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Addilyn Grace

He looked down at his phone and saw your number on the screen. The crew was between takes, so he knew he had a few minutes that he would be able to talk to you. He missed his girls terribly. 

“Hello?” he answered. 


“Y/N?” he asked, looking down at his phone to make sure it connected. 

He heard a little giggle. He’d know that sound anywhere. 

“Lynie?” Jensen asked.

“Daddy!” she shrieked as she suddenly realized who was on the phone. “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” she repeated over and over again. Then he heard the distinct sound of a phone being thrown across the room. 

“Addilyn Grace, what are you doing with mommy’s phone?” he heard you ask as you picked up the phone. 

“Daddy!” Addilyn shrieked in the background. 

Y/N picked up the phone. “Who did you call?” she asked Addilyn. There was a brief silence. “Hello?” 

Jensen couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face, a laugh settling low in his stomach. 

“Hey sweetheart,” he responded. 

“Jen?” she asked. “Lynie did you call Daddy?”

“Daddy!” she laughed, a delighted squeal echoing throughout the room. 

“Oh!” Y/N laughed. “Looks like someone is missing daddy, Jen,” Y/N laughed. “We’ve got one smart two year old, dude.”

“Well, daddy is missing Addilyn and Momma something awful,” he admitted. “She must’ve known I needed to hear my girls’ sweet voices.”

“I miss you, babe,” you sighed. 

“I’m telling you, this whole being fifteen minutes away thing is terrible,” Jensen teased. 

“Shut up,” you giggled. “You know what I mean. I’m just ready for you to get a long break and not be coming home super late when I’m already exhausted and Addilyn is out like a light,” you said. 

“Well, you’ll like this then. We’re gonna wrap early tonight. We wrap at four and I’ll be home by 4:15,” Jensen promised. 

He could hear the smile in your voice. “I can’t wait. Whatcha gonna cook?” you joked. 

“Whatever you want, darlin’,” Jensen drawled. “Put me on speaker,” Jensen said. 

“Done,” Y/N answered. 

“Lynie, you wanna help daddy cook dinner for momma?” he asked. 

“Daddy! Mommy! Daddy!” 

“Boy she likes those two words a lot, doesn’t she?” Jensen laughed.  

You chuckled. “She knows who loves her.” 

“I’ll see you two in about an hour. I’m so glad we decided to have you two up here while I’m filming, at least while she isn’t school age,” Jensen sighed happily. 

“Best. Decision. Ever.” you both said at the same time. 

You laughed. 

“I love you,” Jensen smiled. 

“I love you too, daddy. See you soon. Tell daddy bye Addilyn,” Y/N encouraged. 

“Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye!” Addilyn singsonged. 

Y/N laughed. “She thinks we’re going bye bye. Now I gotta chase her down. See you soon, babe,” she said.

“Bye, woman.” 

Before she could hang up, he heard the phone hit the floor, Y/N’s voice echoing in the background. “Addilyn Grace Ackles, don’t you dare do that.”

There was a soft crash and a chorus of giggles. Jensen couldn’t wait to get home to his girls. He was so glad that they were so close, and he could see them every night. 

Life couldn’t get much better. 

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can i request a jaehyun or johnny au if you don't mind? i love your writings a lot and i hope you're doing well in school! ☺️💞

  • vampire!johnny
  • is such a show-off that fellow vampires from his coven, jaehyun and taeyong, have to make sure he doesn’t secretly give away their secret to idk literally everyone 
  • only drinks blood at a specific temperature. literally most vampires just drink right from the animal but johnny will save up blood, take it home, and microwave it
  • someone: “you’re so handsome, it’s almost godly????”
  • johnny: “i mean you could say im godly, im also immorta-”
  • taeyong: “IMMORAL,,,,,,LIKE,,,,,HE HAS NO MORAls,,,,,,,,,,,we have to be going now bye”
  • you’re just walking through the forest, going back down the path because you spent most of the day taking photos of animals
  • when you somehow lose track of the path so you decide to take another way around,,,,,and you stumble upon this group???? of ????? people????
  • standing around a fire and you’re like oh !!! campers?
  • but then one of them turns around and uh,,,,,his mouth? is red???? is that BLOOD
  • and you want to scream but it gets stuck in your throat and in that flash of a moment, the boy disappears and appears behind you, hand over your mouth and drags you back into the bushes
  • and you’re like don’t kill me don’t kill me,,,,,don’t please,,,,,
  • and he whispers against your ear that you shouldn’t make noise, he won’t hurt you but if you do the others will
  • and you’re like ?????? others????? 
  • but you shake and you feel his arms pull you a bit close and finally when you’ve calmed down he lets you go and you turn to see this,,,,,amazingly gorgeous person and his lips are shining red
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,a,,,,,are you a -” and he’s like “yes, a vampire. i mean what other magical creature looks this good?” and you’re like “don’t like merpeople also-” and johnny is like shh
  • and you’re like,,,,why’d you pull me away?? and he’s like if the coven members see you,,,,,,they could vote to hurt you so you lose your memory of seeing us
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,so you saved me?? and johnny shrugs but you can see the smug look on his face
  • and he’s like “let me walk you back to the path” and you’re like “wait,,,,can vampires like teleport because back there,,,,,that’s what you did” and johnny laughs and is like “no, i can just move super fast. here let me show you.”
  • and suddenly you’re back in his arms and in the blink of a minute he’s climbed up a tree and moved you guys up on a high branch
  • and you’re like WOAH, clutching onto him and he’s like,,,,,oh,,,,,,looking down and feeling your warm body pressed against his,,,,
  • and you’re like “im so high up,,,,this is so scary,,,,but it’s so pretty??? the sky looks so close,,,,”
  • and as you’re talking johnny notices how sweet your voice sounds and how he doesn’t want your warm hands around him to let go
  • and johnny is like “i can take us hi-” and you’re like “nonono this is ok also,,,,,”
  • you look up at him, his shining eyes in the night sky’s backdrop and you’re like “don’t let go.”
  • and johnny,,,,feels a spark go through him. something he doesn’t ever feel around other vampires, let alone humans
  • and he tries to make a joke like “telling a vampire not to let go, how confident are you human?” but in reality he’s like how is this human so freaking CUTE,,,,good thing i saved them 

please take a moment to realize that, Killua wasn’t the only one suffering

That was you!?

Request: A imagine with Peter where the reader is Tony’s daughter, and also goes to Peter’s school. She has a huge crush on Peter and she has no idea that he is spider man, so then one day she talks to Spider-Man about Peter, and you can take it from there :)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,097. My longest one!

A/N: What the heck, I just got this request and finished it today, I usually don’t write this fast!

Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

“I’m home!” you called as you walked into your house.You didn’t hear a response so you looked around a little bit. Sill no dad.

You shrugged and sat down on the couch. You plopped you feet on the coffee table and turned on the TV. Then remembered that you had a ton of homework, which reminded you of someone. Peter Parker. He was probably already done with his homework. You had a huge crush on this guy, he was such a nerd, but really really cute. You where day dreaming about him when your dad sneaked up behind you.

“Hey sweetheart how was school?!” You jumped and some of your papers went flying.

“Oh” you said, putting your hand on your heart. “It was OK. Where are the others?”
“oh, they’re…. Out”

“okaaaaay” you replied. Everyone was acting strangely lately.

The next morning you where looking around for your dad to say goodbye for school when you saw him in the training room.

“Hey dad” He nodded towards you as you entered the room.

“Wait… You Mr Stark’s daughter?!” The voice startled yo and you looked around the room for the source of sound.

“Up here!” You looked up and saw someone in red and blue stuck to the ceiling.

“Oh! It’s the crime fighting spider!”

But, why was he asking me if I was Tony’s daughter?. You left the room to grab a snack and head out the door. Your were slightly confused as to why spider-man was at the tower but didn’t give it much thought, You’re dad was always bringing random people over.

