i have to say they look like a family here

It’s 1952 in Oxford University, and Susan Pevensie is leaving the Lady Margaret Hall library for the last time.

Her classmates will be sorry to see her go - ask any of them “Who’s the young woman with dark hair and a blue coat?” and they’ll say “what, you don’t know Susan Pevensie? You must be new.”

But most of her friends don’t actually know that much about her. They’ll agree that she’s compassionate and charismatic, “and brighter than you’d think she’d have a right to be, with looks like hers - how come she gets beauty and brains?” but nobody knows anything about her childhood. Or her family.

“She’s lost someone,” says a first-year student with a permanent air of exam-induced panic, “she came here on an inheritance from somebody, and I’ll bet anything it’s her parents because she never talks about them, but we’ve all lost someone, you know? From the war or not, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to make her talk.” 

She’s graduating head of her class with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics; she wants to change the world, but really who expects her to do that? There’s a Queen on the throne and a dozen-odd women in Parliament, and many think that’s enough. She’ll make the perfect wife for some politician or businessman, at least while she’s young and pretty enough to be seen and not heard.

The shadows are chilly and long this time of year, so she almost misses the older woman leaving the Principal’s office, but the other woman steps directly into her path.

“Hello, Miss Pevensie,” she says. “I’m Agent Peggy Carter. How would you feel about a job in America?”

I will never pretend to understand tumblr’s weird black and white mentality about actually anything

like pugs? did you know that you can simultaneously acknowledge that they should stop being bred solely for looks and start being bred with longer faces so that they can breathe,

and also still want the pugs that exist to have good homes? like i’ve seen more than one person post about how abusive it is to own a pug

well, here’s mine

Before me, Stanley was living in a garage because his family couldn’t have him in the house. He was getting food he was allergic to and was making his skin break out. He hadn’t gotten shots in three years and his sister bit him the day before I adopted him

I adopted him, got his rabies and distemper shots, antibiotics for his bite, special shampoo for his skin and gave him food that he isn’t allergic to and he sleeps cuddled up to me in my bed 

if I leave, he is terrified that I won’t come back. he’s getting less nervous day by day but he thinks the people he loves just up and disappear

but sure, you’re right, because I adopted a pug I am abusive, and he’s inherently a bad dog for being a pug

anonymous asked:

Do you have any recs where an alive! Hale pack reacts to Steter? Whether they can't believe Peter has found someone just as snarky or if they don't think it's gonna last and whatever is Peter doing to the poor boy? The fics don't have to be centred this though, just some interesting reactions from the Hale pack would be nice. :) Thanks!

Definitely! Here’s some I liked:

The Unexpected Marriage of Peter Hale by moonstalker24

This is the story of how Peter gets married without technically dating anyone.

“You can bring your boyfriend with you,” Talia says.
Peter stops giving Henry more bits of dried fruit to stare at his sister “Boyfriend?”
“Of course!” Talia gestures at Stiles who looks around behind him with wide eyes. “I’m sure the whole family would be interested in meeting your young man.”

Proposing To Strangers by moonstalker24

At the end of a strained relationship, crime novelist Stiles chooses to hide from the world inside a bar with far too many motorcycles outside it for comfort. Here he’ll meet the man of his dreams, eat food and propose marriage, all within the first five minutes.

Peter doesn’t know who this kid is, but he’s cute and looks like he could use a break. So he feeds him. He’s not expecting a marriage proposal, but with what comes after, he doesn’t really mind.

Sweet Like Cherry Wine by ladypigswagon

Stiles growls softly. He can’t seem to get the beak right, it’s too narrow, disproportionate with the rest of the head. He sighs, charcoal smudged fingers leaving grey marks on his cheeks as he drags a hand over his face. The crow he’s studying hops closer, squawking indignantly when it sees Stiles drawing.

“I’m trying,” Stiles mutters. The crow squawks again, hopping back along the branch. The setting sun casts a warm orange glow through the gaps in the treetops. His mother will probably come collect him for dinner soon; he needs to get this right before the light fades.

This Time Around by alternativename, Green

Stiles is a seer dreaming about a pack of werewolves who die in a fire; Peter is a begrudging packmate who doesn’t really feel like part of the family.

When Stiles finally crosses the line and changes the Hales’ history forever, the two of them start up their own story.

Sanctuary by DiscontentedWinter

The Hale Wolf Sanctuary isn’t just for wolves.

It turns out it’s for Stilinskis as well.

Red String verse by gryvon

Peter had given up hope of ever finding his soulmate until the red string on his finger leads him to a four-year-old. He’s going to Hell. Or jail. Or both.

You Had Me at Canapes by LadyArinn

Stiles doesn’t mean to sneak into the Hale wedding, and he certainly doesn’t mean to have cliche coat-room sex with the bride’s uncle, but what had happened, happened, and it wasn’t like he could just leave. At least, not until he got to have some of that cake.

The Time Travel Grammar Book by Guede

Young newly-single mother Talia takes her three children home, only to find her parents missing and her teenage brother talking about strange monsters in the woods—and they’re werewolves themselves, after all, so this is worrying.

Meanwhile, Stiles, Scott, and Lydia touch down in yet another timeline. Obviously, they’re not here for the nostalgia.

The Dragon’s Wolf by DenaCeleste

Stiles is a vengeful dragon, and Peter is his mate. Stiles just has to convince Peter of that while they deal with the attempted murder of the Hale pack.

Write Me Love Notes in Glitter Glue by pibroch (littleblackdog)

The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.

Stiles is a single dad with two kids, and a real contempt for the status quo. Peter is a kindergarten teacher with an army of loyal little minions, and maybe a few ulterior motives.

