i have to go somewhere with my mom

yolanda being so unsettled by the industry and what they asked of her (which I think would be a normal reaction to be so blatantly sexualized by older men when you’re a very young teen) as opposed to mylene and regina just doing it and understanding it as a challenge is really so telling of their differences in situations… regina and mylene have nothing to go back from they’re from abusive households so their ambition really comes from a place of despair… yolanda is obviously close to her mom and has somewhere where she knows she’s safe and ultimately it really made the difference… love my beautiful and brave lesbian girl who didn’t mean no harm to anybody and who just got scared

brandon-wallace  asked:

Hi jax my name is Brandon I'm a really big fan but I'm only 14. I was wondering, what would be best for me to do training wise bc I want the body of like deku, spider Man, one punch man ect... But I can't really have a diet bc how old I am and my mom doesn't like it when I try to go on a diet. Can you do a video on how young peaple like me can git ripped ? Plz ...Thank you

Watch these 4 videos in ORDER 

and you’ll be ready to ACCOMPLISH 
any FITNESS goal for any age, gender and fitness level. 

We all had to start somewhere 

20 years in the future
  • My daughter: Mom, I found this show called Voltron Legendary Defender on your Netflix account.
  • Me, in my Red Lion jacket, gently placing my Red Lion mug down on the table: *long, suffering sigh*
  • My daughter: Is everything okay?
  • Me, softly: So it has to be like this, huh...
  • My daughter: Mom? What is it?
  • Me: Katie, please go get your brothers Takashi and Keith and your sister Allura. There's something I have to tell you.
tips for studyblrs on a budget

While there are a lot of good things about the studyblr community, a lot of people (myself included) have noticed that the goal of many within the community is often having the most perfect, beautiful notes and supplies. For a lot of people, this is just far too expensive to be justified. There’s obviously nothing wrong with if you have the money for the “studyblr best” supplies, or if you just want to treat yo’ self, but here’s some tips to help you get nice study supplies without breaking the bank!:

1. Dollar stores! They generally have a decent selection of office supplies (as well as a lot of other basics), and some stores stick to an “everything is $1″ policy. I tend to buy pens, sharpies, and notecards from dollar stores. Though a tip is to go for the sets of pens/sharpies, because those are likely to be cheaper than buying them somewhere else (individual pens aren’t necessarily cheaper at a dollar store). I also have a nice set of highlighters, and my mom got a set of gel pens that seem to be similar to the Pilot Juice pens.

2. Speaking of pens… if you want to keep a good variety of pens, my general rule of thumb is this: ~4 black pens in two different sizes (My most-used are my Pilot G-2 in the 1.0 size and the Muji 0.38) - this way you have a thicker pen when you want/need that, and a thinner pen when that’s preferred. If you only use one size, more power to ya. I like to use a thicker black pen for headings and use the thinner for details when taking notes.
As for colors, I recommend just having one of each color that you use. If you’re not going to use 5 shades of yellow pen regularly, you don’t need that new set with a cool shade you don’t have yet. Find a brand/type of pen you like, and stick with one or two colored sets at most (I learned this from experience).

3. Highlighters: Don’t get them if you know you don’t use them. Don’t get different varieties if you don’t use them. If you love the look of neon highlighters, you don’t need to splurge for something like the Zebra Mildliners. If you don’t like the neon ones, but think you’d use the Mildliners, go for it. Most of the time, I don’t use highlighters when taking notes, I just write the words I would have highlighted in a different color from the rest of the notes (this works best when you’re taking notes from a textbook or copying notes over).

4. Just get a decent backpack. One that’ll hold up and hold all you need, but don’t feel like you need a specific brand or style of backpack. It’s literally on your back half the time, it doesn’t need to be cute.

5. Cheap notebooks work just as well as expensive notebooks. Get the off-brand notebook on the bottom shelf at target. Don’t feel like you can’t use the remaining pages at the end after your class ends. You can start a new subject in an old notebook. You can practice handwriting in an old notebook. You can use an old notebook as scratch paper or to jot down random things you need to remember. Hell, make a hundred paper cranes with the extra paper if you like to. You don’t need to let the extra paper go to waste.