School was pretty average; avoiding some bullies, forgetting some homework, etc. Until you got to your third class, and Peter Parker was missing. You saw his partner, Ned standing there, he didn’t seem to know where Peter was either.
Unfortunately your partner never showed up either.

so you just partnered with Ned.

It was going fine until a nervous looking Peter Parker ran into the classroom late.
When he saw you he turned his head to the side for a minute. Then breathed in and cleared his throat once he realized how weird he was being. He stepped in and took his place, and you just went back to your own desk and sat down. He never took another glimpse towards you.
You weren’t quite sure what Had just happened. Had he just been really rude? Or was it just your imagination? Peter never really payed any attention to you anyway.

You got home and started with your homework right away, and when you finished it was already dark outside. So you went to the terrace of the tower and looked out at the sky. There weren’t very many stars in the sky where you lived, so you just had to imagine what it would be like looking out at all of them.

You walked further and further forward towards the edge of the tower, until suddenly, your foot slipped and you began to fall. You screamed and prepared for you death when suddenly you landed on something.. Someone. You looked up and saw spider-man. He shot out a web back towards the tower and in a blink of an eye you were both standing back on the terrace.

“Whoa” he said as he let you out of his embrace. You breathed heavily and backed away from the edge.

“Thanks” You smiled shyly at him. Embarrassed that he had to save you but glad that he was there.

“Anytime. Hey, you OK?”

“Yeah” you said, looking down at your feet. Suddenly the fact that you had just fallen off of a 93 story building wasn’t a big deal anymore.

“So-” you smiled and punched him in the arm. “-What’s your deal Spiderling? Where are you from?”

He scratched the back of his neck

“Well-” he began. It was the beginning of a long story- a long conversation. -Though you hadn’t really gotten the answer you wanted-

You ended up telling him all about Peter, and how he never notices you.

“Oh, well… I’m sure he notices you..”

“I don’t know Spidey. He doesn’t seem to like me”

And All about bullies and how they tormented you, All about living with the avengers, and Having Tony Stark as a father.

“Speaking of my dad, he probably doesn’t know where I am.. And I have a curfew. I better go make sure he didn’t send the team out looking for me or anything”

He nodded as you stood up.

“Nice talking to you Y/N”

“Same here Spidey”

You smiled to yourself as you walked inside.

“Y/N! Where have you been!” Your dad said as he ran up to you.

“Oh nowhere.. Just taking with Spiderboy”

He raised an eyebrow. “How are you in touch with him now?” Your dad did not like the idea of you dating any boys, especially not Him.

“Oh Y'know, I fell off the tower and he caught me. Bye!” you skipped away.

The next day at school was going fine, until flash caught up with you.

“Leave me alone flash” you grumbled as you out your books back into your locker.

“Yeah? And what if I don’t?!” he slammed your locker shut.

“Then your gonna have to mess with me” a voice from behind you said. You turned around and saw none other than Peter Parker himself.

“What are you gonna do about it? Punk” Flash laughed out.

Peter took one look at flash and then lifted him up and pinned his shoulders too the lockers. Peter let him down, and he ran away mumbling something about what a freak Peter was.

“Are you OK?” He asked as he watched you with your mouth hung open.

“Y-Yeah-” you trailed off.

“L-Listen Y/N… About yesterday in class- sorry I-if I uh, offended you… Or anything I just uh.. Sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck.

That was familiar, who else does that?

“Wait a minute-” you pointed a finger accusingly at him.“Y-your Spider-man aren’t you!!?”

“W-what?!?! Noooo, I’m not… No…”

“This is so embarrassing.. A-and I just told you last night that I liked you” you pinched the bridge of your nose between your fingers.

“H-hey” Peter lifted up your chin “I-I-I.. You know-” Before he could stutter anymore like a complete Idiot, he pulled you in and kissed you.
“Your spider-man!” you breathed after you kissed. Peter chuckled, he couldn’t deny it at this point.

Little did either of you know, you where both thinking the same thing;

Tony’s probably not going to be happy about this

It’s Too Cold (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: 1. “Your hair is so soft..”

3. “No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.”

+ this imagine was inspired this photo (aka the reason why I’m dead):

Warnings: None

Word Count: 802

A/N: Idk how to write for Tom Holland so this is for Peter. 

Y/N was hobbling in the streets, trying to get to her boyfriend’s house, Peter. The reason she was waking heavily and tripping every five seconds was because how exhausted she was; also the weather was freezing too. She had been studying for her final exams for three weeks and the projects were killing her. She was stressed than ever, not just because of the weight of the exams, but she was truly concerned about her future too.

Peter was no different, that was the reason why they planned on taking a day off, relaxing and finally spending alone time after weeks without mentioning homework.

She squeezed her hands more tightly in her pockets; her knuckles were probably redder than ever. All she wanted was a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. She dreamt of spending the night at Peter’s cuddling and watching the movies they had watched more than twenty times already. Thinking of this heartwarming scene, she chuckled lightly and realized she had arrived at his apartment.

“Oh Y/N! I’m really glad that you arrived, Peter has been napping on his bed for hours now, I was pretty concerned!” Aunt May giggled, causing Y/N to smile widely. “The school had been killing us for weeks, I’m pretty sure that’s why he had been sleeping for so long,” she explained. Aunt May sighed, showing she was relieved. “I’m going to a friend’s house, will you be staying in tonight?” she asked while putting her coat on. “Probably, not decided yet,” Y/N replied while getting inside the house. “Okay, we have food in the fridge; you can have dinner too dear. See you later, bye!” Aunt May waved at her and left the house.

Y/N plodded towards to Peter’s room, taking off her coat and her scarf that was wet because of the snowstorm in the morning. She knocked on the door a few times then remembered he was sleeping and slowly opened the door, trying not to disturb him.

She closed the door and turned around to see the most stunning scene she had ever seen. Peter was sleeping peacefully, cuddling with his dog Tess, both covered with a comfy blanket. She examined his messy and fluffy hair, his red and soft cheeks and the circles under his eyes out of exhaustion. Y/N couldn’t decide which one was more adorable, she watched them in awe for minutes until she remembered how exhausted she was and how much she wanted to be in Tess’s place in that moment. She giggled quietly and stride to the bed.

Peter whined when he heard her footsteps and opened his eyes slowly. When he saw Y/N standing in front of him, he smirked and whispered: “For a second I thought I was dead and I was in heaven. Do you have any idea how angelic you look right now?” causing Y/N to blush and giggle.

“Will you please move I’m still freezing and I’m pretty jealous of Tess right now,” She pointed at Tess, who was still sleeping. Peter smirked at her and moved to the other side. “Come in angel.”

When Y/N was finally in the bed, Peter hugged her from behind, placing kisses to her neck sleepily. “Peter…” Y/N gasped at the sudden action which sent shivers down her spine, making her get closer to him. “What? I missed you…” He mumbled nuzzling into her neck this time. Both of their eyes’ were shut, enjoying the quiet and warm bodies of each other.

As much as Y/N wanted to sleep in that moment, she also didn’t want to waste the limited time she had with Peter so she turned around to face him. Peter seemed like he was sleeping but when he felt Y/N’s movement, he lazily opened his eyes. The sweet sound of downfall outside filling their ears with joy, Peter held Y/N’s hand, brushing it with his thumb softly. Y/N placed her spare hand into Peter’s hair, roaming it gently. “Mmm… Please keep doing that,” Peter gasped.

“Your hair is so soft…” Y/N whispered, trying to keep the peaceful quietness steady.

“I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy this whole situation but are we going to stay in bed the whole evening?” Y/N asked and shifted a bit, trying to get up.

“No, I’m not letting you go. It’s too early to get out of bed.” Peter whined and pulled her back to closer to himself. Y/N’s back was pressed onto his chest, his legs covering up her body, trying to keep her in bed. Y/N was too tired to fight back so she just simply nodded and stared outside the window, New York City lights were looking delightful and it was still raining. Peter wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her neck once again. Both slowly falling asleep.

