i have to much fun doing this

lmao pls dont tell me my priorities are off just because i “watched a concert” even tho i said i had to draw that night

the only reason i went was to make sure my sister went and had fun and didn’t feel out of place with my workmates. her anxiety is bad enough as it is and i wanted her to have a good time.

i sleep at 1am working on artworks and just because you don’t see me uploading much doesn’t mean i’m not doing anything :D

Man Face Monday - This Face Makes the World Better Edition

Hello Cupcakes! I have a cold. Invest in Puffs. I am making huge purchases of the with Lotion variety. Happily, Mr. Man’s face has provided a pleasant distraction from the coughing and the ick. I have gone back to find some fun older images from a season past, when at least the faintest smile crossed his lovely mug. Let’s do some face, shall we? Let me know if you had a favorite. 

My personal favorite of the set. Pillow mountains and lovely everything. 

But then, wow. Pretty. 

Happy face makes me happy as well. 

I love the dangerous eyes. Scary pretty.

Pillow mountains, FTW.

To close on a very happy note, here’s a super smiley gif I did not make. Bless the giftmaker with many hugs and chocolates, universe. 

So, that is Monday. That is some Man Face worth thinking about all week, I hope. Very excited to see where the show is going. Very excited to read amazing Olicity fanfics to get me through the various and sundry. I hope that you have a very wonderful week ahead. I recommend you save that gif and put it somewhere to lift your spirits on the down days!

Until Wednesday, my friends. Until Wednesday. Tags after the break. 

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loon-whisperer  asked:

I've been seeing a lot of Newtina proposal headcanons recently, so I'm wondering... What were proposals like in the 20s? Was it a big deal, involving a ring and getting down on one knee and a special setting? Or would it be more of a casual conversation? Also, what was dating like? Did people date? Or did they court instead? Or something in between?

Okie dokie, so this gets complicated.  To keep it from completely running away from me, I’ll focus on Western Europe and white America; these are the cultures I know best.  Other cultures may have certain similarities or differences, but I don’t know them well enough to comment.

Let’s start with how people started to pair off.  First of all, the general concept of “dating”–doing fun activities in public with a member of the opposite sex–is something lower classes have been doing for pretty much forever.  After all, if you don’t have much in the way of material goods, the biggest consideration in picking a partner is how well you work together, and the Western way to address that is via dating.  After WWI, the concept of dating started to slowly trickle up the social scale.  A young woman in the 1920s (keeping in mind that “young” stopped at about twenty-three then) might go on dates with dozens of guys before she settled down, and it would be perfectly acceptable…but that kind of dating was not much more than having a partner to do something in public with.  Maybe handholding, but kissing was the most a smart girl would do under those circumstances.

People did still do what we think of as “courting” (sometimes following a period of dating), though they may not have thought of it using that term.  “Courting” would be a lot like dating, except it would be with just the one person.  Courting was always initiated by the male half of a couple, and this was for a very important reason: courting was intended to lead to marriage, and that meant the male half of the equation had to be financially stable enough to support a wife and children (because a pregnant woman wouldn’t be hired or kept working anywhere, and a wife could get pregnant at any time).  If he couldn’t do that, he had no business courting a woman.

(Now, to apply this to Newt and Tina…the four years between their ages actually means a lot here, because those four years meant that Newt came of age before the War, and Tina came of age after.  Newt would have been brought up to a courtship-only model, and Tina would have entered adulthood when a hybrid courtship/dating model existed.  It is highly unlikely Newt would begin to court Tina unless he was doing financially well; either his book would be immensely successful, or he’d get a decent promotion at the Ministry, or his parents would die and leave him mountains of Galleons…you get the picture.)

In terms of engagement, it was no longer customary to ask a woman’s father for permission to marry his daughter…but etiquette books of the period explain that a man should be able to tell if his sweethearts’ family liked him well enough or not by how they interact (indicating a man should meet the family several times before proposing).  However, it would have been appropriate to address the family before the engagement was announced, and the man had better be prepared with an accurate, honest breakdown of his current and anticipated future finances; presumably, if he wouldn’t be able to support her appropriately, it would be so determined at this point, and things could be broken off (temporarily, perhaps) with minimal embarrassment to involved parties.

