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For my birthday I didn’t really have any plans of going out or anything until @ashter-blank and @bourbon-creamss texted me saying they wanted to come and celebrate with me! 🙈🙈 A sleepover was definitely a MUST so I made sure to get lots of food (we’re all foodies, what do you expect?😋😋) and Mahli Mahli brought Jack D along lmao, definitely hyped for Saturday too…It’s gonna be a good time for sureeee 💃🏽😌🎉 Anyway, back to watching these horror films!!

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Roleplayers I see on Tumblr:

📖— 𝓑𝓪𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬, 𝚋𝚎𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚎𝚍, breathless, Stanford’s glossy gaze fixated upon the idiosyncratic imp floating before him. This impossible cryptid, this ѕηαρριℓу-∂яєѕѕє∂ cyclops drifted throughout his 𝑑𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑚 like a 𝓿𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓵 𝓾𝓹𝓸𝓷 𝓼𝓶𝓸𝓸𝓽𝓱 𝓽𝓲𝓭𝓮 . Such a dastardly devil should not still exist, and yet, here he was, existing in one sense or another. Does he dare address him? Does he dare delve deeper into this lucid and 𝚏𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚌 𝚏𝚊𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚜𝚢 of times gone by? Oh how he missed him, 𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙚𝙙 him… .

“Bill-!!” the budding scientist blurted forth all of a sudden, but the words were instantly caught by clasped hands over his gaping mouth. These hands were ท๏t ђιѕ ๏ฬท. The fingertips which drummed across his s k i n...much too calloused to belong to Ford. And the aroma they produced smelled faintly of… 𝔾𝕚𝕓𝕤𝕠𝕟 𝕡𝕠𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕙?

“Fiddleford-!” Ford practically 𝗒𝖾𝗅𝗉𝖾𝖽 as he sprung away from his partner. “What- what are you doing? You’re not even supposed to be here!” 


“Boi do I luv dank memes,” smirked Tad.

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Help me out please. My players are /very/ interested in playing an evil character oriented campaign, and I'm super interested in giving it a shot. Any advice? I'm having trouble creating quests and plot arcs. Thanks much!

So I’m gonna be honest… evil is not really my cup of tea.  Hell, I have to psych myself up just to roleplay someone not nice.

That being said, I have thought of how I might approach an evil campaign.  And I took a lot of inspiration from the most fun I’ve ever had playing a bad guy, Saints Row.

I think a more sandbox style game would work great for an evil campaign, because without the constraints of morality, you’re actually free to run around and wreck shit.  Now, this doesn’t mean your campaign has no structure, but it does mean designing your world with more open ended challenges.  Here are the things you have to consider:

1) The Goal

Evil for the sake of evil is no fun.  Your players need a goal.  And that goal needs to be broad enough to 

A) allow for a variety of motivations behind it (to accommodate your various players) and

B) require multiple steps towards completion, through a variety of avenues.

I think the first thing you need to decide is whether this is going to start as a low level campaign, or as a high level campaign.  In the case of the former, your characters will likely start out just making a name for themselves, earning respect, resources, power, or some combination of the three.  In the latter case, your players should start out with plenty of resources, but the challenge comes more from how they choose to manage said resources in pursuit of their larger goal. 

Here are some ideas for possible goals:

  • Domination (of the city, the state, the world, etc)
  • Industry (getting a monopoly in your chosen field, driving out all rivals, doing whatever it takes to get filthy rich)
  • Revenge
  • Evangelization (forced conversion of as many people as possible to your religion, ideals, political party, etc)
  • Possession of Item of great power (that is not yours)
  • Quashing a rebellion
  • Waging a war campaign
  • Resurrecting an evil god or force

Perhaps the players have their own more personal goals, and are serving a greater evil in exchange for power or a boon.  A Deal with the Devil kind of thing. If this is the case, they just need to make sure they are motivated enough to reach their own goals that they’re willing to do almost anything.

2) Adversaries

Evil is not prone to getting along with others.  Allies maybe, but largely your players should have more foes than friends.  Their adversaries don’t need to all be Good, per se, but if you really want to do an evil campaign, than your players can’t be heroes.  They’re going to have to fight and hurt people who don’t deserve it.  

Ideally you’ll have multiple groups of adversaries.  Maybe some are rivals; they’re against you because they want the same thing as you.  You might work with them for a time, but ultimately they’ll have to be taken out.

Some adversaries should exist with the purpose of opposing your goal.  Think law enforcement, the Rebel Army, or even a team of heroes.  whoever they are, give them a compelling leader.  This will basically be your evil campaign’s version of the Big Bad. (The Great Good?)

