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So my friend and I who have physics together started freaking out over this in class. Which obviously meant that we ended up learning nothing about waves and instead spent forty minutes coming up with headcanons. Enjoy!

1) Matt tags along on a mission to a nearby alien planet, and just as Lance sees a hot alien, Matt is already by her side, getting her number. By the time they leave, Matt has five new contacts stored away on his phone, and Lance has a new rival.

1.5) Now that Keith is no longer Lance’s #1 rival, they begin to hang out a lot more and Lance starts to actually admit that Keith is his friend. One day though, Lance is thinking about something Keith said earlier and is like, “Wait…what he said earlier…that kind of sounded like flirting. But it can’t be, that’s what he always sounds like. Unless…..KEITH GET IN HERE HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN FLIRTING WITH ME FOR?”

2) Matt gently talks Shiro out of panic attacks. Matt builds an alarm system between their rooms so that Shiro could push a panic button that would go off in Matt’s room whenever he needed him.

3) Matt and Shiro exclusively praise each other behind each other’s backs, but jokingly insult each other face to face.

4) Within seconds of arriving on the ship, Matt witnesses Klance bickering, and just grabs Shiro aside like, “You fucking loser, you’ve been here for weeks and you haven’t gotten them together yet,” and then promptly locks Klance in a closet.

5) FACEDOWN OF THE GAYS. Matt and Shiro vs Klance, trying to prove their status as Alpha Gay Couple™️. Klance is set to win but their plan is ruined due to excessive bickering.

5.5) It eventually gets so bad that they’re literally having a contest at the dining table to see who can make out for longer, and Allura just gets so fed up and knocks them all out with a baseball bat. And then Pidge hits Matt over the head for good measure.

6) Matt and Pidge is everyone’s worst nightmare. Especially Shiro. Lance’s daily bullshit has NOTHING on what the Holt siblings are capable of. The entire rest of the series basically consists of Shiro just being exasperated and cleaning up after their messes and trying to prevent innocent random planets from blowing up every three seconds.

7) Matt and Shiro are now both the dads of the ship. Pidge is the rambunctious crafty child who sneaks off every three minutes and manages to almost blow up distant galaxies before the Space Dads™️ can catch her. Shiro tries to stop her. Matt sneaks her a couple of extra wires. Hunk is the good little child who likes baking cookies for everyone. Shiro makes Hunk save some of the cookies he made for the next day. Matt sneaks some off the top shelf for him. Lance and Keith are the twins who will not stop trying to murder eachother. Shiro is fed up with them. Matt tells Lance that Keith stole his face masks.

8) MATT AND SHIRO: THE REUNION. Okay, but imagine if Shiro is back in Galra prison at the start of Season Three and Matt is with some kind of anti-Galra organization, kinda like the Blade of Marmora. Matt’s on a misson to steal some stuff from a Galra ship and he sees Shiro and’s like, “Dude. How have you not escaped prison yet? You’re such a fucking loser. Also what the fuck is up with your hair? Like, did only the front half of your head turn 70 or something?” And Shiro’s just like, “Huh, that’s exactly what Pidge said you’d say.” “Who the hell’s Pidge?” “Oh, sorry, Katie.” “Dude. She’s at least 5 years younger than you. Don’t hit on my freaking sister……wait where the hell’d you see her???”

9) Shiro’s gone, which means that the next two obvious choices for leader are Keith and Allura. Allura knows Shiro wanted it to be Keith, so she argues that it should be him. Keith doesn’t want to be leader, and tries to insist that she should lead instead. Then Lance pops up out of nowhere like, “I’LL BE LEADER!” And Keith is instantly like, “Yeah no. Changed my mind, I’ll do it. Case closed. Lance, fuck off.” And then when Keith leaves the room Lance grins and is like “Knew that’d do it.”

10) Matt is a huge prankster. Allura and Coran aren’t familiar with the concept of “pranking.” Matt can’t prank Pidge, she’s always a step ahead of him. Shiro gets exasperated. Matt can’t bring himself to prank Hunk. Keith tries to throw his sword at Matt. Lance legit chases Matt around the ship, threatening murder. Allura and Coran don’t really get it, but find it amusing nonetheless. On April Fools Day, Matt and Pidge wake up at four in the morning to start setting up. Shiro is the only smart one and left the ship the day before to go on his own mini personal mission. He’s still not safe, Matt and Pidge find a way to hack into his lion.

Frat!Mendes: Pt. 1

pls enjoy this 1.5k vacuole of shit that i couldn’t get right but like we just ~rollin with it bc nothin much has happened so far so soz if this is high key boring but like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   what’re ya gonna do #amirite ps thx to my bitch ass friend lucinda for helping talk me thru this shit even tho she hates me and i hate her milk baggin’ ass okay i’m done with my soliloquy happy reading don’t fall asleep. 

You walk into your first Gen Chem II lecture of the semester with the same anxious feelings that you always have. Where are you gonna sit? Is anyone gonna talk to you? What if you don’t understand any of the material and your professor calls on you?

You take a deep breath and seat yourself in the dead center of the lecture hall, hoping to just blend right into the crowd like usual. You get out your notebook, calculator and a pencil, and you throw your hair into a bun to get ready to focus on the notes. You’re relatively early to the class, but the professor seems to be in a rush to get started, so she begins her lecture ahead of schedule.

Halfway into introducing herself to your class, the auditorium doors swing open and a group of 4 boys stumble into the room, pushing one another in and laughing rather obnoxiously. The class goes dead silent as the teacher abruptly stops her monologue and darts her gaze directly at the group of boys.

“Unless you clowns have a circus act prepared to show the class, I suggest you find your seats, and quietly please.” The professor snaps at them, causing the boys to chuckle guiltily, elbowing each other and pushing one another up the steps to one of the higher rows in the hall.

You watch as they take a turn down the row in front of the one you’re seated in and start shuffling to the three empty seats directly in front of you. The first two boys make it past you with no problems, but the last boy manages to accidentally knock your calculator off of the table top with his bookbag and you hear it hit the ground causing yet another clatter in the auditorium.

The boy bends down and picks up your calculator, placing it on top of your readied notebook. “Sorry ‘bout that, hun.” He says to you with a wink and a flashy smile, before sitting in the chair right in front of you. For the entire class period, you catch yourself doing nothing but staring at the backside of this boy, noticing everything from the slight curls in his hair, to the tightness of his shirt, to the greek letters on his back: ΔΣΦ.

No wonder they’re asshats, you think to yourself, They’re frat boys.

You slump into your seat, trying to ignore the fact that the boy sitting in front of you is arguably one of the most attractive guys you’ve ever come across. He’s a frat boy. Never in a million years would you ever get involved with a frat boy.


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Rain - Akira Kurusu x Fem!Reader

On a rainy day, Akira tilted his head towards the window, admiring the gentle splatters of water upon the school window, drowning out the sounds of the lecture as he closed his dark eyes to the sound of rain, a wave of serenity rushing over his body as the calm atmosphere drew a veil over his eyes, the stress of school, the Metaverse, and his probation all fading away in this moment of peace. He couldn’t care less about anything at this point in time, relishing in the few minutes of peace within his mind as he listened to the white noise that cluttered inside his head. His hand held his head up as he stared outside the window, gently playing with his ebony locks. His other hand had the dull pencil in its grasp, the tip gently skating across his notes in patterns that he remembered from the metaverse and the grand palaces that he and the Phantom Thieves had come across during their time in the alternate dimension. The corner of Akira’s lips perked up in a soft smile, his face relaxed as his mind wandered to what he thought of the world and all of it’s imperfections and corruptions: where he and his confidants would change the selfish cognitions of others to make the world a better place, even if that is only miniscule compared to the massive amounts of corruption that the world held.

He let a breath of air escape from his mouth as his phone buzzed in his pocket, reaching for it to check who had sent a text. Akira’s mind instantly flipped to Ryuji, the ‘bonehead’ of the group who made it a bad habit to text during class. ‘That’s probably also a reason that everyone thinks he’s a delinquent…’, though he was pleasantly surprised to see it was an old friend of his from his hometown, the single thing he missed about that hell of a place. Akira’s glasses began to slide off his nose and he swiftly put them on the desk as his eyes scanned the message he had gotten. Remembering that she had come with the school on a trip to Tokyo, she seemed to be stuck indoors due to the rain, though compared to him, extremely bored. A common side effect when stuck with people you don’t care about and with nothing to do. ‘Dude, entertain me before I die of boredom!’ Akira fought back a chuckle at his friend’s text lest he get caught by the irritable teacher that yapped on and on about something or other.

‘If you’re so bored, why don’t you act like a good student and do you work while you’re free now?’ Akira’s finger’s flew on the screen, typing the snarky words his companion surely expected, as his quiet demeanor shook and fell to his cocky and arrogant one only for a few people; the ones that come inside the Metaverse with him, and her.

Akira bit his lip as the next message came quickly. ‘Like you’re one to talk! Er… text. Anyways, don’t act so cocky and just tell me how your life has been. Gotten into any trouble recently? I hope not. You’re still on probation! If you go to jail I will personally kick your ass into oblivion.’

