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(Pst watch dead girl walking from heathers if u arent busy cuz its related to my request)so mc broke in their room from the window and she woke them and said thry aint gonna sleep tonight and she'll break them (rfa+v)

I have to say that I really loved this prompt. At first I was extremely confused by it, mainly cause I didn’t know what the heck Heathers was, but then I googled the song and I stumbled over this animatic version of it and it was such a great experience OMFG! I watched the movie I’d never heard of (and loved it), I watched the musical I’d never seen before (and loved it, although the actor for JD wasn’t Ryan in the recording, sadly) and listened to all the songs again and again, singing loudly to almost all of them. If anyone wants to fangirl over Heathers, my door is wide open. Especially to those who love the fuck out of JD, cause I sure as fuck found a new obsession.

Anyway, I had to change the prompt ever so slightly, making it more angry sex like in the musical instead of directly translating it with the whole window climbing thing. To make up for it I hid almost the entire Dead Girl Walking lyrics within this prompt. One of the reasons it took me so long to write. It also got rather long…again. I have to apologize though, because you requested V, but I just couldn’t imagine him in such a situation. Instead I wrote Saeran and used this as an addition to the troublemaker prompt I posted a while ago.
So here is || PART 2|| and a link to || PART 1 ||.I really hope you enjoy. Writing smut was hard this time.




He’d called you about a million times and you had yet to grace him with a reply. Not an answer, not a call, not even a quick text message to let him know that you were still alive. Zen was possessive and overprotective to begin with, but since the accident a couple of months ago where he’d dramatically found out that you were running a huge drug cartel his worries for your safety had gotten even worse. Rightly so, he liked to remind you, as it hadn’t been the last time you’d found yourself shot or otherwise harmed.

Not to mention that you always refused to go to the hospital – “Zen, honey, think about it. How the fuck am I supposed to explain why my body contains two bullets without admitting to smuggling drugs?” - which meant the only patch-up you ever got was from yours truly and Zen was a lot of things, but not a goddamn doctor. The wounds took longer to heal than he was used to and the scars never fully faded. As an actor, who’s job depended on body, he wished you would take better care of yours. 

Then again, it wasn’t like you having those kind of scars made you aesthetically unpleasing to him. He couldn’t have cared less, if that is the only thing wrong with out. What really bugged him was that you seemed to be growing increasingly more reckless, scars multiplying rather quickly. He couldn’t keep up with it. Eventually he’d given up on receiving a reply, hoping and praying that you were alright and come morning he’d find you asleep by his side. He’d fallen asleep eventually, though reluctantly and fitful.

“Zen, wake up”, you whispered into his ear. You let your lips brush over the sensitive skin behind it, watching with pleasure as the little hairs on his nape began standing up. You chuckled lowly, pleased to see the immediate response his body gave to you. You wrapped your arms around him from behind, trailing them down his chiseled chest to the V of his hips and eventually dipped below the rubber band of his boxer briefs. You smirk to yourself when just that is enough to catch Zen’s attention, making him squirm and moan lowly.

Long fingers wrapped around his girth without further hesitation, slowly pumping the long member into hardness. It never really took long to get Zen aroused, a fact that both of you had dwelled in a lot over the years. His refractory period was amazingly short and allowed you to have sex again and again and again. His lust was truly without compare, only ever matched by yours. When he’d called himself a beast he hadn’t lied and you were very appreciative of said fact. This time around, however, it was time for the beast in you to awake.

Once you’d felt the precome beginning to coat your fingers you’d removed your hand, trailing it up his body and to his chest. You’d dug your nails into his pecs, forcefully turning him onto his back and climbing on top of him. Zen’s eyes had jumped open, a gasp falling from his lips. You could tell that he was about to say something, effectively silencing him by rolling your hips, creating sweet friction against his erection. “Sorry, but I really had to wake you. See…I decided I must ride you ‘till I break you.”

Zen, who’d still been half asleep, found himself rather awake when you’d decided to free his cock from the restriction of his underwear. He watched with wide eyes, as you lifted your skirt, pushed aside your lace panties and sank down onto his thick appendage. You hissed at his girth splitting you up and yet didn’t stop for a second, burying him deeper inside of you until his entire length was nestled within your hot, tight walls. You stopped, giving yourself a moment to get used to the sudden intrusion before beginning to roll your hips languidly.

It felt good to be in control for once, the fact that he was naked while you were still fully dressed adding some sort of thrill to it. At first your movements were slow and deliberate, allowing you to take in the sight before you. Zen’s eyes were half lidded and dazed, lips parted and shiny from where he’d licked them. The way he looked at you made your blood rush faster, heating your skin pleasantly. He reached out then, resting his big hands on your hips. His fingers dug into your skin momentarily, leaving his marks on you like you’d hoped he would.

While you rested your hands on his chest, using that hold as leverage, his hands travelled higher to grasp your breasts, holding them firmly as he played with your nipples until they hardened under his admission. It was then that you’d decided that enough was enough, slapping away his hands. You were the one making the calls, not him. To drive that point home you dug your nails into his chest, making him hiss quietly, before starting to roll your hips with more fervour. You were using him to pleasure yourself and you enjoyed it.

“P-please…”, he begged eventually, red eyes trained only on you. You met his gaze, licking and nibbling at your bottom lip, smirking devilishly. Torturously slow you started to lift yourself off of his cock until merely the tip of it remain buried inside you. When you didn’t move right away he whined, making you claw at his chest once more. You took mercy on him, sinking back down. This time, however, your movements weren’t half as slow. You started to gain in speed, practically bouncing on his erection.

Zen attempted to flip you over multiple times, but you made sure it didn’t happen until eventually he gave up, merely looking up at you with awe and arousal shining through his eyes. The pace you set was brutal, almost punishing. You wanted to feel him, feel the sting of his girth spreading you impossibly as you buried him inside you again and again. Once this would end and you would have to leave, you wanted to feel him there for days to come. You could feel yourself growing closer, reaching down to pleasure yourself while you rode your lover.

“Fuck, Zen”, you moaned, head thrown back and eyes shut. With the added stimuli to your clit your orgasm rapidly approached, your movements becoming erratic on top of Zen. The sounds coming from your mouth became filthier by the minute, from mewls and whine to low groans and screams of pleasure. Zen wasn’t unaffected either, as you could feel his cock jump and pulse within you, announcing his nearing orgasm as well. “I want you to come inside of me, Zen. Make me yours. Mark me from within.”

You’d never done it without a condom – you becoming pregnant the last thing either of you could afford – but now you didn’t care. You were about to die anyway, so might as well make the best of it. A couple more strokes to your hardened sex and you came, calling out your lovers name as your walls tightened impossibly around his erection. Zen followed soon after, a mere handful of thrusts upwards as he buried himself inside you one last time before spilling his hot seed. Both of you were exhausted, shaking through our overwhelming orgasm.

You collapsed next to the other, both of you panting as you lay side by side. “Damn, this screams for a post-orgasm cig”, Zen said, chuckling. You smirked, snorting out a chuckle before reaching out for the nightstand, fiddling for a moment, before handing Zen a lighter and a cigarette. Only then did his smile fall, his head turning to look at you properly. “Something is going to happen, isn’t it.” You didn’t meet his eye, a sad smile curling around your lips. “Don’t worry about me, babe. I’m just your usual dead girl still walking.”


