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at first i just wanted to practise expressions but then it got out of hand :D


I’m so glad to have these two drama queens part of my team.

Saving as JPG vs PNG for tumblr

I have read/watched alot on this subject in order to make up my own mind.

  • JPG: Smaller file size so they load quicker on the blog/dash. When it comes to publishing edits/stills/graphics to tumblr at the small dimensions we use, I think .JPG is perfect.
  • PNG: Bigger file size so it takes longer to load on the blog/dash. .PNG is used for large Hi-Res images, transparent images, printing, HD backgrounds ect.
  • In this video he explains the tech differences between the save settings and this is a good short video on the subject also.

How to Save a High Quality JPG Using Photoshop:

File>save for web>

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I can’t draw this weekend, so here’s a wip of a much longer series of drawings I’ll post one day

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we played this at a classics crew date so, fuck marry kill with the first & second triumvirates maddie

first triumvirate: 

fuck caesar. i feel like any longlasting relationship with him would’ve resulted in my death and also i’m really extra about caesar so this is the way it has to be. remember when he crossed the rubicon and started a civil war like a boss ass bitch? i’m into that. being stabbed 23 times? not as much.

marry crassus because the dude was so fucking loaded, he was buds with caesar and he hated pompey which are good qualities in a husband. 

kill pompey. friends with cicero which is straight up unforgivable. seemed like a tool. started a civil war. also not that i frequently jack off to busts of roman patricians but his bust is fucking ugly. a two at best.

second triumvirate (ho boy): 

fuck mark antony. if anyone is surprised by this, you haven’t been around my blog for long enough. my boy and i have a lot of things in common, mainly being drunk sluts with suicidal tendencies. plus, he possibly married cleopatra and she manipulated him into killing himself so i don’t think that would work out very well. 

marry lepidus… u know what… i feel like he’s the sort of guy that u could walk all over. u could get away with doing whatever the fuck u wanted to do and he’d probably just leave u alone before dying peacefully. dream marriage. 

obvs i would kill octavian because there is nothing i like about him, he was a limp fish of a man and used other peoples’ successes for himself (i mean i understand this is ancient rome and everyone did this but he took it to an all new level). dedicated like ten years of his life to demolishing mark antony into the dust. he was also devious af so i feel like you’d always have to watch ur back if u were anywhere near him, and u’d probably slip up one day and he’d kill you so. no thanks.

Aye Tolkien Lovers

I just wanted to see how the response would be. I know many of you were excited when I was able to share my experience over this past semester with being in a JRR Tolkien lecture, and it really got me thinking how much of a disappointment it was that there wasn’t more of an academic opportunity for those passionate in the lore and historical aspects of Tolkien’s work. Therefore, while this is still an idea; would anyone be interested if I opened up a secondary blog for Tolkien (amateur-self proclaimed) scholars? I’m not certain yet of what all would go into it, but I was thinking about having weekly discussions, debates and prompts just to add more quality in depth study in a fandom of such quantity.

hey y’all it’s your local (hot) mess, macy 🐰 so yesterday was this blog’s one year anniversary and i can’t believe it’s been a whole year?? it’s been a wild ride, this blog has grown more than i could’ve imagined and i’ve met such incredible and lovely people, i love you all so much and i’m really thankful to you all for brightening up my dash with quality memes and amazing content ^.^

Thank you all and I hope you’re having a beautiful day/night 💘

mutuals // faves // friends ♡ // you’ve unlocked friendship level 5 ✿

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i got bored and did a thing


Look alive, sunshines!

First off, I’m really sorry for not using this blog in forever. Haven’t updated since, like… before halloween. Shit’s been crazy since then, so I do have an excuse.

Also, sorry for the shit quality. Took these with my 7 year old android, posted em on instagram, and was literally so lazy I just screenshotted them on my laptop to post here.

But, as you can see, Mousekat got pretty close to being finished. I never patched the face up perfectly, and a lot of roughhousing around in the head cracked it in quite a few places.

You all know me—I’m not satisfied with this head, so I’m selling it to make some money to make a new, more accurate one! what a surprise, huh?

If anyone’s interested in buying this head, I’ll patch up and repaint the face, and fix all of the little dings n shits on the head so it’ll be in good condition. Shoot me a message on my main tumblr, @zygomatico, my insta, @badnewsfromthezones, or my email, geneellerby@gmail.com.

And, as always, tumbleweeds—

Keep Running.