Can I Tattoo a Baby? by Elpie (Horribibble)

Before he inked his first tattoo, Stiles Stilinski had filled a dozen sketchbooks.
Before he knew what he wanted to do with his life, Stiles Stilinski had a kid to take care of.
Before he threw in the towel completely, Stiles Stilinski met Peter Hale.

Life is made up almost exclusively of happy accidents. (And some really terrifying childhood memories.) But that’s okay.

(Really they’re all kind of morons, but the Buffy style asskicking doesn’t hurt.)

Goodbye to a World by mia6363

Too many of them had died… and those who were left were more broken because of it. So when Peter hesitantly admitted to knowing about a spell that would send someone back in time Stiles knew he had to do it.

Of Gods and Men by Triangulum

Peter has always had his favorites. It’s not that he’s particularly fond of humans, he’s not, but he finds that walking invisible among them at times is much more entertaining than dealing with the squabbling and politics of the other gods. He’s always been a solitary creature among them, though his sister always calls him strange for that and says that gods aren’t meant to be alone. Maybe that’s why she has a horde of children.


The one where Peter is a god and finds a favorite in Stiles.

We Were Supposed to Be by Udunie

Stiles didn’t know what he expected to see in the closet. It was like every other one down the hallway, filled with cleaning supplies a janitor could need in a hospital. There wasn’t anything extraordinary, not a bottle out of place.

Two weeks ago, Heather killed herself in there.

Omegas were supposed to have sensitive noses, but Stiles couldn’t pick up anything. It all smelled like sickness and disinfectant, like every other room.

“Move it,” Harris barked out behind him. The beta swatted Stiles’ head with his clipboard, sending his ears ringing.

Stiles moved, feeling like he was in a bubble that made everything gray and dull on the outside.

Sometimes he missed Heather. Sometimes he envied her.

Less Sass, More Cupcake by nezstorm, Vaal

Stiles and Peter are a forever kind of deal. They know that, everyone who knows them knows that, the creatures they fight are aware of that, too. What they all don’t realize, though, is that Stiles and Peter haven’t taken the final step yet.

Strange Duet by BelleAmante, thiliart (thilia)

The past three years have been a series of shocking, or not so shocking, successes for 2018 Tony award winner and two time Grammy nominee, Stiles Stilinski. You don’t typically find classically trained opera singers singing alternative folk rock to crowds at Coachella. Nor do you find indie singer/songwriters winning best actor awards at the Tony’s for their Broadway debuts. Stilinski has made it his lifetime habit to defy and exceed all expectations.


A Steter fic loosely based on Phantom of the Opera

Kindred Spirits - Teen Wolf Arc by Starkindler

Stiles was registered as Dormant when he didn’t come online at sixteen, after even his mother’s sudden death didn’t trigger his Sentinel genes. He wasn’t supposed to come Online. They said only an extreme circumstance where he feared for his survival could possibly trigger his genetics into becoming active, but they doubted it would happen even then. In other words, he was broken.

His life just wasn’t that exciting. Or so he thought, until one day he and Scott decided to take a jog in the woods, preparing for cross-country for their Senior year. It was the first half of summer, and starting early ensured they were in great shape for the start of school. There were general warnings of staying out of the woods, talk about how they could be dangerous. Stiles never believed them, because he’d spent some quality time in those same woods his entire life.

Besides, nothing ever happened in Beacon Hills.

Spinning Gold by Elpie (Horribibble)

Stiles finds himself locked in the highest room of the tallest tower, and he knows that when they come for him at dawn, it will still just be a room filled with straw.

Until Peter messes everything up.


“Your doubt, while charming, is unwarranted. It can be done, and it will be done, but first we should come to an agreement, don’t you think?”

you and me are the lucky ones by Sang_argente

“Alpha McCall, it seems like there’s only one way to settle this alliance then.”

“You’re right,” Scott replied. “Stiles and Peter will tie our packs by marriage.”

“Wonderful. Shall we set the wedding for this time next month?” Talia asked.


Temporary Claim by run_for_me

Some, of course, are off limits. Queen Talia and her husband have their special favorites who join their marriage bed from time to time. Laura has several young strapping men that are hers and hers alone. Even Derek has a few favorites—the quiet ones, the sweet ones.

Peter? The Duke only has one.

okay, klance shippers, time to stop being racist, stop making lance randomly burst Spanish when he doesn’t speak it fluently in canon, stop sexualizing his nationality & race, stop having my cuban boy use random Mexican slang, stop any non latinx from writing any racist trope, stop acting like lances family is a trainwreck just because they’re latinx, stop saying just because shiro and Keith look similar they’re brothers, I don’t know how you don’t just immediately see how racist that is, stop saying any paladin besides pidge, who is lying about her entire identity, is underage, they’re in college, they’re over 18, they’re literally in space school, the literal cast and crew are okay with shiro and Keith so I have no clue why you’re like this


Alright, hi guys. I know, I don’t want to get serious on this blog, but I kinda feel like I have to for today. And I just want to say I know things are looking super bad right now, honestly, I’ve been feeling anxiety for everyone over there for the entire day! 

But I just want to remind you that this isn’t the end. You’ll all get through this, you might think that there’s no point but please don’t give up! Don’t stop fighting! 

But also please remember to take care of yourselves and take care of each other. 

I know it’s easy for me to say this as someone who’s not from America, but I just want you all to know that I’m here rooting for you and I hope that my words and work would provide some form of comfort.

Take care and be safe. 


I clasp hands with Lily, then she clasps Poppy, who grabs hold of Willow, to Daisy, and finally Daisy and I close the circle.
“We’re here today, to make a promise,” I say. “We promise to always be there for one another, to support each other’s choices, to be the tides that wash away negativity and foes.” I look around at all the girls, and they nod, remembering how we all stayed up until three in the morning, just talking. We might have families of our own, but when we can be together, it’s like no time has passed at all. “However long we live, however hard life becomes, we’ll never lose sight of this sisterhood.”