Mulan Starters:

“Punch him. It’s how men say hello.”

“Uh, I got a name. …And it’s a boy’s name, too.”

“Who knew you’d end up shaming him and disgracing your ancestors and losing all your friends…?”

“Hey, get out of there! You’re gonna make people sick!”

“Well, myself, I kinda like that corn chip smell.”

“I never want to see a naked man again.”

“I ain’t biting no more butts.”

“I was just washing, so now I’m clean, and I’m gonna go. Bye-bye!”

“Sorry you had to see that, but you know how it is when you get those, uh, manly urges, and you just gotta kill somethin’!”

“I’m travel-size for your convenience.”

“Why was I a fool in school for cutting gym?”

“If I were truly to be myself I would break my family’s heart.”

“Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!”

“You know, we have to work on your people skills.”

“Play nice with the other kids, unless, of course, one of the other kids wanna fight, then you have to kick the other kid’s butt.”

“Does this dress make me look fat?”

“Who spit in her bean curd?”

“They popped out of the snow like daisies!”

“You don’t belong here, [NAME]. Go home.”

“The only girl who’d love him is his mother.”

“Our little baby’s all grown up and saving China.”

The houses trying to eat healthy
  • Gryffindor: OMG I FEEL SO ENERGIZED AND AWAKE I NEVER WANNA STOP THIS!!! *secretly eats chocolate in the middle of the night*
  • Hufflepuff: I tried eating healthy once and I had nightmares for two weeks straight. Also, I treat my body the best with cake k bye!!
  • Ravenclaw: *on a date* Eating healthy is actually the best thing you could do to yourself - it helps you concentrating, feeling more awake, ...
  • *them* Okay, why don't you try it then?
  • *Ravenclaw, shoves breadsticks into purse* Sorry but I have to go right now immediately.
  • Slytherin: I see my body as an empire - only if I give candy to the folks they will be satisfied. Otherwise they would rebel.

I feel and look horrible but Snapchat makes me look somewhat okay

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Look i love you and shance is my jam so im telling you i am willing to die for aranged marriage shance or fake dating shance because those are my most favorite tropes in the entire universe. I hope you are not bored anymore i love you okay bye

I know you’ve sent this my way before, and before I was super hesitant to do this because of my writing ability, but you’ve been so kind in waiting for me to finally do something like this, so I’ll try my best todo is justice.


Lance may or may not be on the brink of an anxiety attack. Ok, he might be having it right now because finals were over. Which was great! No school, no tests, no homework. What isn’t good news is that he has to go home. And home is where his mother is. Expecting him. And his boyfriend that he’s been telling her about for months. A boyfriend that he does not actually have. That is why he is passing back and forth in his dorm, rambling on and on about how much of a dead man he is when he gets home.

“Why don’t you just tell your mom that you two broke up? That happens all the time.” Hunk suggests. Pidge doesn’t miss a beat, adding on “especially with you.” Lance stops pacing for a moment and gives Pidge an unamused glare. “This is serious guys! I told my mom that things were getting serious, I can’t just call her up and say we broke up. She’s going to ask what happens, and then my entire summer is going to be filled with her trying to pair me off with someone. Which is the exact reason I told her I had a boyfriend in the first place!”

Lance falls back onto his bed with a groan, just trying to figure out how to keep his mother from setting him up on ‘accidental’ dates with pretty much every gay, bi, or curious guy in their town. He’s glad that his mother is supportive of him, and is always trying to be helpful. But sometimes, it’s just too much. That’s why he told her that he already had a boyfriend, so hat he doesn’t have to go through another summer being set up at any possible moment. He wasn’t expecting his mother demanding he bring his ‘great boyfriend’ with him for the first week of summer. He tried to make an excuse as to why his 'boyfriend’ couldn’t come, but his mother had already made up her mind and even started setting up the guest room for 'him’.

This the freak out. Since there wasn’t any body to take home with him. Lance groans again even louder. Ready to just call his mother and tell her that he and his 'boyfriend’ broke up, or something. That is, until he got the best idea ever. Lance shoots up and opens up his contacts in his phone. He kept scrolling through his contacts, and even gains Pidge’s attention away from her computer.

“What are you doing Lance?”

“I think I figured out a solution to my problem! Aha!” Lance found the contact he was looking for and hits the call button. He holds the phone to his ear, hearing the ringing on the other line. The 3rd ring stops midway, interrupted by a disgruntled “yeah?”

“Hey Keith! Is your brother there?”


“Great! Can you put him on?”

“Ugh, fine, just make it quick.” Yup. The ever grumpy emo of their group.

“Lance you aren’t seriously asking Keith to pretend to be your boyfriend are you?” Pidge asks, getting Hunk to look away from his own packing looking at Lance like he just ate a ghost pepper. Again.

“No way. Like if ever ask mullet to be my boyfriend. Pretend or not.” He hears a some grumbles on the line, and then another voice is speaking through the speaker.

“hey Lance. Keith said you wanted to talk?”

Lance returns his attention back to his phone, crossing his fingers as he talks.

“Yeah. Do you still have nothing to do for the summer?”

“Yeah, with Keith going on his cross country hiking trip, I’ve got pretty much nothing going on. Why?”

Lance takes in a dead breath, hoping to any gods that are looking down on him.

“I have a proposal for you…”


Lance drives into he driveway, making sure he doesn’t hit any of the other parked cars. He parks the car and looks over to his 'boyfriend’ Shiro. Trying to figure out how lucky he got when Shiro agreed to pretend to be his boyfriend for a week at his parents place. It might have been the promise of home cooked food and being able to get out of his and Keith’s apartment, but lance isn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“So do you remember what we talked about on the way here? Do you want to go over anything before we do this?”

Shiro lets out a laugh, which surprising helps some of Lance’s nerves. “Yeah, I think I got it all. And if I forget anything, I’ll just look to you. But don’t you think this is going a bit far?”

“Once you meet my family, especially my mom, you’ll understand.” Lance retorts, watching Shiro laugh again as he steps out of the jeep onto the gravel drive way. Lance lets out a little chuckle himself and follows suit, walking towards the trunk to help get their bags out. He leads Shiro, who took most of the bags, up the porch yo the door, and doesn’t even get to knock on the door before it’s flung open and large man wraps Lance up into a hug that could rival Hunk’s (not that Lance would ever tell him) and with a booming voice calls out “LANCE IS HOME!!!” And lance can’t help but laugh at his uncle Philippe, hugging back as best as he can.

As soon as his uncle puts him back down, he’s overrun with little children, all clamping to either hug him or look at Shiro like he’s some sort of wild animal. Lance finally is able to untangle himself from tiny arms, he takes hold of Shiro’s hand, well more like his finger, and lead him inside the house. Navigating around all the aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, Lance is able to get Shiro into the guest room with as minimal questions and prodding from his family as possible, but he can tell that Shiro has caught on as to why Lance quizzes him on heir 'history’ the entire way there.

“Your family is definitely…”

“A lot?”

“I was going to say lively, but that works too.” Shiro huffs out with a chuckle, dropping the bags at his feet.

“Yeah, sorry about that, they just REALLY like meeting new people. Especially if it’s someone like a boyfriend or girlfriend. But if any of hem get super weird or intrusive, just let them know and they’ll back off. Usually.” Lance reassures Shiro, knowing that he’s still a little uneasy about his prosthetic arm. Shiro gives him an appreciated smile and sits next to him on the bed. “Thanks Lance.” Lance looks up at Shiro, unable to keep his smile and his own appreciation out of his voice. “I should be thanking you Shiro, you are helping me dodge a huge bullet by being here.” Shiro looks to Lance and pats his hand on his knee. “Well I hope the good is as good as you proclaimed all the way here.” Shiro smiles and offers his hand to Lance, who takes it and leads them out of the room, back into the fray of noisy relatives and overexcited nieces and nephews.


