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Boys, I Think I’m In Love.. // Jim Hopper x Reader

•Request: Do you think you could do a Stranger Things request? If so then could you do something like Jim Hopper x reader with Hopper trying to get a date with the reader who isn’t like most of the single women in town and keeps avoiding him (like they’re really really shy/introverted/(anxiety and stuff) and works from home, maybe like an artist or writer) but it all ends good? Thank you! I love your writing!!

•Warnings: just some good ole fluff with good ole Hopper

((Thank you!! Also this got a bit long, I got carried away writing it ^_^; ))


You opened your eyes to your alarm ringing, reluctantly sitting up and turning it off. When you finally got up and ready for your day where you would start working through some commission pieces, and maybe even some writing, but before you could you realized that you ran out of some paint. Groaning out, you slowly went to actually get ready to go out and buy some more, something you did not look forward to. After taking a quick shower and deciding you looked somewhat presentable, you left the house and started walking to the store. You didn’t take the car this time just because you needed a bit of fresh air.

Once you got to the store, you went straight for the paint section, looking for the simple bottles of acrylic which you had run out of. While you stood there looking through your options, you noticed a figure in the corner of your vision. Looking up you saw Chief Hopper standing there. Immediately your face flushed and when he gave you a grin and waved, you gave him a light wave in return, focusing back on your paints. You hurried to grab what you needed and quickly started walking back to the front of the store.

“Good morning Y/N, I see you’re doing some more painting huh.” Hopper stated as you passed by.

“A-ah yes I’m doing some more p-painting.. it was uh.. it was nice seeing you..” you replied, your face now a bright red from having to talk to the nice, rather handso- no no, you had to hurry back home now. You quickly paid for everything, grabbing your bags full of paint and tried to make it out of the door before you embarrassed yourself.

“Hey Y/N..” you stopped and slowly turned back to see Hopper standing there. “You know it might be a bit of a struggle walking back to your house with those bags and such.. why don’t I give you a ride back?” He offered.

Now you were stuck. You couldn’t say no to this rather generous offer, he was being very kind… but at the same time you knew you would most likely do something to ruin it. However the more important part was his kindness, and you couldn’t pass that up, so you slowly let yourself nod.

“Wonderful, here let me help you with those.” Hopper took the bags from your hands and set them down in the back of his car before opening the door for you.

“T-thank you very much..” you replied, giving him a small smile before climbing into the car. Hopper got in after you, taking his hat off and setting it on the dash before pulling out.

You sat there quietly, not really knowing what to say or do. You glanced over at him and studied him for a moment, looking over his rather rugged appearance, but at the same time you had to admit that he wasn’t unattractive, plus he seemed very nice.

“So Y/N, what have you been working on?” Hopper questioned, trying to get you talking more. He had never met someone so quiet, and well, shy. You reminded him slightly of Eleven when he first met her, not talkative at all, although you were much more reserved and quiet in general. Then he decided that you were like a deer in headlights, very jumpy around people.

“Oh ah, just a few c-commissions and some p-personal projects…” you flushed more at your stuttering, hating how nervous you got around people. Your hands clutched at your bag, seeming to grasp anything familiar to bring some type of comfort.

“Maybe you could show me some time, I’ve heard some good opinions on how your art is.. I’m not too good at art myself, but I think I could recognize some good pieces.” He responded, a light grin on his face as he thought of it. Hopper looked over to see you staring at him, causing your face to go an even deeper red and therefore making him chuckle.

“I-I could show y-you.. some pieces o-once I’m finished..” you murmured in return, messing with your keys in your hand. You heard him chuckle again, a rather light, yet still hearty sound and found yourself smiling a bit more, but still not gaining more confidence. You saw that you were now outside your house, and relief flooded your body.

“Sounds great, how about I drop by tomorrow? We could maybe go get coffee or some-“ He was interrupted by you jumping out the car and grabbing the bags.

“That uh, that s-sounds g-good.. I uh.. I’ve got t-to go..” you practically ran to your door, stumbling as you walked through it before slamming the door shut. Breathing heavily against it.


Outside Hopper sighed and rubbed his head with his hands. He had no idea what he had done or what to think of you. Pulling away from your house, he shakes his head, not used to such a challenge when trying to get close to someone. He gets back to the police station, grumpily walking back to his office.

“Having some lady troubles there chief?” Callahan snickered, watching Hopper frown in return.

“Why do you ask that?” Hopper questioned, his voice rather low.

“Well someone forgot to turn their radio off, seems Ms. Y/N has got you in a twist, can’t handle one who won’t fall into your arms that easily? Also I think that it seems like someone’s starting to fall in love~” Callahan was now just laughing after saying that in a song-song voice until Powell smacked the side of his head. Hopper just said nothing and walked into his office, thinking of what he was to do with you. After all he wasn’t exactly just trying to get another one-night stand.. he saw something curious in you, after all you were different than most people in town.


Back at your house, you were busy pacing back and forth, confused as to why the Chief found any interest in you, and also stressing about tomorrow. You couldn’t believe you agreed to grab coffee, after all that meant going out… maybe you could convince him to have coffee at your house? Then it would save you a little stress and would allow you to show him the art work, two birds with one stone. You walked over to the phone and dialed the number for the police office, not knowing his personal phone number.

“Hawkins police station, may I help you?” The voice of the secretary came through and you almost thought about just hanging up, but you knew you had to tell him the slight change.

“Ah yes… m-may i please speak with uh.. Chief Hopper?” You finally got out, waiting for her response. Through the phone the sound of the secretary’s voice yelling at Hopper to answer his phone in order to transfer your call.

“Sorry about that sweetie, takes a moment for him to answer the phone.” You smiled slightly at how nice the secretary sounded before listening to a series of clicks as the call was transferred to apparently the one in his office.

“Y/N? Is that you?” The sound of his voice brought your flush back and you couldn’t believe how easily he got you nervous and also slightly happy?

“Ah yes.. s-so about the coffee t-thing.. I was uh.. thinking that maybe we c-could stay at m-my house for coffee and then y-you could look at the art you w-wanted to see..” you replied, your voice shaking the entire time and you shook your head at how embarrassing you most likely sounded.

“That sounds great Y/N, I’ll see you tomorrow after I get off my shift.” Hopper replied, and if you were beside them at this time, you would see him smiling rather widely.

“A-Alrighty.. have a n-nice night and drive s-safe tomorrow…” you hung up and just buried your face into your pillow, groaning at what you got yourself into, but also felt the start of a few butterflies of excitement appear in your stomach.