Resurrection | el diablo

Name: Resurrection
Involves: El Diablo
Ship: El Diablo x Reader
Warnings: Death

Working with the Squad was pretty cool, you made new friends and you felt like you finally belonged.

Your boyfriend, el diablo and you were talking about when you got out of the cells and about how he wanted a family
“Are you sure?” You asked stopping and holding his hand
“Yeah, I love you and I want you to be with you” he says looking down shyly
“Over here, she’s here” Rick Flag says pulling you all to cover

You don’t have any chance to do anything before Enchantresses brother knocked over the pillar you were hiding behind, you ducked just in time as you felt the rush of his hand swing over your head.

The fighting went on for a few minutes before you felt yourself being lifted off the ground, your vision going blurry as a hand squeezed you tight
“no stop” Chato screamed as you’re thrown forcefully to the ground

Chato runs over to you and puts his hand in yours
“Please my love wake up” he sobs shaking you but you don’t move
Saying he got angry was an understatement, he was fuming
He burst into flames and screamed at the top of his voice.
He screamed for you, his future with you and how that had been taken away so suddenly.

Your eyes slowly opened and your ears stopped ringing
“Chato?” You whispered looking at the sobbing man
“Oh god Y/N you’re alive” he yelled now smiling and sobbing
“I’m ok I will always be ok when I’m with you” You smile and you were telling the truth.

• requested, I hope you like it ❤️

I mean y'all gotta understand my level of incredulity when I’m sitting here wearing “women’s clothes,” stuck in a home where being transgender is a sin, and will likely never have the surgeries or hormones I need, and listening to my family refer to me as “she/her,” and struggling with dealing with how cis men still look at me and treat me as if I was a woman because I AM one to them, and then I come on the internet and say “I prefer he pronouns sometimes” and some cis girl tells me I have privilege over her and a bunch of people don’t even question it bc its obvious “all men have privilege over women.”

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 10: I’m Coming

Summary: One big happy family, unless Joker has anything to say about it. JokerXPregnant!Reader Sibling!FrostXReader

Words: 921


Is it mine? Masterlist

“A-are you serious?” Annie questioned sounding shocked.

“Yes, I wouldn’t have offered if I wasn’t. You guys wouldn’t pay rent or anything since it’s not like I have bills to pay for it anyways. The house is completely mine. There are people who come and bring groceries and other basic needs. A maid is here once a week. There -”

“Stop, stop, stop, stop.” I sighed. Liam looked as if he was contemplating something.

“Sorry, it’s strange. I know but you all mean-”

“You’re completely serious.” Liam concluded.

“I said that. You guys don’t have to-”

“You don’t have to sell us they house. We know how amazing it is.” Eric said.

“I’ll move in.” Ty said.

“Really?” I asked hopefully.

“Are you kidding me?” Annie said like the choice was obvious. “We all have shitty apartments that are way too expensive for what they offer. It’s no match. I’ll move in too.”

My smile got brighter. “Thank you guys.” I looked at Eric and Liam. “Well, will you guys move in too?”

“We are all family. We stick together. I’ll move in.” Liam agreed.

“Yeah! What Liam said.” Eric added.

“Okay, great.” I clapped my hands. “I’ll call the movers to have your stuff brought over here.”

“That’s okay. We can manage ourselves.” Annie stepped in. “Thank you.” She stepped closer and embraced me which I returned.

“Thank you, Annie.” Everyone eventually joined.

When we pulled away, Eric spoke. “Let’s go drink to celebrate. Except (Y/N). You can have water.”

“That’s mean.” I pouted. “We can order pizza to celebrate. I’m really hungry.”

“Pizza!” Annie and Ty shouted.

“Pizza it is.” I called the order in.

Joker’s POV

This fool was completely useless. Why could none of them do a simple job? I cut a finger off him and waited for his screams to die down.

“Where did she go? You were the last one to see her.”

“I-I don’t know.” He stuttered. He kept trying to break free from his restraints which made me smile.

“You don’t know?” I looked directly at Frost. “Not the answer I wanted.” I stabbed a knife in his thigh. He screamed.

“Music to my ears. I went behind him. I squeezed his shoulders. “You know I kill useless people. So either you give me something or this bullet goes in between your eyes. Your choice.” I walked around, facing him. I placed my tattooed hand on his face. “Now, tell me. How did she leave?”

“I don’t know, she just left.” I growled in annoyance. None of them could do their fucking job.

“Tell us everything you know.” He had to get something useful despite being the worst at his job.

“She went to the hospital then left. When I tried to follow her the cab went fast. I couldn’t keep track of him.” I hummed in thought.

“You stopped there?” Has this guy ever heard of following people?

“I lost her, sir.” That’s my answer.

I hissed. “You lost her?” I laughed. “He lost her. This is just a big misunderstanding.” I pulled my gun and aimed it at him.

“Please don’t. I got a family at home.” He stared at the gun. I smiled. Seeing fear on faces because of me is a joy of mine.

“You got a family?” I growled.

“Yes, sir.”

“You let mine get away.” I put the gun between his eyebrows.

“Shit. Please! I’m begging you!” He truly was. He’d be on his knees if he wasn’t all tied up right now.

“Does your family know what you do?” It was fun playing games with my victims.

“Wife does.”

“What was her reaction?”

“As long as I didn’t get myself hurt she was okay with it.”

“Do ya love her?” He nodded. There was one person I truly loved and I couldn’t have her because of him.

“Not anymore.” I shot him. “Send someone to clean this up.” I walked out. “Fucking useless.” I walked into another room. I punched the wall. Frost just stood there, no reaction.

“How the fuck did he lose her, Frost?”

“Can I be honest with you, sir?” Frost spoke.