If you know you’ll only use about half a notebook for one of your classes, get one with less paper or get a 3- or 5- subject notebook for your classes. Each subject generally has less paper than a regular 1-subject notebook, and it helps keep everything together.

If you want to keep a bullet journal, that doesn’t mean you need a fancy notebook for it. You can make the inside look just as good or be just as useful as any Moleskine.

6. Study with a whiteboard. I’m one of those people who has to write something down ten times in order to remember it. Now I could use paper to write it all down, but that’s a lot of paper that I’m wasting over the course of a school year. I decided to get a couple whiteboards instead. I have one small one, about the size of a piece of paper (I don’t exactly remember the cost but I think it was somewhere around $5 maybe? Could have been another dollar store find), and I have a bigger one that I keep on my wall (this one was from Sams Club and cost around $12 and included markers, a tiny eraser, magnets, and a cork board section with push pins - I use this for reminders and holding up my wall calendar, but before exams I take it down and use it to review)

7. Don’t buy the pretty planner if you know you’re not going to use it. If you already have a bullet journal, you probably don’t also need a planner, and vice versa. You can generally use both in the same way, it’s just a matter of finding what works best for you.

9. Don’t fall into the studyblr aesthetic trap. If you know you won’t use something enough to make the purchase worth it, don’t feel like you have to get it.

If you really want to get something, go for it. But don’t feel like you have to have certain supplies to succeed or to be studyblr famous. I’ve been a stationery lover for much longer than studyblrs have been around, and these are just a few things I’ve learned. Now, go tackle that homework!

My roommate just walked in the door and asked if I have pants on because her parents are with her… so then this happened

“Stiles do you have pants on?” Derek yelled into the apartment as he unlocked the door. 

“Yeah but I can take them off if there’s sexytime in my future,” Stiles yelled back and Derek’s ears burned red.

“My mom’s with me,” Derek said, avoiding eye contact with his mother. 

Talia laughed, “Hi Stiles.”

“Hi Mrs. Hale,” Stiles said, coming out of the bedroom, face red and voice a little higher than usual, “I didn’t know you were coming by.”

“I can go if you two have big plans,” Talia said and Stiles blushed harder. Derek felt his own cheeks flush too, “I just wanted to come see the new place.”

“Well here it is,” Derek said, “Stiles don’t you have something to do not here.”

“Yep,” Stiles said, “Um, something somewhere else.”

“Oh don’t leave, I’m going,” Talia said, kissing Derek on the cheek and hugging Stiles, “I’m glad you had pants on.”

“Me too.”

She left with another laugh, “Don’t just bring you mom over without warning! What if I hadn’t had pants on!”

“I didn’t think that far,” Derek said, tugging Stiles closer.

“I’ll ditch my pants now if you want,” Stiles said as Derek nipped at his ear, “Right now.”

“Do it,” Derek whispered, voice rough, all their embarrassment forgotten as they made their way to the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind them.

so i was thinking how much people seemed to overlook Lance listening to music in season 1 may or may not be because i always do the same and then this popped out. This takes place sometime during season two. (WC: 1208)

Keith lays down in bed, curling himself against Lance’s side, who is putting on Pidge’s headphones. He breathes in, relishing in the scent of pure Lance

They’re in “Lance’s” room, but in all honesty, it’s both of theirs. Their clothes are both here, they both sleep here, they both brush their teeth and shower here. It’s theirs, and that little word change has never made his heart flutter so often.

But there’s only one thing that Keith is really thinking about. The one thing he always thinks about before they go to bed.

“Hey, Lance?” says Keith, wrapping an arm around Lance’s bare waist.

Lance pauses mid-motion. “Yeah?”

“Why do you always wear those in bed?” asks Keith. He lifts his head, resting his chin on Lance’s chest to face him.