Lance wasn’t lying about the food, it was truly out of this world. Shiro scoops another spoonful of the homemade stir fry into his mouth, trying to pick out one voice from the other as everyone around the table chatters away with each other.

Lance wasn’t kidding about his family wanting to ask any question they want, they asked about pretty much everything about their make believe relationship; how they met, what their first date was, their first kiss, pretty much anything about their relationship. Shiro was very glad Lance drilled all of it into him during the ride there. A few of the kids had asked about his arm, but Lance would immediately redirects them to a game or something else, and helping Shiro if he ever needed to just take a break from answering so many questions. Lance just always seemed to know when to be there. God, Shiro does not regret pretending being Lance’s boyfriend. If only it wasn’t really pretending.

Ok. So Shiro had a pretty big crush on Lance. No big deal. It’s not like Shiro would ever tell Lance his feelings, or if Lance would ever accept his feelings. But if he could do this for Lance, than he would happily do it again.


Shiro snaps out of his thoughts and looks over to Mrs. McClain who was sitting next to him.
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I wanted to ask you something.”

“Oh. Well, ask away.” Shiro gives her his best impressive smile, prepared to answer something about his and Lance’s relationship.

“How did you know you wanted to date my boy? What about him swept you off your feet?” Shiro could feel the blush grow rapidly across his face.

“Mom!” Lance almost screeches, gaining the attention of everyone else at the table. It grows increasingly quite as all eyes are on Shiro. “Shiro you don’t have to-”

“I guess, it was his jokes at first. I mean, yeah they were pretty cheesy, but they always helped lighten the mood. And then it was the smaller things that no one really notices. How he will always put his friends first; how he’ll take care of his friends whenever their sick or upset. He’ll make sure everyone is comfortable and happy, even if it means he isn’t all the time. And then when we shared a class, I saw how focused and passionate he about his classes and his interests. How he’s so protective of his friends and doesn’t let anyone stop him when he gets an idea in his head, even if they aren’t the best. He sorta worked his way into my heart with each moment that I got to know him more. ” everyone is speechless with Shiro’s answer, Lance looking at him with such surprise and it was stunning, seeing Lance be caught off guard like that. His mother seems to be satisfied with his answer and goes about asking one of Lance’s sisters about her work, snapping everyone out of whatever stupor they were caught in and resuming their conversations, gladly taking the spotlight off of Shiro. Who went back to eating, trying to ignore the red blush that still decorate his scarred nose and cheeks.


It was late at night, everyone else was pretty much asleep or heading off to bed themselves. Shiro was able to head back it to the front porch, taking in the clear night sky and all of the stars that was usually so hard to see in the city. The front door squeaks open, and Shiro turns in his spot, expecting to see Lance. Instead, it was his mother, who happily takes a seat on the stair above Shiro, looking up into the night sky in a oddly comforting silence.

Hey both continue to enjoy the view in their mutual silence, until lance’s mother speaks.
“When you do ask out my boy, I’m sure he won’t hesitate saying yes.” It was said so calm and so matter-of-fact, that it left Shiro staring at her, gaping at her. How did she find out?
“I-I don’t know what you mean. I’m already dating Lance.” That came out much more shaky then Shiro would like it to be. Mrs. McClain chuckles to herself and looks down to Shiro.
“Honey, do you really think my boy can lie to me? I knew from the moment you got here. But I also saw how much you actually like him.”
Shiro tries to stammer out some sort of response, his blush growing more and more. It was probably already taking over his neck.
“So just know that when you two do start dating, for real, I’ll be very happy he found someone like you.” And with that, she got up and left Shiro to his stuttering thoughts and the stars in the sky.
Well, so much for fooling his family. But Shiro can’t exactly say that he’s not happy he had that chat with his mother.

Shiro looks back up to the stars, and whispers to himself “when we start dating, huh? That’s a nice idea.”


Tada! Finally did it! I added I some pining Shiro because why not, and don’t try and fool mama McClain, she can tell when any of her children are lying.

I really hope you enjoy this! I know I had some fun writing this!

papaperpencil  asked:

AHHHHH!! I absolutely adore your Voltron Family, like can a family be any cuter, I had to go back several pages to catch up on all the family adventures. The family has always seem really close but I was wondering if what the family did/coped when one of the kids wasn't there for a holiday or a special occasion? And were they the type of family to send out christmas cards, I can just see them all in matching sweaters and dying over it all

[The Voltron Family] The whole family was scheduled to spend their summer vacation this year in Korea. Everyone was excited—as always. It was one of the things the teens look forward to every year ever since they were kids. During family meetings, they get to suggest a country they’d like to visit and for this year, Pidge’s suggestion won.

However, due to Pidge’s robotics thesis, she couldn’t go because her thesis defense was on the day they were supposed leave.

Pidge: *groans* Can’t I just ditch my thesis?
Shiro: You know that’s not an option, darling. *frowns sadly*
Pidge: *hugs* 
Keith: Why don’t we just rebook our tickets then? 
Shiro: *hugs Pidge tight* *turns to Keith* Too expensive. 
Pidge: *grumbles* *buries her face in Shiro’s chest* *incoherent noises*
Shiro: *chuckles* Now, now. Don’t curse your professor, Pidge. 
Keith: *bites his lips* I’ll rebook mine and Pidge’s ticket. I’ll stay with her while you go with Lance and Hunk. *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: Or, I could stay with Pidge and you go with Hunk and Lance. Then we catch with you guys the next day. *smiles*
Pidge: *looks up* *grins* Really? You’d do that? For me?
Shiro: *looks down and gives Pidge a peck* Of course. Anything for you.
Pidge: *giggles* Yeah, okay.
Keith: *smiles* *but still worried* You sure? I mean, I could stay with Pidge. You deserve this vacation more than I do, Shiro.
Shiro: *rolls eyes* Please, Keith. Don’t even play innocent. I know you’ve worked so hard yourself. Get that early vacation. I’m fine staying back with my little girl. *lifts Pidge off the floor to hug her tighter* 

They were at the airport and Shiro was saying goodbye and giving hugs and kisses to Keith, Lance and Hunk. 

Shiro: Have fun, alright? *looks at Lance* And Lance, stop flirting with every pretty girl and boy you see.
Lance: Can’t make any promises! *laughs* *heads to the plane*
Hunk: *shakes head* I’ll keep a close eye on him. *follows Lance*
Keith: *hugs* Take care of the little bird. *looks at Shiro* Your flight is at 4am. Make sure you get to the airport at 1am. And—
Shiro: *kisses Keith* I got it, love. Set an alarm and all. Now go. 
Keith: *sighs* Okay. *smiles* *squeezes Shiro’s hand* See you tomorrow. Don’t forget your passports, Takashi. Take Pidge’s cause she tends to forget and—
Shiro: *chuckles* Yes, yes.
Keith: *puffs cheeks* I worry, okay? 
Shiro: *smiles* I know you do. *caresses Keith’s cheek*
Keith: Okay, one last kiss. *leans in to give Shiro a kiss on the lips*
Shiro: *laughs* Clingy.
Keith: Shut up. *rolls eyes* Okay, now I’m seriously leaving. *laughs while tapping Shiro’s cheek* Bye! *turns to leave*
Shiro: Keith!
Keith: *turns back* Yeah?
Shiro: *waves* Have fun in Korea!
Keith: Clingy. *teases* 

Shiro drove back home and began making sure he got everything ready for later when Pidge and him go to the airport. He looked at the clock and it was only 10am which meant Pidge was still in school. After double checking everything, by 4pm he picked up Pidge.