Once you’d admitted to your special activities, it had been rather hard for Yoosung to go about even the most mundane of things. He was constantly reminded of the day you’d killed a man right before his eyes, cut him up like it was nothing. Whenever he thought he was somewhat over it – the fact that he even considered getting over it was crazy – pictured began to flash in his mind. So much blood and he hadn’t even averted his gaze. Yoosung only noticed that he’d gotten lost in his thoughts when the cashier cleared her throat loudly.

He blushed and quickly paid for everything and pushed his cart along. Walking home with the groceries his mind drifted off once more. Suddenly everything you did seemed so much heavier than it did before. All the times you’d talked about going for drinks with your friends or having to stay late for work…all he could think about was whether you were actually killing someone instead. Those weren’t the things that bothered him the most, though. What really got to Yoosung was the fact that…he didn’t really mind?

When he came home you weren’t there yet, so he put away the groceries and laid down on the coach, arms crossed behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. He’d been shocked at first, like every normal person would, but now he didn’t even flinch when you told him about your newest kill. He never told anyone. Never called the police. In fact, on more than one occasion he’d found himself anticipating the next story. He’d gotten addicted to the thrill like you’d anticipated him to. Had you had more time, you were sure he would have joined you eventually.

When you got home, slightly out of breath and with a racing heart you’d found your husband napping on the couch, Some of the stress had melted away at the adorable sigh, a soft smile appearing. In a world filled with so much hate and filth he was like your safe haven. Everything about him was innocent, sweet and pure and whatever worry you had melted away when greeted by such a sight. Or it usually did. This time, however, things were a little grimmer. This time you needed something else to cheer you up.

You made your way to the couch, rather impure thoughts on your mind. You would have felt guilty any other time, but not this time. Instead you kneeled before the couch, carefully massaging your husband through his pants, feeling the outline of his cock harden under your admission. A somewhat high pitched groan fell from Yoosungs lips as his eyes fluttered open. He rubbed at them, still obviously disoriented, until he finally noticed you on your knees beside him. Yoosung instantly jumped into a sitting position, just the way you’d hoped he would.

His face heated horribly as he scrambled to cover his erection with a pillow. You had to bite your lip not to laugh, smiling at how devastatingly adorable Yoosung was. “Don’t be shy, honey. I want to”, you assured him. You wrapped your hand around his wrist, tracing the vein with your thumb as you pushed his hand away to remove the pillow. As you began unzipping his pants, still feeling him up through the fabric, you could feel the twitch of his dick under your palm and it only fed into your hunger for the man.

You made a quick job of removing his clothes, no patience or time to tease or any finesse. You wanted his dick inside your mouth asap. Once Yoosungs tighty-whities had joined his jeans around his ankles you’d smirked up at the other, hungrily licking your lips. Yoosungs eyes widened and he swallowed loudly. You grasped the base of his cock, pumping it steadily while licking along the underside of his cock, paying special attention to the prominent vein that always made him mewl when licked and sucked at.

Getting Yoosung off with your mouth had always been the easiest of things for you. At first you merely sucked at his head, twirling your tongue around it, making Yoosung groan and relax under your touch before releasing it with a filthy popping, leaving him to plead. Only then did you wrap your lips around his cock, slowly inching lower until they were nestled around his entire shaft. At first you would merely suck before bobbing your head, moaning around him to send vibrations up his erection, cock twitching within your mouth.

After that it didn’t take much longer for Yoosung to come. The second his head hit the back of your throat it usually overwhelmed him. Being completely settled in the wet heat of your mouth was all it took for him to spill his hot seed down your awaiting throat. You swallowed every last drop, pulling off to lick his cock as well as your lips clean, humming in appreciation. Usually you would have let him enjoy the buzz for a while longer, but not this time around. You had other plans as you got up and rested your hands on his shoulders.

“Get on all fours”, you demanded and Yoosung instantly obeyed. “Such a good boy.” You brushed through his unruly, blond hair, caressing him. He looked at you with his big eyes before pushing up your pencil skirt and removing your barely there underwear. He licked at your folds, hesitant at first until your grip on his hair tightened. “Kiss this dead girl walking!” He sat up a little, hands coming to rest on your thighs for better leverage. He began licking at your folds hungrily, tongue worming its way into your core.

You closed your eyes, focusing on Yoosung’s tongue moving inside you, his nose brushing against your clit with every other lick. You started to grind your hips onto his mouth just the slightest bit, taking full control over your own pleasure by doing so. You weren’t the only one enjoying themselves, however. Yoosung groaned against your sex and his cock jumped every time you rolled your hips or gripped his head tighter to guide his head the way you wanted to. “God, you’re such a good boy, honey. Beautiful”, you praised.

You watched in awe as his cheeks reddened even further, beads of pre-come gathering at the tip of his cock once more. He was getting off on this as much as you were! Your grip tightened once more and you ripped him away from you, causing Yoosung to hiss. Your juices were covering his mouth, swollen and glistening. Without having so say anything Yoosung understood. Something had happened. His first instinct was to protect you, but before he could voice that thought he was once more guided back to your dripping cunt.

“I don’t have to stay and let them catch me. I could change my name and move to Geoje”, you said as his lips closed around your clit. He sucked at it and you moaned. “But I don’t really want to leave so here’s something I’d like to achieve: Spend those thirty hours gettin’ freaky!” And that you did. You began practically riding his tongue and lips, your orgasm approaching quickly. Not that you had any intention of stopping after just one. If this was really your last night together, and you feared as much, you neither of you would spend it sleeping.

His skilled, little tongue was still swirling your hardened nub when suddenly two of his fingers pushed inside you. The intrusion came without warned and you gasped as another sensation was added to the mix. He crooked his fingers and began fingering you, hitting all the right places within you. You began panting uncontrollable as pleasure overwhelmed you, an intense orgasm making you weak in the knees. He licked you through it until you pulled him up, kissing him hungrily. The kiss was messy, wet ans filthy and exactly what you had in mind.


From the moment Nam had appeared at your shared apartment things had become rather tense. Not only for Jaehee but you as well. You knew better than to think he would leave you in peace like that. Now that he was more or less permanently out of prison his first order would be to collect what was his; namely money, drugs and you. You tried to hide such thoughts from Jaehee, but she was too smart to be fooled, even by you. If you were willing to cut his throat with a knife like you’d been that day, he was obviously not to be taken lightly.

Still, you attempted to go about your daily life like you’d been doing before. You took care of the café together, cooked and ate at peace, shared a home and a bed. Yet, the atmosphere was so obviously different, thick and heavy to the point you imagined being able to cut it with a knife. You knew Jaehee had a million questions and while you were ready to answer them, Jaehee apparently wasn’t ready to ask. So you waited for her to be prepared until one day the process was sped up by a little card in your mailbox. A card with a familiar symbol.

Jaehee had been the one to find it, watching you pale upon looking at the double dragon on the otherwise blank card. That is when you started to talk, about who your father was before his early death, how he’d married you off to Nam to not only bind the two biggest mafia groups into one, but to also secure you a safe living. You also explained that the double dragon was a symbol of high rank in the group you were technically the head off and that Nam had sent the card as a warning. He was coming to get you. Soon, from the looks of it.

