suggest the idea to my brother. Additionally, I do wear headphones for the most part because I have trouble hearing the audio sometimes and the headphones make it easier, but if I wear them when other people are around [like my brother] they complain that I’m not paying attention/listening to them, so it’s a lose-lose situation.

I apologize for being unable to focus on something that requires me to listen carefully to individual sounds and talk to you/entertain you at the same time. I can’t do it. It’s one or the other, and when people get angry over one, I tend to do the other to make them happy.

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do you have any mcmantle headanons ?

i do!!! thanks for asking!!!!

- They are SO in love. Like really, good luck finding two people who love each other more than that
- Reggie often finds himself singing Josie’s songs without thinking about it and it makes Josie smiles so much
- Hmmm so much PDA and making out at school??? please get a room
- In the halls, Reg always has an arm around her when they walk
- They have so much sex at the start of their relationship
- Josie is the only person Reg will let touch his varsity jacket - he even lends it to her and she’s absolutely lovely in it
- When she’s not wearing heels she has to get on her toes to kiss him and it’s the cutest thing and Reg LOVES it
- Josie goes by standard pet names for him such as babe, baby or honey but Reggie finds the most ridiculous pet names for her
- When they’re in private and it’s just the two of them they often call each other by their full name and they are literally the only people in the world that can make it sound sweet and beautiful to them
- When they’re in bed and it’s late and they’re watching a TV show and just chilling, Reg loves to play with Josie’s hair. Running his hands though it, brushing them or doing her hair, etc. he loves it
- Josie wears his t-shirts in the morning and Reggie can not handle it
- She calls him an idiot 24/7 but she loves him so
- Josie is almost instantly loved by Reg’s parents (mayor’s daughter hello) but Josie’s parents never love Reggie (“he uses drugs! he has bad grades! he’s a stupid jock! you deserve better!”) and it’s a big source of conflict at her house
- Reg is literally the only person that knows how to calm down Josie when her dad is in town. He just has this effect on her that calms the pressure down
- She comes to every single one of his football games, no expection
- They are so supportive of each other?? Like she’s so supportive of his football career and she helps him with homework and his classes because she knows he needs a certain GPA to make it to the school he wants to, and he’s so supportive of the pussycats and he’s always telling her she’s gonna be a super star and he hates the pressure her parents put on her, like he’s always telling her it’s crazy and she’s perfect already and if it’s too much she can always come over

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He didn't finish. Or you mean to say he actually tended to that eventually?

From the LA Times, 2015:

Tell me about your education: Princeton and Yale? Did you really write a thesis on [Samuel] Beckett?

I wrote my Princeton senior thesis … on Beckett’s novels. That knowledge has stood me well in Hollywood. Then I went to Yale. I was in the PhD English literature program, but I didn’t write my dissertation, so I don’t have a PhD.

That means you’re ABD!

Thank you for knowing that terminology! I hate “ABD” because everybody else has a Latin kind of abbreviation. PhD, doctor of letters, you know? Doctor of philosophy. ABD is all but dissertation, it’s like slang. It’s not cool enough….

It’s possible there are some professors at Yale walking around thinking, “I wonder when Duchovny’s going to hand in that paper? Haven’t seen him around.”

ABD - “All but dissertation” - is an academic term meaning a person has completed literally every possible course toward their degree and now has only to write their dissertation in order to receive their PhD. Many academics in the humanities take YEARS (right now in English the average is 9) to complete dissertations, and many academics at that stage proceed to get jobs at various universities (SLACs or community colleges, but not usually R1s or Ivies) with the understanding that the professor will complete their book within a given timeframe. To characterize not finishing a dissertation as “quitting” is so far from reality I don’t even know how to respond.

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I live for your headcanons and I live for Vhope so the logical thing is to ask if you've got some Vhope headcanons for me? Pretry please?

i live for vhope too my friend!! and i do i do !!!!!

