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Salvaged something from the mess that is my computer…still haven’t gotten much else in recovery. I really don’t feel like finishing this up. So I’ll just submit as is….line and flat color 

So here’s a picture of misa, my Diabolik Lovers oc with Shu Sakamaki. I have an unfinished fanfic posted elsewhere, but she was my baby for the last I think 3-4 years….?? Whenever my bestie got me into DL. 

I’m changing up my style so I probably wont be doing lineart like this anymore. 

Meet Izzy and Bee! (f) 8-23-17

Izzy is a hippocampus with a long red and yellow tail. She has fins that are swirly and fancy, as though made out of lace. Her fur is a light brown colour, and her eyes are a soft blue. Instead of a horse mane, she has a fish like fin that’s a light yellow and orange colour, and just as fancy as her tail. From her nose to her tail, she is 12 feet long.

Bee is the hippogryph! About the size of a medium dog, she has gorgeous golden feathers and white fur on her body. Her white fur covers here black hooves and has an almost shaggy appearance when she doesn’t groom it. But, Bee is very vain and takes her upkeep very seriously. She has golden eyes that have small red and purple flecks in them.

Izzy is an Extra™ hippocampus. She’s drama queen and loves to make things bigger than they really are. Izzy loves to talk, and is one for gossip. She has a slight southern accent which is great to hear when she gets really into what she’s talking about, (espc. Since she says lots of southern phrases when worked up.) She doesn’t stir the pot and doesn’t lie or embezzle stories, nor does Izzy tell secrets, but anything else is fair game to tell anyone. She knows the know on almost everyone. She has a stern eye and doesn’t let kids do things that they’re not suppose to do. She has an aura of power about her, and people listen to what she says.

Bee, however, is a snooty trouble maker. She prances around letting people know exactly what is on her mind, and while she doesn’t mean to be rude, she often is. She also tends to be a bit of a drama queen, though not as much as Izzy. She is a philosopher and likes to confuse people by talking circles around them. She is fluent in 7 different Earth languages, (English, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Japanese, and Latin. And is learning Chinese and Danish.) but can’t spell anything in any of them. She has lots of pride in her hobbies such as her attempts at scrapbooking and plays an aerial version of soccer in the summer (she’s on a pretty well known team), and doesn’t let anyone try to play down her amazing skills.

Izzy and Bee met each other and became instant friends sometime 80 years ago in Africa. They’ve traveled along the coasts for years, bonding and exploring and stuff. They came across a man who had companions and they both were intrigued. Asking spirits along the way, the found themselves to me!
In a companion, both are looking for a person to continue their explorations with! A third bestie! They would like someone who is someone knowledgeable about the astral and spirit work, but does not have to be intermittent. Bee requests someone who can sense spirits at least semi-well and can use telepathy or oracle decks to communicate. Izzy would like a companion who has some sort of near by body of water, be it a pond (or larger) in the physical or astral.

He would like a companion to joke off with and chill with. If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
Please remember to supply the vessel to bind your spirit to!
If you have any questions refer to either my info, shop info, or my ask box!
Thank you!!  

submitted a piece of writing to my tutor the other day, just got my feedback, and she changed purposefully used gender neutral pronouns to gendered pronouns. REALLY?? listen, if i had wanted to use gendered pronouns for this character, i would have.

she also changed some of my wording, most of which was fine except that she changed best friend to bestie ( which i would never use ) and implied that character 1 was calling character 2 an idiot ( which they were not ). also, she doesn’t know what a cryptid is…

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Hey girls! As you probably noticed, I LOVE winter!!!! And, whenever it snows I literally spend hours outside building a perfect snowman! So today I’m presenting you…

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I guess the question is…”Do you want to build a snowman?”

Hey, my name is Teghan. This is my first time submitting ever cause all of you are super cute and it’s intimidating. I’m a trans girl and I prefer she/her. I’m super cool with it if you want to follow, ask questions, be besties, whatever. Also, I’ve got this cool donate page on my blog and I’m trying to raise some transition money. So feel free to signal boost that and what not, anything is appreciated, even if you don’t know me. Have a grand day everyone! You deserve it. 

Almost forgot, here is my blog. Really hope that link works. (if not, i’m themisanthropiclife).


I don’t know how or why this happened… I mean… over 3K people have chosen to follow me! 

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Thank you to @waywardimpalawriter @early-morning-poets-society @harley-kitty-queen and @laughinglikenialler [damn Tumblr] You guys have been BLOWING up my feed. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. 

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Now… for a celebration. I really enjoyed the GIF submissions. Should we do that again? Why not! 

Submit a GIF of your favorite fictional character and I’ll write a blurb about it.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you so much!

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A friend gifted me these probably back in 2000 when she was getting rid of a lot of DB merch. Mostly ugly, but the Dai Kaio is pretty cool though. He and Mark had to be propped up (which is why there’s a gator and a Gundam in the photos). They all have “copyright 1989 B.S./S.T.A.” stamped on their backs.

(OMG @beshamaru, thanks for submitting! This is the mod’s IRL bestie and I’ve seen these in person, they’re terrible and I love it!)

submitted by verbamagistri :: Hi! It’s me again^-^. Can You tell me what for in last ep. was scene with angry cupid? It was fast and at first sight nonsense scene. But Hanna cleaned up all mess in Heaven. There is an order now. what is wrong?

Hey dear!

I think there were multiple things going on in that scene. And some of what happened there Metatron uses to confront Castiel about who he is now and what his mission is.

To me the important and significant part of this whole scene was that it wasn’t just any rogue angel who is still holding a grudge over what Castiel did to Heaven and how Metatron “followed” in Cas’ footsteps: set himself up as a god, who wanted to rule, but it was a cupid.

A cupid’s bow played an integral part in the spell Metatron used in expelling the angels from heaven. So in that regard I personally think - and that’s just headcanon - that maybe all cupids are sort of connected and he was angry about what they did to another cupid on top of the other stuff.

To me the fact that he said he is a cupid also was meant to remind the audience of the “fake trials” - because I think what we might be heading for (especially since Dean himself was talking about a fake cure in 10x04 “Paper Moon”) a fake cure for Dean as well.

What to me also is interesting here is how the show has been addressing fate and destiny again this season and particularly this episode. Cupids are playing an important part in that regard and they played an important part in Mary Campbell and John Winchester’s lives. Cupids are the ones, who “set things into motion” so to speak, they are helping along in making people fall in love.

And well - depending on whether or not you are interested in Destiel or not, keep reading or skip this last part ;) - as I said in a meta on Castiel and his love for food being a metaphor for his love for humanity (see here) an episode where experienced Castiel’s hunger for the very first time also featured a cupid. I personally don’t think that accidental. If you take into account how Castiel’s and Dean’s tastes match when it comes to food, you could ask yourself if that extendends onto more. I personally feel like - and I am able to read this entire scene without shipping goggles as well - one could absolutely see an interesting subtle point being made to Deancas here.

Metatron’s dialogue in the library in large parts was designed to have Castiel realize that his “mission” and his care and devotion has always been Dean, like Metatron had told him in 9x23 already. “You drpaed yourself in the flag of heaven but ultimately it was all about saving one human” and that as well got revisited this episode with Castiel telling Mettaron they’d never be besties, because he killed Dean. So… to me there are lots of things that one can interpret in a Deancas way, but don’t nescessarily have to do that.

In any way I personally think it is not accidental that all those threads involving cupids, food and Castiel’s choice are callbacks to an episode in S5 featuring the same things.