The next day went by quickly, Hopper couldn’t stop thinking about you and hoped everything would go well, and you couldn’t stop thinking about what you had just gotten yourself into, but also hoped it would go well. Hopper went through the day listening to Callahan and Powell’s remarks on his good mood before he left and practically ran out the door once he could. While he was at work you were busy tidying up throughout the day, also checking that you had everything for coffee, and even baking a few desserts to enjoy. Finally around 7:45 you heard the doorbell ring and went to answer it.

“Good evening Chief..” you said once you opened the door, smiling slightly as you let him in.

“Please call me Jim….. what’s that I smell?” He questioned, looking around at the smell of dessert.

“Oh I baked a few things to go with the coffee… just wanted to have a little something so it’s not just one thing that we’re eating.. drinking? I uh.. sorry..” you flushed before leading him to the couch, telling him to sit and you would grab the coffee and food. Once you sat the tray filled with cookies and all sorts of little desserts, you saw Hopper’s eyes widen.

“Oh man Flo is not gonna be happy…. but screw the diet.” He reached over and tried a chocolate chip cookie, showing his satisfaction in a moaning sound, which made you blush harder.

“I’m uh.. glad you like them, I was worried you might not have been too hungry.” You sat down beside him, taking a sip of coffee and relaxing slightly with the warm drink in your hands.

“These are amazing… thank you for going out of your way to make them.” He smiles over at you, causing you to giggle at his happiness over a few simple cookies and desserts.

“I-it’s no problem, I don’t mind making them.” You smiles back at him, feeling less nervous in the comfort of your house.

Suddenly a large racket happened and it sounded like a few things got knocked over onto the floor in another room. Hopper instantly stood with a hand over his holster and you just shook your head. You told him to sit back down and went into another room, the sound of you scolding someone making him curious. Hopper walked after you and looked over your shoulder to see that you.. were scolding a cat.. who had knocked everything off a table. The cat just turned away and went back to it’s own business so you turned around and ran straight into Hopper. Well more of Hopper’s chest. He grabbed your arm before you could stumble back, making you look up at him with a sheepish smile.

“Sorry about that Hopp- I mean Jim.. I was just uh.. scolding my cat..” you scratched the back of your head before the two of you walked back to the couch.

“Hey why don’t you show me your artwork? And then we can finish up our coffee and call it a night.. I don’t wanna cause you anymore stress..” it was now his turn to give you a sheepish smile and caused you to let out a grin.

“Well.. I can show you m..my art work, then we can.. enjoy the re-rest of this before you have to leave..” you responded, your voice a lot calmer as time went on.

“I don’t mind that at all.” Hopper chuckled as you went to another room, watching you disappear into it before reappearing with a Canvas and a sketchbook.

“Ah here.. are some examples o-of my work..” you showed them to him, your nervousness appearing again at the sight of him looking over them all.

“These.. are really good Y/N, you really have a talent!” He grinned while looking through the sketchbook, praising the artwork. Then he paused on a page and your face turned bright red, not realizing you had given him the sketchbook that had a few doodles of him in it.

“A-ah sorry.. I didn’t realize.. that I gave you that.” You returned the canvas and sketchbook once Hopper was done, your face still flushed.

“Hey Y/N, you know I’m not mad right? Those were really good and now I can say that I was someone’s muse once.” He chuckled again, easing your nerves.

The rest of the night went smoothly.. well however smooth it could get when it involved you. Throughout the last hour you were able to open up a bit more, letting the conversation flow without much awkwardness. Then once it got late enough, you began to yawn. Hopper took this as a sign that it was quite late and stood up.

“This night has been really nice Y/N, we should do it again.” He grinned and the two of you walked to the door, saying your goodbyes. Then Hopper leaned over and kissed your cheek, his beard scratching it softly before he walked back to his car, leaving you with a blushing face once more.


The next day you realized Hopper had left his hat on your coat stand, feeling bad you decided to go down to the station and return it. You walked in nervously, clutching the hat.

“E-excuse me, is Hopper h-here?” You questioned the lady behind the desk, figuring this was the Flo he was talking about.

“He’s in his office right now, you can just go right in.” At her words you nodded and lightly knocked on the door before walking in, the sight of you making Hopper sit up.

“Y/N! I wasn’t expecting you here.” He smiled at you and you help your hand out for him to have his hat.

“You uh.. left this at my place and forgot to grab it once you finished your coffee.. so I decided to return it.” You looked down before leaning over the desk and kissing his cheek in return.

“Maybe we can have another coffee.. uh.. date..” you added, blushing before waving at him as you walked out.

Hopper was dazed for a moment before suddenly running out after you, not realizing that you had gotten out a lot quicker than he thought you would. He looked over and saw the grinning faces of Callahan and Powell, almost like two Cheshire cats.

“Boys, I think I’m in love…” Hopper just shook his head and walked back to his office, ignoring the laughing of the two deputies.


pairing: daveed x reader

warnings: swearing ?? honestly idk also it’s written like text format ig??

words: 1153

summary: “Good luck with Hamlet, Daveed.” Daveed texts the wrong number and for some reason, he keeps texting.

notes: this kinda fics are a Thing in AO3 so i was like,, let’s do it fuckers anyway here’s the mess i created also its literally 2 am will i ever go to sleep at a decent time


bold is reader

italics is daveed

regular is rafa


(9:03) Fuck I want to audition for Hamilton

(9:03) I don’t know if I should do it tho

(9:04) Help

(9:25) Go for it I guess

(9:25) But I don’t know who you are why are u asking me this

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Summer before my senior year of high school I decided I really wanted to be a champion. I wanted to win, I wanted to be that athlete that always got articles in the newspapers and medals at every meet. That summer I trained the hardest I ever have in my whole life. Every morning I would wake up at 6:00 am to run 8 miles, or do a workout. On the weekends I would do a long run, my longest being 15 miles. I was totaling at least 50 miles each week and each day I would train by myself. Quietly hoping to come in that fall and be great. The first race of my cross country season I ran a 5k in a PR of 20:45. After that things went downhill. I got plantar fasciitis and struggled to simply walk around school. When I would run, my body was constantly fatigued and my foot would be in so much pain. I consistently ran around a 22-23 minute in all my 5ks and was placing no where even close to the top girls. I felt like my entire world was falling down around me. I gave up so much for this, I made so many sacrifices in every aspect of my life, especial socially, and it just wasn’t paying off. As indoor track started the plantar fasciitis went away but the fatigue in my body worsened. I hoped to break my PR of 12:02 in the 3200, but that season I struggled to break 13 minutes, only doing so a couple times. As I went into indoor track, I decided to see a doctor. Something wasn’t right. Sure enough I was anemic due to an iron deficiency. I started taking iron pills and my times got faster and faster and I got stronger and stronger. The picture shown above is me after I won my first race ever. That’s all I ever wanted… all of the passion, dedication, hard work, the early mornings of my pushing myself to run 6 mile repeats on the track alone, the nights of saying no to hanging out with my friends so I could get my sleep, finally it all paid off. It’s silly, I won the 1600 at a small meet with only a few teams running a 5:48 (pretty bad I know) but the whole feeling of winning was something I had always wanted. I couldn’t help but break down into tears after finishing. I am now in my freshman year of college and ran a 5k this season in 18:45. I go to a D2 school and came in hoping I would be top 7, but I am the 3rd place runner on my team right now. I have become a stronger and faster runner. I am proud of myself for continuing to dream even when it was hard. Things seemed hopeless, but you should never ever give up. It may take some time, sometimes years, for your hard work to pay off, but it will. This, right here, is why I run. I want the feeling of winning again and I am so determined to do it. I have 4 years in college to make it happen, and I know I can.

