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I’m considering drawing Mark for my next big project and I was looking for a flattering reference to draw him from. I happened to pause his video on this. I… I’m sorry, Mark. I can’t stop laughing. It’s funny, I’m looking for a reference pic for fanart in his video on fanart. Don’t worry, I’m not drawing this picture. Oh my goodness.

  • me: [observing my wife wash my glass]
  • me: make sure you wash all the detergent out
  • me: I don't want to taste detergent
  • my wife: [stops washing up]
  • my wife: [turns to look at me]
  • my wife: honey
  • my wife: just a reminder
  • my wife: I've done ALL of your washing up for the last 6 years
  • my wife: I have done several jobs where ALL I DID WAS WASH DISHES
  • my wife: YOU
  • my wife: AND YET
Sinbad no Bouken 134 RAW + a Summary!

Here are the raws for Sinbad no Bouken 134! Looks like we were right about that research facility… Of course, I knew this deal was too good to be true…

Just a reminder, to anyone who follows me and enjoys these raws/summaries, parts of or even all of these summaries could be completely wrong, so be advised as you read them as I am by no means a professional translator!

*** Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. Please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken every day on the MangaOne app if you have it!

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Signs that I, too, am on break and do not want to think about the show:

  • I have put my headphones in. 
    • I’d be lying if I said I didn’t occasionally just pop in some headphones for appearance’s sake.
  • I have left the space.
  • Not only have I left the space, but I have, in fact, walked out of the building. 
  • My notebook and anything else I could use to take notes is still sitting at my space in the rehearsal hall. 
  • I am slowly sipping on my coffee and looking at you disdainfully as you approach me with a question.

Breaks are important. 
And everyone deserves to take them. 
The show will not disintegrate if you stop thinking about it for 10 minutes. 


If this rain pours over my head
Maybe I’ll be soaked
My heart as well

Please stay with me
To get this rain without you

I’m still young and a bit scared
I know it will stop soon
But I’m looking for you

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

It’s just a passing shower
It’s that kind of feelings

I have a lot of happy memories with you
I won’t lose that in the rain

By the time the rain stops
Let’s meet again
We’ll meet and laugh together

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

Now I’m getting soaked
Even I don’t have any energy to open un umbrella
But we know
Let us cry for a while
Leaning on the rain
So you can’t see our sad tears

Bye for now

Stop it now
Will these be stopped?
This rain and my tears
I don’t want to be wet with this rain
I don’t want to be cold
Really someday
The cold rain will be changed to warm tears
And it will flow down
It’s okay
It’s just a passing shower

ok but john overhearing sherlock on the baby monitor is becoming my new favourite thing?

john falling asleep on the sofa because he’s exhausted and then he wakes up to hearing sherlock take care of rosie during the night? and he can hear all the things sherlock whispers, things like “it’s alright, I’m here now” and “we have to be quiet so we don’t wake up your daddy, okay?” and john is just staring at the monitor in the dark because he still can’t believe that this is how soft sherlock is towards his baby?

and when sherlock puts rosie back into bed he waits to make sure she doesn’t cry again, and before he leaves he whispers, “good night now” and maybe even a hesitant “love you” and then he goes back down the stairs and stops in the doorway to the living room and he looks into john’s direction and quietly says, “you too, john” before he goes back to his bedroom? and john can’t think of ever being happier than in that very moment? oh my goodness

I was having deep shower thoughts the other day about how putting Luke Skywalker with his Aunt and Uncle on a planet that Anakin knew well, was actually rather genius.

Padme didn’t know she was carrying twins. Anakin didn’t know she was carrying twins. No one knew there were two Skywalker children besides Yoda and Obi-Wan.

So if Anakin goes looking for Padme’s child, just in case a child survived, he goes to Tattoine. He finds Luke.

And he stops looking. The trail ends there. There’s no connection between Luke and Leia. Owen and Beru certainly don’t know she exists. This is why Obi-Wan stayed close to Luke, but Leia has no Jedi guardian nearby looking after her, no presence that would alert Vader to her own. 

In this way, if Vader were to find Luke and/or Obi Wan, Leia would be spared. She’d actually be safer with the Empire thinking the only surviving Skywalker is no more.

There’s still hope for the galaxy, hope that a Skywalker can still bring balance to the force.

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Seeing your writing makes me yearn for the time when I was able to sit down and write something. I think being told writting wouldn't be a good career took rhe magic away from it.

Dear anon,

I have been where you are now. A couple of weeks ago I lost all the fun in writing. Just looking at words or written stories made my head hurt and my heart close up. I felt lost and unwanted and didn’t know what I should do because writing had been such a big deal in my life for the last couple of years that when I suddenly couldn’t write anymore everything felt as if it crumbled down on me. I used to write at least 500 words a day but then I just stopped. Weeks without a single word. I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything anymore because people were constantly nagging or not noticing at all. 

But during that time I realized something important. Don’t write for other people. Stop thinking about what other people might think about what you write or how you write. Write for yourself. Always write for yourself and only for yourself. 

