i have to stop drawing thing at night idk

abigailsdomain  asked:

Hello~ Dropping into your ask box to say I LOVE YOUR ARTWORK SOOOO MUCH~ I love how you draw the eyes, though. Those little hearts in them always get me. So cute~. I never knew I had a thing for piercings until I saw that artwork of Yoosung. I love how you draw him, btw. I especially love bad boy yoosung! I've been wondering tho, does bad boy yoosung's (dirty) interests similar to what's in the game? (I'm getting thoughts~ many thoughts~) I hope you day/night is going well~! :D

!!! Thank you so much! haha Drawing hearts as the pupils became pretty addictive tbh– it’s hard to stop aha and don’t worry, I love it when guys have piercings! Idk the look of it is really cool. I hope you have a great day too!

But Yoosung’s dirty interest? Like how he’s a masochist?? Then yes, bad boy Yoosung (LMAO) definitely has the same interests. Whenever he accidentally hurts himself, he REALLY likes the attention he gets from the MC. There are times he intentionally hurts himself (like not full out bleeding), but for example, he made hot coffee or instant noodles, and rather than waiting for it to cool down a bit, he would burn his tongue. When that happens, he calls MC over because it’s an emergency and she rushes to him, asking if he’s alright. He does a fake pout and tells her that he burnt his tongue, and basically asks her to do this:

Despite his inexperience with relationships, you’d be surprised how bold he becomes the longer you go out with him. You realize that he’s the type of person that really… and I mean REALLY likes getting physical. He just likes touching you at all times, even if you guys aren’t doing anything sexual, he likes holding your hand, wrapping his arms around your waist, giving quick pecks on your cheeks while you’re sleeping, etc. He’s like a cute lil bunny at first, and then transforms into a sneaky fox.