An edit to this: I ended my cross country season as an all american, placing 35th at d2 nationals. So far this indoor track season I have ran a 9:58 3k, 5:08 mile, and 17:28 5k. It’s amazing what can happen if you just believe!

This isn’t really a fuck managers story because my manager (and my district manager) are fighting their hardest to fix this, so I guess fuck retail in general will work. Or, fuck greedy corporations. Whatever works! It’s also a long story because I have to give background, so apologies in advance.

Last year, the state I live in voted to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour, with additional raises every year until we reach $12 in 2020. As part of the non-salary management team, I was already making over $10 an hour… but not much. The difference between my hourly wage and the old minimum wage was about $2. Not enough for what I have to do, but certainly better than what a lot of other places were offering.

After the proposition passed, my manager and my DM started hassling the higher-ups: what are you going to do about the management team? The majority of supervisors were now going to make less than a dollar more than their cashiers, which is absolutely unfair. That’s not to say cashiers don’t work hard or don’t have to put up with shit. Of course they do. I’ve been on that side too, and I voted for this proposition because I believe cashiers deserve at least $10 an hour. But considering the difference in what supervisors have to know, what we have to do, and the responsibilities we carry, we deserve more than <$1 difference. Hell, when I was hired as a supervisor? I was offered $3.50 more than the minimum wage at the time. So what the fuck? This is a major corporation, not a small business; they can afford to pay their supervisors a fair wage in one state. They can probably afford it in all states, but right now, it’s just the one that’s asking for it.

The higher-ups decided to wait until January. The didn’t say it, but I know it was because the proposition was being challenged, and they were waiting to see if it would actually go through. It did. January arrived, the minimum wage went up, and the higher-ups still didn’t have an answer. Finally, around March, we were told that they would have something figured out by the time annual reviews came around. That pissed me off plenty, because that’s 7 months of underpaid work, and I now had to worry that I would be screwed out of my annual raise because they would try to roll it in with the minimum wage match. But fine. I could wait.

Well, it’s annual review time! I did a good job and I got a good review, and my manager told me what my raise was: 45 cents. The highest he could give me. Of course, I immediately asked what the hell is going on with the minimum wage match. My manager knew that’s what I was going to ask, because I’ve been the most openly angry about it (I’ve been with the company longer than he has, so I’m a bit more aware of the shit they pull). Apparently, when it was brought up in the monthly meeting, the managers were told, “We’re still working on it.”

So now I’m making a little more than a dollar more than minimum wage, but it’s nowhere near what it should be, and come January, when the minimum goes up again, it will again be <$1 more than the minimum wage. 

I told my boss flat-out that if I was smart, I would quit, and that I know our main competition would give me a fair wage. He said they probably would, “but please don’t find out.” I don’t know what to do to get across to the higher-ups that dragging this out isn’t the way to keep people, because I should quit. I should’ve turned in my two weeks as soon as I saw that 45 cents, and walked up the street to our competitor to turn in my resume. And that’s what every other supervisor in the state should do when they get this news. But I like my manager and I like my DM, and I want to give them a chance. I’m furious that I’m being made into a fool by a corporation that absolutely makes enough money to pay us fairly, and I’m ready to either quit or start rabble-rousing/organizing, but this is a right to work state, and I’m not ready to be unemployed for any amount of time.

What especially pisses me off: I’ve already made it through a minimum wage raise in this state. About 10 years ago. And the company I worked for at the time? Had it figured out by January. I got a fair raise on January 1st just like my cashiers. The kicker? That company was on the verge of bankruptcy; they were gone by 2010. And they still figured it out within a timely manner. My current company is turning an excellent profit and our CEO makes $12 million a year. But here we are, coming up on a year since the proposition passed… and nothing. 

Fuck this company. And fuck greedy corporations that don’t want to pay their employees.

TL;DR: Major corporation dragging its feet on paying supervisors a fair wage, news at 11. 

Here’s a word of advice towards something I think I’m finally accepting: never let people bullshit you with excuses. That they’re too busy to ever see you, or that they just forget to respond to 90% of your texts or calls, or whatever. Because that’s crap. We’re all adults and we all have schedules and priorities. But i can tell you myself, when I was working two jobs and had a 7-4 shift at one and then a 5-9:30 shift at the other, the last thing I wanted to really do was go out and see people, after being up at 5:30 am and working till 9:30 pm. But you know what, I did, because I take the relationships in my life very seriously. It can be a coffee break, it can be sitting and talking in the car for 45 minutes, having a cigarette together. The point is you’re making that time because it’s important. Excuses are just another way of people saying “Unfortunately, you don’t mean enough that I would like to take time for you.” But once you realize that, as sucky as it is, you’re better off. You find people who want to make time for you. And not those “friends” that you don’t hear from and/or see for 4 months and then suddenly come back out of the woodwork.
—  Lee Walczak (: 
Carter Hart - I Don’t Like Coffee

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“Omg I love love love your writing!! When/If you have the time, would you mind writing a carter hart one??? Ahhh thank youuuuu. - @peppermint-writings 💕💕”

word count: 787

warnings: none

Carter freaking Hart was going to be the death of you. For the past two weeks he’d walk into your coffee shop at the same time, every day, and flirt with you. Never failing to order his coffee and ask for your number on the receipt.