Two days ago I finally wrote something after a long drought and I feel complete again. What I want to say is this: Fuck the haters. Fuck people who think it wouldn’t be a good career choice. If that’s what you want to do go for it. 

If writing makes you happy dear anon please do it. And send me a link. I’d feel glad to read something of you.

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Idk if you're still taking those sentence prompts but if you are, bodhicassian "stop being cute, I'm mad at you"

Bodhi bit his bottom lip and looked over at Cassian with wide, innocent brown eyes. Cassian scowled and looked away, crossing his arms with a huff of irritation – but Bodhi could see the cracks in his façade.

“I’m sorry?” Bodhi offered, softening his voice and looking down at his feet – the perfect picture of remorse.

Cassian let out something that sounded like something between a sigh and strangled groan. Bodhi peeked up at Cassian through his eyelashes with a small smile. He knew the effect that he had a Cassian – and maybe he shouldn’t have been using it to his advantage, but honestly… Cassian was just being ridiculous.

Cassian looked back at Bodhi and made a soft noise in the back of his throat. “Stop being cute. I’m mad at you.”

Bodhi titled his head and looked right back at Cassian -  a smile playing at his lips. “Mad at me? Whatever for?”

“You know why.” Cassian insisted.

Bodhi clasped his hands behind his back and rocked onto the balls of his feet. “I’m not sure that I do.”

“You’re doing it again.” Cassian muttered. “Being all cute and –“

Bodhi hummed softly and slipped behind Cassian, wrapping his arms around the other man. Cassian sighed and relaxed into Bodhi’s arms, the scent of motor oil and vanilla washing over him. He breathed in deeply, the familiar and comforting scent of Bodhi calming his nerves. Cassian took Bodhi’s hand in his own, lacing their fingers together, and held it close to his chest. He could feel the tears forming in his eyes, despite his best efforts to keep them at bay.

“Are you still mad at me?” Bodhi asked, resting his chin on Cassian’s shoulder.

“You almost died.” Cassian whispered. He squeezed his eyes shut, a tear tracking down his cheek.

Bodhi brushed the tear gently away with the pad of his thumb. “But I didn’t. I’m right here.”

“But you could have died. Every time you get in that X-Wing… I’m afraid you won’t come back.”

Bodhi hesitated. His first instinct was to reassure Cassian that he’d always come back, but couldn’t. He couldn’t guarantee that he would always come back. They were at war. Both he and Cassian constantly put their lives in danger.

“I’m here now.” Bodhi finally murmured, rubbing his hand up and down Cassian’s arm. “If this really was our last night together, wouldn’t you rather spend it loving me rather than worrying about my death?”

Cassian disentangled himself from Bodhi’s arms and turned around. He brushed his fingers against Bodhi’s cheek and gazed into Bodhi’s face, committing his face to memory – the slope of his cheeks, his perfect nose, his beard - a little longer than usual, but still perfect.

“I love you.”

Bodhi caught Cassian’s hand and brought it to his lips, brushing a light kiss over Cassian’s knuckles. “I’ll always love you, Cassian.”

send me a sentence and a ship and i’ll write a drabble

Lucifer 2x11 Thoughts

As much as I spend almost all my time on Tumblr, I’m not a regular blogger, I do it quietly and that’s what I prefer. I reblog this and that like on the rest of my other blogs, and I do speak out when I have strong bursts of emotion (also known as ‘feels’) that cannot be contained.

And since waiting forever for this episode, I cannot keep it inside and I’m letting it all out.

You guys watched it on Monday night, where I live I watched it at Tuesday morning. Bad news, I had classes. Good news, I only have 2 classes on Tuesdays, but that didn’t stop my heart beating so fast or my stomach churning or me looking at my watch every five minutes to get these freakin’ classes over with. And I went home as fast as I could without looking weird, Fate seemed to be on my side when I hailed transport immediately and took the last seat. And I was sooooo excited for this episode I woke up at 4am, my mom usually makes me lunch when I get home, and usually I don’t finish them on Lucifer days.

Aaand right into the episode. 

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I notice more often than not that children behave in the store better than their parents. I have children who will listen to me and be polite one second and their parent yelling at me and destroying a display the next.

Kind of depends on how the parents raise them. I’ve had kid run around and destroy shit while the parent looked the other way. And once I said something, then they told the child to stop.
Like, shit, I shouldn’t be doing your parenting for you



Dean not liking it when you dress up for a case.

The brothers first saw the sparkle of the dress’s bodice before they realized that you had entered the room.

“Huh.” Sam exclaimed, once you let go of the heavy fabric and stood before them with your hands on your hips. “You look great.”

“You need to stop.” Said Dean, shaking his head. “You aren’t going dressed in that.”

Your hands fell to your sides and clutched the scratchy material. Such clothing wasn’t something you were use to. The material weighed a ton and it clung to your every curve, making you feel like a sack of potatoes - lumpy and unattractive. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Sweetheart, I’d love to have you walk around looking like that all day,” he confessed, “but you look super uncomfortable and awkward. We’re buying you a pantsuit.”

Happiness swelled up in your chest.

“You have no idea how much I love you right now.” You say, grinning from ear to ear.