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sebastian stan is appreciated yet underappreciated at the same time. he’s pretty but he’s also this really good, interesting person. 

this panel has so many good moments [x] such as:

  • had to stop speaking because he couldn’t stop staring at this dog.
  • remembers taking a picture with someone 
  • “when you’re given a platform you have to do something about it..you have to expand beyond your own personal goals.”
  • “i never really thought in a million years that this character or these stories or something, you know, to have someone, who, just reached out to me and said you know, ‘thank you for recognizing something or i’m related to this’ is probably the most gratifying experience out of this whole process.”
  • “the task for me would be to be more involved and see where I can help…even if it’s just, I don’t know, putting a smile on someone’s face, or answering some questions or you know, making someone feel better.”
  • “i’m awkward, I get nervous nervous, I get panic attacks, I get crazy, you know, whatever, depression.”
  • “my job is always to remain as honest as I can and to just, i don’t know, help in some way.”
  • goes on this whole thing about trying to focus on what he can control v what he can’t control, how that helps him to be a happier, better person.
  • “one of my goals in life is to really embrace struggle.”
  • “it’s important to kinda take in and be really grateful about sort of what’s happening, which i always remind myself, no matter what, and i really, really am.”

this video is in romanian w/ english subtitles, so all info is from there [x]

  • “i was very lucky, i tend to forget this. when i was 22 or 23 years old i wasn’t thinking about what it meant to her after the revolution came, to decide to go elsewhere for a better life.” on his mother, the sacrifices she made, and better understanding now that he’s older.
  • “after my grandma died, to be honest, it was difficult for me to go back there cause i had to go to the cemetery, to live that moment again, and face what happened with her. it was a very delicate situation for me.”
  • “when i saw that car driving fast with that flag with the hole in the middle, I felt like… i always remember something major, important was happening.” on the revolution when he was a kid.
  • “when i was watching it (a video of Ceausescu) i felt something so…i mean, i remember like the memories were there in my muscles. i felt like a knife went through me when i heard that voice it felt to me like it was yesterday.” 
  • “the thing that i feel changed most was a deeper sense of responsibility.” on being asked if fame changed him.
  • his parents are what keep his interest in romania alive, and are the reasons he can still speak the language.

here’s another panel [x]

  • remembers more fans. 
  • “the rough patches that you may going through are sort of, also, these great gifts that you can kind of rise from.”
  • paraphrasing but: we’re all capable of rising from difficult moments in our lives to get somewhere. 
  • “it’s the company you keep. people you surround yourself are extensions of you, that’s how i always feel..and i was lucky to have good influences.”
  • gives a fan a hug.
  • space nerd who exposes his knowledge and would live on the moon.

Bonus things: 

  • i think it’s important to remind the people we love why we love them or how they’ve touched us. i mean, i guess if it wasn’t for my mom i could probably be, not even in america right now. [x]
  • "embrace your differences and the qualities about you that you think are weird. eventually they’re going to be the only things separating you from everyone else.” [x]
Elephant in the Room

Combination of Two Prompts: How would Batmom react to Teen Titans Robin and him not being in contact with them for so long? What would happen if she showed up at the tower? AND Dick calls Bruce and Batmom dad and mom for the first time after being adopted.

Words: 1745

AN: This was a pretty long one, but filled with fluffy feels, and I love it!!!

Your son is one of the best of his generation, and in your mother’s eye, the best. You understand why he left, you support his choice of independence, but an entire year without a call is simply too much. He stayed in contact for the first two, a random call here, and email, there, but then suddenly there was nothing.

          The only thing that let you know he was still alive were the news reports. Bruce, of course, follows every morsel of news. Though he’d never say it out loud, he knows that things need to be fixed.  You’d be willing to bet the Wayne family fortune that Dick knows the exact same thing.

          You can’t help but smile, after all, that’s what you’re here for; to beat sense into those stubborn heads. The security system is the exact same as the Batcave’s, and you’re surprised to find that your codes work.

          You let yourself in, and one quick hack into the system tells you that no one is there. So you wander, you take in the sights, and look around at the home your son has built for himself. You smile when you find his room. He’s changed his uniform a bit. There are no photos in obvious places or any real identifying marks.

          You leave the room for the common room and take a seat on the couch. You pull the photo album out and just wait. When the sound of footsteps and laughter sounds, you slip on the mask that’s needed; it actually goes rather nicely with your outfit.

          More than just his team strolls through the doors, it seems like every super powered teen in existence is there and Dick just stops at the sight of you. You stand up, and say, “I didn’t realize you’d be in the middle of a party.”

          He stiffens a bit and asks, “What are you doing here?” His voice is a bit hesitant.

          You grab your bag, and approach him. The closer you get the more you realize just how much he’s grown. You smile and say, “We need to talk.” He glances back at his friends and back to you, you just say, “I’ll wait in your room, I already know the way.”