Finally, some adversaries will arise as a natural consequence of the characters’ decisions.  Basically, they’re gonna piss people off, and you need to use that.

3) The Rewards

I think to make evil feel fun, you need to focus more on the satisfaction of getting what you want than the fallout from hurting innocent people to get it.  I loved Saints Row, but I think I wouldn’t have been able to play it if the game kept pointing out exactly how evil I was being.  So try and keep the moralizing to a minimum, and really let your players relish their victories.

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They’re not here to learn a lesson.  They’re here to fuck shit up and win!

Anyway, I hope that was helpful.  Good luck!

RP One-Shot

So three pointy-eared adventurers walk into a bar…

  • First let’s meet our adventurers.
    • There’s Roisin, an enthusiastic moon elf wizard, who’s looking to become an adventurer.
    • Then there’s Badger, a gnome rogue and a professor in search of new interesting plants.
    • And finally Trinket, a drow cleric, who wears a big sun hat and wants to help people in the name of his goddess Lliira.
  • So, there’s rumors of trouble in a small town. Wyverns at least, and maybe something worse?
    • Our three heroes arrive to the local tavern, separately. Trinket comes in first, telling that he’s a traveling priest looking to help people. Badger comes in, says she’s heard of wyverns and she’s interested in the seeds they bring. And then Roisin arrives, declaring herself adventurer and wanting to help.
      • Roisin and Badger get to talking about wyvern hunting, and Trinket offers to help them in the role of a healer.
        • A local hears the talk and comes to talk to the three. Apparently two kids have gone missing in the past week, and the townspeople are losing hope.
  • Our heroes decide to take the case!
    • First they talk to the mothers of the lost children to find suspects. There is of course a possibility that the children have been taken by the wyverns but they also suspects an old lady, who may or may not be a witch living at the edge of town.
  • That’s where we head first, then! The witch’s house is surrounded by thick wall of thorny plants, but Roisin finds a spot that looks thinner than others and Badger, with some divine guidance from Trinket, gets through it.
    • On the other side of the plant wall, there’s a garden with shrubbery in the shape of children. Well. That’s creepy. Doesn’t appear to be magical, though.
    • Trinket avoids the bushes while the other two examine them and goes to knock on the door.
    • The door is opened by an old lady. She tells that the children came to her place to play often and she missed them. She was shocked to hear that some were gone missing and seemed totally sincere.
      • She gave us a bell that would help us get past the plantwall next time we came around.
  • We leaver her place and kinda realized that we forgot to ask anything about the kids… Like their names… Or how old they were and what they looked like. Sherlocks we are not.
    • So we do that and after getting that info (Sarah and Petey, 12 and 8) we start heading for the tower where the wyvern apparently lives.
  • We reach the tower the next day. Upon opening the door we get attacked by a bunch of kobolds!
    • Badger deals with them with her weaponry pretty effectively.
    • Roisin uses her magic to create a sphere of fire that burns the kobolds, but she also almost dies.
    • Trinket, rather than using magic, pokes them with his rapier. Oh yeah and heals Roisin. He also tries to intimidate the kobolds, but they’re too busy trying to steal his hat to really notice.
  • After the kobolds had been dealt with, we head to the top of the tower.
    • There’s a wyvern’s nest on top of the tower with some corpses that Badger identifies as kobolds. No sign of the children though.
      • We surmise that maybe the kobolds have taken the children and so decide to check the nearby forest for the kobolds’ camp.
  • We go to the forest, and hear some noises coming from a camp. Badger, being the sneakiest of us, goes to check it out. There’s kobolds, and some kind of a thing that looks like it might be the stuffed bunny one of the kids had, but Badger checks it out sneakily, and it is not.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that the kobolds had the children, so we decide to return to town. Clearly we have missed something.
  • We camp the night out at the witch’s garden, cos we arrive so late, and in the morning talk to her again.
    • She says that she has sensed something odd, some kind of odd magic coming from the town.
  • We go back into town, combing it with Trinket’s Detect Magic. Mostly things seem normal, but then we spot a woman who we had seen with the mothers’ at the tavern, and she has illusion magic all over her.
    • We try to approach her, but she closes herself into her house.
    • So Badger sneakily picks the lock and we get inside.
    • She accuses us of burgarly and we tell her that the door was totally open, yo. So she tries to attack us.
    • We keep on the defensive at first, cos we don’t want to harm her, but she proves to be tougher than expected, so we attack her. Well… Roisin and Trinket do, cos Badger has sudden trouble getting her hits to land.
    • Suddenly she seems to have gotten enough, and turns invisible.
      • Roisin has an idea where she might be, so we try to corner her with a sphere of fire, Badger and a floating dagger.
      • Trinket stays to guard the door and feels the woman trying to get him to move, so clearly that didn’t work.
        • Badger, frustrated on not hitting anything, tackles the woman and we manage to rope her up.
          • The invisibility spell fades, and instead of a human woman, a green skinned humanoid lays before us.
            • Badger recognizes her as a bog hag, a creature that strives on other people’s misery.
              • So Trinket, being a priest of joy, blesses her and she loses consciousness.
  • The children are in a cage that was hidden by magic until the hag fainted. Badger tries to pick the lock of the cage, but isn’t very successful, so Roisin goes out to get the blacksmith.
  • The children are saved and the bog hag will be taken to the next town over to face justice. Time to party!!

