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The “Exchange” Program #1

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Summary: To say you were excited was an understatement. Your brother had left for Korea and in exchange you get a replacement, also known as an exchange student. Expecting a smart, nice boy,  practically the boy version of you…you got the complete opposite. A bad boy with bad habits.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Au: Badboy!Jungkook

A/N: I’m starting this fanfic again, I promise you that it is not like the last one it just has a the same concept (hopefully it will do as well) This is the first part but since i have exams this week i won’t be posting this week. But please tell me what you think :)

Standing next to your Mother and Father, you waited for the boy with a smiling face.

“I really hope he doesn’t hate us” your Mother stressed, her husbands hand tight around her shoulder. “Honey, I’m sure he’ll have a great time” he reassured her.

“Mum, I’m sure everything will be okay. What could go wrong?” you smiled, staring at the crowd of people emerging from the flight.

“I think that’s him” your mother exclaimed, holding up the sign which had his name on it. The tall boy smiled, dressed in jeans and a white sweater with glasses shaping his face.

He was cute. Perfect even.

You squirmed with excitement as the boy strutted towards your small family, you pulled down your skirt making sure to present yourself nicely and make a good impression.

“Nice to meet all of you” the boy smiled and shook your Dad’s and Mum’s hand and smiled at you. “I’m Jeon Jungkook, but please call me Jungkook” he smiled even wider this time, making your heart swell.

“Nice to meet you too!” your mum said clutching her bag to her side grabbing your shoulders and pulling yourself next to her.

“This is my daughter Y/n”

You put your hand out for him to shake and he gladly accepted.

“Right, It’s time to get going, to beat the traffic” your dad smiled patting Jungkook on the back as the four of you walked out of the building.

Pulling into the gas station on your drive home your dad offered you and Jungkook to get something from the there.

Heading straight towards the packets of chips you notice Jungkook looking around suspiciously on the other side of you. Walking around to the other isle you see him shove a packet of red vines into his jacket pocket he had put on earlier.

Your eyes went wide in fear of getting caught.

“What the hell are you doing?” you whisper trying to get to the packet of liquorice out of his pocket. Pushing your hand away and shoving the packet even deeper, he laughed.

“You’ve really never done this? Gees, I knew you were a good girl the minute I laid my eyes on you” he rolled his eyes and continued on to the counter.

“And a packet of those” he pointed to the cigarettes on the top shelf, your jaw dropped and your eyes became wider.

“Sixteen dollars” the old mans voice rang through the station, not giving two shits about how young the boy in front of him looked.

Shoving the packet of cigarettes into his jean pocket you still couldn’t believe your eyes. The boy that you thought was perfect is the complete opposite.

“Have fun getting cancer” you snickered to him as you walked to the other side of the car.

“I’ll be the first to tell you Miss Goody Two-Shoes” he smiled and opened the door.

“Welcome to the Y/L/N residence” your dad brought Jungkooks bags in to your house.

“So basically Y/n’s Father and I run a popular clothing business, meaning we won’t be here that often. My Husband is going on a business trip to Morocco tomorrow morning and I’m going to Milan this evening”

Your mother explained the situation of your father and her about their busy work schedule whilst you were half way up the stairs to your safe haven.

“Y/n, show Jungkook to his room. Your Father and I are going to go pack” Your Mother told you as her and her husband walked to their room on the ground floor.

“C’mon” you mumbled.

Walking down the hall way and into the common room that was also yours you turned to him and pointed to the door that was opposite yours on the other side of the room.

“That one is yours, this one is mine” You whispered. You don’t know where this sudden fear came from but you didn’t like it. Walking to your room you hurried making sure he couldn’t say something but before you could go in, he asked you something.

“Why are you acting so shy?” he asked.

You froze in your steps and slowly turned to him, he walked to wards you standing two metres in front of you.

“I dunno” you whispered still looking at your feet.

You knew exactly why you were shy. He was cute you won’t deny it, but you always avoided these types of guys but now having one in your house for a year was insanity.

“Perhaps you’re afraid I’ll try and make a move on you?” he smirked

You nodded your head quickly still looking down.

You felt his hand grab your chin and lift your face up so you were staring at him. The sudden action made your heart beat faster, while all you could do was stare at his facial features.

“Don’t worry kitten, I have no interest in you whatsoever” he laughed and let go. Walking back to his room you laughed to yourself as well.

“Well I have no interest in you either!!!” you shouted at the closed door.

“No good, idiotic, hateful, heinous jerk” you mumbled to yourself as you entered your room.

Collapsing on your bed, you let out a frustrated sigh thinking how in the hell are you going to put up with him for a whole freaking year.

7:00pm and your stomach was growling for food.

You had eaten the last piece of chocolate in your room and you wanted dinner but you were to afraid that you would bump into him.


“Whyyy” you whined, you couldn’t take it anymore.

Opening the door a creak you looked out to see Jungkook’s door open and him laying on his bed a phone in his hand.

“Alright I can do this” you gave yourself a mini pep talk and tip toed out of your room.

It was going great until you tripped over your cat. Yelping the cat scattered down the stairs causing you to hear foot steps emerge from the boys room,

“Are you going to get food?” you turned around and got struck by how good he looked in just jeans and a simple white shirt, the shirt clung to his muscles making him look ten times hotter.

“Yeah” you choked out of your mouth.

“Good I’m starving” he uttered walking your way. The two of you headed down the stairs to see two suitcases at the door, you walked into the kitchen and grabbed a packet of ramen.

“Looks like you two are getting along” your dad said holding his passport in one hand looking like he was waiting for your mum.

“Oh yeah! We’ve been talking for hours, pretty much like siblings” Jungkook laughed causing your dad to cackle.

“Dad I thought you were leaving tomorrow” you questioned your dad as your mum emerged from the dimly lit hallway.

“Something came up so your Dad and I thought it was best to go together to Morocco then Milan”

Your mouth went into an O shape as the two of them got ready leave. Your mum came over to you and give you a kiss on the forehead whilst your dad hugged you, “We’ll be home in a couple of weeks” you nodded your head.

“Be good you two” your mum laughed as they left the house.

“Isn’t the whole point of exchange for me to improve my english by you know speaking to people?” Jungkook snickered and grabbed two packets of ramen.

“Am I a horse? I speak fluent english” you question him and poured the hot water into a pot.

“Like we’re going to talk” he rolled his eyes and took a seat at the island table.

“If you make an effort I’ll make and effort” you smiled at him, he nodded his head and fiddled with the fork in his hand.

A couple minutes later you put the pot on the table as the two of you ate from the pot.

“This is nothing like home” he mumbled still shoving the noodles into his mouth. “Well I’m sorry, I’m not exactly Korean so I can’t cook you whatever you eat” you snickered, “this is my brothers, I ate it once and i liked it so I thought i might as well eat tonight.”

“Speaking of your brother, why did he want to learn Korean?” he asked shoving more of the noodles into his mouth.

“He likes Kpop and drama’s, especially that one group what were they called again?” you racked your brain for the answer until Jungkook gave you it.

“STB?” he asked putting the fork down.

“Yeah those guys! He plays the song ‘Tears, Sweat and Blood’ again and again” you laughed.

“Yeah they’re quite popular, what about you, do you like Kpop?” he asked and picked up his fork again to eat more.

“Yeah I don’t mind it. I mean I’m not in love with it but if my brother puts it on then I’ll sing broken Korean with him” the last statement made him laugh.

Your heart fluttered looking at him, you felt warm inside…’No Y/n this is not how you’re supposed to feel, he’s vulgar…look at him scoff down the ramen’

“Can you slow down your eating, you’re going to choke” after your statement he grabbed the pot and chugged the noodle soup.

Your face turned into disgust as you stood up.

“That’s so gross” you whined and started to walk away.

“That’s so gross” he mimicked in a higher voice. “I do not sound like that” he mimicked you again laughing to himself. “You’re such a dick” you exclaimed as you walked into your room.

It was late and you wanted to get some fresh air.

You walked on onto the balcony and hopped up on the railing tot he side and rested your back against the wall.

A couple moments later Jungkook came out lighting a cigarette in his mouth not aware that you two were there.

“Could you find somewhere else to poison your body?” you startled him as he quickly turned around looking at you with a shock expression on his face.

“Can you be a smart ass somewhere else?” he question.

You scoffed as silence filled the air.

You felt yourself cramping up and you stretched your legs, which was the biggest mistake of your life.

You were about to fall to your death but luckily Jungkook acted fast, he dropped the cigarette and clutched your arm dragging you onto him making you both fall to the ground.

You were positioned on top of him as if you were straddling him.

You looked intensely into his eyes as he did with you, you were mere inches from kissing him and that was all you wanted to do.

RFA+V+Saeran: Smut #1 (Part 1)

Requested by an anon: ″Hello! My request is RFA+V+Saeran react to seeing Mc naked in the shower. Like smut and fluff please!!! Thanks <3″
Because this is multi characters so i’ll make it short for each of them. Hope you’re ok with this anon~

Side note: Because I don’t do headcanons, so I do mini fics but it’ll be too long. So for this #1, I break it into two parts. Starting from next request which will be up after #1 Part 2, I will choose 4 characters that I feel I may do a better job.
Also, I didn’t do shower for all character. I change the setting a bit.

Warning: SMUT!

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

I’ve been playing LOLOL all night and realize just how late it has gotten. I tell the guild’s members that I’ll stop temporarily to go take a nice shower then be back soon. With that, I stand up and make my way towards the bathroom. Perhaps my mind is too occupied by the game that I don’t notice the noises from inside at all. I open the door and the moment I do, I hear high pitch scream.

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BTS Reaction: Them being a Professor/ Teacher and you confessing to them (Maknae Line)

Request: Hi, can you write a maknae line reaction when they are your professors (like English professor, Piano, art, etc) and you confess your feelings for them. It can be smut if you want to (extra point 🌟😈👅) Sorry for my English… have a nice day!

[Hyung Line]

Warning: Slight smut

I think i go too into this request and ended up looking like a drabble XD

Jimin (Volleyball coach):

You had a volleyball match in a few days and you were practicing hard for the match. Your volleyball training was long finished, in fact it has finished 2 hours ago. The one reason you were practicing so intensely on your own is to impress a certain someone, that person was your coach Park Jimin. You were always his favorite player but you felt like he didn’t like you in that way so instead it became a one sided love.

As you were busy building up your serving strength you heard the door open to see Jimin come in with wide eyes. “Y/N? What are you still doing here? Training ended hours ago.” “I guess I’m nervous?” You lied while playing with the volleyball in your hands.

Jimin was biting his lips as he saw your state. Wearing very short shorts and a top while you were dripping with sweat, making your skin shiny. Jimin shook his head to rid of the dirty thoughts and walked over to you to place a hand on your shoulder and your body tensed at the contact. “You shouldn’t strain your muscle…” He said quietly and you turned around to face him, faces just inches away. You were hesitant at first but you slowly leaned in and pressed your lips against his. 

The kiss was very light and as you pulled away, Jimin’s eyes were wide. You looked away feeling embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that…It’s just…I’ve liked you for a long time.” You felt him grab your chin, which made you look at him directly and he didn’t hesitate to connect his lips with yours again, the kiss being more passionate than before. You felt his hands slide down to the back of your thighs and squeezing them. Knowing what he was gesturing you jumped up and wrapped you legs around his waist, lips never leaving his. He pulled away, a panting mess, he looks in to your eyes with pure lust. “Let me help you relax….”

