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So, I did kind of want to do something a little more special than answer silly asks today, because

Holy cow, you guys.

That’s a lot. :’D

I started my comic not knowing how much traffic it would see, but just vowed to do my best on it and tell a story I thought was fun. I figured a few other people would like it too, but over 3000? That’s pretty amazing :D Thank you all so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. ^^

I don’t have any other ideas for something fun though, so I’ll keep answering asks for the rest of the day! Gonna take a bit of a break, but after that the silliness continues!

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You’re so sweet n cute that I want to turn my spooky n goth blog into something like yours. Your aura is powerful!!! Love u 💞 I hope you’re having the best day ever

+ hi, you inspire me so much and make me smile ( your so calm and you blog is gorgeous ) ♡ + do you like ariana grande?

!!! awh thanks nonnys :’+) yeah I know what you mean, for halloween, I was making a bunch of cool ass edits (ex 1 2 3) but after halloween I finally found my style (ex. 1 2 3) :’+) as long as you’re having fun, that’s all it matters! good luck + i wish you guys the best :+)

A tiny warm up doodle of Zayne who belongs to the most awesome Del aka @stardrunk aka @delshark! ♥♥♥  Man, I have no words for how much I love her characters and this dude is no exception. I really love his colour scheme, too!

I’ll draw a better one soon, I promise! It’s always fun to draw other characters in your own art style. It’s like they make little cameos in your own OC universe for a bit, haha!

hello everyone!!!welcome to me talking about how much i love and appreciate you xD 

   to be slightly more serious i do love you all. i’m grateful you have all followed me. giving me 200+ followers on this lovely blog.  i made this follow forever mainly to thank you all for everything you do, be it roleplaying with me or just reblogging something i like. you make me happy and make me have fun and enjoy my stay on this blog. this is just me saying thank you for all of that

the main baes; people that i always interact with or just talk to a lot; these are the ones who i love very much!!!

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the people that i have been rping with; i adore our threads and you’re amazing. can’t wait for more, i love you all as well!!

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the people that i creep on and admire from afar; i either just stared rping with you or would love to rp with you!!

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Do you have any more serious headcanons about frostmaster?? I love all your HCs of course!! But I really liked what you said before when you went on that small tangent starting with Loki saying “I think I love you.” Do you have any more HCs, maybe more angsty or even just soft fluffy serious ones involving maybe one or both of them catching a couple feelings for each other lol

you want more angst? y’all are wild I love you. of course I have angst headcanons. strap in kids.

  • okay so the Grandmaster is a telepath, and he knows what people are thinking right? of course he thought it was endearing when Loki was planning to overthrow him, and he caught feelings for him when Loki started emitting remorseful vibes, and the whole “i’m going to seduce and overthrow him” commentary in his head began to vanish. the Grandmaster actually started distancing himself from Loki however when he could feel the other man falling in love. Sure he was in love too, but he didn’t want Loki to fall for him. he may not look old but he feels old, and he could ever wrap his head around why Loki feels anything for him at all. he had his fair share of charm back in the day, but he thought it had faded to a dull roar. to see as well as feel Loki fall head over heels for him scares him immensely. 
  • sakaar isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, not for the Grandmaster anyway. he’d actually love to leave, he’s been yearning to for years. but, he is terrified. he’s immortal on sakaar, and he’s a dictator. he fears that if he leaves he’ll lose all of that, all of what makes him important to his society. when he meets Loki, he’s able to forget about that for a while between their shared stories from the universe, and while they slowly begin to fall for each other, but when Loki leaves, the Grandmaster is more than just broken, it gives him incentive to leave. and he does, he needs to at least get back to Loki and tell him what he couldn’t tell him while he was on sakaar; “I love you.”
  • they definitely talk about their brothers. Grandmaster is surprised at himself because Loki is one of the few people, maybe even the only on left on sakaar that knows who his brother is. Loki had never heard of his brother of course, the Collector wasn’t that well-known on Asgard. Loki gets worked up whenever Grandmaster tells Loki about one of his bad stories with his brother, then Loki tells his. Loki makes sure to mention he doesn’t hold too much against his brother anymore, that it was mostly his father he feels resentment towards, but now that his father is dead there isn’t much resentment left. Grandmaster helps him understand that you don’t need to harbor resentment towards anyone to be a successful soul.
  • the Grandmaster has night terrors, it’s do to the countless years he’s lived, the countless lives he’s takes, and the countless loved one’s he’s lost. Loki isn’t usually much of a comforter, but he knows how to comfort the Grandmaster. He knows he just wants to be held and have his cheek stroked. Loki worries his cold skin isn’t comforting, but Grandmaster always argues otherwise telling him that it wakes him up and that since he himself is usually a furnace, it feels comforting to be cooled down.
  • even though the Grandmaster’s favorite color is blue and he loves Loki’s Jotun form, Loki is still extremely self conscious and gets a little bit distant if he accidentally reveals himself. the Grandmaster and Loki only get into arguments about this one occurrence. Grandmaster keeps telling Loki that he loves it, and once said “maybe even more than I like your regular form” which makes Loki leave him for a day or two out of anger, because he works so hard to make people accept his regular Asgardian-looking form. the Grandmaster apologizes when Loki comes back and tells him he just loves him for who he is, etc.
  • Grandmaster has trouble coping when Loki leaves to go back to Asgard. It becomes his only mission, to find him, wherever he is. he pretty much entirely puts sakaar on the back burner of his issues, because he’s distressed as to why Loki left without a goodbye, and he forces himself to not be angry with Loki, because he remembers what happened when he got resentful towards past lovers. And he cares for Loki more than he cares for…pretty much anything else on the planet. 