Akira looked up from his phone and shifted his gaze to the teacher who had his back towards the students. He saw the combined alphabets as the teacher droned on and on about the different expressions in language, a topic they had covered before where Akira had figured out the meaning behind “wunderkind”. He turned back to his phone, seeing his cat companion asleep inside his desk, probably from the rain, and texted back as discreetly as he could. ‘I’d rather meet up and talk than have you “kick my ass into oblivion”, especially since you’re here for a weekend.’

‘Oh, so now you want me to act like a bad student and leave the class trip? Sounds fun. Where do we meet up?’ Her text was like a taunt, but he could almost feel the smile from the other side of the monitor. ‘And let me know when you want to go so I can sneak out.’

Akira scrolled through his notes and copied the address of the cafe he currently resides at, pasting it into their chat. ‘I have lunch in about three minutes. I’ll skip afternoon classes. Meet me there asap.’

He watched as the chat bubble indicating she were typing paused for a moment before reappearing as a text speech. ‘I’ll be there. Don’t be an ass and make me wait long; I don’t have an umbrella.’


The lunch bell rang loudly, cutting the teacher’s words short as students scrambled to leave with their lunches and immediately grouping with their friends. Akira stood up quickly, shoving an irritated Morgana into his bag, waved to Ann - a fellow Phantom Thief, and rushed out of the classroom to make his way outside of the school with the back entrance that he knows with the help of his third eye that no teacher was monitoring.

Morgana meowed lowly, poking his head out from inside the bag. “Where are we going? Are you going to skip class?” He asked with obvious annoyance.

Akira nodded, pushing the cat’s head back into his bag. “I’m meeting a friend. She won’t be here long.” He explained, sneaking into the subway station whilst hiding the uniform he wore as best he could to be discreet among the crowd.

The ride along the subway was not as crowded as it usually is when he is headed to school or back from it. Akira stood anxiously by the door, dashing out as they slid open for people to exit, not letting anyone have a chance to stop him if that was their plan. He couldn’t get caught; it would cause too much of a pain on everyone’s shoulders.

It continued to rain as Akira dashed through the empty streets next to his current residence, eyes frantically peering through his rain-streaked glasses, trying to spot the familiar hair and body of his friend. He ran under the many covers the shops had, thankful that they blocked a lot of the rain from getting to Morgana at least. He had forgotten his classic black umbrella at the cafe, leaving him partially soaked, even with the double layer of clothing and the covers he ran under. The water seemed to have soaked through his uniform jacket and onto the white long sleeve turtleneck underneath, chilling his skin uncomfortably.

Akira frowned as he stood in front of Cafe Leblanc, mindful not to let his guardian Sojiro see him. Otherwise, Akira might literally die. He peered in the window and saw the glowing figure of his friend under the fluorescent lighting, the same rain that stuck to her school uniform and accentuated her curves made her hair glitter in the light and his eyes wander over her as if she were a goddess that came to save him from the hell of his life.

Reluctantly, Akira tore his gaze away from his old friend, setting his bag down and gently taking Morgana out of his bag. “Stay here. Sojiro likes you. Just meow and he’ll come for you.” He instructed and left no room for the cat to object before he took his phone out and dialed his dear friend. ‘Come outside and make sure he doesn’t suspect you. I’ll take you somewhere nice.’ Akira slid away from the cafe, standing next to the alleyway with his arms crossed and a foot on the wall he leaned on, acting very intimidating yet mysteriously charming, a tip he had picked up from a book he finished while on the train.

He waited less than a minute, though the stray sprinkles of water did not keep him very good company, before he saw her emerge from the small cafe. Her eyes seemed to spot him immediately and she skipped over to him, careful to dodge the water that dropped from the heavens. She was completely soaked, Akira could tell, from the way her hair clung to her face and neck and the sleek gray that shimmed with water. He watched as she ran towards him, flinging herself onto the male and getting him even wetter than he was previously. “[Name]-” He objected, hands on her arms to try and pull her off him. “You’re soaked.”

“It’s revenge for making me wait, you jerk!” She exclaimed, slapping his arm with a glare that he knew was only half-serious. She paused for a minute, cheeks a dull pink as she stood under the cover of the alley, next to him. Akira smiled, watching her silently. He noticed the faint traces of makeup around her eyes, likely waterproof, that somehow made her shining eyes even more vibrant. He noticed that in the long months of having little contact with his childhood friend, how greatly he came to appreciate her, from her jokes to the appearance that made him sway in his shoes.

Akira pushed his dripping raven hair back and took his glasses off for a moment before deeming that he couldn’t wipe his glasses on his own wet clothes. He turned to [Name] who looked at him with a questioning gaze before pulling on the bottom of her shirt and wiping his glasses off, much to her discontent. “Thanks,” He said, pushing his thick-rimmed glasses onto his nose, finally relieved from the irritating drops of water that would blur his vision.

“Anyways,” [Name] cleared her throat, fixing her school shirt with an obvious blush that did not escape the eye of Akira. “Where are we goin-?” She asked, stomach interrupting at the last minute and rumbling loudly against the constant pattering of rain.

Akira sighed softly as [Name] hid her flushed face within her palms, embarrassed at being caught hungry. “Food, I guess. Seems like we both haven’t had lunch.”

“I’ll pay for it!” [Name] immediately declared with her mouth agape, stopping Akira from saying anything. He was well aware of her hard-headed nature and her stubbornness after years of arguments and debates, so he didn’t even bother to say anything in retaliation, lest they attract the attention of stray passersby that would likely notice their young age and uniforms and get them into trouble.


The timid persona Akira put on when not in the Metaverse was slightly swayed as [Name] and he walked side by side, hips practically glued together, just like old times. Akira’s arm was around [Name]’s shoulders, despite her on-and-off complaints of embarrassment, he felt her lean against him, especially as the wolfish gazes of deprived men on break from tedious office work bore into the soaked students. They soon arrived in front of the nearly empty ramen shop, thankful that the rush hour for lunch was over.

Akira lead them inside and they sat at the far corner of the counter, soft spoken and discreet as to not rile up any staggering customers from their lunch. [Name] looked at the menu with a frown, her pale fingers tapping the plastic covered menu and abruptly stopped when the old cook smiled their way and asked for their order. Akira was first to reply, having a house special he always gets. [Name] stuttered a bit but requested the same, still having not made up her mind by that point and didn’t wish to bother the old cook by taking up more time.

“Just like old times, huh?” Akira mused with a small smile, happy the memories he made with her in his hometown were good, unlike the ones with his neglectful parents (who are the absolute worst™).

[Name] took a sip from her cold glass of water, shaking her head. “Not really,” She replied with a hum before flashing Akira a devious smile. “You would always follow my lead back then.” She leaned back in the high chair, admiring Akira’s profile with a side glance. He reminded her of someone on television recently, and she could feel it on the tip of her tongue; but who?

The gentle rain was good company as Akira and [Name] silently ate their matching bowls of ramen, [Name] glanced up at the news playing on the television attached to the wall. It talked about the controversy behind the Phantom Thieves and whether their actions should be considered criminal or not. [Name] paused herself from eating, staring at the screen and seeing a blurry photo of the leader of the thieves, hardly recognizable by any standards, though [Name]’s heart seemed to pull inwards at the sight of Phantom.

“Did you take an interest in the Phantom Thieves?” Akira asked, drawing [Name]’s attention back to him. “They’ve become really popular lately; I admire them.”

[Name] stared at Akira, her brain slowly connecting the dots. “Yeah..” She mumbled, returning back to her meal while pushing that thought behind her for now, leading a nice conversation that caught their lives up with each other - most of it, at least.


Leaving the ramen shop a good thirty minutes later, the air damp and cold but only light drizzles falling from the sky, Chikai leaned against Akira for support as she scrolled through on her iPhone, something he couldn’t see with his angle of vision, as they walked through the now crowded streets. By this time, school was out, so there was no need to worry about Sojiro getting upset about Akira being home early, and they mutually agreed to go back to Akira’s place and chill there until it was time for [Name] to go back to the hotel.

“You alright?” Akira mumbled, his concerned eyes peering down at [Name]’s troubled face.

[Name] shook her head and gave Akira a smile, putting her phone away. “I’m fine. We’re almost there, right?”

“Yeah,” Akira confirmed, his grip on her faltering. “If Sojiro asks anything, don’t tell him about me cutting class. Otherwise I might be homeless for a good year.” He asked, hand rubbing [Name]’s head and messing up her damp hair.

[Name] rolled her eyes and huffed, fixing her hair the best she could. “Of course. I can’t have you being alone in Tokyo.”


Akira opened the door for [Name], as she slipped inside, greeted with Sojiro’s amusement at the sight of a previous customer and the one who was staying with him. “You two know each other?” The middle aged man asked, leaning against the counter. “Nice to see you again, though. I’m not going to question why you two are together, but don’t disrupt my customers.”

[Name] nodded, bowing her head politely to Sojiro. “We’ll be in his room. Thank you, though.”

Sojiro seemed surprised at the bold declaration. He turned towards Akira with a stern gaze. Before he could open his mouth Akira stepped in to save his own ears.

