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Name: Smilte
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

hello there, I’m Smilte from Lithuania and I would love to have a pen pal because I haven’t done this thing before!
I’m an open-minded, tolerant and positive person, so I really like meeting new people from all over the world!! next year I’ll finish school and I like doing sports (basketball, volleyball), reading books (I’m a big fan of HP), traveling, climbing to the mountains, spending time in nature, taking photos, learning new languages, watching movies and tv series (GOT!!) and I’m trying to play guitar. I love watching sunsets or the night sky and listening to music - I listen different kinds of music but rock is my favourite one.
In this time of my life I’m trying to find myself and a path of my life, I have plans to study at university in Denmark but not really sure about it, I’m just sure that I will try to do my best to reach my dreams!
I’m a happy person because I won a battle with my depression and anxiety, so if you have any problems, we can also talk about it. Anyways, you will get to know me better when we will start communicating:)
I’m looking for friends to have deep conversations with, we can talk about anything (space, culture, politics, fashion etc.), soo I’m really excited to make new friends, feel free to write!!

Preferences: don’t have any, just someone around my age (16 and more). I’m open to all nice people here!

lostspace114  asked:

You recently posted a reblog about the importance of fanfiction in showing a person that they could write because they wanted to, because it mattered to them. As a teacher, do you see a role for fanfiction in schools?

Yes, I absolutely do! I think that fanfiction fills a niche that needs to be filled for kids. This is probably a longer answer than you were looking for, but I’ve actually been thinking about this for a while.

In reading, I see a lot of applications for fanfiction. My whole goal in teaching reading is getting kids excited to read. Sometimes, they have a hard time finding books that are interesting to them, but fanfiction can be accessible to the most reluctant reader. I require my students to read two books a term, but I absolutely count fanfiction for those books. Even if a student doesn’t have books that are interesting to them, there are often TV shows or video games that are, and reading in worlds that they already love gets them excited about reading. I’ve also taken some ideas for my book reports from fanfiction, things that we fanfic writers do just out of the love characters and worlds. Things like playlists, astrological signs, missing scenes, alternate endings, instagram pages, aesthetic boards, etc. I think that fanfiction being taught as literature is something that will continue to be on the fringes of academia for a long while. I’m still fighting to get parents on board with graphic novels in my own classroom. 

With writing there are so many ways that fanfiction can help students find the love of writing. Often, original writing feels too overwhelming for students. Sometimes giving them the parameters of writing in an assigned world or with certain characters makes writing seem easier. We read A Raisin in the Sun in my class, and I have my students write their own extended ending imagining what happens after the events of the play. What is that but fanfiction? During our narrative unit, students have asked me if they can write fanfiction for it, and I’ve always been supportive of that. I think we need to normalize fanfiction. I think that fanfiction makes original writing easier for students because it takes some of the work out of it. They do not need to create their own world, or their own characters, they can imagine situations and focus on the writing. Writing makes you a better reader, after all. 

I think that educators underestimate the good that fanfiction can do in classrooms. I know of many students who are reading and writing fanfiction, that participate in these communities, and I think they need adults in their lives that encourage it, and that encourage them to think critically about what they read. That’s why I feel so strongly about participating our @sexlaughterhonesty blog. I want them to have access to healthy representations of relationships in fanfiction. Traditional books still have their place, and I continue to collect books that I hope are interesting and that show the diversity of the human experience, but I absolutely believe that fanfiction can have its place there too. 

Thank you so much for your ask!

random update from the seal

The book is going well. I’ve started a pretty good schedule balancing reading and literature reviews with writing anywhere between 5-10k a week while also editing the first two novels of the series and working on pitches/inquiries/etc. 

I had been struggling with reading these past few years. A combination of so many years of almost purely academic reading followed by two years of just reading fanfiction (and that’s not remotely a bash at fan fic, but I was having a really hard time reading in my field/genre and that’s necessary for work). 

I decided to use some of that grad school training though and I created interdisciplinary reviews of relevant literature with reading lists (authors, books, articles) as well as loose course descriptions every bit as pretentious as I sometimes love to be. There are five. If you’re into that kind of thing, I’ve included them below the cut.