Taehyung (Biology professor)

You just finished studying at the library at it was slowly getting late and you just remembered you forgot your biology books at the biology room and you needed them for an upcoming exam. You walked down the hallways towards the biology room and you stopped in front to look into the glass window. Your eyes scanned through the room for any presence and you spotted a figure sitting down behind the Professor’s desk.

 Your face started to heat up when you realized it was your Biology Professor Mr. Kim Taehyung. His fun personality and his energy while teaching the class that you’re in has always caught your attention and it’s one of the things you loved about him. But you knew you would never have a shot with him and you just simply brushed those feelings aside.

You opened the door to make your presence known and Taehyung shot his head up to look at you and just gave you a warm smile. “You surprised me Y/L/N…” “Sorry, I didn’t mean too. I forgot my biology books here so I came to get them” You gave him your explanation. “Ah! I have them right here…” He said as he reached under his desk and pulled out the books you were exactly looking for. “Thank you so much!” You said as you walked over and took them in your hands. You saw the equipment he was using. 

Microscopic equipment were lying around the table and curiosity got the best of you. “What are you doing?” “Blood tests…Do you know your blood type?” He suddenly asked and you shook your head. “Do you wanna?” You nodded and Taehyung gestured you to stick out one of your fingers and he punctured it with a needle, blood slowly coming out and he quickly took a blood plate to place the blood on. He surprised you by placing your finger in his mouth, his warm tongue brushing against your small wound. 

He pulled it out of his mouth and looked at you with lustful eyes. “How do you feel about me miss Y/L/N?” Your face was heating up. “I like you…” You whispered and he pulled your wrist, forcing you to straddle his hips and placing his lips on yours. The kiss was passionate and the two of you continued before he pulled away panting. “Let’s continue this at my place.”

Jungkook (Art Professor)

You were finishing up an oil painting you have been working in class for a few days and everyone was already finished, which just leaves you to be the only. You stayed at the school till the sun set, leaving the art room an orange tint. The only sound that could be heard was the brush brushing against the canvas and the clock that hung on the wall. 

You were in the middle of mixing some colors when the door opened, which made your head look up to see your art professor Jeon Jungkook. He surprised you by coming inside with casual clothes, tight white shirt that defined his chest muscle and bicep. His black jeans defining the muscles on his thighs. You looked away, scolding your mind for what its dirty thoughts.

“I thought I locked the door?” He asked himself and you smiled at his cute confused state. “I asked another professor to open it for me, I needed to add some finishing touches on the painting.” You explained with a smile and Jungkook walked over to you leaned behind you, gazing at the painting. “It’s beautiful…” His low voice sent chills down your spine and Jungkook looked at your tense state. 

His gaze slowly fell to your exposed his neck and slowly leaned in to brush his lips in that area. A gasp left from your lips. “Mr…Jeon…” “Jungkook…call me Jungkook Y/N” He said as he went over to attach your lips with his. You didn’t hesitate to return the kiss. You detached your lips from his and looked at him with the eyes that made Jungkook feel crazy. “I like you Jungkook…” You finally confessed and he simply swept you off your feet and placed you on the table, standing between your legs and reattaching his lips on your leg. “You’re not going anywhere till I paint that neck with my marks baby…”

anonymous asked:

I have really bad anger issues and I really hate that because I don't like hurting people just because I can't control my feelings. I know you're still get mad sometimes but you've been much better than before, so I was wondering if you maybe have some suggestions that could help that aren't "exercise more" or "go see a professional" or "just calm down"

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Dammit Jim

Fandom: Star Trek

Summary:  Kirk is a flirt. That’s no secret. But, with Y/N McCoy it’s more than that.

Words: 1,600+

Pairing/Characters: JimKirkxReader, mentions of Bones and Scotty

Warning: Cursing? Suggestive comments/actions? Fluff?

Author’s Note: This might seem like it’s coming out to left field, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Look a my icon for goodness sake. I hope you people like this little thing, plz give it a chance.

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The bolt squeaked pathetically as you tightened it with a wrench. You groaned and used the back of your hand to wipe a little perspiration from your forehead. Some water leaked out of the pipe, splashing onto the side of your dress.

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Imagine : what do you mean my body is now your body (Part 2) :
“You saw my underwear”

In which Peter and the reader are best friends going through a “little” argument and stay upset with each other (but also very sad), not much talking during the rest of the day only to find out in the morning that the universe is playing with them. They exchanged bodies and the reader soon find out that their best friend is spiderman.Part 1

tagged : @psychnsvet , @queen-zpidey

A/N : So I wanted to do something really long but it’s getting a little bit late here and I really wanted to post today. There will be definitely more parts coming, so I hope you guys will like it ! Enjoy x

The look May gave you before your strange behavior was stuck in your mind, as well as Peter’s face when he saw his phone stuck on your hand (well, actually it was his body, but for whatever reason you were the one in it). His face literally fell and that was when you knew something was up, because Peter was a horrible liar and he was bad at hiding his emotions.

“It’s p-probably nothing.” he said nervously. “I’m always doing experiences with Ned, I bet some chemicals went on my phone.”

“Are you saying that chemicals on my skin is pretty much nothing, Peter ?” your voice was full of sarcasm, but you quickly calmed down when one of Peter’s neighbor walked in the hallway and looked at you strangely. You weren’t used to hear Peter’s voice when you spoke though you managed to forget about the whole situation sometimes.

Right, he doesn’t know Peter is actually in my freaking body. Actually, nobody would even think that. Sane people wouldn’t even considerate it. Peter and I are probably juste crazy.

But having Peter, in your body, in front of you was a strong reminder of what was happening.

“N-no, I mean chemicals, like some type of glue. Come here, I’ll help you.” he took your hand gently, as always, and just slowly and carefully took his phone away from your hand. It indeed looked like glue on the phone case though it really felt like something else.

“Thanks.” you whispered.

He simply nodded and both of you left the building, silent for a moment. You looked at him, well at yourself, but it was so obvious to you that Peter was the one moving it, owning it. He was so nervous, more than usual, and you couldn’t blame him. He was looking at everyone and everything, passing his hands in his hair (that were much longer than his actual hair) at least a hundred times. And you guessed that if Peter looked at you, you would probably be a reflection of his actions.

You were the one that broke the silence, “How are we even gonna survive this ? Your aunt was already suspicious this morning, so imagine tonight… and the other days. Oh my god, Peter, what if we stay like that forever ?” Your voice went higher and faster the more you talked, and you couldn’t stop talking. “What are we gonna do about school ? Holy- Peter ! Our grades ! Fuck, we have exams coming ! I was already stressing for me, but this is worse, how the fuck am I going to pass your exam ? I will just fail-”

“(Y/N) !” Peter shouted loud enough for you to hear since he didn’t want to draw any attention on the both of you. Thankfully, there wasn’t much people on the sidewalk.

“Try to calm down, please.” he placed both of his hands on your shoulder and rubbed them gently, hoping it would relax you a little. 

You could tell he was worried, and you knew he was as anxious as you were, but he kept his composure, which was new. Peter was rarely calm when he was stressed, worse when he was anxious. He would ramble, pass his hands his in curled hair and bounce his legs nervously. It would make you mad sometimes, but right now, you thought that his silence was probably worse.

“I’m sorry. I guess I’m also taking your bad habits.” you tried to smile but your lips started to tremble instead and Peter’s heart ached.

“No, please don’t cry.” he hugged you and placed a cold hand on your neck, doing small circle with his thumb. It felt weird, hugging a body that was yours and not feeling the other one like you used to.

It only made you cry for good.

Because Peter was always warm and strong. Everything about him was warming and reassuring. But his eyes weren’t this deep brown anymore and you were the tall one now, which you didn’t like that much. Okay, Peter wasn’t that tall. You just loved your height, and the fact that your face would always find Peter’s heart when he hugged you.

“We’re going to find a solution.” he spoke confidently. “It won’t be like this forever, okay ? We’re in this together.”

He looked at you, and you nodded.

Peter always find a solution.

“It will be easy. You don’t have to worry about May, I’ll be there. We will just have plenty of sleepovers. And you know how much she loves you.” He took your hand and squeezed it, you smiled a little.

“But how about school ? Peter, I’m not you.” he rolled his eyes.

“Stop putting yourself down. You’re intelligent-”

“I’m not putting myself down.” you cut him off. “I’m just being realistic. I am smart yes, but I still struggle to have some of my grades. So I don’t even know how I’ll be able to keep yours at the same level you left them. We are not at the same level.”

Peter sighed, knowing you were right, but it still upset him to heard you talk like that. As if he were better than you.

“I already know some of your classes so-”

“How do you know classes you don’t even have ?” you asked, surprised.

He blushed a little, which was rare on your skin. “I-I told you I was going to help you with your revisions. I meant it.”

You felt immensely bad, because you knew it was true. You almost felt like crying again.

“I’m so sorry Pete. For the way I spoke to you yesterday. I was just so frustrated-”

“It’s okay, really. I would be too, if you acted like I did. I never wanted to hurt you, I’m sorry.”

It was your turn to give him a little squeeze, which made you realize you were holding hands for a long time now. You blushed but didn’t let go.

“We should probably get going, or else we’re going to be late.”

The walk to the school was pretty calm despite the situation. You and Peter almost acted normal, there was still a little bit of tension but the both of you decided to just focus on what was going to happen.

“Do you think Ned will believe us ?” A part of you thought he could, but the other part thought the contrary.

Peter shrugged, wondering too, “I don’t know. I think… yeah.”

If Ned believed that Peter was spiderman, he could also believe that you exchanged bodies. Peter needed his best friend to believe him, and he needed his help. The idea of you having his powers frightened Peter. There was so many reasons why it was dangerous.

She could harm herself, or even someone else. She’s already a target by having my appearance…

He came back to reality when you squeezed his hands. That’s when he saw Ned coming towards you both.

“Here we go…” you said, making Peter laugh nervously.

“Hey Peter ! Hey (Y/N) !” Ned said, making both you and Peter answer at the wrong time. Ned frowned a second before thinking it was just a poor coordination thing.

Peter was so nervous that even a blind person could see it.

“Are you guys alright ?” Ned asked.

“Yes, yes of course, man !” You said, slapping him friendly in the back after one long minute of hesitation.

“Okaay. If you insist.” Ned was now eyeing the both of you suspiciously.

“Y-yeah, really. We’re fine. Are you fine ?” Peter asked, making you murder him at least fifty times in your mind. You nudged him discreetly, warning him to act normal.

“You guys are so weird today.”

“Whatever. Let’s just go to class before anything weirder happen. Like Flash, for example.” you said as you noticed the boy’s car entering the parking lot.

“Yeah, good idea.” Peter nodded, along with Ned.

“See you at lunch, (Y/N) !” Ned waved at Peter, leaving the both of you panicking. Well, you were the one panicking. Peter would be fine, though he would have to survive some of your classmate. But you ? You were screwed. You looked a last time at Peter behind you, thinking he would just go. But he didn’t.

“No, Ned wait !” He ran towards you and his friend before strongly grabbing both of your arms and going away from the group of people entering in the class.

“It’s not me !” he said, pointing to you. “I mean, (Y/N) is in my body. I’m Peter !”