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Lmao so let’s get this straight..you start doing these AU nights and suddenly everyone thinks it’s acceptable to do them with the same themes and not give you any credit...lmao. It’s just funny how there’s no credibility or respect in this fandom :/ ☠️

Ok so I’ve waited for a few hours to try and form a response but I really don’t have one? Like honey I’ve never really paid that much attention to those things, if someone else wants to do them I think they’re tons of fun, and most people do give me credit :)

YALL LIKE THIS IF U WANNA BE IN A SMALL GROUP ( IM TALKIN 10 CHARACTERS about a group of friends who live all across the world but met as kids in their hometown and it’s one of those groups that haven’t all been in the same place slash haven’t all talked for a long time but with the holidays coming up they promise to all be in their hometown to see each other and then after they have a reunion they realize how much they’ve all missed each other so they make a pact to keep in touch when they go back to their regular lives and they do and it changes e v e r y t h i n g for them… pls we would have a fun ooc groupchat pLUS an ic groupchat and itd be so much funnnnnn

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i bought inquisition first too, so i thought i could give some advice to that anon. inquisition is kinda confusing without prior game knowledge, but the core plot can stand on its own. read codex entries early on until you understand why the templars and mages are fighting (and what a templar is, because my first playthrough i had no idea), most things after that are pretty self explanatory. understanding some recurring character backgrounds (varric, leliana, hawke) helps but isn't necessary.

although, looking back, i would’ve preferred to play the games in order. or, at the very least, play dragon age ii before inquisition. the games can stand alone, but having background information, emotional investment, etc. make the choices throughout the game feel so much more important and fun to see how things unfold and affect the world and characters.

Some more help for the last anon! And this somehow happened to me when playing DAII. I didn’t know what the Templars are and what they do exactly 😂 So I was so glad that I could play DA:O later. Even if everything is in de codex, reading what you could play on the previous game, isn’t the same ;;

Hope this helps to anyone who’s interested on buying Dragon Age games as well! And thanks to anon for the further info ❤

Fire & Ice | Stiles Stilinski

From: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Prompt: “I thought you said you knew ice skating?”
Word count: 3,034
Warnings: just pure fluff, tiny mention of sex and Christmas stuff (is that even a warning?)

A/N: So, this is my entry for @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone’s writing challenge. I don’t usually enter them because of my slight anxiety, but this prompt was too cute not to. This was super fun to write and I hope you like it as much as me. Enjoy xoxo
And let me know if you want to be added to my forever tag!

“Do you have a reservation?” the waiter politely asked with a small hint of an Italian accent. Wow, so posh.

“Yes, under Stilinski,” Stiles replied as he strengthened his grip around my waist.

“Perfect. Please follow me.” Both Stiles and I nodded and were escorted to our candle lit table right in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ll be back with the menus in a couple minutes. Would you like to order something to drink in the meantime?”

“A bottle of Vermetino would be great, thank you,” Stiles requested, trying to pull off his best Italian accent as he named the wine. The waiter nodded and disappeared shortly after, leaving my handsome boyfriend and I on our own.

I adjusted myself in my seat, careful not to ruin the long black dress I was wearing and, as I admired the elegant place where Stiles had brought me, I stated, “This is truly amazing. I’m very glad we could finally find a moment to spend by ourselves, without our jobs getting in the way. I mean, they’re both really important, but it’s nice to have a night out every now and then, just the two of us.”

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Hi!! So to any of you who were in the Shawn tumblr fandom in 2016 you might know what this is,

This is the Shawn Mendes Accent Challenge!!

Last year it was originally @everythingshawnmendes ‘ idea and I decided to bring it back bc it was so much fun and the newbies get to enjoy this as well!!

Answer these following questions on an audio file to give your followers a sense of how you speak!

1. Name and url

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3. Fave Shawn songs?

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7. Have you seen/met Shawn, or are you going to?

