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Please, out of respect. Do not share pictures from the Jeju trip that are already posted. Baekhyun stated he didn’t want fans take pictures now that they’re on vacation!! He even said “I know your love for us but can you wait a little bit? I’m asking as a favour” LISTEN HE’S SO SWEET even when he doesn’t have to be, but yeah seeing as he doesnt want fans to take pictures, he probably doesnt want the pictures that are up to spread around, so please listen and respect his wish ok!!! :(

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Hi geniewithwifi! I'm relatively new to the Arrow fandom and only started out reading fanfiction recently, and my friend recommended your stories to me. I've been thoroughly enjoying all of your fanfics, and just wanted to say you are an amazing writer! I'm now looking for more fanfiction to read, but wanted to ask, if you had to pick ten Arrow fanfiction writers you'd recommend to me to read their work, what would the list be? Thank you for all the wonderfulness you write, and in advance!

Anon, you are either trying to kill me or get me sent a lot of hate mail, I’m not sure which. TEN? Only TEN!? That’s practically impossible. I’m just going to make a list and that’s the number that it will be.

First off it depends on what you like. Authors have their niche that they like to enjoy writing. I tend to be on the AU side, but I write canon as well. And then sometimes, an author will write only two stories and they’re both really good, but I forget about them because they no longer write Olicity Fanfiction.

And If I make a list, I’m gonna miss them, and they will see this because Murphy’s law, and then they’ll wonder “why didn’t Genie mention me?” see how dangerous this is? But I’ll humor you, but please know that this list isn’t exhaustive, there are amazing writers out there that I’ve forgotten or haven’t read; or that others enjoy and I don’t. This is very subjective and I”m honored that you asked me. 

These authors are in no particular order (re alphabetical) and on here because I’ve read almost every single one of their fics. 


This is a must read series. It’s not your typical Olicity fic, but it’s Next Gen, and Jon is a little shit and I absolutely adore Abby. You’ll look at it and say… but Oliver’s not the Arrow? What is this? AND THEN YOU’LL BE SCREAMING FOR MORE BY THE END OF IT.

Start Here: Legacy Series


Lexi writes a lot of AU fics; and I’m not talking coffeeshop AU. I’m talking full blown she created a new species MULTIPLE times and makes it work. Find her HERE


anth has been here forever. She tends to write a lot of Canon and Alternative Canon, so check her out. Her tropes series is a good one, as well as the devil’s backbone. Find here HERE


I love her AU’s. THere’s the spy one oh i love that one.  They’re mostly one shots but I love them all. Find her HERE


BRE WRITE EVERYTHING. Okay. You want smut? BRE. You want Bratva? BRE. You want ghosts? BRE. You want canon? BRE. 

Find her here


bri writes typical AU’s (not extreme like Lexi) and I love her Across the Highs, the lows, and the inbetweens. Find her HERE


Sammy writes EVERYTHING. She’s also considered among the Queens of Evil. (She will kill people. Watch out for that). Her Icing on the Cake right now IS SO ADORABLE. FIND HER HERE


I BOW DOWN TO MACHA. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE MACHA. REad it all. Read everything. DOn’t stop. Read Velocity. Read E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Find her HERE


Dettiot is a really great author, i’ve really enjoyed all her multichapters. Find her HERE


Janis has figureheaded FICoN. You don’t know what that is? you’ll soon find out. Ask ANYONE. Find her here


Masque writes along the same lines as Lexi, with super extreme AU’s with badass Felicity most of the time. Her tamest one is Technical Assistance, which is a season 1 rewrite with Felicity falling in love with the Hood. READ THEM ALL. 


Hope’s specialty is Fix-it fics. Didn’t like how an episode turned out? She’ll fix it for you!  They’re really short and sweet. The first Olicity fanfic I ever read was a hope’s and it was her “Not Just a Close Shave.” Find her HERE


Okay. Tina is smutty I’ll tell you that. I haven’t read Oliver on Vacation, but Felicity’s Sweet Revenge is really smutty. The one I am enjoying, however, the one that I drop everything to read when she posts is A SOUL LOST AT SEA. O.M.G. YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ONE IT’S FANTASTIC AND SWOONWORTHY AND GUh. READ IT. 