“She’s a childhood friend that came to visit. Nothing weird.” He explained, telling the truth. Even so, Akira did not wait for the man’s reply and simply ushered [Name] up the steps to his room where Morgana nearly attacked both Akira and [Name], his claws out and a deathly glare in his eyes.

Morgana calmed down quickly though, seeing [Name]. He moved his head from [Name] to Akira and back to [Name]. “Did you skip school to pick up a chick?” Akira sighed, shaking his head.

[Name] kneeled down and gently pet Morgana’s head, not knowing he was quite different than the normal cat. “He’s very handsome. When’d you get him? No, actually, why didn’t you tell me you had a cat?” [Name] said, a threatening tone underneath the gentle touches to Morgana’s head.

Akira rubbed the back of his neck, shrugging. “Forgot,”

“Mmhmm, sure.” [Name] sang, standing back up and throwing Akira a knowing glance. He placed a white, fluffy towel on her head and handed her a large shirt and some sweat pants. “Oh, uh..”

“You’ll get sick if you stay wet. I’ll go to the bathroom. Let me know when you’re done.” Akira said, walking out of the room. [Name] followed close behind and locked the door, looking at Morgana.

“Could you..” [Name] mumbled, hoping the cat would understand. By some miracle, it seemed he did, and turned around, tail swishing side to side. “Thanks.” She said, replacing her wet clothes with the warm baggy ones that luckily had strings on them to make it fit on her waist. “Akiraaaaaaaa,” [Name] said, unlocking the door to suddenly meet extremely close to the teen, noses practically touching. Her face burst into an array of red as she stumbled back, nervously laughing. She couldn’t deny the fact that Akira was very pretty and perhaps the fact that they’ve known each other for years added onto the small tiny crush that she had.

“Woah, don’t fall!” Akira said, hand reaching out to steady [Name]. “You didn’t get sick already, did you?” He asked with a teasing tone laced in his words. “Or.. are you that happy to see me?” He asked, flirtatious nature appearing again.

[Name] slapped Akira’s arm and glared at him. She was well aware that Akira was the kind of person that could go from being considerate to extremely flirtatious, no matter the gender or appearance. “Save that for your girlfriend.” [Name] said, walking over and hopping on a chair in front of the television, desperately ignoring the sting in her chest from the words that rolled off her tongue.

Akira stared at [Name] for a moment as she said that but quickly shook it off of him. He sat in the other chair, bringing out a controller and offering it to [Name], who refused and said she would rather watch Akira get beat up by the AIs. “Don’t feel like it.” Akira replied, setting the controller back. “What do you want to do then? We have a few hours before the day is over.”

“Just put in a DVD or something.” [Name] said, leaning back in the chair and continued to pet the cozy Morgana who was clearly enjoying the affection. “Can we move the couch over here? These chairs aren’t the most comfortable.”

Both Akria and [Name] got up (while [Name] placed Morgana on the chair and gently moved it, with Akira ignoring the complaints that Morgana spilled that [Name] couldn’t understand aside from the low meows that boosted the irritation. [Name] giggled softly, seeing the exchange of glares between Akira and Morgana. “Hey, I’ll start getting jealous if you keep glaring at your cat like that.” She said, grabbing one side of the couch and grunting, pulling it as hard as she could.

Akira joined [Name] after watching her struggle for a minute, his strength adding to the swiftness of pulling the heavy couch. The floor creaked with despair as the weight of the couch shifted, but it wasn’t anything serious so they ignored the dying creak. Akira was the first to sit down, stretching his arms out and letting a yawn fall off his lips. [Name] subsequently jumped on top of him, knocking the breath out of his chest as she scooted to lay her head on his lap.

“I remember when you were always the one cuddling up to me,” [Name] mumbled, looking at the television that began playing a lighthearted movie. “I miss being able to do this.” She admitted.

“It’s only been a few months,” Akira said, his hand naturally going to her hair and gently stroking it.

[Name] looked up at Akira and frowned. “And a lot has changed.” She paused, opening her mouth for a moment before closing it and shifting her gaze as her smile faltered. “Were you ever going to tell me you were the leader of the Phantom Thieves?” [Name] asked softly, looking up at Akira with serious eyes.

His hand reflexively moved over and covered her mouth, a flash of panic in his eyes before he realized she hadn’t said it loud enough for anyone but him and Morgana (whose hearing surpassed humans) to understand. Akira hissed softly as [Name] licked his hand, a method she adopted after Akira covered her mouth on multiple occasions in their young life. He slowly removed his hands from her mouth and wiped his hands on the shirt he gave her. “What was I supposed to say? Besides, I couldn’t tell you over the phone; if the police suspected me they could use that and you and evidence in the court. I wasn’t expecting you to find out anyways. I didn’t want to drag you into my mess.”

[Name] shifted her eyes, sighing softly as she pinched Akira’s nose out of annoyance and her heavy heart. “I know, I know.” She sighed, putting her hands on her face. “I don’t know. I’m… I just…” [Name] let the breath she held go. “I guess I’m a mess of a bunch of feelings. I’m upset and jealous and angry and happy and proud and-” [Name]’s lips quivered as she sat up, engulfing Akira in a tight hug. “Scared. If something happens to you I..”

Akira’s arms wrapped around [Name] as he laughed softly. “You’re still a worry-wart.” He smiled, letting his forehead fall onto [Name]’s hair.

“Don’t ruin this for me, jerkwad.” The female grumbled. “Let me just hang out with you, as my cherished… best friend.” [Name] shuddered, shaking her head. “That sounded way too cheesy and I want to barf.”

Akira playfully pushed [Name] away. “Please don’t barf on me.”

“You’re the only person that should be barfed on, Mister Oh-So-Great Phantom Thief!” 


[Name] frowned as she looked at the building across the street where her class trip was. Her dried uniform was back on her body and her appearance much nicer than it was when she broke down in her best friend’s room. She sighed softly and shook her head. “Over already, huh.” She looked over at the casually-dressed Akira, smiling sadly. “I won’t see you for another few months, it seems like.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll come back for you. Maybe then you could join us.” Akira said, pushing his dark glasses up his nose.

[Name] laughed and nodded. “I hope that’s a promise,” She said, nudging Akira. “Hey, I wanted to give you something before I go.” [Name] said, rummaging through her purse and pulling out a keychain that Akira gave her when they were very young.

“Is that-?’

“Yeah. I want you to have it. Not forever, of course. As a good luck charm. You have to bring it back to me though. That way you can’t break your promise.”

Akira accepted the token and carefully attached it to his belt hoop, amazed at how nice it looked even after all these years. “Alright, alright, I get it.” He said. “You should get going before you get in even more trouble.” He said, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

[Name] nodded and stepped in front of Akira. “One more thing before you decide not to call or text me for another seven months,” She said, forcefully pulling Akira down to her smaller heigh by his shirt collar and pressing her lips to his only for a moment before pulling away when she felt his hands move to her body. She ran across the street, turning around only to holler at him to not do anything stupid and that she was waiting for her keychain back before running and climbing into the window to her room with her few friends at school.


Akira stared for a few moments to the spot where [Name] had fled to in a fit of embarrassment. His fingers ghosted over his lips, the shocked expression shifting to a smirk not unlike those his Joker persona would wear. “That was a nice good luck charm,” He mumbled to himself, his legs dragging him back home before Sojiro killed him.

He dropped onto his bed, phone in front of his face as he looked at the chatroom with his best friend that they started in the morning. His fingers flew on the touchscreen and typed out a simple phrase before shutting it off and placing it to charge on his bedside. Morgana glanced at Akira and hopped on his bed, resting on his chest and pawing at his chin. “Hey, so, that friend of yours… are you sure we can trust her?”

“I’d trust her with my life. And if I know her like I do, she’ll probably encourage others in our hometown to support us and to help out each other.” He said, closing his eyes.

“Alright then Joker, but, don’t forget our mission here.”

“I won’t forget. We’re a team.”

“Good, now go to sleep.” Morgana ordered, curling up on Akira, forcing him to stay down.


“Where did you go?” One of [Name]’s roommates asked, tilting her head as she sat on the foot of the traditional futon, peering directly at the flustered girl.

[Name] laughed nervously and rubbed the back of her neck. “Akira lives here now, so I saw him.”

“Really?” A few girls gasped, jaws agape as they pressured [Name] for more detail as to how he was and such, raving for new gossip.

“Guys, I’m getting tired, and the teachers are going to check in on us soon.” [Name] exclaimed, calming the excited girls with a lie. “So goodnight!” [Name] said, pulling the covers over her head and attempting to calm her beating heart as the other girls in the room slowly calmed down and one by one fell asleep.

[Name] lazily scrolled through her phone, unable to sleep after she did such a thing to Akira, her head buzzing with thoughts and screams of her idiocy until a notification popped up, alerting her to the new message. She held her breath and opened it, expecting the worst, but only seeing a strange message from Akira.

‘Check your bag. Sleep well.’

[Name] shifted in her futon, reaching over to her small purse and rummaging through the contents in there, not finding anything out of the ordinary. Floss, a few pens, lip gloss, some normal sanitary products. Her fingers opened up the zipper on the side, expecting to find nothing like the other pockets but to her surprise, a blindingly red card stood out against the dull jean-colored purse.