“I reserve the right to kill you.” He nodded in response.

“She probably would have stayed had you not hurt her. If you showed her you were capable of controlling your anger she would have most likely tried it. She knows your violent history with Harley.” I growled at the mention of her name. “You were the only other person she trusted. Be patient with her.”

“That would have done nothing. She’s afraid of me. She knows very well what I do.”

“You think she would have slept with you if she was afraid of you? She most likely is now. Being patient with her would help that.”

“I fucked up. I’ll find her. She’ll be with me.” I admitted.

The door opened and another henchman came in which ended that topic. “What the fuck do you want?” The henchmen stood, hands by his sides looking straight.

“Sir, we know where she is.” I jumped up. They had found her?

“Where is my queen?” I needed to get to her as fast as possible.

“She’s in Burnley, Pennsylvania.” She wasn’t far from Gotham.

“Load up.” Frost looked shocked.

“Frost? Do you know something?” He shook his head.

“We found her.” He said as if he was contemplating it. I smiled.

“That we did.” Everyone was loaded up and I drove off on my own. I was to see her pretty soon.

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Everyone, I want you to look at me for a minute. Okay? Not at the TV or the polls on the Internet.
Take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment, let it out. Repeat.

Is this bad? Yes, yes it is. No matter who votes what and where and how, this election brought out the worst in all of us and we all have to live with that.
Some of us may even find themselves in literal, physical danger depending on which candidate wins.
And we as a country have to be held accountable for the fact that we ever let someone the KKK supported get this far, and what that says about our society.



The sun is still going to rise tomorrow.
The planet is still going to be turning tomorrow.
There are still going to be songs to be listened to, fresh air to inhale, friendly dogs to pet.
There are still people who love you, friends to check in on, people who are going to need encouragement now more than ever.

Do. Not. Quit.
Do not give up hope, do not give up life, do not give up.

America has had some truly awful leaders on multiple levels of government before. America has survived disgustingly racist presidents before (Andrew Jackson, I’m looking at you: may you forever be called to account for the Trail of Tears). But if we just quit, hide away in despair no matter who wins tonight and where our consciences directed us to vote, then what good can we do for our country? How can we change anything if we refuse to engage?

So take a deep breath, drink some water or perhaps chamomile tea, and huddle up with a blanket or a cat or a happy dog. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay. Maybe not tonight, maybe not for a while, but things will change in time. I believe in you.

Perhaps Dr. Seuss said it best:
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
So don’t you go anywhere, because we’ve still got work to do.


Sasusaku is a fraud

 or how sasuke has been manipulated into SS.

I’m gonna analyze it through two POV: Kishimoto’s and canonverse’s.


let’s say he was genuine about it.

1) He admitted in one of his interviews that he even wanted to write a love triangle (that’s just… wow) but ACCORDING to his own words, it wasn’t possible because a) this is a Shonen, and b) he had to prioritize. So, if you say romance was equally important here, you’re deluding yourself. He was focused on everything appealing to boys, i.e. just friendships, popularity contexts and fights. So, it’s only normal, that no romance would have deep development.

In this case, some positive and ROMANTIC-looking moments -no matter how few they are- are enough for romance in this genre. Yet SS doesn’t enjoy from such privilege: part I, team 7 is like family to him (canon), so Sakura is like a sister. He thus protects her as one. Part II -call it ‘he’s in darkness’, or ‘fake Sasuke’- but there’s nothing left of this relationship. The worse is SS went from sibling relationship, to nothing, to romance with a guy that never showed interest in such trivial things as being “attracted to girl or romance”, despite him knowing it actually existed.

2) Kishimoto had only cared about Naruto, his MC, tailoring the rest of the series around him. It’s so bad that every fodder character, every guy from the “main cast” and every evil has surrendered their soul to him. So, once he’s given Naruto his fucking acknowledgement, nothing else mattered for the author.

Sasuke who should have been seen getting over UCM, mending, finding his ways, healing or anything catering to his mental abuse and this abominating genocide has never happened. Why? Because Kishimoto never cared. It wasn’t in his plan.

How can a real Sasuke fan be satisfied with that?

The fact that romance wasn’t even relevant to Kishimoto, and that he didn’t cared about his own creation, he just took the nearest short-cut possible, since ‘Sasuke’s chapter’ was closed to him the moment Naruto beat him.

Since then, he manipulated everything to suit their –SP & Cie’s agenda -Boruto-

Basic reading comprehension.


First, proofs that sasuke is broken and damage i.e. in a state he can be manipulated and driven to do something he doesn’t much care about in the first place.

He’s a ghost of himself

You see there? Sasuke ceased to exist at that very moment. How any decision he made after this can is something genuine? He just surrendered his soul to the world. He keeps living for other people, putting their wishes first, since he doesn’t have any drive himself.

This fragile sasuke can easily end with sakura not because it’s something he has always wanted but, he’s not himself anymore.

Here, he shows us that he’s always been inferior to Naruto and Itachi. Here, you witness a broken man who doesn’t have any more self-love or self-esteem. He’s lost. How is he that Sasuke who made choices because he felt it necessary or what he wanted?

Also, very important, is his dynamic with Itachi. Sorry Itachi fans but he accepted to side against his own family. He betrayed his family, so how Sasuke who is pro-Uchiha forgave a pro-Konoha! Itachi was the last link to the family he ever loved.

Obviously, Sasuke became someone who can be manipulated and everyone who can substitute to his family/Itachi can manipulate him just as well. So, no silly things as “Sasuke can’t be manipulated or driven to do something that doesn’t go with his normal way of being”. He hasn’t even a mind for himself anymore, lol. He deemed necessary to become another Naruto/Itachi.

Because team 7 became that substitute, team 7 can have a huge impact on his mental, and that include Sakura with all that pushing her obsession on him until he breaks. That’s his reality now.