I’ve read all of Rosie’s. She writes smut as well as some canon and AU. Her writing is exceptional and it’s worth a recommendation. She writes Felicity so damn well. AND SHE NEEDS TO UPDATE THE NEW NORMAL BEFORE I GO CRAZY Find her HERE 


Fina! My gosh Fina tries to kill you with her masterpieces that aren’t done, but what is there is like a Mona Lisa. They’re excellent. However, if unfinish fics turn you off, I’ll be careful what you start. Because every single fic you want her to finish, it’s that good. HERE


she’s thelittlegreennotebook on AO3, and she’s underappreciated by the fandom. I personally love her oneshots. She has a Felicity Darhk one, and my personal fav–   The One You Can’t Repair. FInd her HERE


Nic is my beta and my BFF so JUST READ HER. Once More is great and finished, her steampunk AU is GETTING SO GOOD. Find her here


Her two that I can pull off the top of my head is Into You like a Train, and The Way it was Supposed to Be: HERE


Carla IS AMAZING. She has really awesome multichapers, including a Pride and Predjudice fic. Her millitary one will make you cry tears. FIND HERE 


MORGAN HAS SOME OF THE BEST FICS. I’ve read every single one of them. Find her HERE


He deserves a shot at being happy is the best season 2 rewrite. The end. 

Find her HERE


INDECENT PROPOSAL. Guys, this is as close to canon characterization as I’ve been able to find in Fanfiction. She has Oliver and Felicity’s relationship down to a T. There’s a section in there, (chapter 3 i think) that is the EPITOME of OLICITY. Find her HERE


READ ALL OF MATTY’S. The Phoenix, the Albatross, the Firebird. (I personally do not rec The Predator because I have not read it, and refuse to read it until Matty finishes her other fic, or until predator is complete. That’s just my weird quirk, so go ahead and be obsessed with it like everyone else)  READ HER HERE


HER ALSAHHIM ONE IS KILLING ME. She has another one which I follow with Felicity an ARGUS agent and Oliver who’s been missing for five years . READ HERE


Masquerade and the Mermaid’s Kiss are the best mentioned, as well as Two Men, Same Name written with dettiot HERE IS MORE OF HER


I love her xmen and City of Fallen Heroes. Find more of her HERE


HER WWII OLIVER AND MATH FELICITY ARE ADORABLE AND I NEED MORE OF THEM. Her swooner series is also amazing. I don’t know her on tumblr but go give her my love if you do! 

THIS IS NOT A COMPREHENSIVE LIST. Because I read more than just all these authors. These are the ones I’ve read almost everything by and came to my head quickly. I love all fanfiction authors, and you know if I’m reading your fics or not because I do comment on them. 

Peace out and keep writing!!