And that was the day’s good deed done. :P

  just so nobody gets worried:

    1. nah, I’m not dead
    2. no, I didn’t lose muse

  I’ve just had a few chill days for once in my life and I wanted to take a break from All Responsibility and just….. chill n play video games for a while :’) I’ll make time for replies again ASAP I swear, a gal just has to take care of her mental health in the form of days off occasionally

Origins (darkcrown closed rp)

“I’ll start from the beginning…”

The knight sighed heavily, and took off his helmet completely. He was seated across from the king, face pressed hard into a serious look, and a grave tone in his voice.

“…from when your ancestors formed the contract.” He said.

“I’ll ask one more time: are you sure you want to hear this? I’m not sure you’d like what I have to say.” He said, staring at the king. The muted green tattoos that fell over his eyes only seemed to harden his expression more, and a like-colored chevron that started past his hairline and pointed down his forehead to almost the bridge of his nose made him appear to be glaring.

“Which is also why I have not taken myself out of my personal exile.”


I roleplay les mis, have for years now, consider myself highly capable of dreaming up situations to plop characters into, but I still like…. don’t understand the way fandom headcanons work?

like I can do “headcanon about this person’s life or personality” (ie: I headcanon Combeferre having three sisters) or like, “what these characters were doing at this time and place in canon” (I headcanon that while Marius was gallivanting in a young lady’s garden, Courfeyrac was eating fancy cheese, reading scandalous novels, and then hitting the hay early)

but what I CAN’T do is, like, “here is an outlined interaction or behavior of this character” or “here is what Joly and Bossuet do during a stormy winter evening” …. or rather I cannot do that last one if not a fanfiction? but a lot of what I see being called headcanons lately is like. miniature fanfics! and it’s nice but like, does-not-compute.jpg

@peopleoftheshadows​ (cont. without ask box)

The silver haired woman gasped in shock as the very air and the ground began to freeze around the man, if it was a man, before her as he stared at her with just as cold eyes. She had found him when word of a mysterious being wandering the fields near Hoshido reached her ears. Those who caught sight of him had no idea what he was, he wasn’t a Faceless but he didn’t seem human either.

She stared back at him wide eyed as he mentioned he had seen her in a vision. “I don’t know why you saw me in a vision. My name is Corrin from the kingdom of Hoshido. I assure you I don’t think anyone from my kingdom are after you. Some who saw you were just a little startled is all.” she explained with a polite bow at her introduction.

She flashed a kind smile at him. “As long as you have caused no harm to anyone, I have no reason to fight you. Please, if you wish, come with me to somewhere where we can rest and chat. I can answer any questions you may have. I have plenty myself for you.”

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Hi! I was thinking about joining the attack on Titan rp fandom and I thought I'd ask how it is! Is it friendly, active etc. I'm leaning towards creating an OC so I really want to know if it's a good idea before actually doing it. Jeans my favorite and I love how you write him! Hope you're doing alright.

Hello there nonnie !! B^) It was a blessing to recieve this ask for plentiful reasons !!

1. AN SNK OC ??? BR O. Look if there’s one thing I really love seeing in this fandom is OC’s, they really bring out peoples unique personalities & offer people like myself to interact with other people in the main SNK environment. I have a couple of SNK OC’s myself whom I’ve never roleplayed, but the idea of someone even suggesting that they may gets me 100% excited !! I adore OC’s, let me adore yours >:3

2.  But onto the matter at hand! The SNK rp community on here is probably considered as pretty small in comparison to many others in the tumblr community, but we are certainly a very active bunch with the new season & so on!! People are a little busy with exams etc but we never fail to get on in a good plot / meta / friendship etc. Many people are 100% friendly once you get to know them & I know tonnes who would accept you in !! It’s all about finding the partners you want to thread with & so on, like most other fandoms out there, there’s plenty of different people / groups around here & they will all welcome you in open arms when needed ! 