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I work in a gas station, and it was 7:45 pm, on the 4th of July (This becomes important later). My coworker and I were doing shift change, and I was letting him count the lotto tickets. (He’s an older gentleman and his feet were hurting him) This customer came up with a Perrier water, Vita Coco water, and I think a candy bar. He has 3 dollar bills and a hundred dollar one. I’m thinking, “Aw shit here we go.”
Keep in mind, at this point I have less than $35 in my register (corporate rules at night) and I’m about to be alone for two hours once my coworker is done with lotto.
He’s already cracked open the coco water, and drank some of it.
He requests 20 dollars of gas, and the items. It came to about 27 dollars. I told him I wasn’t able to break the hundred.
Him:What do you mean you can’t break it?
Me: I. Cant. Break. It. It is almost 8 in the evening and I don’t have the cash. We don’t keep big bills after sunset (20s or over)
Him: This is bullsh*t! It’s 8pm on the 4TH OF JULY, you guys SHOULD have money to break bills! I’ve already drank the water, what do you want me to do with it?!
Me: You could pay for it with the 1s, and break the 100 at McDonald’s next door?
Him: Use my toll money?! Man this sh*t is retarded. You’re gonna do something about this!
Me: *crosses my arms* I’m not doing anything about something that isn’t my fault or problem. You can use smaller bills, or a debit card if need be.
He pushed the Perrier and the candy towards me. He then starts walking out the door with the unpaid coco water.
Me:SIR! Either you leave the coco water here at the counter, you pay for it, or I call the cops. I WILL send your dumbass to jail for 2.99!
He comes back and pays for it.
Me:Next time, get a job in retail and you’ll understand why we won’t get robbed because of stupid people like you trying to bring in 100s to a gas station. I’m not a bank, and you don’t need to be an asshole! Have a good 4th of July.
He stormed out and left.
Best. Day. Ever

Episode One: Let’s Get Started 

The Nylanders

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You sighed taking your normal seat on the train. You hated taking the train but it seemed to be all you were doing these days. The hour and a half train ride both ways was now part of your almost daily commute.

You had accepted the job while you and Alex were still in Buffalo. But when Alex was sent down to the Americans, you made the move but decided to keep the job. It wasn’t so bad, you used the time to get work done on your laptop usually.

Alex was quite against it. So was William apparently. And neither of them allowed you to forget that little detail. Alex didn’t like the fact that your commute was so long and was also concerned for your safety. William agreed, which made your blood boil.

William having an opinion on your arguments with Alex was a common occurrence. You loved that the Nylander boys were close but there needed to be boundaries. You married one Nylander, not two. Alex didn’t seem to understand your frustration.

You leaned your head back against the headrest of your seat as your phone vibrated in your pocket. It was a long day and all you wanted to do was get home. You slowly pulled the phone from your slacks.

Hubs: When shall I expect you from the stupid train?

You rolled your eyes as you typed out your reply.

Y/N: I just got on so, like every day, an hour and a half.

You waited for a response.

Hubs: Ugh. Always too long.

You went to respond again but a second message appeared before you could.

Hubs: Anyways, Will is here and we want to go out to dinner once you FINALLY get home.

You groaned. After a long day at work and the commute, the last thing you wanted to do was go to dinner.

Y/N: Babe, it’s been a long day. If I would have actually known Will was going to be in town, I would have left earlier…

You knew what his response was going to be the minute you saw the bubbles appear on your screen.

Hubs: It wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t keep that job you know…

You knew if you argued, neither your husband or your brother-in-law would shut up about it.  

Y/N: I should be home by 6:45. Dinner at 7?

Hubs: See you then. Love You.

Y/N: Love you too.

You put the phone back down in your lap and glanced out the windows. You watched as the scenery flew by the window. You knew what this dinner meant. You were going to sit down with the Nylander brothers and William would voice his opinions on what was going on in your life and marriage. You were honestly sick of it. You closed your eyes with your head against the headrest. Let’s just hope you didn’t let it get to you tonight…

Finally got out for 4 early miles this morning. As far as marathon recovery goes, I feel fine. Some muscles still sore from Monday’s crossfit, but that faded pretty fast. I averaged 7:45 barely breaking a sweat.

I guess the thing that kept me from hitting the pavement these last few days was fear for how my knees would feel. They’ve still been sore going up and down stairs and were creaky on the run. Not that painful, but definitely abnormal.

I’m going to keep it light for the time being and step up some of the foam rolling and strength work. I’m in no rush for anything really, but may have to resign myself to seeing a doctor if they’re not getting better soon. *sigh*

Donald Pierce x Reader

“I trusted you”

Note: This one is really short but it’s 11:34 and I have school tomorrow RIP (sorry for this)


Pacing through the apartment, you bit your lip. Donald promised to be back by now… You remembered his words, coaxing your nerves before he left this morning. Exactly at 7:45. It was now 2:00 pm, and you had no word from him. 

Despite the maps and pictures layering the wallpaper, the walls seemed empty without him. Even though you spent day after day there without him when he went to work, you still hated being without him. Today was especially important. To both of you.

Today, you two were going to escape. You two were going to run, you were just waiting for him to get back.

A moment passed, and then you heard the door unlock. Your heart jumped with excitement as you smiled, awaiting your boyfriend’s gruff smile.

Only, it wasn’t Donald.

Soldiers ran into the room, holding up their guns and shouting at you. The room grew stiff and cold as betrayal set into your body. Falling to your knees, you stared up at Zander Rice with tears streaming down your face.

“You can thank Donald for this.”

“Go to hell.” You spat on the floor, and one of the soldiers’ guns hit you in the head, knocking you out.

When you woke, your head throbbed with radiating pain. Your body aching and burning from the soldiers’ rough hands in transporting you there.

Donald, a year ago, had been hunting you down for Rice. Only, he turned against orders and hid you away.

He had fallen in love with you.

You could say the same about him with yourself, but there was no love left towards him with finding out what he’s done. After all that time… After giving him your heart… After all those restless nights and tired kisses… You didn’t understand. Perhaps you didn’t want to. But as you stared at the wall, thinking about Donald, the steel door to the white room unlocked, and Donald nearly fell in. His lip was split and his eye was swollen from being hit. It shocked you to see him so turn up, but before you could react to his presence, he had already reached you.

Nearly attacking him., Donald grabbed your wrists, and struggled around you. Pulling you into a tight hug.

“Stop-baby-please-stop!” You ignored the heart-wrenching sound of pain in his heavy voice. Shutting your eyes and slamming your fists against his chest.

I trusted you-I trusted you!

“They caught-they caught me, baby. Listen to me!” You stopped rushing your words, halting against his efforts to calm you down. Staring at him, “They caught me on my way back to you. Listen to me, I would never let them hurt you…I…It’s my fault. I wasn’t careful enough-“

“You didn’t turn me in?”

“Baby…” His southern accent sent a chill down your spine. “No-never… I would never betray you like that. Never… Remember that…”

Looking at his chest, you slowly closed your eyes and then turned away. Tears rippled through your shoulders and threatened to stain your cheeks.