The two of you had sat in silence for a long time. You’d been boiling and fuming, angry at the mans audacity. Hadn’t you made your point clear by almost slicing his throat? You weren’t his trophy wife and you weren’t his possession. He couldn’t just rip you away from the life you’d established with Jaehee just because it fit into his schedule now. Jaehee on the other hand seemed strangely quiet and you began to worry. This was probably a lot more to take in for her, harder for her, than it was for you. The least you could do was try to explain.

Jaehee listened as you talked about your upbringing, about how Nam and you had actually known one another since early childhood. You’d grown up together, going to the same schools. He’d always been infatuated with you, but you’d never returned such feelings. You’d eventually agreed to marrying him just because there hadn’t been anyone else you’d desired and because you knew it would make your father happy. However, now you had Jaehee and you loved her. You promised to protect her, no matter what, and that Nam wouldn’t harm her.

Your girlfriend didn’t care much for her own safety, however. What she was truly worried about was yours. You’d grown up in such a dangerous world and while by some miracle you’d survived so far, there was no guarantee that you’d survive it any further. To her you were still as innocent and delicate as ever. With a man like Nam-Il after you, she considered you in grave danger without any idea on how to protect you. If he got to you, took you away like he apparently planned, she was certain that you’d meet your demise sooner or later and that thought killed her.

The following day Jaehee refused to open the café, insisting to keep you at home and at least somewhat safe. She’d even jumped over her shadow and called Jumin, requesting a couple of bodyguards for you, if he agreed. Despite not explaining the entire situation to him – and Jumin still being disappointed in Jaehee for leaving – he’d agreed and send over two guards to protect you. Only a day later you found both of them knocked out in front of your door, another card lying on one of the mens chest. The second and last warning you would get.

Jaehee almost had a break down, as she realized that there was absolutely nothing she could do to protect you. Seeing her so upset, no matter how little she might have shown it on the outside, infuriated you even more. You send the guards back, apologized to Jumin for getting them harmed and used the opportunity to send a burned version of the card right back to Nam. If he wanted to threaten you? Fine. But you were not willing to drag Jaehee into his silly mind games. You’d face him head on some day now, but for that day you had other plans.

When you finally got home Jaehee instantly jumped off the coach, about to say something you never got to hear. You cut her off with a kiss, possessively licking into her mouth, sucking her tongue into yours. She was unresponsive at first, mostly due to shock, until you pulled her flush against you rolling your hips against hers. Finally she sighed and melted into the kiss, your tongues dancing together. Eventually you broke the kiss, leaving Jaehee obviously dazed. Needless to say that seeing you had such an effect did great things for you.

You took her wrist in your hand and began tugging her towards the bedroom. She was hesitant at first, trying to ask what was going on, but quickly gave up when she realized she would not be getting a reply. You sat her onto the bed, massaging her thighs and spreading her legs apart, kissing your way up from her knee until you reached her crotch. Pressing feathery kisses against her panties, turning it damp. You were happy to note that the dampness was furthered by Jaehee herself, who was growing increasingly wet, squirming under your admission.

You looked up at her, eyes burning with passion, and didn’t break the gaze once as you slowly pulled down her underwear, throwing it aside carelessly. When you kissed her sex this time there was no layer to hold you back. You licked between her folds, stimulating her clit with your fingers while licking inside of her. Jaehee was still shy about oral sex, but mostly because she was so damn responsive to it. Every lick, nibble or suck got delicious sounds out of her and you swore to yourself that you would coax out every last one of them that night.

After about fifteen minutes of going down on her, working Jaehee towards her second orgasm for the night she asked you to stop, wondering why you were doing this all of a sudden. “'Cause Nam-Il says I gots to go, you’ll be my last meal on death row”, you’d merely replied, grinning up at her before going back down, making her gasp and forget her question altogether. Eventually your tongue had been replaced by one, then two and eventually four fingers, thrusting in and out of her. Just by crooking them ever so slightly you were granted the most beautiful view.

Jaehee was gripping the sheets, head thrown back and her wavy hair a mess. You could see the flush in her cheeks, her teeth digging into her bottom lip to muffle the sounds of pleasure she still didn’t quite allow herself. Well, you’d make sure to change that. You pulled your fingers out, instead standing up to push Jaehee onto the mattress. She had no idea what was going on, but Jaehee had long stopped questioning you. She watched with wide eyes as you undressed before coming to straddle her. It was only when you put a pillow under her hip and threw her leg over your shoulder that she understood.

You decided to scissor Jaehee, both your wet cunts rubbing together. It was something you hadn’t tried often, mostly out of shyness. Now was not the time for that though. Both of you moaned in wanton as your sexes rolled together, sparks of pleasure shooting through both of you. You reached out for Jaehee’s hand, pulling it to your mouth to suck two of her fingers in before guiding her to her clit. She didn’t hesitate to pleasure you and you instantly returned the favour, your bodies sliding together in perfect harmony until finally you reached your peak, screaming out your orgasm.


Surprisingly, Jumin finding out that you were the daughter of the head of one of Korea’s biggest mafia groups didn’t put as much of a dent into your relationship as you’d initially thought it would. In fact, for some absurd reason, he seemed to enjoy that little secret you’d hidden from it. You couldn’t quite puzzle together what the appeal was, but apparently he liked knowing everything about you. He also seemed to enjoy the thrill that came with it. Preppy Jumin Han married to the heir of Chil Sung Pa’s admittedly huge empire.

As it turned out, there were also quite some business merits to being married to you. For one, people and entire companies had some sort of newfound respect for the two of you as well as C&R International in general. It probably stemmed from fear, but Jumin was an opportunist with success in mind and anything that helped the company was fine for him. C&R’s networth increased rapidly, especially when you roped your father into signing certain contracts that would ensure not only safety but investments.

Everything was fine and the business was booming until someone attempted to harm your father and you snapped. You were preppy, well-mannered and calm, but if someone dared to harm or so much as insult the people you cared for and loved, you turned into a fury with no regards for morals. You had no problem getting your hands dirty. By the time you arrived at the headquarters, however, it turned out that your father was fine and the person had been taken care of in a rather traditional sense. You were still pissed about the attempt, though, and with nowhere else to let steam off, you turned to Jumin.

When you snuck into Jumin’s office his back was turned to you. He was on the phone with someone, staring out of the window wall, discussing a deal you knew he’d been working on for a long while. You leaned against the wall and watched him work for a minute or two, enjoying the way his muscles flexed under that perfectly fitting and tight suit, the way his voice sounded when he talked business. Your always found his voice extremely sexy, that low rumble that could make anyone weak in the knees, but especially when talking business.

Eventually your patience had been stripped too thin and it didn’t seem like he was planning to hang up any time soon, so you decided to take the initiative. You put down your bag and coat, silently making your way to where your husband is standing. From behind you sling your arms around his slender but muscular frame, trailing them down his chest playfully. It is your way of warning him of what is about to follow. Whether he hangs up for it or not is completely up to him. You can feel his muscles tense and relax but nothing else. Well then.

You press a kiss between his shoulder blades, unbuttoning his shirt from behind, skilled fingers doing a quick job. Finally able to touch bare skin you bury your nails in it, trailing them down his torso to leave your marks. Had you dug any deeper you would have drawn blood. Jumin’s breath hitches every so slightly and yet he continues to talk, as composed as ever. You smirk. A challenge can be quite amusing when having it with Jumin. Both of you are competitive, in control of every aspect of your life and stubborn. Still, this one will be your win.