At any rate. All of this is keeping me wonderfully and happily busy, but I just wanted to say hello. I hope you’re all doing well and that you’re settling in for a wonderful fall (or spring, if that’s your hemisphere. :D) <3

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If ever I become a teacher in a high school department, I’d pair up my students according to their opposite.

“Oh! Little miss social butterflyyy, well, well, you’re sitting next to miss introvert right there”
“lookie here, nerd dude, yeah, sit next to the school’s bully”

The cleanest student in my class is going to suffer with the messiest.
the SMARTEST sits next to the DUMBEST!

I’ll give them homework, activities, projects in which they’re gonna have to do it TOGETHER! or they’ll FAIL!

and since they’ll be sitting next to each other for the whole year, I’ll watch them slowly get an influence on each other.

miss social butterfly will start enjoying reading books and miss introvert will open up more on others

the school’s bully becomes the nerds bestfriend and study together and is now being nice to other nerds but his nerd is special. 
the messiest student starts cleaning his own desk for once.

And I’m just going to be at the distance looking at them, with a tear flowing down my cheek and say “I’m so proud of my children” 

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HI arc long time no see lets have a normal ask! Ok so what got you into choices??

Wow… a normal ask Nova?
…… who are you and what have you done with my nova!

Ok so well… I’ve been a fan of RPG and MMORPG games for a long time, but especially SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) and Bioware’s Mass Effect style interactive story telling where your choices have lasting effects and shape the interactions and relationships your OC has in the games.
I stopped playing the games some years back because life got busy betweem school, work and family. But still a fan. So got curious one day and started looking at app games with similar styles, having seen the adds for Episode and Choices, but an add showing The Crown and the Flame was what made me try Choices. Looking at the reading list I dismissed the other books as (forgive me people) fluffy romance chick books.
TCaTF pulled me in hook line and sinker, then tried Most Wanted, then Haunting of Braidwood Manor, by that point I was a fan and finally tried ES….
like HOLY SH**!
I was now reading all the books I’d WRONGLY dismissed as “fluffy” and loving them.
Then I found @holly-park ’s page while Googling fanfiction and well…. here I am!

Dear Charlie,

Today was the second day of school. I have no idea how to feel. I feel so alone. I mean I have spent time alone before but this time i just feel like no one would care is I wasn’t there.. people come to me only when they need company, otherwise I dont even exist.

I’m trying hard to keep myself busy, bringing a book with me to read but that’s starting to get boring too.

Now I know why that one girl always keeps to herself. What’s the point in having friends anyway? right?

as y'all know i have been Struggling the last few weeks so i’ve decided to make a running list to boost my days when i need it

reasons to be happy:

1. my friends are amazing

2. my dogs love me

3. taylor swift is releasing new music

4. it’s about to be fall

5. there’s so much food to be eaten

6. there’s so many books to be read

7. harry styles wearing floral suits

8. i’m doing really well in school

9. i’m going to get out of here eventually

10. i’m going to do good things

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Hey so idk if you've read A Separate Peace, but your post about Otayuri boarding school made me think of it and now I'm shook. If you haven't, I highly suggest bc there are some Really Gay undertones in that book and yeah... Case closed, Otayuri au is actually a separate peace

LOL yeah i had to read that in like 8th or 9th grade English, and YEAH IT WAS GAY AF. IDK I wanna write this au for Otabek week if I have time. HOWEVER, I HAVE SOO MUCH GOING ON IN OCTOBER AHHHHHHH

It also made me think of “Kill Your Darlings” but mostly with the young queer creative boys, and less of the whole….murder/manslaughter part. 

  • Ravenclaw: There's going to be snow!
  • Sytherin: Yup, enough to bury small animals.
  • Ravenclaw: Why must you be like this?
  • Slytherin: Why are you so excited about it?
  • Ravenclaw: Because now I can sit in front of the fireplace and read books.
  • Slytherin: You do that anyway.
  • Ravenclaw: Yeah, but now there's aesthetic.
how to survive bad school days, from morning till night

my last year of high school starts rather soon, and i’ve had more than my fair share of days when i wake up wanting to cry. there aren’t many things you can do when obligations like school force you to get over it as soon as it starts, so here are some tips to make your day better.

