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🍊Kicking my spring philosophy revision off with an orange theme! Also a cheeky studyblr selfie Saturday pic! ✨

@littlestudyblrblog ’S APRIL STUDY CHALLENGE - 1 - ‘What do you have going on this month!’
I’ve just started the Easter holidays here in the UK, so I’ll be using my time to revise for my upcoming mock exams in May! (ITS ALSO MY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW SO THERES THAT TOO)


| Tuesday, April 18th, 1/100 days of productivity

Hello friends!
I’ve finally decided to start this productivity challenge. My grades are doing well, but I’ve noticed that I’m not as productive as I would like to be. That’s why I want to post more of my own content on my blog to keep myself productive. 

Today I went to the local public library to study for my upcoming maths exam (which I am very scared of tbh!). I also borrowed a new book for me to read! I’ve always wanted to read a book by Murakami and I’m finally getting around to it.What do you guys think about his books? I really hope that I will like the one I got.

I hope you’re all having a great day wherever you are! 
xo Sunny 

[02.06.2017 Monday] The view from my desk today. Since it’s my last semester of my senior year, I decided to make it a little easier on myself by clearing out my Mondays, so that I only have classes from Tuesday to Friday. This way, I’ll have time to study for my upcoming GRE exam and apply to jobs using an extra day. It’ll definitely come in handy when exam season rolls around as well. Cheers to the start of the week everyone!

Headcanon: What is Math???

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@tinychubbybird girl i feel you; math is the bane of my academic career. everytime i’m in math class i feel like a piece of sanity is slowly crumbling and i want to fight my math teacher oOPS. 

707 has entered the chatroom


707: …I said: RAIN DROP

707: MC? I know you’re here~ Why aren’t you answering my mating call?

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anonymous asked:

dear,emma may you please help me with my studying i do not understand how to properly study

Hi there! I’ll list a bit of a step-by-guide to getting started and actually studying. Hopefully that will give you some pointers and you’ll be able to revise!

  1. Firstly, it is important to make the disctination between what you’re studying for. As in are you studying for your finals, an in-class assessment or just a topic quiz in your next class? Obviously, bigger exams require a lot more studying and generally over a longer period of time whereas a topic quiz might just be some quick revision over a couple of days. Understanding the format of your upcoming exam or test can be important for knowing how to study!
  2. Figure out what you have to study. Write down what you need to go through to revise. You could do it on a computer, as a to-do list or as a mindmap - whatever works best for you. When you’re studying for several things at once, separate your subjects and use subheadings for each topic. I always use my syllabus or cirriculum to see what I’ve got to cover. It’s always a good idea to make a point of anything tough topics. For example if there is something you’ve struggled with during class, make that a proirity rather than studying something that you already know.
  3. Make a study plan! Having a schedule is a great way to organise and methodically study prior to your upcoming test. I would recommend using one my study schedule printables which you can download here (under weekly schedule) for free. Plan out your weekly routine - including activities you already have. Then you map out when you can study. You can check out an example of planning it out here.
  4. Get out everything you will need. Tidy your desk, pick out a few pens, a notebook, your laptop. Whatever you think will help!
  5. Have a read through your textbook (if you use one). Highlight or flag anything important. If you want to, summarise each chapter in 5-10 bullet points once you’ve read it.
  6. Figure out how you’re going to take study notes. I will generally do new study notes if I have big exams coming up. For me, I find writing study notes easiest on OneNote. You can see my formatting here. I will read through my in-class notes and textbook to take really brief notes. I will also add any additional information I find useful from the internet. You don’t need to re-do notes if you’ve already got some that are good for studying. I generally won’t re-do my notes properly if I have a smaller test coming up - perhaps just use flashcards or make some rough notes.
  7. Sometimes simple notes aren’t as effective than other revision methods. You could try writing flashcards (for things like vocabulary, definitions, summarises, equations), mindmaps for linked ideas (for things such as facts about a person or subheadings under one topic) or timelines/cause-and-effect maps (for history subjects or seeing connections between events). Figuring out what style works for you will make your study more effective. If you’re unsure what your learning style is, take this quiz! Once you know you can find more precise ways to study.
  8. Once you’ve finished notes, you need to review them! Read over them when you can. Highlight them. Teach your friends or family members!
  9. Read through past papers or sample answers. Depending on what examinatinon system you’re doing, you might be able to access previous years tests and the recommended style of answers. This is a great way to see how you compare and what you can do to improve your answers! It’s always a good way to test yourself if you do timed practices papers. That way you can see if you’re within the time frame and can finish.
  10. Check out YouTube for any educational videos on what you’re learning! Sometimes they’ll be short, descriptive videos about the topics you’re studying. It can be good to watch someone else teach you about it - especially if you’ve had trouble understanding from your teacher.
  11. Whilst studying is important, remember to take regular breaks and not overwhelm yourself. Taking time to destress is very important for your health. Burning out from over-studying isn’t fun.