          He watches you slide through the doors and Starfire asks, “Robin, who is that woman?”

          His voice is tight with emotion when he says “She’s my mother.”

          There’s a collective statement of “You have a mother?”

          Dick just glances at Roy and Wally, the only two not surprised and says, “Of course I have a mother.” Before he walks out of the room.

          He finds you sitting on the bed, sans mask. Before he can say a word you say, “No masks, you know the rules.”

          He doesn’t fight you on it, just removes his mask. You smile and open your arms. Sure enough he slides right into them. His head goes to your lap, and your fingers run through his hair. When the sobs come you know something happened, that there was a reason he hadn’t called.

          You let him cry, because sometimes everyone needs to, and you’d be willing to bet that your baby is long overdue. When he’s done, he slides on to the bed and tells you everything. He tells you about being held against his will by Slade, being forced to do horrible things, and then he tells you about the Brotherhood of Evil, and finally about Trigon.

          You listen as he pours out every pent up emotion, and when he’s done you don’t say anything about it. Instead you start on your own story, “Do you remember when you first came to live at the manor?”

          His brow furrows, “Of course.”

          You smile and remove a stuffed elephant from your bag, his eyes go wide at the sight of it. “You were so little and scared, and man oh man, did you remind me of Bruce. You two were the same age you know, when you lost your parents. You didn’t know what to make of us, and we weren’t really sure what to make of you to be honest. At that point we’d only been responsible for ourselves.”

          Dick smirks, “And all of Gotham.”

          You smile, as your hand strokes over the elephants worn head, “We’d never planned on kids, but when we saw you after that show, it hit us, you were ours. And then you started to grow, and you took on the family business with your dad, and I was just amazed, at how lucky we were to be blessed with a kid like you.”

          “You always made sure to keep my birth parents in the picture though. You’d talk about them with me, you’d take me to visit their graves whenever I wanted to. You even had that portrait made.”

          You grin, “That was all your dad, he didn’t want you to feel like we were replacing them.”

          “You didn’t I just got lucky  and got to have two sets of parents.”

          You smile, and there’s a moment of silence, “He misses you, you know.” Dick doesn’t say anything. “He bookmarks every newspaper article on you saving the day. Even has a subscription to the local paper. He’s very proud.”

          “He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what happened.” You smile a bit and he just groans, “How in the world does he know?”

          You smile, “He saw the footage from the top of the Wayne tower, you were stealing from.”

          “He didn’t come.”

          “He was on his way, already tracked Slade’s headquarters down and everything, when it suddenly blew up, he knew that your team had made things right. The Brotherhood of Evil was a learning experience too, and you saved the world from Trigon. When it comes down to it, you’ve done a lot of good Dick. And you’ve made a lot of friends too.”

          He smiles, “It’s the bi-yearly get together. Pizza party.”

          You groan, “Please tell me you at least eat some healthy things.”

          He smirks, “I make Alfred proud every once in awhile.”


          You pass him the elephant and he smiles and you say, “I never thought you’d leave her behind.”

          He shrugs, “I outgrew her.”

          You just smile, “When you first came to live with us you refused to let her go. Took her everywhere, for that first year.”

          Dick just smiles, “You guys homeschooled me for that first year. I didn’t have to let her go.”

          You laugh, “Still, you took her to all the Wayne foundation events, to restaurants, when we’d visit your dad at work. You even insisted that she be buckled in. You also insisted on taking her to that theme park. I was against it, I just knew she’d get put down somewhere, but Bruce insisted that everything would be fine.”

          “I’d been with you guys for about eight months at that point, I was at the tail end of my Robin training.”

          You nod, “Sure enough you left her there. You were in tears, you kept saying I have to have her, we have to get her back, she’s family. And then at some point you look up at me and Bruce and you said, ‘Please Mommy, please Daddy, we have to go search for her.’ That was the first time you called us Mom and Dad. It wouldn’t become a regular thing until a few months later, but in that moment your dad and I knew we’d move heaven and earth to make you happy.”

          Dick just smiles, “That was the first time he took me out as Robin. He called it the case of the missing elephant. He helped me track her down. Someone had thrown her in the trash on top of some nachos.”