Pidge: *enters the car* *kisses Shiro on the cheek* I’m beat. *fastens seatbelt*
Shiro: *smiles* *starts the car* How did your thesis defense go? 
Pidge: *smirks* Guess you could say… I aced it.
Shiro: *grins* Good job! Knew it’ll be a piece of cake. Now gimme a high-five! 
Pidge: *high-fives*
Shiro: Now a low-five.
Pidge: *laughs* *low-fives* 
Shiro: *pulls Pidge to kiss her on the head* I’m proud of you, sweetheart.
Pidge: *smiles* Thanks. Did Daddy Keith and the dorks arrive in Korea already? *looks at wrist watch* They should be there hours ago.
Shiro: *takes a turn* Yep. Just got a text from your Daddy actually. Lance hit on 3 Korean girls and 2 Korean boys already—at the airport.
Pidge: ALREADY? Oh my god. *rolls eyes* 
Shiro: *laughs* *glances at Pidge* You ready for our trip later?
Pidge: *grins so wide* I’m so pumped! Evil has been defeated!
Shiro: *shakes head in amusement* Don’t call your professor evil, Pidge. 

Shiro and Pidge made it to the airport and Shiro was holding Pidge’s hand while they walk towards the check-in counter. After that, he called Keith to tell him they were boarding in a few while Pidge took a nap, her head on Shiro’s shoulder. 

Keith: How is she?
Shiro: *glances at Pidge* She’s snoring. 
Keith: *laughs* Of course. Anyway, we’ll have lunch at this restaurant Hunk found and he thinks Pidge would love it. 
Shiro: I’m sure she’ll devour the food in seconds. *chuckles* 

When Keith, Lance and Hunk met Shiro at the airport, Hunk and Lance engulfed Pidge into a big warm sibling hug.

Pidge: *choking* You dorks are killing me. Unhand me you hooligans! 
Hunk: Awww, Pidge. We missed you too. 
Pidge: *smirks at Lance* Found any future Mrs. or Mr. Blue Lion?
Lance: I’ll have you know the hunt is on. *sly grin*

Honestly, the family just couldn’t leave someone behind. It’s a family trip after all. They have to be complete or else they’d just cancel it. 

And yes! They are the kind of family that sends out Christmas cards! That was one of the earlier prompts which can be found here. 

Jealous Blood

hetaliansurveycorp said:Heyyy I hope I am not annoying you but your work is just so good it actually makes me addicted lmao. Can I request a jealous yoongi scenario? ;v; please?? I’m sorry to annoy you I swear i’ll leave you alone after this XD

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: angst, vampire au

Warnings: Mentions of blood

Word Count: 1.1k

A/n: Sorry for taking so long!! I hope you don’t really mind the vampire thingy! Oh and, please, annoy me all you want!! (It’s not annoying tho, I honestly love it)

“I will be back in a second baby” Yoongi let go of your back and gave you a kiss on your forehead.

One thing was clear, in your relationship going to parties was a big no, as none of you enjoyed them. But after hours of begging from his friends, you both came.

The party was okay, nothing you haven’t seen before in movies. There was alcohol, girls, boys and a full ton of hormones covered up by loud music. You were standing close to the kitchen, your shoulder on the wall, leaving the door behind you, but having the dance floor in front of you. The amount of drunk people making a fool of themselves was outstanding, and that made you laugh. But soon enough the fun was interrupted.

“Y/n?” A raspy voice called from behind you, making you jump and after some seconds turned around.

“Tyler?” You said giving a long hug to your old friend.

You both were friends in school, but you both took different paths at the start of high school. You didn’t remember a lot about him, as you haven’t talked ever since.

“How have you been?” That question led to a small conversation, it was nice to have some company while your boyfriend was in the bathroom. But the comment he made made you rethink that statement. “Hey, I know we don’t know each other a lot but can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead” and with that he leaned in and whispered something in your ear. You couldn’t believe what he had just said. “Really? Oh well, no, but I’ll keep you updated if we break up” You laughed, earning a shocked expression from him.

“Baby” another raspy voice came from behind you again, but this time the owner of the voice hugged your waist. “Hello” Yoongi said, this time looking at the guy in front of me. “And you are?” He sounded quite pissed.

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Just Around the Corner

Reader + Kihyun 


  • Genre: Neighbor!AU, Unexpected Romance, Fluff (Super Fluffy Fluff)
  • Request: Hi~ Can you write a super fluffy Kihyun X Reader scenario where you’ve always been the independent type not really looking for love but then Kihyun pops into your life and he slowly steals your heart (by doing the sweetest things for you like unexpectedly bringing you flowers or lunch and leaving sticky notes with positive messages on them all around your apartment and etc.) without you even realizing it. Then after some time you finally go on a date with him. Please and thank you! 😊
  • Word Count: 5,486
  • A/N: Here you go anonie! Here’s the novel–I mean–scenario you requested! I hope you like it! My heart swelled while writing this :’)

“No, mom,” you shifted your phone to your other ear, holding it with your shoulder as you carried your textbooks on your way back to your apartment. “For the hundredth time,” you enunciated. “I’m not going.”

“But he’s a really nice guy!,” your mother protested.

She was trying to set you up on a blind date, again, and you weren’t having any of it.

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Christmas Eve

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,561ish
T/W: Legit fluff
A/N: For @justfangirlingaround’s request: “college Philip ~can you one where they’re both starting college and they accidentally bump into each other and they fall for each other at first sight and then he asks the reader to a date where he’s acting all cute stutters, awkward & sweet?~~Or they’re in Christmas break and they’re stay at the college(idk if that’s possible irl😂)and they sleep in the same dorm celebrating Christmas together with movies, cuddles and a ring?” 
Mmmm, Yes! I did the second one, I know Christmas in July ♡
Tags: @justfangirlingaround​ ✨

“Have fun, be safe, call me when you get there!” you told your friend Theo in a motherly tone. 

“I will be fine,” she tilted her head, “will you? The weather is supposed to get pretty crazy. Thank God the apartment is on campus so you won’t have to go anywhere for food or anything.”

“Y-yeah, I’ll be okay,” you rubbed the side of your arm, “if i get too anxious, I’m sure I can find someone to room with me-”

You stopped mid sentence, looking over to a group of guys saying bye for the holiday. You bit your lip, specifically seeing Philip. Even though he was and had been your boyfriend for sometime now, you still got butterflies when you saw him, it reminded you of when you were in high school, the way he would glance at you from across the room. Theo looked between the two of you for a moment. 

“Why don’t you ask him?” Theo suggested. 

“Wh-what?” you looked back to her, “Ask him what?”

“If he’ll stay with you at the apartment,” she said, rolling her eyes. 

“You- you’d be okay with that?” a smile appeared on your face. 

“Of course!…Just don’t have sex on my bed-”

“Theo!” you squeaked, beginning to blush.

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anonymous asked:

Our teacher is really boring so I zoned out while accidentally staring at you. Now, instead of being mad you’re just making weirder and weirder poses until I realize what’s happening.” AU. Connor/Evan please! You're writing is amazing

Enjoy! Thank you for thinking my writing is amazing you  are too sweet!


Connor didn’t care for history. It was just a dumb subject he needed to graduate. Usually the teacher just droned on an one and on about some boring piece of history.

So zoning out, and staring at whatever wasn’t uncommon. So here he was, last class on Friday staring into what seemed like space. But in fact he was staring straight at Evan Hansen, not that Connor even noticed.

But Evan did. Evan noticed immediately when he felt a set of eyes boring into the back of his head. He turned around and noticed Connor Murphy staring blankly. Almost staring through him.

Evan stuck his tongue out. Then he started making weird facial expressions at the long haired teen. He kept doing it but Connor never seemed to notice so along with the facial expression, Evan started making hand gestures. 

Connor seemed to snap out of his trance and shot Evan a questioning look. He was rather confused to why Evan was doing it. Evan blushed and turned away from Connor, god why did he have to do that.

Connor just shook his head, small smirk on his face. He waited until the end of class and approached Evan. “So those faces?” Connor questioned.