She took the card out, admiring the business-like texture and the professional quality of the signature logo of the phantom thieves, a brand that had been popping up to an ungodly amount on the news and other media. [Name] flipped the card around, using her phone as a light to read the card.

I’ll steal your heart before the end of the year, and that’s a promise.

The distinct change in style from the calling cards of the Phantom Thieves’ previous victims are blatantly clear in this red card, as it seemed to be made specifically by Akira. A blush returned to [Name]’s cheeks as she stuffed the card inside a pocket very well hidden inside the bag, shaking her head at his cheesiness that nearly rivalled hers. Unable to control the butterflies in her stomach, [Name] furiously texted teen back before falling asleep to memories and dreams.

‘Don’t keep me waiting, idiot.’

Valentine’s Day/Robbie Kay Smut

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Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS* I know this is Peter Pan but just pretend because It fits.

(Happy Valentines Day! Enjoy!❤️)
“Sweetheart? I’m home.” I heard my boyfriend of three years call out. 

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I Hate You, I Love You (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you write some angsty smut with Peter pls? Like something with him and the reader being in some complicated relationship.

Warnings: Duhh smut and swearing

Word Count: 1,596


Finally I’m back with the Peter imagines and surprisingly on an exam week?? Anyways I haven’t written smut in a while so just a heads up. Plus I changed the request a bit, reader and Peter are hating each other while secretly in love cliché you know lol :D

The crowded cafeteria was filled with teenagers’ loud noises and the sound coming from the plates hitting the trays.

Peter Parker put his earbuds on and started playing his study playlist. Of course the cafeteria was the worst place to listen to music and study but Peter had no choice since he was quite running out of time to catch up on his studies lately. The reason why Peter was so distant from school was obvious, his secret little night job, being Spiderman.

At the same moment, five girls were passing by Peter’s table. The five people Peter disliked very much. The reason he disliked them was obvious, they were insanely rude. Peter didn’t really care about people from his school, only his few friends. However there was something about these kind of people that irritated people so much.

He tried to ignore them by focusing on the math equations in front of him. Unfortunately, through his earbuds, he could hear their cold laughs. He chewed his pencil, still trying to ignore them.

He sighed heavily when he felt that they were gone. However, Peyer was wrong. Now, they were all staring at him from the front table, chuckling loudly. He felt his cheeks burning up. He didn’t actually know why he got this nervous in front of these girls. Bullies were not something new to him, he didn’t care about them at all, in fact recently he had been standing up against them. But there was something about these girls.

“Peter Parker?”


“I assigned you with Mrs. Y/L/N for the project.”

Peter gulped. He wanted to refuse, he didn’t want to talk one of the five people he hated the most but he just couldn’t. Deep down something stopped him and he didn’t have a single clue about what it was.

The bell rang and Peter tried to gather his things up as fast as he could. He was clearly trying to run away from Y/N, though he failed. “Peter!”

He tried to ignore her, still clumsily stuffing his books into his bag. “Hey?” Y/N got closer and waved her hands in front of his face. Peter felt his cheeks burning up, he clenched his fist: “What do you want?” He asked in the rudest way possible.

“Wow? Okay? I was just going to ask you if you were free tonight. You know we have to finish this project as soon as we can?” Y/N asked, clearly hurt by the sudden action o Peter. Peter thought for a second, he knew Y/N was right. He shrugged: “Yeah okay, we can study at my place I guess. I just want this damn project to be over that’s it.” He started walking without waiting for Y/N to respond, leaving her standing in the middle of the empty class, speechless.

It had been only an hour since they started the project but it felt like ages to Y/N. The awkward silence was killing her and she still didn’t have a single clue about why Peter was so rude to her. She tried to remember what she had done to him, but she just couldn’t think of anything. She sighed heavily for the tenth time probably in the last three minutes, still not getting the attention of Peter. She was actually pissed off at him though; she wanted to learn the reason before going all mad.

“Okay, it’s enough Parker,” she loudly closed the book, causing poor focused Peter to jump on his seat. “What the hell!” Peter shouted, his heart bumping faster than usual. “I’m sorry? I’m the one who’s supposed to ask that question! What the hell did I do to you Parker? Or is the rudeness coming naturally from birth?” Y/N asked, trying to keep her tone low but ailing. Peter raised his eyebrows, shocked at the question. “Oh my god! I can’t believe you!” He laughed, clearly furious about what was going on.

Now, Y/N was confused than ever. “Are you stupid or something? I just asked you a damn question, you are supposed to answer it Peter! Not leaving me with more of them!” Now Y/N’S voice was higher, in fact she was shouting at him. “Oh! So you really don’t know what the hell had been going on for four years!”

Y/N threw her hands in the air: “Yes! I fucking don’t! Are you going to tell me or should I just leave because you clearly don’t have a solid response for me!” Y/N’S face was getting redder out of anger second by second.

“You made my damn high school life a hell! A literal HELL! With your annoying friends!”

Y/N stared into Peter’s eyes which were darker than usual. The boy who she had been standing up for was blaming her for a thing she hadn’t done. “I didn’t do anything to you,” Y/N whispered. “Yeah sure! We all need to treat you as a queen right? The things you had done are just a bunch of normal things?” Peter asked, still shouting. Y/N shook her head slowly, and chuckled out of anger. “You really are dumb. I’M leaving, just do the a-half and I will do the other we can finish it other time.” Y/N said while gathering up her things. Peter didn’t move and stared outside his windows.

As the weeks passed, Y/N and Peter continued their work in complete silence. They hated each other more than they did before as each day passed. However, both didn’t realize how they were bonded to each other. Or at least Peter did have somethings in his heart for her.

Music was blasting off, sending ecstatic feelings to the seniors who were just enjoying leaving the stress of the exams for just a couple of hours. The apartment was full of people dancing, making out, doing the stupidest things alcohol was causing but none of them was caring. It was the night when they were feeling free.

Peter didn’t intend to go there at the first place but feelings inside him he hated to admit, made him. He took a sip from his beer, enjoying the burning feeling he had on his throat. He wasn’t drunk though he was feeling tipsy. He had been there for two hours just watching people and doing nothing. His eyes searched the place multiple times but couldn’t just find                 Y/N. He actually wanted to make things up with her since; he knew deep down, the only reason why he was obsessed with her was just the love he was feeling. His heart was aching because he didn’t even know what the hell the relationship between them was all about to her.

Peter started wandering around the apartment, not even knowing whose apartment that was. He decided to search the rooms for the last time, if he couldn’t find her, he was going to leave the house and stop thinking about her forever.

He opened the first door he found, regretting his decision the second he saw the scene in front of him. He decided to leave before they saw him but probably with the help of alcohol he shouted: “C-can we talk?”

Y/N and the guy jumped by the sound of a stranger in the room. “What the hell are you doing Peter?!” Y/N yelled. “I said, can we talk?” Peter asked again, scratching the back of his neck, actually waiting for a legit answer. “Get out Peter,” Y/N sighed.

“I just want to talk!” Peter yelled this time scaring the two other. He felt his eyes burning up, his vision got blurry by the tears. “I’m leaving,” the guy threw his hands up in the air, leaving a shirtless Y/N and a crying Peter in the middle of the room alone.

“Are you aware of how ridiculous you are being right now?” Y/N yelled and threw his hands up. Peter shook his head, his eyes were dark now. “Will you stop yelling at me and just listen for a damn second?!” He yelled back, ironically. He managed to hold his tears back, now he was just full with anger and jealousy.

“Just tell me what the fuck you want from me and get the hell out of my life because you are just-“

Peter cut her off by smashing his lips at hers. He broke the kiss and whispered:” I want you.” Now Peter was someone different than he usually was, the feelings that had been aching him for a while were out finally.

“What the hell,” Y/N whispered, not really stopping Peter at all. Peter locked their lips once again and grabbed Y/N’S legs up to wrap them around his belly. He roamed his hands on the sides of her legs, making her moan into the kiss.

Peter finally grabbed her from her hips and carried her to the bed while sucking on her neck.

“Do you have any idea how much I waited to do this?” Peter gasped, quickly unbuttoning her pants. He grabbed her both hands in his one hand and roamed her body with his other. He started kissing her collarbone and slowly got downwards while mumbling: “Do you have any idea how I wanted to be that guy the second I saw him all over you?”

Peter’s pants were finally off, leaving a relieved Y/N who had been waiting for ages them to be off. Peter whispered how much he had wanted her since the beginning while Y/N was a moan mess under him. This was a sight of Peter no one knew about, even himself.

