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ARTISTS BEWARE [the short version]

it was suggested to me that i ought to make a short version of this post for convenient reblogging. please read the original post original post or check my geekycomtv tag if that link is broken.

Avoid collaborations with dubious monetized YouTube channel GeekyComTV

I’ve held my tongue about this channel for almost a month and I can’t frickin’ do it anymore. This is a call out post.

To make a long story short, this user has been posting videos for over a year now, using miraculous art. Although in some cases he has asked permission to repost, he began monetizing [making money off of] his videos at some point without notifying any of the artists.

None of the artists agreed to monetization.

@maristoryart is only one of many artists that reported him upon finding the monetization, but for some reason, Geeky has focused on her as the reason his channel is being reported [for a second time at least, since this isn’t the first account he has lost]…

GeekyComTV’s creator has resorted to blackmail, to defamation, to actual threats, and finally to identity theft, in an attempt to bully mari and others into complying with his wishes.

It’s gross and it is NOT okay.

[^^^ just 20 of the 200+ videos being monetized]

[WHY? part 2: the long version]
And now the entire thing. Strap in and get ready to get real damn mad…

          [read more]

Ugh…..Okay, I am so upset rn. Why this boy can get laid and i cannot? Like he is an idol and working his ass 24/7 barely finding free time in his busy schedule. And I am here literally (sexy)free&single (ready to bingo) and still no one want my ass. F u Jeon Jungkook.  

*playing “Single Ladies” in the background*

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hey mom, I'm not in a very good place rn. I'd describe myself as soft butch, and I actually like the way I look rn, no make-up, short hair and all, but everytime I go out I get anxiety because I feel like people are judging me. It stresses me and makes me hate my sexuality sometimes, I know you're busy and your prompts are full but could I please have a small sanvers fic with maybe a teen soft butch in it? I feel like I really need good rep rn... if u dont want just delete this, its okay

She’s in the field and she’s got her game face on – shoulders set, stance relaxed but ready, eyes sharp – and when J Cole’s Hold It Down blasts out of her back pocket, her work partner cocks a grin at you.

“Your kid?”

She grins at the term and answers quickly.

“Adrian, I’m on the job, what up?”

“Can I bring a kid to our dinner tonight? Remember that girl Val I was telling you about? She’s trippin cause she had a rough time in school today – “

“Yeah, course you can, kid.”

“You gotta go.”

Maggie grins at his sensitivity, his perceptiveness. “You could be a detective yourself, Ade. See you both tonight.”

She chews the inside of her cheek – a habit she’s been picking up from her girlfriend – and shoots a quick text off to Alex, telling her to expect one more tonight before pocketing her phone and sighing, squatting to analyze the tire marks leftover by the latest Cadmus lackey getaway car.

She pushes tonight’s dinner – a biweekly thing, dinner with her girlfriend and her college boy (she never tires of reminding him how proud she is that he’s in college) – to the back of her mind until she walks through the door of her apartment several hours later to find in her kitchen Alex, Adrian, and a short kid – must the the Val girl Adrian was talking about – with a dapper, short haircut, make-up free face, collared shirt and khakis, skin darker than hers but lighter than Adrian’s, smile just as bright.

Alex has the look of panicked glee of a pale five year old being caught with her hand in the cookie jar; Adrian’s holding the handle of a smoking frying pan with one hand and pointing at Alex with the other; and the new kid is frozen mid-laugh, eyes wide and nervous at finally meeting the detective she’s heard so much about from Adrian.

Maggie appraises the situation with a single glance and grins.

“Alex tried to cook.”

“I – “

“All good, Danvers, we’ll order in, but I gotta say, I’m still surprised your skills in the lab don’t transfer to the kitchen – “

“Hehe, your skills – “

“That’s enough out of you, young man.”

“Yes, Agent Danvers.”

Maggie laughs and shakes her head at their banter as she drops her gun and jacket on a chair and strides over with her hand out to greet the new kid.