You guys are crazy- My blog is trash, what are you doing on here??? Honestly though this is insane (for me). Not even 5 days have gone by and I’m already at 315 followers?? And all these notes?? Ahh- Thank you guys for loving my “high quality” memes- It means so much. When I made this blog I didn’t expect to make such amazing friends or to even get a single follower. It warms my heart, ya know? I love all of you guys, stay frosty-

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I have no idea how this post is going to be received, but I’ve seen a few things today that set my teeth on edge.

This is a friendly reminder that fic writers and artists do what they do for free. People who run fic-finding blogs do what they do for free. People who make gifs do it for free. People who put together amazing rec lists do it for free. People who read and reblog every fic they come across do it for free. People who write amazingly-detailed, insightful or funny tags on their reblogs do it for free. And we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. How cool is that? There’s so much amazing stuff out there for us to consume, and it doesn’t cost us a penny. It makes fandom fun and it makes fandom better.

And all of these people - the artists, the writers, the finders, the giffers, and the reccers - also have lives of their own. They go to school. They work full-time jobs. They have families and significant others and friends and hobbies. They have health problems. They have mental health issues. They have fandom for fun, and they have fandom to escape. Some people like to talk to anyone and everyone who hits up their inbox. Some people are more introverted. Some people prefer to keep a small circle of friends, or got cautious about making new friends after they’ve been burned a few times (haven’t we all run into toxic people online at some point?). Some people follow thousands of blogs. Some follow a few.

What they don’t have is a debt to fandom. They don’t actually owe anyone anything. Whether it’s an update on a multi-chapter, a response to a prompt, a new piece of art when someone requests it, a list of their favorite bed-sharing fics, a gifset, a like, a reblog, a comment, or a beta. 

(I’m not saying that feedback or likes/reblogs/comments aren’t important, obviously. *waves* Hi, I write fic. Of course it’s important. That’s not why I’m writing this.)

A lot of times people expect these things, and in some cases people demand these things. It’s not cool. And when the artist/writer/blogger doesn’t deliver, they get anon hate and snotty comments. One of the biggest complaints I’ve seen in the fandom - that good fics by lesser-known authors get ignored - is trying to be addressed by a new blog specifically devoted to promoting these authors. Amazing idea, right? Someone saw a problem and is making a genuine, good-hearted effort to fix it.

That blog is less than a day old, and they’ve already gotten anon comments along the lines of, “Why bother? It won’t help,” and “Why are you waiting before you start reccing? There are authors need your help now.” I repeat: that blog is less than a day old. Someone decided to take time out of their life to try and shed a spotlight on new/lesser-known authors - for FREE - and they’re already getting shit on.

So, I’m a writer. I don’t know how “famous” I am, or how famous other people think I am. I follow very few blogs because 1) I tried following hundreds of people when I first started on Tumblr and it got incredibly overwhelming for me, 2) I’ve gradually whittled my dash down to be as drama-free as possible, and 3) I follow authors and artists who I know from experience post quality content that I know I’ll love. And frankly, I can’t even keep up with everything they post and feel like crap when I fall behind on fic-reading.

Y’all, I work full-time. I have friends IRL and online. I follow a few blogs that make me happy. I try to write. I have serious struggles with depression sometimes. I hang out with my asshole cats. And I am tired. I don’t live in an online bubble to deliberately exclude people. All I do is try to make an online experience for myself that makes fandom more enjoyable for me, rather than more stressful.

I… don’t have any sort of grand thesis or conclusion here, other than we need to be nice to each other, and maybe take other people’s experiences into account when evaluating their behavior. And please, if you find yourself getting angry at authors or artists or gif-makers or rec blogs, remember that you’re getting angry at people who spend hours producing content for you to enjoy, for free. They never had to give you anything, but they still do.

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hey!!! I just wanted to say that I really like how you've been dropping backstory/plot hints as this blog goes along!! it's neat to try and speculate at what you have planned, and I'm rlly looking forward to watching as you guys build up to it!!! (like... I have post notifs turned on for this blog. thank u for the quality content and art <3)

[Oh my gosh, thank you guys so much! I was worried that my method of only dropping hints was being a little tedious but this is reassuring! Thank you for letting me know!

You guys are all absolutely so kind and sweet and I’m just??? Thank you for being so understanding and thank you guys for your support!! Hearing you guys put notifications for this blog is a HUGE encouragement for when I draw tbh so thank you!!]