          You smile, “I had to hand wash her, and then throw her in the washing machine three times to get all that cheese off. It’s amazing she doesn’t have any stains.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in contact.”

          You pull him in for a hug, “It’s okay, baby boy. You can make it up by coming to dinner this Friday.”

          “Mom, I don’t know if I’m …”

          You cut him off, “He misses you Dick. You’re his son, and whatever that stupid argument was about three years ago, it’s forgotten.”

          “He really wants to see me?”

          You smile, “He talks about you all the time, how proud he is of what you’ve accomplished.”

          He smiles and says, “I’ll be there.”

          “Good, you can meet your new brother.”

          His eyes go wide, “You had a, but the papers didn’t say anything about …”

          You smirk, “His name is Jason, Bruce found him trying to take the wheels off the Batmobile. He’s in training right now.”

          Dick smiles, “Good, Batman needs a Robin, and I’ve been thinking it might be time to change things up. New identity for a new chapter and all that.”

          You lean down and kiss the top of his head, “As long as Dick Grayson remains that sweet, caring, and noble boy that I’ve always known, I think that sounds wonderful.”

          He kisses your cheek, “I’ll see you Friday, Mom.”

          You smile and leave his room, slipping on the mask again before you go. Waiting outside the door are all the teen heroes. You smile and say, “Speedy, Kid Flash, you have his back right?”

          Wally just grins and says, “Always Batmom, you know that.”

          You turn to the rest of his immediate team, “Thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s good to see he’s made excellent friends.” They’re too stunned to say anything else. You leave the tower without another word. You reach home several hours later, to find Bruce waiting up for you despite the hour.

          “Jason asleep?” you ask.

          He just smiles and says, “Yep, he and Alfred baked cookies all day, and you know what a task master Alfred is when it comes to his kitchen.” He pauses before asking, “How’s our oldest son?”

          “Coming to dinner on Friday.”

          “He’s okay though?”

          You nod, “The picture of health, seems like he made some pretty good friends, too.”

Bruce just smiles and says, “Thank God.”

          You grab his hand, “Come on Caped Crusader, time for bed.”

          He come with you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and says, “Bed sounds absolutely divine.”

Say what you will about the videos of Planned Parenthood saying they don’t provide prenatal care being doctored, but it’s true. Almost all of their clinics do not provide prenatal care. My roommate was unsure if the video was truthful or not, so she called Planned Parenthood today pretending to be a distraught pregnant teen. She asked if they had any vitamins for her pregnancy and they said “no ma'am, you’re going to have to go to your doctor for that.” My roommate responded saying, “my mom and I have the same doctor and I don’t want her finding out that I’m pregnant yet. Do y'all provide prenatal care?” And of course they said “no, we do not provide prenatal care, you’re going to have to go somewhere else for that.” So if you don’t believe what the videos are saying is true, call Planned Parenthood yourself and ask them. Because they’ll probably tell you the same thing.


Hi guys, so right now there are some hard times going for my family more than usual. We are at a time where my mom is not with us at the moment so its just me and my dad here to try and come up with money. Im trying my hardest to find somewhere to work but without a GED and having constant anxiety its really hard to find places that will have me and ill be comfortable at. I really need some help right now with bills, pet food, and food for my family. I would really appreciate it if yall could help out! If you cant commission please try and spread 

Bust - $15

Full Bod - $25

Extra Person - +$10

Detailed Bust - $40

Detailed Full - $50

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One last dialect thing - it seems to me, from anecdotal experience and general intuition, that subtractive and/or fractional expressions for telling time are gradually going extinct as digital clocks supplant analog clocks.

For example, my parents both regularly use the expressions “a quarter till [hour]” or “ten till [hour]”, often omitting the hour completely, leaving it to be understood through context. I understand them completely when they use those phrases, but I myself have never used them in my entire life, at least as far as I can remember.

My mother told me a story about how one day a few years ago she was waiting in line somewhere, and a teenage girl asked her what the time was. My mom replied, “It’s a quarter till one,” and the girl just stared at her, mystified, until my mom clarified, “It’s twelve forty-five,” after which the girl was like “Oh! Thanks.”