Engagement rings are a very old tradition, so a man who could afford one would likely propose with a ring at hand.  However, “Diamonds are Forever” wouldn’t hit the marketing scene until 1947, so you saw a much wider variety of engagement rings.  On the lowest end of the scale were unadorned bands not unlike wedding rings (side note: in the 1920s, it was fairly uncommon for men to wear wedding bands; it was more a female thing), and the ring might even serve as the wedding ring.  On the higher end you could see some pretty fabulous combinations of gems, though diamonds were popular still.  In-person proposals were still made on one knee with or without a ring, but it would have been considered really bad manners to propose like that in public.  That’s the sort of thing one would do in a living room.

However, there’s another method of proposal which has fallen out of favor recently: proposal by letter.  As travel was comparatively more expensive and less practical for people than it is today, it was acceptable to propose by letter when an in-person proposal was impractical.  A good proposal by letter was explicit and clear, so the woman being written to would understand exactly what her beau was asking.  An in-person proposal could have less precise verbiage because the body language and presence of a ring would make the meaning clear.

(Newtina application time: Newt’s got a ton of options for how to propose and what to propose with depending on his situation.)

Important fact to remember: engagements were treated as seriously as marriage.  Breaking off an engagement might leave you open to a lawsuit for “breach of promise”; these laws were mostly repealed or limited in the 1930s.  The way these laws were written implies that it was not uncommon for couples to become sexually active during engagement; these lawsuits were a way for a woman to compensate for any “damage” to her person incurred without a marriage to make it acceptable.

Look I just don’t want to do my homework that’s due at nine tonight, even though it’s easy, it’s kinda boring shit, so.

Have some more of that Mer!Sam IronFalcon AU that I last wrote for forever ago…. Thank @bloody-bee-tea for telling me I DID need to write more of it, and also being fun to taunt with threats of non-angst.

The problem, Sam decided, was that Tony quite decidedly did not want Sam involved. In much of anything even remotely dangerous.

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prouvairablehulk  asked:

ooooh could you do the Zombie Apocalypse universe and/or the Bad Moon Rising verse?

Bad Moon Rising, because that’s my favorite. I love the Zombie Apocalpyse one too, but BMR is just so much fun.

1 - Lightning sprites reproduce asexually, by actually turning into a thunderstorm and seeking to strike the next generation. Barry is literally a combination of the man he was before the lightning hit him and the actual lightning bolt that hit him. This does not mean that lightning sprites can’t enter into relationships, only that they don’t have lightning sprite kids that way.

2 - there are only four published guidebooks titled “What To Do When You’re Dating a Supernatural”. All four of them are entirely fictional and about 99% wrong. Len is going to read all of them and ask Mick. Mick isn’t going to know the answer. Len is eventually going to go find the authors and punch them in the face.

3 - Lisa is going to laugh for a solid hour about finding out that Len is werewolf-married now. a solid hour.

4 - Mick’s interest in Animal Planet documentaries is 50% instinctual wereowlf-y desire to be surrounded by other animals being sublimated into television watching (a city full of humans doesn’t count) and 50% “…I never realized documentaries were this interesting”

5 - Mick has been crushing on Len since forever, but assumed it wasn’t going to happen because it hadn’t happened yet and surely Len would say something. Len has been crushing on Mick since forever, but assumed that nothing that good ever happens to him. They are both idiots. Neither will ever admit to their folly except by accident.

anonymous asked:

Reader give lecture Arme, how to properly use his weapon and Mochi have much fun with this scene. Thank you ♥

“I don’t understand!” Arme hisses at Mochi, grasping his glass-like sword tightly. “Why am I doing less damage than you?! I should be a better damage dealer than some mere support class of mine!”

“Because Arme,” you butt in suddenly. “You’re not playing right.”

He turns around with a look of disbelief on his face. “Excuse me? How exactly would you know that?” 

“You know you have a passive called Reinforced ‘Projection’, right?” You elaborate, bringing up his skill tables. You point at the passive, smiling at Arme, who blinks in surprise. “Whenever you use a skill that projects your weapon, you gain a stack. And whenever you gain a stack, it’ll increase your damage. You have to use a skill every 15 seconds in order to keep said stack, otherwise you’ll lose said stacks.”

Arme winces, staring at his projected sword. “Ah…”

“You don’t spam a lot.” you point out.

