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Dear fake service dog handlers,

     You do not know me. You likely have never met me. But let me speak to you, if only for this moment, to explain why so many service dog handlers are “so defensive and gatekeeping”. 

Disability is not a social game, or a place, or an activity. Neither is having a service dog. 

I have often heard from those who believe that I am just being grumpy that I need to calm down and that I am being selfish by having my own dog and not letting others have theirs. This is simply not true. I am sick. No, not a cold, or the Flu, or even a curable illness. I have chronic illnesses. 

They don’t go away, and though I look fine right now, there are days where I cry from pain, where I can’t physically get out of my bed because of the exahustion( oops spelling sorry). There are days when I go out in the heat and pass out because my blood is not like yours, for I have much less of it and it doesn’t know to stay up in my head and arms. I have had more needles in my arms in the last month than you’ve probably ever seen in your life. 

But I don’t know you. You could have a disorder, or an illness that disables you. But there is more to a service dog than JUST having tasks, or being with you. I have put blood, sweat, tears, scrapes, pain, and a ton of time into my dogs training. I remember my first outing with Hero I was so nervous because I was afraid he would sniff someone or something and I’d get kicked out (he did not of course). But I quickly learned than the social parts of our country know nothing of the laws, and the ones that do think they can abuse that system. 

So I ask you, fake service dog handler, have you ever had a syncope so dangerous that you had to be hospitalized? Have you ever had a migraine so bad that it had the potential to damage your brain? Have you ever had a migraine that madeyour entire left side go numb, including your lungs? Have you ever had scar tissue over your veins so thick that a stick hurts so bad you started to scream? Have you ever had to look down and see your hairbrush filled with hair that is falling out from being malnourished? Have you ever, at any time,had a flashback to when you were beaten, or in war, or attacked by the one person you though you could always count on? Have you ever gotten so overwhlemed by the different smells, sights, sounds, and touches that make you want to rip your head off or bang it against a wall, or that cause you to shut down completely? 

I have. 

And while I may not look it, my service dog is the only thing that keeps me out of the hosptial, that keeps me from livign the rest of my life in my house, bound to it because I would not be allowed out otherwise. He is my rock, my love, my guide, my alert system, my emergency responder that stays with me 24/7. He loves his job, and went through over 500+ hours of training to become the well behaved dog he is today. 

I have nothing against you personally, other than your dog not supposed to be in here. I only ask that if you were to do one thing today, it would be to think about what I have said to you, and to think about the laws that are in place. 

Those laws, the ADA, are not in place to allow for healthy people to take their dogs wherever they want. It is there because when you are disabled, when you have nothing left in life but the decline of your health, then the joy that we get comes from our dogs. Our dogs that pick things up for us, our dogs that tell us so that we can take our meds to abort an ER trip, our dogs that guide us, that get help, that help us change, and do laundery and walk, that help us cummunicate, that help us overcome nightmares and keep us grounded. 

I do not doubt that your dogs brings you joy. But these laws are here to protect me so that I can live the same amount of life as you do without your dog. Whereas you have the choice of taking your dog with you, I am forced to, out of the will and desire to simply remain alive. I may not look sick, but that is due to my dog, and you are using the laws that protect me, to gain what to you seems tiny. 

But its an insult to me, and offends me, that you do no training and just bring in your ntrained dog, when I have worked tirelessly to make sure that my dog is trained to standard for his type of job. 

So please, I ask you, try to see it from my view. When your dog sniffs and narks and pees on the floor, it shows the public an idea of what they thin ka service dog is, and gives the impression that we are an obnocious comminuty. We are this way out of fear, out of a need to protect our dogs. We spend every minute in ublic hoping that we do not come across an agressive untrained dog. I have had to take Hero out of work, making me homebound, because he has been attacked. We are the way we are because we are ill, and we are sick of being treated like we have it easy, or that we are “lucky” to get to bring our dog everywhere. I am not lucky, and while I am honored and overjoyed to have my partner in crime (Hero), I am constantly in pain, constantly nauseous, contantly battling myself. I ask you to not abuse the system desinged to protect me, and I ask you to understand my defensiveness. I do not look sick, but I am constantly fighting to maintain stability. Your dog being in here puts me in danger, and puts a stain on the service dog name. Please respect us. 