Ned laughed, which would make you laugh if the situation wasn’t serious. His laugh was so contagious.

“Yeah, good joke.” he then turned to you, “hey, imagine this happening in Star Wars ! That would be awesome !”

Your face fell, just like Peters. Of course, it couldn’t be that easy.

“Listen, Ned. Peter is not joking, and so am I. And I swear to god, you need to believe us and help us because there’s no way we can have this going without becoming crazy. What do I need to do for you to believe us ?”

“C’mon guys, seriously ? I’m not stupid.” he rolled his eyes.

“My underwear are pink lace.” you blurted out. “I mean, Peter has my-” you turned to Peter, who was blushing, “oh my god. You saw my underwear.”

“What ? N-no, I mean, yes but It wasn’t on purpose ! I wasn’t going to leave with your pajamas !” he gulped nervously while Ned was totally confused.

“I’m not going to kill you, you know ?” you laughed nervously. “I mean, it’s just… weird.”

Ned still thought it was some kind of joke, even if it was a really weird joke. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

“If it’s weird for you now, imagine when you will have to shower.” Ned smirked, but it slowly left his face when he saw you were as white as the walls of the school and Peter as red as the extinguisher. “Why do you look like you’re about to pass out ? Are you okay dude ?” Ned’s hand was on your arm, he looked so concerned that you wanted to answer, that yes, you were okay. But truly, you were not.

“I didn’t think about this. Shit, Peter ! You… I…”

“Hey, hey remember what we said ? We… We’re gonna find a solution.” His cheeks were still red, he was obviously as embarrassed as you were. “We will walk you to the infirmary, you’re very pale.” He then turned to Ned, “we really need to talk.”

You didn’t even have the strength to say no, or to even focus on what Peter means when he told Ned they really need to talk. You brushed it off, it was probably about your problem. They both brought you to the infirmary and left when they were sure you were taken care of. You didn’t know what they did after, but you guessed they weren’t in class.

“Ned, I swear, It’s me.”

The boys were hidden in the computer’s class, knowing nobody would be here yet.

“I’m really confused. You must admit it’s not common at all. Like, people exchanging bodies ? Is that even possible ?” he frowned. “But at the same time, Peter- I mean, you ? You’re a terrible actor. And people can’t fake a pale skin, right ?”

Peter nodded furiously, hoping his best friend was now facing the truth. Then Ned’s eyes widened.

“Wait ! Does it mean you’re powerless now ? That (Y/N) is-”

“Spiderman. Yeah, she has my powers now. And she could have guessed it this morning already, if I didn’t have a good answer.”

And then Peter told Ned what happened while you were waiting for May to come get you. The infirmary preferred to send you home, which was killing you, really.

Relax. It’s like a sleepover. Except Peter’s not here. And you’re in his body.

reunion // part one of fwb

The moment Harry entered your place, using the key you had left him, he was met with the sight of you in his black mesh see-through shirt that he had left at your place a couple of months back, your bum peeking out from underneath it and he silently growled from the fact that you were wearing his favourite red lace underwear.

You turned around at the sound of the door opening and you greeted him with a bright toothy grin, one that looked so innocent and sweet, one that contradicted heavily with what you were wearing. He cursed under his breath when he found his shirt unbuttoned, your sternum and part of your chest out on display. He approached you slowly and slid his hand under your shirt and around your waist, his lips pressing to your cheek and then very quickly letting go.

“Nice outfit.” Harry smirked down at you, stepping away and taking off his boots, leaving them neatly by the door.

“Thanks. I know.” you chuckled slightly, amused at his greeting.

You both stalked to the kitchen and he sat at one of the stools, his phone in his hands, typing away.

“So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a bit.” you broke the silence, preparing him and yourself some coffee.

“V’ been good. Great, actually. You know I’ve been busy with the album and promo and what not. But it’s a good time.”

The last time you saw Harry was about a month or two ago, and you two had spent the morning sprawled between the sheets savouring your time together.

“Well glad to know the rockstar cut some time out of his very busy schedule to come hang out with me. I’m honoured, really.” 

“Will always have time for you, petal, you know that.”  

You smiled at his sweet tone. You handed him his cup and climbed up the kitchen island to sit close to him, your feet dangling and occasionally touching his thigh.

“You know petal? Spending these past two months without you made me realize how much I miss having you around.” He grabbed your ankles and pulled you closer to him so that your knees would be surrounding his figure.

“Hm. Don’t you go soft on me, Styles.” You raised an eyebrow at his behaviour. You weren’t complaining, it was just odd. You usually spent your time teasing each other or making snarky comments. So, him being all sweet and nice was something you still weren’t sure what to think of.

“Oh, and I also missed fucking your tits.” He added, with a straight face, his head coming to lay on your chest. You laughed loudly at his comment, your hand weaving through his hair and massaging his head.

“There you go, I thought I lost you for a second in the midst of all that lovey dovey shit.” 

“But I really did miss you though,” he mumbled against your chest.

You lifted up his chin and locked eyes. “I’ve missed you too.”

When you leaned in to kiss his nose, his eyes fluttered shut. He felt frightened by the way that simple little action made his heart beat faster, and ignited a flame in his whole body.

You pulled away and jumped off the counter too quickly for his liking and he pouted at you.

“Listen, I’m gonna go take a shower really quickly, and then I’m going to give you all my time for the rest of the day, okay rockstar?”

“Can I join you?” 

“No, I said it was going to be quick, and we both know you and I have very different interpretations of the word ‘quick’.”

“Fine.” He huffed out, getting up from his spot and moving to the couch.

“Won’t be gone for too long.” You assured him again and headed to the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

As he sat on the couch, Harry let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. He had missed you. A lot. Not just the time you spent together fucking each others’ brains out. But, your post-sex cuddles, your useless and silly conversations, all the inside jokes that you’ve accumulated throughout your time of knowing each other, the way you looked sleeping next to him, your blushing cheeks whenever he pinched your bum whilst cuddling, the way you would sometimes pinch his as payback, and your laugh. Fuck, he loved your laugh.

He was stunned by his own thoughts. He wanted to tell you everything he thought of you, but he was certain that you would undoubtedly end the agreement you two had set up, and he would probably never see you again. That would kill him. So, for now, he would just keep his mouth shut.


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It's like Jimin knows exactly what his hand on Kook's neck does to him, because Kookie just goes pliant. I'm still..? I don't even know, I'm speechless. This moment says so many things, oh God.

《● I am not saying this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment , but this is becoming my favourite Jikook moment (Before it was properly the one where Jungkook closed his eyes when he back hugged Jimin). Did you see how Jimin slowly rub his hand across his neck forward then back Jimin’s fingers applying pressure on Jungkook’s neck ?! It was near his vein I think. I lost it at that point ! And then he ajdbdhbfjg , I can’t get enough of Jikook!

● Im so.. the way jimin slides his hand slowly across jk’s neck and kinda digs his fingers in is just wow.. i can’t blame jk when he reacted instantly like that and closed his eyes… and it looked so natural for them and jin kinda freaked out omg.. makes me wonder what are the actual boundaries those two have crossed.. they always have some sort of vibe between them that makes me feel some type of way. there’s definitely something going on between them whether they told one another or not. Shit 》
Is his reaction due to the fact that it was Jimin touching him or is his neck one of his sensitive points or both.. the way Jimin lightly slided his hand and then the pressure he put, i guess he would know about it. Gonna stop talking about that hand on neck thing cause it was…yeah.
The whole thing seemed natural though and its not the first time jimin leans on him like that faces really close (he actually did it in the middle of a concert) so I guess it’s normal for them whatever it means (it’s probably how he greets him in the morning go figure). Jimin kinda wandered to the side a bit like “did i just do that in public” when the fans screamed but Jungkook definitely doesn’t have any boundaries when he is the one initiating skinship with Jimin.
Jungkook’s face though…. I could talk about it for hours. As soon as he felt jimin’s hand on his ear the boy was gone. Did he have to close his eyes and smile like that, that utter enjoyment on his face sends me.

Maybe It’s Fate (Chapter 1)

pairing: Young Leonardo DiCaprio x reader

summary: There aren’t a whole lot of opportunities to meet kids your age as a teen in Los Angeles unless you go to their school, so you go to organized dances with your best friend every month. Over a year after going to your first dance, your friend was losing interest in the dances because you still hadn’t met anybody interesting. Not until a young actor catches your eye. 

warnings: i think i used a couple swear words, teenagers?

words: 4720

a/n: alright, so this is part one to that multipart slow burn teen leo fic i’ve been talking about! It’s like young leo in the modern day, it’s a bit weird with that but it’ll work. This is pretty much the exact story of how I met my boyfriend, and i plan on keeping things that way. we just aren’t in LA and he’s not an actor, I just had to adjust some things for the fic to work. this is just my way of keeping track of how things go with the two of us without being terribly obnoxious.

please please, PLEASE leave feedback, it would mean the absolute world to me!! 

Also, thank you @secretschuylersister and @icanneverbesatisfied for reading it over for me and just being fantastic people as always! 

“Do I really have to go with you? I don’t even like baseball. Or any sports for that matter!” A voice called out from across your suburban home as you straightened out your black skinny jeans.

“Olivia, you’re my ride to the dance. You can’t just ditch me an hour before it starts. You’re also my best friend which means you’re supposed to weed out any weirdos that I dance with.”

Your friend tried to stay straight-faced through her disappointment, but your words had her chuckling under her breath. This was a monthly occurrence with Olivia since you didn’t drive yet and your mom knew about every dance for high school aged kids in Hollywood, so you knew she wouldn’t actually ditch you.

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Shipping Out For England - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

Originally posted by buckybass

AN: Realised I actually haven’t touched upon 1940s Bucky, plus I can actually write about a british girl without worrying too much, wahey. The song is We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn

1940s Bucky x Reader -
When Bucky found out he was being deployed for England, he couldn’t help but be excited to see his girl again, the one he had spent so many months writing to. If only he had more time.

Warnings: Fluff, some angst

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Guilty Pleasures Make the Best Presents (anon submission)

Sid doesn’t exactly hate baths. He’s just never understood the purpose of sitting in your own filth for a long period of time. Ice baths are different, though. They’re for medical purposes and they’re cold, not steaming hot with bubbles all around. Even then, lying around in an ice bath can get uncomfortable after a little while. Medical purposes or not, he’s still sitting in his own dirt and grime.

Needless to say, he finds baths disgusting.

But then Taylor comes to Halifax to visit for the summer, and there are these stupid little bath bombs and bubble bars everywhere. She has closed off an entire section of the bathroom cabinets just for her (in Sid’s completely unbiased opinion) strong-smelling balls of death. She uses his massive bath tub three times a week and leaves the bathroom smelling like flowers and citrus, and Sid is—not going to say a word to his baby sister because he is way too nice for his own good. When she leaves, though, she’s left a couple of bath bombs behind. Sid is debating on throwing them away or giving them to one of the guys’ wives or girlfriends, but he is intrigued at one bath bomb that looks slightly tempting. It’s white with brown swirls in it and is very aesthetically pleasing.

And it smells really fucking good—like vanilla and cinnamon. He’s sold.