This is also kind of a thing that Baby Boomers and older people in general get kind of huffy about, in my experience. I can read analog clocks, of course, but it takes me a brief moment to “decode” them, so if there’s an analog clock and a digital clock in the same room, I’ll always look at the digital clock. My parents get real annoyed by this and will go on about “When I was young there were no digital clocks!” - and when my mother told the above anecdote to my relatives there was a big hullaboo about how Kids These Days are too spoiled and lazy because of digital clocks to tell time right, or whatever.

If this is a universal trend in highly digital societies, then it’s almost something of a loss - some languages have elaborate systems for telling time in relation to the analog clock face, variously involving subtraction, addition, multiplication, and both fractions and whole numbers. At least one language even has special numerals for telling the time using analog clocks. But ultimately, good riddance. Way easier just to state the time the way you’d read it off of a digital clock.

My hero- A Jasper Hale Imagine

A/N: I hope you don’t mind but instead of a oneshot I turned it into an imagine with (Y/N) instead of Bella’s name. I took five requests in hopes for a longer more detailed imagine. Thank you all so much for your patience, I know you are all going to really like this. 

Originally posted by cute-guysxx

Request #1: Jasper x Bella oneshot, Bella meets Jasper as a kid post in the park and he helps her get home over the years he appears in her life comforting her and being nice , she thinks he’s an imaginary friend . She moves to forks Washington and sees him in school and she thinks she’s going crazy . But when she’s almost hit by Tyler’s truck he saves her and she realizes he’s real and it’s basically the first chapter of twilight rewritten with Jasper. Please

Request #2: Ok so I’m 15 and I still sometimes get really paranoid abt things being under my bed or something (ok it’s super embarrassing) but could u do an imagine abt like jasper coming to put his human mate to sleep and finding her really scared Bc she thinks there is a monster under her bed and then he checks and comforts her and tells her stories of his past life until she falls asleep? Thanks. Love ur blog g😍

Request #3: I’m so happy you’re still active. Do you still take requests? If so, could you write one where jasper saves the reader from a group of men? Kind of like when Bella was about to be attached in the second book. Maybe some angst, then some jasper fluff?

Request #4:Could you write a Jasper x reader imagine where it’s like super fluffy and sweet? I can’t seem to find a huge amount of love for my precious baby in the fandom and I need some! Please and thank you 😊

Request #5:Could you write something with jasper where he’s you’re mate, and you’re human, and he’s super protective over you, especially with men. 

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So, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 kind of maybe owns my soul a little bit now? Here’s a fanfic filling in some blanks.

Title: Goodnight
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy
Rating: PG13 maybe? There’s nothing in here worse than in the movie

“And Darth Vader… I suppose he can’t stand the idea of a world where people like him and the Emperor live and people like Luke Skywalker die. So he picks up the Emperor and kills him, so that Luke can survive, even though it kills him too. And all these little teddy bear things that live on the moon below the Emperor’s Death Star, I forgot to mention all of that, they have a big party with fireworks and stuff.”

Peter and his family before, during and after the funeral.


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My mom is my best friend. She listens to me through everything and I mean everything. When I’m breaking out she looks at my face everyday to tell me if it looks better because I ask her to. She listens to me obsess about things. She lays in bed with me while I cry over a boy that broke my heart. She will listen to sappy break up songs for hours with me. She never judges me. She will watch romance movies with me all day. She lifts me up when I’m down. If I’m having anxiety about going somewhere I’ve never been she will go with me even if she’s worked all day and it’s the last thing she wants to do. She gives me the best advice that I trust. Nobody can make me laugh like she does. Especially when we’re trying to do something together; like carry something heavy and we can’t help but laugh and almost drop whatever it is. And when she says she promises, I know it’s true because she never breaks a promise.
—  I love my mom || Chapters from my life
Every Me And Every You - Thirty Three

Seven hours later and you landed in Las Vegas. Given the flight times and the time difference, by the time you’d hired a car it was pushing 5pm.

You’d tried to call Spencer again before taking off and when you’d got into the airport with no luck. The first few times it had gone straight to voicemail, but now it was ringing out.

Not knowing where to go, you called Penelope.

“Hello, my little ray of sunshine. What can I do for you?” Ever cheerful, you could hear her smiling down the phone.

“Pen, I don’t suppose you’re still at work? I don’t know where Reid is and he’s not answering his phone. I know we’re not meant to, but I wondered if you could ping his phone.”