As a little girl, Lily had never particularly liked her name for three very important reasons.
For one, the idea of everyone in the family being named after flowers, while seemingly a good one from the outside, got a little boring when she had to write out Christmas letters to Aunt Daisy, cousin Daisy, and second cousin once removed Daisy; or when someone yelled Rose at a party and four women answered.
Secondly, Lily didn’t even particularly like lilies. Her favorite flowers were sunflowers, thank you very much, and when boys tried to flirt with her by giving her lilies she usually just got annoyed.
Lastly, and most importantly, lilies were a funeral flower, and Lily Evans was anything but a funeral. Lily Evans was, as a matter of fact, brimming over with life.
In her third year Lily sat next to Sirius Black in Charms, as he had to be separated from his mates due to misbehavior and Flitwick thought she would be a good influence, and during class she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as bad as Severus made him out to be, and neither were his friends, as long as they were away from Severus. Often times she could depend on them to make her laugh after a long day, and also hanging about Sirius and his mates enabled her to team up with Peter Pettigrew at cards and trick James Potter out of his “vastly over the top riches”, as Remus Lupin liked to call them.
Secondly, he was immensely posh, and also a pureblood, both of which Lily had known before but never really realized the consequences of, and also was most assuredly not, and so the two of them spent particularly boring classes swapping stories about their upbringings, which culminated in Lily giving Sirius several toy cars for his birthday, which he Charmed to drive through the air and deliver messages to and fro in the Gryffindor common room and dorms.
Lastly, and most importantly, his family also named children according to a theme, in his case stars, and so he partially understood the absurdity of it all. The two took to calling each other by different names every time they saw each other, to the rest of the school’s bemusement, Lily’s favorite for Sirius being Adhara, as it meant virgin and so made Sirius mad, and Sirius’ being mushroom, for no particular reason other than when he called Lily it she would clench her jaw every time without fail and he thought it was hilarious.
In her fifth year Lily did patrols with Remus Lupin, as they were the two fifth year Gryffindor prefects, and also friends, and so she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he wasn’t as prim as Sirius made him out to be, and the two spent many happy hours cursing anything that was troubling them while on their patrols, including but not limited to extra long essays, strange chocolate shortages (because Peter kept stealing it) and Sirius’ tendency to wear Lily’s socks, because the two were the same foot size and he insisted her socks were the best for flying in.
Secondly, he was absolute disaster, for all he appeared to be neat and clean, and as Lily was near disaster levels as well, they both had to accept James fussing over them as much as he was allowed, especially the time they came back from patrols with a total of one broken nose, three black eyes, six bruised ribs and two senses of extreme cockiness because they had actually won the fight, no matter their injuries.
Lastly, and most importantly, he was a werewolf, but that wasn’t the really important part. The really important part was that his mates had become illegal Animagus in order to help him, which not only helped their nicknames to actually make some fucking sense, it was also very fucking amazing and gave Lily a new respect for the four boys and their oddly codependent friendship.
In her seventh year Lily dated James, as always had rather liked him, and his head had deflated quite a bit, and in the process she learned three very important things about him.
Firstly, he liked to give her lavish bouquets, but fortunately was a very good listener and so remembered the time she had complained about boys giving her lilys all the time. Instead, James gave her roses on Valentine’s Day, poinsettias and mistletoe on Christmas, violets and buttercups when she was feeling down, and sunflowers for her birthday.
Secondly, he was horrible at understanding the value of money and how to save, as he really was disgustingly rich and didn’t have to. Lily ended up with quite a few beautiful necklaces she didn’t know what to do with until she finally cracked and told James that if he had to buy her something, it may as well be something she needed, and that he could go shopping for clothes with her the next time they went into the village.
Lastly, and most importantly, he loved her quite a lot. Enough, actually, to propose to her, and also to agree to name all their daughters after flowers, because even though Lily hated her name, she intended to pass on the tradition, and James didn’t really care what the kids were named as long as he had enough to put together a full Quidditch team.
In her last year Lily raised her son, as she loved him with all her heart and was in hiding to protect him, and learned three very important things about herself.
Firstly, she was restless in the house they were hiding in, and actually couldn’t stand being inactive. She started brewing potions for the Order with all her spare time, and would send them to Dumbledore every time someone visited.
Secondly, she really did enjoy being a mother, and dreamed of seeing her Harry going off to school to get up to his own mischief, and although she still thought an entire Quidditch team was a rather tall order for children, she would quite like a few more.
Lastly, and most importantly, her name may have been an omen from the start. Because Lily Evans was full of life, but she died too soon, all for the love of her son and her fieriness in standing up for what she believed in.

Hey babes! Here’s some new writing (finally lol) and also the reason I was on the star name wiki earlier this week! I’m not sure about the format of this tbh but I felt like I needed to get something out cause I’ve been bored with myself frankly. AP tests and finals are coming up quick so don’t expect anything new too soon but I do have a couple things in the works and I’m hoping to get one of my classic bullet point posts done before I go on vacation in June. Ty for reading!