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Weekly Update.
  • Sherlock: *Paces around the room.* Molly, my parents are coming over to the flat today.
  • Molly: *Looks up from book.* I'll get out of your hair. I am sure I can find something to do at the morgue.
  • Sherlock: No, I didn't want you to leave. I think it is time you met my parents.
  • Molly: What for. We haven't even gone on our first date yet. I can meet them after we know how it goes.
  • Sherlock: I know that the date will be spectacular. Will you just meet them?
  • Molly: Fine. But I must get dresses before they come. I will go home and get dressed in something more presentable. You better clean up this mess before they come.
  • Sherlock: I am on it. They will be here in two hours, so please hurry. I want you here when they come. *Gets up.*
  • Molly: I will. *Gets up, grabs coat and heads home to shower.*
  • Molly: I am sorry I took so long. *Walks through door, hanging up coat.*
  • Sherlock: It is fine. I had time to clean. *Walks out of kitchen.*
  • Molly: I never thought this place could look so clean. *Looks around.*
  • Sherlock: I had help.
  • Molly: From who?
  • John: Hello Molly. I must be the help he is talking about, even though I did it all.
  • Molly: Somehow I knew you couldn't do it all on your own.
  • Sherlock: I would take offence to that, but I have to get ready.
  • Molly: Aren't you ready?
  • Sherlock: It's my parents. I must be extra clean for them.
  • Molly: I feel under dressed know.
  • Sherlock: You look amazing. *Kisses her on the cheek.* John you should go home now. Your babysitter is charging more than they should. *Walks out of the room.*
  • Molly: Thanks again for helping with the flat. It looks great.
  • John: Thank you. I really must be going though. *Grabs coat and heads out.*
  • Sherlock: *Walks out with wet hair.* Can you help me with my tie? It looks better when others do it for me.
  • Molly: Yeah sure. *Stands up, and walks to him.* I think you do your ties nicely.
  • Sherlock: Thanks, but my mother always fixes it.
  • Molly: She might fix this one too. *Finishes tying it.* How's it look?
  • Sherlock: Looks amazing... Thank you.
  • Molly: Thank you.
  • Mrs. Holmes: SHERLOCK!
  • Sherlock: UP HERE!
  • Molly: Wow what an impression.
  • Sherlock: It always happens.
  • Mrs. Holmes: There you are Sherlock. Who is this lovely lady?
  • Molly: I am Molly Hopper. A good friend of your son's.
  • Sherlock: *Mumbles* A little more than a 'good friend.'
  • Mrs. Holmes: It is nice to meet you.
  • Molly: It is nice to meet you.
  • Mr. Holmes: There you are Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: Hello.
  • Mycroft: Sherlock, talk to mother. She thinks it dangerous to ride in a plane.
  • Sherlock: If it's your plane, it is.
  • Mycroft: *Mad whispers.* If you don't talk to her, no more free rides.
  • Sherlock: Mum, a plane it the best way to fly.
  • Mr. Holmes: *Looking at Molly.* Who is this.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Sherlock's friend.
  • Sherlock: Molly.
  • Mr. Holmes: Nice to meet you dear.
  • Molly: It is nice to meet you too.
  • Sherlock: I have made reservations for a new restaurant. We must be going or we will be late.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *To Molly.* He has always been like that.
  • Molly: Oh, I know.
  • Sherlock: ARE YOU COMING!?
  • Mrs. Holmes: Be there in a few.
  • Sherlock: Well then hurry up.
  • Molly: *Walks down the stairs.*
  • Mycroft: So did you get this reservation from one of your 'cases?'
  • Sherlock: Yes, I did. *Pulling Molly's coat on her.*
  • Molly: *To Sherlock.* Thank you.
  • Sherlock: We must go.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *Stares in shock.*
  • Mycroft: *Whispers to his mum and dad.* Are we not going to talk about that?
  • Sherlock: What is there to talk about? I did the case. He owes me a favor. Nothing to it.
  • Sherlock: *Pulls out chair for Molly.* Everything is free here, so get what you want.
  • Molly: Thank you.
  • Mrs. Holmes: *To Mr. Holmes.* Well I never thought I would see the day.
  • Mr. Holmes: *Back to Mrs. Holmes.* She must be something.
  • Mrs. Holmes: I think you are right.
  • Sherlock: Who is right?
  • Mrs. Holmes: No one dear.
  • Mycroft: So sence no one else seems to be asking it... Are you two dating?
  • Sherlock: We haven't gone on an official date, but yes.
  • Molly: *Blushes.*
  • Mr. Holmes: You are the first girl out of both these boys that we have got to meet.
  • Mrs. Holmes: It is so nice to know Sherlock found someone.
  • Molly: Thanks.
  • Sherlock: I think we better order now.
  • Mycroft: Changing the subject like always, little brother.
  • Sherlock: I am not hiding anything.
  • Mycroft: Yes you are.
  • Sherlock: No. I. Am . Not.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Stop bickering.
  • Waiter: What can I get you. *They all order there food.*
  • Mrs. Holmes: I want to know more about Molly.
  • Molly: There is not much to know about me.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Of course there is. Like tell us where you work.
  • Molly: I work at a morgue.
  • Mr. Holmes: Now I know how you two met.
  • Sherlock: We actually went to the same collage. Before I dropped out.
  • Molly: We were biology partners.
  • Mycroft: Sherlock never took biology.
  • Sherlock: Just because I didn't go to language doesn't mean I went home. I joined the class every day.
  • Molly: The teacher was always confused to why you were in her room twice.
  • Sherlock: I don't think I remember her name.
  • Molly: Mrs. Kigaman.
  • Sherlock: That's right.
  • Molly: I think I am going to use the restroom before the food comes.
  • Sherlock: Okay.
  • Molly: *Gets up and leaves.*
  • Sherlock: The food should be coming out in three minutes, if I am correct.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Sherlock, dear. Why have you never told us about Molly?
  • Sherlock: There is not much to tell.
  • Mr. Holmes: There is much to tell. I mean this is the first time any of you boys have even had a girlfriend.
  • Sherlock: She is not my girlfriend.
  • Mrs. Holmes: Then what is she?
  • Sherlock: The girl I am going to marry.
  • Mrs. Holmes: ...
  • Mr. Holmes: ...
  • Mycroft: ...
  • Mrs. Holmes: That is why you asked for grandmother's ring. It wasn't for a silly science experiment.
  • Sherlock: No. I thought I would give it to her soon.
  • Mr. Holmes: Well I am glad I brought it then.
  • Molly: Brought what?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Waiter: Your supper is here.
  • Mycroft: About time.
  • Mr. Holmes: Be nice Mike.
  • Mycroft: That is not that name you gave me. Use the name you gave me for haven sake.
  • Mr. Holmes: Be nice to your mum Mycroft.
  • Sherlock: *To Molly.* I am sorry about this. I mean my family can be a handful sometimes.
  • Molly: It's wouldn't be the Holmes family without it.
  • Sherlock: What is that supposed to mean?
  • Molly: It means I like your family.
  • Sherlock: Good.
  • Mrs. Holmes: What are you two talking about?
  • Sherlock: Nothing.
  • Molly: Well that was the best food I have ever tasted. Thank you for the night out with all of you guys.
  • Mrs.Holmes: Can't you stay any longer?
  • Molly: No I really must get home.
  • Mr. Holmes: Well then it was nice to meet you.
  • Molly: You too.
  • Sherlock: I will see you out then.
  • Molly: *Walks down the stairs.* Thank you again. I had a really nice time.
  • Sherlock: No, thank you.
  • Molly: For what?
  • Sherlock: Spending a whole dinner with my family.
  • Molly: I had a good night.
  • Sherlock: I did too. *Kisses her.*
  • Molly: *In shock.* Wha..What was that for?
  • Sherlock: My why of telling you I want to do this again sometime.
  • Molly: Thank you then.
  • Sherlock: Your welcome.
  • Molly: See you tomorrow Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock: Good bye Molly Hopper.
  • Sorry this took so long. It took a while to write it all. Thanks for reading: )


25 minutes on the spin bike followed by body pump.

Decided to have a little cycle as I haven’t been able to make spin for two weeks and my legs were all like ‘hey, what gives?’. Plus Monday is a bank holiday so that’ll bring it up to three weeks! Boo urns for the class not being on, yay for a bank holiday!

So… body pump seems to be when I overhear all the hot gym gossip and today I heard the worst thing ever…

‘John is leaving, it’s such a shame, everyone really likes his classes’

Originally posted by gifsme

Unless they were talking about a completely different John, he’s by far one of my favourite instructors. Spin is on every morning but I only go on Monday’s because that’s the class he teaches. I am very upset about this, I may never get over it.

I’ve always made my running schedule fit around spin and Thursday’s body pump. This has put a spanner in the works.

Anyway, body pump today was good! The instructor (my 2nd favourite) scrapped all of the latest release except the shoulders and abs tracks. I think everyone was very happy about this, it was a truly awful release. I hope she changes abs next week as well because I hate that one. It doesn’t matter what the shoulder track is, I never enjoy shoulders as I struggle with the lightest weights!! Such a weakling.


college taekai au because they’re such best bro pals and i love them also yesterday was 4/20 and some questionable things happened on campus that inspired me

Taemin feels like he’ll never get the feeling back in his legs again as he shakes them out from where he’s sitting on the couch. He has class in twenty minutes and he can’t move, and Kai is going to kill him if he finds out he skipped class when it’s only week three. 

A long, obnoxious groan leaves his throat when Kai walks through their apartment door, and Taemin’s head falls back against the couch to stare up at the ceiling. 