When Sakura confesses, he thinks back again to his family.

For Sasuke, nothing was as much important as his family. He even admitted that he had craved for love, and how he sought for a substitute in Naruto.

That’s back when his old family was more important than anything. After Naruto wins, he breaks down his final wall. What kept team 7 from replacing the Uchiha family, has been vanquished by that final fight. Now Team 7 is not only his sole “decent” connection but his only family.

Like he drank Itachi’s words, he’s bound to drink Team 7 words too.

By the way, why Sasuke felt like helping to save the world but then pull that bullshit? Another bullshit to end this too-long Shonen for Kishimoto.

That he had always loved his family, that team 7 took this place now, that he feels that what he fought for or thought is inferior to Itachi’s and now Naruto’s moral and that Naruto beat him until he had surrendered shows that he shifted his emotions from his old family to team 7.

Now he thinks he’s the worse person to ever walk on this earth when he actually acted like any other ninja. That lets it read that Itachi and now team 7 are always right and he’s wrong to think otherwise. Because he puts himself under those people he thinks are saints moral-wise, he surrendered to their wishes.

He’s like a wound left open now. Every bacterium that ever existed can contaminate him. Yahoo!!

What happened after the big fight and team 7 reunited?

-Kakashi just keeps reading his porn in a shady place.

-Naruto gave up on him.

-Sakura kept confessing until he said yes.

-He has no one but team 7. This team 7 is what is left for someone who put connections above else, and once craved for love.

-All that is important in Naruto is to be pretty, cool and have super power-ups and whatnot. Also get married. You know, ticking everything on the usual bucket-everyday-lists without actually giving it second-thoughts. What? Friendships? Forget about it! Let’s just scratch it a bit and forget about it later on.

So, Sasuke pleases them now, and there’s no one out there to put him first or at least help with his mental health or scars. I mean, now that he isn’t against the Shinobi system why cares about him? Just know something: the moment you get married, whatever pain or mental scars you have will vanish without actually caters to it. (Sarcasm again)



-The OOC of both to make SS:

Sakura went:

From this:

and this

note her promise

(Makes this face):

to this:

like this:

and that:

a) Sakura reverts back to her 12 self around Sasuke. Crying and repeating confessions. b) Her natural confidence that could have helped Sasuke is none existent. Now she acts like a doormat. Please go watch canon written by Kishi –she’s got little to no backbone when Sasuke is concerned. As long as Sasuke answered positively to her confession she’s okay with everything. c) Sakura who is a cheerful young lady tone down her personality to match Sasuke’s moody one.

Meanwhile, she never writes letters to Sasuke or even tells him to visit to see his daughter, but she wears gladly his Uchiha crest. See how SSS in gaiden is another guilt-trip session for Sasuke. He wanted a family and now it became a source of stress. Everyone, from Sasuke to Sakura, going through salad, everyone was apologizing.  Sweet love!

I like Sakura (she’s evolved emotionally and physically), and I love Sasuke but together? I wanna choke a teddy-bear.

-Sorry but Sasuke has NEVER showed romantic interests or whatsoever in anyone. Instead of ending like Jiraya or Orochimaru, aka with no burdens like raising child but travelling freely, he’s got now a child? What happened? How? Sakura raped him or something? Did he ask her? Had they actually had sex? That’s insane.

-In real fucking life, when a boy doesn’t show interest for any girl, he’s gay or aromantic.  Don’t even start with culture. Naruto showed interest. Jiraya did. Rock lee did. Heck, shojo and shounen ai come from japan.


-yeah SS is canon lol. So? If I could fucking take it seriously though, it’s empty, boring and with no real sparks or frictions. Nothing at stakes or anything one could write books about except their aesthetic. Just headcanons like Sakura opening Sasuke’s heart to life -when it’s Naruto-, Sasuke looking like a love interest from a shojo or SNS rip-offs…

They don’t match the canon, neither their respective in character persona.

So, only stupid people can get butt-hurt over the fact that not everyone wants to ship it or find it logical. You like it, ship it elsewhere instead of looking for trouble with antis or other shippers.

To summarize my point is:

-SS indeed happens because Sakura drives him -along team 7- to response to her feelings, not because he was “in love”. (It’s not the same old independent Sasuke). There’s nothing remotely special or admirable about it.

-Sasuke’s last relationships aren’t what could have helped him. Look at him; he’s still vagabonding. Even Naruto ‘let him down’. You think that it’s not Naruto’s job? Then their bond is cheap. You think otherwise? Then let’s admit together that Kishi mostly ruined it all.


I don’t care if you ship SS but how Kishimoto handled it and some extreme fans of his had me angry as hell. 

I can’t believe I’m still receiving “kill yourself delulu fugly”, “kill yourself” and the likes because I ship a crack-ship, like wut?? Please come down your high horse, lol. You ain’t nothing special, neither is your ship.


12x03 “The Foundry”
If Looks Could Speak

This scene was such a gift! So much amazingness without a single word needed, because the facical expressions say it all. :) Sam who is like “OMG you have got to be kidding me! I did not expect that! No please, not another old school rock fan in the family”, Mary who is like “Damn yes, actually turn that music up” and Dean who sits there like “See, Sammy. That’s how it’s done. No more “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole”, but “Driver turns on the radio, shotgun turns up the volume”. It all would be so sweet if there wasn’t this layer of “Is Mary really happy here or is she trying to be/do what she thinks makes her boys happiest here”, I think though here she may be completely sincere, especially as this song may make her feel more like “fitting in” as she knows that song, it’s from “her time” so to speak. And of course the song and the bike Dean commented on prior fit to the song perfectly. After all both are featured in “Easy Rider”, one of the most iconic road movies and well, at least in some ways it fits to the “family road/hunting trip” Sam, Dean and Mary were on this episode. So:

“Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way”

Upcoming Watchalong Dates and Movies!