Sid waits until a week has passed and uses the bath bomb. He has to look up instructions on how to make the damn thing work, but when he finally gets it open and places it in the water, he’s mesmerized by the foamy and fizzy ball spinning around the tub. He finally settles into the bath and is intoxicated by the smell and the way the bomb looks. It’s definitely relaxing, that’s for sure. If Sid is going to be completely honest, this is the most relaxed he’s felt in a long while. He settles back into the tub and decides to read a book so he doesn’t feel entirely useless. By the time he’s finished about five or six chapters of his book, he’s been in the tub for over an hour and a half.

Huh. So that’s why people stay in here for so long.

And thus begins Sidney Crosby’s secret guilty pleasure of taking baths and using those stupid bath bombs.


Zhenya catches on to Sid’s secret love for baths fairly early on, but he chooses to let Sid have that time to himself. It’s not often that his boyfriend gets to be lazy and fully relax by himself, so he leaves it be. That is, until a package comes in for Sid—containing five different bath bombs. Zhenya furrows his eyebrows and is confused until he remembers that Taylor wanted some for her birthday.

Except her birthday was a month ago. And no one else takes baths in the Crosby family except for—


Zhenya chuckles quietly to himself and closes the box, leaving it on Sidney’s bathroom counter.


Zhenya begins to feel curious about the fizzy bath bombs himself after Taylor tells him about all the different ones that Sid seems to like (she’s his sister; of course she’s picked up on Sid’s newfound bath habits). He wants to buy Sid some bath bombs for Valentine’s Day, and Taylor chirps him for the cliché idea. She helps him anyway, and Zhenya is thankful. There’s too many options and he has no idea what Sid likes when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Curiosity eventually gets the best of Zhenya before too long, and he decides to try one out himself. He takes one of the bombs that Taylor left during the Christmas holidays when he has an off-day and Sid is out fulfilling endorsement commitments. He notices that this one is wrapped differently than the other ones he’s seen left behind by the Crosby siblings. Zhenya decides to give it a try anyway. He likes the holiday scent it leaves behind and feels himself slipping into a state of serenity. He is really enjoying himself until he feels something pop up from the crumbling bath bomb. He jumps and notices that there is a plastic ball, like the ones he’s seen in gumball machines, floating around the water. He raises an eyebrow and picks it up. He manages to pop it open and sees—

A ring? What the hell is a ring doing in a bath bomb?

It’s a pretty looking ring, most likely inexpensive and definitely fake, but it’s pretty looking nonetheless. It’s a silver band with three clear stones on either side of a larger purple stone and absolutely too small for any of his fingers. He debates whether to call Taylor and ask her about this strange bath bomb before finally deciding that she is the best person to talk to.

“Hello?” Taylor asks when Zhenya calls her later that night.

“Hey. It’s Geno,” Zhenya replies.

“Hey! What’s up?”

“I’m have a serious question.”

“Geno, if this is related to your love life and/or sex life to my brother, that’s a hard pass.” Zhenya rolls his eyes.

“No, not about Sid. It’s about strange bath thing.” Taylor hums slowly.

“The bath bombs?”


“What about them?”

“Well, is just one. I try one, see what is like. I like it very much, but I’m confused because there was ring inside it.”

“Oh yeah, that’s a new type of bath bomb. Every bath bomb from these specific companies all have a ring in them. It’s actually pretty cool. You can actually try to win a $10,000 ring and get a bunch of other cool stuff. Was the ring in the bath bomb pretty?” Zhenya looks down at the ring in his hand again and his heart strings pull slightly.

“Yes. Very pretty.”

“Send me a picture when you get a chance. Hey, I gotta go. Practice starts in about twenty minutes. Tell Sid I said hey.” They say their goodbyes and Zhenya is left staring at the ring for a long time. Sid isn’t big on jewelry. He’s practical with what he wears: the necklace that he’s had since forever and his Rolex that he bought not long after joining the NHL. He’s simple. Always has been. A ring wouldn’t be a bad addition. Maybe platinum with some black stones along the top. Or even just normal diamonds that are so subtle, someone can miss them if they don’t look close enough. Sid isn’t flashy, so something giant wouldn’t be worth blowing money on. And Sid won’t just wear a ring because Zhenya wants him to. There has to be a significant reason, like—

Oh. Oh.

Zhenya can’t help but grin at the thought. A small ceremony in Halifax by the lake in the backyard of Sidney’s lake house. Family and close friends. Black and white suits. Taylor by Sidney’s side and Denis by Zhenya’s. All the penguins, current and former, sitting in the crowd. Sidney smiling at Zhenya. Zhenya smiling back.

Exchanging vows.

Exchanging rings.

Exchanging last names.

Becoming one.

Zhenya wants it all. And he wants it all with Sidney.

Zhenya picks up his phone and quickly begins making calls.


Three months later, and the Pittsburgh Penguins are two-time Stanley Cup champions.

Sidney is bone tired by the time he and Zhenya get home from the parade. While everyone else is out still partying and getting wild, the captain and his alternate are staying in. They’ve had a long season, and they want to do nothing but shut the world out and enjoy each other’s company. When the front door closes, Zhenya cups Sidney’s face in his massive hands and kisses him slowly. Sidney hums happily into the kiss and wraps his arms around Zhenya’s neck.

“Have surprise for you,” Zhenya mumbles between kisses.

“Is that so?” Sidney replies. He toes out of his shoes while still kissing Zhenya and throws his baseball cap onto the couch.

“Mhm. Go upstairs. I’m be there in a minute.” Sid looks at Zhenya and purposely bites his bottom lip. Such a tease, Zhenya thinks. “Go, Sid.” Sid pouts playfully before standing on his tiptoes and kissing Zhenya quickly and running upstairs. Zhenya watches Sid—well, Sid’s ass, at least—ascend the steps before running to the guest bathroom downstairs in search for what he needs. He breathes a sigh of relief when he finds the box with black and gold wrapping paper and goes up to Sid’s room. As soon as Zhenya opens the bedroom door, his jaw drops when he sees Sidney, naked and lying seductively on the bed. He’s smirking at Zhenya and says, almost tauntingly:

“I don’t know about you, but two months with no sex is not ok with me.”

Zhenya places the neatly wrapped box on the dresser and shreds himself of his clothes. He runs and jumps on top of a laughing Sidney and laughs with him in between gentle kisses.


“I don’t think I can go another round, Zhenya,” Sid whines as Zhenya’s hand rubs Sid’s thigh. They’ve already had sex twice tonight, and if Sid was exhausted before, he can hardly move now. Zhenya chuckles into Sid’s hair.

“No more sex tonight,” he promises. “But I still give you present.”

“I thought sex was your present?”

“Only half.”

“Zhenya—” Zhenya kisses Sid into silence before he can continue to protest.

“Is nice present. Promise.” Sid hums in thought before rolling his eyes and grinning.

“Ok, fine.” Zhenya untangles himself from Sid’s sweaty limbs and runs to the dresser, grabbing the present and jumping on the bed again to give Sid the gift. Sid sits up and lets the sheets pool around his waist as he stares intently at the box. “What is it?”

“Open and find out.” Sid rolls his eyes before carefully undoing the wrapping paper and sliding the box out. He’s immediately hit with the very familiar smell of vanilla and cinnamon before he even opens the flaps of the box. He laughs when he finally sees that his suspicions are correct. He looks up at Zhenya.

“You got me a bath bomb,” he tries to unsuccessfully deadpan. His grin is too wide to come off bemused. Sid is used to Zhenya buying him bath bombs and bubble bars all the time now, and he appreciates the fact that Zhenya knows his favorites by heart. Zhenya smiles proudly and says:

“Look at it.” Sid obeys and sees that the bath bomb is twice as big as a regular bath bomb normally is. He gapes when he sees that the bath bomb is white with gold and black swirls. “Is made just for you. No other like it.” The thing is definitely bigger than Zhenya’s fist. It’s so pretty-looking that Sidney almost doesn’t want to use it.

“It’s amazing, Zhenya.” He gives Zhenya a kiss on the cheek. “If I would have known that you had gotten this for me, I would’ve bought you something.”

“No, this is for you. Now we test it.” Sid quirks an eyebrow.

“We? Since when did you start using bath bombs?”

“Oh, Sid, I’m full of surprises.” Sidney laughs loudly until the dreaded goose honk surfaces.

“Sure you are, Zhenya. If anything, you’re more predictable than me.” Zhenya gasps dramatically, almost like he’s offended. Before he can retort, Sidney is crawling out of the bed, bath bomb in hand. “Well, come on, Zhenya. I’m really in need of a shower, and I can’t wait to see how cool this thing looks.” Zhenya isn’t going to argue with Sid there. He’s hot on Sidney’s heels.


The bath bomb turns out to look really awesome with all the gold shimmering in the blue-tinted gray water of the tub. The bomb is still disintegrating while Sid sits opposite from Zhenya, facing the man he’s been in love with for six years now. They sit and talk about their highly anticipated trip to the Maldives in two weeks, about the baby Penguins and how well they did this season, about Tanger coming back next season, and so many other things. Everything is peaceful.

Then a plastic ball comes up from the water.

Sidney’s eyebrows furrow together as he looks at the clear orb floating in the middle of the tub. It’s holding a small, teal box inside. Sidney looks up at his boyfriend. “Zhenya? What is this?” Zhenya gnaws on his lip nervously.

“Your real present” is all he replies with before gesturing for Sid to take the orb and open it. Sid cautiously opens the orb and takes the box in his hand. As soon as he sees the Tiffany & Co. branding on top of the box, Sid’s heart stops. He slowly looks up at Zhenya with wide, shiny eyes. There is only one reason why Zhenya would buy something from Tiffany & Co.


“Open it, Sid.” Zhenya hates how his voice is starting to falter slightly, but he is too nervous to care.

Sid swallows the lump in his throat. He takes a shuddering breath and opens the box. What looks to be a velvet box to hold a ring in is sitting right there in Sidney’s hand. The tears begin to well up in his eyes. He shakily pops open the top to reveal a slightly thin band made of solid white gold, diamonds encircling the middle of the entire ring. It’s so simple and yet so beautiful. Sid is smiling and his tears are blurring his vision.

“Sidnyushka.” Sid snaps his head up at the affectionate nickname that Zhenya calls him during the sweetest moments. Zhenya looks close to tears, too, so Sid doesn’t feel bad anymore for feeling like a total crybaby. “Sidnyushka, I love you. I love you so much. Want to spend rest of my life with you. No one else. You most important to me. More than hockey. You everything I need. So please, Sidnyushka—” Zhenya gently takes the ring out of the box with one hand and holds Sid’s left hand with the other. Oh god, Sidney thinks. It’s really happening. He nods for Zhenya to keep going, to ask already. Zhenya smiles small.

“Will you marry me?”

Sidney giggles and nods his head. “Yes, I’ll marry you, Zhenya.” The grin on Zhenya’s face is painful, but Zhenya doesn’t care. He slips the ring onto Sidney’s ring finger and braces himself for when Sidney shifts in the water to sit himself in Zhenya’s lap, using Zhenya’s neck for leverage. Zhenya’s arms immediately wrap themselves around Sidney’s waist, effectively holding him in place. The kiss is a little rough, but neither of them care. Zhenya doesn’t think he will ever get used to having Sidney in his arms like this every day for the rest of his life. But he is definitely looking forward to it.

“I love you, Zhenya,” Sidney murmurs into Zhenya’s mouth. “God, I love you. So much.” Zhenya smiles into another kiss.