Scott- We Show Him

Request-  hey! if u have time, could I have an imagine where the reader & scott are best friends and lately the alpha has been stressed/not himself but he’s trying to cover it up and be strong for the pack as he always does but the reader sees right through it and confronts him about it and they have a little moment ? thank u in advance super excited about you writing some more ♡

A/N- I’m excited too! I’m on vacation right now, so hopefully I’ll be able to post a couple more imagines before I go back to work.

I lost them.
The words rippled through Scott’s head, and no matter what his mom had told him, he knew they were the truth. Stiles hated him. Liam had tried to kill him. Theo had driven Lydia off the edge, Malia was nowhere to be found, and you…Scott didn’t even know what you would think of him now.
He was so used to protecting you, to being the strong hero with a plan. Maybe it had been rough in the beginning, but things had always worked out for the best. That was before Allison died, and now, despite being his best friend since the third grade, Scott wasn’t sure if he could protect you anymore.
He couldn’t protect anyone, he realized, staring into the mirror at his bloody abdomen, courtesy of Theo. Not even himself.
He knew he should call you, the only person he had left, but he couldn’t bring himself to pick up the phone. He couldn’t trust himself to not let you get hurt.
He took a deep breath to steady himself, then unscrewed the bottle of peroxide to clean his wounds. After he braved the stinging pain, he tugged down his shirt and headed out the door. The movement caused his steps to waver and his vision to cloud, but he shook it off as he crossed the threshold of his bedroom. He had to find Stiles and the others, anyone who he might still have left.
He wobbled on his feet once more, and placed his hand along the wall to hold himself up. Sucking in another deep breath, he took one firm step forward, and collapsed onto the ground.

You slammed your car door shut and raced up the steps to Scott’s front door. His bike was in the driveway, but he hadn’t answered any of your calls, and you hadn’t talked to him since Braeden had saved you and Malia from the chimera in the hospital.
“Scott!” you called, yanking open his front door and rushing inside. “Scott!”
Your shoes slammed on the stairs as you ran up, heading toward his room, but you never made it there. The minute you set foot in the second floor hallway, you caught sight of Scott’s unconscious body on the floor. Gasping, you landed beside on your knees.
“Scott! Scott, please wake up!”
You placed your hand on his bicep, and he groaned loudly.
“Come on,” you begged, rolling him onto his side. “Scott, please.”
His eyelashes fluttered, and in a matter of seconds, those warm brown eyes were staring up at you. You let out a wobbly laugh of relief, and you placed your hand on his cheek.
“You’re bruised,” he whispered, reaching up to run his fingers across your temple.
They traced the mark the Chimera had left after throwing you into one of the hospital walls, but you simply smiled at him. “I’m lucky that’s all I have to show for what happened.”
While it was true that Theo trapped you in an empty hospital wing undergoing renovations, the creature that attacked you was mostly after Malia. You considered yourself lucky, because if Braeden hadn’t been there, he probably would have killed the Coyote and then you.
“You don’t look too hot either,” you remarked, nodding down to the blood that was already beginning to seep through his shirt. “Come on. Let’s get you on your feet.”
“I can’t,” he muttered.
You frowned. “What do you mean you can’t?”
“It doesn’t matter,” he told you, sitting up. “I can’t help anyone, Y/n. I’m not sure they’d even want my help. You’re probably the only person who doesn’t hate me right now.”
“No one hates you,” you assured him.
“What about Stiles?”
You pursed your lips. “Okay, Stiles probably hates you. But not for long. We’ll figure out a way to get everyone back, but right now you have to get up.”
“I can’t do this on my own,” he whispered.
“You’re not on your own,” you told him firmly, placing your hand on his cheek. “You have me. You’ve had me since third grade, and I’m not going anywhere.”
“You almost died because of me.” He placed his own hand over yours, tracing the smooth skin.
“I almost died because of Theo. You didn’t trap me and Malia in that hospital. You didn’t leave us to die. But if you stay here, that’s what you’ll be doing. You’ll be killing us.”
Scott swallowed, and closed his eyes. “What do we do?”
“We get you up, and we find the others.”
“And then what?”
“Then we find Theo, and we stop him. We show him what happens when you fuck with Scott McCall, and Y/n Y/l/n, and Stiles Stilinski. We show him what happens when you fuck with Beacon Hills.”
You pulled your hand away from his cheek and rose to your feet, holding it out to him.
He stared at your outstretched fingers, as if weighing the cost of taking them. It took him a few seconds, but whatever it was must have been worth it, because he placed his hand in yours, and let you pull him to his feet.
“We’ll show him,” you promised.
Scott nodded, and pulled you tight against his chest. “We’ll show him,” he echoed, and this time, he was sure that you would.