8. What do you love most about Shawn?

9. Say these following words: Illuminate, stitches, Mendes army, tomatoes, muffin, Canadian, Handwritten, and any other words that come into mind!

10. What would you like to see next from Shawn?

11. Favourite random Shawn moment?

12. Who is your favorite Mendes?

13. Which tattoo of Shawn’s is your favorite?

14. Just basically talk about your love for Shawn!

15. What does Shawn mean to you?

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I tag:

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Do you have any suggestions for more good ask blogs? I love yours so much I trust you, mod-

(Mod: oh gosh uh?? Tysm!!! honestly people get behind any type of ask blog (like mines just a plain ol “ask the character” and ive almost got 1K) so? If you need Prompts tho I recommend:
Voice Acting blogs ( @asktordvoice and @ask-tammy-voice are really good examples of this)
AUs (like mermaid au, high school au, roleswap, etc like @asktheteencommie/@asktheteenpunk) Tunglr posted this early but basically have fun!! dont worry about reception honestly bc I had -10 notes when I first got started, also network. Make friends in the community! The more people you know, the more people know you!

Scarecrow - Arkham Asylum Vers

I have to stop with the rogue illustrations for now. I don’t have that much time at hand and the illustrations take up a lot of time. I don’t like working on one piece for over a week, so I’m taking a break on them. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing. Just not fully illustrations :)

On other news, I was thinking about starting to do commissions once I have more time again. If someone is interested. Maybe? I was also thinking about starting a patreon page. Again this is just a maybe. ><

did you want… MORE PCS!? NO?! too bad here they are

These three I’m releasing early, simply because they’re the first NPCs you meet in the game. They’re pretty fun, mostly because much like the PCs, they’re “on the ground” doing stuff for the city. They’re much more powerful than your typical guild grunt, but are also quite young (<25), lacking the seniority to take on a more administrative role in the organization.

While all working for the Brotherhood’s nefarious purposes, they are generally seen with respect, and almost as sort of… the city’s protectors? I guess? Depends whether or not you’re in their territory. The players get a lot of good interaction with these guys, so I tried to make them at least likeable evil.

Lunette (left) is the most cheerful assassin you’ve probably ever met. she’s the adopted daughter of two very important guild admins, and almost a bit of a brat, but bubbly and charismatic… all the easier to catch you off guard with. her subclass is swashbuckler because she spent a summer hanging out with pirates. unrelated, she’s missing an eye, ear, and tail, and was missing an arm before the high priestess grafted a giant ugly demon arm to her shoulder, upon her request. a little mortifying, but Lunette thinks it’s hilarious.

Ambrose (center) is a sadboy wizard & magical prodigy. Wizard mercenaries are fairly rare, given the lifestyles that wizards and mercenaries lead typically don’t have a great deal of overlap, but there are some rare exceptions. Ambrose specializes in the highly destructive school of magic known as Evocation. looks a little spooky, can seem kinda intense at first but really just a quiet, somber, sensitive fella. Easily defeated via a sunny day/shining a flashlight in his eyes.

Titus (right) is a snarky halfling(?ish) Champion, and of formerly great renown in the city’s more infamous gladiatorial fighting leagues. While trailing behind him an illustrious string of victories, the lifestyle (including both the fighting and the drinking) wound up being, unsurprisingly, not great for his personal development. Retired from the ring, he now works for the guild, has a place to sleep, gets to eat every single day, and is in a steady relationship. It’s a pretty alright gig. Personality traits include “stubborn” and “not real bright”. 

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The beard is there... of course -.-. Everyone was talking about how she's never at events where his family is, and now she appears... How fun. God, Louis can never have anything for himself. The Royal Variety is a very big deal, and yet it's just another thing getting tainted by stunts. And people can say it's not much, that she's just there and he wont have to do anything but I hate she is even there. I hate he can never truly have good things and there is always something tainting it.

I know what you mean, the fact that she’s there is really annoying. I hope they will barely have to interact but I am very looking forward to the day Louis won’t have to have any stunt attending his shows and work events.

anonymous asked:

Base off the Taurus I know for Taurus culture.. people calling them boring when really I notice they are just very stable with themselves they don’t always need to be going out meeting new people going wild partying etc but when they do let loose... oh they’re so fun. I admire the Taurus in my life that genuinely feel chill staying home or just doing casual things. I always have FOMO and go out and regret it knowing staying home or just doing a casual dinner is so much nicer sometimes


Thank you so much for your addition!! Your admiration and love is so sweet and appreciated💗💗💗

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To the anon acting more feminine since dating a cis guy, take it from me; be yourself. I did what you're doing now, and put off coming out for 5+ years. It's not fun. As scary as it is to be transparent, it's a lot worse to look back, in your late twenties, and realise just how much of your own life you have missed out on. Take my advice, or don't, it's all up to you, but I wish I had someone to tell me this when I was younger.

~Mod Dalton