Okay, so because I and y’all are in for a busy next couple months, and because I’m going to be away a few Saturdays, I’ve decided to actually keep track of stuff here, so that anyone who wants to fill in for my missing weekends can volunteer to do so! If you would like to host my missing weekends, please let me know and I will add them to this list! I love having the watchalongs with y’all and I want people to be sure they can join in during the holiday season!


Again, Any space that says N/A means I am AWAY OR BUSY and I am looking for hosts to fill the spots! Here we go!

  • December 24 - Johnlock Fanvids and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Christmas Eve Watchalong hosted by @tali-zora! THANK YOU!!
  • December 25 - A day of Christmas movies, list TBD (ALL DAY EVENT)
  • December 31 - TAB and GAY Pilot (2 Showings)
  • January 1 POSSIBLY going to host a livestream of the UK Airing of Sherlock S4. Interested in multiple hosts as Rabb.it only hosts 25 people at a time.
  • January 7 - Sherlock: The Six Thatchers (so long as I can access the online stream)
  • January 14 - Sherlock: The Lying Detective (hosted by @johnlock-is-almost-canon! THANK YOU!)
  • January 28 - Sherlock: The Final Problem 
  • February 4 - SHERLOCK S4 MARATHON (1 Showing of Each)
  • Additional episodes to be screened as soon as I find out dates.

Again, this is just a tentative list, movies and dates may change based on my own schedule. I you would like to host a movie on my N/A days, please contact me through the chat and I’ll add you to the list!

fairyflossed-bunnymilk  asked:

Hey Bunbun I was wondering if you could do a mtl on who would like tattoos the most? Whenever you have time of course, love~ ๏ฝก^โ€ฟ^๏ฝก



Jungkook (He keeps saying how much he thinks they’re cool and wants one himself but he doesn’t plan on getting on due to his family/Fans worrying about him. So I think he’d love to look at the ones on his S/O)

Yoongi (I can see him going out and getting a few himself *towhichhelooksawamzingwiththem* so definitely not seeing a problem here)

Namjoon (I also see him as someone who loves to see them but I’m not sure if he’d ever get one himself)




Jin (I don’t think he hates them but I don’t see him particularly loving them either)


don't take me to dinner

this a reoccurring thing when I go out to dinner I always end up ordering what I don’t even want. I have been doing this since I was young but it all lead up to this point… So when I was like nine I always felt the pressure to order like I’ll be talking, not reading the stupid menu and my family is huge so when the waitress comes my whole family knows what they want and here I am barley opening the menu. When the waitress asks me “what would you like to order?” I would blankly say, “spaghetti…” but then my mom would look at me and say, “I thought you did’t want that?’ in my response, “yeah I didn’t… I panicked”
But one time I went to a nice-ish restaurant and I was craving steak and have been complaining about it for days.

Finally, I am able to get the delicious steak craving satisfied. I was visiting, having a good time and the waitress comes and asks us our order. I was so prepared to order and when she finally asks me what I wanted I said… ” spaghetti.“ After she left I just sat my head down in disappointment. My mother then again said angrily, “I thought you said you wanted steak?” and in deep sorrow I said, “yeah… I know”

So long story short, if I ever get something I don’t even want and I don’t even order spaghetti, my family will say, “oh, did you pull a spaghetti?”

anonymous asked:

Hi how are you? You say that your Latin but where. My dad is Dominican and my mom, siblings and I are Haitians. You are refreshing by the way you make some incredible points here ziam and basically the fandom as a whole. I too don't understand the commitment that a lot of Louis Stans have on steve, it just looks to me like they're just friendly with each other

Hey nonnie. I’m good, thanks for asking. I’m Puerto Rican on my mom’s side of the family. 

A good number of Louis stans, unfortunately, are eager to please and thirsty for validation. Sadly, a lot of young women are like this. The world at large encourages us to be like this. So any reporter that says one nice thing about Louis and/or Larry is the messiah. They heap praise on them, follow them on social media (even try to befriend them), give them massive clicks, etc. I’ve explained time and again that people are just doing their jobs and that isn’t necessarily a reflection of what they really think. That’s been proven true a few times, like with Richard Lawson and Alan Ewart, for example.

As for Steve, he seem to be a nice guy. And Louis is a nice guy so it makes sense that they get along. But he’s also a businessman. He’s a Benihana heir. I’m sure he knows a little something about business. People don’t need to assume he’s doing what he’s doing out of a deep and abiding love for Louis. Why would anyone assume that?? That’s naive. Louis has breathed new life into Steve’s brand. It’s smart of Steve to take full advantage of the attention of Louis’ devoted fanbase. But just like with the shady reporters, fans have made him the new messiah. It’s frustrating watching that happen over and over. That eager to please, desperate for validation thing should be beneath the dignity of women in 2017. It’s also frustrating to think about people who clearly can’t differentiate between what’s game and what’s genuine being out there in the world…just fucking up repeatedly. LOL

But for real tho. Let life teach you. Learn and grow in wisdom. Only a special few can make feckless naivete a workable life strategy. I’m not one of them, so I stay woke. 