“How did you-“

But then, the door swung in, and soldiers rushed towards Donald. Yelling for him to come with them. Leaping into one of the soldiers, Donald fought back and tossed one of their guns at you. Shakily, you picked it up and shot one of them. Donald stared at you in surprise for a heartbeat, before grabbing your wrist, and pulling you out the door.

“We have to get outta here. They’ll be comin’ for me. I barely made it to you in time.” Donald’s voice was laced with exhaustion and pain. You stared at him as he pulled you behind him. His muscles glistening with sweat as he breathed heavily, running down the hall. But soldiers swarmed the hall, surrounding you two with cocked guns designed for mutants. Donald let go of your hand and backed away. “It’s okay.”

You hated using your powers, especially against other people… But closing your eyes, you let your fingertips turn black with death, and when you opened your eyes, all the soldiers lay dead. That was your power. Destruction, death, and pain.

Donald hurried over to you, grabbing your face, and pulling you into a firm kiss. Knocking your thoughts away from you and distracting you… His lips were rough, and you tasted the metallic tinge of his blood. Rubbing your cheek with his thumb, for a breath, he stared down at you with his forehead leaning against yours. But the sound of more of Rice’s men came storming down the hall, and you two grabbed each other’s hands, running for the doors. He was your freedom… But somehow, you seemed to be his imprisonment. All he had, was Transigen. Until you trapped him in the middle of his own emotions, torturing his already tortured soul with the line of right and wrong. You two, together, however, was right.

All In Part 2

If you were being honest with yourself, you did bite off more than you could chew. With your school work, your own practices and games, and coaching the boys varsity team, it was easy to say you were overwhelmed. You were more than ecstatic to have the end of your coaches month and a half absence to be over. There was only one problem. The boy you’d put your neck on the line for wasn’t performing at the level your coach had been promised. He was doing better than amazing for a newbie, but still not on the level you needed him to be on. Watching him play was another interesting thing that had you drawn into him. He was definitely a separate player from the rest of the team. And you were able to see how everyone else treated him. He was quiet and he took the silent abuse they shed down on him.

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so i sorted my tbr back in january from highest to lowest page number and have been working my way through the pile that way. as such i started off with about 45 books, have received/bought a fair few since then (despite a book buying ban) and am now down to 20 books. 19 of which are less than 400 pages. 7 of which have less than 300 pages. I could potentially finish all of them before the end of the year. I could actually crush my tbr for real. i mena it would go right back into existence eventually but hopefully a less intimidating existence.

oh BOY

remember when i said i have troublesome travel experiences?

you’ll wanna hear this one.
I hit every bump on the road on my way to Thailand. I did make it here safely!! But oh man did i have problems.

It started at my home base airport, where the lady checking me in insisted i needed a visa to the point she called her supervisor over to convince me… yeah no i did not need a visa. Next, my flight was delayed by 2 hours. Made it to a connecting flight at LAX… where they kept switching the dingdong gate on me. Id find it, sit down to eat a sandwich because i was STARVING by that point and theyd make me move. Finally, the pick one and im told my boarding pass doesn’t work. Get a new boarding pass, board. Told repeatedly im in the wronnnggg seat… even though my boarding pass said so. Finally convince flight attendants who took my boarding pass because they jad to verify it. We get into the sky and im over here merrily enjoying my games and books on the phone for about an hour… when a flight attendant tells me i have to shut the phone off… “its on airplane mode!” says I. “turn it off!” says she. Okay. i oblige because there were these really cool touch screen things with movies and games and tv that i can use. BUT WAIT- mine is broken. The flight is full so they can’t switch my seat. Here I am on a 15 hour flight with nothing to do. Tried to sleep… was very unsuccessful.
Finally about 7 hours later i get the damn thing to work. PRAISE THE SNODS.
Alright, things are going. That 15 hiur flught was physically painful and mentally exhausting. Sitting aroune for 5 hours with severe ADHD SUCKED. i cried a lot. only slept 2 hours on that plane.
Finally get to China for my flight only… whats this? i have an hour layover… and… my 15 hour flight WAS 45 MINUTES LATE. “O shit” I say as the tram driver takes his dear sweet time getting us from the plane to the terminal. Finally, get there and they call last call for bangkok… im freaking out. i give them my passport and boarding pass and they let me through passed china’s additional security check point. 10 minutes. i RAN A MILE according to my fit bit. ive never ran a mile in 10. personal record. finally got to the gate… was the last to board. they close the door behind me, im on the verge of an asthma attack, but praising the gods that i made it.
sleep for 2 hours on the flight. land in bangkok. wait 45 minutes for my luggage that… oh… didnt make it onto my plane :’(
they tell me its coming in at 2 am and they will send it to my hotel. im hoping it made it here. idk its 6 am and i havent gone to check because i want to sleep more.

but i am here with my best friend in the entire world. i am safe. and ready for this grand adventure!!!
but man, has it been an adventure already.

I’m well aware that some of you have suddenly decided that I talk about Josh too much (even though I’ve been talking about him the same amount for like 7 months, but we’ll go with it).

But here’s the thing.

My ex-husband treated me like shit. All the time. But I put up with it because I didn’t know any better and I was never going to leave him because of who I was as a person back then. 

Josh, on the other hand, slept over last night. I have to be up at 9 for work today. He set an alarm for 8:45 so that he could be up to make me coffee and breakfast in bed. That’s the kind of person he is. 

So, of course, I’m going to talk about him, because I’m finally getting what I actually deserve.

Safe. (Calum Hood Series, AU) Part 9

Calum had a secret to keep, Y/N was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Warnings: Swearing? (As always)


For several days after the incident, all of the boys were definitely on edge. Michael was so afraid that someone would come back to the house, demanding the real flash drive.
But to their unease, nobody came for it, which only made them even more nervous.
Much to Y/N’s dismay, this meant Calum waking her up semi-early every morning, especially if they were all leaving early. And it wasn’t really his fault. Especially on the mornings after the nights that the two of them slept in the same place. Calum just couldn’t get up off of the bed quietly, no matter how much he tried.
And that was the case, on the Friday after the three men came for the flash drive. Calum tried to slide away from Y/N as slowly and gently as possible, yet it didn’t work. Y/N woke up with a grumble, sitting up and blinking at the sudden light in the room.
“Sorry, babe.” Calum apologetically smiled at her as she slid off of the bed and grabbed her phone.
“6:45?? Really?” She groaned, causing Calum to laugh.
“Again, sorry. We have to be at the studio at 7:15 today.”
“We?” Y/N inquired, her mind still foggy from sleep.
“Yes, we. Y/N I asked you if you wanted to go with me last night. You said yes.” Calum responded, grabbing a shirt out of the closet and pulling it over his head.
“You did ask me that, didn’t you. I do want to go, yes.” Y/N mumbled, walking to the door and going back to her own room. After getting dressed, she walked back to Calum’s room, the two heading downstairs together.

