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What Happens At The Well, Stays At The Well

In which I try to answer the call of my fandom.

Basically, there was a post lamenting that there was no smut alternative for the well scene in 4 x 18. I can only do crack smut and so I did this. I invite any and all authors to give the Rumbelle fandom the proper smut alternative it needs because I can only do this. Please let me know what you think and happy reading!

“I worry. I worry I threw out the chipped cup too soon.”

Regina smiled in glee. These two were pathetic. They were a damn cartoon crying over a damaged tea cup. She smiled plotting what she would say to crush what was left of the imp’s shrunken heart.

Oh, gods, were they kissing? Regina could feel it coming off the heart and she looked through the trees to confirm.

Actually kissing. Where was the anger? Where was the yelling? She had banished him, he had disguised himself as Hook. All she had gotten was a tearful reunion! Why were they kissing?!

Lost in her anger, Regina had also lost track of what was happening by the well.

Well, no, that couldn’t be right. The heart was glowing almost hot.

This had to be wrong because there was no way…

No way they could go from crying to kissing to…

“Oh, Gods,” said Regina.

She knew the next course of action was to look through the trees. This had not really happened before. Regina was in the habit of quickly depositing hearts in her vault, bringing them out when needed. She didn’t usually involve herself in the hearts’ personal lives unless she had some other use for them.

No, it couldn’t be…

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