“Maggie Sawyer,” she says, leaving the usual NCPD part out because the girl is looking more nervous by the second.


“But you prefer Val?” Maggie asks, and Adrian nods behind Val’s back in case she isn’t brave enough to say yes. She is, and she nods, and Maggie smiles warmly at her.

“Okay, Val, so. What’re you hungry for, aside from whatever my woman charred on the stove?”

“Hey – “

“Is it not true, Danvers?”

Alex scowls playfully and Maggie leans in for a kiss. Adrian squeals and leans into Val. “Told you they were the cutest couple ever. My real life OTP!”

Val smiles, but there’s sadness behind it.

“Bad day, kid?” Alex asks, and gestures her to the couch.

“She likes this girl,” Adrian knocks his shoulder into Val gently, and she shoves him with an embarrassed laugh on her face. Alex ooohs and Maggie squeals, and Val almost cries, because she’s never met grown-ups who were this excited to hear about her crushes on girls before.

“She’s really pretty,” Val confesses in a single breath, collapsing onto the couch with her knees spread wide and heat spreading across her shyly smiling face.

“Okay, tell. Everything. But first, tell me what you want for food.”

“Whatever’s fine. Pizza, maybe.”

Maggie chuckles as she takes out her phone to order. “Always with the pizza in this family.”

Alex kisses her and Adrian squeezes her knee when they catch her family comment, and Val flushes to be so easily included in such a term.

“Nothing, I just… she’s really good at math – “

“A definite turn on – “

“Oh, is that why you like coming to my lowly easy-bake oven lab, Danvers?”

“Ladies! There are children present!”

“I’m not a children, I’m sixteen!”

Children,” Adrian, Alex, and Maggie all chorus, and Val rolls her eyes and continues.

“There’s the math thing, and she’s just really sweet, she always sticks up for the kids who get picked on, and she’s got these gorgeous curls and she’s – “

“Super duper femmey, and totally into soft little butches like yourself,” Adrian says and pokes her in the belly gently. She swats at his hand and shrugs defeatedly.

“I dunno. I mean, I’m not just into femmes… but she is super femmey… but maybe she wants someone harder than me? Or like, femmier than me? Like, less gay, maybe, or more gay, or – ”

“So, basically, you’re creating a girl who’s anything but you in your mind, right?” Maggie grins with a tilted head, and Val sighs.

“I guess.”

Maggie squints at her and exhales sharply and wets her lips and speaks.

“You know before I met Danvers over here, it was… I dated. A lot.”

“Don’t worry Alex. You won,” Adrian whispers, and Alex slaps him five softly without taking her eyes off Maggie.

“I dated, but it was… it was women who didn’t get me, you know? They saw leather jackets and a cop badge and a bike and darker skin than theirs – god, too many white girls, sorry babe, but that’s a story for another day – so they expected me to be a certain type of way, expected me to be… well, more butch, you know? Like, all the time. They were interested in the role I could play – and I can play it, I can be it, and I like it, I love doting on women – “

Val smiles and nods and Alex blushes and Adrian snickers.

“But that’s not all I am, you know?” She shrugs. “Sometimes I like a little lace under the leather. And we’ve got different styles, you and me.” She gestures to Val’s hair cut, her looser clothes, with a grin. “And I love it. Your style. It’s absolutely fantastic. And you look really at home in it. And that’s the thing. You? How you feel, how you are? That’s the only thing that matters. So if she likes you, she’s gotta like your soft butchliness. And who wouldn’t, I mean look at you, you’re perfect.”

Val scoffs and Alex beams at Maggie and Adrian squeezes Val’s knee.

The doorbell rings and Adrian squeals. “Pizza!”

Maggie glances at Alex, and Alex nods with a grin before getting up to get the door.

“Your girl like pizza?” Maggie asks, and Val nods.

“I saved her the last slice last week at the school paper’s party when she was late from class. She was really happy.”