“Love you, too, Sidnyushka.” More than you will ever know, he doesn’t say. He has a lifetime to tell Sidney how much he loves him. And he can’t wait.

“This is the perfect day.“

The soft rustle of leaves above them caused Arizona to cast her eyes skyward, and as the breeze lightly fluttered around them, she smiled as a single red leaf came slowly spiralling down, landing on her arm with a feather-light touch.


Callie leaned over, her fingers brushing blonde strands away from the other woman’s face, and she dipped her head, dropping a soft, sweet kiss on waiting lips.

“Now it’s perfect.”

The sparkle in Arizona’s blue eyes was enough to set Callie’s heart racing, and as the smaller woman laughed in delight she reached up to tug Callie down towards her again, this time deepening their kiss for a long moment before letting go. Her long hair was spread across the fleece blanket under them, the picnic basket long forgotten as they simply laid together under the bright October sunshine. It was an unseasonably warm day for Seattle, and with their young daughter away at a birthday party for the afternoon, the two women had decided to take advantage – a decision that both of them were ecstatically happy about right now.

“Do you remember the first time you took me to this park?”

Arizona turned her gaze toward her wife as she voiced the question, and nodding slowly, the other woman replied, her hand coming to rest comfortably along Arizona’s abdomen.

“Of course. It was our fourth date. You were wearing that satiny white top I liked, and your hair was straightened, but starting to curl cause it had rained that morning.”

She snaked her hand along the soft, cotton long-sleeve that adorned the blonde today, slipping underneath it to trail across the smooth, silky skin at her waist.

“I thought you were the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.”

“Sweet talker.”

“I mean it, Arizona,” her fingers tracing lightly across the skin of her wife’s stomach, Callie leaned in and kissed her once again, “You’re still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Arizona’s fingers wound their way into a long, dark ponytail and she sighed happily, tugging at the other woman until her upper body covered her own, deepening their kiss again with the gentle bite of a lower lip. She didn’t care that they were in a public park, that the wind was picking up and leaving goosebumps along her chilled skin – she had never been happier than this very moment, and she wanted nothing more than to memorise the taste and the feel and the love of the woman beside her.

“I love you. I’m so in love with you, Calliope.”

“Say it again.”

Kissing the blonde slowly, Callie murmured the words against soft lips, her own hand slipping into the silky, wind-swept hair on the blanket below. Her heartbeat sped up, a smile threatening to overtake her face, and although she could feel the emotion passing between them she simply wanted to hear it again. She would never tire of hearing it.

“I love you.

She couldn’t help it then – the words overwhelming her in the best possible way – and she pulled back only a fraction as a smile lit up her expression. Dark eyes met the lighter ones below, and she let her hand trace the perfect contour of Arizona’s jaw, stopping only to capture a strand of blonde as it fluttered again in the breeze, twining it lightly around her fingers.

“I love you too. I’m so happy that I found you.”

Brushing their lips together again, Arizona hummed contently, blinking up at the sky as Callie leaned back and away, taking her warmth with her.

“We have to pick up Sofia soon.”

The blonde pushed herself up too, tugging her sweater around her body as she sat up and glanced at her watch. She leaned in to kiss her wife once more, laughing softly as Callie turned her head and her lips made contact with a cheek instead. Completely oblivious to the other woman pulling out her phone, Arizona simply sighed, closing her eyes as she nuzzled close, her heart full and content and wanting to stay in this moment forever. It was only the soft click of the camera that brought her out of her reverie, and she opened her eyes, turning to see the brunette holding the phone out in front of them, a grin etched across her face.

“Callie! Some warning next time!”

“Mm, nope,” capturing the smaller woman’s lips, Callie reached up, plucking a piece of fallen leaf from blonde hair, “candid is so much better.”

She pulled back, swiping her thumb across the small screen to open up the photo album, and her smile grew tenfold as she looked at the perfect moment captured in front of her. She quickly typed out a text, sending the photo to Arizona, and as the blonde’s phone chimed quietly beside them, she looked up with a grin, blue eyes meeting hers. The blonde picked up the device and opened it, and the look that flashed across those eyes was one that Callie would never forget. Arizona smiled slowly, her face lighting up the space between them, and she simply gazed at the small photo – a moment in time that conveyed the most beautiful, irrevocable love between them.

“I have a leaf in my hair.”

Callie laughed then, finding Arizona’s free hand and tangling their fingers together between them.

“I know. It’s perfect.”

Blue eyes gazed at the photo again, and they lingered over the simple message written above. They looked so happy. So in love. Callie was right – it was perfect.

May we always be this happy, my love.

Arizona pulled her hand back, her thumbs quickly moving across the screen as she sent a text back, and she glanced toward the other woman with a smile as she watched her read the reply. She leaned her head on Callie’s shoulder, and a strong, warm arm immediately wrapped around her, pulling her close for one more minute before they really did have to leave. 

We will be.



Thanks to @heelyqueen for the pic and the inspiration :)



You have cancer but Justin stands you up in your date.- pt 3



The waiting room was empty from what I could see, no one occupying it exept for the receptionist who was typing away at her computer. I slowly took a seat with a loud and nervous sigh escaping my lips in the process. In a doubled over position, I rubbed my hands across my face and tapped my foot on the floor anxiously. She was going to be okay. She had too.

I texted Hailey earlier, informing her that I made it to the hospital and was outside waiting but I never got a reply. After a while of anxiously waiting in the room, sniffling was heard coming from down the hall. My head snapped up only to spot Kendall making her way over to me, wiping away a few tears.

I shot up out of my chair and ran over to her, engulfing her in a comforting hug. “Kendall, what’s happening? Where is She?” I anxiously asked.

“S-She’s in recovery. Her surgery just finished but she hasn’t woken up yet. They won’t tell us anything until she does.” Kendall sniffed.

I looked up out at the direction she had just came from, to spot Hailey exiting a room. That has to be Y/N’s. With one more comforting squeeze toward Kendall, I quickly left the sobbing girl to her friend and ran down the hall to the room Hailey exited.

Monitors could be heard beeping about, making the brightly lit up room seem dull. Continuing to make my way into the room, I finally found my girlfriend, lying on the hospital bed.

Several wires were hooked to the poor girl, all leading to some crazy, scary looking machine as Y/N slept peacefully on the bed. She looked peaceful at least - but I know under the soft and calm look was endless amounts of pain and suffering.

This hospital room was new and a little cleaner compared to Y/N’s old one. I knew she was sick of that room since she spent every minute of every day in it, so a change is nice but I already know she’ll be sick of this one soon. Knowing this just reminded me about how impatient and easily bored she would get before the cancer. A small smile crept up my face at the memories.

But that smile quickly disappeared as soon as I hit reality again, and the reality was that those memories are in the past, and right now Y/N was fighting for her life in an unconscious state in front of me. I made quick to place myself in the seat by her bedside, grabbing ahold of her dry, scabby hand.

The heart monitor beside her bed continued beeping on, giving me an insight that she was alive and breathing, even if it didn’t seem like it. With the pad of my thumb, I rubbed up and down her small, delicate hand, occasionally moving it up to kiss the back of it.

I should have been here. Not out with my friends. I made a massive mistake going out with them instead of being here and now it’s my fault. Maybe if I had taken her away from that scrawny room for a while things would of changed. Maybe if I had kept her from worrying about me and showed up like I promised she wouldn’t be sitting like this right now.

As the ‘what if’ thoughts circled my Mind, I couldn’t help the tears that had welled up in my eyes and fell far from my eye. God how I wish this never happened. And I mean everything. I wish she never was diagnosed with cancer. Or at least had it been me. She doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t deserve to be locked up in a room with tubes coming out of her body, suffering. No one does.

Suddenly, the door to the room swung open, revealing Y/N’s doctor entering with a clip board in hand. I stood up “Dr Cawfield?” I asked.

Doctor looked up from his clipboard, “Justin. I didn’t know you where here.” He said.

I quickly wiped my tears and looked down “uh, yeah. Hailey told me what was happening and I came down as soon as possible.” I explained.

He nodded, looking back down to scribble something about Y/N’s condition onto his clipboard. “So? I-Is she gonna be okay?”

Doctor Cawfield sighed sadly. “I won’t be able to tell until she wakes up. All we can do is pray.” And with that, he clicked the pen closed and left the room.

Living up to his words, that was what I did. I prayed by Y/N’s bed for what seemed like an hour. Her hand wrapped around my two as I mumbled things up to God, hoping he would hear me and answer my wishes to keep Y/N alive and help her get through this.

What felt like forever had passed by. I was currently curled up on the bed next to my baby girl, cradling her small petite body in my arms. I somehow managed to fall asleep in the few hours I was in for, and before I knew it, I was being slowly awoken by the tugging of my hair.

At First, it seemed as though I had forgotten where I was, choosing to ignore the feeling until everything came back to me, and my eyes shot open to reveal Y/N running her hands calmly and softly through my hair. Her small, pain filled eyes staring down on me as I looked up at her.

Quickly, I jumped up, immediately pulling her into a tight but yet gentle hug. She hugged back with all the strength she could mutter, and I leaned down placing a long passionate and loving kissing to her lips. My skin made slight contact with the tube connected to her nose, depressing me slightly as it reminded me that my baby was sick.

“I’m so sorry.” I whispered. She shook her head. “It’s not your fault. Stop blaming yourself.”

“how did you know I was blaming myself?” I asked. “I know you better then you know yourself, I know you blame yourself so stop. This would have happened if you came or if you didn’t. In fact, I’m happy you didn’t come. If you did then this would of happened in public and I might not have made it to the hospital in time.”

That was a pretty smart point. I sighed, burrowing my face in the crook of her neck to which she cradled my head. In that moment, the doctor re-entered the room. Y/N and I slowly and hesitantly released each other to look back at doctor Cawfield.“

"Y/N, your awake.” The doctor smiled sadly “how are you feeling?” He asked sweetly.

Y/N smiled but I could see the pain behind it “I-I’m fine. Just a bit sore.” Followed by a cough, she leaned back against the bed, her hand still in mine.

“Well, I….we got your results.” The doctor sighed. From the way he had presented the news, I began to grow worried. Hailey, Kendall, Kylie, Khalil, Za and Maejor had all walked in at that moment.

“I’m Afraid the treatment isn’t working and the cancer has spread. I-I’m so sorry to tell you this. But you may not have long left.”

And in that moment, everything in my world came crashing down upon me.


I entered our hotel, wiping my feet at the door. Today’s show was great and I was so happy to be able to come home to see my baby. After she was diagnosed with a couple months to live, her first request was to come and travel with me on tour. There was no way I was turning down my baby’s wishes so I instantly Let her.

she was currently sitting by the TV with fredo, laughing about something they’d seen on his phone. Once fredo noticed me enter the room he smiled up at me then turned to Y/N.

“Okay beautiful, ill leave you alone with yo boy.” Fredo placed a kiss on her forehead before getting up and leaving the room, sending me nod and a ‘hey man’ on the way out.

I quickly made my way over to her, attacking her beautiful face with kisses. She giggled, leaning into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned back, making sure she was comfortable.“How was your show?” She asked.

“It was really good. I wish you could come see one.” I sighed. “You know I can’t. It’s too dangerous for my Health.”

“I know.” I sighed. For the rest of the night we talked about normal things, recalling old memories of back when Y/N didn’t have cancer and laughing. It reminded me of the old times.