  For a month, I’ve been reading and taking screenshots of instances in which somebody is hateful or disrespectful towards Hwasa from MAMAMOO. I also had mean posts towards and about Moonbyul which were sadly lost in the midst of me cleaning up my phone.

  I decided today was a good day to explore this issue and give my opinion on it. Here are some screenshots I was able to find/save from the mess I made hours ago:

  Unfortunately, none of the screenshots listed above were taken out of context and neither is the one listen down. The Hwasa hate withing the Momoos is not that obvious, but outside of it it’s sadly crystal clear.

  Hwasa has been categorized as “ugly” and also the “ugliest” in the group more times than I can count and it’s a shame I lost some of my screenshots that proved this. Sadly, this is a real issue not just to MAMAMOO’s maknae, but also to various other idols like Rapmonster from BTS (for example).

  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as soon as it’s made public that person has to be ready for some backlash as not everybody is going to agree with you. Sadly, I don’t agree with this and I can refute what you say and not just disagree is because you claim her “ugliness” as being a fact and not a personal opinion/preference.

  Down below you’ll see pictures of MAMAMOO with and without make-up for comparison but make sure you understand that I’ve been a moomoo for a while and I love all of them (including their appearance), so I’m not pushing everyone down with this. I have good intentions with this post.

  If you have some time, stick around ‘till the end.

  The photo below is used various times to slander/criticize Hwasa’s appearance on, not only blogs, but also e-papers/magazines which is pretty alarming from my view point.

  This picture was taken during a rehearsal and (from what I read) Hwasa believed it wasn’t necessary to wear make-up as it wasn’t an actual show, but just a “training session”. 

  Unfortunately, the facial expression, the lighting, the angle and the bad quality of the picture obviously doesn’t help her appearance after all she’s human, but look under for another make-up-less picture to see the difference.

  Here you go: in this picture, due to the lighting, facial expression and better quality of the picture she looks way better. Bless lighting, am I right?

  If this picture makes you feel like I’m biased (which I am, to be honest, as she’s my favorite idol), here are more to dismiss those silly ideas.

  Opinions are opinions - of course -, but using a terrible picture in order to get your point across when there are many pictures to refute that idea is begging to be disagreed with.

  In my opinion though (my really biased opinion, of course, let that be known) she’s pretty. 

  Bonus: in my mother’s unbiased opinion, she’s also pretty.

  Now, leaving the solely “Hwasa” topic, let’s talk all of MAMAMOO, shall we?

  I am a big supporter of the fact that you can only be a Moomoo if you respect all the members and unfortunately that’s not 100% homogenized with the fandom’s rules

  Here is MAMAMOO with no make-up on (and oh, do they look great):

  It’s obvious every person who wears make-up on a daily basis doesn’t look as good without make-up not only because make-up is used to make someone’s face more appealing and overall more beautiful but also because you’re used to a certain bone structure (that can be easily messed around with contour and highlight), a certain color of skin and lips, fuller and more colored eyebrows, etc.

  The girls aren’t above that as they’re human - they breathe, they eat and they go to the bathroom just like all of us.

  To me, with or without make-up they look beautiful because I chose these girls as my favorite group not just for their looks but also for their music/talent and humor. Yet, I can’t deny they look more appealing with make-up and I know most of the people out there could agree with me.

  I am pulling any of them down, it’s my opinion. It’s not a fact, but an opinion based on my preferences. 

  Here’s some basis for my opinion:

  Aside from MAMAMOO (but still connected to them), I found something horrible on the internet which was apparently posted a couple of months ago. Still, it was posted, read and commented under, so I can do the same here as it’s in the public domain.

  In addition to refuting Hwasa’s haters, here’s some pictures of the “ugliest” idols listed above in order and let it be known I wasn’t aware of the existence of Bobby, Yang, Seo, Jihyo, Jung or Umji prior to this so my opinion on them isn’t biased in any way. I didn’t search exhaustively for these pictures, they were on the very top of their names’ search.

  Anyways, here are pictures of the idols.

  Warning: there’s a l o t of ugliness ahead. ;)

Here’s Bobby;

  Don’t know how someone could find him ugly with that sincere stare and plump lips, but sure…

Here’s Yoseob:

  He looks like such a happy kid, how can someone hate on him?

Here’s Rapmonster:

  Sorry, I’m biased on this one but his sincere smile is enough to make any girl swoon.

Here’s Eunkwang:

  He’s cute as hell! Reminds me of an EXO member, I just don’t remember which (not a fan of EXO, by the way).

