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Oh well that’s quite a big question! I guess in a nutshell I would say I am a type A workaholic who is also an artist. I am a student of life, business, literature, and humanity. I wear too much black, drink too much coffee, and eat too many carbs. My drink is scotch neat. My guilty pleasures are soft pretzels, Mexican food, and cookie dough ice cream.
I am happiest when I am laughing and having fun with people I love or when I am creating characters and being immersed in a new world. I’m not sure I know how to exactly answer this because I’m still learning it myself. But that’s sort of the exciting thing about life isn’t it?

You are always learning and growing and changing and becoming something new.

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Hi just wanted to say I really love your blog you're my fave tc blog bc you're solely in it for "wholesome" reasons (ie u don't want to fuck serial killers or make columbine edits) and you make really good, well informed and interesting posts and you seem rly nice to anons! !! I hope u have a nice day and I look forward to your book!!! Also?? Ur so pretty???

Thank you so much!

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awesome job on your edits! I keep seeing them pop up on my dash and i am so impressed! Just wanted to stop in and say well done :)

Hey!  Thanks! (sorry they keep popping up. haha.  I just want to make sure people know they’re loved today.) On that note, if you have a story I don’t know about, feel free to message me with the details!  I’d love to make you one too! :)

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Hey, all. Just a reminder that since M*lly is a mirror for John, and the things Molly says and does/what happens with her is later duplicated with John, Sherlock is going to say “I love you” to John but it’ll be for real ♡♡♡♡

EDIT: M*lly is written as a mirror. That is her literary function. Do not come at with your weak accusations of sexism when that is literally how her character is written. It is not my fault the writers chose to write her that way. Instead of accusing me of sexism, why don’t you do something that actually makes a difference and donate to Planned Parenthood, if you can afford it.

I can’t believe I have to spell her name wrong because of the people on this site omg


Ring! Ring! Sehun is calling! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪


Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue


westallen + third time’s the charm

@therealjacksepticeye Seán, thru out the years of watching your channel and brightening my days I found sometime special. Your passion and spark to be more positive has helped me find what I now love to do. Sure, some say it’s a bit silly to draw so much inspiration from someone yelling into a camera however to me it means the world. I would have never picked up video editing if it were not for you and the friends you have made on YouTube. Thank you so much for making the world a better place even if it is on a small scale. One smile, one laugh can make a world of difference, and it sure made a difference in me.

Interesting day today at work (I just started here 2 months ago):  I work with scientists and I overheard them talking about games.  Wondering in, listening to their conversation on whether to buy the PS4 on sale or the XBoxOne.  Hmmm, I say “Have you played or seen “The Last Guardian”, it’s a gorgeous game on the PS4″.  Someone says “look up a playthrough”.  I say Jacksepticeye.  

Suddenly a group of 30 something and 40 something year old scientists sat enthralled for an hour watching Jack play giddily.

2 subscribed right there.

5 more sent me an email “in secret” asking for the URL.

The rest of the day you could hear Jack coming from the office area AND the lab.

I work with gaming nerd scientists.  Gotta love it.

Games, Gamers, YouTubers transcends age. 

PAX West 2016: Jacksepticeye panel

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@natvanlis: Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell the twelve-year-old girl that got shoved into lockers what her life is like now.


“Here’s a real question: how have you survived this long when you’re so violently self-destructive?

Andrew cocked his head to one side in a question. Neil didn’t know if Andrew was playing stupid to rile him or if Andrew really was oblivious. Either way it was frustrating. He wondered why no one else had caught on, or if people noticed and just didn’t care enough to say it. Now that Neil saw it, though, he couldn’t look past it. Anytime the Foxes mentioned Andrew’s upcoming sobriety or Andrew’s name popped up in write-ups on the team’s performance at games, the focus was on what a danger he was. People talked about his trial and how it saved them from Andrew. No one said what they were doing to save Andrew from himself.


“George says that if you look at the person someone chooses to have ‘a relationship’ with, you’ll see what they think of themselves. So Harrison is what I think of myself. It’s hardly a relationship, but nevertheless he is a choice. I examined all the options and chose the most likely to leave. No emotional investments. Never love for me—only obsession. Someone has to stand still for you to love them—my choices are always on the run.” - The Princess Diarist


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“Honestly, I know I wouldn’t be up here if it wasn’t for one of my best friends who took me to pubs and taught me how to make a good cup of tea and taught me everything I need to know about the UK. I just want to say I love you, Ed Sheeran.”

“America would never have happened for me, or I would never have got the ball up at all if I hadn’t gone on tour with Taylor Swift in 2013. She texted me and asked did I want to go away with her for six months. I might have been a very successful home grown act here (UK), but not in America, so it was the best text I’ve ever had from Taylor.“


I’ve always loved how Dan’s voice gets a little softer for the final minute of his YouNow live shows and he says inspiring and/or encouraging words, so I made a compilation of all the endings of all his 2016 live show. 

Sometimes, all you need is a few simple words to feel better and these moments helped me a lot. 


Jumps on this Megane!Prompto train—-because I really love him in glasses as well! Albeit thicker frames are always gonna have a place in my heart, I’m gonna take a gander and say he looks good in just about anything as well lol 

Fun doodles to pass the time!


“When I was a younger actor, I meditated and marinated over the effect on the long-term and the short-term, the this and the that. I thought myself out of so many things I could have done. Now, if a couple of things pop to me, if my internal speedometer is going in that direction, then I say yeah. Let’s rock ‘n’ roll.”


Drake is pop and Diplo is pop and there’s so many different artists that are now dominating the charts that would probably have been in a completely different genre, but it’s kind of all merged into one and no such thing as genre actually exists anymore. So yeah, it’s a really good time to be a pop artist and not be ashamed of it. When people ask what kind of music I make I say pop, and I’m very, very comfortable in saying so, because it doesn’t identify with being bubblegum pop anymore. Pop is cool.