i have to refresh my ps knowledge

first of all, i want to say that i’m no master in space lol. i’m not studying it in college or uni, i’m not planning to have job in this field in the future, nothing like that. but i really REALLY love space and different paradoxes/theories which are connected to our universe and spacetime and i love studying and searching about this by myself so i want to share resources (books and tv-series) which helped me to understand our universe better

as many people, i started with popular tv-series. these are extremely helpful. little note: you can watch them in no particular order:

if you want to expend your knowledge or just prefer reading books, these some of the my suggestions. i haven’t read them all but some of them were read by my friend who i trust with this theme. little note: this order is an order in which i read books/plan to read them, but you can change it however you want:

i’m not gonna lie, you have to have at least basics knowledge of physics to fully understand what these authors are writing about. it was difficult for me so i decided to refresh my memory in physics (at least school level) before continue reading. but some of the books are written in really simple language so it’s easy to understand the basic concepts. if you have any other suggestions on this theme, send them to me! i hope this was useful, now enjoy! :)

ps: if your first language is not english and you’re not sure you can understand physics concepts in english, you better read these books in your first language if you have this opportunity.

9/31 So I made a couple weeks’ worth of “still picking apples argh I hate picking apples posts.” Since then:

  • We have picked some apples.
  • We have picked some more apples.
  • We have picked a few more apples.
  • We rented an apple crusher and press from the friendly local brewery supply.
  • The apple crusher was laid low by our mighty and fierce apples!
  • There is no longer a rentable apple crusher in the area.
  • I attempted to BUY an apple crusher from A Guy On The Internet.
  • A Guy On The Internet has stopped returning my emails, that jerk.
  • I crossed seven valleys or seas, the next to last bearing the name of Bewilderment, the last the name Annihilation. 
  • I came at last to the Kingdom of Cider Behind The Moon.
  • I traded my shadow to the Queen of All Ciders (whose cloak is the cold and frost-scented wind named Autumn Has Always Known Your Face) for five drops of cider made from the apples of the Tree of Knowledge. 
  • I hoped it would confer upon me knowledge of where to get a @“#$ apple crusher.
  • But instead, is is the Tree of Knowledge of Slashfic.
  • The five drops are sitting on my desk in a moon-silver chalice, undrunk.
  • They whisper terrible things to me.
  • such terrible things

Anyway, so that was all very boring and I’m going to skip to September 31 now!

PS If you are localish, don’t forget we are hosting a house concert for the angry-folk band ilyAIMY October 11th. Anyone who tells you that for refreshments I plan to serve roasted apple with apple reduction, over apple puree … well, they can’t prove it. Probably.