Y/N sat on a couch in the studio as Calum sat, writing lyrics on a sheet of paper. She kept finding herself staring at him, finding the concentration on his face slightly amusing. He would write something, scribbling it out with the pen in his hand, biting his bottom lip in the process. The expressions that crossed his face made Y/N giggle quietly, which wound up breaking his concentration.
“What are you laughing at?” He asked, emitting a light laugh as he tossed his pen onto the table.
“You!” Y/N answered.
“Me? Why?”
“The expressions you’re making.” She giggled, and a light blush crept across his face.
“They’re cute.” She reassured as he picked up his pen again.
“You haven’t seen half of the faces I can make..” Calum mumbled, and Y/N felt her face flush.
“Then maybe you should show me.” She muttered in response, standing up from the couch and walking to the bathroom, leaving Calum glancing after her, a smirk on his face.

After spending the entire day at the studio, Calum finally stood from the couch, asking Y/N is she was ready to go. She nodded, following Calum out and to the car, which was one of only a few left in the parking lot.
The two sat in the car for a minute, Calum scrolling through the music on his phone to pick a song. As he scrolled, however, Y/N leaned across the car in a split-second decision to press a kiss to his cheek. He turned his head at the last second, however, and their lips met instead. Calum hurriedly chose a song, locking his phone and putting it down on the seat as he connected their lips again.
The kisses became more and more feverish, hands roaming everywhere.
Calum suddenly pulled away, though, shaking his head.
“Not here.” He mumbled, Y/N leaning back to her own space as Calum started to drive.
When they finally got back to the house, the two of them walked inside before picking up where they left off in the car. Calum paused just long enough to see if anyone else was home, glancing from room to room as Y/N followed behind him.
“Must all be out.” He mumbled, pressing his lips to Y/N’s again. Calum opened the door of the bedroom with one hand, his other on the small of her back as he backed into the room. Y/N reached to shut the door behind them, locking it before Calum had her pressed against it. His hands roamed her body as his lips trailed down her neck, a soft sigh falling from her mouth.
As everything started to heat up, Calum’s phone rang.
“Ignore it.” He mumbled, his mouth meeting hers again. But then his phone started to ring again. And again.
“Cal, just answer it.” Y/N said, and he reached down to pull it from his pocket.
“Luke, this is a really bad time, mate-” He stated into the phone, an annoyed expression on his face. That is until Luke started to speak on the other end.
“Yeah. Yeah I’ll be there soon.” Calum sighed, hanging up the phone and shoving it into his pocket again.
“Is everything okay?” Y/N asked, watching as Calum moved to the side of his bed and grabbed his phone charger from the wall.
“Something happened. Ashton and Luke are at the hospital right now. Luke didn’t say much, just that Ashton got hurt.” Calum answered, to which Y/N stepped toward him.
“Do you want me to come?” She inquired but his face said it all.
“Do you think that I’m actually going to leave you here? After everything you’ve been through?” He mumbled, which evoked a laugh from her. Y/N grabbed her own charger, and carefully tucked it into her purse before turning and following Calum out of the house yet again.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Y/N and Calum walked into the Emergency Room waiting area, only to find Luke sitting in one of the chairs, nervously bouncing his leg.
“What the hell happened?” Was the first thing that flew out of Calum’s mouth, which earned him a dirty look from the receptionist at the desk. Luke glanced at him and Y/N, standing from the chair and motioning for them to follow him into the main lobby of the hospital.
Luke led them to a corner of the empty lobby, making sure nobody was around before starting his explanation.
“I’m not sure what happened exactly. Me and Ashton were walking back to his car and when I turned around, Jay had Ash on the ground.”
“Jay was involved in this?” Calum immediately demanded, his expression darkening. Luke nodded, the two falling quiet as a woman and a little girl walked through the lobby toward the elevators.
“I swear I’m going to fucking kill him. I’m getting sick of this shit.” Calum growled, turning and walking toward the entrance of the hospital. Y/N looked at Luke, who stood in disbelief, a slight panic on her face before she sprinted after Calum. By the time she caught up with him he was already halfway to where they had parked, and he didn’t seem to slow his pace even after Y/N called after him.
She finally put on a burst of speed and managed to cut him off, though he nearly knocked her over in the process.
“Not now, Y/N.” He angrily stated, but she refused to move.
“Cal. You need to think-”
“I have thought, Y/N! Jay is the main one who keeps coming after us. He’s the reason that I had to bring you here. The one that has continually brought you into this.” Calum exclaimed, his eyes meeting hers.
“I get that. But you will have your chance to get back at him.”
“This is my chance.”
“Calum you don’t even know where this guy is.”
“I’ll find him.”
“Los Angeles is huge. You’re not going to be able to find him tonight, and you haven’t even seen Ashton yet.” Y/N reasoned, to which Calum finally seemed to calm down a little.
“I see where you’re coming from, Y/N, but I have to at least try. I’ll be okay, I promise.” He responded, leaning down to press a quick kiss to Y/N’s lips before stepping around her and walking to the car.
Y/N stood, looking after him in disbelief before turning and walking back into the hospital, hurriedly trying to find Luke.

*Author’s Note***

Part 9/?
I’m sorry this took so long! College is great, but kind of stressful 😂

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Dr. Charlotte. Bucky x Reader.

Hi. Can you write Bucky and his (and the reader’s) little girl playing dress up, if you don’t mind? Or maybe they’re playing in costumes? Just give me daughter and daddy cuteness, please? Thank you. (P.S. I’m the anon who asked for the tea party one-shot. I did like your story. Thanks for that.)