Also, funny how when Zayn hooked up with Naughty Boy, the overall reaction was immediate disdain. Immediate rejection. Immediately feeling “threatened” by the outsider. That in spite of Naughty Boy heaping praise and affection on Zayn in those early days–same as with Louis and Steve. What’s the diff, hmm? Yep, funny that. 

funny story that happened tonight. so I’m sitting at my girlfriends job, waiting for her to get off work. I’m sitting and this woman comes up to me and asks me “are you okay? can I buy you a burger?” and I’m like no but thank you, I’ve already eaten. so she and her family leaves the resturant, but her daughters come back in and they stand right in front of me. they’re like, “hi whats your name?” and then I say “I’m chris” now I’m getting the hint that they’re hitting on me. so she tells me her name and her sister is like “but you can call her bae” and I’m like “i have a girlfriend. she works here, shes here rn” and they look at each other and they’re like “so…can we have your number?” meanwhile, everyone working there including my gf is looking at me and these random girls. my gf is behind me cleaning, glaring them down. they got my number, and they’re like “have a good night” and walked out.

after they leave, everyone working there was like “yo…what the fuck! did those girls just get your number!?” and I’m confused like i guess?? and my gf is like lmao if i wasn’t busy working (thankfully she trusts me and knows I’m not even bout that action)

moral of the story: ppl don’t care if you’re in a relationship, even if your significant other is literally right next to you, they will hit on you regardless

person of interest [s1] starters
  • “I’m a really private person.”
  • “So you see, knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with that knowledge… That’s where you’d come in.”
  • “You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.”
  • “Sooner or later both of us will probably wind up dead. Actually dead this time. I said I’d tell you the truth. Didn’t say you’d like it.”
  • “Bad things happen to people every day. You can’t stop them.”
  • “I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family left, either. Went around the world looking for bad guys, There were plenty of you right here all along.”
  • “But I’ve got two rules. One, you so much as hurt anybody, and I’ll kill you. I don’t particularly like killing people, but I’m very good at it. And two… You have to be more careful.”
  • “I get it. You’re like me. A killer. A genuine bad guy. Then I don’t have to explain to you what happened to those people on that boat. You already know.”
  • “I know what it’s like to lose someone. And to feel the need to disappear. But, trust me, you don’t want to leave people behind.”
  • “Killing in battle, in combat, is one thing. Killing someone up close, someone who can’t fight back, that takes a different sort of killer.”
  • “That’s one of the things you learn over there. In the end we’re all alone and no one’s coming to save you.”
  • “Tell me to wait for you. Say those words and I will.”
  • “If you’d like a raise, you just have to ask.”
  • “The report, please. I did say please.”
  • “Or maybe there are no good people, maybe there are only good decisions.”
  • “No question is ever innocent from you. You’re trying to determine whether I come here often. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll try to figure out where I live.”
  • “Yeah, I’m not great at keeping in touch with people.”
  • “I suppose time will tell which one of us is right.”
  • “No small talk, no questions. You stay in the car and keep your eyes on the road.”
  • “You wanna know where people hide things, [name]? Underneath.”
  • “How do I know you’re not one of them?”
  • “May I at least have your name before we commit grand theft auto together?”
  • “If you stay out of my way, I’ll stay out of yours.”
  • “Yeah, the benefits of no one knowing who you are or what you look like. That’s gone now, I suppose. It’s time to evolve. I’m ready for the next step.”
  • “Thing about organized crime? It was organized. Things worked. Trains ran on time. This new guy… he knows the rules.”
  • “I breached the space/time continuum. Not really… but I did sense my privacy being invaded…”
  • “He’s an incredibly dangerous, incredibly gifted man who’s been almost destroyed by the things he was made to do. He’s always looking for someone to trust, but his paranoia makes trust impossible.”
  • “When I was nine years old, my brothers decided I needed to learn swim, so they tossed me into the deep end of the pool. Took a few minutes, but I figured it out.”
  • “I looked for a I’m-sorry-I-got-you-shot card, but they were all out…”
  • “Thanks for that news flash [name]. Here I was planning to move at a sloth like pace and get myself captured.”
  • “He’s one of those rich loner types, the kind you’d call strange if he didn’t have so much cash. He’s ‘eccentric.’”
  • “A little advice: if you’re going to do something wrong… do it right!”
  • “We didn’t hack in, we were let in. It’s a honeypot. Program is sophisticated. They’re using a worm to infect any devices connected to our private network. Including our phones. They’re listening to us right now. Destroy your phone. You know how to find me.”
  • “This guy spent so much time being someone else, he probably doesn’t know who he is anymore.”
  • “The most efficient way to lose is a fight is to act without knowing your enemy.“
  • “I’m not sure I’m in favor of our troubling arrangement, especially when you disappear on mysterious business.“
  • “You read Sun Tzu?”
  • “You think you’re the first person to put a gun to my head?”
  • “The safest I’ve ever been was when I was anonymous.”
  • “This really isn’t working… one of us always being here - minding the baby!”
  • “The trouble with children, you never know how they’re gonna turn out.”
  • “Who I am doesn’t matter right now. What matters is, I know who you are.”
  • “You two think you’re safe because there’s just one of me. That I’m weak and that you’re strong. That’s not strength. That’s weakness. Look at you… a bunch of jealous idiots. Liars, betraying each other. I don’t need that. I get my strength from being alone, and that’s why I’m gonna destroy all of you.”
  • “Short list of people crazy enough to take on the entire leadership of the Cosa Nostra?”
  • “It all comes down to a matter of trust, the foundation of any healthy relationship. I just need to know where this is headed.”
  • “Once we become predictable, we become vulnerable.”
  • “I’m surprised, [name]. That nice young lady seemed somehow impervious to your charms.”
  • “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to kill you.”
Imagine Request - Ellen Interview

Can you do an imagine where someone asked what his best teenage years was and he says Selena and didn’t realize he hurt and embarrassed his wife in front of the kids and family and everyone looks at her like they feel sorry for her

“So, Justin. I’ve got a question for you. I’m a talk show host, you think I’d have lots of questions for you but every time you come here we get off track and end up talking about either your hair or your wife.” Ellen sat across from Justin as the camera rolled, the audience laughed at her comment, as did Justin.

“That’s true, but they’re both important subject so I don’t mind.” Justin laughed and smirked at Ellen as he shifted in his seat.

