i have to point out the nipple

miltank sprite reviews


a cute and innocent friend, very happy to just hang out, someone i’d want to have as a friend, best quality: her giggles 10/10


a bouncy girl! excited to participate and give her best effort! 8/10


i couldn’t find a cute animated version of her… has more potential 6/10


a good throwback to the OG (original girl), but doesn’t have the giggles which is going to end up in docked points 7/10


sways back and forth and shakes her ears!! happy and ready to have a good day! one of the nicest girls you know 9/10


unnecessary nipple jiggles, makes me feel violated 1/10

If you have any hate about the tag, send it to me.

FIRST OF ALL, I’d like to say that the purpose of the tag was the point out that we have to tag women’s nipples as NSFW!!! This means that we can still (really should) tag it as #ts4nsfw because right now in our time it is not allowed to have female’s titties out all over the place like we can have men’s titties all over the place!!! SO THIS MEANS WE STILL SHOULD TAG IT! Listen, I don’t want to, but we should, to at least keep people from getting into trouble from their parents, bosses, teachers, etc.

I feel absolutely horrible about the backlash my friend got and how much backlash others’ are getting – so if you have too much anxiety about the tag to do it, REMEMBER TO STILL TAG IT AS NSFW! Of course, you don’t have to, but it is recommended.

P.S. A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE BODY DYSPHORIA(?) ISSUES – please keep in mind of this as well!!! For the sake of others’ mental health! I don’t know the certain tag for that, but if anyone could tell me, I’d be happy to also tag that as well!

Fukawa: [gasps] Omaru, l-look…! Can it be…!?

Komaru: Ice cream?

Fukawa: N-No, you brainless toilet…! It’s Byakuya-sama!

Komaru: What’s so great about a nerdy lemon?

Fukawa: If I could just touch his beautiful nipples, then maybe some of his greatness would rub off on me…

Komaru: Fukawa-san, as a friend, I must say that’s really geeky.

[a guy in a sock costume walks by]

Komaru: [gasps] Oh my gosh! Socks-chan the Sock! Wait, Socks-chan! I have to touch you! [runs off]

Ishimaru: [running after Komaru] Hey!

Fukawa: [pops out in front of Togami’s crowd] Hi, Byakuya-sama…

Togami: Hi. What is your question?

Fukawa: …Hi, Byakuya-samaaaa…

Togami: Whatever. Next question, please. [points to the other side of the crowd, Fukawa pops up there too]

Fukawa: Hi, Byakuya-sama…

Togami: Hello, loser. All right, you, way in the back.

Fukawa: [pops up in the back] Hiii, Byakuya-sama…

Togami: Does anyone here have an actual-

Fukawa: [heavy breathing]

[Togami slowly turns to face her]

Fukawa: Hi, Byakuya-sama! I’m your biggest fan!

Togami: You’re too kind. Pennyworth!

Fukawa: N-No, wait! I would do anything for you!

Togami: Why don’t you go jump off a building?

[Fukawa screams as she falls out the window. A crash sounds. Fukawa instantly appears back in the room]

Fukawa: Anything!

Togami: …punch yourself in the face.

[Fukawa punches her own face with a boxing glove]

Togami: Doesn’t that hurt you?

Fukawa: [holding up a glove with spiked knuckles] Do you want it to hurt me, Byakuya-sama?

One shot-SHORT

Currently I am not home, therefore I cannot write on my desktop. However, I can write a short one shot on my phone, I hope you guys enjoy!

WWE Imagine- Baron Corbin, rough fuck, name calling.

Warning: Smut, Language, name calling.
Author’s notes: I hope you enjoy, like I said its short, because I’m on my cell phone, so it will be very to the point, and prob won’t have a ‘traditional’ ending. I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing tho. :*


As he shoved you agianst the wall, Baron drags your dress up your frame, his nails raking your stomach, up to your ribs, and over the sensitive peaks of your nipples.

You let out a low whimper when his teeth find your neck, just under your ear, his breath hot as it fans over your face.