Dean licked his lower lip and winked at you. “Yeah, you can thank me later. Let’s just hope that this vampire douche isn’t to intimidated by you and has a thing for sexy women in suits.”

You know, as much as I’m looking forward to Deckerstar sexy times, I honestly think Lucifer is going to pump the brakes and not go through with it.

I mean, we just had an episode where Lucifer learns that all women want from him is sex and nothing more, and it clearly shook him. So I think he’s going to stop things with Chloe before they go further than they do in the promo because he’s afraid the same thing will happen with her. Maybe at one point in the past he would have just wanted sex from her, but that’s not the case anymore. He wants something real.

So, I think Luci is going to insist on taking things slow, as much as it pains both him and Chloe, and I think it’s going to be adorable.

Imagine taking care of Sam’s wounds after a hunt.

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 340

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

  • Sam would be such a pain in the ass.
  • “I’m okay, seriously…“
    "Shut up and sit there, so I can see your definition of ‘okay’.”
    “You don’t have to…”
    “Sit down, Samuel, or I’ll call Dean and patch you up less gently.”
  • He would roll his eyes constantly and try to act like all those bruises and cuts didn’t even hurt.
  • “It’s just the dirt, don’t panic…”
    “Your dirt bleeds, Sam.”
  • He tried extremely hard not to hiss when you cleared his wounds but he couldn’t stop it completely. You would give him a sarcastic look every time he did that. Sam acted like he didn’t see it.
  • Every time he felt a sting of pain he would stiffen and given that he was shirtless, it was the best look ever. Even with the bandages on, you still had a perfect view of those muscles and Chuck forgive you, but you couldn’t help yourself and patch Sam up a little slower than you should.
  • Sam would be really ashamed of someone taking care of his injuries and would try to convince you he could do the rest alone.
  • “I can finish it, thank you for…”
    “Sam, you need stitches.”
    “I have done this before, I’m not a kid…“
    "Sam, you need them on your back. You won’t be able to do this.”
    “I can…”
    “Shut it, Samuel.”
  • Maybe you had a little too much fun, but how could anyone blame you? It’s not everyday you get to sit alone in a not so big room with a person like him.
  • You made sure he took care of himself after you finished. Sam snickered when you persuaded him to go to bed and rest a bit, but he did it anyway, teasing you all the way back to his room.
  • “Sure, mom.”
  • He actually slept for eight hours straight, so when he had woken up, you had the satisfaction you deserved.
  • “Does my stubborn kiddo want some pancakes?”
    “Yes, please.”

Sherlock never let go of Mary (yes, we decided to name our daughter in the honor Mary). I just saw him with her. Constantly. Sherlock just couldn’t stop looking at her.
— And who do we have here? Mom? Yes? Well, come to Mummy, and that it’s offensively that only I hold you in my arms.
But it doesn’t hurt me. Not one bit. I was just enjoying these moments.

Шерлок ни на секунду не отпускал Мэри (да, мы решили назвать нашу дочь в честь Мэри). Я только и видела его с ней. Постоянно. Шерлок просто не мог ей налюбоваться.
— А кто у нас тут? Мама? Да? Ну ладно, иди к мамочке, а той ей обидно, что только я держу тебя на руках.
Но мне не было обидно. Ни чуточку. Я лишь наслаждалась этими моментами.

So, I run

I’m driving. Not this second of course but I am already a state away. I had to leave work, I couldn’t stop crying. I need a plan. Right this instant, running is a plan. I won’t go to far or stay too long, I think I’ll go to the hot springs on my way home. Home is a pretty stupid word.

Last night he came to be and asked if I had gone into my youngest room. I said I hadn’t and he made a big deal about how my oldest must have gone looking for the Nintendo because blah blah blah gunshot.

Seriously, I was so mad I rolled over and cried. I cry when I am mad (also: happy, sad, excited, hurt, etc.) this morning after he put the dishes away and she got up he told her to put her dishes from the sink in the dishwasher, he had not even moved out of the way of the space yet. To give this context, it was a butter knife she had used last night when the dishwasher was running. There was LITERALLY not a second that she had the opportunity to do it herself. Then he started bitching at her. “Just stop” I said. A few minutes later he asked her to clean the bathroom when she got home, sure, she says. Then he goes on to make a big scene about how the hair is all hers. I ask if that was necessary, she said she would clean the bathroom. He said no, it wasn’t.

This is my life. This petty bullshit. My messy forgetful child is doing her best to jump through all these hoops, and I am too. The hoops keep multiplying and getting smaller. So much harder to jump through. I am exhausted. I am beat down. I am done.

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Where do you find all your pics of Diego? Do you have a gallery or a site that you go to and find them?

Google. For example, I (deliciousjabba) go to various sites looking for high resolution images and if I find any I add them to our own gallery. It takes time, yes. But when I post edits, I always link to primary sources. I wish it would stop people from reposting our stuff to twitter/instagram/facebook/pinterest etc. It’s painful to see that some grainy, blurry, or pixelated repost of your edit got more likes on instagram than the original post on tumblr. Crediting people and linking to sources is very easy. Do it.