1. dress opposite the way you feel. even though sweats might be super tempting, dress up. wear your favorite pair of jeans, or a dress, or your cutest sneakers, even. wear bright colors at least. sweatpants and such will just make you feel even more blah and unfocused throughout the day. 

2. moisturize! this might seem like an odd idea, but moisturizing and going into school glowy and soft definitely helps me feel more comfortable and less ugh during the school day. it helps keep me in my home-y comfort zone, if that makes sense. 

3. carry something from home. this can be a book (even if you don’t read it), a tube of chapstick, a big waterbottle, etc… i have even gone as far as wrapping myself in a small blanket and walking around like that for the day. if you like this option and don’t feel comfortable wearing it, fold it up and place it in your backpack, just so you know it’s there.

4. plan out your day. even if it’s just making a mental note, tell and remind yourself of the things your going to do and when. this will get rid of any unnecessary stress and pressure. if something unexpected comes up, this will also help you manage your time a little better.

5. eat and drink happy things! pick today to pack a lunch, no matter what your usual routine is. drink plenty of water throughout this day, and eat as many fruits and veggies as you can. fill a reusable water bottle with water, fruit (like lemon or strawberries), and chia seeds! it’s perfect to sip throughout the day for a reboot or just to boost your mood. 

6. when you get home, bathe immediately! wash off the day’s dirt. drop everything as soon as you get home, and either jump in the shower or relax in a bath with your favorite soaps and scents and a book. give yourself a break before you have to get back to work.

7. don’t ignore your work. by work, i mean school work. if you’re having a bad day, don’t hesitate to take a break from talking to people or running (low-priority) errands. you don’t want to ignore schoolwork, though, because teachers aren’t the most lenient people in the world, and getting it done will take a lot off of your shoulders. pushing it away will only gain you more bad days. 

8. go to bed. get sleep! you want to be refreshed and happy for the next day, even if it’s a weekend. there’s a good chance your bad day began because you didn’t get enough sleep, or because you were ripped out of bed. reward yourself with rest after a long day. 

so i guess i really want to post more original content but here is a list of all the bujo pages in my bujo + others i see floating around and if you think i’ve missed out on any then please add them!

  • yearly calendar
  • monthly spread
  • weekly spread
  • about the owner
  • resolutions
  • idols page (list our your idols)
  • letters (if you start at the start of the year, i write a letter that sums up my hopes and dreams for the year)
  • birthdays (of people you know)
  • birthday wishlist
  • books to read
  • project tracker (projects that you’ve started or aim to start)
  • places to go
  • bucketlist for the year
  • school timetable
  • important school dates
  • un do list (things you want to stop doing)
  • key
  • money tracker (monthly, weekly or yearly)
  • books that have been read (include dates)
  • tv shows to watch
  • tv shows which have been watched
  • movies to watch
  • movies which have been watched
  • recipes (for special days e.g. valentines, christmas, halloween etc.)
  • packing lists
  • goals lists
  • exam planners (a summary of your exams if they’re all in a certain time period like the end of the year)
  • plans (if you’re hanging out with friends/going on a date/enjoying family time a plan and possible recount are really cute)
  • typography pages
  • mood tracker
  • doodle pages
  • habit trackers (weekly, monthly, fortnightly, yearly)
  • present ideas (for other people’s birthdays/anniversaries/holidays0
  • if you have a hobby e.g. knitting then knitting spreads (so planning your knitting with stitches and such, or something like guitar chords)
  • fun fact pages
  • positivity pages (fill with all the good things you like)
  • rant pages (just rant on them - don’t worry about making them look nice)
  • self reflections (taking some time to just write about your feelings - mindfullness)
  • list of favourite things
  • game challenges (so having a topic e.g. animals and going through the alphabet and naming one animal for each letter - this is a really good time killer if you have nothing to do, prepare a few beforehand)
  • quotes pages
  • self care pages (list of self care techniques as well as recipes for facemasks etc.)
  • how to pages (e.g. how to draw a fish)
  • to catch up pages (things you should watch or listen to when you have more time - things without deadlines)
  • song lyrics pages (just write song lyrics or typograph them)
How to learn a new language FAST!

