i have to say i'm in love with margaery

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I just watched 6.09. The tent scene. All that panting and tension, god how can they want us to believe they are just siblings?!? Jon's line "I won't ever let him touch you again...(long pause and THE STARE)..., I'll protect you, I promise", with such a calm voice, that doesn't sound like a brother-sister interaction, it sounds like a man in love talking to his lover. Or am I reading too much into it?? I'm going crazy with this Jonsa undertones.

I have tried to watch all the Jon and Sansa scenes without my shippers goggles on. I have tried to compare them to other sibling pairs from the show. Jaime/Cersei, Margaery/Loras, Yara/Theon (I love comparing jonsa to them the most), Meera/Jojen. I have tried to compare their scenes to Jon/Ygritte scenes. No matter what I do it seems like two lovers are fighting. Just when I think okay maybe this is just how these two actors argue, Jon says the word “touch!” Who says that? I can only imagine a lover saying that. You could’ve said harm you, hurt you or anything of that sort. Touch seems possessive, it’s about more than just protection.

I also love the way Jon looks at her after he says “battles have been won against greater odds” His voice and his eyes soften, as he waits for her to say something. It’s like he realizes he just yelled at her and now he feels bad. Ahh…I love them so much. I really do not expect anything from this show, but still it is hard to not have hope after season 6.

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I really think Arya could be the one on the Maggy's prophecy... I mean, for the other candidates she and Shireen are the ones with beauty issues. She was called Arya Horseface and even thinks herself as unpretty. It would be a really twist if she was the "more beautiful queen", she is younger and as you have stated before, she doesn't need to be a literal queen (I LOVED the Queen of Wolves idea, maybe I'm going to create a tumblr with that URL <33). By the way, what do U think about Shireen?

Thanks! <3

While I understand where you’re coming from, anon, with Arya as I have made some posts about it- and while she certainly makes more sense than say Sansa or Margaery since Cersei herself believed them to be the one at one point- I disagree. I think Dany is the very clear choice.

  1. She’s already a queen, younger than Cersei that’s renowned for her great beauty.
  2. Cersei never considered her.
  3. Dany is in the best position of the potential candidates to cast Cersei down.
  4. Dany also has the motivation and her casting Cersei down makes more sense than anyone else. 

I’m also not sold on the idea that Arya will ever have anything to do with Cersei again. I actually think Cersei could die before Arya ever has a chance to meet with her again. In my opinion, Arya’s journey leads more northern and away from Southern politics; Arya has no desire for power, a throne, or something that would take her to King’s Landing to cast Cersei down. Even in terms of revenge, Arya has never made any proactive moves against people on her list; the only two people who she killed on it came to her (inadvertently of course.) I can’t see Cersei and Arya crossing paths by happenstance. Also, I just think Arya’s going to be too busy with other things (like going to the Wall) to meet up with Cersei.

It is poetic that a girl like Arya (who never believed she was pretty enough) could usurp a woman like Cersei (who always took such pride in her own beauty,) to say nothing of the Lyanna aspects that could come into play. Lyanna, the woman that Cersei lost out to in her own mind twice. So while I’m pretty convinced it’s Dany, I understand very well where you’re coming from.

All that being said, does it really matter? The younger, more beautiful queen’s identity, in my opinion, doesn’t matter. It’s not about who she is, what she’s going to do. It’s all about how the paranoia of her drove Cersei to act as she did and help bring about her own ruin.  

Maggy’s prophecy, to me, is about Cersei- not the identities of the players in the prophecy. It ruined her, the prophecy is about Cersei. The effect it had, the way it warped Cersei’s relationships with Tyrion and Sansa/Margaery, the way it drove Cersei to make choices without thinking. The prophecy was never about the next queen, only about how the predictions more or less destroyed Cersei’s chance at peace and power.

Look at where she is right now, if she hadn’t been completely paranoid that Margaery was out to get her, she wouldn’t have done what she did and wound up partially stripped of her power and dignity. 

Like Rhaegar’s obsession with the Three Headed Dragon caused him to make hasty and horrible political choices that resulted in the end of his life, Cersei’s fear of her own prophecy damned her, too. Prophecy messes with people’s head, that’s the message that dates back to Oedipus. 

When I think about Maggy’s prophecy, I think that GRRM gave us this idea that Cersei’s in a downward spiral that could have been avoided. Maybe without this prophecy Cersei would have moved past her suspicions of Tyrion and therefore never accused him of killing Joffrey. Maybe she would have been kinder to Margaery and made an ally instead of an enemy. Maybe she would have been more clearheaded and less paranoid in her attempts at ruling and given Tommen a chance at living (because her choices affect the Lannister rule and have hurt Tommen’s already dire chances.) Maybe the peace of mind and lack of worry that people close physically to her were out to get her would have allowed her to hold onto her power, rule better, be happier, have a less strained relationship with Jaime now.

Maybe things would be like this regardless but who knows? 

The point is that in the end I think that the younger, more beautiful queen’s identity matters little in light of how just the mystery of her drove Cersei to ruin in some ways.