“I’m not at work, but I am at home. I can link up. Give me five minutes sweet cheeks and I’ll hit you back.”

She disconnected the call and you sat waiting impatiently in the hire car, wondering if you’d made the wrong decision by coming out here.

Seeing her name flashing up on your cell,  you answered.

“He’s at his Mom’s hospital. Have you got sat nav, I’ll give you the address?” She read out the address and you programmed it in. A twenty minute drive.

“He’s been there for the last hour, I’ll keep my computer on and let you know if he leaves alright? Give him our love when you see him.”

“Thanks Penny, will do.”

You navigated the Las Vegas highway following the directions until you pulled up outside a fancy looking building. It certainly didn’t look like a hospital but you knew that Spencer paid a lot of money to have his mom cared for, feeling guilty that he’d wasn’t able to do it himself.

Parking up and finding the main reception, you asked for him, the friendly looking receptionist advising that he was here and that she’d send an orderly to go and fetch him from his Mom’s room. You waited nervously, still not sure whether you should have come or not.

A few minutes later you spotted him walking into the room, his eyes scanning around and wondering who his visitor was.

He looked tired, his voice mail to you had been left in the early hours of the morning so you guessed he was physically exhausted as well as emotionally. You knew he must have been super tired as he wore his glasses, an accessory that rarely made an appearance now.

When he spotted you he did a double take, squinting through his lenses. You gave him a small smile and a little wave as he crossed the room to you.

“Y/N? What are you…..” he trailed off, his voice small and raspy the way it got when he was upset.

“You said you needed a friend right?” You opened your arms to him and he embraced you, burrowing his head into your neck.

“You came…. ” he whispered, his words barely audible.

“Is it okay that I did? I’m sorry I didn’t pick up when you called me this morning. My cell died, both of them would you believe it?”

“It’s more than okay. I can’t believe you got on a plane and came all this way by yourself. Does Hotch know you’re here?”

He pulled away from you and you could now see how red his eyes were behind his spectacles. Poor Spence.

“I didn’t find out until I got to work, Em said something to him about us being really close friends and we don’t have a case sooo. I tried calling to check it was okay but your phone was off and then when I got here, it just rang out. I had Penny work her magic to find out where you were. They all send their love by the way.”

“My cells in my bag on silent, I wasn’t ignoring you I swear… ”

“Reid it’s fine. You’ve had more important thing to think about. How are you, how’s your mom?”

He sighed, his shoulders heavy.

“I’m… okay, I guess. My mom…. Well, she’s more upset. It’s almost like the last twenty two years never happened and she’s still married to him. I mean, she knows she’s not, she’s lucid right now. But she’s just devastated. And I feel bad because I don’t feel like I’m as upset as I should be.”

“She did spend more of her life with him than you did Spence. Regardless of what happened between them, she’s probably got a lot more happy memories of him than you do.”

“I know, I just don’t know what to say to her or how to comfort her right now.” He rubbed his eyes under his glasses, blinking a few times.

“Listen, I need to find a motel or something, do you have anywhere booked yet? I can go find somewhere for us both and then come back and meet you. Do you have a hire car?”

“Yeah it’s outside in the lot. Don’t leave so soon after you’ve got here, please. There’s a hotel a few blocks away that always has vacancies, I stay there all the time when I visit. Come… come meet my mom if it’s not too weird. You might help distract her for a bit.”

“Alright, I can do that.”

Josh Hutcherson AMA Transcript

This is the transcript from Josh’s AMA on Reddit on February 16th, 2017.  All spelling and grammar errors are as written by the original people  This is very long, so the majority is under a read more.

Q:  Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh:  yes… they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly… however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

Q:  Hi! What’s your favorite television show to watch?

Josh:  the Bob Ross painting show… i can benge for hours

Q:  Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh:  so many…. joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

Q:  Hi Josh, You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh:  hahaha…. life imitates art…

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Oh, this seems really cute! I think I made it more comedic than fluffy, bu I had fun with it xD Thanks for the request! Honestly I love seeing everyone’s family in bnha! I hope we get to see more :D Also I misread and thought the gf was giving the kiss, oops, but I think it’s good enough!