“I-I’m so sorry, it’s really dumb it’s just you were staring at me blankly and like I didn’t know what to do so I just started making faces, and I don’t know why I did it I just did like I am so sorry you can punch me if you want it’s okay, it was stupid of me-”

Connor cut Evan off. “It’s fine, I found it adorable I guess.” Connor shrugged, while Evan flushed. “Look Hansen, we both know were two lonely souls in this fucking school so give me your phone.”

Evan passed Connor his phone. “W-why do you need my phone.” Evan was confused.

Connor punched his number into the cell phone and passed it back to Evan. “Now we can both pretend we have friends, maybe something else.” Connor told him.

By something else, he meant something more. Maybe a friendship could lead to something else. Connor wasn’t going to deny he had a tiny crush on Evan Hansen but he would never admit it out loud.

“Bye Hansen.” Connor left the room, leaving Evan alone.

After all this time - Jughead x reader

Hey so I’m putting out this much of the story just to see if it interests anyone, because I won’t write the second part if no one reads it. Please be kind <3

Words - 1601

Warnings - none I don’t think

As you entered Pops for the first time in forever, you wondered if you would see any of your old friends there, or if any of them would recognise you. As you looked around at all the booths a red haired girl caught your eye, Cheryl. You had heard about what happened to Jason last summer and as you were about to give her your condolences, you realised that she probably has no idea who you are, because even before you left, you guys were never close.

“One chocolate milkshake please!” You asked Pop, as you handed him the money he looked up and a surprised look flashed across his face; “(Y/N)???” Pop asked, “Wow I haven’t seen you in well,  how long has it been now?” “2 years, I’m back for senior year and I hope it’s a good one” you replied, “Well it’s sure good to have you back here in little old Riverdale, (Y/N).” Pop said, handing over the milkshake.

You turned around to find somewhere to sit, and that’s when you saw them, you old friends from when you were merely 15 years old; Archie, Jughead, Kevin and Betty, they all sat in a booth together with some girl you had never met before. You glanced at them to look at how much they’ve changed. Juggie is still wearing that beanie, typing away at his laptop, Archie was as athletic looking as ever, Kevin was laughing and smiling just like you remember him and Betty, Betty still looked the exact same, blonde and beautiful.

You almost went over there, but you got too scared that they wouldn’t recognise you and then in turn think you were a freak. So you sat at a booth that wasn’t too far from them so you could hear what they were talking about, while sneaking a few glances.

“I can’t believe we’ve only known you for a year, Ronnie.” You heard Betty’s voice say, Ronnie must’ve been the girl you didn’t know.

“Yeah it’s crazy, V” Archie chimed in.

“Feels like we have been in the presence of the infamous, Veronica Lodge for years” you heard Jughead say. His sarcastic comment ruptured in some laughs from the group.

Suddenly a phone rang, “Hello? Yes, okay I’m coming now, okay bye” Betty was the one talking, “sorry guys I have to go, mother dearest is waiting” she got up and as she walked past your booth you stuck your head down praying she didn’t see you, you weren’t ready to be ‘officially back’.

“We better get going too Ronnie if we want to hit the shops for the perfect back-to-school outfits” Kevin said to Veronica, they hopped up, said bye to Archie and Jughead and walked out.

“Okay man, now it’s just you and me.” Archie’s voice said in a not so whisper. “Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Betty? She hasn’t told anyone and we’re all going crazy over here not knowing.”

“It’s nothing really, after we kissed we tried to start dating but I couldn’t keep up with her expectations, I’m not you after all buddy” Jug replied, sarcastic tone and all. “But it’s cool, she’s one of my best friends so I would rather not lose her anyways, it’s better off this way, no harm no foul.”

“Okay man, well I’m going to go practice with Val, so I’ll see you at home later?” Archie said, slowly standing, waiting for Jugs reply before he got up fully.

“Yeah man, see you later” and with that sentence, Archie was off.

Now Jughead sat all alone, with his laptop, he looked absolutely concentrated on whatever task he was doing, you felt a little bit more confident now that it was just him, so you stood up and slowly made your way towards him, you put your milkshake on the table and sat on the seat across from him, you didn’t think he had even noticed until you looked up from your phone and he was staring at you with a questionable look on his face.

“Um, hello?” He said, “Who are you?”

You got a burst of confidence from hearing his voice and before you knew it “Do you not remember me, Juggie Buggie?” slipped out of your mouth.

It took Jug a few seconds but then he remembered the nickname “Juggie Buggie” and who had given it to him, his best friend that moved towns 2 years ago. “(Y/N)?!?” he said with a surprised tone, “holy shit is it really you?”

“In the flesh” you replied with a giggle, “so whatcha writing there writer boy?”

“Just a wee piece on the murder of Jason Blossom, no one knows who did it even a year later”

“So you’re going all detective to figure it out huh?”

“You know it sunshine” he said with a smirk, god this boy sent shivers up your spine even now, 2 years later. How did you still have a crush on this boy 2 years later?

For the next couple of hours you and Juggie caught up and after no time you seemed to be best friends again, he was always over at your house or you at his/Archies. You bonded with the whole gang again and even became super close with Veronica.

A few months later, Cheryl Blossom walks into the lunchroom and commands everyone to be silent to listen to her, she invited everyone to her house for a party tonight, “Be there for good times, good games and drama” were her exact words.

“What do you say, Jug? Wanna go get trashed with Queen B?” You said after she left, everyone else in the group was already going to go as they never missed a Cheryl Blossom party, but Jug wasn’t like everyone else, you knew it would take some convincing to get this boy out and partying. “I’ll think about it” Jug said, giving you a sarcastic smile.

Once school was finished you spotted Jug and Betty talking, behind them was V and Kevin, so you walked around Jug and Betty to see them. As you got closer, before anyone knew you were walking towards the two pairs, you heard Betty say “she’s changing you Juggie, you would never go to this party if it wasn’t for (Y/N)’s influence.” That made you stop right in your tracks. You paused for a bit and walked right up to Ronnie and Kev, they knew you had just heard what Betty said and had shocked expressions on both their faces, “ready to go guys?” you asked and walked towards your car, “oh how you’re such a bad influence, (Y/N)” Ronnie said, winking at you to make you feel a little better about the awkward situation you stumbled apon.

Once you were at Ronnies, you text Jug “Hey, saw you talking with Betty, seemed pretty serious, everything all good? Can’t wait to party with you tonight”

“Okay I’m sorry, I’ve held this in for a month or two now, but honey, you’re so obviously in love with that Jones boy” Kevin said, with Ronnie behind him nodding as a back up.

“You’re both crazy, me and juggie are just friends. I swear.” you replied, the two exchanged ‘whatever’ looks, “Why don’t we see about that tonight?” Ronnie asked, “Great idea, Ronnie, didn’t Cheryl say there would be games?”  Kev said, you rolled your eyes and laughed at your friends.

Cheryls party was huge, people were everywhere, you got kind of nervous, you were wearing some of Veronica’s clothes and you felt a little out of your comfort zone, but a few drinks will hopefully fix that, you thought to yourself.

After a while everyone was sitting down playing truth or dare, it was Reggies turn and he turned to you and bit his lip, “Truth or dare, (Y/N)? You’ll probably pick truth because you’re too scared for dares aye?” You looked at him and laughed, “Dare, Reg” He looked genuinely surprised, he obviously didn’t have a dare lined up, “uh, um, scull your drink and mine” so you stood up, downed your drink, walked over to Reggie, and downed his, “what a lovely dare, Reggie, thanks for the drink”

When you turned around to sit down you looked at Juggie, he was glaring at Reggie, you turned your head and noticed Reggie was not even subtly checking you out, it’s probably Veronica’s clothes, you thought to yourself, you turned back to Jug and smiled, he smirked back, god that smirk would make you weak in the knees, you sat back down to continue playing the game.

After a few more rounds of truth or dare it was Cheryl’s turn, she looked at you, then Jughead, and smiled. “Betty, truth or dare, you’ve picked 2 truths in a row so sorry love it has to be a dare this time, house rules.”

“Um okay, dare then.” Betty responded.