Hi guys! Recently people have been asking me how come I am fluent in so many languages. And although I find this compliment to be very flattering, I do feel the urge to share my best tips with you guys. So I speak around 6 languages, but I am completely fluent in English, Croatian and Italian which always seem to interest people the most. Learning a new language does take time, but hopefully with these tips, you will be able to do it a lot faster!


For instance, if you are from Spanish speaking area, you might want to start off by learning Portuguese or Italian since all those languages have a similar sound and sentence structure. This way learning process might go a bit faster.


For best results, try leaving out at least 10 minutes or so every day to do something in that language. It can be something as simple as listening a song, even listening someone speak. Just be consistent and I promise you, you will find yourself understanding the language algorithm in no time.


It literally doesn’t matter if you understand or have no idea what the heck are they talking about. When I first started learning Italian, I just spent hours watching one Italian movie after the other and God knows I didn’t understand a thing, but I begin to understand the way they formed the sentences and noticed the way they repeated same words but in different context. This is a very important tip because every language has that part that can not be translated, nor explained, only understood by Italian speakers. So just find youtubers, movies or podcasts in language you want to learn and take our dictionary with you and listen.


It’s not that hard, really. There are also app to help you (such as Duolingo). Pick a few words and think of a way to make a sentence out of that word. Then try turning that word in an adverb and then try using that in a sentence. For instance, if you were to learn English and your word of choice was ‘beautiful’ use it first as an adjective: “This apple is beautiful.” Then use it as an adverb: “She drew his portrait beautifully.” This way you will learn a few words that go together and be closer to understanding the language structure. Also, start simple. start off by learning the most common and the simplest everyday sentences.


It doesn’t matter if you’re bad or lacking words, just speak. It is important to use what you’ve learned and practice it. Find someone to speak with. Internet is a huge place and you will find someone to speak with you. Even better if you find a native speaker (who knows, maybe they come to your town as a tourist?) since they will probably be willing to correct your mistakes and you will learn something from them.


This goes with the previous one. If you don’t have anyone to speak with, then write. You will practice your vocabulary and challenge yourself to learn the words that are missing to form a good sentence.


Grammar will come, focus on vocabulary first. Grammar will come as you begin understanding the language itself. So it takes time, but listen to songs, watch movies and try reading books in that language.


Enjoy yourself. Learning a new language is such a noble thing to do. You will have your mind so much more open and you will be richer for another experience.

Also, if you need help with anything, I will be more than glad to help you. My askbox is always open. 

Good luck.


I recently read Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat and I fell in love with watching Damen and Laurent fall in love… ;o;

short, sweet, & to the point back to school tips

An anon recently asked for some back to school tips, so I thought I’d give a few for both high school and college.

For high school & college:

  • Need new stuff? Have you checked your backpack? Is it falling apart? Make sure your most basic needs are covered.
  • Be certain you have the right supplies for each class, such as a folder and a notebook for each.
  • Of course, make sure you have pencils, pens, paperclips, tape, post-it’s, index cards, and anything else you might need.
  • Prepare your workspace! Clean out your desk and make sure everything has a designated space. Clear away clutter. A cluttered desk makes for a cluttered mind.
  • Freshen your wardrobe! If you have the extra cash, use some to buy yourself new clothes and shoes. It’ll definitely get you in the back-to-school spirit.
  • Did you do your work for over the summer? Please do not wait until the last week/day/night to do this. Try to enjoy the rest of your break!
  • Do you have a reading list for the upcoming year/semester? If so and if you have the time, get a head start on your reading before you start getting busy.
  • Get a planner or a bullet journal! Set it up and fill out as much as you can: important dates, big projects, etc.
  • When picking a seat on the first day, sit at the front of the classroom. You’ll be free from distractions, be able to hear & see better, and more likely than not your questions will be answered.
  • Start organized, stay organized. Keep all your handouts in separate folders or binders. Use a color coded system: match your folder/binder to your notebook for a particular class.
  • Get on a good sleep schedule. Gradually start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. It takes two weeks to establish a new sleep schedule.