“You want to be treated like a little whore then?” He growls, shoving your legs apart, aligning his cock with your exposed and dripping core.

“Want to be treated like my little cock whore? Taking this Fucking dick until you are begging me to stop?” He continues, ramming his throbbing erection into you suddenly, a scream escaping your lips, and your nails digging into his broad shoulders as you grip his upper arms hard.

“Please Baron! Oh Fuck please, use me, I’m your little cock slut!” You whimper, dropping your face to his neck, sucking your breath in, making high-pitched squeaks as he drills your cunt.

“Yeah? Does it Fucking hurt? Good, I want you to remember who’s cock it was that made you limp for the next week.” He growls, dropping one hand to your throat, pressing you into the wall you were pinned against.

He thrusts forward harder once, then he abruptly pulls out of you, and keeping his grip tight on your throat, he drags you around to the couch, bending you over the arm, pressing your face into the cushion.

You whimper as he runs the tip of his cock over your pussy, teasing your puckered hole with it for a moment before moving back down to shove his cock deep into your pussy, bottoming out.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re tight little slut pussy feels so good on my Fucking cock. Do you like it? Like this cock stretching your hole out? You won’t ever be the fucking same when I’m done with you.” He snarls, bending over you to press a kiss softly on your neck, before pounding into you again.

“Baron! Oh, f-fffuck Baron, please oh god, keep going!” You scream, clenching your walls around him.

anonymous asked:

Ahh I just found your blog and I just love it! I've been trying to branch out my art by doing nsfw stuff but with no luck, struggling but I won't give up! Do you have any tips one drawing nipples or even point me in the right direction?

look at a bunch of nipples and then draw them… sry i have no real tips for you

American audiences tend to squirm at frank images of female sexuality (see the freak-out over last year’s Blue is the Warmest Color), the kind of which have long been a trope of European arthouse cinema (case in point: Alante Kavaite’s The Summer of Sangaile, or the “Lithuanian lesbian movie” as I’ve heard more than one male critic call it here, a wispy Sapphic romance featuring lots of dewy close-ups of peach fuzz, goose bumpy flesh and nipples).

What a pleasant surprise, then, to see people swoon for The Diary of a Teenage Girl, a full-hearted, visually inventive, nearly note-perfect adaptation of Phoebe Gloeckner’s graphic novel about a San Francisco high-schooler having an affair with her mother’s boyfriend. A smashing directorial debut by Marielle Heller, this is the rare American crowd-pleaser to bring us right inside a young woman’s sexual awakening: the lust and self-loathing, the longing and the narcissism, but also the all-consuming sensory pull of it.

Heller achieves a warm tonal balance, blending an insider’s empathy and an adult’s knowing wryness, and draws superb supporting turns from Kristen Wiig as the flighty mother and Alexander Skarsgard as the object of desire. But the movie belongs to its star, British newcomer Bel Powley. With her yearning saucer eyes, kewpie-doll face and guilelessly witty line readings, she’s expressive without ever telegraphing her emotions.


“Why are you frowning?”

“We might have done things out of order,” Arthur admits. “It was poor planning on my part.”

"You’ve never planned anything poorly in your life.”

Arthur lets his eyes slide downward again, Adam’s apple bobbing.

“You can touch, darling. It’s sort of the point, actually.” Eames is grinning and Arthur moves close, crowding him.

“They’ve got to be … Sore.”

“So be gentle,” Eames says.

Arthur doesn’t use Eames’ new piece of jewelry to reel him in, but the idea occurs to him, and, well, Eames nipple isn’t going to be sore forever. He shelves it for later.


Later, sweaty and languid, boneless, Eames says, “so why should we have done your present first?”

Arthur jolts awake, swiping a palm at his face where he’s been drooling a little. “Oh shit. Well. The thing is…”

In the neighbor’s driveway there is a very expensive sports car. “That’s yours,” Arthur says, bashful.

“You need to blow me in that,” Eames says.

“I know” Arthur says, red faced.

“And here I am, spent.”

“You’re not a hundred, Eames,” Arthur grouses. “Let’s go zip around until you can cowboy up.”