Your hand moves lower to unbutton his trousers, slowly pulling down the zipper to tease him with the sound itself, even. You can feel the deep intake of breath he makes, knowing that he is preparing himself. Your curious finger slip past the boxers and into his pants, your free hand still holding onto that beautifully tones stomach, feeling the muscles there contract with every teasing touch. Jumin is so fun to play with. Your wrap your hand around his long cock, squeezing it just for the briefest of moments to get his attention.

Apparently this still isn’t enough to get Jumin to end the call, so you increase your efforts. You begin jerking him off, strong, long pumps of your first. You use your thumb to trace the veins raking over his length before starting to pay special attention to the head. You circle it teasingly, tapping the slit ever so slightly until finally you can feel the first beads of seed gather, spreading them eagerly. Jumin eventually starts to rock his hips into your hand, biting down on his bottom lip to keep himself quiet while the other person talked.

While you admired your husbands self control, you were rather happy when it finally came to an end. Ads you sped up the movements of your hand the snapping of his hips turned from shallow to erratic. The pre-come was now coating your entire hand, making the slide much easier and therefor quicker. You could feel his shaft pulse with the need to release. You stood on your tip toes, nibbling at your lovers earlobe and whispering the dirty things you wanted to do to him until finally Jumin spilled over your hand.

Luckily Jumin was a bit of a silent type as it was, so the orgasm didn’t make him scream out or any such thing. It would have been quite hilarious to have him explain that to an executive partner, but maybe it was for the best that it didn’t happen. As it was Jumin apologized, explaining that he had some very important business to take care of and would call them back later. You were happy to know that said important business was you. He turned in your arms, claimed your mouth with a hungry kiss while lifting you onto his desk.

Jumin broke the kiss to go on his knees before you, pushing up your skirt just enough to get to your panties. He carefully pulled them down over your long legs, pressing kisses on the smooth skin along the way. He then proceeded to kiss his way back up, the kisses and playful nibbles to your thigh already getting you excited for what was to come. By the time he finally began eating you out you were a panting, wet mess. Jerking him off, having that control over your husband, it always turned you on. You knew it wouldn’t take much.

He licked between your folds eagerly, your hand coming to rest on his head and pull at his hair as he did so. When you’d first started to have sex he hadn’t been much of a lover. After all, he’d never touched a woman before you. However, many, many times later – honestly, you’d been all over each other for a while – and Jumin knew your body and all it’s soft spots better than you knew it yourself, probably. He was very categoric about it. He knew exactly how to please you, sucking at your clit while fingering you open using three finger.

About five minutes later you finally came, rolling your hips onto the tongue he’d pushed inside you, as your orgasm shook your body. However, you weren’t quite done with him yet and from the fact that Jumin was hard again as well, he seemed to be on board. You pulled him up, kissing him as you wrapped your legs around his hips. “Let’s go, you know the drill; I’m hot and pissed and on the pill”, you said, pulling him closer by the arse, cock brushing between your folds. Jumin growled hungrily, reaching between you to grasp his cock and push inside you.

You mewled at the feeling but attempted to muffle it. The doors were thin and if you could walk in, so could anyone else. "Full steam ahead, let’s break the desk”, you snickered, grinding against your husband to bury him deeper. Needless to say, he did well in attempting to break it. Jumin knew that when you were in the mood, you could take quite the pounding and he delivered perfectly. His thrust were quick and hard, hitting all the right spots within you. When you finally came you started to scream his name, Jumin had to silence you by kissing. Not a bad way to be silenced.


The night after he’d found out about your work for another agency Saeyoung had lain awake for many hours, curled together on the side as he attempted to catalogue all the new input. His agency was ruined, because of him. Someone from another agency had send you to kill him. The two of you had actually fallen in love instead and he knew for a fact that it would soon cause your agency to be after you as well. You’d not only failed to fulfil your given task, but you’d also bonded with the enemy and such things never sat well with agencies like yours.

For a long time Saeyoung contemplated your options. Neither of you were really safe living a normal life and yet fleeing seemed like such a tedious option. He’d spent too much of his life running away and abandoning things he loved in the process. Saeyoung was done with it. The alternative he came up with was rather unconventional, but maybe that would ensure it’s success in the end. What if, instead of joining another agency for protection, the two of you started your own? Maybe you could even team up with Saeran?

He knew that his twin was still a little unstable, but maybe it made that option all the more suitable. Doing hacking and footwork was something familiar for Saeran. He had no further education that would allow him to pursue any other career and this way he would not only have a stable job, but also one where both you and Saeyoung could keep him safe and mostly sane. The longer he thought about it the cleared the imagine in his head became. When he pitched the idea of you you’d been surprise but then a grin had spread on your face and you’d agreed.

When Saeyoung had first suggested starting your own, small but effectively agency you’d hesitated for two reasons. For one you’d been rather sure that your fiancée had had other plans for the future. He’d always talked about some kind of toy store, building his little robots and similar things to sell them. Not to mention that he’d been so eager to heal and protect his brother that you could not imagine how on earth opening a secret agency fit into the picture. Was he so willing to endanger his brother further only for you?

Which lead you directly to your second reason; safety. By following through with his plan the level of danger in which all three of you would move would multiply gravely. Saeyoungs former agency would be after you. Your former agency would be after you and every agency you’d fuck over in the future as well. Still, you’d eagerly agreed as the thrill of going down that path together drew you in. That was until a job went horribly wrong and you found yourself fearing for your life. Well, fearing was the wrong word. You were mostly pissed.

Every normal human would have tried to flee when faced with a threat like the one you were facing – you know, teams of agents targeting you in specific – but not you. No, you were pissed that you had nothing to do about it. You could either run away or sit around and wait for their attack and fend it off as best as possible. That is until you walked into the bedroom to find a naked Saeyoung sprawled out on the bed, giving you all sorts of ideas how to better spend that time waiting, other than sitting around and twiddling your thumbs.

You slowly climbed on top of the bed and your fiancée, handing brushing up his legs, massaging his thighs before pulling them apart. You rested between your lovers legs, mouthing at his cock, pressing little kisses all over it until it jumped to life. You kissed your way up Saeyoungs body who was slowly beginning to wake up, twirling your tongue around his nipples before biting down on one. Finally his eyes flew open and he stared down at you with a gasp of pain, pleasure and surprise. He blinked rapidly, reaching for his glasses and putting them on.

The sight was surprising, to say the least. You usually weren’t into that whole somnophilia thing. He’d tried once and you’d kicked him out of the bed for it. Saeyoung, on the other hand, sure loved surprised. Especially surprises like that. He smiled down at you, cupping your face and pulling you up for a passionate kiss. His tongue snuck into your mouth, hungrily exploring and claiming what he thinks of as his. You melted into the kiss, allowing him the control for a brief moment. Tongues dancing together you swallowed each others moans before you pulled off

“No sleep tonight for you, better chug that PhD Pepper”, you announced upon sitting up, grinding your hips against his erect cock. He didn’t react at first, still sleep dazed. You weren’t gonna let that pass, instead wrapping your hand around his neck, using your thumb to tilt his face up. “Get your ass in gear, Saeyoung. Come on, make this whole town disappear!” He sat up than, wrapping an around your middle, holding you tight while thrusting his hips upwards to rub his hard sex against yours. Even through your panties he could feel the wetness. 