Maggie slaps her own thigh in excitement. “Damn girl, see, you got game! Wanna invite her over? We can watch crappy Netflix movies, and the three of us will check out if she checks you out and it’ll be awesome.”

Val smiles at the thought and pulls her phone out of her back pocket.

“Do you guys do this for all of us? Open up your home like this?”

Alex beams over the small stack of pizza boxes when Maggie looks up at her, and Adrian grins widely, proudly, gratefully, at them both as he cracks open a box and digs in immediately.

“Only to the cool kids,” Maggie teases, and Val nods, and types out a text to her crush, because she’s nervous but she’s perfect just like she is, and what’s there not to like, right, Maggie said so, and also, pizza.

Pizza with new family.

Even if her crush declines to come over, she’s pretty sure it’s going to be a good night.

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Good day, ma'am. I've been having a really rough weekend and I just want some comfort. I had a Taekwondo tournament but it didn't go well, and I'm trying to work hard to get better but it's difficult. I don't feel like I'm worth much rn and I'm about ready to give up. May I get some comfort from Hanzo and McCree please?


Your hands stood outward from your body, Hanzo fretting in front of you. He pulled the fabric of the kimono over your left side, pulling the clothing underneath it. He held it up with one hand as he adjusted it with his other hand. 

He grabbed the koshi himo while pulling the fabric up, making sure it was at the end of your ankles. He tied it around your waist, just underneath the bunched fabric. He grabbed another sash, a datejime he said, and tied it on top of the fabric to make a pouch.

Nearing the end he grabbed the obi makura, wrapping around your waist and tying it. He took a step back and smiled at the sight of you.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, his hands resting on your cheeks to pull you into a kiss, “Absolutely stunning.”

Your hand lifted from your fabric laden stomach to rest on his shoulders as he kissed you. When he pulled away you smiled at him, love shining through your face.

“Thank you,” you murmured and he just nodded slightly, hand resting on your hips.


He gently positioned your hands on the guitar, making your fingers press into the wire strings. He took a look at your position, adjusting your hand slightly, before having you strum it with a pick in your hand.

You looked at your hands in amazement as the chord floated through the air, McCree giving a chuckle at your childlike amazement.

“Oh my God,” you murmured and strummed the chord again, 

“That’s C major,” Jesse said and you strummed for a third time.

“Here,” he moved them again over the fretboard, making sure you pressed hard enough into the strings, “E major.”

You nodded and strummed the new chord, even more amazed that you were making that with your hands.

“Oh, Darlin’,” he pulled you in for a kiss, “You are just too cute.”

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have you considered posting your webtoon on line once youre ready? theres a chance that it will be featured and you'll get paid for your work

UMM THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY READING THIS?!!?!?! my webcomic is NOWHERE near completion for release sadly ;;w;;… im taking a lot of time thinking of conflicts, characters, and story atm… i would totally love to post it on line once i get to it

Today has been a day

Seen - Chapter 1

A/N: If you haven’t read the prologue, it’s right here!

    Kiseok opened the lid of his rice cooker, taking in a deep breath of mildly scented steam before closing it again. Breakfast would be ready soon. He grabbed his coffee mug and sat down at his kitchen peninsula, resting his head on his crossed arms. He yawned loudly. The previous night had been a late one at the studio, and he was starting to regret not leaving more work until today since he hadn’t been able to finish in the end anyway.

    He pulled his phone out of his pocket, slowly scrolling through his conversation from the previous night. The young woman had seemed nice… What time was it in Los Angeles? he wondered. He hesitated, and then typed a short text- an English phrase he’d learned from Jay a long time ago- what’s up?

    While he was waiting for a response, he browsed his other social media, but after just a minute or two he received a text: i’m at work. How are you?

   His toes tapped rapidly on the ground as he typed, trying to make his message as nearly correct as possible. I’m well. I was sleeping but now I’m awake. I’m going to work today.