3. Thank you so much !! AJHSDKJH I’m glad I give a good impression upon him ! I rlly rEALLY love Jean Kirstein, I would write an essay on how much I love him he’s my fucking life N GL . He’s one of the closest muses I have !! Whatever happens, just know if you do join he will love you & you’ve certainly got a bro in me. I’m just glad I make you happy !! 

ooc; heeeeey, guys. so i’m just gonna introduce myself, i’m d and i have been roleplaying on tumblr for a number of years now, and since then i’ve been waiting for a really cool AU to join and i really hope this one flourishes, i will sure help as much as i can to keep it active and exciting. my boy river is basically my little cinnamon roll. on the exterior, hard, but inside he’s nothing but gooey sponge. he’s legit adorable, albeit he can talk a mean talk…but yeah, i’m gonna try writing out a little bio for him so you guys can get to know him a little better or perhaps just write little drabbles weekly about his past ;-; but i would LOVE to start plotting with you guys, so please, please don’t be afraid to shoot me a little message 💗


Such a pleasure, and an honor obvi, having you @blacklily-s and @isaderoche in Monstera’s studios and my new shoebox flat today to show you what we’re working on 🙆🏻 


                                    MONKEYS, MOBILIZE!

Well, I’ve officially been running this blog for a month now, and I felt it was high time I make a thing to commend the folks who I’ve met and stuck with from the start! Ever since I rebooted Chiro, I’ve gotten the opportunity to interact with tons of people, many of whom I’ve never interacted with on any of my other muses before!

Really, it’s been a blast being on Chiro again. Not only have things been going well for him, but I myself have discovered more people in the roleplay community who are fans of the show–some of whom are people I’ve known for a while–or have otherwise introduced others to it. And I’m very glad to see people jumping on the bandwagon and making muses from the show! It feels great to contribute to the roleplay side of the fandom!

I wanna thank you all for your support! But I feel that “Follow Forevers,” and “Bias Lists” are a bit stingey so why not go with something a little more in-character with an alliance? Chiro and his team can consider these guys some worthy allies to go to when they need a hand!

This list is imperfect though; chances are I’ll have forgotten someone, and whether or not you’re on this list, I still appreciate you being on my dashboard, following me, and interacting with me as much as I appreciate everyone else!

In all sincerity, I’m really enjoying being on Chiro and I’m glad to see that so many of you have been interested in interacting with him and even interested in looking into the show. I hope to see you all on my dashboard for many months to come!

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List of Freljordian Terms and Phrases

I decided to post the list of compiled vocabulary my OC might use in his roleplays. The terms are almost all Norse, Norwegian, Swedish, or Gaelic, and often with a slight change to their spelling. There are a few that I have created myself. As I roleplay, this list will likely be added to. Enjoy :)

Rógn - wise
Leífyr - heir
Valdr - divine ruler
Bjerg - hero
Brynt - the fast
Fynnr - wanderer
Egyl - small
Eynar - lone warrior
Ríkr – eternal ruler
Lhingr – noble
Hjar – warrior
Frænr – greedy man
Volk – kinsman, tribesman, clansman
Velk – kinswoman, tribeswoman, clanswoman
Fræyr – master
Jóvyr – shatterer of peace
Frídr – peace-keeper, diplomat, ambassador
Hakon – prince
Rikr- guardian
Hjalmar – helmet warrior
Hyldihr – nationally acclaimed ruler
Hrarr – famous warrior
Ívarr – bowman
Lógmahr – government official
Ódn – raging, furious
Sígvard – triumphant
Blađnir – sellsword
Snohri – assailant
Stígr – traveler
Svann – boy
Sverrir – wild, restless
Órgnír – interpreter
Leikr – contender, challenger
Váli – survivor
-ling – descendant of
Tryggr – trustworthy
Jhergdiss – beautiful woman, heroine
Dagmarr – maid
Freja – woman
Fríđr – peaceful
Dhau – married woman
Jorun – love
Hildr – mother
Tyra – warrioress
Veldys – witch
Tíeradyr - beautiful flower that dies when picked
Skaht - treasure, my treasure
Kjære - precious, friend, significant other
Elskhede - beloved, spouse
Frehjj - beauty
Mhynn - pain. suffering
Ik - from, of
Lleue - poisonous plant