“That was the funniest day of my life.” Y/N said after discussing an old memory.

“Yeah it was pretty funny.” There was silence for a while. “ I love you, so, so much.” I whispered. I felt her smile.

More silence until suddenly, her breathing quickened, and I felt her begin to get heavier. Then she spoke.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to die in my arms.” Her voice was hoarse and weak. I looked over at her, seeing her eyes looking duller then usual and her face looking paler. I immediately began panicking.

“No, no! Y/N NO please!” I yelled, shooting up. Her head slowly descended back on the couch as she rested. “It’s okay.” She whispered, a tear slipping out of her eye.

“No you can’t leave me. You can’t.” I sobbed. Quickly, i ran to the front door, opening it to shout down the hall “SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE ! Help please!”

I immediately ran back, cradling her body in my arms. “You gonna be okay. Your not gonna die.”

“Justin, we’ve been preparing for this. You knew it was coming we all did. You have to let me go.” She whispered.

“I can’t.” I cried. “ I love you too much.” A tear rolled down my face, falling into her cheek. She picked up her shaky hand, slowly swiping her thumb underneath my eye.

“Justin.” She cried. I looked down on her. “ I love you.” And in the sentence, I watched as the life slowly drained from her eyes, and her body fell limp in my hands. I choked a sob, looking down on her in shock. “No…no no no no! Please no! Come back to me! Don’t leave me baby!”

Scooter ran into the room followed by a few other people. Once everyone had seen the scene, they immediately ran over. With force they pulled me away from her body. I put up a fight, refusing to leave her but soon enough, I was kneeling on the floor with people around me, in attempt to Comfort me.

But nothing they said was going to work. The only thing that would ever make me happy again was having Y/N back. But I knew that wasn’t going to happen. The only thing that settled my sadness slightly was knowing that she was in a better place, finally at peace and out of pain. And that’s all I wanted. For my baby to be happy, even if that meant eternal misery for me.

Cause I love her. And I always will. She was my purpose.

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I really love your art. Could you possibly show us your way of drawing different body shapes?


This will go well with my thoughts on developing your own style, and it uses same basic principles as my tutorial about cartoony skulls, meaning it’s all about simple shapes!

Here’s some sketches of two basic body types on the left, and two more shapely/complex ones on the right;

If you haven’t noticed the basic difference right away; the heavy body type has round, soft lines, while the slim one has sharp lines and corners.

If you want to draw a heavy-set person, you should stick to softly curved lines, while if you want to draw someone who’s slim, the sharper the lines and corners, the skinnier they would seem.

A curvy female figure can often have sharp and round lines, giving it a very dynamic feeling.

A muscular male figure often appears very triangular, with the triangle pointing downwards, while a female figure is pear-shaped / a triangle pointing upwards.

Ok so I finished these and they were just kinda weird floating dismembered torsos so I added something to make them nicer to see;

First there’s the skinny two;

A female body tends to have a bottom-heavy figure, while male body is often top-heavy (but that’s not always the case, figures can be very different).
I added some bottom curves to the left one and wider shoulders to the right one to show that the triangles pointing up/down can be applied even to characters who don’t have a very shapely figure.

Next is the chubby two;

How fat is distributed in a human body is important to know when drawing heavier characters; a female body will primarily become bottom-heavy, while a male body will generally gain a big stomach area.

Also! Pay attention to lines on this one and the previous one; notice that the skinny two have many straight lines in their figure, while nearly all the lines on the heavy two are curved.

Lastly, they shapely two;

These two have their fair share of curved and straight lines, generally with a female shape there’s more curved, less straight, and with male shape there’s more straight, less curved.

The curved/straight line dynamic is the most important one when it comes to drawing different body types.

Often (but not always) starting / young artists have a much easier time drawing skinny people, because your hand is still stiff and in search of style.
As your hand gets looser, you become more familiar with round shapes - they come more naturally, and you add layers of thickness to your figures. 

It can be hard to get the right curve and get the body looking right - and study of anatomy will help you IMMENSELY with that might I add - once you get comfortable with drawing curves, they can easily become one of the most fun things to draw.

One suggestion I have about drawing curved lines is, don’t go steady. Don’t draw them slowly and carefully, just release your hand, and do it over and over and over until you get it right. Pretty sure I suggested this in my style ramblings but, drawing croquis is a GREAT help to get familiar with the human figure and it’s curves.

So that’s about it, I hope this helped!

Jaebum Im As A Boyfriend

-Both in personality and in Zodiac. JB is a Capricorn

-Matching couples outfits! Lots of them in black. 

“Black is a nice color, Jagi, just wear it you look cute.” 

Originally posted by jitonic

-Him being annoyed at how you coo at him when he smiles, but it makes him smile even bigger. 

“Aww, Bummie!”

                           “Stooop!” *Covers his face with a pillow*

-As a Capricorn it’s hard to win over JB, he takes love slow and methodical; but once he’s yours he will stay committed for life. 

-Cats. You must love cats, everything about them and want to have multiple cats. You’ll have five cats, an all white one, an all black one, one gray one, and two plain colored kitties.

“You kiss those cats more than you do me.” 

      “Jealous much?” *says while cuddling his favorite kitty*

-Holiday cards featuring you, Jaebum and the cats in matching sweaters. 

                                          *Don’t question it.*

-Having chill moments where you guys don’t talk you just enjoy each others presence and read, or watch TV. He’s quiet a lot, just thinking, recharging his batteries. Don’t think he’s mad, he’s just deep in thought. 

Originally posted by curlstae

-Born under the sign of the Capricorn, Jaebum shows his feelings for you through his actions and not his words. He may not say much; but what he does shows you how deeply he truly cares. Holding your hand, touching your face, bringing you food, genuinely asking about your day. 

-He loves taking pictures. Capturing your side profile in light, him behind you while you’re cooking. Maybe it translates into the bedroom. He’ll save the good ones in a folder marked: Jagi and Bummie.

-Subtle skinship. Your his, you know this but the way he slides his hand into yours when you’re sitting down. Or how his arm wraps around your waist when you’re watching the sunset confirms this. He’s all about the right touch at the right time. 

Originally posted by j-miki

-Those damn meme faces. You’re in the middle of a conversation and boom, blank faced stare. You’re sitting there wondering if he farted or if he’s contemplating black holes affect on space-time.

            “JB, do you hear me?”

Originally posted by officialmonstaxmemes

-Capricorns don’t usually have a big circle of friends. They prefer small, intimate relationships with people they can trust and depend on. Being a dependable sign themselves, this matters to them. The fact that Jaebum holds you so close is a sign of this. 

-He loves soul music, and you’ll constantly have him singing in your ear. Crooning some new hit by The Weeknd, Zayn, or someone. Walking in on him hitting that perfect note, and he just stares at you like: Yea, I did that. 

-Knowing that he has his moods, and gets angry easily. He doesn’t like to take his anger out on you so he just asks for his space.


           “I know >>>, just give me my space. I love you, but let me blow off some steam.” 

-He acts tough and cool, like nothing bothers him but he’s actual sweet and his feelings do get hurt. He probably doesn’t want you to know that, but he wishes you’d understand words bother him too. 

    “I have feelings too >>>, sometimes you just say shit like I don’t have a heart.” 

-He’s a protector. 

That’s one thing he will never back down from. He will stand up for you, your relationship and your love. JB doesn’t like to be bullied, and he can definitely dish out the sass. Don’t mess with his friends, or his woman. 

     “I would hope you weren’t talking to her. Idol or not I’ll kick your ass up and down this street.” 

-Capricorn JB knows how to manage time and money. You may think he doesn’t pencil you in, or think about you during his busy schedule; but he’s planning time ahead to see you and make you feel like his princess. Capricorns are hard workers, and realize hard work brings success, but they also know how to manage that time for important things and people. 

-Be prepared for Jinyoung and Youngjae to be your best friends. The people he is the closets to, would naturally be closest to you. Don’t be too jealous, that he hugs Youngjae in his sleep when they have to share a bed. 

Originally posted by wangmins

-Slow, sensual kisses. The kind that come from nowhere. You’re loading the dishwasher, and he comes over taking the plate out of your hand. Back against the counter, his warm hands cup your cheeks, as he moves his lips over yours. Tickling breaths against your mouth, he presses his lips against yours. Once, twice, the full effect of his mouth on yours, slowly driving your mad. 

-Teasing touches. He’s the type to squeeze your ass when no one is looking, or slap it coming down a hall. Pretending to not know whats going on when someone looks around. He kisses your knuckles with one hand on thigh. 

-Daddy in the bedroom. Nothing else leave your mouth, don’t let him have to tell you twice. Behind you with a handful of coils, curls or kinks he’s pile driving into you, teeth on your earlobe asking you just who you belong to. 

  “Say it, come on yobo I wanna her you.” 

       *you groaning as he gives your read end a slap*

   “Harder daddy.” 

         “That’s my girl.” 

The glory that is Jaebum shall not belong to just anyone! The perfect sweet and sassy girl, who can pull off a cute look one moment and melt ice with a piercing stare the next shall be his. JB is a man of action but also one to take it slow and plan out his next move. He’s methodical, yet daring. A soulful creature yearning to find the one he sings about in love songs. 

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Yey i haven't read any smut for wanna one :( Im glad you made a blog lol so im gonna request hehe a scenario about daniel fingering and eating you out (OMG I HAVE SINNED)

That’s what this blog is for ;)

Ok so…first of all have you seen Daniels hands? Cause lord he has some beautiful hands. He’d be the type to slowly move his hands down your body while kissing you. You’d be lying in bed, pressed up against him and his fingers would creep down to stroke along your underwear line. And he’d smile into the kiss as you shifted, squirming from the feeling of his touch against your skin. His fingers would slide lower, slipping into your underwear and teasing, taking a moment just to feel how wet you are and grinning even more. He wouldn’t waste too much time though, moving his fingers inside slowly as he kissed you harder. He’d build up a rhythm, loving the way you sound when his fingers hit a nerve. He’d decide when you get to come though, it’ll be all according to his pace. 

As for eating a girl out, Daniel would be just as evil. Slow, slow licks that have you shuddering. He’d look up from between your legs and smirk at your reaction. Would constantly be kissing and biting your inner thighs and hip bones as he paces himself, building you up just to pull away and kiss your thighs. Would tell you to keep your hands above your head, unable to touch or control him as he moves his tongue. When you finally do come he’d keep going, drawing your orgasm out to the point where you’re almost sobbing and begging and when he finally relented he would place soft kisses over the hickeys that hes left all over you. 

Because I Care

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader 

Warnings: Slight angst, fluff

Prompts: (Requested by anon-) 40- “Why risk it all?” 45-”Don’t leave me.” 90- “Stay. Please.”

Summary: In CACW, Peter leaves unannounced for over a week. No calls, no texts, nothing. You’re doing homework when a certain spider suddenly appears at your window. 

A/N: I’m not dead! YAY! Okay, so now that this is out I can work on my homework. Lollllll 

— I had a lot of fun writing this though. 

///Let me know if you want to be tagged in anything!


I sit cross-legged on my unmade twin bed, textbooks laying sprawled in front of me. A notebook filled with pages and pages of neat, detailed notes sits on my lap. But I’m staring at a blank page, anxiously waiting for a phone call from a certain Spider-man. 

