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- Cassandra Pentaghast -

First off, I used one of the many beautiful screenshot from @inquizies as a reference for this portrait.
To @ladyblodeuwedd and @maharieel: I am SO sorry that I couldn’t get to your portraits yet. The last weeks have been very stressful and I rarely found the time to paint anything at all. I actually did the Cassandra painting way back in november and somehow didn’t post it. But at least that way I have something to show you before I go to South Africa for two weeks: Where I won’t be able to bring my tablet. So I’ll start working on you prizes next year… Again, I can’t even tell you how sorry I am. I just want you to know, that I didn’t forget about it <3
Have a nice day everyone and since I won’t be able to get on tumblr while I’m on vacation: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you! <3

The first picture was taken a little over a year ago, I wasn’t quite at my biggest here as I was too embarrassed with myself to take a before pic. My starting weight was about 224 pounds and the second pic that I took last week on vacation I am 178lbs. I’ve lost 46lbs in total and gained about 6lbs in muscle but still have more to go. At first it was unbelievably tough but now I have made a lifestyle change and feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. Just figured I would post my progress here as I remember going through other people’s post of their weight loss and fitness journey’s and it really inspired me!


Matt AU: Dating Matt would be very fun, and entertaining. Him being groovy and very weird would make you laugh and be happy. You could even help him get to his dream of being a dinosaur.. ;)

I will be doing all the boys so be patient.. plus I’m going on vacation so I’ll post one more au tomorrow before I leave then I have to just post imagines till next thursday. Then they will be back no worries. 


Just Like This

Summary: It’s Spring Break and college kids all over are having the time of their lives no matter what beach they end up on; but when Jyn meets Cassian at a beach party, the two make the most of their connection and the few days time that they have left to spend together. 

A/N: It’s a little late, but I finally have something to post again! I have my own spring break coming up and I just wanted to write a nice little one shot for these two, so thus we are here with a spring break au! Hope you guys enjoy it, comments are always appreciated, and there are more fics to come! <3 

Pairing: Rebelcaptain

Words: 2,511


AO3: (x)

Jyn had set rules for herself before she went out on her spring break vacation with Leia and her brother; they should  always stick together, they shouldn’t drink so much that they forget their name, and they shouldn’t go off anywhere with someone they didn’t know - Jyn broke two out of three of those rules tonight. They were going out to some giant party on the beach, the week was almost over and everyone was more than ready to get some real partying done, even though Jyn would have preferred something quiet. Leia and Luke left her alone for a second, and it didn’t take long for Jyn to strike up a slightly drunken conversation with the hot guy she’d been checking out not too far from her most of the night. His name was Cassian, he lived there in Mexico his whole life up until he went off to college in Arizona last year; needless to say that when Luke and Leia returned they gave him the third degree before deeming him alight enough for Jyn to hang out with there at the party - the five beers in Jyn’s empty stomach had other plans.

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After a long spring break vacation, I am back. I might not be just as active as before, mind you. The second half of spring term began, and I have more classes than usual. But I am back!

I know I am a smol blog, but I am so blown away by how kind and friendly everyone has been to me. It is going to take me a little while to catch up on messages, tagged posts, etc. Sorry. :(

Hey, everyone. ^^

Just posting a quick update.  Vacation was excellent, and I’m taking a little time to reacclimate to school schedule before I set into writing on a regular basis again.  Not getting any work done that I intended to during break has got me pretty far behind, too, so some priority is going to that.

Midterms…better than expected.  80ish range when I expected 60-70.  Hnf.  One left to take due to the professor needing to postpone last week on Thursday, but have all night Wednesday to brush up on it.  Should do okay.

All in all, good times.  :3  …Also, Breath of the Wild is fantastic.