Please leave your beloved pet at home, and if you need a service dog… please properly train or get a program dog. 

Not Only Angels Fall

Pairing: Sam x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2,395

Warnings: angst, swearing, character death, mentions of gun-related injuries, blood, canon divergence

Summary: A timeline of your relationship with Sam Winchester.

There was a little boy curled up on the bed. His face was buried in one of four pillows, and his little shoulders trembled with the force of his sobs. He was clothed in a flannel a couple sizes too big for him and cotton pajama pants. His feet were bare.

A stream of moonlight was the only source of light in the room. The storm outside must have knocked the power out. Over the rushing scream of the wind, the sound of your wings flapping was too quiet to be heard.

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Sorry if I wasnt really active, I have my intensive class this week, meaning that I have to draw non stop for 6 hours with onlumy 2x 10 mins break ahaha. I took this class to improve the way I draw nature and I guess background in general?? so the entire class draw outside. But its like fucking hot in Paris right now so it makes it even more difficult ahah. And I have a lot of homework to do but I just finished it ;;; Now I’m going to bed since I only slept 3 hours last night ahah dont kill me Anyway I love you all a LOT! I will never stop to say this eheh. And also sorry to all the people that I hurted, idk who but really sorry. OK NIGHT NIGHT💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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Ties That Bind Us

Part 5:

Of course once Hunk found walked into the kitchen and spotted his best friend looking sick he turned into the universes biggest mother hen, scooping him up into his strong arms and not even batting an eye at Lance being dropped over Keith.
“Coran is there a bed in the in infirmary I can put him in?” He asked.
Coran seemed to snap out of his worry stricken state and nodded.
“Yes I will accompany you and set up the equipment.” With that the older Altean hurried off followed by Hunk and the limp Lance.
Keith stared after the three planning to follow but as he was about to stand up Shiro placed a hand on his shoulder making the message clear.
They were going to have the talk.
And it was happening now.
“Pidge, do me a favour and go help out Hunk and Coran.” The way Shiro said it just screamed he was telling Pidge to get out while she could.
“Oh…oh yeah I’ll do that” she said shooting Keith a half sympathetic half amused look before leaving the two alone.
“Look Shiro I-”
“Did you kiss Lance or did he kiss you?” Shiro interrupted.
“I need to know who kissed who, this is important.” He said sternly.
“Well Lance kissed me first both times.”
“Both…” Shiro rose an eyebrow.
“Well… erm see after Lance found out he was part Altean we kinda talked then he kissed me before he went to talk to Coran…” Keith rambled quickly feeling his cheeks blush as he went on.
Shiro didn’t say anything for a moment and Keith began to feel uncomfortable under his glare.
“I need to know your not going to take advantage of Lance in his current state.” He said finally, however it was like a punch to the gut.
Shiro was seriously worried he would take advantage of Lance.
“What! Shiro quiznark no! I didn’t even realise he had fever when we were making out. I wasn’t thinking.”
“Do you regret it?” Shiro asked crossing his arms.
Keith didn’t say anything, instead he looked at his feet giving Shiro the answer he needed.
“Listen Keith I’m going to make myself very clear. While Lance is going through these Altean changes you are to deny all his advances.”
“What do you mean?” Keith asked quietly.
“What I mean is that Lance isn’t in his right mind right now. But you are. It’s your responsibility to keep him safe from making a mistake he could come to regret.”
“So that’s all I am Hu? A mistake to be made!” Keith snapped.
Shiro slammed his hand down on the table so hard that Keith jumped. “Dammit Keith you know what I meant! Think of it this way, if Lance were drunk and tried to sleep with you, a decent guy would say no. But if the same situation were to happen while he were sober then a decent guy could say yes…”
The two stared at each other for a moment “do you understand?”
Keith slowly nodded and sighed “yeah I do.”
He knew then that it would be a while before he could be that close to Lance again, because despite everything and despite how much he hated it.
Keith was a decent guy.

It just occurred to me this morning that in the bowerbird story line, since Bucky is the first man Tony has been attracted to, Bucky is basically dealing with virgin!Tony. And I want to write bowerbird Bucky simultaneously smug as fuck that he’s going to bed a virgin and terrified that he might get too eager and make it bad for Tony. (Cue Bucky face down on the couch muttering “I just want to smash so bad” and Steve, the asshole, just replying “So smash?” And then Bucky gets all indignant like he’s not going to just smash Tony, Tony needs to be taken care of and pampered and loved and fuck you Steve this isn’t something to laugh about!)