“I dare you, to take Jughead into the closet for 7 minutes in heaven.”

Betty didn’t even blink, she stood up, grabbed Jug’s hand and started walking towards the closet. You couldn’t breathe, you stood up and announced you were going to get fresh air and a drink, you then went off and got yourself another drink from the kitchen and downed it, then poured another one, as you walked away Kevin and Ronnie looked at each other, both knowing even before you did that you were head over heels for Jughead Jones, and that the reason you left the circle wasn’t to get some fresh air, it was to get away from the fact that he and Betty are in the closet for 7 minutes in heaven, and it broke you thinking about all the things that could happen in that closet.


Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Pairing: Sam x daughter!Reader, Dean x niece!Reader, Xander (OC) Reader x husband (Unnamed OC)
Word count: 676

Final part of Twins

After a long, tiring, and scary legal battle, Sam was now your legal guardian. It was that, or fight an even harder battle to become emancipated. How were supposed to do that when your parents had been killed?

Sam watched Xander during the time it took to do the difficult task of going through your parent’s house. Dean and Y/T/N were the two main people to help you, along with a few friends from school. It was painful to decide to keep or sell things. Anything that held emotional value was kept, furniture that you could use, and things like that were kept.

You’d been surprised when less than a week after they’d driven you back into town, Sam showed up at your school. Seeing him, you instantly panicked. He had Xander that day, and he was driving the Impala. It was then he told you that he got an apartment.

–6 months later–

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Xander, happy birthday to you!” The dining room of the apartment that you shared with Sam and Xander was more full than usual. Your best friends were there, Sam, Dean, Dean’s new girlfriend, and Y/T/N. It may have not sounded like a lot, but it was enough. The people you loved the most.

You were graduating a few months early with Sam’s help, and would be going to online college. He worked part time as a landscaper, and you helped out with the money that you’d got from selling some of your parent’s things.

It still hurt to think of the lives lost, but when you looked over and saw Xander laughing with Sam, both of their faces covered in frosting, you couldn’t help but grin. The more Xander grew, the less he looked like Zach. “Y/N…” You snapped from your trance to see Sam grinning at you. “Come here.” He motioned for you to come closer.

“I’m not falling for that again, Dad!” You shook your head, backing up.

“Too bad, sweetheart.” Came Dean’s voice as he wrapped his arm around your waist, his other hand smearing cake on your face. “Family tradition.” He grinned at you once he’d let you go and you were able to face him. “Oh shit.” He laughed, taking off.

– First day of school –

Xander insisted on letting Dean dressing him, because he was the ‘cool’ Uncle. And then you pointed out he was his only uncle. When he’d come out of his room, you teared up. He looked like a little man, and was grinning ear to ear. “Uncle Dean said the chicks’ll love me!” He beamed.

Dean came out behind him and shrugged when you raised an eyebrow. “What? It’s true. He’s a Winchester!” He motioned to Xander. “And really, look at him. He’s dressed to kill.”

“He’s 4.” Came your husband’s voice from the kitchen. “Give him a few years.” He laughed, handing you your coffee. “I’ll see you after work.” He kissed you gently before ruffling Xander’s hair. “Be good for mom, kid.” He grinned, holding out a fist. “That’s my boy.” He lit up when Xander returned his fist bump.

You chuckled lightly. “Have a good day, babe. We’ll be here.” You told him before sipping your coffee. “Oh, and Dad is picking up Sam from school so I can go to the doctor’s. Text me to let me know if you can make it?”

He nodded. “I will. Bye, Dean.” He waved, heading out the front door.

Dean laughed. “I still can’t believe you wound up marrying that kid.” He teased you. “And now you’re reproducing with the same kid you couldn’t stand in 8th grade.”

“Keep it up. I dare you.” His face fell as you smirked. “I’m sure our daughter would love to do Uncle Dean’s nails in a few years.” Patting his shoulder, you went to slip on your shoes. “Come on, Xander. Let’s go see Grandpa before school. Behave while I’m gone, Uncle Dean.” You called over your shoulder.

“BYE!” Xander yelled, waving.

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5x02 - Recap
- I’m team Stef, hating on Callie for doing stupid sh*t
- Kinda strange to have a party now, like, celebrate Callie her mistakes??
- Next on the Fosters: TTT: Twins Treehouse Trouble
- I hope they finally end Callie’s behaviour, we need more Jude…
- Kinda hope we will see the new neighbours and we’ll have some new interesting plotlines
- Why is Jude so interested in this private school thing, I just need him to be a cute blazing boyfriend
- Damn, she didn’t get into art school, now we’re stuck with her
- Cool neighbour
- Jude, stop fighting the school, fight Noahs tongue…
- Dean is a cool bro, fixing fences, being awesome
- Yeay, Callie can go to art school, bye bye girl, hope you stay there
- Totally unrealistic: she made one art installation and now she’s attending the best art school, like whut?
- Ofcourse Dean has a cute son, who is perfect bf-material for Mariana
- These were the guys with the family dinner with Noah, right?
- Robert is such a sugar daddy (altho he’s her actual dad)
- Am I the only one who doesn’t even remember the name Grace?
- Love to see Clumsy Callie fale
- Oh wiat Grace is the girl from the Hospital??
- Is Brandon stupid????
- We all know you just suck at art Clumsy Callie
- Imagine Jesus tossing you around like a piece of furniture
- That rollerderby thing looks kinda awesome, count me in
- Is her art project in the dumpster, nice
- Nvm, they still have it in the garden…
- Now Brandon gets it….
- A mistake, a huuuugggeee mistake, a huuuuggggeeeee mistake
- Seems like Clumsy Brandon also exists…
- What an ugly ass plant is that? Dean is a cool bro. Dean needs a cool plant
- Who the fk is Tess??


BTS Reaction To Seeing You After A Break Up

Namjoon: It was raining in Seoul when they arrived back at their dorms. He decided to take a walk and go get some snack for the rest of the members. He went to the little corner shop near by and as he got out of the store he saw a girl dancing in the rain and suddenly all the members of you hit him like a train. He remember how you loved the rain and always ran out to feel it hit your skin and he would laugh at you joining you wrapping his arms around your waist. He remember your lips pressed against his and how you took his breath away leaving him feeling like mush. He looked down feeling the pain come back again. 

“(Y/N)-ah wait!”a male voice called out. He looked up once again at the girl in the rain and realized it was you. 

“Catch me if you can,”you said sticking out your tongue glowing with happiness. The tears started to form in his eyes as he quickly walked back to the dorm. He set the items on the table and locked himself in his room screaming into his pillow. It’s been 5 months since the two of you broke up but still hasn’t gotten over you. He should’ve listen to Jin, to chase after you and maybe just maybe you two would be together.

Taehyung: “What are you going to order?”Hoseok asked him looking up from the menu. “The usual,”he said putting the menu down. “You need a change,”Hoseok said shaking his head in disapproval. 

“Ah you’ll love it here trust me!”a girl explained. He looked up and saw you and your friend being seated at the far corner of the restaurant. He gulped down the lump in his throat as he looked back at the menu. 

“What’s wrong Tae?”Hoseok asked noticing the change in him. “You’re right I need a change,”he said looking back at the menu. He heard your angelic laugh as you said,”Stop Jennie!” 

Hoseok looked in your direction and noticed why his friend looked down,”If you want we can leave we haven’t ordered yet.” “I’m fine don’t worry,”he said as the waiter came to take your order. As he ordered he looked at you as you both stared at each other. His heart sank as he looked away biting the inside of his cheek to stop himself from crying. 

“We’re sorry we just got a call from our office we have to leave,”he heard your friend say. “Ok. Is your friend ok? Do you need tissues?”the waiter said. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,”Taehyung whispered.

Hoseok: “Hyung why are you looking at the calendar?”Jungkook asked looking at him. 

“Nothing I just thought today…It’s nothing. I’m going to the pool want to come with me?”he asked the youngest. 