Here’s Jihyo:

  She is such a cutie patootie omfg.

  Here’s Eunji:


Here’s Umji:

  Cutest smile 2KForever (and look at those cheeks!).

Here’s Hwasa:

  Queen of jeans right behind Hani, to be honest.

  Too biased to comment, sorry.

In my opinion,

  None of the idols listed above are ugly and it’s a fact they do not deserve your insults or slander as nobody deserves to be hated on (unless they’re criminals, then I really don’t care) based solely off their looks.

  Did you notice I did not state my opinion as a fact throughout this post? You can easily give your opinion without insulting anyone or making a mess. Wow!


Baekhyun - “’Dumb Things We’ve Fought About’ List”

Originally posted by myheartforgomez

This isn’t a request, but an old imagine I wrote that I never ended up posting!

It’s not the best quality (I wrote this a long time ago and my writing skills have gotten a lot better since then) but I wanted to go ahead and post an imagine/scenario because I haven’t since last week and I’m not sure when I’ll get the next one done.

I hope you guys enjoy and please feel free to leave me any requests you may have (Who/What I’ll do is in the description of my blog)!

Happy Reading!




“What the hell are you doing!?” You screeched, almost tripping over your heels as your boyfriend, Baekhyun, pulled you away from the dance floor and out of the club.

“What the hell am I doing?” Baekhyun scoffed, his jaw tense and eyes filled with anger. “What the hell are you doing?”

You looked at Baekhyun incredulously, not fully understanding why he randomly decided to, not so gently, drag you out of the club and away from the party that his own group was hosting. You guys had been having a great time all night. The party was in celebration of EXO’s new album, all your friends were there, and up until a few moments ago you had been dancing to one of your favorite songs. You didn’t understand why Baekhyun was in such a pissy mood all of a sudden.

“What are you talking about, Baekhyun?” You asked, your voice laced with annoyance as you tore your arm from his tight grip.

“Are you kidding!?” Baekhyun laughed, sheer disbelief written all over his face. “You know exactly what I’m talking about, jagiya.”

“No, I really don’t!”

Baekhyun stood in silence for a moment before letting out a breathy sigh. Then, all of a sudden, he slowly started walking toward you, his anger filled eyes never leaving yours as you felt your back hit the cold brick wall behind you.

“I’m talking about that little stunt you just pulled with Chanyeol.”

Your eyes widened at his words. You couldn’t believe what he was saying. Your loving boyfriend of two years was mad at you for doing something as innocent as dancing? He had to be kidding.

“Are you serious? We were just dancing!”

“Oh, so rubbing up against your boyfriends best friend right in front of him is considered just to be dancing now?”

“What!?” You asked, disbelief and anger traveling throughout your entire body as you brought your hands to Baekhyuns’ shoulders and pushed, trying your best to get him to back away before your anger got the best of you and you ended up slapping him. “You think we were grinding!? You know I’d never do that!”

“Oh, really!? What you call it then, hmm?” He asked, his face filled with anger and his eyes filled with a deep sadness. Even though the situation was incredibly out of hand and even though it was all just a big misunderstanding, you could tell by the look in his eyes that Baekhyun truly believed with you were doing something you shouldn’t have with Chanyeol, and you weren’t sure whether or not to be angry at him for not trusting you or sad that such a dumb misunderstanding had affected him so much. 

“Baekhyun…” You breathed, your voice soft as you tried to get him to listen to you. “You have it all wrong.”

“How could I possibly have this wrong, Y/N? I know what grinding looks like, okay, and the moment I walked away from you guys you were all up against each other. Have you guy’s done this before? Are you cheating on me or something?”

“You know I’d never cheat on you! Please just liste-”

“No!” Baekhun all but yelled, his voice shaky as a jumble of emotions ran through his body. “There’s nothing to listen to. You may not have cheated on me, but you were still dirty dancing with my best friend and I’m definitely not okay with that! So, I’m going home. You can either stay here or come with me, but I’m not really in the partying mood anymore.”

“Baekhyun, please just let me talk.” You begged, trying your best to get your incredibly stubborn boyfriend to listen to you for once. 

You hated fighting with Baekhyun, and thankfully it wasn’t something you did often. But Baekhyun was such a hard headed person that fights between you two never really lasted long or really went anywhere because he never let you get a word in. To him he was right and you were wrong and there was no in between.