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Vemod [Jungkook]

{{ noun // pensive melancholy, tender sadness ; negative, calm feeling that something positively emotionally significant is over and never will be back }}

How do you fall in love with someone you don’t even know?

Angst. Friends with Benefits / College AU. 2,195 words.


Let’s get to the point. The two of you are fuck buddies.

Frankly speaking, you two aren’t even buddies, pals, friends, or acquaintances for god’s sakes. It’s more of strangers with benefits or just repetitive one night stands with the same person.

After three months, all you know is his name, his phone number, and that he goes to the same college as you. But despite the fact that you both attend the same university, your paths never cross until one late night party happened and you both found yourself in the same bed. And that became the start of your relationship. Well, if you can even call it that.

And right now, a simple text of “my dorm in 15?” from a certain Jeon Jungkook has you scrambling to grab your keys and phone. There’s no need to even get ready at this point. Who do you have to impress? It’s just sex and then you leave.

No strings attached.

Zero complications.

Or at least, that’s what the two of you thought.

Things are always less complicated in theory than in action.

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anonymous asked:

MC is sick/on her period (you choose) and the RFA has to help her feel better :')

hmmm…i choose a sick MC!


  • literally MC sneezes one time and he’s all
  • “how are you feeling?? let me feel your forehead. maybe you should stay in bed and rest today”
  • but when MC is actually sick, Yoosung is the best nurse doctor!!
  • he even cuts class to take care of them
  • “Yoosung, please go to school. i’m fine”
  • “no way im leaving you. i have to make sure you’re eating well”
  • he serves you all three meals in bed
  • he works so hard on MC’s meals even though they cant taste anything
  • and lots of ice cream!! ice cream whenever MC wants it!
  • he also makes MC call him doctor kim
  • every five minutes:
  • “Need anything, sweet heart?”
  • “not since you last asked, Yoosung”
  • “not even ice cream”
  • “…..maybe later”
  • sometimes when MC drifts off during the day, they wake up to find Yoosung in bed with them
  • “Yoosung….wake up”
  • “hmm?”
  • “you’ll get sick if you sleep in this bed with me”
  • “worth..it..”
  • MC tells him she needs a glass of water so he’ll get out of bed


  • every second Zen isn’t rehearsing is spent at MC’s side
  • he even takes MC’s spare key so they dont have to get out of bed to let him in
  • if when he gets there MC is sleeping, he just reads in the living room until they wake up
  • the TV might be too loud
  • when they wake up and come into the living room he greets them the same way every day
  • “hey baby. how are you feeling?”
  • “…crappy”
  • “oh no, im so sorry sweetheart”
  • Zen gets up and holds MC’s hands in his, kissing them
  • “how can i make you feel better, princess?”
  • MC feels like shit but Zen’s sweetness actually does improve their mood a bit
  • “sorry to ask this of you…but can you get some groceries? i dont want to go out like this”
  • “say no more, my princess! i’m on it”
  • Zen kisses MC’s forehead lightly
  • “I’ll be back in no time. dont worry about cooking, either. i’ll make dinner”
  • “thank you, Zenny..”
  • MC’s sick voice is highkey too much for Zen
  • how can someone be so freaking adorable while they’re sick?!
  • he not only stays with MC to take care of her but also
  • because he cant get over how adorable sleepy sniffy scratchy voice MC is
  • he wants to cuddle her forever and ever
  • but always remember to put their needs before his desires hehe


  • lots of hot tea
  • “drink this, it will make your throat feel better”
  • lots of warm blankets
  • she makes sure MC takes their cold medicine regularly
  • “make sure you drink lots of water”
  • “Jaehee, will you make me some more tea?”
  • “of course”
  • and when Jaehee comes back into the room
  • MC is asleep
  • MC looks kind of cute when they’re sleeping
  • Jaehee puts the tea in a thermos so it stays warm
  • she sits by MC’s bedside until they wake up again
  • “Jaehee..? you’re still here”
  • “mhm. i wanted to make sure you have a proper dinner. if you still want your tea, i kept it warm for you”
  • “thank you, Jaehee”
  • Jaehee actually quite enjoys taking care of MC
  • it makes her so happy that MC likes her tea
  • she loves the way MC smiles after sipping it
  • when MC is all better Jaehee is lowkey sad that she cant take care of them anymore


  • Jumin will never ever leave MC’s bedsides
  • when MC is sick he makes them stay at his house so he can be sure they’re properly taken care of
  • his chefs make the finest meals for MC
  • “is there anything you need at all? i can get you anything”
  • MC could request an ice sculpture of a dog and Jumin would have it there in 20 minutes
  • he holds MC’s hand while they sleep
  • he personally changes the sheets and pillowcases on their bed every night
  • “Jumin..?”
  • “Good morning, my love”
  • “aren’t you going to work”
  • “I’m not going to work as long as you’re in this condition. i want to watch over you, MC”
  • at night he wants to sleep next to MC but is afraid of making them uncomfortable
  • so he just sleeps in the chair by their bed
  • “Jumin, you should go sleep in a bed”
  • “what if you wake up and need something during the night?”
  • “Jumin-”
  • “MC, i won’t leave you, no matter what you say”
  • he really does make a bug fuss whenever MC gets a cold
  • but MC actually loves it 
  • “okay, Jumin. i need someting”
  • “anything.”
  • “lay down with me?”
  • he thought they’d never ask


  • even when MC is sick he has no boundaries
  • most of the time he actually catches the cold too
  • poor MC is just trying to get some rest
  • and 707 keeps doing that thing where he drags a shoelace across MC’s face and yells “wake up! theres a bug on your face!”
  • MC wakes up screaming every time
  • “you’re fun when you’re bed ridden”
  • “im glad my disease amuses you”
  • Seven also does this thing where he pretends MC is dying
  • “MC, please, hang in there! dont leave me!”
  • “Seven, im not gonna leave you. i cant even get out of bed”
  • “i dont know what ill do without you…my one true love…”
  • “Seven, can you bring me my meds please”
  • “even on your deathbed….all you can think about is drugs”
  • “Seven”
  • “I will kiss thee good night….forever..”
  • “Sev-”
  • MC tries to stop him but Seven kisses them anyway for like a long time actually
  • “Seven, you’re gonna get sick”
  • “If i get sick can i stay in bed with you all day?”
  • “umm i gue-”
  • “too late!”
  • Seven jumps into bed with MC
  • whenever he’s not getting food or meds for MC, he’s right next to them in bed


headcannon requests?

"Is this the part when we kiss?" (Calum hood)

(This is short so I’m sorry)
Calum fucking hood. Out of all the people you had ever taught, he would have been the worst.
First off, Calum was the school asswipe, everyone knew it. He NEVER got good grades, (He’d actually have to study for that) and he never bothered being respectful, he honestly didn’t have an ounce of kindness in his body.
But no, instead of using your Friday to go out, (Really just watching Netflix) you got stuck tutoring this ass.
“Oh come on Mrs. Wilkes, aren’t there any other students I could help out?” You asked desperately.
“Calum is fully capable and of learning on his own.” You added.
“So are all of the other students you’ve helped out.” She spoke, her glasses falling to the bridge of her nose as she looked you at.
“Look. Calum is really failing here and your the smartest in the class. Just, do this for me please?”
You let out a sigh as you slumped back into her office chair.
“But can’t someone else do it? I mean it’s not like he’ll learn anyway.” You asked, and the teacher just laughed.
“But see, that’s where your wrong.” She spoke and started over to the file cabinet.
“Every student you’ve ever helped has gone from the lowest grade possible, to a B+ or higher. Calum could definitely benefit from a few lessons with you.” After a few moments of silence, your teacher turned back around to face you.
“So will you do it?” You looked at her with a fake smile and nodded.
“What’s his address.”


Once you arrived at Calum’s place you knocked at the door, you had even been to this part of town and you had honestly felt a little nervous.
You stood there for about a good five minutes before you decided to leave, you could definitely find better things to do then stand here and wait all day.