For college:

  • Make sure you have everything you need to furnish your dorm or apartment!
  • Stock up on some healthy study snacks.
  • Look at a map of your campus and learn the routes you will have to take to get to your classes. You don’t want to be late on the first day!
  • Get your books early to err on the side of caution. Professors are very unsympathetic to, “I didn’t do my reading because I didn’t have the book.” Figure out how much you’ll use your books and/or if you can effectively share, and sell your books back as soon as you can.

Best of luck to everyone as you get ready to head back to school!

The Night Before School Starts Routine:

Hello Study Buddies! I go back to school on Wednesday so I want to share how I plan to get ready the next before! 

Step One: Clear your floors and have an outfit picked out! This will make waking up calmer and cut your time picking out and changing into your school clothes easier! 

Step Two: Do a scalp/hair treatments and face mask! Stress can cause acne so doing a face mask will help your skin and relax. I also do a hair mask because I tend to have a lot of product buildup from soap, sweat and school so doing the hair mask is really nice before school starts and I usually do it a couple times a month! 

Step Three: Pack your backpack and sports bag. I personally have sports practice after school and need to pack my stuff so I will pick that out and set them to the side along with all of my school supplies! 

Step Four: Destress as much as possible. Put on some calming music or read a book. School is stressful enough so being as relaxed as you can before hand is really great! 

Step Five: Make sure all your summer work is done!!! This could throw the whole relaxation out the window but better doing it last minute than never! 

Step Six: Go to bed early and try to keep your phone off! The light from your phone will make it harder for you to fall asleep. Also you will most likely have a lot on your mind because of school and nerves so the sooner you try to go to sleep the more sleep you’re going to get. (tip maybe consider having a natural sleep remedy like a nighttime tea or melatonin) 

Step Seven: Know your schedule and set your alarm. I personally put a screensaver of my schedule on my phone and set my alarm for 5am!

*:・゚✧How to find time to read*:・゚✧

hello everyone! i have decided to write this masterpost because this topic has always been quite important to me: especially now in the summertime, i find myself packed in books i have to read for school and/or that i want to read for personal culture, but the time, as usual, seems to be never enough.
Driven by the need of having social life, getting enough sleep, studying for next year’s school lectures and also read everything i want (and have to), i have managed to develop this method that allows me to do all my duties and still have enough time to read four books during a day.
so here’s some steps that will defenitely help you find your time to read!

1. Try to wake up early. Maybe this wasn’t what you wanted to hear but it is fundamental if you want to have more time. If you are not a morning person, i suggest downloading the app alarmy (android download // apple download). I have been using it for ages and it really works for me - you simply take a pic of something before you go to sleep (for example i took a pic of the bathroom sink) and in the morning the alarm won’t go off unless you take the exact same pic, so that you are literally forced to get up. (I have a few methods to wake myself up in th morning, if you’re interested I’ll make a masterpost about this!)

2. Read as first thing in the morning This is actually quite interesting. Reading as first thing in the morning is incredibly beneficiant since it actually activates the brain cells and it makes you feel more awaken and productive since the very beginning of the day, expecially if you read something you deeply enjoy. I love waking up, washing my face and going back to bed to read half an hour or so The Art of Being Happy by Shopenhauer  while i drink a glass of iced water. I truly reccomend you to try this because it really sets the tone of your day.

3. Read in between your study sessions. If you follow the pomodoro method you should be a step ahead in this point but even if you don’t, every day is the right day to start something new! The pomodoro method is basically a method in which you study for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minutes break. I have modified this method to make it more suitable for my needs, and so i usually study for 35 mins and then i have an 10 minutes break; during this break i manage to read some pages, and it motivates me both to work harder during the session and to remain focused!