Neither of you had the patience to neither get up nor get you undressed. Instead he merely ripped the fabric away – he’d buy you new ones some other time – and pushed inside you in one long go. You gasped as the sensation of being filled but didn’t hesitate to glide up and down the others length, burying him deep inside you to hit all the right spots. “Slap me! Pull my hair”, you gasped the command and Saeyoung happily complied. He slapped your rear, hard and quick until pale skin turned bright red.

You gasped with every blow, the sting a pleasant sensation. You could feel the wetness between your legs getting more intense, arousal making itself known to Saeyoung as well. He knew exactly what he was doing to you and from the diabolic grin on his lips he quite enjoyed it. That is when he reached for your hair, holding it together and circling it around between his fingers to get a better grip. Saeyoung tugged harshly, a hiss falling from your lips. You quite enjoyed when he got rough with you, all frustration making way for pleasure.

His mouth attacked you neck, tongue trailing the vein there before he sucked at the tender skin. The sounds falling from your lips were of pure ecstasy, as your neck was rather sensitive and his lips were skilled. He then began nibbling and biting at the skin, leaving his marks all over your otherwise untouched skin. Meanwhile his hips were snapping upwards in a slow but pointed rhythm, making you squirm on his lap, pleasure seemingly overwhelming you. “What is it, sweetheart? You’re so uncommonly quiet”, he teased.

“Touch me”, you panted. “Touch me everywhere and no more talking.” You removed his hand from your behind to guide it to your centre for him to feel just what he was doing to you. He moaned as he dipped his fingers into the wetness awaiting him, circling your clit with his thumb as he pushed two fingers inside your tight heat alongside his cock. You felt even fuller now, desperately bouncing onto his cock and fingers, crocked inside you, driving you mad. All of it seemed too much and yet too little at the same time.

You found your peak when Saeyoung began sucking on your nipple, squeezing your breast with his free hand while nibbling hungrily at the other. His thrusts had become harsh and almost burning and the hickeys now spread over your chest as well. A handful of jabs later you were coming, cunt tightening around his cock, pulling the orgasm out of him as well as he spent himself within your welcoming heat. You collapsed against him, Saeyoung falling back onto the mattress with you on top. “Fuck, I really needed that.”


After the night you’d shared upon realizing Saeran knew about your job all along the two of you had been mostly on the run. You got in hits here and there and you could work as whistle blower from about anywhere, so it wasn’t that much of an issue, but settling down hadn’t been an option for a couple of months at that point. You made it a habit to send Saeyoung a card once a month to let him know you and his sweet, sweet brother were still alive. Other than that, neither you nor Saeran dared to contact everyone else in fear of endangering them.

You did, however, attempt to help with the parties. Be it by sending Saeyoung some files of potential guests or donating a bunch of money to whatever cause they were supporting. Everything beyond that was strictly taboo for the both of you. Not that you minded too much. Most of the time you were either busy with work – people sure liked to have other people killed or fucked over – or with one another. The two of you had learned early on that every day spent alive was a privilege and you wanted to make the best out of every single one of them.

It was about two years into your spree that things began getting tighter. One of your team-mates on the whistle blower team had made a traceable mistake and now the FBI and CIA were after he both of you. Keeping a low profile wasn’t that big of a problem until you’d decided that splitting up was for the best, at least for the time being, and regretted the decision the second the two of you entered your new hotel room all by yourself, respectively. Both of you were miserable all alone and with no means to contact the other without being traced.

After trashing in bed for about an hour, sleep nowhere near, you decided that enough was enough. You were so used to sharing a bed with Saeran that sleeping by yourself seemed near impossible at this point. You got out of bed and walked the multiple blocks to the motel you knew Saeran was staying it. Of course you couldn’t just waltz in through the front door and have anyone see you. It was bad enough that you were visiting him at all, let alone be that direct about it. So instead you found yourself climbing up the wall and through the window.

When Saeran had broken into Rika’s apartment he’d made it look much easier than it turned out to be. You’d been staying at the fourteenth floor with rather intruder-proof windows and yet he’d managed to easily make his way inside like some sort of dark angel. Yet here you were, climbing through a fourth floor window, almost wheezing loud enough to wake Saeran that way. Admittedly, you should have brought more equipment, but the decision to come in the first place had been a rather rash one so you hadn’t been on top of your game.

Whatever the case, you were inside now and no one had seen you. So instead of wasting any more of the precious time you had together – come morning you would have to split up again – you made your way to the bed, climbing atop the others body and waking him up by gently caressing his face and brushing through his hair. Saeran was a light sleeper to begin with, but since you started the job he was even more wary than he’d been before. The drop of a pin could wake him and this situation was no different.

His eyes instantly shot up, hand harshly wrapping around your wrist and tugging you down. You found yourself on your back, pressed into the mattress by your lovers weight. Admittedly, that turned you on more than it should have. Then again you had come to his room with that particular situation in mind, so really he’d merely sped the entire process up. He was panting, staring at you with wide eyes before frowning in confusion as you grinned up at him mischievously. “I was a little lonely up in my room, so I thought I’d pay you a visit.”

Saeran huffed, letting go of your wrist and sitting up, brushing the strands of her from his eyes. “If someone saw you, you’re dead. We both are. Are you seriously horny enough to risk your life for this”, he asked, looking at you with an intense and calculating look. You let your eyes wander over his face, reaching out once more to cup it with one hand, thumb tracing the line of his cheekbone. “I’m willing to risk my life for you.” Apparently that took Saeran by surprise, even after all this time, as his face fell and he quickly looked away from you, seemingly ashamed. 

You know where this behaviour is coming from, something that happened at times when things seemed to finally become undeniably serious between the two of you and Saeran feared of getting too attached and losing something beloved once more overwhelmed him. You sighed, leaning forward to press a kiss to his forehead. "You say you’re numb inside, but I can’t agree, Saeran”, you said, getting his attention.“So the world’s unfair? Keep it locked out there!” You move closer then, burying your face in the crock of his neck, kissing along the sensitive skin. “In here it’s beautiful.”

Saeran was never good with emotions, but he was damn fantastic when it came to sex. Maybe because he was capable of detaching those two things, delivering on one without messing up the other. He tugged on your hair, catching your mouth with his. He kiss was breathtaking and bruising, your lips spit slick and swollen once he broke it. Sucking your bottom lip into his mouth before tugging at just enough for it to sting without drawing blood. “Let’s make this beautiful, then”, he agreed, voice dipped dangerously low. Promisingly low.

When he spoke like this you knew you were in for a ride and it wouldn’t be the gentle kind. The way you two moved was quick and precise with no time to waste. You tugged his shirt over his head while he ripped open yours, leaving it in shreds on the floor. You’d have to worry about that tomorrow. The rest of your clothes joined the shirt in a haze, naked bodies colliding in a storm of desire and passion. Saeran slid into your awaiting heat with easy, your legs over his shoulders as he snapped his hips against yours, almost snapping you in half in the process.

You pulled him even closer, your bodies rubbing against one another with every harsh thrust. Your nipples were hard against his chest, breasts jolting. You clawed down his back, leaving marks that would stay for days as he left his mark within you. Subtle, but no less effective. You pulled him in for a kiss, both of you fighting for dominance until he let you in, let your tongue push past his to lick into his mouth with fervour. Both of you moaned into the kiss, the bed shaking under the two of you. You didn’t see the orgasm coming, hitting you by surprise with an intensity that almost made you black out.

