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Out Of Clothes

I feel kind of bad for everyone who started following me recently. ;;; My older cat is sick right now, so I’m mostly sitting in my parents’ suite where the cats live, and having her on my lap or sitting next to me. We end up watching Netflix shows/films as I FaceTime or Skype call with friends, and very slowly contribute to Skype or Discord conversations because I’m typing with one hand.

And then by the time I’m back in my own room, I want to game and/or talk to friends in Skype with both hands free.

So…here’s hoping she gets better soon…and my schedule levels out some…


Type: One Shot | Imagine About Justin
Rating: Rated R
Word Count: 2,542

The breeze was turning cold as the sun started to set. His hand gripping mine tighter as we continue to walk. I didn’t know where we were going, but I knew I was in good hands. I didn’t have to worry about anything when I was with him. The sky was turning pink before slowly turning into darkness. It was a beautiful scene. He opened the door of the restaurant as he let my hand go. I walked in as he was right behind me, we went straight to the table. Guess he had something planned out so I went along with it not asking questions. He pulled out my chair before moving over to his seat. I slipped I jacked off before sitting down at the table. There were candles lit and it seemed like we were the only ones there besides the workers.

“You did all of this?” I asked. “Yes, I wanted to do something special” He said. “How did you get the whole restaurant?” I asked. “That’s a secret, ” he smiled. “Oh ok, I like your secrets” I said. “You do?” he asked. “I don’t like it when you keep them from me, I hope you never hold a bad secret from me” I said. “Never babe, ” he reached over, grabbing my hand. “Good, I wouldn’t keep a secret from you, ” I said. “I hope you wouldn’t, ” he said. He brushed his thumb across my hand as we waited for the waiter. We did order our food and drinks before returning to our conversation. “I do have a secret, ” he said. “And that would be” I sipped my drink. “It’s not really a secret more as a surprise, ” he said. “Do you think I would like this surprise?” I asked. “Yes, I think you would love it, ” he said. “Guess I’ll wait and see, ” I said. “Trust me?” he asked. “I always trust you, ” I said. “Good, ” he smiled. Our food finally arrived and things got quiet for a little while. “So what about dessert?” he asked. ‘What were you thinking?“ I asked. "Anything chocolate?” he asked. “Sounds good, ” I smiled. He nodded towards the waiter without saying anything they came out to the desert. “Had this planned?” I asked. “Yeah, I did, ” he said. They started to sing happy birthday as they placed the cake down onto the table. I felt the smile creep onto my face as they continued to sing. I noticed something on the candle, but couldn’t figure out what it was. As soon as they finished singing I blew the candle out and picked it up. A ring fell from it and I looked up at him trying to ask what it was. He got up from the table and moved over in front of me. He got down on one knee and took the ring from me. “You are the girl of my dreams, you mean the world to me. Now will you do me the honor and marry me?” he asked. I placed my hands over my mouth as I felt the tears build up in my eyes. My tears fell and dropped onto my cheek as I looked at him. I couldn’t seem to find the words to say yes so I just nodded my head. He smiled as he slipped the ring on my finger before getting up. He took my hands and held me stand up as he pulled me to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he placed his hands on my hips. I held him close to me as I was in shock, I couldn’t believe he actually asked me. “Are you ok?” he asked. “Yeah, I am” I smiled. “So is that a yes?” he asked. 'Yes, I would love to marry you, “ I said. "Good, ” he said as he wiped my tears away. “I can’t believe you actually asked me, ” I said. “We have been together for a while and it just feels right” he said. 'Yeah, “ I said as I kept my arms around him. "Ready to go?” he asked. I nodded my head as he grabbed my hand, leading me back to the car.

We left the restaurant and started making the way back to my apartment. He pulled up into my driveway, stopping the engine as we sat in the car. “Are you going to come up?” I asked. 'Do you want me to?“ he asked. 'Of course I do, ” I said. “Then I’ll come up, ” he said as he got out the car. He made its way over to my side and opened the door. “Thank you, ” I said as I got out of the car. “No problem, ” he shut the door behind me. Grabbing my hand as we walked up to my apartment. I shuffled the things in my purse until I came to my keys, opening the door as we walked in. I slipped my shoes off as I placed my purse down on the couch. “Make yourself comfortable” I said. “Sure, ” he said as he took his shirt off. I smiled as I grabbed his shirt, moving towards the bedroom. As he walked to my room, he took off his pants, leaving him with just his boxers on. “You sure know how to make you feel like home, ” I said as I sat down on the bed. 'I sure do, “ he sadly as he moved between my legs. Leaning down, placing his lips onto my lips, kissing me softly. Sliding his hand up my neck, tangling his fingers into my hair. His other hand pressing against my hips as I wrapped my arm around his neck keeping the kiss between us. He pushed me down onto the bed as he laid his body over mine as we kept the kiss between us. I placed my hand down on his chest. He gripped my shirt moving it up as his skin brushed against mine, moving it over my head and onto the floor. His fingertips run along my skin up and down before moving towards my back.