He’s been gone for over a week. Something had to have happened to him. 

I shake my head, tapping my pen repeatedly against my notebook while trying to repudiate my thoughts of Peter. I have to finish this chemistry homework for Monday. 

He never said goodbye, let alone that he was even leaving. He could be badly injured for all I know. 

I drop my face in my hands and let out a groan. Sitting up, I take a few deep breaths desperately trying to get my mind off of him. Finally, I pick the pen up, nearly touching the paper before an irrefutable thought enters my head. 

Or worse, he could be dead.

That’s my tipping point. I push myself up, storming over to my wireless speaker before turning it on and cranking the small volume knob as far as possible. The pre-loaded music fills the infuriating silence. I scream out in frustration, falling back on my bed with a huff. 

“I’m obviously not getting homework done anytime soon,” I mutter under the blasting music. Sighing in defeat, I swing my legs over the side, walking to my dresser to retrieve the shorts and t-shirt I laid out for myself. After quickly getting changed, I walk back to my mess of a bed. My gaze shifts towards my phone, every cell in my body screaming for me to call him one more time. A groan escapes my lips as I snatch it up and type in the passcode. The cold evening breeze coats my neck in goosebumps. 

Must have forgotten to shut the window. 

I brush it off, dialing my best friend’s number, hesitating before pressing the call button. The ringing starts, causing my heart to pound against my rib cage. After the first two tones, a phone goes off behind me. My body stiffens and suddenly my hands go cold. I swallow the lump in my throat, slowly shifting my body to greet the only person that would be able to climb through my window.

Peter Parker. 

My jaw slacks a bit as I internally try to process what’s happening. Peter meets my gaze, flashing that goofy smile. 

“Hey, (y/n)- Ow! What was that-” I cut him off with a slap across his face.

“Where the hell have you been?! You leave, without telling me, then you just show back up like nothing ever happened?!”

“Okay, okay. Mr. Stark just showed up at my apartment after school and wanted me to go to Germany with him. He never said why or for how long, but I assumed it was important,” he shrugs, still lightly massaging his face.

“Then why didn’t you-”

“(Y/n), honey! Who are you yelling at?” my mom interrupts from the living room, causing my whole body to tense up. 

“I’m just arguing with one of my friends over the phone, Mom!” I reply, only to hear footsteps gradually getting louder. In a rush, I clamp my hand over Peter’s mouth and push him into my closet, sliding the door shut in front of him. As the sounds draw near, I dive for my bed and put my phone up to my ear just as the door opens. 

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll call you back,” I say with an eye roll before ‘hanging up’. 

“I thought I should bring you your supper before I head out to get groceries. Do you need anything?” she inquires, setting the takeout bag on my dresser.

I shake my head, “No, but thanks.”

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you in a few hours,” she says as she makes her way back down the hall, out of sight. I wait impatiently until I hear the front door of our apartment close. In a rush, I dart to the closet and pull out a very confused Peter with ruffled hair. 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” 

“Mr. Stark didn’t really give me time, otherwise I would have. I mean, it was basically a Mission Impossible scenario,” he mumbles, rubbing the back of his neck. 

I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose, “Peter… I’ve always been supportive of you being Spider-man, but this is too much. You left without telling me, for a week! I mean, do you have any idea what it was like? I started to think that you were dead!” By now I’m pacing back and forth, biting my nails.

“But I’m not. Why are you so worried anyway? I mean, I can take care of myself.” I’m sitting on the bed with one leg folded beneath me as I look up at him.

“Because you’re reckless, always throwing yourself into danger at the nearest opportunity. And because you’re my best friend, Peter and it would kill me to live without you.”

The boy meets my worried gaze with one of his own. 

“So why risk it all?” I break away letting my eyes fall to the floor, my voice barely above a mumble. Not even a second goes by before he answers.

Because I care. I care about them, everyone out there,” He gestures to my still open window. “I care about our friends; Ned, MJ… Liz, a-and you, (Y/n). I care about you and I-I can’t bear to see you, or anyone else get hurt.” It all tumbles out of his mouth in a rush. Peter’s face flushes a very slight shade of rouge as his chest rises and falls rapidly and unsteadily. I open my mouth to say something right as he turns and bolts for my window. I manage to grab his arm from the bed, causing him to stumble slightly. 

“D-don’t leave me.” the words practically fall out of my mouth before I can process them. My slight outburst catches his attention, causing me to slightly turn red from embarrassment. Peter looks me in the eye, his gaze holding me in place. I look at him, and I mean really look at him, for the first time tonight. His face has small cuts and minor bruises. But the thing that stands out the most is the exhaustion written so clearly across his face. 

“Stay. Please.” I offer him a small smile and gesture to my bed, still littered with textbooks and homework sheets. 

The brunette looks torn, “But my Aunt May-” 

“Will not be worried. You can just tell her that you were on your way back from the ‘internship’ really late, and you were tired, so you came here and I offered to let you stay.” I cut him off. He lets out a breath that he was holding before a smile flickers onto his face. 

“Yeah, sure. I’ll stay.” Peter rubs the back of his neck as I clasp my hands together in excitement. 

This is going to be fun.

“Okay so here’s the plan…”

I sprint back into my room with my arms full of snack foods. Peter follows suit with his own cargo, the drinks. I empty the contents onto my now clear bed before organizing them into a mini buffet on the floor. Peter places the many drinks on my dresser so that we don’t accidentally knock one over. The blankets are laid out to cover as much of the floor in my small room, surrounded by every pillow in the apartment. The Netflix screen patiently awaits the two of us, who are running and getting forgotten things or adding more blankets to the ‘picnic’. 

“Peter I’m starting the movie!” I call with a handful of pretzels in my mouth after turning off the light switch. Sure enough, he walks in right as I press play with a bowl of popcorn. 

“What did you pick?” Peter inquires as he sits cross-legged next to me. 

“Finding Dory,” I answer. I adjust my position so I’m laying on my side and throw a blanket over my shoulders. The movie starts and it’s filled with laughter and devouring of food. After that, we stay silent…well besides the subtle popcorn throwing, but otherwise silent. 

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Are You Drunk? || Tyler Down x Reader

I’ve legit had this idea in my head for days. Tyler getting drunk for the first time is my religion.

Word Count: 790

Warnings: Drunkenness


    When your parents had said they were going on vacation the week before your birthday, meaning you would have free reign of the house, you knew exactly what you were going to do; throw the party to end all parties.

    After nearly a month of planning, and one long night of shopping, everything had been put into place. Everyone who was remotely decent would be coming, no jerk-offs invited. Especially not Bryce, even though he offered to bring beer. You had very un-gently let him know that you had Jeff Atkins for that.

    So the night arrived and now here you were, cheering alongside a few other people who you had yet to learn the names of as a pair of girls started doing body shots.

    You felt a tap on your shoulder, and when you looked to see who it was you were greeted by the nervous face of Clay Jensen. He said something, but with the music blasting so loudly you couldn’t quite make it out. You gave him a confused look. He grabbed your shoulders, pointing you in the direction of the kitchen.

    Your eyes widened when you caught site of Tyler, who was half falling out of a bar stool, his face squished uncomfortably against the countertop. He had at least five bottles sprawled around his feet, and that was just what you could see.

    You gave Clay a pat on the shoulder and nodded, slipping through the crowd. Once you had made it to the kitchen you approached Tyler slowly, placing a hand on his lower back.

    “Ty,” you said softly. “You okay?”

    He groaned loudly, flexing his fingers. He pushed himself up onto his elbows, wobbling unsteadily, despite the fact that he was sitting down. He looked around, squinting at the party going on just in the other room. “Wha- I donnn’-” he slurred. “Heyy, babyy.”

    You resisted the urge to laugh. “Oh, okay. You’re one of those types of drunks.” You picked up one of the empty bottles, tossing it in the trash. “How many did you have?”

    He shrugged his shoulders sloppily, nearly toppling out of his chair. You caught him by the waist, comparing the way his long legs stumbled to a newborn deer trying to walk. “Prolly’ like, uhhh, ssseven,” he replied.

    “Seven?” you asked. “Come on. Let’s get you some water.”

    “No!” he snapped. His voice came out louder than even he was expecting, apparently, because he took a moment to recompose himself. “I havta tell you ssomethin’.”

    “You can tell me later,” you replied.

    He grunted, forcing himself out of the chair and onto his feet. You kept an arm around his waist, supporting him as he nearly tripped over his own two feet. When he tried to grab another beer from the fridge, you steered him away and towards the stairs.

    “Okay, sweetheart,” you said, guiding him carefully up each step. “I think you need to go lay down in my room.”

    “I havta tell youu,” he said again.

    You ignored him, pulling him down the hall and into your bedroom. You brought him towards your bed, chuckling as he fell backwards onto it. You untied his shoes and pulled them off, chucking them somewhere to the side.

    “Beer is grrreat,” he slurred as you pulled the blankets out from under him.

    “Mmhm,” you hummed.

    As you were fixing the pillows behind his head, he grabbed your wrist, pulling hard. You lost your balance, toppling over onto his chest. He rolled over, trapping you beneath himself. His lips found the crook of your neck easily, leaving a trail of careless, wet kisses.

    “Okay, time to move,” you gasped, squirming beneath him. “Tyler, come on.”

    His curly, disheveled hair tickled your cheek as he moved to your collarbone, his hands beginning to wander down. You pressed your palms flat against his chest, trying to push him off. The harder you tried, the heavier he seemed to become.

    “Ty,” you whispered.

    His hands found the hem of your shirt, not wasting a moment before pushing up underneath it, smoothing against the skin of your stomach. You bit back a pleased sigh, trying to find some other way to take control.

    You hated to admit that you were enjoying yourself. You couldn’t. Not like this, while he was drunk off of his ass.

    He stopped suddenly, collapsing onto his side. His breathing slowed from a pant to a steady rise and fall. Just when you thought he had fallen asleep, he motioned for you to come closer. You moved onto your knees, leaning in to listen.

    “I hadta tell youu that I, um, neverr had alcohaall beforre,” he murmured.

    You sighed, a smile itching at the corners of your lips. “Yeah, I figured.”

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Hi gotta say love the blog so I'm finally going to ask something is it okay you can from Arden's Point of view seeing his Reincarnated S/O again but they are in a relationship with the Chocobros of your choice cause I really liked the one that you did last time it was so good and I live for Ardyn angst like what would he think

Thank you so much, *slowly lays on the floor* Yes, angst for Ardyn! Ardyn Angst! Beautiful!


There were two things that Ardyn could rely on in this world, that he had grown to see change and adapt to different threats each day.

The first was himself, he knew that he would be able to rely on himself throughout everything. After all, when one had been alive for as long as he had, it was only common sense to have some type of self confidence when one had spiraled into insanity a handful of times.

Hey, anything to keep it entertaining until the prophecy was to be fulfilled.

The other was you, you who would always come to him! You would always be reborn time and time again. Your paths to cross so that you could fall in love all over again.

Many things throughout the years had bleed together in Ardyn’s mind, many things forgotten. Yet never you, never your smile, or eyes. Always the same every time you returned to him!

He recalled the first time he lost you, back when he was first affected by his ‘curse’. How he wept at your side for months, slipping further and further into insanity. He attacked anything that came close, a monster on both the inside and out, only to return to himself years later when he saw the woman that reminded him so much of you.