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The first picture was taken a little over a year ago, I wasn’t quite at my biggest here as I was too embarrassed with myself to take a before pic. My starting weight was about 224 pounds and the second pic that I took last week on vacation I am 178lbs. I’ve lost 46lbs in total and gained about 6lbs in muscle but still have more to go. At first it was unbelievably tough but now I have made a lifestyle change and feel so much better about myself physically and mentally. Just figured I would post my progress here as I remember going through other people’s post of their weight loss and fitness journey’s and it really inspired me!

- Cassandra Pentaghast -

First off, I used one of the many beautiful screenshot from @inquizies as a reference for this portrait.
To @ladyblodeuwedd and @maharieel: I am SO sorry that I couldn’t get to your portraits yet. The last weeks have been very stressful and I rarely found the time to paint anything at all. I actually did the Cassandra painting way back in november and somehow didn’t post it. But at least that way I have something to show you before I go to South Africa for two weeks: Where I won’t be able to bring my tablet. So I’ll start working on you prizes next year… Again, I can’t even tell you how sorry I am. I just want you to know, that I didn’t forget about it <3
Have a nice day everyone and since I won’t be able to get on tumblr while I’m on vacation: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you! <3

Seeking Some Untruths!

Hey all!

As of tomorrow at 3:15 PM, it is that most glorious time of year in an educator’s life: summer vacation. I will have multiple glorious weeks wherein the only thing I am expected to do is light volunteer work and house-sitting (before summer school kicks off), and I intend to get some writing done.

Specifically, I’m working on a post (or, more likely, a series of posts) entitled '“Discourse” Myths, Misconceptions, and Flat Out Lies’.

If you can’t tell from the title, this post is going to be a sort of catch-all for things that people have misrepresented, made up, or straight up lied through their teeth about in this yelling match that we (laughably) refer to as a discourse. Things that I’ve been tempted to post about, but there just isn’t enough there to make each of them a standalone post.

So here’s my curiosity. I know I have enough things, just on my own, to fill a post, but I’d love to know what kinds of myths, misconceptions, and flat-out lies you’d like to see me address! If you can provide links to these claims in the wild, even better, but that’s not a requirement. (Even if it’s just “hey Noel, here’s a link to a post, do a Yelling.” I like that kind of request.)

Tl;dr: reply to or reblog this post and tell me about untrue claims you have seen in the Discourse that you would like me to provide a quick, fully sourced response to.

PSA-Follower Celebration!

Hello everyone! So I am tentatively coming off of hiatus! I’m going on vacation this week and moving next week though, so I’ll still be pretty infrequent with my posting, but I’m going to start writing again! And I’m super excited to start posting fics again y’all.  Stoked.

But for right now I wanted to celebrate almost 1,200 followers! Nuts man…just nuts…Thank you all so much for being such a wonderful, amazing group of people…I’m still so amazed at how supportive and kind all of y’all are.  I wanted to do a celebration for y’all, but I’m incredibly bad at keeping up with prompts and stuff (see: the four NSFW alphabets I’ve yet to do…) BUT! I thought I’d do something seemingly unique for y’all: Aesthetics! 