  • 98% of hufflepuffs are friendly and welcoming to new students and u can bet yOUR HAT HOSEOK IS ONE OF THEM
  • like he just does above and beyond to make the first years feel happy and at home
  • and tae immediately warms up to him
  • tae literally tangles himself to hobi’s legs and hobi just accepts it
  • tae absolutely adores him who god damn doesn’t
  • hype up couple
  • out for blood whenever hufflepuff has a game
  • literally screaming murder
  • always all over each other
  • personal space i don’t know her
  • walking around with sunglasses bc why not
  • tae gets homesick easily and hobi is always there to cheer him up
  • he’ll start talking about astronomy and he’ll have so much wonder in his eyes that tae just feels like he has part of home right there
  • chillin in the gardens and having some random hobbies like knitting everyone some weird sweaters
  • purposefully playing random songs on the barrils
  • then getting soaked in vinegar
  • then going to hug the rest of the boys
  • and then running away laughing when jin threatens to hex them
  • always, always have each other’s back

@pontificalandwarlike replied to your post: @ratheralark replied to your post: …

they’re definitely past Saint-Merry, yeah. They were coming from the east side of the city, left bank (south) of the river; from there, Les Halles (the general area the Corinthe was in) is further north-west than the Saint-Merry church. it’s even funnier given that they apparently walk by Courfeyrac’s house; 16 rue de la Verrerie (the modern one, at least, the street numbers might have changed??) is like 3 large blocks away from Saint-Merry. And they still managed to walk right past it.

**serious nod** I see I see 

so really we should read that as 

The Rue de la Chanvrerie was not more than a gunshot long. Bossuet improvised a speaking-trumpet from his two hands placed around his mouth, and shouted at the passing band, as they passed the second time:

–“Courfeyrac! Courfeyrac! Hohee!" 

Courfeyrac heard the shout, caught sight of Bossuet, and advanced a few paces into the Rue de la Chanvrerie, shouting: "What do you want?” which crossed a “Where are you going?”, a question Bossuet was very curious about indeed, since the mob did not seem to have any idea itself. 

“To make a barricade,” replied Courfeyrac, yet undaunted by the fact that they’d not managed to find Saint Merry in the last hour, but had instead passed the same hat-seller three times. It was something about the streets today; he could have sworn there were new side-roads that had not been there a mere week past, looking ancient and used, as if the roads of decades and even centuries were jostling to fit on the map; as if some author, desirous to make a Point, had rearranged the very lanes of Paris. 

“Well, here! This is a good place! Make it here!”

“That’s true, Aigle,” said Courfeyrac, somewhat relieved at not having to figure out the Paris streets with their current odd digressive additions. 

And at a signal from Courfeyrac, the mob flung themselves into the Rue de la Chanvrerie.

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Can you do a blurb where Shawn gets jealous of Teddy and his girlfriend because they were shopping and hanging most of the time and he gets no attention

(This is actual asS I’m sorry)

You had gotten back from lunch with teddy, you two hadn’t known eachother for very long and wanted to get better acquainted. It felt good having someone else to talk to other than Shawn, it was nice to have another person to bond with, it’s not that you didn’t like Shawn’s company you did, but he wasn’t always around.

As you walked into your shared apartment you expected to see Shawn napping on the couch or brainstorming lyrics, but when you entered the house was silent, the only sound coming from your breathing.

“Shawn?” You called, looking around.

Your noticeably angry boyfriend glared at you from his place on the top of the stairs, arms crossed.

“Where’ve you been, you didn’t call or text. y/n, I was worried sick.” His voice was hushed, almost like a whisper.

“With teddy, we had lunch and went shopping.” Shawn rolled his eyes, walking into your bedroom and slamming the door.

His outburst shocked you, Shawn had never been like this before.