Undoing my bra slipping it off as he moved his lips down to my neck. Sucking against my neck moving down to my collar bone which he knew would drive me crazy. I moved my hands down from his neck, down his chest as I took him into my hand. He was already hard but I loved to tease him as much as he teased me. He started to moan in my ear as he moved his hand down my body. Finding my clit with his thumb making me squirm as I tugged at him. I wanted him more than ever and I hated how he teased me. I decided to take control as I sat up slightly so I could slide him into me. Taking him full into me as he gripped my hips once again. He started to move his hips towards me as I started to ride him. He placed my hand between my legs once again finding my clit with his thumb. I started to suck on his neck as he moved my hips faster still rubbing my clit, sending pleasure up my spine. I climaxed really quickly on him, he slows down the pace, allowing me to ride out my orgasm. He moved me from his lap as he got out of the tub. He picked me up as he wrapped a towel around me before moving us to the bedroom. Laying me down on the bed as he moved over top of me. He leaned down, placing his lips onto mine as he moved my legs further apart. Resting between them as he started to suck against my collarbone. Moving his lips down my body, leaving little kisses along the way. Kissing my inner thighs before laying his tongue on my clit, making me squirm once again. Licking up my slit placing his lips around my clit as he started to suck against it. I grabbed his hair as I moved my hips towards his tongue. He moved his way back up my body, placing his lips on my neck. Moving himself back into my sliding fully into me. Thrusting slowly at first until both of our moans started to fill the room, he started to pick up the pace. Thrusting harder and deeper into me as I arched my back with pleasure. He kept my legs apart as he knew I was close to another climax, within a few thrusts I came hard against him once again. He didn’t slow down as I started to shake, he kept moving inside me still hitting my spots, making me scream. He kept hold my legs as he thrust fully into me as he climaxed. I placed my hand on his neck, bringing him down as I kissed him. He rested inside of me before pulling out laying down next to me. We both were breathless as we snuggled close to each other. I placed my head down on his chest as I traced patterns on his stomach.

We both fell asleep in each others arms. We started doing things for our engagement, we even had an engagement party. We decided to move in together before we got married. We wanted to test the waters before fully getting married, I knew I was in love with him and wanted to be with him. Everything was going well, we adjust to living together very well. We were lovers, but he was also my best friend so I could tell him anything. I started not to feel good after one of the parties that we had. "You ok babe?” he asked. 'Yeah, fine, just want to rest" I said. “Alright babe, I’ll get everyone out, ” he said. I went upstairs to our room and I laid down. I looked at my phone and soon realized that I was running late on my period. I got up and decided to take a test, it was positive. I didn’t want to tell him quite yet until I actually knew that I was truly pregnant. I was always told that I couldn’t get pregnant and to be pregnant would be amazing. I kept the secret for over three weeks because I knew I had to be so many weeks before I could get an ultrasound. I left the house early that morning, telling him I had to go to a meeting. I got to the office and I was in the waiting room just waiting.

Hours turned into seconds, but moments that I wouldn’t get back. Watching the clock as I took a deep breath in. I could feel my heartbeat start to pick up when the door started to open. The words that slipped from the person’s mouth rung in my ears. I stood up as I felt my knees buckle under me, the room started to spin. Hearing the door close behind me as my breath got caught in my throat. The blood pumping fast through my heart rung in my ears. My palms clammy as I gripped my purse tighter in my hand, shifting my weight down to the chair. The conversation started off normal, but started to take a turn. I could feel the tears build up in my eyes as I looked down at the paper in front of me. I knew what needed to be done, but that didn’t make it easier. Once I left that office, I might of dealing with the issue, but my heart was beyond broken. I made it to the car before the tears slipped from my eyes. Once I sat down at the steering wheel, I felt my heart breaking as the tears ran down my cheeks. A baby something I’ve always wanted was slipping away from me. Shuffling in my purse as I looked for my keys. My vision blurry from the tears as I finally gripped my keys in my hand. I took a deep breath in before starting the car. I took off as I started heading downtown moving past the buildings to get to my apartment. I finally pulled into my driveway as I saw his car in the parking lot. My mind started to wonder as I didn’t know how to tell him what was going on. I walked up to the door, before I got my keys out he opened the door.