Arme bites his lip. “I prefer to combo.”

“And,” Mochi adds in. “Your skills have too much actives. Where are your 200 and more MP skills?~” he chides, glaring teasingly at Arme’s skill slots. “That might be why I’m doing more damage too…~”

The holy celestial faintly blushes in embarrassment. He feels like these people know more about him than himself. He crosses his arms, nodding.

“…I… I see…”

“Oh fuck.” You widen your eyes after looking over his gear. “Jesus Arme your gear’s fucking broken too what the fuc-”


anonymous asked:

Ah if prompts are still open then I have one for you, if you don't mind. Garp find out his oldest grandson is secretly dating one of Newgate's kids.

“What,” Garp states staring his second in command down.

“You said to keep an eye on Portgas,” Garp nods, he has men watching all three of his cute little grandsons. “And he’s been seen sneaking around with Marco Newgate, Whitebeard’s son.”

“Newgate’s kid,” Garp repeats slowly. “Newgate’s kid?”

“Yes sir?”

Garp frowns, “I’m going out.”

“Sir, you can’t!”

“I am going out,” Garp repeats. “And if you try and stop me, you will have to be picked out of the wall. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir.”

Garp nods, grabbing his coat and hurrying out to his car. Someone thought they could get away with dating his grandson, that they could avoid anyone knowing that they were dating his cute little grandson. And now, he had to scare them.

“Garp?” Whitebeard asks curiously.

“Where’s your bird?”

Whitebeard raises an eyebrow, “If you mean Marco, who is not a bird, he’s out. Has been since late yesterday.”

“Damn it.”


“Your idiot son is dating my idiot grandson!”

“I know, did,” Whitebeard grins. “Did Ace not tell you?”

Garp doesn’t answer, already stomping off to find Whitebeard’s stupid bird son and give him a piece of his mind.

From Canada, With love

I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely blown away by how many people participated. I’ve found out about so many incredible writers, artists and other talented content creators through this and I can’t wait to see more of what everyone comes up with. I can’t wait to do it all again in a year!

I’d also like to say a special thanks to everyone who sent me asks and replies letting me know how much you liked the theme and the backround/header photos, it really means a lot to me. You can always find more at my photography blog @images-of-the-canadian-dream and everything is free to use as long as you give credit. Thanks to Inkstranger for having me on board, I’ve had so much fun!


anonymous asked:

Aaaand right when I didn't think you could get any more awesome, you actually started writing for the umfb-verse fics <3 Thanks so much for that they've all been amazing. I especially loved your historical au one and it kind of reminded me of Captive Prince. Thanks again for being so good to us and I hope you're having as much fun writing as I am reading your stuff <33

I had so much fun writing them because it was a nice little break from Rivals and I didn’t have to care about OOCness or anything because they were supposed to be ooc and it was fun to do some world-building for a completely different AU!

If you have twitter, I am definitely more vocal and reachable there! I’m @ kohichapps  

But I’m going to give posting on both platforms a shot! Wish me luck! For those who have stuck around for my art, you have no idea how much it means to me so many of you haven’t given up! I love you guys and you all deserve so much more than life can offer but hey you know what– even if that’s the case, have fun! Do what makes you happy, do what fulfills you and I’m there in spirit to support as you have supported me! Be Positive & Productive!

In other news, I’m back!!!

[MX] MTL to Date a Chill Person

Anon requested: Heeey. Can I request a MTL with Vixx, B.A.P and Monsta X please? If it’s possible to request for more groups 🙈 Mtl to date a rather chill person who doesen’t likes to party so much and doesen’t need a lot of people around to be happy? Thank you in advance 😁

I apologize again but I do not take requests for B.A.P. just yet! I don’t really know them that well, so I’m sorry!










Hyunwoo to Hyungwon: These boys are fairly calm themselves and would love the fact that you don’t need that many people in order to be happy. This doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to have fun though!

Jooheon to Minhyuk: These two are quite energetic themselves and like the company of a lot of people, but they would see you as so cute and adorable. That difference would bring a balance to their life.

Hoseok: This party animal would be a little hesitant. He’d be conflicted when having to chose between you or a get together especially if you’ve stayed home for the entire week.

anonymous asked:

wait if it's not too much of a pain/too personal can you explain why your fellow kiwis think you're foreign?