Bakugo Katsuki:

“You didn’t have to walk home with me, idiot.” Katsuki reminds you again as you walk up to his house together. You feign a sigh, “Fine, next time I won’t–” “I-I’m not stopping you! Walk with me if you want. I don’t care.” He spluttered, making you giggle. Although neither of you noticed it at the time, a nearby window in your boyfriend’s house was open.

Finally, you two stopped at the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow, then, Kacchan.” You smiled, and your boyfriend offered you a rare, genuine smile - one that he only ever showed you, “Yeah, see you.”

You leaned up, standing on your toes, to press a kiss against his lips and -

“Ah, I thought I heard you two! Katsuki, is this your girlfriend? Why haven’t you introduced her to me before? She’s cute!” Your boyfriend’s mom opened the door, grinning. Katsuki at once pushed himself away from you, breaking the kiss.

“WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT, YOU OLD HAG?” Your boyfriend yelled, clearly flustered at being caught by his mom in this intimate act.

“Is that any way to talk around your girlfriend?” Though her words were firm, they still held a playful air to them. She turned to you, “I hope my boy hasn’t been causing you too much trouble!”


You laughed awkwardly, and decided to slip away.

Midoriya Izuku:

“Thanks for walking me back, [___]!” Your boyfriend, Izuku, said cheerfully, “I still feel as though I should be the one walking you home, though.”

You shook your head with a smile, “I don’t mind! Besides, I have to stop by the grocery store on my way back, and this is along the way, so it all works out well.”

When you two stopped in front of the Midoriya household, Izuku hesitated for some reason, and you could feel his over-thinking habit start up again. You smiled, and - making an assumption of what he might be thinking of - you took initiative and kissed him.

At that moment his mom opened the door. And started to cry.

Immediately you two pulled away from each other, you panicked, and Izuku flustered (clearly he was used to his mom’s antics by now). “Wh-what’s wrong?” You stutter out.

“I-I-IZUKU,” The woman cried, “I-I’m so happy for you!” You couldn’t understand what she said after that due to her tears, but you were certain you heard ‘girlfriend’ and ‘kiss’ and ‘finally’ somewhere in there.

“C-Calm down, mom! Let’s get you inside, okay?” Izuku urged, clearly embarrassed. His mom turned to you again, “W-Would you like to stay for dinner?”

“Maybe another time,” you answered, a little awkwardly - after all, she was still very much in tears, “I have to go run an errand.” That wasn’t a lie, either. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Izuku!”

anonymous asked:

write a suicide note it used to make me feel better

“i was 14 and learning how people hate the way their wrists fit on their hands and i wasn’t sure why my legs werent smaller and my mom called me fat for the first time and i never liked bikinis and i hated how i ate too fast and boys never liked me so i grew my hair out and i ate less and i kept my mouth shut more often because my dad hated when i talked and my sister forgot about love and she would bring a new guy home every night and i forgot i had a brother because he forgot about living too and i am 17 now and i am graduating highschool in 6 months and i can hardly write my name on a piece of paper let alone choose my future. and my hands shake all the goddamn time and i wish my dad would’ve said he loved me more. and i wish those boys didn’t touch me. and i wish i didn’t go to that party. and i wish my heart wasn’t always breaking. and i wish my best friend loved herself a little more because then maybe i could sleep a night knowing she won’t take a goddamn razor blade to her thighs and i wouldnt act like i don’t notice all the goddamn time. and my mom is always crying. and i’m always crying and i hate the fact that tomorrow i’ll have to wake up and i could runaway but i have nowhere to run too because even home is somewhere unfamiliar to me.”

six times gibson praise read mulder’s mind, 1 time he read gibson’s

@leiascully for “lists”

standalone; NC-17; Angst & Fluff; MSR; Season 9 spoilers; warnings for suicide ideation;Life in New Mexico with Gibson and Mulder.

A/N: I think this is the closest thing to dad Mulder I’m really capable of. 


i. When Mulder First Arrives

New Mexico is hot hot hot as hell I can’t stand it there is sweat in places there really shouldn’t be no wonder why they keep all the weird shit here why would Gibson hide out here, why not an all-inclusive resort in Fiji – 

“Because nobody needs me out here,” Gibson shrugs upon opening the door. Mulder hadn’t knocked.

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