“Oh no, princess. No sleeping for you”, he said, pulling out and leaving you empty and dripping with your own juices. You were about to beg – whether for mercy or more you weren’t sure – when he suddenly flipped you over, lifted your hips of the bed and thrust right back home. “You woke me for this, remember”, he hissed, pointing each word with a harsh jab. When your moans increased in volume he reached around to cover your mouth, his hot breath ghosting over your ear as he fucked you from behind like some rabid dog.

You reached for the headboard for support, gripping it with both hands until your knuckles were about to rip the skin. You’d just come and yet you could feel another orgasm steadily building as he fucked inside you, one hand covering your mouth while the other rubbed at your sensitive clit. “I love taking you like this, like a little bitch”, he whispered into your ear, nibbling at it. He kept up the pace until you felt his cock twitch and jump within you. This time the two of you came together, his seed filling you up as the two of you trembled with ecstasy and collapsed onto the bed with exhausted and sated huffs.

how to interview a potential dom

Hi there,

This post is how to interview a potential dom. Now this is tricky because there are alot of fake doms (i made a post feel free to check that out) but there are alot alot of good ones so here are some steps to interviewing a potential dom

Step 1: rule out they’re a fake dom (see my first post)

Step 2: ask them how they would treat you if they start with anything sexual try to rule them out (but not all the way they might be confused). If they for instance say “what do you mean?” then they have potential. That means they dont want to just assume sex they want to assume everything like if your sick ect. Tell them a specific answer like “if i was sad” again if its “well id play with you’re princess (or prince) parts” then rule them out but if its nice like “give you stuffies and cuddles” then they’re doing good

Step 2: ask them how many littles they’ve had if its alot keep that in mind and ask them why. Or even if its a little bit still ask them why

Step 3: ask them to describe themselves then ask for a picture remember if you ask for a picture its probable they’ll ask for one two.

Step 4: talk for a few days and get a feel for them make sure they’re a good person

Step 5: listen to your gut if its telling you that they’re shady then dont do it. You dont need a dom to be a little

Well, i hope these steps work a little at least maybe ill do nother post about this if this get enough notes but until next time you are all magical unicorns💖

Telling Time in Russian

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Something that comes up a lot in Russian is the confusion about how to say what time it is. I have heard that some people in high school never learn it while in college it is taught much later in the course due to its complexity. I was also told it is a good way to spot a foreigner as they will incorrectly say the time although I have never encountered this. I feel that while it may look odd at first, all you need is practice! :) After all, English uses various ways to tell the time too.

Который час? Cколько времени?

  • Generally, time in conversational Russian will be on the 12-hour clock, although the 24-hour clock is often used in official business such as train schedules or store hours.
  • Context often makes it clear whether one is talking about the morning or the evening. When it might be ambiguous, add утра, дня, вечера, or ночи after the clock time. These expressions are in the genitive.

Time on the hour

The easiest of them all, telling the exact hour. Depending on what number the hour falls on, the case of the word час  will change.

  • Hour that is 1 will take the nominative case, час. 

           1:00 → Час 

  • Hour that is from 2-4 will take the singular genitive case,  часа.

           3:00 → Cейчас три часа.

  • Hour that is from 5-12 will take the plural genitive case, часов.

           6:00 → Шесть часов 

Time where the minutes fall during the first half of an hour

In telling time, when you describe the minutes of the hour, you always name the coming hour. Wait, what? Unlike English where we say “It is five twenty,” for 5:20, in Russian you would be saying the equivalent of “twenty minutes of the sixth.”

  • Generally, the upcoming hour will be in the ordinal number adjective form (first, second, etc.) and in the genitive case.

The minutes of the time will vary in case depending on what number they are, such as with telling time on the hour, and they will be in the cardinal form.

  • Minute 1 will take the nominative case of минута.

       1:01 → одна минута второго 

   [одна reffering to :01] [upcoming hour is 2 so use второго]

  • Minutes 2-4 will take the genitive singular caseминуты 

        3:02 → две минуты четвёртого 

  • All others will take the genitive plural caseминут.

       5:05 → пять минут шестого 

A quarter and half hour

When saying that there are fifteen minutes in the first half of the hour, you can do it two ways.

  • As before, it will  take the genitive plural case, минут.

       Ex. 4:15 → пятнадцать минут пятого

  • Or you can do what most people do, and say четверть.

        Ex. 4:15 → четверть пятого 

Expressing the half hour requires the use of the word половина.

            Ex. 6:30 →  половина седьмого 

  • In spoken Russian, you can shorten it to пол and affix it to the hour.

        Ex. 6:30 →  полседьмого

Time where the minutes fall during the second half of an hour

  • During the second half of the hour, state the upcoming hour less the number of minutes remaining using the preposition без.
  • Remember that  без is a genitive preposition and so the minutes will be in the cardinal genitive form.
  • The hour is in the cardinal nominative case this time.
  • The Russian word for minute, may or may not be stated, and will be in the cases as described previously.

      Ex. 6:31 →  без двадцати девяти семь 

      [minus 29 minutes since that many minutes remain until 7 o’clock]

      Ex. 7:40 →  без двадцати восемь 

      Ex. 9:55 →  без пяти десять 

      Ex. 10:57 →  без трёх минут одиннадцать 

  • To express the quarter before an hour use без + четверти + hour.

      Ex. 6:45 → без четверти семь

В котором часу? Во сколько?

  • Telling “at what time” something will occur, use the preposition в followed by the number of minutes in the accusative case, except with половина, and the word минут for the first half hour.

       Ex. Мы пришли домой в пять часов.  

       Ex. At 2:05 → в пять минут третьего

  • At the half hour, use the preposition в + the prepositional case of половина

       Ex. At 1:30  → в половине второго

  • Do not use в before без for stating time in the second half of the hour. 

       Ex. Мы пришли домой без четверти семь.

        Ex. At 8:40 → без двадцати девять

  • The use of в is optional when you say that something takes place during the first 29 minutes of the hour.

      Ex. Мы пошли в кино (в) двадцать минут шестого.

Hopefully, my explanations were good enough. I hope you see the pattern is pretty simple to see and is not hard once you practice it a couple of times. Below I have made a general overview of the rules, although it isn’t perfect. Just remember to breathe and remember why you love Russian so much :D


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Hi! Micah here! It’s my first time doing this so I’m not really sure what to say but since this is a holiday ff, I guess I’ll start by greeting y’all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, EVERYONE! ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

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Thanks again for sticking with me and may the next year be good to us all! ♥

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And if anyone wants to know, the characters from the lame graphic is from the bl manga Canis by Zakk. :D


important background action there

  • Ada: You need to react when people cry.
  • Vincent: I did, I rolled my eyes.

percabeth assassin au doodles ft. their first official meeting. annabeth’s day job has her working with this goob who has a phd in marine biology. she’s in a rush to get to work and almost runs him over, and later–at an office dinner event to welcome him to the project, they are formally introduced. needless to say, she’s a bit confused.

Shitty brings the can of whipped cream when he comes to visit.

People’s reactions to its appearance are…interesting, Tango thinks. Ransom and Holster laugh and high-five. Jack Zimmerman goes carefully blank. Bittle blushes. Nursey and Dex look confused.

Dex breaks first. “Shitty. What is the whipped cream game?”

A truly evil grin spreads over Lardo’s face. Shitty winks at her and says to Dex, “Are you a consenting adult?”