“No.” He stated calmly, quickly turning away from you as he started making his way toward the car. “I’m done. That’s it. End of discussion.”

“No! Not end of discussion.” You stated sternly, quickly grabbing his arm to stop him from walking away any further.

Baekhyun looked at you with wide eyes, not expecting you to grab him like that. But the moment he seen the determined look on your face he let out a sigh, tearing his arm from your grip, crossing them over his chest, and raising his eyebrows in a ‘What could you possibly say to make this better’ manner.

“I wasn’t doing anything with Chanyeol!” You insisted as you looked straight into your boyfriends eyes. “We weren’t dancing in a sexual way! We were the only ones out on the dance floor so we were just being silly and making fools of ourselves. You know that because you were doing it with us before you left to go to the bathroom. But all of a sudden the dance floor got super packed and someone ended up running into Chanyeol, who then ended up rubbing against me. It was an accident. I didn’t even have time to move away from him before you came hurtling toward me and dragged me out of the place!”

Baekhyuns’ eyes got wide and then slowly traveled to the ground, the realization of his idiocy setting in. He shook his head from side to side and you swore you could hear him mumbling the word ‘idiot’ to himself over and over. Then, after a minute or so of silence, Baekhyun lifted his eyes from the ground and looked straight at you, a mixture of sadness, relief, and fear on his face. 

“I’m sorry, Jagiya…” He trailed off, not really knowing what to say in this situation. “I jumped to conclusions and I ignored you and I should have just let you explain.”

“Yeah, you should have let me explain!” You stated, playfully pushing on his chest before wrapping your arms around his waist softly. “But it’s okay. The situation looked messed up, I know. I probably would have reacted the same way. But please, next time something like that happens just me explain before you go all over protective boyfriend on me, okay?”

“Next time?” He asked, playfulness lacing his voice as he realized you weren’t mad at him. “You mean you’re going to get into another situation like this?”

“Oh, shut up!” You laughed as you removed yourself from his warm embrace. “So, now that we’re all buddy buddy again, do you still want to go home or do you want to go back in and enjoy the party?”

Baekhyun pondered for a moment, his pride almost getting the best of him.”No…I should go back in…apologize to Chanyeol. When I grabbed you I kind of pushed him away…really hard. He’s probably mad at me.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“True.” He laughed, wrapping his arm around your shoulders as he started to lead you back into the club. “But I think this is something we can laugh about in the future, something we can add to the top of our ‘Dumb Things We’ve Fought About’ list.”

You laughed, the warmth from the club warming your skin. “Don’t worry. I’m certain you’ll find something to top it.”

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I don't know if this has been answered/asked before, but are there any recommendations on paper for printing comics? I've seen some artists make their webcomics into physical comic books, but I'm not sure what kind of paper they use to print it on and I kind of wanna try it DIY first. Thanks!

Nattosoup:  I am a big proponent of comics and minis in the artist alley, and I’ve assembled a few tutorials over the years to get people making minis!

Here’s my Small Business Saturday listing from last year, which has several of these sort of small, hand assembled books.  These are frequently called ashcans (although this draws ire from the comic community- some of the newer people feel this is insulting), minis, minicomics, or sketchbooks.   This should give you a few easy ideas for the types of mini books you can make.

  • Here’s a tutorial on printing and assembling your own mini comics.
  • Here’s a tutorial for printing your minis at home in black and white.

  • Here’s a tutorial for printing your minis at home in color.

  • And I have more video tutorials on minicomics coming up on my channel, so keep an eye on that.

  • If you browse the blog, you should find more on making and selling minis written during my time at SCAD and beyond!

And if you find this helpful, PLEASE share these resources with other artists!

Goodluck!  I am so excited that you want to sell your comics in the artist alley :3

Kiriska: If you want pro-quality printed comics, 100-80 lb text stock should be good for full color work. You can get away with 50-80 lb text stock for BW work. 