4. Read half an hour before lunch and dinner and half an hour later. it seems pretty dumb but it is not: before and after a meal are possibly the times in our day where we are most likely to be distracted by hunger or by lazyness; so instead of forcing ourselves on doing work that wont’t be productive, a better option would be to just stop and relax our minds by reading. By doing this, we will gain two hours out of our busy day to read without wasting any study time. 

5. Listen to audiobooks!!!! I literally cannot stress enough how convenient audiobooks are. You can do anything else but still be reading! Another way to take advantage of audiobooks is by having the book under the eyes and just listen to the audiobook and follow in the book. This lowers by so freaking much the chances of get distracted, and it will make the reading more fluid and, for some, interesting (Luckily, youtube is full of free audiobooks of almost any classic book you want to read so you won’t have to pay for audiobooks)

so, to conlude this masterpost, let’s do the math:
We have 24 hours. Lets say we wake up at 6.30. We will read an hour and then we will start our day. We accomplish from 8 to 11 am 3 pomodoro study sessions with 24 mins of reading. Then we have half an hour before and half an hour after lunch. We manage to make 5 sessions form 2 to 7 pm, with 40 mins of reading.
Another half an hour before dinner and half an hour after. If i’m not wrong, we managed to read about 4 hours before evening, without stealing any time to the study and having the whole night ahead to go to sleep early, have social life or, most likely, continue to reading for another couple of hours

If you have read all the way to here, i am so thankful for your existence and for your patience, I truly do hope this masterpost will help you!!! If you have any suggestions or question or anything feel completely free to message me ≧◡≦

anonymous asked:

Hey man I was just wondering what your take was on the whole controversy around the age difference in Call Me By Your Name and people deeming it as pedophilia because it portrays an adult man pursuing a minor? I know you loved the film so am interested to hear your opinion on the topic.

I didn’t answer this question when I first received it at least two months ago because it’s a complicated issue and it demands that I go into things I wouldn’t normally go into. That said, since this movie means a lot to me and it’s going to be a big part of movie culture for the next year or so, I want to take a stab at answering this.

First of all, I think personal experience dictates a person’s perspective on anything, especially art. That means that if for any reason Call Me by Your Name is triggering or makes you uncomfortable based on your own experiences or feelings, you should do whatever you need to do to stay away from it. I do not believe that gives you the right to say that those that do support the film are supporting pedophilia or glamorizing rape. 

That said, I’m seeing a lot of moral absolutism when it comes to the discourse around this issue. It’s an innate human desire for every issue to have a clear “right” and “wrong” but that’s just not the way of the world. Personally, I’m not keen on people who aren’t able to admit to or identify when subjects are more complicated than a simple dichotomous answer. This is especially frustrating for me given the subject matter. Would it suddenly be OK if Elio’s character were 18, instead of 17? Because “that’s what the law says”? If we follow that train of thought, we fall very quickly down the rabbit hole that depends on laws dictating what is and is not “right” - I think we can all easily admit that the laws are a poor judge of this. 

Even more than that, I think that calling the relationship depicted in the story “predatory” shows an astounding lack of critical thinking and analytical skills. It’s that straight-forward. It’s like when you’re in high school and you have to write a paper about the book you were reading for class. Say the thesis of this paper is, “Oliver is predatory character” - ok, sure, show me the evidence! But guess what? It’s not there. I’ve read the book twice now and there’s not enough textual evidence to support that claim. 

To arrive at the conclusion that Call Me by Your Name depicts pedophilia means that you would first have to strip away all the necessary context within the film that defines the relationship itself. 

As someone who has experienced first hand what it’s like to be groomed by a pedophile and then be abused for more than a year, it’s offensive to me that people are lodging this claim against the movie. This is a movie that celebrates what it’s like to be in love. I’m not asking you to agree with me or share that experience with me. I’m not even asking you to change your opinion on the film because that’s your right just as much as it is mine. That’s simply how I feel about it. 

Context is everything. Moral absolutism is dangerous.