Okay, I know I did these before, but that was a while ago and there are so many more of you and it’s something I can keep up with pretty well.  And y’all seemed to really like them last time!

So! It’s really simple: 

Send me an ask with the answers to the following questions (no anons please):

-Favorite Color 

-Hard or Soft

-Space, Land, Ocean, or any combination of the three

-One thing you love

(yes, these questions are exactly the same as last time. But if I made one for you before, please ask again! I’ll make you a totally new one!)

Also please be aware that I’m going to be on vacation, so I might not have a lot of time to post these, but I will be working on them in my downtime, because they’re fun and relaxing! 

Thank you again so much guys! And if y’all wanna see me do something else for another follower milestone let me know! I’m running out of ideas…

(tagging the usual suspects below the cut)

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the awesome work you do here, makes life a lot easier.. I was wondering if you could update the stiles/allison are twins twin tag and the stallison tag? Thanks!

I updated our Stallison tag in a separate post. And we don’t actually have a Stiles and Allison are twins tag. Just a Stiles and Allison are siblings tag. So here’s some Twin!Allison and Stiles for you. - Anastasia

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Captive and Mine! by TheRoaringWolf

(2/? I 5,852 I Explicit I Sterek, Scallison)

Stiles Argent and his twin sister, Allison Argent, go on vacation with their friends to Bangkok, celebrating the last time they’ll be together before college. As part of the vacation they decide to sail a yacht to an island they were told was a paradise, to take a skydiving trip.

Only to find that they were lead into a trap. To find that they sailed to island controlled by a crime lord known as Derek Hale. To find that they are now his prisoners.

Catch Me If You Can by MadnessofVoid

(1/1 I 5,923 I Teen)

Beacon Hills was the first city in California, in the world, that turned the whole soulmate thing into a celebration. There were banners, posters, bumper stickers – the works – every single year. There were even t-shirts being sold that said I Ran insert year And All I Got Was This Stupid Shirt for those that had been in The Run and failed to find their soulmate.

Derek was hoping that this year he wouldn’t get a fifth one.


Every year there is a run for humans and supernaturals alike to find their soulmate. Derek’s just never lucky in finding his.

Season of the Witch by StupidGenius

(1/1 I 9,052 I Teen)

“Derek!” Laura calls, right when he bumps into something.

Or someone.

Someone wearing a comically large black sun hat.

“I’m so sorry -” he starts. A hand lands on his shoulder, the person steadying themselves, and then it’s like a jolt of electricity goes through him.

“Oh, it’s okay. I should watch where I’m going, next time.” Stiles laughs, cheeks pink.

Witches and magic shouldn’t be real, and yet, Derek gets the feeling something Not Normal™ is happening in this town.

Madness and Magnetism by theinspiredginger

(13/? I 77,373 I Teen)

“No, this can’t be happening. I refuse for us to be Romeo and Juliet. No. It’s not happening. No. So just stop. If you don’t wipe that smirk off your face, I’ll kill you. I mean it!” Stiles stared down at Derek, who just rolled his eyes.
“Yeah because that worked out so well last time.”


Summer vacation starts this afternoon, and I’ve got a very busy summer planned with the little Liddles, so I’ll be on a fandom hiatus for the next three months. I’ll still check my messages semi-regularly, but I won’t be looking at my dash or posting much at all. I do have a slow queue going, but it’ll dry up before I get back. In any case, I probably won’t be posting regularly again until September, jsyk.

Have a good summer, everyone!

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Matt AU: Dating Matt would be very fun, and entertaining. Him being groovy and very weird would make you laugh and be happy. You could even help him get to his dream of being a dinosaur.. ;)

I will be doing all the boys so be patient.. plus I’m going on vacation so I’ll post one more au tomorrow before I leave then I have to just post imagines till next thursday. Then they will be back no worries. 