A/N: I went and did something a little differently in this one. The daughter does still play in costumes, but the circumstance is different. I hope you still like it.

word count: 3,023

“We could really use the both of your for this one, guys.” Steve was sitting on the middle cushion of you living room. Bucky was drinking his black coffee in his favorite chair, not saying anything. His metal had gripping the arm of the chair a little harder than preferred. You walked in  with your own cup of coffee, your daughter tailing behind you, humming a song from Sleeping Beauty, her favorite.
“I don’t know, Steve.” You sat on the smaller couch across from Steve, the little girl hopping up into your lap with her stuffed dog in her hands. “We’ve never left Charlotte at the same time.”
“Well come on, Y/N.” Steve sat back against the cushion. “Nat already said that she’d babysit for you, and you know that you can trust her with Lottie.” You ran your fingers through little Lottie’s dark brown curls as she played.
“That’s not it, Steve. I do trust Nat to take care of her. I just,” you paused and looked over to meet Bucky’s concerned stare, “We don’t like the idea of both of us out in the field at the same time. And Bucky just got home two days ago and Lottie hasn’t had much time with just him.” Charlotte had begun to sing outright and you kissed the top of her head and spoke sweetly into her ear. “Charlotte? Let Mommy and Daddy talked with Uncle Steve okay? Go on upstairs, moya krasota [my beauty].” Charlotte jumped down from your lap and hugged her dog to her chest and continued to sing while she went up to her room.
“She’s gotten so big.” Steve looked over to Bucky and smiled. “You did good, pal.”
“She’ll be 5 in a few months,” Bucky shook his head a little in his own disbelief, “It’s crazy how fast she’s grown.” He then stood from the chair, his body posture much calmer, and sat down next to you. He reached his metal arm around your shoulder and went quiet again.
“Steve,” you rested a hand on Bucky’s thigh, “I’ll go on the assignment. Bucky will stay here with Lottie and rest up after his last mission.” The muscle in Bucky’s thigh contracted under your palm. He knew that this was the only option, but he still hated for you to go. You didn’t go on missions as often; Charlotte needed her mother around. But he was still not back to par after being in Asia for three weeks undercover. It needed to be done. Steve gave a long sigh and nodded.

“Okay,” Steve smiled over to the two of you, “thank you, Y/N. We’ll be in and out of the mountains in no time.” Steve stood and grabbed his files off of the coffee table. You and Bucky stood to see him out. Before he headed out the door, you grabbed his arm.
“Wait for a minute.” You walked to the bottom step and called up for your daughter. “Lottie, sweetheart? Come say ‘good night’ to Uncle Steve.” Little running footsteps echoed on the hardwood floor above. Her curls bounced around her round cheeks as she descended down the staircase. Steve knelt down at the bottom of the stairs with his arms open wide.
“Come here, princess!” She squealed and jumped from the second to last step into his embrace. Steve laughed into her hair and stood to swing her in the air. Bucky’s natural arm wrapped around your waist, warming you as you watched. Steve set her back down and held her tiny chin in his large hand. “Charlotte? You be a good girl, okay?” She smiled and nodded before getting up on the very tips of her little toes to kiss Steve on the cheek. “Oh, thank you. Thank you, princess.” She turned and ran back up the stairs to her room.

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I was supposed to do this last night, but I wound up watching old episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen, so today is the day of posting.

actually posting

here we go



Last Monday I had the opportunity to attend the Q&A with Aaron Ginsburg, I’m certain that many of those on here in The 100 fandom watched the live stream and possibly even had one of their questions read off of wherever the live stream was happening. Given the fact that some of you watched the live stream and there is or will be a podcast available to listen to what Aaron talked about during the Q&A this isn’t going to be what this post is about. Rather it’s going to be about after the Q&A. 

I debated with myself on whether or not to go and say Hi and get a picture, if possible, or just head on home after it was over. Obviously this doesn’t seem like much of a decision, but I live about 45 minutes (with no traffic of any sort) away from where the event was held, it was late, and I have to be up by 5 to beat traffic to get to my job that starts at 7. However, in the end my need to meet someone who has been so involved in the creation of some things I loved for years, and express my appreciation and love for their work won out in the end.

I was the second to last person to get to talk to him, which was nice in both that we had a decent length of a conversation and I’m not really into a lot of people being around hearing my conversations in situations like this one.

After talking about pizza, and geeking out over The Thrilling Adventure Hour (he even revealed to me he was wearing a TTAH shirt under is jacket), and our shared love of Nathan Fillion, I finally mentioned The 100. I mentioned that it was my favorite show, and he said it was his too, which if you watch(ed) the live stream, were at the Q&A, or listen(ed) to the podcast, this is evident in the way he talks about the show (even before joining the staff) 

I explained my love of the show in that it was the first show in which both the creative side and the analytical and psychological side of me merged together. That I could spend hours watching a scene and then taking it a part. I went into a bit more detail of it with him (I even mentioned the art work and the sculpture in Mt. Weather), and it ended with him saying that if it was on the screen it was there on purpose. 

I believe he might have mentioned it during the Q&A but we talked about how much the psychology of everything comes up in the writer’s room, and it’s one of the favorite things of the writers. We talked a little while longer, he showed my a picture of some flatbread style pizza things he didn’t post on SM, and upon discovering that Jasper was my favorite character he told me he was sorry (in an actual genuine way) and talked about Devon for a little while, before I decided to not take up any more of his time and get a picture before heading home for the night.

Now, during the conversation there were a few things about S5 that he told me about. No spoilers only….teasers

1. He’s really excited for the Eligius group (he might have said most excited, but I won’t say that for 100% sure) and the dynamic that they are going to bring

2. Something happens in the first episode of the season that had the writer’s room divided (this was brought up when we were talking about the psychology in the show)


3. He had recently watched the director’s cut of either the 3rd or 4th episode and there was a scene that had him crying (I have my thoughts about what this scene might involve given who/what we had been talking about when he mentioned this, but I’m also not going to say 100% that’s what it is, cause it’s The 100 and a fuck ton of sad shit can happen)

Anyways Aaron Ginsburg is awesome and I feel rejuvenated and ready for season 5 to get here

Surgery Diaries

January 31, 2017

I can’t sleep. There have been so many attempts to try and fix me, but here I am, still with an ileostomy a1.5 years now. Although its done routinely, I will forever be scared and scarred of surgery. ‘\

Gracilis muscle flap in a nutshell: they are going to take the Gracilis muscle (planning on my left leg) and use that to fill the sinus tract that is left in my perineal area, the cavity preventing me from getting the ileostomy take down. 

I think I may actually be hopeful for the first time in a long time. Its a more aggressive surgery, but at this point I just want my life back. 

I went to therapy today for the first time in  a while. As soon as I walked out the door I told my mom that I didn’t like her (you know, you gotta find the right therapist that works), and then on our drive home I just start busting out in tears. Whatever she did, she opened me, she forced me to be vulnerable and let out tears that have been a long time coming. ‘

I’m first of the day, which means shower at 4 am with special soap, 4:45 leave the house 5:15 check into the hospital. And at 7:15 the magic happens. The surgery is done by a plastic surgery and a colorectal surgeon. The plastic surgeon will deliver the gracilis flap to the colorectal surgeon. 

Cross for your fingers for my guys. I go under the knife in 5 hours. 