Edit: And I have too many things on my list to focus on this now FUCK.

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I... I don't think that's a good sign... Perhaps your too late guys...

Jake: Fuck, why is he so cold, he’s breathing, he shouldn’t be this cold!

Jake panics and sets Rich propped against the bed silently. He gets his own jacket off, wrapping it around Rich slowly. Rich shifts under the new warmth, now letting himself fall asleep. Michael bursts into the room without warning, covering his mouth at the sight. The ambulance sirens are heard in the distance as Rich’s breathing spikes and suddenly drops, his chest now unmoving. Panicked, Jake shakes him lightly.

Jake: Rich, Rich c’mon, Rich wake up, wake up, it’s going to be ok! I-I’m not mad, you don’t have to be scared anymore, I love you, Rich.. R.. Rich..?

Jake got no response. He is met with cold limpness in his arms. He dissolves himself into sobs, shaking and clutching onto Rich. His hand is still firmly on his wrist, holding in blood well now.

The paramedics are brought upstairs by Jenna.

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ONE MORE trans camp half blood meme before I go to bed: The down with cis chariot

honestly all of these messages were golden and im keeping the rest For Now but this really and truly needs to be shared. the down with cis chariot is such an iconic idea im just imagining it like…. 

clarisse and will ride it around camp like they’re freakin hunger games and it’s absolutely amazing. they hold hands in the air, arms spread with serious, grim expressions on their faces. this is more than pride. this is power. this is a display of dominance, a display of hope for all the campers like them. 

the first time, everyone was astonished, but after a while, their joy rides just kind of became expected. the highlight of summer is always seeing those trans beauties take their ‘down with cis’ chariot for a spin, flags of all non-cisgender orientations flying behind them proudly. usually, it’s carried by pegasi, occasionally by a ton of other trans campers who even get to take turns with clarisse and will on the chariot, and one time… 

oh man. chiron totally pulled it. he raised his hands in the air and ran like the wind, mr. d laughing in genuine joy as the entire camp watched. he was wearing a party pony pride parade ‘68 shirt, one hand holding a genderfluid flag, the other holding a trigender flag. this was only once, and campers who werent there dont believe it ever happened. it becomes another camp tall tale, something people speak of in curious, confused whispers as the chariot pulls through the camp once more, pulled as usual by pegasi. chiron refuses to say whether or not it happened. mr. d keeps quite too; he likes to watch everyone wonder. but clarisse and will…. they know. oh, how they know. 

they speak of it like something sacred and beautiful, the way chiron speaks of elysium to frightened first-year campers. sometimes… people even believe them. and they know, with all their heart, that it was beautiful. - will

As I wait for the STeven Universe Hour-Long Special

I have: Planted a tomato garden, watched countless Netflix cartoons, been going to bed at a normal time, finished my college orientation, and am consitering pursuing Youtube Gaming in the future. Huh, intresting, life seems to be back on track….

One Week From Now:

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*cough cough* A new oneshot Maec fic? I don’t know what you’re talking about! What preview? No, no, there’s no previ-WAIT DON’T YOU DARE-


“My shirt,” Alec answered immediately. “You magicked it away while we were having sex. Now I can’t find it. I have a mission briefing in ten minutes.” He started going through one of Magnus’ drawers. “Do you know where you sent it?”

Magnus shrugged. “You know I don’t think clearly enough when we get hot and heavy, Alexander.” Magnus reached over and snatched a silk robe from the drawer before Alec closed it. Wrapping it around himself, Magnus stood from the bed and walked over to the taller man. He ran a hand down Alec’s chest, feeling the chest hairs against his palm and the slight shiver Alec gave. “How about I portal you to your room in the Institute and you can get a shirt there? If I find your shirt, I’ll call and tell you,” Magnus offered. “Though, I would love it if you could stay…”

“Magnus,” Alec scolded, though a smirk played on his lips.


*sweats nervously* Please don’t judge me.

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This has been such a rough night for Arianators! Are you doing okay?? Thank you for posting about this incident and reblogging what you can! I'm here if you need to talk!