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Ok so I still don't know what pa means? But if Chris I really with the guy u think he is ( he's not ) then why would Will have a private account who he almost never follows fans. I met him once at Chris's book signing a while ago, and he accepted my follow request. And he post things about Chris and their anniversary, and just their life. Chris real life. Not tv life that ended two years ago. Plus Chris and will did not need to do things if they were not a real relationship like buying a pet

Part 2. Look I mean no disrespect. I don’t know you, but Chris tied so hard for Will to keep him out of the public eye. I feel so bad when Will has to deal with haters. There is no point at all. Like I said before buying a dog ( cooper) is like a ten year commitment at least. Why would Chris and will do things like buy a house? get a dog? go on vacations privately together? and why would Will’s niece and nephew call call Chris uncle Chris and uncle will. Just pls listen to me, The show is over

PA means Person Asistent.

Even the beard have his own private Instagram, where I’m pretty sure she posts everything that can make believe people that she share a life with D. So I don’t why with the PA have be different.

“”“Their life”“” is staged like everything in their life.

And I don’t why people still believe that Chris and the PA bought Cooper together, when there wasn’t never a mention about it.
And if you tell me that the PA was seeing walking with Cooper or taking care of him, I can respond you immediately, telling you that is in his job of PA take care even of the pets of your boss.

The house is Chris’s house. He bought it. He lives in it. It’s not the PA. They didn’t bought together of what you crazy mind thinks.

Even D bring with him her beard, doesn’t mean that he actually with her. Same for Chris and the PA.

And for sure I’m gonna believe he follows you on IG or his nephew or niece calling Chris uncle.

Listen, I don’t want to rude, but you come in my blog and telling me things that I’d never believe, because I that kind of girl that don’t believe if not see with her own eyes.

So you can keep telling me things, everything you want, but I’m gonna never ever believe it. You are wasting you time here.

I know that in what a believe is true. I don’t need any proof of confermations, you can telling, show me all the pictures and facts you want, but I can disassemble everything piece after piece.

I believe and will always believe in my boys and in what they have. You can believe to the bullshits I don’t care honestly.


Net’s being shitty? Anyways I’ll be a bit busy because I’ll be preparing for Rampage 2017 (the league of legends con here in PH) – me and my partner will be going as xayah and rakan and we’ll be doing a dance &a skit – so I might be a bit inactive – also I’ll be leaving the country for a while and will be having a vacation overseas – need to get away from the stress of work =x=

Anyways, will post final stuff tonight before going on a bit of a hiatus ? :3

~ mun’s thoughts

PS: OMG THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL THE LOVE ON THE LULU ART!! ;v: I’m really glad you guys liked it

As I am on vacation officially starting today I have to be gone for two weeks. It’s hard to keep this up and going to the beach daily and not having time until late at night when you’re tired. So as of today I will be on hiatus for two weeks. I might repost a little bit but I am not sure yet. When I return I have band camp so I will be busy for another week. So I hope to have time to post the day before that starts! Thanks for being patient with me and I will see you guys in two weeks! 💜❤️💙🖤

oh hey, I just wanted to stop by and say I hope you all are doing well ♡ I’ve been on a mini hiatus for about two weeks now and have really taken the time just to relax and I am definitely feeling a lot better. Now that my queue is almost done, I will be back to posting a bit more but I don’t think I’m going to be as active, at least with reblogging as I was before-especially since my vacation from work is almost upon me (hurray!!)

I just wanted to drop by and say I miss you all and I guess give a bit of a low down on what I’ve been working on. I’ve started a few new fics (because I’m horrible and can’t finish anything I’ve begun working on) so I have a Jungkook tooth rotting fluff fic and a Yoongi smut, along with the upcoming official first chapter of Love On The Brain in the works. I have no idea when they’ll be posted but those are what I’m working on at the moment :)

Please take care everyone ♡ 

*can my damn life get any worse?