“Hey babe” he smiled. “Hey” I took a deep breath in. 'I know that, whats the matter?“ he asked as I walked passed him. "Nothing, just a long day” I said. “It’s a nearly 3pm babe, not that long, ” he said. “Long enough” I sighed. “How was your meeting?” he asked. “It was good” I lied. I told him I was going to a meeting and not actually to the doctor’s office. “When were you going to explain this?” he asked as he pulled out the pregnancy test. “Where did you get that?” I asked. 'In the bathroom, why didn’t you tell me?“ he asked. "It’s complicated” I said. “What do you mean, we are having a baby” his smile. “We need to talk, ” I said. “About a lot of things, Names the nursery colors, ” he started to go on but I stopped him. “No, none of that, ” I said. 'What do you mean?“ he asked as he sat down next to me. 'There was no meeting today, I was at the doctor’s office” I said. 'And?“ he asked. "I’m pregnant, but not for much longer” I said. “What you did an abortion without telling me” his breathing was shallow. “No, I didn’t get an abortion” I said as I took his hand. He slightly pulled away from me as he tried to understand what was going on. “Listen to me?” I asked as I tired to catch his eye. “What?” he finally asked. “The baby stop growing” I said. “How long have you known?” he asked. “I know I was pregnant a few weeks ago, but I found out it stopped growing just today” I said. “Now what?” he asked. “I allow my body to make the choice” I said. “Will you lose the pregnancy?” he asked. 'Yes, I will end up losing it" I took a shallow breath in. “I’m sorry, ” he said. 'About what?“ I asked. 'Thinking the worst, ” he said. “It’s understandable” I said. “I love you and I’ll be here for you, ” he said as he pulled me close to him. “I know and I love you, ” I said. We might never understand why things happened, but there was always a reason. This baby wasn’t meant to be on this earth, but they would live on in our hearts. I never knew that I could love something so much without meeting them. Our paths would move on and I knew within time everything would be alright. I never lost faith that we would make it out ok. Our love was stronger because of the situation, I knew our love would never die.

like imagine you and Justin are best friends but he’s so in love with you and he’s asked you out multiple times and you guys have this whole ‘just friends’ type of relationship but then one night at a party with the whole squad there he serenades you singing no pressure and at the end he slowly leans in and strokes your cheek with his hand and says “Y/N you’re killing me here, will you please be my girlfriend?, I’ve known you for so long and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone almost as beautiful as you”

More Avengers + Bartons headcanons

Not to get stale but I kept thinking of more after these okay bear with me

  • Maria Hill always brings her bff Laura stuff from places she’s been travelling for work - candles, tea, bath beads, calming stuff like that. When Clint asks why Hill’s bringing his wife so much bath & bodyworks type stuff Hill just raises an eyebrow and slowly looks around the house at the kids and the random superheroes who have wandered in and the chicken that somehow got inside and Clint just nods. 
  • One time Laura asked Tony to go wash the oil off his hands before dinner and he (sarcastically) said “okay mom” and nobody ever let it go.
  • Tony being Tony he just rolled with this and now sends Laura enormous bouquets every Mother’s Day. 
  • The first time someone handed baby Nathaniel off to the Vision he just completely totally froze because oh goodness this is such a fragile little body isn’t it? 
  • You know who actually likes Rhodey’s stories? Cooper and Lila. They love em. And they’re such a great audience and okay POSSIBLY Rhodey starts exaggerating the really cool parts but just because they’re kids and they just want the action-y parts, okay? Quit smirking, Tony.
  • Once Clint and Laura came home to find Thor had brought Jane and Darcy by for god knows what reason and Lila immediately latched onto them and wanted to know all about Sif because yOU ACTUALLY MET SIF? 
  • And she might not be able to meet Sif yet but Lila got a really great map of the Seven Realms that Jane sketched for her and she hung it up over her bed
  • Occasionally Hill shows up for a birthday party/garage sale/whatever and ends up taking it over and running it with the terrifying efficiency of a S.H.I.E.L.D mission. All of the neighbors assume she’s Laura’s weird sister but they’re too intimidated to ask 

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What would making out with Minghao be like?

Minghao is kinda shy so I think he’d be the slow and gentle type. It’d start of with a sweet innocent kiss. Then another. Then another one, this time a little longer, and little slower. Slowly your kisses would grow longer and little bit deeper. He’d be gentle, never going a step farther than he knew you wanted. His hand would gently cup your neck, hooking his thumb around your ear and softly cradling your head. He’d never pull you closer or take it farther unless you initiated. So when you wanted to be closer to him you’d have to scoot closer, which then he would realize and wrap his other around you and pull you closer against him. When you wanted to feel his tongue you’d have to softly swipe yours across his bottom lip, telling him to open up his lips, which he immediately would. He’d understand your signals quickly and immediately adjust to what you wanted. He wouldn’t be groppy. Instead, he’d gently ghost his hands over your curves, pulling you just a little closer and keep some pressure on your skin. He’d be incredibly passionate and very slow. Like a quiet, rainy night kind of kiss. It’d have you melting, I promise. 


i’ve been feeling quite sad lately and this is not a call for help and no I do not want anyone to write in my ask box are you OK I’m simply just speaking my feelings and when I say I’m speaking I literally mean speaking because I’m not typing this with my hands I’m using voice message but if this doesn’t come out as planned I am sorry but I’m not that sorry because because I’m sad… my anxiety slowly is destroying my life and I feel alone very alone I literally have no one anymore. I went to school today back from break and I literally felt like I couldn’t breathe having to be surrounded by that many people and having to deal with that many voices and all of the commotion. it makes me upset because I just want to feel normal again I want to feel how I felt when I was younger I want to feel happy but I am no longer happy.