You hesitatingly walked into your room, closing the door softly and placing yourself at the foot of the bed. Shawn looked up at you from his position under the covers but when you met his gaze he looked elsewhere, sighing you except defeat. you decided to leave Shawn alone to cool down, if you didn’t it would only turn into an argument, and after the lovely day you’ve had that would just ruin it.

“Did you have fun?” Shawn was sitting up against the headboard now, eyeing you.

“Yes. I did, I had so much fun. are you mad at me over something?” When he didn’t answer your question you knew he was. Shawn always got grumpy when he was angry.

It wasn’t like you had done anything to make him mad, it was only lunch, nothing else.

“C’mere, Tell me what’s wrong.” You gestured for him to move closer to you. He obliged, resting his hands around your waist.”

“I just, I don’t want you to fall for one my friends, I’d be crushed.” Shawn chuckled but you knew it was a very real fear of his, that you’d Leave him.”

“Shawn it was just a nice day out, I wanted to get to know teddy because we haven’t had time to really sit down and talk. I promise, I love you.”

Shawn nodded, wrapping himself around you tighter, kissing your temple.

“Now you’re back. I want cuddles.”

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Idk if you've answered a question like this before but do any of the mods have any tips to look more masculine? No matter what I do (cut my hair short, bind, etc.) I always look like a flat chested girl and I honestly can't stand to see myself in the mirror or in pictures anymore

hello! i dont remember answering a question like this so i will again (or not again)! 

1) observe how men and boys around you act, dress, walk, laugh, carry themselves, sit, stand, E V E R Y T H I N G. when you realize how they present and can mimic their mannerisms, you’ll instantly seem more masculine than you are. don’t cross your legs or arms, manspread, make yourself a large presence by talking and speaking and ACTING loudly and boisterously. have a swagger when you walk

2) buy clothing from the mens section, and make sure that they fit in the right places

3) mascara, if applied well to your natural peach fuzz, can give you a cool lil mustache/beard

4) watch a youtube video on how to deepen your voice, one thing i know to deepen it to its natural deepest is to stretch your neck by rolling your head, stretching your neck forwards and backwards, and then do voice exercises of slowly intoning and deepening your voice gradually. after you do this, your voice will be loosened and when you talk you can talk deeper without it sounding like you’re trying to imitate eyore from winnie the pooh. do this a lot every day so that slowly you’ll cultivate a deeper voice and your vocal cords will get stronger

5) pack

6) get a haircut thats not just short, but one that looks like a “boy” cut. 

7) build some muscle

8) dont pluck your eyebrows

9) increase your height by improving your posture, sole inserts in your shoes, and testosterone (only if you want that though)

10) be very confident, take risks, make your voice and your opinions known. be very independent, speak your mind. but also, own your emotions 

11) recognize hypermasculinity. don’t take any of these too far, and don’t do things like being really loud unless it benefits you or is necessary. don’t pursue conflict or dominance, don’t overthink it.

12) make lots of jokes!! men tend to be more confident about sharing their funny thoughts

13) use mens toiletries like mens shampoo, bodywash, shaving cream, deoderant, etc. so that you smell more masculine. also, adopt more masculine grooming techniques

14) use professional chest binders

15) adopting more masculine hobbies can increase your own inner sense of masculinity

if any followers want to add or edit anything, feel free! this definitely is not the whole list ever of ways to be more masculine, and I may have gotten something wrong. hope this helps, though!