     I’m so stressed out and pressured to what the future might bring that’s why I’m trying so hard to change how to handle things, although I’ve noticed how irresponsible I’ve been lately. I hate the feeling.I hate to be late and meet the deadlines. I want to get back on track, ASAP but I’m not sure how I can get back up on my feet when my mind is already having its vacation. *sighs* Just want to get things over with and start med school, that’s all I want right now.

     Anyway, as I’ve mentioned earlier there are a lot of things that I’ve got to face for the next few days/weeks/months. And I’m going to enumerate all of it, hopefully this post will be enough to wake me up and be responsible again. I have to notify you before continuing that this is a post that I made to rant and let my feelings out. Okay, if you’re ready then here I go;

  1. Thesis. My current major problem which sucks a whole lot. I should’ve finished everything before going on a break because right now? I’m so done with the paperwork and the revisions I have to do. I’m sick of everything related to our thesis. There are a lot of requirements that we have to pass in relation to that and IT ANNOYS ME. I’m just hoping that I could get everything done before graduation because if not, I might lose my head.
  2. Medical school. Everything was going well with this until last Friday, I think? When I got my physical examination results and had to get a clearance for my scoliosis, even if I already told the doctor that my Ortho didn’t suggest any treatments or medical attention regarding my condition. Grr! So pissed @ doctors who doesn’t trust other doctor’s professional diagnosis and recommendations. #hays
  3.  Graduation requirements. A recent addition to the list that I have to panic about. Can my life get any worse? I lost my certificates, receipts, and everything that I used to keep because of our house which is under major, major renovation. I can’t find it anywhere, but I’m sure those papers are somewhere in those stack of boxes that I can’t touch because 1. I’m super lazy 2. I don’t have the muscles, and 3. did I mention that I feel super lazy? ESP with this scorching heat in the Philippines. I just want to steal my diploma, TOR, and everything then run away from that hellhole. 
  4. Regrets: S/O to my weak life-decision making. Seriously, I’be been having these small sessions in my brain every night where I’m just like “I should’ve done this” “I shouldn’t have focused on that” and all those what ifs that will never be answered unless I could have the reset button– which by the way is in demand right now, especially by me because I’d do anything to reset my life. Starting from when I started my high school education. 
  5. Dorm life. Actually, this one I’m on the fence about if I’m excited or scared to be independent. I mean, sure I’ve lived in a condo before with my friends. But now??? In med school? In Fairview? ALONE??? I can’t cook, clean, or any skill that may increase my chances of surviving in Manila. I pray to God that I’d be able to adapt so fast that it wouldn’t affect my academics. 
  6. Karlo is hired!!! Yep, you’ve read that right! My man is finally adulting, and here I am ranting about the most trivial stuff that a student can make. I’m sad that he’s about to build his future without my help because I can’t work and I still have a few more years to go before I can hustle. I’m happy for him but I’m sad for myself because I’m going to deal with med school alone because he’s got his own problems to think about and I’ve got my own. And now that he’s working I can’t call him to go where I am right away (like he used to) because he’s pretty much preoccupied with his work schedule. Can’t help but feel alone. Aaaaaaaah graduation anxieties!!!!!

Okay, I guess that’s it? I’ll be back when I’ve got everything settled and got my shit together which might take a couple of weeks or months. Future MD, signing off~

PS. Changed my blog URL just because I think I have to be more professional? Hahahaha

so, i’m going on vacation june 2ⁿᵈ-11ᵗʰ. drafts will be on hold until after i get back, but i’ll try to get a few more things out before then! i’ll still be mobile for a lot of that time, too, if anyone needs anything. oh! and for me to think on while i’m away, i’d like to make this post a starter / plotting call! for anyone who’s interested, like this post or send me an im!

I’ll be posting Chapter 4 of Unexpected later today.  That being said, it’s almost certainly the last chapter I will be able to do before I go on vacation so it will be a couple weeks (or more) before Chapter 5 will be ready.  This story will have several chapters so I hope you stick with it.