Here are a few other links that might be useful to you:

I hope this helps! Best of luck with your studying. Remember to stay focused and positive. It is all worth it in the long run xx

I will make them pay for this

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Pairing: IvarxReader
Rating: Explicit
Words: 3735
Warning: Mention of rape and death, a little bit of blood, cursing, a fight

Notes: Hello everyone! Here’s my second one-shot which prevented me from studying for my upcoming exam! But I’m not complaining! English is not my native language, I’m sorry if there’s any mistakes. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

You could hear the laughs and music coming from the feast, which took place in the great hall, not too far from the hut you shared with your husband Ivar. It was a celebration night, like every night was since the sons of Ragnar came back a week ago, boats full of gold, silver and slaves. You wished you could have gone with them; it’s been a long time since you fought and you missed it. But, you were a mother of two beautiful babies now, your son Sigtrygg was 5 years old and your daughter Freydis was 3. They became the most important thing in your life; you had to stay alive to raise and protect them. 

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Golden Snitch // Kim Doyoung


the prompt: hello~ can I request a hogwarts!au scenario for Doyoung, where reader is in slytherin and he is in any of the other 3 houses. Doyoung develops a major crush on reader but reader plays hard to get but eventually comes around and starts liking him back

words: 3205

category: fluff + hogwarts!au

author note: ah my first request in awhile. it feels good to get new prompts and stuff. I was also excited to see doyoung as my first request since he is the loml. please enjoy! (I hope this is what you wanted.)

- destinee

(bringing black-haired doyoung back bc wow)

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hey, everyone! i’ve been away for so long, but i’m back and hopefully this year I’ll be more active in the community. here you have a sneak peek at what i’ve been studying and my newest and favorite supplies.

this month i’m taking a break from working on my thesis because i’m applying for a Real Job as a teacher. i have two big upcoming exams as part of the selection, hence the legislation studies. wish me luck! 🌿

little follow spree

here it is sasha and these follow spree are getting annoying i kno i kno  BUT it seems like the 75% of the people i follow are on hiatus so i have to step my game up. to keep it short, sorry if there is no a fancy header since im too lazy and too busy with my very upcoming exam crap i should study instead of writing this, those are the things i would like to see:

☆ shounen and seinen (tg, snk, bnha, naruto, bleach etc…)
☆shoujo (orange, tclp, etc…)
☆ bl (19 days, out of control, all about lust, youjin etc…)
☆sport anime (hq, free, yoi etc…)
☆ little witch academia
☆food (BC)
☆tv shows (stranger things, etc..)
☆seasonal anime 


♡tag system (more like a must not a bonus tbh)
♡DRAMA!!!! FREE!!!!!!AND ABSOLUTELY NO SHIP DISCOURSE!!!!! (im here to enjoy my ships. not to see 823647263478293 powerpoint slides in which you lowkey judge me for my very fictional ships. again a must not a bonus)
♡make your edits/art/gifs etc..
♡active and friendly and if you scream in the tags let’s tot scream together i won’t mind

just REBLOG this and tag the fandom in which you are. if i don’t end following you, again, not your fault, it is just me. thank you so much for your patience ♡

hey everyone! I’ve put together a study/revision printable pack for those of you taking exams and test. This 5 page printable covers everything you need to plan and prepare for your upcoming examinations. The contents include:

  1. Study planning - colour codes, assessment details
  2. Topics to study from your syllabus plan
  3. A study techniques page, so you can decide how you want to study
  4. A schedule for planning your time
  5. Motivation page - so all that planning doesn’t go to waste!


I hope this helps some of you out - I have taken on board lots of different suggestions to put together my most comprehensive printable to date.