“I have to do homework sorry hyung,”he said taking the books out of his backpack. “I keep forgetting you have school. I’ll tell Namjoon to come and help you,”Hoseok said patting Jungkook’s hair. “Thank you!”Jungkook said smiling. 

Hoseok went over to Namjoon’s room but heard he was on the phone. “Yah happy birthday (Y/N)! How do you think I’m not going to remember. Oh ok. Like right now? Ok bye,”Namjoon said smiling as he hung up the phone. Hoseok knocked on the door getting upset and angry again. “Come in,”Namjoon said. “Kookie needs help on his homework,”Hoseok said not looking at Namjoon. 

“You heard didn’t you,”Namjoon asked. “What do you mean?”he asked looking at Namjoon. “I’ll go help him with his homework,”Namjoon said leaving the room. Hoseok was heading out to the pool when there was a knock on the door. 

“I’ll get it!”he yelled as he went to open the door. You were standing there in a flower dress, make up and hair all done. “Why are you here?”Hoseok said barley managing the words out. “(Y/N)! Oh,”Jin said noticing the situation,”I invited her over I-” 

“I’ll be back in two hours or so,”Hoseok said slamming the door. “Hoseok!”Jin called out to him but Hoseok was running out into the streets. “Why do I still love you,”Hoseok thought as he slowed down walking in the sea of people not knowing where to go.

Jin: “Are you ok if we invite her?”Jimin asked nervously. “Yea I don’t mind. It’s been 6 months. It’s ok go ahead and invite her but make sure if it’s ok with her too,”he said looking up from his phone. 

“Ok. I’ll let you get ready hyung,”Jimin said closing the door. “Am I really ok with this?”Jin thought to himself as he went to his closet picking out just a plain shirt and jeans. He’s going to finally see you after 6 months and he was starting to dread the minutes until you finally came to the dorm. When the doorbell rang he flinched hoping you didn’t accept Jimin’s invitation. 

“(Y/N)! It’s been a while since we’ve seen you,”Hoseok exclaimed hugging you tightly. “Hi Hobi,”you said smiling hugging him back. You walked into the living room and saw Jin on his phone not paying attention to you. You looked down and softly said hello to Jin. He looked up and you saw his eyes glisten with tears bound to escape as he cleared his throat,”Hello (Y/N).” He thought he was prepared to see you but the pain he felt when you broke up with him was still fresh. He excused himself and went to his room crying quietly as he realized how much he missed you.

Jungkook: “You haven’t been out in months lets go to the arcade Kookie,”Tae said pulling Jungkook out of the couch. “I’m tired and I still need to finish my project,”he said. “It’ll be fun you need to sunlight,”Tae said pleading. “Fine,”he gave in as Tae cheered practically dragging the younger one out the dorm and into the car. 

Jungkook was still in pain from the break up it’s only been 3 months and he still can’t cope with it. “We’re here!”Tae said happily as he ran out the car not waiting for the younger one. Jungkook laughed as he envied Tae’s carefree nature. An hour in the arcade and Jungkook was smiling and laughing,”Hyung let’s eat I’m starving.” Tae nodded as they both headed to the food court and then Tae pulled Jungkook to the exit door. 

“What are you doing?”Jungkook asked as he turned back to the food court he saw you sitting with a guy laughing as he held your hand. “Kookie,”Tae said softly. Jungkook just stared at you and the guy unable to move. “It’s ok lets go home,”Tae said grabbing the young one by the shoulders leading him out the arcade. Jungkook didn’t know how to feel he was angry at you for moving on so quickly while he was in pain still suffering from the break up. “She didn’t care did she?”Jungkook asked balling his hands angrily,”I didn’t mean anything to her and all I do at night is wish she was still mine. I’m so stupid.”

Yoongi: Yoongi was working inside the studio once again. He couldn’t stay in his apartment for long because the feeling of you not being there waiting for him to come home was something he thought he would never experience. He thought what you both had was something that would never end. His phone rang canceling his thoughts. 

“Hello?”he answered half angry. “Are you at the studio again?”Jin asked. “Yea I’ll probably stay at the dorm tonight,”he said rubbing his forehead. “It’s already 2 in the morning. We have a photoshoot today at 8 you better get here,”Jin said hanging up. Yoongi groaned as he packed everything up heading to the dorm. As he walked pass a bar he heard his name being called. 

“Yoongi! Oppa,”you said to your friend. “I’m not Yoongi for the 10th time,”your friend said annoyed. Yoongi turned around and just as he thought you were intoxicated. “You don’t care about me. Why do you always leave me but you expect me to come back. Huh Yoongi? It’s always like this with us,”you said in tears. 

Yoongi looked down remembering how you said those exact words to him 4 months ago. “(Y/N) come on the taxi almost here. Don’t cry darling,”your friend said hugging you as you broke down. “I love you Yoongi. I really do but I can’t take this,”your words flouted in Yoongi’s head. He passed by you quickly as he felt like bricks were pressing against his heart. “I do love you (Y/N)-ah. Please forgive me,”he whispered as a few tears escaped his eyes.

Jimin: “There’s no way you’re beating me,”Jimin said smirking. This was his second date with a girl he meet through Yoongi. “I will watch,”she said concentrating on the basket. She scored a point as she cheered,”Told you.” Jimin smiled shaking his head,”Wow MVP!” She laughed tossing her hair back,”I know.” 

“Want to go eat?”he asked as he felt his stomach grumble. “Yea I’m starving,”she said taking his hand. He was taken aback as he pulled away. “Sorry,”she said blushing embarrassed. “No I’m sorry,”Jimin said holding her hand again. 

It’s been 5 months since the break up but he still didn’t feel right dating that’s why he was hesitant with her. “Jimin?”you asked as you saw him and a girl holding hands. “(Y/N)?”his eyes brighten and also felt his stomach drop as he saw you holding hands with someone else. “Oh you’re on a date sorry,”you said chuckling. 

“Uh yea I see you’re also on a date?”he asked trying not to show any emotion. “Yea this is my boyfriend, Minhyuk. Minhyuk this is Jimin,”you said awkwardly. “Hi,”Jimin said eyeing him. 

“Nice to meet you,”Minhyuk offering his hand to Jimin. Jimin hesitantly shaking his hand,”(Y/N) this is uh…,”Jimin thought completely forgetting his dates name. “Jessica,”she said waving her hand at you. You waved back smiling,”Well we have to go. Have a great date.” You walked away hand in hand with Minhyuk as he whispered something in your ear causing you to laugh. “You’re still in love with her aren’t you?”Jessica asked. “It doesn’t matter anymore she’s happy with him,”he said watching you leave.

High School Sucks

Title: High School Sucks

Pairing: Mick Davies x reader

Word Count: 1,671

Warnings: floofy fluff

Summary: Your somewhat dreadful high school reunion comes up but a stubborn Mick decides to tag along.

A/N: aaaAAAHHH. I’ve only written two Mick fics now and they’re so cheesy; I cannot help myself. I’m gonna be so busy with my SAT prep (hence, high school sucking) so I can’t promise anything new soon, but enjoyyyyy!

This was also for @faith-in-dean’s BMOL Writing Challenge and I had the prompts “Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop.” and “Don’t be embarrassed, it’s normal.”


“Hey guys?” you called out, watching your step for cracks in the bunker floor as your were wearing heels tonight.

“Y/N?” replied a thick British accent. “The Winchesters have gone to the next state for a werewol— oh wow… you look great.”

When Mick turned the corner, he was surprised to see the usually casual hunter in beautiful evening wear.

“Hi Mick. Thanks,” you said diverting your gaze away from your crush.

“W-what’s the occasion?” Mick asked, shoving his hands into his pockets, stuttering. He was still in shock at how more pretty you could get.

“I’ve got a stupid high school reunion I gotta go to,” you sighed. “My friends are dragging me along. I’m only going because they promised me they’d buy me dinner.”

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