Seriously tho–shout out to mom’s. I know one day she’s gonna check my page and see this. And mom, if he surgery works or not, thank you for just trying. Thank you for willing and wanting to sleep with me at the hospital and for allowing me to put my decisions: emotional an physical in your hands. I’m scared mom. Its 2:26 am and I wonder if you’re tossing and turning like I am. 

My Assistant for This Meeting. Ceo!CALUM

A/n : So this is a Ceo!Calum short imagine/ part 1 If you guys want more! Hope you enjoy!!


“Why must you always take the morning shifts y/n? I hate it when your alarm goes off!” Your roommate- Michael groaned as you sat up at 4:30 in your kitchen, making eggs.
“Well Michael, you always complain but you could try and fall back asleep.” Laughing as you take two plates out of the cupboard.
“But that means no breakfast that’s already made. Plus I go to work at 7. I wake up at 4:30, eat breakfast with you till 4:45, then I walk you to work, boom it’s 5:25, then when I go to the pet store to pet the cats at 6 I always stay there till 6:30 with gives me time to get the cat hair off my pants and go to work! It’s been like that since forever and I can’t ruin that now.” Michael gushed, as he took his plate of scrambled eggs and sat down.

“Okay yeah but you still always have your alarm set for 5:30 right? Just Incase?” You wondered, eating your own eggs.
“Yeah of course, and it pisses me off when it goes off.” Michael mumbled. You smiled, loving the early mornings that you and your roommate share. “Look we need to hurry up and eat. Stop talking.” Y/n laughed, biting into her piece of toast.

 When she arrived at work with Michael, she quickly changed shoes as she was leaning on his shoulder, they quickly hugged and she scanned her keycard to get in. Walking into the huge lobby her heels clicked and clacked against the floor. It got the night receptionist’s- Jeremy’s attention. It was their little routine. When she walked in with her heels she would always try and make a tune and she would guess what it was.

“Jingle bells.” He grinned.
“Easy one. I’ll get you next time.” You smiled, taking your jacket off and pulling your folded blazer on over your plain white shirt.

As you were getting to the desk, Jeremy was getting ready to leave. “I think the doorman is getting in late, he is severely ill so make sure the door is open for the boss man.” He grinned before saying bye to Guy, the security guard and I. The doors to this building are always locked until 6:25/6:30 so unless you are the Ceo of the company, or have a key card you can’t be let in.

As I was fiddling with some papers I heard the buzz. The buzz of him. He has this little buzzer that he carries around in his pocket when he needs me. He doesn’t even have one for his assistant, he usually uses it when he wants to personally know when someone certain is here or for times like this, be let in. Quickly getting up I professionally rush to the door where he is non stop pressing his buzzer. When I opened the door and held it for him, he smiled. “Now wasn’t that buzzer a swell idea Miss. Y/L?” He grinned, stopping to talk to me before he went upstairs to his office. “Early today I see?.” I smiled at him, my hands behind my back. “Well, I need to prepare. I’m expecting a client from Japan early this morning around 6:10, I’ll text you a picture so you know what he looks like.” Grinning he took his phone out. “Sir I am not sure it is wise to have your receptionists phone number, is it?” I wondered, eyeing the phone.

“Oh come on it wouldn’t hurt. The thing I call an assistant probably couldn’t send a picture to save her life, I should probably do it myself.” He smirked, knowing how frustrated I get as he has been trying to get my number for 3 years now with no legitimate excuse until now.
Sighing, I took his phone and typed my Number in. “Well, it only took three years.” I looked at him and smiled weakly before he took his phone and went to the elevators.

Sitting back down at the receptionist desk, waiting until I got down to work. “Guy, Incase Terry shows up late can you make sure the doors are all unlocked by like.. 6:20?” I called to the little room where all of the security cameras were. “You got it y/n! Count on me!” He called back, coming to sit out.

Around 6 o'clock I got a text, the picture of a Japanese businessman. Then I got a call. “Hello?” I whispered, not knowing why since it was just Guy and me. “I need you to play as my assistant for this meeting. Angelic or whatever her name was called me and quit. So please I just need you for this meeting?” It was him again. “Uh sir.. I don’t know..” “Oh come on all you need to do is take notes and listen in. Please play my assistant y/n?” He was close to begging.

“I guess I could do it sir.. I’ll need the passcode for the the 54th floor..” I was a little nervous he wouldn’t give it to me, seeing only he knew it. He wouldn’t even let his last assistant know it.
“Oh.. It’s um.. 0509..” He mumbled.Okay, and you’ll be there when I bring them up right?“ “Yeah bring them up when they get here, bye.”

Then he hung up.
Great okay time to look like an assistant. Oh the fake glasses I keep in my purse. “Perfect.” I whispered to myself, putting them on. “Shit my hair. Fuck I need something to write with.” I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun, but then quickly took it down as I looked like a full on porn star.

A hair clip? Do I have one of those here? Nope. “Guy do you have a hair clip? He has long hair, that’s for sure. “Yeah, here.” He said, tossing me one. “Don’t ask why I have one here, the heat is crazy here at night.” He laughed, as I put my hair up. Just at that moment Guy told me there were men at the door. “Fuck!” I said semi-loudly, quickly grabbing one of the blank daily planners we got some weird reason and a few pens. When I made it near the doors, I walked it calmly, not freaking out inside. When I opened the door I welcomed them, letting them in. “Now if you’d follow me I will show you to the elevator.” I felt so shaky. Like I was going to fall.

When the elevator door opened I stepped inside, Going to the corner by the buttons. I then proceeded to click the button that had the number 54 on it and typed the code in. 0509. Why does that sound familiar? I brushed it off and awkwardly stood with professional men in the elevator going 54 floors up.

I took a deep breath as the elevator doors opened and led them out to the hallway by the conference room, to see him standing there.
Wait what do I do now? I hesitated and Looking at him for help, but he just nodded. “Now, if you will just enter and have a seat, the conference will start momentarily.” I smiled, holding the door open for the men as they walked through the door and sat down.

“You know, I think you have them fooled, that’s for sure.” He smirked walking close to the door, by my ear. “And by the way, you should start calling me by my preferred name in front of them.” He whispered lowly, handing me some papers. “Hand these out to them and sit in the corner. You’ll find proper writing utensils on the corner table.”

“Of course.. Thank you..” I cleared my throat a little bit. “Uh Mr. Hood.”
I awkwardly said, before walking in and giving the proposals out to everyone.

This is going to be a long meeting.



 A/n: I hope you guys all enjoyed, just remember if you guys want to request a part two(it will be MUCH longer don’t worry this was just a small idea of it) OR anything else, click here