    He was waiting for you to respond when another text came in, this one from Jay. hey hyung, we’re hoping we can get those tour dates set this morning; when do you think you’ll get here?

    Kiseok texted him back as he crossed the kitchen to serve up his breakfast- rice with some gim to wrap it in. i’m eating rn, i’ll be there in half an hour.

    Despite that he was in a bit of a hurry though, he didn’t want to stop texting you, so as soon as you replied in Korean (with a couple misspellings, he noticed)- okay. What are your hobbies?- He texted back,

    cooking, He hesitated, thinking. He didn’t really have many, come to think of it… spending time with friends. I work a lot. And you?

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I am so glad I made this tumblr. I know most of you aren’t studio owners or teachers but you at least care about dance and it’s sometimes the only place where I feel like I can vent about dance.

I give up living with my future wife every day, we are almost 4000mi apart, just so I can keep the studio open. I don’t feel ready to give it up yet (we’re also not financially in a position rn where I can give it up) and there are kids who I know want to work in this business and if I leave now they literally have no chance of ever getting the training they need to do that. But fewer and fewer kids are willing (and able - our school system is insane) to give up a majority of their free time to spend it at a studio and I’m starting to feel like maybe in 5 years (which is our current plan for me moving) it won’t be as hard to give it up, because I will have barely any kids left who want to seriously pursue dance.

Lots of frustration these past few weeks for some reason.


so like there was this dog in my yard

and she’s gorgeous af. looks like a mix between a pitbull and maybe a lab. she’s black with white on her nose and on her chest.

and she’s shy but she’s soooo sweet. she came up to me and loved on me and gave me kisses and i wanted to cry. my gf and i have been wanting a dog so bad but we don’t know if we’re ready to take care of one. so i tried to shoo her off and she wouldn’t leave and she just gave me the saddest look like ;n;

my heart hurts now. i had to leave for work, but she didn’t leave even when i pulled out of the driveway. she just sat in my yard and just watched me go and asdjfdklg i’m really fucking emotional over this dog rn

if she’s still there when one of us gets home, who knows, it might be a sign from the universe. we’ve been talking about how much we really want a dog. she’s pretty skinny and i don’t think she belongs to anyone because we actually have a lot of strays in the area, but most of them are too skittish and fearful of humans

i honestly hope that dog is still around when i get back. i’ve wanted a dog so much and that dog and i just connected. we clicked. our fence has been broken for the longest time, and our landlord hasn’t kept his promise to fix it, but hell, i’ll fix it myself if it means i get to keep that precious baby


October 20, 2017 [50/100]
Omg I made it halfway! Amazing!
So here’s my day… it’s literally been the longest day ever. I got to the library a little later than usual because I let myself sleep in. But I have not classes on Friday and exams on Monday and Wednesday so I spent the whole day studying for those! I spent the morning working on going over my notes and then came back for lunch and literally worked on flashcards for the rest of the day (with a little bit of back and forth ranting between me and my roommate about how we’re both dead inside and college destroyed us lmao).
I’m feeling like 75% ready for my tests, but I still have 2 days to study so it should be fine!
Also I’m just super stressed out about applications rn. Like I have to finish in 11 days and that’s… very very stressful for so many reasons. I’ll get there though. My last rec letter was submitted tonight so it’s all on me now 😬

Have some October hcs w Lee bc I’m craving some rn

•The two of us are getting ready and decorating our apartment with fall type colors and Lee is actually pretty helpful with the Halloween decorations mainly because he sees how excited I get.

•Lots of coffee dates, sitting by the window and watching the scenery over conversation. Sometimes we’ll go just because of the special flavors, but mainly just to get some fresh air and maybe allow both of us to get some work done too.

•Walks through the park once it cools down, watching the leaves fall and sharing soft kisses underneath the trees. Sometimes having a picnic on the grass.

•Lee finds my scarves and sweaters adorable in this type of weather and occasion. He salways complimenting on how beautiful I look with a kiss on the cheek/forehead and leaving me giggling and blushing.