Yet the more he spent time with you, the more he realized it was you reborned again within this world. Only for you to confide in him, that you had dreamt of him for a long time, only now realizing that those dreams were of your past life.

Ardyn couldn’t believe it, you were back, his one hold within the world was back!

Yet while he didn’t not age and was an immortal, he was doomed to watch you grow old and die time and time again. He would try everything to keep you with him, magic, science, yet nothing would keep you with him long. So he would have to wait the 20 years between to find you again for you to be reborned.

Yet the last time, the final time, he believed that he had thought of the perfect plan the perfect idea to keep you at his side forever. Using a bit of his own magic, he placed it within you, with your consent of course. For 100 years you stayed by his side, never aging, always so young and beautiful forever with him.

Yet just as everything was finally becoming perfect, and Ardyn believed that you would forever be at his side, and he could finally forget about the curse he placed on his family line and live an eternal life with you, everything shattered.

You became weak, unable to control the shift between your human form and the darkness within you. It consumed you, and Ardyn had lost you again.

He waited, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years. Nothing! No sign of you, he was always able to sense you, but your spirit never came to him, never called out to him. So he continued with his plan, the Prince of the prophecy had been born. It was time!

So when Ardyn found you traveling with the Prince in question, he was confused. How could you be with the one that would set the both of you free from this punishment that both of you were to suffer? Him, a man of immortality, you, someone who could never know rest.

A he approached you one evening, while traveling with the others, he had to admit he was nervous, a feeling he didn’t even realize that he could feel anymore. Yet here you stood for the first time before him in years, so many years.

“May I help you Chancelor Ardyn?” You smiled up to him.

Ardyn smiled, even within this young body you still looked the same, “I was wishing to have a word with you, Y/N.” He stated, your name never changed, some lucky star always provided you with the same name.

“Of course.” You replied, following him to a more secluded area.

You didn’t seem frighten of him as the rest of the party traveling with you, this could work within his favor. Or had your memories already returned, sometime it would take a jog, others it would be with you the moment you were born.

As the two of you moved into a clearing of the forest, Ardyn quickly turned before engulfing you within a strong embrace, “How I’ve missed you, my beloved Queen.” He muttered against your hair, as you stood frozen in place.

“Chancellor, is this really appropriate behavior?”

Ardyn quickly parted from you, having missed your presence in all those years, than have you be within his grasp but unable to touch you or hold you, due to the ‘relationship’ you had with one of those boys.

“I do apologize, Y/n, yet it just been so long since we’ve last been together, I could not help myself.” Ardyn watched as your eyes widen, before you quickly casted your eyes to the ground.

“We can not be together.” You replied.

Ardyn smiled grabbing you by the biceps on each arm, trying to contain his joy, “So your memories are there.”

You nodded softly.

“My Beloved,  how I have missed you. I feared the gods had attempted to keep us apart. I see that you have fooled yourself with that boy.”

“Ardyn, release me.”

“We can leave them all here now, and we’ll be together like…”

“Ardyn let go!” You barked.

Ardyn looked down to you, having never heard you so angry, “My beloved…”

He watched you look up, moving to step from his grasp,  yet his hold remained firm. Yet the words that came from your mouth, you were in love with one of those boys! With this child! Yet that couldn’t be…

“You are to be mine!” Ardyn barked, he could feel the power creeping into his eyes. “You are mine, Y/N, you always have been.”

“I’m so sorry Ardyn.”

Ardyn searched your eyes, he wanted to see it, he would not believe it until he saw for himself that you no longer loved him. Yet when he found nothing, he couldn’t stop himself from pulling you forward, his lips against your own, hoping to respark something. He felt you tense, than lean into the kiss. He thought perhaps you were finally coming around.

Only to realize this was a Farewell kiss.

Ardyn released you from the kiss, from the hold he had on you, watching as you stepped back, your eyes locked with his own.

“You are no longer the Ardyn, I know and fell in love with.” You explained, stepping back before turning on the balls of your shoes, sparing a quick glance over your shoulder. “Good bye Ardyn.”

Ardyn stared in shock as you left, the last part of his heart, that last bit of hope was gone. You were gone! Yet you were right, he was no longer the man you had loved, he had changed and he saw it. Ardyn couldn’t keep forcing you, time and time again you would come back to him, but this time he knew that it was over for good.

The man looked to the night sky above him, he had no idea he could still cry, but there he stood, crying to the night sky.

“Goodbye love.”

Waste Away

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff

Prompt: You and Pietro had been each others casual one night stand type pair for a while. You two would see each other some days during briefings but never talk. You would share the occasional glance and nod during the meetings or one of Tonys lavish parties, but never actually speak to each other. One night it all becomes too much to handle…for both of you.

Warnings: Language, mentions of sexual stuff, drinking, I think thats it…

Word Count: 1,650

Song: Wasted by MKTO

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You both lay on your backs staring at the ceiling. The fan rotates slowly above you two and all you can think is how it symbolizes the relationship between the two of you. The slow endless circles that you both go through. You see each other, one of you caves into the need, you have sex, one leaves. The next week, or couple days even, its back to the start again. At first you were okay with it, hell you even enjoyed it! It really did help you feel better when you felt alone. But after awhile it just made you feel empty. You would look at him and smile, and want him to pick you up and hold you, nothing more than hold you like he did sometimes after you two were spent. You wanted to lay and gaze into his eyes and talk with him. However, you knew that couldn’t happen. He didn’t feel the same. You knew it.

“Y/N? You awake over there?” Pietro jokes as he rubs his hand down his face. You nod slightly and roll to face him. He does the same and leans up on one elbow.

“What are we doing? This? Why do we keep doing this?” you ask with a slight laugh. You were testing his waters to see exactly where he stood on the situation. He nods and slightly looks down at you.

“We are being there for each other. We are allowing each other to feel better when their down, we are being friends. We keep doing it because we don’t like to see each other sad, and I mean its pretty damn good, not going to lie.” He says. He seems less convinced than he sounds. You watch him for a moment before laying back on your back and sighing.

“Don’t think about it too much alright? I’m going to head home. You what to do if you need me.” Pietro says kissing your forehead. He stands and pulls his boxers and jeans back on before he grabs his jacket and shoes. He leaves your room and shuts the door quietly. You turn your head and look at the door.

All you wanted was to be held…and you couldn’t have that.

Pietro’s P.O.V.

Walking away from her is something I hate doing, but something I’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t get me wrong it kills me every time I have to do it, but it would kill me even more if she walked away. I have no real idea of how to get this out of my system, this pain, guilt, loss? I don’t know what I’m feeling but I need it to stop, and I need it to stop now.

I walk down to my room and walk in, throwing my shoes against the base of the wall and my jacket over the couch. I slowly make my way to the cabinet above the fridge and pull down the bottle of Jack Daniels. Luckily Tony hasn’t “confiscated” this one yet. I open the top and pour a small glass. Its a long night and I only have half the bottle to get me through. Best to make it last as long as I can.

Y/N’S P.O.V.

You hold your phone in you hand and stare at the screen that shows the messages you two have sent. You have a message typed and ready to send, you just can’t seem to press that little green arrow. You lock your phone and throw it to the other side of the bed. You want to talk to him, you want to stop this feeling, you want to come to terms with how you feel for him, and you can’t do that without telling him…in person. Standing from the bed, you slip on a blue pair of pajama shorts and a white tank top that you had shed earlier that night. You slip on a pair of socks and walk out into the hallway. You walk to the end of the hallway to pietros room and knock slightly.

“Hey, Pietro you in there? I need to talk to you.” You say quietly. After a couple more knocks he opens the door and rubs his cheek before shaking his head slightly.

“Hey, what’s up? It’s only been like an hour, you want to go again?” he asks with a laugh. Your face stays straight and he stops laughing.

“Come in.” he says stepping aside. You walk in and wait for him to close the door. The room smells of whiskey, heavily. You glance to the table and see the now empty bottle you knew was at least half full when you were here last. You then look to Pietro and see that his eyes are glossed over and they are slightly red. He was drunk, for sure, but had he been….crying?

“Look we can’t keep doing this…I-I can’t, I can’t keep this up piet. It takes so much out of me every time you leave, and don’t get me wrong I LOVE what happens behind my bedroom door, I do, but it hurts too much when its over. When you leave I go right back to how I was before you came, hell I feel worse. I just can’t keep putting myself through it.” You say. You begin biting the inside of you cheek to keep yourself from crying.

Pietro has his eyes trained on your face but says nothing. He glances to the half full glass in his hands and then downs the remaining bit of whiskey. He drops the glass on the table and you’re surprised it doesn’t shatter. He pulls a chair in front of you and sits so that he is closer to face level.

“Please understand that when I say this, it is nothing against you. Y/N, we can’t be anything more than what we are now, no matter how bad either one of us wants to be…we can’t. Do you think I enjoy having to leave you behind every other night? After what we do? The way I feel after it? The love I have for watching you slowly fall asleep in my arms when I do stay for the remainder of the night? No, I can’t stand it. But I know that something will go wrong if I get closer to you than I already am…I’ve never been able to make a relationship go right, there are so many times I’ve been with someone who just wants me as a way to relieve their sexual needs and its terrible, but I didn’t mind because they weren’t anything to me. I didn’t care what they did afterwords because I didn’t care enough about them. Doing this with you has shown me that there is always that one that comes along and changes everything. I lay in bed at night and think about all the things we could have if we were more, but I also know that I could mess it all up, so easily…and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if we were something real, and we wasted away just like my past relationships.” He says. His eyes glance to the floor and he shakes his head. He looks up to the bottle and groans when he realizes its empty. You place your hand on his knee and he looks to you.

“You don’t know what will happen until you try. You can never be the sole reason a relationship doesn’t work, because a relationship is between two people. I want to try this with you. I want us to be more than just the casual fuck okay? Every time you walk out my door, it feels like my hearts getting ripped out of chest. I want you to be able to come over and we just do normal things, watch movies, eat dinner, cuddle for God’s sake I don’t care! I just want it to be US instead of whatever we are now…I want us to always have love rather than only make love. Thats all I’m asking.” You say. The inside of cheek tastes of blood and tears slowly fall down your face. Your vulnerabitly showed through and now all you wanted to do was hide away from everyone and everything. Pietro gazed into your eyes and looked back to floor. This wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m going to go.” You say softly. You quickly stand and walk to the door. You get it open just slightly before you feel the rush of his past you slamming the door shut and his eyes look into yours again.

“You’re not going anywhere Y/N.” He says. His hands cup your cheeks and his lips press against yours softly. This was the softest they had ever been against yours and you smiled into the feeling of it. He breaks apart from you and places his forehead on yours. Your eyes flutter closed and then open again.

“You have no idea how badly I want all of that with you darling. I want it and we are going to make it work. No more nights of me leaving, no more nights of three a.m. phone calls, more nights of sex, definitely more of those,” he says. You both laugh slightly. “But those nights will always end with both of us together, until morning. We are going to try this, and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure it works for as long as I can. I promise babe.”

“WE will make it work, both of us. Now please kiss me again damn it.” You say. He laughs and pushes his lips against yours more forcefully this time. With this, you know he was fully prepared to keep every part of his promise, and you knew it would work.


Again thank you to @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x for her help on this and on so much stuff, YOU ARE GR8