“So your just a ding dong ditcher now?” You Calum’s familiar voice speak behind you.
You turned around and looked at him, he was standing in the door with nothing but a pair of blue sweats on.
“No. I just don’t have all day to wait for your dumb ass.” You retorted, your hand on your hip.
“First of all, you’ve been out here for all of three minutes, seconds I am not dumb.”
“Oh okay, so I’ll just leave you here to fail almost every class your taking.”
Calum looked down at the ground and gave a little laugh, scratching the back of his head a little bit.
“Yeah your probably right.” He smiled.
You sighed loudly as you began waking back up the stairs and into the porch.
“Thanks for uh, helping me.” He spoke with a stutter.
“I’m here because I have to be, not because I want to.”
“Fair enough.” He smiled.
He walked into the house and signaled for you to come in behind him.
“The kitchen table should be okay to do it on.” You spoke, not realizing the innuendo until it was to late to take it back.
“Well damn baby I didn’t know you got down like that.”
“You know that’s not what I meant.”
“Are you sure? I mean I really wouldn’t mind taking your V card if you don’t want-”
“Who says I’m a virgin?” You asked as you sat down at the table.
“Oh come on Y/N, who’s gonna willingly have sex with you?” He laughed; but you didn’t find it so funny.
“You know what? Fuck you Calum.” You spat.
“Let’s just a get this done and over with because your getting on my last fucking nerve.”
He looked over at you apologetically before he opens his mouth.
“No!! Don’t talk.” You shushed as you started taking out your pens and such.
“Where are your maths papers?” You asked, and he just looked at you.
“Hello? Earth to idiot.”
“Am I allowed to talk now?” He asked sarcastically.
“Yes.” You hissed.
“Oh, well then I don’t know.” He spoke.
“You don’t know what?”
“I don’t know where my papers are.”
You took a deep sigh and ran a hand through your hair.
“Okay. Well what do you have?” You asked.
“Hm. Well, I have my biology.” He chipped as he took out his half way empty folder.
“Okay fill that out and then let me know when your done.” You handed Calum a pencil and watched as he filled in random bubbles on the paper.
You watched asked his muscles flexed each time he’d make a movement, and how he was biting his lip as he tried to concentrate, his face the slightest bit tanned; and before you realized it, you were leaning towards him.
“I’m stuck-” He started, he went to look up and you for help, put your faces collided instead.
“Ouch!!” You both spoke in unison.
You looked up at each other eye to eye and laughed before for a while Calum spoke.
“Is this the part where we kiss?” He asked before smashing his lips on yours.

After School Special|rxttenheart


“…. which of course returned Santa Anna to power in Mexico, which could easily be listed as a contributing factor to the oft over looked US-Mexican War…”

The young teacher dusted his hands off just as the bell rang and his students began to shift all at once to leave for the day. “Everybody remember you have chapters ten and eleven to read over the weekend for discussion on Monday, and if you guys remember the syllabus. Three weeks is when you will begin with your independent study project. Okay? Have a good weekend everyone… oh.. Miss Quinnzel… hang back for a minute.. I need to talk with you…”

He knocked his knuckles on the blonde girls desk, biting the inside of his cheek to fight the way he wanted to smirk as her perfume wafted up to his nose.

His excuse was the way her attention had been slipping during class, but s part of him… he couldn’t believe it. But he was painfully attracted to his student.

harmoniousdestruction  asked:

8 Bokuro - Oh my god, they were roommates.

(this is late as heck but i think worth it)

roommate au (and they were roommates!)

Kuroo considered himself a patient man. A sensible man. He reminded himself of this in his third month rooming with Bokuto.

It wasn’t that Bokuto was a bad roommate per se. He did his dishes and left the majority of his clutter in his own room. But the man had a habit traipsing around their apartment shirtless at best and in nothing but his boxers at worst and it was testing Kuroo’s well practiced patience.

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Lawful Tease pt.2

Word count: 1617

Author’s note: I was honestly not expecting that you will like Lawful Tease so much. I was pretty surprised, to say the least, when so many of you beautiful people sent me requests to write a follow-up. But here it is now, and I really hope I didn’t let you all down with this and it was worth the wait! Let me know what you think <3 (I’m also open for Readers’ ideas – let me know what you want to read most in this series!)

Your name: submit What is this?

I double check myself in the mirror – am I easy to notice? Am I attracting attention too much? Is my outfit casual enough? Is the baseball cap too much? Do I still look like myself too much?

I exhale an exasperated breath as I just give up on it entirely and decide my facade is now perfect, and whoever spots me will have a lucky day. I just need to go back there and find out that girl’s name, otherwise my mind won’t seem to be able to stop buzzing. The thought of that unknown girl has been living in my head vividly, so much in fact that it’s this close to distract me from my job – last time I nearly lost a case because my brain was in the clouds somewhere, whereas I had to give a quick response to kill the side of the protection party once and for all.

Obviously, I couldn’t allow that risk in my life.

This is how I ended up here, standing in my bedroom in front of the huge mirror that stretches next to my wardrobe, sporting a set of black tracksuit, a baseball cap and sunglasses. I also dug out a messenger bag from the bottom of my wardrobe, which I filled with a bottle of water, some sandwiches, pens and a notebook.

My biggest issue right now is finding out what is her major – I don’t even know that, only that I can rule out law from the list of possibilities. I spent half of my nights awake, mind running a mile a minute to try and narrow it down to the most likely choice, and I ended up with three; anthropology, history and psychology, respectively.

However, I’m going to have to spend a tremendous amount of time on campus if I want to bump into her again. Besides, I don’t even know when she has classes, which further reduces my chances of meeting her anytime soon.

I jump into my sports shoes and leave for the institute. I drive there with my Camaro, but I deliberately park it a couple streets away. I approach the campus casually, with a stance that conveys I couldn’t care less about anything in the world, which is to conceal my actual state – namely being insanely worked up and frustrated for still not knowing who that girl was.

I don’t even know what got me in her in the first place, I only realized at some point that I can’t get her out of my head no matter how hard I’m trying.

As more and more people start to gradually surround me, I automatically tilt my head lower to hide my face behind the cap. To make sure it’s covering my face nice and fine, I reach up to tug it a tad lower.

I can still remember the girl who informed me during my lecture that my girl knows the answer to my question, and I have a vague picture of the third one who seemed to belong in their clique, too. So all in all, that leaves me with a total of three people to look for – and although it’s not much, it still increases my chances of getting to Her.

I figure my best bet is to sit on a bench where I can keep an eye on most of the campus, so I wander around until I find the best spot. There, I drop down and pull out my phone from my pocket, skimming through my agenda once more.

. o O o .

One and a half week passes without any progress. That is, in regards to finding my girl – as for my job, I’m starting to regain my cool head in the court. I keep winning my cases, yet I can’t seem to get a grip of my personal life.

That is, until today.

I’m about to pull my book out of my messenger bag when I notice the redhead girl from my first lecture. I follow her with my eyes, then my mind catches up and I bolt up from the bench quickly, shouldering my bag and adjusting it, so it’s conveniently tucked to my back.

I creep closer to her in a slow jog, making sure I’m able to keep up with her without being spotted. The third girl from their group joins her – I check which buildings they came from; one from the Faculty of History, the other from the Faculty of Chemistry.

I bless all the Gods in Heaven for sending them in my way.

Following them, I hide my face as best as I can without losing the girls from my sight.

Just as I anticipate it, they soon meet up with Her, too.

The sunbeams that break through the leafs of the tall trees light up her face beautifully, and the soft breeze brushes her hair to lay over her chest, framing her face which is now lacking her glasses.

I shake myself awake.

I follow them subtly over to the cafeteria, where they all buy a cup of coffee, then wander around for a while until their next lecture starts. I stalk closer to them a bit more, hence I can hear some of their spoken words. This is how I get to know when will she be free again – also her name.

I follow her to the building where she’s going to attend her lesson – the Faculty of Psychology.

I go back to the Camaro to wait for her there. To kill the time, I check the timetable of Psychology majors. They have Criminal Psychology, which can be a possible explanation why she knew all those law-related things.

I set an alarm for myself to make sure I won’t fail to go back in time. Awhile, I work on my current case; I even get an incoming call from my secretary, reminding me to check on the evidences I’ve gathered and that I have a meeting with the coroner two days from now. While still on the phone, I glance at the time.

“Look,” I tell her. “I gotta go now, but I’ll catch up with you later.”

“Okay,” comes Erica’s response. “Take care.”

Without wishing her the same, I end the call, adjust the baseball cap and sunglasses on my head, then get out of the car and jog back to campus. I swat the small voice in the back of my mind, accusing me of stalker behaviour, and just focus on the fact that I finally get to meet her once more.

I only have to wait around for four minutes until I glimpse her again.

Now that she’s here, I realize there is one thing I haven’t planned out yet – which is probably the most essential component of my plot; what I will tell her once we’re finally face to face.

I shrug, figuring I’ll come up with something on the fly, but I come to a halt when I notice a guy stepping next to her. For some unknown reason, anger washer over my entire being, and my fingers curl into two tight fists.

I clench my jaw when he wraps an arm around her shoulders, pulling her in as they laugh together at something.

Driven by a sudden wave of possessive fury, I take off towards them, now having a plot in mind of what will happen between us, including the story I’m going to tell her for why I’m here at the moment. The fact that they are walking towards the building of the Faculty of Law only aids my idea. I increase my pace, getting closer and closer to them, until eventually I bump into the guy’s shoulder.

“Hey, dude, excuse you,” he snaps. I roll my eyes behind the dark lenses of my glasses before turning around.

“I’m in a hurry, so –” I cut off the rest of my sentence, acting like I’m only noticing the girl on his side now. I do my best to convey surprise. “Oh,” I say, allowing an attractive half smile to tug up the corner of my mouth. “Nice to see you again. I’ve been missing you from classes.”

“I figured I should attend my own classes instead. I thought we asserted I’m not a Law major already,” she retorts, bringing back the soft, warm fuzzy feeling into my chest I’ve felt during my first lecture only.

“I figured your undying curiosity would coax you back to the classes,” I reply, which earns me a genuine smile from her.

I only realize the silence between us that we spend with grinning stupidly, her looking at the ground shyly and me fixing her face still, when the obnoxious guy clears his throat.

“So, what brings you around?” he asks.