Enjoy, and if you try it, please let me know how you find it! xo

library — selena gomez.

“Selena…” I murmur warningly, sliding her hand off my leg. I was trying my best to study for the upcoming exam, but she seemed to be having none of it. 

“C'mon, baby, it’ll be hot…” She whines softly, batting her lashes at me. I bite my lip and shake my head, trying to focus on the words written across the textbook. I didn’t need to be banned from the library for public sex.

Selena looks around, making sure that judgy old librarian wasn’t around before leaning down to press her lips to my neck. I gasp quietly, though try to ignore her as best as I could. Perhaps if I pretended nothing was happening, she would quit.

I was so, very wrong. She only continued to suck at the skin of my neck, teeth sinking in and harshly biting it. I whine, huffing silently as I shut the textbook and get up from my chair. Selena looks at me in confusion, and I motion for her to stand as well before taking her wrist and dragging her to a secluded section of the books.

“What are you—” I shut her up by smashing my lips against hers, causing a groan to escape her. She eagerly kisses me back, her hands tangling themselves in my hair instantly. I slam her body against the bookshelf, watching as it rattled a bit before going back to kissing her, my teeth sinking into her bottom lip and tugging at it a bit before releasing it. 

“You’re such a fucking slut, Sel.” I murmur against her skin as I kiss my way down her jaw and to the exposed skin on her neck. She whimpered at the contact, my teeth sinking into her olive skin like it was nothing. I had never been one to play nice with Selena. 

My hands crawl under her silk blouse, loosely held up by spaghetti straps as I found her tits. I was happily surprised by the fact that she didn’t have a bra underneath, and tucked the thought in my mind so I could punish her later for it. I took one of her nipples between my thumb and index finger, rolling the little nub until it hardened under my touch, repeating the action with her other nipple. 

“How wet are you right now, Selena?” I purr into her ear, sliding my palms down her bare skin, dipping them into the hem of her skirt. 

“So fucking wet, baby. I’ve been thinking of your fingers in my cunt all day.” She whimpered as my digits made contact with her clit through the soaked fabric of her panties, bucking her hips up. I rub the little bundle of nerves through her panties, teasing her. Selena whines in protest, her eagerness to get fucked highly visible.

Deciding to be a little lenient with her since she was so sexy when she was turned on, I slipped her panties down her legs, letting the pool at her ankles while I teased her slick folds. Selena whimpered at the contact, trying her best to get some kind of pressure to help her out. 

“P-please don’t tease.” She whines out, and I chuckle, glancing around to make sure no librarians or citizens were around to catch us. 

“Beg for it, babygirl.” I whisper in her ear, gently nibbling on the skin. 

“Please, please.” She whines. “I want your fingers deep in my cunt, baby, I want you to pound me until I squirt everywhere. Need you to stretch out my tight little pussy and fuck me like the whore I am.”

I obliged, sliding two fingers into her instantly. I didn’t give her any time to adjust to being stretched out, instantly pumping my fingers in and out of her at lightning speed. Selena’s legs spread even more to get a better angle, get me deeper into her slutty cunt. Her moans slowly became louder, above a whispering level, so I had to cover her mouth with my free hand. 

“You have to keep quiet if you want me to keep fucking you, baby.” I coo, curling my digits up to hit her sweet spot. She cries out when I do, and I look at her with a warning gaze, stopping my actions momentarily. 

“Are you gonna be quiet?” I ask, and she nods eagerly, dying for me to continue my actions. I began to move my fingers inside of her once more, adding a third to continue to stretch her out. I mercilessly ram at her sweet spot, feeling her clench around my fingers. She was so very close. 

I pulled out when she was near climax, and she lets out a whine at the loss of contact, looking at me with her puppy eyes. I chuckle, turning her over and bending her the slightest so she leaned against the shelf. Sliding her skirt up, a view of her plump ass came to me, and I eagerly gripped at the skin.

My hand smacked her ass, earning a moan from her. I repeated my action, getting down not my knees and spreading her asscheeks apart to see her cunt, in all its dripping glory. Leaning forward, my lips latched onto her clit, sucking at the little bundle of nerves. 

“My baby always tastes so good.” I comment, running my digits along her slick folds. My tongue soon follows, taking one long lick at her cunt. I slightly dig my nails into her hips to remind her to keep quiet as I begin to deliver kitten licks to her cunt, eagerly lapping up her juices. 