“We could talk about your butt and it’d be an important subject, let’s admit it. Anyway,” She laughed before carrying on. “Uh, in your opinion, what was the best part of your teenage years? You know, everyone has watched you grow up and have their own opinions, but what do you think?”

You’d met Justin when you were just teenagers, it’s those memories that you held onto dearly. You hoped he’d bring those memories up, just to prove they meant something to him to. But you wouldn’t be mad or upset if he didn’t.

Holding onto your daughters hand as you stood to the side with her, watching Justin’s interview. She smiled and gleamed as she watched her dad.

“My favourite? Gosh, that’s hard to choose, there’s so many.” He chuckled as he ran his hand up and down his cheek, his elbow resting on the arm of the chair. “Uh, probably being with my ex-girlfriend. Being with Selena, it was new for me at the time and it was all fun, we were so in love. Obviously it didn’t work out like we wanted it to but I’m grateful for the time I had with her. I think a part of me will always love her dearly.”

It was like a blow to the stomach. You saw a few heads turn your way as they all remembered you and your daughter running to stand there. You felt winded as your jaw hit the floor, did he seriously just say that? The look on Ellen’s face was the same as everyone else’s as she glanced in our direction. Justin, on the other hand, looked confused to say the least. Your daughter had no idea, she was still smiling proudly at her dad.

You felt hurt and embarrassment run through you as you picked your daughter up and pulled her away, the states and the pity looks becoming too much for you. On the screen, you saw Justin laughing and carrying on the interview as normal, having no idea what he’d opened up.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a cute "Goku cuts Goten's hair and it ends looking like Gine's." Fic?

Author’s Notes: So this is a teenage Goten, which is kinda headcanon based as far as personality goes, but once I have an idea in my head it’s hard to write anything else. I hope the angle I went with here is both cute and maybe a little funny and also sweet, anon.

Characters: Goku, Goten

Word Count: 762

Time Period: Some years after Buu


“You sure you know what you’re doing?”

“Hey, don’t worry,” Goku said with a laugh. “I cut Gohan’s hair when we were training for a year. You’ve seen pictures of that, right?”

With a sigh, Goten had to admit he was right. Gohan’s haircut in those pictures looked perfectly fine. Shaking the feelings of apprehension, Goten sat down in the plastic chair they had pulled outside. Mom didn’t want to deal with any hair mess in the house, and it was a nice enough day to be outdoors anyway. The air was warm but an occasional breeze kept it from being too hot. Squirrels and birds were pretty active, as could be seen when a squirrel ran down the nearby tree and rushed across the grass toward the wildlife beyond.

As he sat down with his dad no doubt grinning behind him, Goten groaned at a thought. “Gohan’s hair is different from mine, though.”

“Oh, I figured,” Goku said. “His grew a lot faster when he was younger.”

“Heh. Yeah,” Goten murmured, setting his hands on his legs. “Not what I meant, though.”

“Huh? It’s not?”

He groaned. Oh, sure, he trusted his dad with the hair clippers. He wouldn’t do anything too crazy. But after living with him for a few years, after becoming a teenager, Goten had realized that sometimes his dad just didn’t get it. Of course, plenty of adults didn’t understand him a lot of the time anyway (and Gohan said it was just part of being a teenager) but still -

“I, uh, don’t really want the same haircut you gave to Gohan or anything like that.”

“Oh, hey, that’s not what I was gonna do anyway,” his dad said, the clippers already moving through Goten’s thick hair. “Your hair is different from Gohan’s. I know. Especially since it started growing beyond looking like mine.”

Goten smiled, scratching at his cheek. “Heh. Yeah. I liked looking like you back then, but I kinda like having my own style now, ya know?”

“Mhmm,” Goku hummed. “I know.”

He closed his eyes, keeping the smile, enjoying the warmth of the sun on his face and the smell of the clear mountain air. Growing up, he’d always liked having his father’s hair. People always commented on it and that wasn’t annoying because they usually only had good things to say. Now that his dad was back from the dead, though, things had changed. Well, he had grown up, too.

Grown up and wanted his own identity. There wasn’t anything wrong with being like his father. His dad was amazing, after all. But there was something nice about being able to have his own look now. Maybe that was part of why he liked having mom make shirts that had his name on them.

Gohan said that was a teenager kinda thing, too. Wanting his own identity like that.


At his father’s comment, Goten froze, trying to glance back over his shoulder. “Oops? Oops, what, Dad?”

“Ah hah. Nothing. It’s okay. I got this. I can fix -”

“Fix what?

“Hey, it’s fine,” Goku reassured, setting a hand on his shoulder. “Just have to try something different, that’s all.”

With a light laugh, Goten forced himself to stay calm. “Dad, you’re scaring me.”

His only response was a laugh. Followed by more of an active sound of clippers cutting his hair. The feel of weight being lifted. Which wasn’t exactly comforting. Sure, Goten’s hair had gotten really long lately, but how much was his dad planning to take off? He’d spent so much time getting it to that length in the first place.

“There,” Goku announced after a moment. “All done. Wanna see?”

Without waiting for the obvious answer, Goku handed Goten a small mirror (one his mother had handed off before they stepped outside). And Goten stared at what he saw, trying to decide what he thought of the new look. Hair was such an important facet of identity, at least from what he knew. Even if the messy spiked look wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind, it still kinda seemed to fit, too.

A glance to his dad’s awaiting posture behind him made Goten deadpan his reaction. “It’s a mess.”

“Heh,” his dad breathed as he put a hand behind his head sheepishly. “It’s a good mess, though, right?”

“Yeah,” Goten nodded and grinned to meet the bright grin from his father. “Thanks, Dad.”

A bright grin that softened only slightly as Goku set his hand on top of Goten’s hand and ruffled the new hairdo. “Anytime.”


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