“I left a folder in the office, and I need it for my hearing this afternoon.”

“Well, good luck with it,” she says.

“With finding the folder or the court?”

“I guess you only need luck for the former, so,” she shrugs. It makes me chuckle. I love how she can tease me and still be adorable about it.

“Should I expect you back to my lectures, or was that a one time only occasion?”

“I thought only Law majors are welcome there.”

“You know, the sad thing about them is that they don’t seem to enjoy reading as much as you do,” I explain, which isn’t an entire lie – I could hardly find anyone else with whom I could have such a dynamical conversation as I did with her.

After a brief consideration, she smiles at me with a tad foxiness in her features, promising, “I’ll see what I can do about it.”

the signs at end of the semester
  • aries: "i have become one with my bed and nothing can separate me from it"
  • taurus: calculates exactly how badly they can do on the final exam and pass still pass their class
  • gemini: they haven't left their room for forty eight hours and no one can tell if that smell is strong coffee or death
  • cancer: leaves everything until the last minute then thinks they can cram three lists of key concepts/formulas/themes/vocabulary into their head the night before the exam
  • leo: "if i just don't show up to exam, can anything really happen to me?"
  • virgo: "on a scale of one to ten how easily can each of my professors be bribed?"
  • libra: goes to the library to look up rituals to improve their chances on the exams
  • scorpio: has been awake so long they are seeing visions and have opened up a fortune telling business in their building, everyone is coming to them out of panic about grades
  • sagittarius: "i have fallen straight into the abyss and i have accepted it"
  • capricorn: has accepted the fact that they're dead in the water and has transcended all levels of panic
  • aquarius: goes into the exam confident and comes out broken
  • pisces: the hermione granger of exams
Imagine #12

It’s the last day of school. The last day you’ll ever have your TC as your teacher. Today in class you’re practically doing nothing but trying to savor each moment with your TC.

It’s finally the moment you’ve been dreading. The bell rings. You successfully succeed in being last to leave. Your TC is saying bye to everyone, but then paused as you walked by. You make intense eye contact for a good three minutes, then say the final goodbye.

As you are halfway down the hall, you hear your TC’s voice calling after you. You spin around see them running towards you. “I need to tell you something” they pant. “O-okay” you manage to stutter out. “I’m not sure how to say this, but I’ve wanted to say this for a long time now, oh god, I hope you won’t hate me after this-” they’re talking as fast as your heartbeat now. The sigh, and finally say six simple words. “I am in love with you.” You stay silent, stunned at what just escaped their lips. “Oh god, you hate me now don’t you, I knew it was stupid to think you felt the same way” they say in an adorable fashion. “I do” you try to say. “What?” They say, hope shinning in their eyes. “I do feel the same way- I just- I couldn’t tell you” you say. They suddenly grab you by the shoulders and plant a kiss on your lips. The kiss lasted for about a minute, and you wish it would last forever. They pull you into a tight hug. “I’m going to miss you so much” they whimper, their eyes starting to water. “I’ll miss you too” I whisper, trying to fight back tears. “I love you” they say. “I love you too” you say back.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: high school!au: first day of class

“I’m going to be late…”

“You don’t even know where your first class is.”

“Yeah, which is why I’m going to be late,” Shizuo snapped, biting his lip to swallow a breathy moan when Izaya’s lips found their way to his neck. Finding himself stumbling forward at Izaya’s command, expressed in the form of his legs wrapped around Shizuo’s body, his hands naturally came to a rest on Izaya’s hips. He was perched on the teacher’s desk of an empty classroom they had met up in before classes started, but just as Shizuo was about to leave to find his first class, Izaya had pulled him into a kiss that made five minutes seem like three seconds. “Izaya…”

“Shizu-chan,” Izaya returned mockingly, grinning as he pulled Shizuo down to press their lips together again. “Gym isn’t that important…”

“Don’t you have chemistry?”

“I have it right here with you…”

Unable to offer a classic ‘shut up’ because Izaya was keeping his tongue captive, Shizuo found himself reluctantly relaxing into the kiss. Shivers running down his spine at hearing a groan, he gently eased Izaya into laying down, his own body pressing the other’s firmly against the desk.

He could feel the heels of Izaya’s shoes against the small of his back and unwittingly ground their hips together as he shifted to be more comfortable, eliciting more gasps. Izaya’s lithe fingers were tugging at his hair as Shizuo’s palm supported himself, gently teasing strands of black locks.

Shizuo was just beginning to feel his shirt being untucked when a sudden whistle had him jolting back; Izaya’s ankles uncrossed with amazing quickness and he craned his neck to see who it was. Shizuo flushed as he tried to straighten his uniform, shooting a glare at a grinning Shinra.

“Hey, Shizuo! You know, I really didn’t expect you to actually know how to kiss because, well, you’re you and you couldn’t figure out how to tie your laces until–”


“So were you two going to do it? On this desk? Man, that’s impressive… and also dirty. I’m ashamed of you!”


“So you two can do it? I don’t think so! See, I’m running for student council president! Now, vote for me and I can forget–”


Dangerous Woman- Luke Hemmings smut

My highschool was like any other. The social ladder was clear as day. The most popular were the jocks and cheerleaders. Of course they would only hook up with each other (Which made for some pretty good drama most of the time).

Directly below them, were the boys and girls who wanted to be exactly like them. Just as douchey, stuck up, and bitchy. Then, there were nerds lurking in the hallways wishing for a chance to be with the cheer girls. It was a dream to far out of reach. Then there was me. I was too far down the ladder, I could barely see it. Yes, I was an outcast, forsaken the deep darkness of nowhere.

You would think as an outcast I would be a very tangible target for the higher part of the ladder to pick on. But since I was in my own category of nothing, they didn’t even notice me. To me this was a blessing and a curse.

Curse? Might you ask. Yes it is a curse, the guy that I have a horrifying crush on, is on the football team. Which means he’s at the top of the social ladder and I’m at… well, the very bottom. Who’s the lucky boy you might ask? …… The one, the only Luke Hemmings! Fuck my life.

You know the one guy that makes you wanna twist in your seat because just the sight of his face can get your panties dropping in anticipation. The guy that you will drop to your knees just to make him have a good time. The guy that makes you want to do things that are to dirty to even think about. Welp, that’s what that boy does to me.

I try to get through the halls as quickly as possible. I’ve never been tardy once in my life, and I’m not gonna start now (that’s three more knocks down the ladder). Seeing as I’m the first one in the class, I have a few extra minutes to dream about what I would do to that blonde haired, blue eyed boy.
Our bodies sticking together in a club. The music and sweat take home to our limbs, never leaving. My hips grinding on his already hard center, waiting to be touched in the slightest way. His hands roaming my body never staying in one place at a time. Before he could get them in between my legs, I stop him.

I whisper seductively in his ear, “I can feel you against me. Do you want something done about it?” He smiles his grin, lip ring and all. He grabs my hand and pulls us away from all the other awaiting bodies ready to get laid.

He pulls me in a not so private booth area and demands me to get on my knees. Trying not to let him have the upper hand, I trace my hands down his chest, torso and all the way down to the outline of his pants. “Please do something babe.” Being my usual cheeky self, I only slow down taking my time to unbutton his pants and pull them down.

“Going commando tonight huh? Did you expect something to happen?” He smirked at me. “Babe, you should know by now… with you I always expect something.” With this I smile. His cock springing up for action.

I rub it up and down lightly, not wanting to give to much pleasure at one time. His tip redder than my lip gloss. You lay your tongue flat against the underside of his cock. And going back up to the tip of the top, where a bit of precum was oozing out.

You couldn’t help but look up to see his reactions to your pleasure giving. His cheeks a bright red, and sweat coming down huge sides of his neck. You couldn’t tell if it was from the dancing or from the great head your giving. I choose to believe it was from the latter. His mouth was slightly open with semi audible moans coming out. You couldn’t help but give a mental pat on your back.

You bobbed your head up and down occasionally swirling your tongue around his cock. The bass in the club was super loud, making your mouth vibrate while doing all these motions. “Fuck (y/n) babe, how do you do this?” He groaned out. I just smiled and took him down my throat all the way. Earning a few more victory groans from Luke.

Twitching in my mouth, I knew Luke wasn’t gonna last very long. I took this time to hollow out my cheeks and suck harder than before. Hearing Luke’s whimpers, I could tell he was about to come in my mouth. Thrusting his hips Luke came into my mouth. Feeling the unrhythmic spurts of his juices in my mouth. Being the good girl I was, I swallowed it all up. “Damn babe, I didn’t believe you had it in you.” I smiled. “Well you never know the bad girl underneath.”
I could hear a voice calling my name over and over again, but it wasn’t Luke’s. “(Y/N)! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. This is not the time or the place.” I was woken up to reality. I guess I was so wrapped up in my dream I didn’t realize class had started about 5 minutes ago. I was mortified.

Did I really just say all of this stuff out loud?! I looked around to see all of my classmates laughing at me. But the one that I looked at last, had the same expression as me. Fucking Luke Hemmings!

Fuck. My. Life.

A/n: currently washing my eyes out with holy water, request for part two? 💖