•Halloween is one of our favorites. Mainly because we can take Clementine trick or treating and see her happy. She dresses up and we don’t usually unless we have a party to go to. If we do, I’m usually wearing something crazy while Lee throws something together to match me.

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heya scout ! i'm not sure if this is a known thing or not, but did u or are u planning to go to art school? i love ur work sm !

hey!! thanks, and no worries, this isn’t asked too frequently–it’s not super common knowledge!

i’m entirely self-taught!

after high school i decided it would be better for me financially, mentally, and physically to put schooling aside. i had planned on going to a fine arts college, but it just didn’t seem practical. so i’ve back-burner’d the idea of further schooling in the arts, but i do plan on doing some some day. i’m only 21, so i think near my mid-late 20s i’d like to try at it again. right now i just work and work and come home and dedicate myself to arts!

 i think it’d be great to expand my knowledge and gain technical skills, especially regarding color theory, perspective, and architecture. but the awesome feedback i receive from you guys is the best!!

Anonymous said:

ok but like have you ever considered making a G'N'G coloring book or a coloring book in general??? with a mixture of all your styles bc I know I’d buy the perdition out of that sweet ass thing

i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a coloring book, and maybe i will some time this year!! and honestly, it’d be great to only have to do the lines for pieces. that would save…an incredible amount of time. maybe you guys can look for one from me later this year! ♥♥♥

After all the craziness that went down in Vegas, I think I’m finally ready to unwind and do nothing but hang out in my condo. Ringing in a new year takes a whole lot of effort but it’s all worth it in the end. How many of you guys plan on recovering from all the holiday madness this entire week and how many of you are going straight back into the work grind?

“Okay get ready for this. I finally finished my mix and I mentioned it to the owners of the club. They said if I wanted to, I could do an entire show so. long story short, I have this huge gig settled for this Saturday. I am adding your name to my list of guests. Free alcohol for all my guests. I know, I am an angel sent from above.”

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Can you describe a typical day?

mmm i wake up around 6/630 and workout for 30 minutes then make a protein shake before i take a shower. i sit in my towel for like 30 minutes and fuck around on here / catch up with a show on hulu (i love fall tv rn i’m watching jane the virgin, empire, htgawm & scream queens lol) by then i look @ the clock and have like 15 minutes to get ready which is really just my makeup because i pick out my outfits the night before. i read a magazine or sleep on the train from brooklyn to tribeca. when i get to work @ 9 i get an egg white omelet (the chef at the omelet station knows my regular 😋) from the cafeteria and make tea and since i’m usually the first one here i sit and catch up with stuff online/emails and eat or continue watching tv lmao. 

at work everyday is different. lots of emails & research re: shoot concept/ look pulls. my title is fashion assistant but i’ve also kind of taken a second role of being the assistant to the market accessories editor so i handle a lot of her jewelry going in / out, meet with designers & go to markets when she can’t which is often. some days i spend all day in a car going from market to market or picking up fine jewelry. literally …… all day but i always get the same driver, iliana, who is the sweetest ecuadorian woman. she blasts the radio or we’ll talk all day. she even stops @ restaurants for me if i’m hungry, hahah. some days i’ll write copy for editors online slideshows. in my down time i edit for by way of brooklyn. if theres a shoot then i don’t even come into the office, straight to set & assist the styling process. 

i usually leave work around 6:30, run some errands afterwards and get home around 730/8. i eat & email or transcribe or all three, make my lunch and prep my dinner for the next day & try to go to sleep before 12! ❣

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why dont you have a boyfriend sam ur hot af

cause even tho I talk about boys and I do get lonely sometimes I think the company of someone around would be nice but I’m not ready for an actual relationship rn. there’s so much more to it than making out and complimenting eachother and shit like that. I don’t know anyone who’ve I’ve connected with enough to sacrifice certain things or work on / share my entire life with