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But maybe Isak tries a little and he can only try it when he's with Even and Even is there to watch him cause he don't want his first high to be a bad one,, and Isak is coughing and being like 'I'm going to die how can u use this' and Even is like 'just take another drag if u want and pull thru' ((bonus when isak is high in this au hes all affectionate and sleepy and just wants to cuddle and Even is having the tiME OF HIS LI F E))

OKAY BUT!! instead of even telling him to take another drag, he takes it from him and says “theres an easier way where its not this strong” and isak is confused then even smirks “we’re going to shotgun. you know whats that ,right?” and isak nods and watches as even takes a drag while staring at him and then he moves in close and isak opens his mouth and fuck, he has kissed even before so many times but he’s so nervous and excited about their lips gently and barely touching and he inhales the smoke from evens mouth and keeps it inside for 10 seconds - even is counting for him - and then exhales and its silent for a moment then even is just like “well, that was hot” and isak blushes…and i agree w ‘affectionate when high’ isak!!

i have really mixed feelings abt my first day of training someone there was really mean like 3 ppl were really helpful one being the nicest person in the world, and the person training me knows lyall so she was super duper nice to me but just like it was Hot and Confusing

sakuragimiu  asked:

Dear ninja, I know you already made a post about season 7, but in light of recent annoucements (probably only Rumple, Regina and CS are returning) and confusing rumours (paps saying that JMO wants out and because of that they might as well just end it now), I wanted to know your thoughts.

First, a disclaimer: I have absolutely no inside information AND I’ve been spectacularly wrong in my predictions about this show since S2, when I got sucked into fandom. The only times I’ve been able to predict anything in advance is when, after 5 seasons, I deduced that: Weak Villains –> Rumple being a stinker for plot reasons –> Belle asleep/off-screen.

That said, the latest episode (6x12) makes me think they might (MIGHT) kill off Emma in the finale and keep Hook around. My reasoning? The writers have shifted the locus of Hook’s Happy Ending to being with Emma … to being part of the Charming family. Please note this episode, along with the “getting a waterlogged Henry’s tacit approval” episode in 6A, featured very little Emma. The main drama of the episode was Hook gaining Charming’s approval– not just for marriage, but for becoming family. Charming is positioned here as NuLiam– the “good” brother that Hook is the “bad” henchman to until Hook stands up for himself and earns Bro Respect ™.

Originally posted by onceuponadaily

“Bro touchdown, bro!” “Bro!”

Why else is Hook’s arc in 6B revolving around keeping a secret, not from Emma ‘cause she doesn’t seem to care, but from Charming? Why else would Hook have to wrestle with losing Charming’s good opinion by being honest? The final shot, where Hook has the book pages in one hand and the engagement ring in the other, makes it look as if the two things carry equal weight– that if Charming withdraws his “approval” after a murder confession  … Hook won’t marry Emma. 

From a normal standpoint, that’s nuts. Who thinks their Father-in-law’s opinion is more important than their future wife’s? That’s unhealthy– there will usually be some sort of conflict between you and various relatives and a couple should always put each other first. But if 6B is being framed as whether Hook is considered “worthy” of being a CHARMING, then the “pages vs. engagement ring” makes more sense … and implies that Hook will still be a Charming even if a tragic accident were to befall a certain Savior.

Please note I’m not saying the writers *will* kill Emma– I’m just saying it looks like they’re positioning Hook so he can still run around with the Charmings for S7 even if Emma is no longer alive. Also note that if spoilers are correct and there’s a CS wedding BEFORE the finale, that raises the stakes on what Emma has to lose should she continue Savior-ing despite the Jazz Hands of Dooom ™ problem. 

I’m going to go on the record and say I think everyone’s going to do a Care Bear Stare of Magic to get rid of the Black Fairy in the finale and it won’t work … until Emma joins in to defeat the BF in a blaze of glory. But all magic has a price, and Emma’s going to die surrounded by her loved ones saying something like: “You were enough.” Because going out punching the ultimate Big Bad in the face to protect a whole realm of Lost Babies and give them their best chance doesn’t seem so bad, honestly. It’s a boss way to go, if you have to go.

Of course, it’s entirely possible the writers are integrating Hook with the rest of the Charmings and then will have him sail off into the sunset on an eternal honeymoon cruise with Emma on the Jolly Roger anyway, in which case you can all laugh at me forever. 

P.S. I think Rumbelle will probably go off to rule the Dark Realm with re-babified Gideon in the finale; it depends on Robert Carlyle’s contract issues whether they return for S7. Difficult to tell. Note they’re not integrating Belle with the rest of the cast in the same way as Hook– her fate is tied to Rumple’s.


Hisoka’s spin off by ishida was literally perfection , I really love the way he decided to draw his backstory full of mysteries and…magic.if you’ve read the interview of Ishida and Togashi , there’s a really good tip for creating ocs: let your characters be themselves.  

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Bisexual problems

When I tell people I’m bi their first response is “ are you sure your not confused? You probably haven’t found the right man yet.” Like no I’m not confused and what if my right man is a lady…
When I tell boys my age I’m bi first thing they ask is “ wanna have a threesome?” Nahh brah I don’t want yo disappoint tow people at once if I wanted to do that I’d show my parents my tumblr feed
When I tell straight girls I’m bi some say “OMG! SO COOL! I don’t really give a single fuck.” But others say “don’t hit on me, strictly dickly”
But when I tell other bi girls its *high fives to the moon*
Being bi is so difficult, its like your not gay or straight enough.

ok but when people say samurai flamenco is awful because of the plot twists and weird occurrences, i want to punch them bc its literally done on purpose to be jarring and confusing
its playing with all the conventions of modern superhero genres
first, you have the vigilante, which is very popular in the west
then, you have the monster of the week, which is more popular in japan
following that is the super sentai, which is popular like everywhere. i mean i watched power rangers all the time as a kid. i used to pretend i was one lol
and then we go to the understated personal hero. theres nothing ‘super’ about it, but it saves multiple people from themselves and its the whole “meaning of love” arc.

samurai flamenco is so clever with how it simultaneously pokes fun at and nods in respect to these classic genres
and it was so good at keeping you on your toes
not to mention freaking amazing characters?

 Rhaetia and The Celtic Boii.

The Boii were a Gallic tribe that first inhabited the Northern Italy, and the Southern alps alongside thier older Raetian tribes. The biggest settlement however was in Italy, and the Etruscan city of Felsina. With the rising of the Roman empire;  Romans drove them out and defeated the Boii at the Battle of Munita in 193 BC, where the emigrated to present day Bavaria. The inhabitants before them were the Raetians. The Raetians were more violent than prone to war (if that makes sense), and when Rome took over the Raetian tribes, it was the Boii that reacted violently and allied with the Helvettii tribes and Gaul to try and conquer Roman lands to the west. They lost, and decided not to fight longer for the fear they would be destroyed like other tribes who resisted.