Not too personal at all! It’s mostly just my accent. Apparently I don’t sound ‘traditionally kiwi’ by any means, so whenever people meet me for the first time they will often ask “Oh, how long have you been in the county? Do you like it here?” and stuff like that. 

It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun because I’ve lived here 99% of my life. 

anonymous asked:

When,if ever, do you plan on releasing an audio of The Script?

The short answer? When I have time.

As I had mentioned, I’m on something of a voice hiatus. As much as it pains me to do so, I had to take some time for myself to recover from an unforgiving work schedule.

I will be sitting down with the script, but please remember that I’m doing it on my own time, for free, for fun.

If my good nature is pressed, it will go bad VERY fast.

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thylittletalks’s Submission: 

Self doubt! I’m behind schedule on my exams and have to take more than I planned, which means I have very little time to be social, so I’m constantly second guessing myself, and doubting whether people actually like me, or just tolerate me. I’d really like some suggestions on how to manage it.

kitrona’s Submission: 

I can’t get my meds refill right now (for reasons not related to money). I feel like my life is falling apart because I can’t focus enough to get anything done, including homework, and this is my last semester before I graduate. Any ideas on how to increase focus? I’m drinking a lot of caffeine and Pomodoro helps a bit but not enough.

mindswondering’s Submission: 

My mind races so fast that I can’t process academic articles. This sucks cause I’m trying to finish my doctorate.

Anonymous’s Submission:

I’ve recently found out that I have adhd and told all my closest friends and I’ve been more comfortable with showing a little more symptoms in their company now that they know of it. However, the information somehow spread to my whole class and they think I am faking it because I didn’t show as much symptoms as before and still do not outside of my friendgroup. What to do?

balleraannie’s Submission:

rsd at school whenever i try to particiapte and i either say something right and my classmates are bitter and make fun of me or i say it wrong and i get corrected. Even if i only think something wrong but dont volunteer an answer i feel bad when i find out how far off it is

therandomhyperone’s Submission:

I’m stuggling to find a balance between being in control of my ADHD and it controlling my life For example I use a routine to manage my symptoms but then I feel as though my ADHD is controlling my life because of it

Anonymous’s Submission:

concentrating in class

Please reblog or send in your thoughts regarding these issues. This is your community of ADHDers sharing the things they are struggling with the most right now. We are crowdsourcing support!

notes on Njal’s Saga / Brenna-Njal’s saga: 

-Honestly if you want literature with interesting women read you some got-damn icelandic sagas because there are several important women and they aren’t… flat. They’re interesting and I think have as much dimension as the men do. Also, they have agency. They DO things (granted some of the things aren’t nice and they can be shitty) but the fact remains that they DO things. It’s really kind of shocking because I’ve read so much lit that turns the women into boring sex objects of one kind or another (either ethereal manic pixie hipster types or soft demure soft-mc-soft types or Oh So Femme Girl Who Girl!!! Girl!! Power!!!!) 

Idk i find it refreshing it makes me want to read fanworks of female space wolves… which is actually fun really because like icelandic sagas are full of women and men with the same first names so that’s food for thought

- space wolves are commonly written and depicted as lawless hooligans with no respect for the codex and that’s fine but have u ever considered the fact that law was actually very important in the icelandic sagas (aka some SW source material) So all im saying is…. Rune Priests also as Space Wolf Lawspeakers/keepers of complicated tradition of Space Wolf rules and regs and such, all mostly arguable via precedent (precendent is important in icelandic sagas) like space wolves absolutely have concepts like wergeld and shit it just fits…. more deep space wolf shit, less Space Viking Wolves… less Nibelungenliedy stuff and Siegfried and Wagner and more Icelandic Saga stuff pls

- idk man i just really love this saga honestly? I love the thing being done with Gunnar and Njal. Njal is beardless and I can just picture him as this kind of nerdy looking guy, but you know. A good dude. Smart. Kind. Level-headed. Just a good ol’ dude all round (he’s got grown kids, hes not young). And then Gunnar LOOKS like your typical Blonde Long Haired Tough Viking Type but instead of being a sack of VENGEANCE he’s a chill dude and not all BRAR VENGEANCE but more like “hey man we’ve been friends 5ever our friendship is really important so let’s resolve this peaceably and preserve that man :)” and its just

i know it wont last because Hallgerd and Bergthora (?) are not going to stop this wife-feud but yeah