For DIY stuff, regular printer paper (28 lb text) is fine for BW work, really. There’s definitely charm in the simpler and cheaper stuff you can put together yourself without breaking your budget (zine culture in a nutshell, perhaps). You’ll probably want to go heavier for color work, but I’m not sure what a good minimum weight is since I don’t have a color printer. The main issue is, especially if you’re using an inkjet, you want the paper to be heavy enough that there isn’t color bleeding through the sheet when you print double-sided.

happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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okay, okay, okay, OKAY, honestly, i was gonna make a more serious banner, but i stay a headass, so…yeah, nvm, i guess…

that aside, i honestly don’t think any word in any language can depict how excited, how surprised, and how HONORED i am to have made it this far in 1.5 months. 1,018. there are 1,018 of you following me on this day may 23, 2017 at 4:28 pm central standard time.

without a doubt, the fact that this blog is a revamp of the one i ran ~1-2 years ago contributes to how boosted i’ve become in such a short span of time, but that alone does not dampen my surprise; I seriously wasn’t expecting to have received this much attention considering how slow and, if not that, RIDICULOUS i am ( fr, so many of y’all are way too familiar with the shenanigans i get involved in )…but hey, all in all, i’m not complaining. again, i’m beyond overjoyed that you guys are still here to put up with me and whatever the fuck i do, smh——

——BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. the joy does not stop there. in addition to all of the amazing people who have stayed with me thus far, i’ve also actually managed to make good friends / meet eager RP partners here. even though i can be timid asf and the absolute worst at the DM game, lots and lots of you guys are still willing to talk to / get to know me and my raven!! the fact that so many of you enjoy interacting with us and are capable of making us smile ( yes, us…raven seriously fux with some of y’all’s muses ) and feel is surreal. i’ve enjoyed it just as much as you guys have and, as a matter of fact, find myself thinking about this a lot even when i’m offline. it’s amazing, isn’t it? the impact that all of you have had on me despite my being here for less than two months——

——just imagine how phenomenal things will be after four months, six months, one year…

anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, i’m really not the best at expressing myself…so, if everything i’ve said so far has been incoherent or ???weird???, then i apologize…but to sum everything up, just know that I’m legitimately GRATEFUL for each and every one of you. thank you. thank you for making my experience on tumblr an unforgettable one so far. it really means a lot.


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I’ve hit 6k? who? where? why? when? how? what? Σ(・口・) aah I’m very grateful that you all like the content and put up with all the nonsense I have on this blog!! 。゚(TヮT)゚。 And of course thank you so much to the wanseus I’ve met (i.e. mutuals and followers and sweet anons!!!) for making my experience in the fandom so sweet and for being so nice to lil ol’ me ;; y’all are really one in a million (cheesy I know but pls let it pass heh).

and of course I want to thank these lovely people for keeping me updated with twice (and some other groups!) and for filling my dash with our ot9! Thanks for the A+ quality content, pals (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

# - h

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anonymous asked:

tbh I think you don't like Taylor Nicole Dean because she's a better youtuber and has more subs than you.

Hey anon! I decided to dig through my tnd critical tag and discover exactly why I have issue with TND. Lets start off with the FAQ question!

“I rarely have an opinion on any other blogs or channels as a person.” As I have never met TND I cannot say if I like or dislike her as a person, because I don’t know how different her online persona is from how she truly is. Awesome, glad we sorted that part out.

Here’s a post I reblogged about her.

All of those are concerns with how she cares for her animals, and the breeders she chooses to support. Nothing there about sub count, that’s weird.

The rest of the posts in that tag are about the RES she bought.

Looks like my only issue here is that she gave money to someone breaking the law, had no plan for keeping those turtles longterm if need be, and was breaking the law herself by rehoming them. There’s nothing there about me being jealous. Am I just not reading my own posts right? Does this even say what I think it says? Am I even talking about turtles? Help me, anon!

Anyways, my YouTube channel is not an actual thing I put much effort into. I occasionally make videos for this blog to show my animals or little clips like when someone asked if Sparky tolerates being booped on the head. It keeps the videos I make in one place so my readers don’t have to dig through my blog to find them. I don’t care about sub count, and for that matter I don’t care about my number of followers on here, because this is what I enjoy doing and enjoy talking about. Sure, as I gained followers I needed to think more about the persona I’m projecting and the mood I’m bringing to this space, but that’s normal, and I’m also cleaning this blog up to put it on my resumé, but I’d be doing that whether I had 1 or 10,000 followers.

Some advice, dear anon? Please don’t project onto other people. If you dislike the quality of the videos you produce or you are upset you don’t have manny subscribers, consider if you actually enjoy what you are doing or if you are only doing it for the satisfaction of being popular.

I don’t care about how many people read or view my blog or who subscribes to me on youtube. I care about my animals, and their welfare, and I want to share it with the world because guess what, my pets are cute! Learning about animals is really fun and interesting! I want to share my passion with others because I enjoy doing it! Followers don’t matter. Followers should never matter.