My tongue circles her hole, teasingly slipping into it before going out. I did this multiple times before I began to fuck her with my tongue, my free hand kneading her clit vigorously. 

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna come.” She whines out through gritted teeth, trying her best to be silent. I slip my fingers into her pussy, pounding the tight little hole until she came, squirting all over my fingers and the library floor. I lapped up what I could, her cum dribbling down my chin as I ate her out through her high. 

“Excuse me!” We hear all of a sudden, and I turn my head to see an old lady in front of us, about ready to have a heart attack. Selena pulls her panties up and the two of us instantly take off running, laughs escaping our lips. 

A/N: I know this is very late, and I’m so very sorry, I really am, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, babies!


This is what I call a successful revision day 👏🏼 Did a bit of chemistry revision before for an upcoming test & then moved on to biology: I made flashcards from my plant transport notes, tried some exam questions and then revisited the cardiac cycle, before moving on to digestion (as seen above). Ahhh I’m all biologied out now - I’ve still got a history essay to do (Wednesday = history essay day 🙄) and then maybe I’ll have some time to bake a cake, which I have been craving sooo much

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Pairing: Park Jimin x You
Genre: Just some fluff
Warnings: none

× × ×

“Hey Jiminie, how are you” You asked tiredly, as you spoke with your boyfriend over video chat

“I’m okay, just tired…how’s my baby?” Jimin asked, staring at your eyes

“I’m tired too. I have a lot to study for upcoming exams” You said rolling your eyes when you thought about the universety

It has been hell currently, tests are each day and there are sometimes even more than 2 in one day. You felt like your head will explode with all that studying

“Aww that’s bad” Jimin pouted and you knew exactly why

“I’m sorry ChimChim. I wish i could make it, but i really should pass this exams since they’re really important” You sighed

“I understand” You knew he said that only for you. It was obvious he was very sad

“I promise i’ll come some other time!” You said trying to cheer him up

“Well finee” He groaned, rolling on his bed

“Baby, you should rest before the concert starts! It’s really important for you to be relaxed as possible. I sadly gotta go now, but i love you and i cheer for you! Good luck on the concert!” You said waving at him

“Thanks babe..byee” He waved, smiling sadly

You sighed as he ended the call. It was really obvious he was sad.

Bts was having a big concert this evening. You as Jimin’s girlfriend, have a ticket for the concert and you were supposed to come. But the problem was the universety.

You weren’t the best student and you had a problem with making time for studying so your grades dropped a little. Not only that, but there were some important exams and you needed to pass them

But it’s either concert or good grade.

Making a decision was already hard enough, but seeing Jimin’s face so sad..It broke your heart to see him like that. And now, he needs to be at his best so he could perform nicely as always, but his emotions were wild inside of him now

You glanced at the pile of untouched books. You barerly knew any of that, and you had exams tomorrow and day after it.

You sighed, getting up and walking towards the wardrobe.

“I’ll fail it, so why to try to study then?” You asked yourself, pulling out your outfit for the evening.

You had to go to the concert and to see Jimin. Nothing was more important than him right now.

× × ×

“Jimin, concentrate”

Jimin sighed, trying to sing the song again. He would’ve sang it great, if you only weren’t occupying his mind. He missed you dearly, but he just found out he won’t be able to see you.

“I’m sorry. I’ll concentrate” Jimin apologised and they started repeating the coreo again

But his sad additute catched attention of the boys. It was rare for Jimin not to be all jumpy and happy.

“What’s wrong with him?” Jhope asked

“I think Y/N said that she can’t come to the concert” Jungkook replied, glancing at his sad hyung

“No way! Why?” Taehyung asked

“She has some exams she might fail” Jungkook said

“Damn it, Jimin was really excited to see her” Taehyung said recalling how happy Jimin was when Y/N said she could come

Suddenly, Suga’s phone vibrated. He unlocked the phone and read the text he recieved, not being able not to smile.

“What’s up?” Jungkook asked curiously

“Nothing’s bad as we thought” Suga said, turning his phone around so other boys could read the text

“That’s awesome!”

“He will be so happy!”

× × × ×

“Thank you for coming to our concert!” Bts yelled, bowing at ARMY

The ARMY happily waved with their Bangtan bombs around, looking at their favourite idols.