Rough night for humanity

I really didn’t do much tbh but I appreciate the concern so much, it’s all about love and helping each other so thank you for the extended hand xxx I appreciate you. 

I’m probably going to go to bed (It’s near 5am in the UK now) so I’ll update when I wake up, if there’s anything else to say. 



I took the long road home just to remember
That cold March scene
It was the first time we held hands
And the first time I fell in love
Nothing will be alright
No not after what you said to me

I still wear the key wherever I go
And I still sleep with the ring next to me.
Everything I see
Reminds me of the promises I couldn’t keep
I’m left with a broken heart
And a corpse remaining in my bed.

Now I have to lay these memories to rest
In a gorgeous cemetery

I will never forget the life we planned
And how every time we kissed I felt less broken
My heart is starting to fade away
Cuz I can’t stop staring at that picture frame
Oh, I understand that these lyrics aren’t the best
And I’m so sorry darling, but they’re the last thing i have left

These ghosts never stop screaming at me
And telling me how much i fucked up everything
So I’m sitting here, writing my apology
In a string of damaged melodies
The sky is crashing down on me tonight
I just hope that you’re doing alright.

Now I have to lay these memories to rest
In a gorgeous cemetery

So let’s whisper goodbye to thee and me

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HAVE YOU bOught it YET

:( No i haven’t. I’ll probably buy it tomorrow maybe. But now I’m going to bed for real. i can sleep easy knowing Tommy’s been saved and that there are a lot of happy fansies out there.

I’m hoping that a lot of newsies discourse will cease for a bit and let us all revel in the glory of how far we’ve come as a fandom. We should be proud of ourselves. :) Let’s all enjoy this moment in Fansie History together, shall we?

i’m alive

here’s a life update because i never post here

in less than a month, my amazing friend @vaprosia will be flying here all the way from florida to move in with me!! we’re currently in the process of trying to snag our dream apartment in downtown seattle and are so excited to begin this new chapter of our lives

i’m also working 2 jobs now! back to back, 14 hour days from 6am-8pm. i have no time or energy for much of anything anymore, but man that is going to be Good Money so i’m trying to work through it

although i’ve also been very sick the last couple weeks, with a nasty and painful cough i havent been able to shake. i finally went to the doctor on sunday and found out i have pneumonia!!! so ive been on bed rest the last couple days drinking lots of fluids and taking antibiotics to fight that

that’s p much it!!!! how have yall been doing

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I bet you're really cute you should show your face... :)

Hello I have posted a pic before lmao if u wanna go in my asks and scroll forever u can find it. Right now I look like a pile of pig though so under the cut I will post a photo I took last week of me on a hospital bed.

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Zach Werenski #6

Anonymous said: Hey! Could u write a zach werenski imagine where you two watch a scary movie , and if ur comfortable, end with then making out/smut? Thanks :)

A/N: fyi i have no idea how this movie goes, i myself hate horror movies and refuse to watch them. so just pretend like i know that i’m talking about :) hope you liked it!!! also sorry if my smut is either a) shit or b) too much lol

Word Count: 1,560

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It was pretty understandable that Zach didn’t want to go out anywhere after such a long day at practice. And honestly, you were more than okay with it, seeing that you could now throw on one of his hoodies and snuggle up in his bed. You preferred that over going out most days, actually. 

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I don’t know what the situation is right now. I was finally getting back into animating and getting so much shit done, now I can’t. I’d say give it about a week to come back, might as well give up after that.

I’m in the ‘stressing out so much I’m shutting down’ stage because Cold Skin is basically the only thing I have, if BS doesn’t come back then I dunno what I’ll do. I am so tired.

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(Four people have asked for Karl. Dang) 

First Impression

From the moment we first saw Karl, and he appeared in Julien’s bed, I knew he was going to be an amazing character.

Impression Now

I love him. Literally nothing has changed. I have loved him from the start and to now. And for the rest of my life. He has the best lines. He’s so good.

Favorite Moment

KARL HAS HAD SO MANY GREAT MOMENTS!!! I still really love when he kept appearing in Julien’s bed, but I honestly think him appearing on his fancy chair with the glowing lights in Exiled has become my favorite. He’s so extra. What an entrance. (Also I REALLY love that scene where he’s arguing with Karen in S3)  

Favorite Relationship

Karl and Julien