Will get to replies as I find the time, just…will be slower than normal for the near future ‘cause classwork comes first.  IM’s, asks, and Discord are always open for chitchat.  ^^ -J. ))


I’m back ! BACK ! On my tumblr, after 2 months of vacation without wi-fi, etc… but with the sea, the sun and little cats. Now i’m in my new apartment (very cool) in Paris, I have finally internet, and soon I’ll go back to school, my new school Melies, in october. Before that, some Obs, fanart, doodles !

( and thank’s to all my new followers :) xx )

Unicorn Baby

 So- I had the idea to write this last week as I feel that Amelia really needed to open up to Owen about her unicorn baby, before they can actually have a baby together. But going on vacation and having things to settle caused me to postpone posting this oneshot. But now,  here it is, and I really hope you like it! :)

 P.s.  This was written before episode 6 was aired. It is also incorperating a little of a sneak peek for episode 6 and the synopsis for episode 7 which says that Owen and Amelia bring their personal issues to work.

 For a few minutes, Owen Hunt was floating above the clouds. When his wife Amelia Shepherd revealed to him that she might be pregnant- his heart leaped with joy and excitement.  It was his dream to become a father and his dream was about to become a reality. He could already forsee the future in front of him, the pitter patter of little feet running around the house, little chubby cheeks to kiss. He was already making plans in his mind to convert their study into a nursery. The few minutes which they waited for the pregnancy test results were the longest in his life- which he tried to make pass faster by arranging the pillows on the couch to make Amelia feel comfortable. Which was why he felt his heart sink to the bottom of his chest when he saw the negative result of the pregnancy test.  Although he calmly said the words ‘ it’s ok’ and hugged Amelia tight to his chest, the expression on his face betrayed it all.

 Meanwhile, looking at the negative pregnancy test, Amelia Shepherd felt a mixture of emotions. On one hand, she told her sisters and April that she was pregnant, when she actually wasn’t. Bad bad move on her part to blurt it out to Meredith. Now she had to go around telling them tomorrow that she actually wasn’t pregnant. How embarrassing. Also, although she wasn’t looking at Owen as he hugged her tight, she could feel the disappointment in his voice. She knew how much he wanted to be a father and she wanted to make him happy.

On the other hand, each hug she received from her colleagues in the hospital sent her into a deeper spiral. When Meredith, Maggie and April first hugged her, she was excited. She was going to be a mother and she was going to start a family and a new life with Owen Hunt. Life couldn’t get any better than that. But after each hug as the day progressed, the feeling of trepidation gradually overtook her and replaced her initial feeling of joy. Meredith’s offhanded remark about her being let off the hook about Ellis as Derek was dead by then really struck a chord in her. It brought back a flood of memories to her, memories of waking up to Ryan lying lifeless beside her. Memories of being informed by Addison that her and Ryan’s baby was anencephalic. Memories of holding the baby in her arms for 43 minutes before he developed respiratory distress and had to be taken away from her. Which was why she actually felt relief, and exhaled the breath she didn’t know she was holding when she saw the negative result. At that moment, she realized that she actually wasn’t ready for another baby. Not yet. She knew she couldn’t go through the ordeal of carrying and giving birth to yet another anencephalic baby.

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Very quick, this is what I bought today at the comic shop! *again, I was so busy that for over a month I forgot to buy my mangas ahahah*
They’re in Italian btw

In order; Hirunaka no ryuusei v.9, Ao haru ride v.10, Hatsukare v.6, Naruto v.69 and Fairy Tail v.41 !


for the anon yesterday who requested a pic of me from two years ago….. i totally forgot facebook was a thing.

ur lucky my dysphoria aint that bad. here’s me yesterday vs. me before i realised …shit…i’m not a girl. i think i was 14, if math.

Vacation time!

Hello all! This is just a note to say that I will not be around for awhile because it is vacation time, so I am off to DISNEY WORLD! I know Disneyland inside and out but have never been to Disney World before, so I am excited to go! I won’t be able to answer any asks or messages for awhile, so if you don’t hear from me immediately, that is why!

Skybox update has already been posted! DOFP update should hopefully still happen on Sunday, but it might be later than usual.

Take care, everyone!