“But before the concert starts, we would like to say something, if that’s okay” Rap Monster started

“We know how much Jiminie and Y/N love each other very much-” Taehyung said

“-And we know it’s tough for them to be so long apart-” Jhope added

“-Because, we had a very busy schedule and Y/N was busy a lot because of universety and exams-” Jungkook said

“-so she said she couldn’t come to the concert. But their love is too strong to be held by those bounrades called exams. They missed each other dearly-” It was Suga’s turn now

“-So we just wanted to do something for them, so that they could see each other in person again after many months.” Jin finished

Jimin was looking at his friends confused, since he had no clue what was happening right now.

The ARMY moved left and right, making a small path from the entrance to the stage. Y/N entered the building, heading on the small path to the stage. She was running towards Jimin.

As she run, the path behind her was closing, ARMYs were waving with their bangtan bombs, making the view look magical.

“Y/N!” Jimin yelled as he hugged Y/N tightly when she stepped on the stage

“Y/N, you told me you won’t come!” He said happily, not letting go of her

“Well, the exams aren’t as important as you are. And i know what my priorities are, and that’s cheering for you from the crowd” Y/N replied

Jimin wasted no time. He cupped your cheeks with his small hands, kissing you lovingly.

ARMYs went wild, letting out loud squeals and aww’s as they took pictures of you two.

As you broke the kiss, you gave him a small peck on the cheek making him blush at your actions. You bowed at other boys, thanking them for making this so special for you and Jimin.

Soon, the concert started. You were standing in front row with ARMYs, enjoying watching your boyfriend from that spot.

Every now and then, Jimin would occasionaly send you wink or a small kiss, which would make you blush and ARMYs would squeal at his cuteness.

Since the concert was lasting around 2 hours, you had enough time to befriend fans which were next to you.

They were speaking formaly with you, which you found amusing since some fans were even older than you.

× × ×

Since the concert finished now, and Jimin motioned to you to go with him backstage. Just before you left the crowd, few girls which were standing around you, asked you to stop so they could tell you something.

“You two look perfect together” One girl which was next to you told you, making you blush at her statement

“And i hope you two have bright future together” other girl said, bowing at you

You thanked them for kind words before running again towards Jimin. You hugged him tightly and he pecked you on the lips, wrapping his arm around your waist

“What were you speaking with them?” Jimin asked curiously

“They told me that they think we look nice together and hope that we have a bright future together” You said with a smile

“Well i would like that.” He said, kissing you again, now more passionate

“I would like that too” You replied with a giggle


23.01.2016 (sorry for the shitty lightning, you can blame winter)

lately i’ve been busy with all my presentations, assignments and applying for summer jobs (if i don’t get one i’ll cry). next week is exam week and i don’t have that many exams so i can finally rest for a bit! i wish you all good luck on your upcoming tests, exams, interviews and other stressful things!

Metanoia [Jimin]

{{ noun // the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life }}

Things get interesting when the good girl falls for the bad boy.

Slight Angst, Mostly Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 5,268 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

There is a boy with casually tousled orange hair, glittering dark brown eyes that hold untold secrets, and plump, rosy lips that are more often than not curved into a smirk. He wears the standard Hogwarts uniform, but somehow he makes it look like it came straight off the runway with the loosened scarlet and gold striped silk tie, white untucked collared shirt with the top few buttons undone, and fitted black pants that do plenty of justice for his legs.

Park Jimin is, without a doubt, a living paradox; after all, how can someone so angelic looking be so sinful?

He’s a natural born heartbreaker with girls falling undeniably in love with him, even after they swore they never would. He’s a walking cliché: the bad boy who has countless rumors of how he beat up so and so last week or three days ago, who has a different girl for every day of the year, who every girl wants to be the one to change him– the one who would be his last. But, it’s simply all a game to him and any girl falling victim to his ways is just another pawn piece that’s so easily replaceable. And if you aren’t careful enough, you might be thrown onto his chessboard.

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29/3/17 Last minute studying for maths tomorrow. I’m super nervous about that exam because it’s really important and I don’t really feel ready but lets hope for the best. Anyways, I’m thinking I might start 100 days of productivity soon due to my upcoming finals so stay tuned! I hope you all have a great day!