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Libra boys with an s/o that loves overwatch


  • He’ll be pretty confused as to what overwatch is, so s/o will have to explain what it is to him, and the story that is with the game
  • I have the feeling Klaus would be more interested with the story more than the game itself, so he’ll happily enjoy whenever s/o talks about it aha (even if he may be confused about a few things)
  • Klaus will probably be seeing s/o play overwatch if they have the game, and Klaus is slightly confused by what s/o is playing
  • For some reason I can see Klaus associating his s/o’s love of overwatch with his love of prosfair aha. Will happily let s/o enjoy overwatch


  • Steven probably won’t know what overwatch is, so s/o will have to explain a few things to him. He’ll understand once s/o says its a first person shooter kind of game
  • For some reason I can see Steven maybe peeking at s/o playing the game or reading the comics/watching the animations, and being a bit jealous that s/o is paying a bit more attention to a game than him aha
  • Steven would be pretty impressed by the animations honestly, and he’ll probably watch a few of them with s/o 


  • Leo has probably heard of the game but never really looked into it, so he’d have some knowledge of it before s/o explains what it is to him
  • Will watch the animations with s/o and watch them play the game itself. I have the feeling he’ll enjoy playing the game with s/o aha
  • Soon he’s loving overwatch with his s/o and talking about it aha


  • S/o will have to explain a few things about overwatch to him, and I have the feeling that if s/o shows him the animations he’ll be hooked on watching the rest
  • He’d like to watch s/o play the game, and s/o will probably see how eager Zapp might be to try playing it lol. He’d enjoy playing the game with his s/o honestly aha


  • He won’t know what overwatch is at first, but once s/o explains he’ll get the gist of it
  • Zed won’t really be interested, but his s/o might convince him to watch the animated shorts with him. With those he’s more interested now aha
  • He’ll watch s/o as they play, and he’s amazed by how s/o is able to play in such a somewhat confusing and chaotic (but also fun) game
my first story

Hi to whoever is reading this.

I’m not sure what kinds of stories I will tell on my blog, all I know is that I want to write. But, I’ve decided that the first story I should tell is when I wrote my first story.

I started writing near the end of grade 11. Its kind of a weird story actually, I went to my guidance counsellor’s office to get out of grade 12 drama because I didn’t want to be a high school drama teacher anymore. He asked me what I wanted to do instead and quite honestly, I had no idea.

Mr. Hamilton sat back in his chair and examined me saying, “You’re very quiet, I bet you have a lot to say.” Confused, I laughed and he continued by asking me if I liked to write. Confused again, I said, “Do you mean like writing essays?” This time he laughed and said, “No, writing for fun”. I shook my head, no. “Diary writing?” I shook my head again. I had never written anything other than school papers.

Mr. Hamilton thought that I should try it out to see if I was any good at it and left the topic up to me. Kind of annoyed that my GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR gave me homework, I left his office trying to think of something I could write about to get this over with and figure out what I actually want to do with my life. Later that night my favourite thing in the world came to my mind. Wedding dresses! So I wrote a short story of a giddy bride shopping for her wedding dress and imagining her dream wedding day.

Mr. Hamilton absolutely loved it. He said that we had found my natural talent and what I was meant to do in life and immediately put me in a Writer’s Craft class. Just as quickly, he set up a blog for me on our school’s website. Hamilton had me writing all of grade 12. He set up an interview for me to write a profile on a grade 9 basketball player, then a story about Thanksgiving, Hallowe’en and two about Christmas. It was fun, but a lot of work. Especially with the many long feedback sessions we would have. 

I also entered an anonymous short story contest as an assignment in Writer’s Craft and got shortlisted! I was so excited, it validated that it wasn’t just me, Mr. Hamilton and my family who liked my writing. Even though I didn’t make the top 3, the story I wrote inspired the novel I’m working on.

I stumbled on my “natural talent”and maybe I have unrealistic dreams wanting to write and publish a novel, but it’s what I want to do. I can’t wait to see a book with my name on it in Chapters.

Until I write again…

- Katia 

anonymous asked:

Okay so I'm sorry but I have a question about transgenders if that is okay because I genuinely get confused. If someone says they are a transboy, does that mean they were a biologically a girl but mentally a boy and 'changed' into a boy? And vice-versa for transgirl? I'm trying to word this so it isn't offensive to anyone. I am genuinely confused and if I do meet a trans I don't want to be ignorant.

no its okay! so first off, please call us “transgender people” or “trans people” vs “a trans”. common mistake!!
being trans means you identify as a gender that is not your birth gender. with the word “trans boy” it means you are a boy who was not born as a boy. trans girl is the same, you are a girl who was not born as a girl.
if you hsve anymore questions just let me know


Request – “Taehyung is talking with Jimin about how much he loves you. Jimin call you and let you hearing Tae by the cellphone. You’re very confused, but after it you go to Tae and say all that you listened? (fluff ending pls) (I think its very confused)”

Word Count: 605

“Taehyung, I get it, you love Y/N.”

Taehyung shakes his head dramatically, “But bro, you don’t get it, being in a relationship is awesome!”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Stop worrying so much and go ask out your crush, they might say yes.”

Jimin groans, “How did you even ask Y/N out anyways? You’re shyer than I am around people you like!”

Taehyung dazes out thinking back to when he first met you and instantly, a grin appears on his face.

Jimin pulls out his phone in hopes of embarrassing Taehyung with all the stuff that you never get to hear, that he hears all the time.

“Hello, Jimin?”

He doesn’t answer but you hear him yell Taehyung’s name, ““Tae! Stop dazing off!”

You laugh, lightly, he must’ve butt dialed you. You hear the chuckle of your boyfriend, “I’m sorry but I’ve fallen hard for Y/N, everything about them is perfect.”

As you were about to hang up you heard your name and couldn’t help but want to know what they were talking about.

“What’s so perfect about Y/N?” Jimin is prying into grounds that Taehyung is too shy to ever talk to you about. If this call really was an accident then thank goodness for it.

“Y/N always looks amazing, sometimes I’m just so blown away with how lucky I am. Y/N has the most attractive voice I have ever heard in my entire life, when I hear them speak I get this weird feeling in my stomach. Not bad weird but I don’t what it is but I get really happy because of it.”

You hear him chuckle again, “Oh my goodness when Y/N speaks I can’t help but feel proud and impressed because they are just so smart. Y/N is the sweetest most caring person ever, remember that time when we all had the flu and even though Y/N had work, they came over right after and aided us all. Can I also tell you about the smile Y/N gets over little things like watering the plants or opening up the curtains to a brand new day? It literally is what keeps me going and wanting to be the best I can be for them. There is just so much I love about Y/N that I-“

You hear the boy sigh after his mini speech about you and you feel all giddy inside. He finally continues, “I-I just really love Y/N.”

The call ends and you can’t wait to see Taehyung later.

“Babe, I’m home!”

You run over to the door and attack him, “Welcome back!”

He laughs, “Why are you so excited?”

“Because you lovvvveeee me.” You had to drag out the love part.

“Was that not obvious?” He stares at you with confusion.

You giggle, “I heard every single thing you told Jimin.”

His eyes widen, “How?!”

You shrug, “It was either planned or he accidently called.”

Your smile widens, “But the point is you love me, all of me, you want me. Oh and apparently I am perfect?”

He cringes at you bouncing around and chanting that he loves you but he laughs, “Okay, yes, I love you but I really rather we cuddle than you attacking me at the front door.”

You pull him to the couch and plop down together, “I love you too, Tae. You are the most perfect person ever to possibly exist.”

He smiles and kisses your nose, “Y/N loves me, all of me, and wants me!”

You laugh at him trying to imitate you but failing miserably, “Ew, gross.”

“But you love it.”

“Indeed, I truly love it.”

*insert smooching scene here*

{I finished my first final exam today and it went well and now that I’ve finished this request, I am officially hiatus until after mid-December. Thank you for requesting, I hope you liked this!}