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I’m like six years late to the fandom but here’s some terrible Valentines from everyone’s favorite Roman LARPers

send them to the profligates you least wish to kill

Palette: hey Goth! What do you think?

Goth: Hot ///

Palette: what? Sorry, didn’t hear you…again.

Goth: you look amazing…heh yeah

Palette: aww…thanks, Goth

Goth: (amazingly hot) O///O

Goth- @nekophy

Palette roller- @angexci

(Hey…what?…why not wear a costume?
,it’s another of my “What IF” if palette wore a costume(?) and showed it to goth)

(I swear, I tried to make palette look hot but the cuteness took over)

when u see a spider

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 

when your otp too real and you need a moment

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JCW - Healer Fanmeeting in Beijing [2015.04.30]

Remember When

I’m handsome, not cute.

Title: Remember When
Characters: Reader, Joshua
Genre: Fluffier than that unicorn in Despicable Me
Trigger Warning: None

“Hey,” Joshua said lying down next to you in bed, “Remember when we first met?” 

He pulled you closer to him and you two were face to face. His breath was warm and tickled your forehead. The smell of his shampoo made its way into your nose and you enjoyed every second of it. 

“How could I forget? I had a broken nose because of it.” You laughed. 

Joshua had his headphones on while walking down the hall. He stopped by his locker. He swapped the books in his bag for the ones in the locker and zipped up his backpack.

While swinging up and onto his back, he didn’t notice you behind him. His bag collided with your face and pushed you back. 

He turned back since he felt something hit his bag and looked at you holding your nose with a grimace. 

“What the fuck?” You yelled out. 

“Oh my gosh…” His jaw dropped but a mix of panic and amusement was on his face, “Are you alright?” 

You didn’t respond but he took you to the nurse anyways. The nurse gave you ice and a pat on the back before sending you away. 

“I’m really sorry…” Joshua said, “Can I make it up to you?”

By now your anger had simmered down and you were just left with a fairly bruised nose. But hey, you might as well get something out of all this.

“Buy me ice cream and I’ll consider forgiving you.” 

After then, you and Joshua realized you had a lot in common. The two of you began to hangout more and soon developing feelings for each other. 

“I’m glad I broke your nose.” He said and gave you a little Eskimo kiss.

“As weird as this sounds, I am too.”

“You have such a cute nose.” He said and you laughed at the strange compliment. 

“And you have a cute everything.” You said back. 

“Not a cute everything! Some parts of me are handsome! Right?”

“I guess? Sure. Why not?” You laughed and he with the arm he was resting on your waist he moved over to your torso and began tickling you. 

“NO!” You shouted while laughing. His hands both began to tickle you and you started to squirm. Tears began forming in your eyes but you couldn’t stop laughing. Joshua stopped after he saw this and brought you back into his arms before turning you around and spooning you. 

“I’m handsome, not cute.” He pouted. 


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