Arthur always remembers their first Valentine’s Day fondly: Eames’ nipple piercing, tender and gorgeous, laughing as he tried to micromanage Eames’ spotty driving while simultaneously trying to keep his mouth sealed around his dick, even the speeding ticket, the officer’s red face, Arthur trying to surreptitiously straighten his collar.

Maybe especially the speeding ticket.

Alright people

Why have I only read three fics with Luke ridding Han’s dick like he needs it to survive?? 

Where are all the fics of Luke whining and panting as he sinks down onto Han’s cock, while Han stares up at him in amazement because kriffing hells who knew Luke would be so tight?? Of Luke with his hands planted on Han’s chest as he bounces on his lap, head thrown back and moaning, loudly, at how good it feels. Of Han’s grip on Luke’s waist, hauling him down as he thrusts up and Luke maybe chokes on his noises, swallows his tongue and outright begs for Han to “stay right there, right there, please”. 

Of Han leaning up to bite at Luke’s chest and nipples and Luke buries his hands in Han’s hair and can’t seem to stop the loud noises coming out of his mouth. Of Luke biting on his lower lip only to have Han pull him down to bite those lips instead. 

My point is, I need more fic of Luke riding Han like he needs his cock to breathe. 


okay so I’m neither a fan of miley, nor do I particularly support the #freethenipple campaign but this really struck a chord with me. as miley pointed out, the media is more than happy for women to display their breasts, whether that be showing ‘underboob’ or 'side boob’ in outfits or merely covering their nipples with pasties but otherwise displaying the rest of the breast tissue as miley has been allowed to do in this interview. but when it comes to nipples the media have a whole different outlook; it is deemed completely unacceptable for women to show their nipples, for instance nipples are often edited out or covered up in underwear campaigns or on social media or the said picture is completely taken down from social media if the nipple is viable. as miley is pointing out, this must mean that society doesn’t have a problem with the rest of the breast being displayed and that it is merely the nipple that they deem unsuitable to be on display; why then is it acceptable for men to go shirtless and display their nipples? male and female nipples are essentially the same so why is it that one gender is prohibited from showing theirs? to me, this is pure sexism which we have been manipulated to accept as normality. I’m not saying that I myself would go out topless if it was permitted but that’s personal choice as I would prefer to be modest but to me, it would make no difference if a man was to go out topless than if a woman were to do the same. as it has been pointed out many times breasts aren’t sexual organs so why are we forced to cover them up? personally I would prefer it if both genders were to cover up in public purely for hygiene and health and safety reasons but if men are allowed to expose themselves then someone tell me why aren’t women?

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out The Most Damaging Myth About Feminism
Reminder: "post-feminist" is not a thing.

“One of the most important things for this movement is to get out of this mindset that we’re in a post-feminist era,” said the actor. “I don’t know who came up with that term, but it’s the most damaging term that we have because it’s just not true.

"This issue kind of landed in my lap and I’m learning more as I go. It’s weird being a public figure talking about all this stuff because you put a target on your back,” she said.

“It’s strange, a lot of people were afraid to talk about [equal pay] for so many years because it made you sound unlikable …”

Lawrence trailed off, looked around the room with her trademark goofy grin. "I had a point and then I lost track. I started wondering if my nipples were out.”

“They’re not,” she added.

Kanae Might Be Not Trans

So, we’ve all seen this picture - 

And Kanae seems to have boobs in it. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen him shirtless- 

There is this panel. If he had boobs, even small ones, they would be pretty visible, underneath his right arm especially. 

He also appears flat-chested in every other panel. In fact, this is literally the only panel where he seems to have boobs, which is interesting, considering that Eto is on top of him with a needle and a thread. 

When you zoom in closer, the boobs seem very… odd. They’re a completely different colour, he has no nipples, and  the boobs seem to be going up very unaturally.  Like, they go up, then they go into the normal boob shape.  This points to Kanae maybe not being trans, and that being part of Eto’s torture?

I guess we won’t know completely until the translation come out.