Also I love Njal’s son Skarphedin. Skarphedin Njalsson is probably one of my favourite characters, i can just picture him. I love Njal’s whole family. Adopt me, Njal!!! (Bergthora is only being this way because Hallgerd started this shit, that bitch.)  


mudamilk  asked:

YO ^^ Could I please request some hcs for Giorno making up after a fight with his s/o? With cuddles at end if that's not too much to ask...(im giorno trash im sorry) Thank you ♡

Here you go Milk! please enjoy these hcs for the one and only donut boy ^^ (also I hope you’re having fun on the trip! OwO) @mudamilk

- Ghost

·         Arguments with his S/O are things which Giorno would try to avoid altogether and given his composure in such situations he can almost always do so, however even he is susceptible to arguing with them should S/O catch him during incredibly frustrated and stressed moments where his harsher emotions are more prone to being drawn forth; he certainly isn’t the type to outright snap at them but his tone to them during their argument is cold and borderline hostile in a way that will make S/O’s heart drop the moment they hear it

·         It’s the moment the hurt wells up in their eyes that he realized that he had gone too far and stepped out of line and any anger he would have been feeling prior to that would dissolve in favour of intense concern as he moves to apologize, however any attempts of affection or comfort were met with a smouldering stare as they take a few steps back and promptly exit the room

·         Giorno wouldn’t chase after them because he would know that giving his partner some time alone to collect their thoughts and calm down would be for the best rather than approaching them too soon and risk sparking up another verbal altercation, but he would still ensure that someone checked up on them to keep them company until he was able to come to them himself (he would also have some form of gift for them should his S/O like them as a way of an apology to accompany his actual apology)

·         Upon approaching his S/O he would take his upmost care and time talking to them about what had transpired during their argument, imploring them to talk to him about the argument to find what had upset them so (Giorno would most likely already know their answers after having time to think over his actions however he would wordlessly listen to them speak and vent about it as much as they needed to); by the end of it he would ask that they find it in their heart to forgive him for being so careless with his harsh comments towards them, gently taking their hands into his and directly looking into their eyes as he spoke

·         Upon everything being resolved he would embrace his S/O and place a tender kiss to their forehead as he insists that they rest and take some time to relax after such a taxing day, gently leading them to lie down as they curl up together to cuddle; he’ll run a hand through their hair as he whispers words of endearment in Italian into their ear, smiling as they bury their face into his chest, already beginning to doze off in his hold and he’ll watch over them once sleep finally claims their conscious.

For some reason, Kurt didn’t seem too sad about losing a bet to Logan…


Since the Logurt tag is blowing up right now, I paused my Kurtty Charleston to quickly do this. Kurt lost a bet, and his punishment was to join Logan at some random line dancing country bar…?

Sorry for the boots, Kurt, but who doesn’t want to see you in cowboy boots at least once?

Feel free to reblog, as long as you don’t repost this anywhere without permission.

PART ONE (616 Kuroro Tango) - - > http://winekita.tumblr.com/post/157522387500/the-waltz-isnt-the-only-dance-they-know-3

PART TWO (XMA Nightangel Mambo) - - > http://winekita.tumblr.com/post/158078089415/kurt-wasnt-exactly-expecting-this-to-happen-when

PART THREE (XMA Nightsilver Quickstep) - -> https://winekita.tumblr.com/post/158324198940/they-dont-call-it-the-quickstep-for-nothin

anonymous asked:

Is it possible to have learned to suppress traits without having been bullied for them? I may have been teased a little but nothing too much but I always seemed to have an instinct that these things are just things I need to hide and that I have to blend in. Do you think maybe I'm just forgetting times in which I was made fun of for certain traits that led to me suppressing them? Or is it possible to learn to suppress for other reasons?

It’s possible to learn to suppress them simply through observation. Kids are smart and will pick up on a lot more than adults give them credit for. As a kid you likely noticed that some of the things you did were things that no one else you knew did. You may have noticed that kids who were different got picked on by others. Through this observation you could have concluded that the things that were different about you needed to be hidden in order to avoid being bullied. This could have all been subconscious. 

So yes, it is possible to suppress autistic traits for reasons other than bullying/abuse.