-Mod Charlie

  • “can we go shopping?” alec asks as he’s folding laundry at magnus’s place. 
  • “… you want to go shopping? for groceries or something?” magnus stays not looking up from the book he’s reading. 
  • “no… for clothes. i think if i have to wear another piece of black clothing that’s not gear i might just start walking around naked.” 
  • magnus drops his book. “you… want to shop for clothes?” magnus asks a smile creeping onto his face. 
  • alec looks at him like he has six heads. the sweater he’s attempting to fold is unraveling. “yeah…” 
  • magnus smiles, beams at him as a matter of fact, and sets his book to the side. “let’s get going then!” 
  • “it’s nighttime magnus…” alec says, smiling at his boyfriend. 
  • “it’s october it’s always nighttime.” without a second thought magnus snaps his fingers and a portal opens up to Macy’s. “i hope you’re not having second thoughts?” 
  • “no! let’s go!” alec says happily. 
  • they spend a grand total of 3 hours picking out clothes. alec gets some graphic tees (even a rainbow one!), a few button up shirts for work, slacks, and skinny jeans. it’s a mix of work and casual. 
  • when they get to the register magnus steps in front of alec, who already has his debit card out, and swipes his macy’s card fast as lightning before alec can protest. 
  • alec rolls his eyes, leave it to magnus to spoil him. 
  • as they walk out onto 34th street alec stops magnus and kisses him. “thank you. you’re wonderful. i guess i’m just more comfortable being myself now that i’ve got you in my life.”

Henry stands up from all the chaos, ghost Salazar standing on his shoulders; looking amazingly calm. Carina points at Henry. “You have….a….on…” “I am aware Carina….let me just….go towards the Mary….drop him off on his ship….all nice and slow….” Henry walks like he’s balancing fine china, circumventing the other members of the ghoulish crew; all the while Salazar looks around almost playfully. “…..yep….a little bit further… do not anger the captain….”

For a moment, I hesitated to approach an old friend of mine. Afraid of whatever. I don’t know. I feared everything has changed so much. I feared I won’t be able to have a normal conversation with her the way it used to. I hesitated for a second and ran after her. Greeted her the usual way–clearing my throat and casually walking beside her. The light in her eyes when she recognized me gave me a pinch of hope–enough for me to consider that she missed me.

We walked together and had a little chat. Catching up with her felt like we missed a decade of each other’s lives. It was crazy.

Our goodbyes ended with a “Kain/Labas tayo minsan!” I just nodded and smiled. Once I turned around I couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh. A lot of things changed. And I don’t know how to get any of it back. Are these changes for the better? Is it just me who changed? Why did I even isolate myself from them(friends)?

I slowly faded away from their lives. And it was all my fault. My insecurities and issues pushed me to think I wasn’t worthy of that kind of friendship. 

My failures piled up–my family, my friends, my dreams, everything. And here I am. So used to being alone that I hesitate. I avoid. I hide. in hopes i fade away from this life.

I don’t usually share my dreams, but this one I just HAVE to share.

I was at a Fight Club Pro after party with @rabidwrestlingfan and @fluffyhales (I think it might have been Hales’ birthday cause she was drinking). We were just hanging out and having a real fun time. 

After a while I’d lost Hales (I think she’d gone off dancing with Lykos) and Blue had gone to grab us some more drinks. No sooner had Blue walked over to the bar than I felt a pair of arms sneak around my waist making me jump.

I span round and found myself face to face with Dave Crist!!! He just smiled and said “I’ve been waiting to catch you on your own all night” and kissed me just as my damn alarm went off and woke me up!!!!

Like WTH?? I thought it was his brother I was crushing on!!!! 

I was looking around and apparently people who don’t like Noctis also protesting that he shouldn’t get in Tekken? That he is a jrpg character from high fantasy setting with sword, magic, etc so he don’t fit in..?

..But it’s a franchise where you have not only one but two laser shooting Devils, a bonafide Angel, aztec god, narcoleptic vampire, chainsaw-wielding android schoolgirl, boxing kangaroos, bodyguard bears, and walking trees among many other thing. Adding a mere magical Prince won’t put a dent in mumbo-jumbo that is Tekken universe.

Design wise? He fits among them just fine. 

Actually he look more out of place when placed with some of his FF senpais. Here you have serious looking, fully armored Warrior of Light and equally heavily decorated paladin Cecil. …..And then there is Noctis, looking like he stumbled into a wrong cosplay con.

“Who are they? Why I’m here?”