i have to fix this shit

Hi guys.

So my computer is pretty much shitting out. I’m looking into if it’d be cheaper to fix (we think it’s a harddrive problem) or buy a new one. I don’t exactly have a lot of money atm dealing with student loans and not being able to work until after my surgery, so there’s a chance that SaM will not be able to update for a month or more, depending when I can get this fixed.

I uploaded everything on an external harddrive but my old one shit out so I’m going to need to get a backup one just in case, too. Any and all commissions I will work hard to get them completed before April 27th, the day before my surgery, even if I have to use my old shitty 13 yo desktop and transfer the files through my parents computer.

Either way, I just wanted to let you guys know so if there isn’t any updates for a bit it’s because of this.

Thank you.

Anxiety sucks. I have been living with it for most of my life. Someone shared this with me about 3 years ago. My life was just going to shit at the time and I was just a constant procession of anxiety attacks.

I’ve used this technique. It’s not a magic fix, and doesn’t always work. But mote often than not, it really has helped. I keep it on my phone for easy access for when I need it. And I wanted to share it. Especially after seeing @angryschnauzer’s post about being so anxiety ridden it triggered an asthma attack. Be strong love. And I hope everything goes well today. ❤❤

anonymous asked:

I don't remember if I've asked you this (and if you don't want to answer that's ok) but I've been having problems with my theme lately and (even though I hate to change it) I don't know how to fix it. You're theme seems similar and I was considering switching to it. However, I noticed there is no like/reblog button whenever I install it. How did you customize it onto your's? Everything I've tried isn't working. Again, you don't have to answer this if you don't want to. Hope you have a nice day.

Hi nonnie! No, you haven’t asked this before. But let me be real honest with you. I don’t know shit. I don’t. When I started my blog, it was the most simple theme that I could go with. I didn’t do anything to add the bar; it is just part of the design. I tried to change it once and everything went to fucking hell and I backtracked as quickly as I could to try and fix it. 

I’ve been dying to put a music bar on my blog, but every time that I do, it doesn’t work. I’m not an idiot, I swear, but I will usually break every electronic that I touch because I am a curious kitten and want to know what everything does; always a bad idea. 

All I can say is that when I’m logged in and go to my blog, I don’t have the like button on my bar, just the reblog. But when I’m logged out of tumblr, it’s there. Are you looking at your blog when you’re logged in?

Somebody help a sister out, please!!! @castielspahdehrah @splendidcas @divinitycas aren’t you guys like super-techy geniuses??


Mina’s Birthday

Originally posted by misamo

Word count: 683

Prompt: It’s Mina’s birthday and her long-distance friend decides to visit her for the first time.

> Hello! I’m not dead!

My computer is being fixed so it takes me a bit longer to write and publish anything, but at least I have my tablet to do it.

Since today is Mina’s birthday, I decided to write this! 

Hope you enjoy ❤

-Sam <

            March 24th was known amongst __________ and their friends as the penguin’s birthday simply because its the birthday of your beloved best friend.
            Unfortunately, __________ and their friend were simply Internet friends. Their friendship wasn’t even known outside of their group of close friends, and even their friends didn’t know who they really were. Their best “virtual” friend called themselves ‘Penguin’ online and refused to say much about them, other than their age, birthday and location. Since they knew each other for a longer period, since Penguin had been introduced to their group of friends after knowing them for around 3 years,  they felt that they were a trustworthy person and told them some information, such as their name and job. Their real name is actually Myoui Mina, and at the time they told their friend, she was a trainee at a Korean entertainment company, but assured them that she had only recently begun and wasn’t famous.
           Now, Mina has debuted and shared their address after much begging because “I’ve known u for at least 5 years. I want to send you stuff as a birthday present.”.
           A couple of days before Mina’s birthday __________ booked a flight and went to South Korea to visit their friend. They had joked several times when talking about birthday presents, often saying that all they wanted was their friends company, but then they would just say “hey this very expensive and rare food from the country you live in looks yummy, don’t you want to send me some?”. In this moment, __________ decided that they should meet up, and of course bring them a cheaper version of the dish she had mentioned. I mean, they’re not made out of money, right?
          It was officially March 24th and __________ went to Mina’s shared dorm. Speaking broken Korean,  but at the same understandable, they were capable of telling the second youngest member of the group, Chaeyoung,  that they were there to see Mina with some gifts, since it was her birthday already.
Helping them to get in, and doing their best at conveying what she wanted to say in English, occasionally saying it in Korean instead, Chaeyoung guided them to were Mina was. Her roommates were in the shared living room and as soon as they saw them they became anxious. Chaeyoung quickly explained to everyone what was happening and went with __________ to Mina’s room. The door was closed but they could hear someone using a computer, so they knew she was awake. They hadn’t even thought about the fact that she could have been asleep.
__________ prepared themselves mentally and got the bag with the dish ready,  signalling to Chaeyoung that she could knock on the door. Hearing the smaller one call their friends name in a respectful way and then wink and whisper a “Good luck”, joining the group of, now, 8 girls who were waiting for Mina to open the door.
           When the door opened, Mina saw __________ standing right in front of her. Putting the bag in front of themselves, they smiled. ‘Special delivery for Penguin. Happy birthday!’. To say Mina was shocked is an understatement. Clearly not knowing what was happening, she took the bag off of __________ hands and put it in on the floor and just hugged her friend for the first time. The members awed while __________ blushed slightly, but hugged their friend back just as tightly as she was hugging them. Mina quickly ushered her friend to her room so they could have a more private meeting, especially so they wouldn’t have 8 girls looking at them as if they were a cute cuddly stuffed animal.
           Explaining what happened, why they were here and giving her even more presents, from their other friends and from themselves, which had been hidden in their backpack,  __________ and Mina spent the night together, talking and playing games together,  and especially eating.
           In the morning, they were both found on the sofa, leaning on each other, each wrapped with a blanket, since nights were still cold.
What a warm birthday it was.

We’re losing such a good thing in Biden. Like he and Obama did funny and cute shit, but aside from being cool grandpa, he talked real shit.

He was there for rape and abuse victims, he spoke about rape culture loud and without apology. He was religious and had his own ideals, but those ideals meant he supported abortion and LGBT rights and women.

And what we’re getting now is the complete opposite who literally wants us all either dead, ‘fixed’, or subservient with the government having stripped away our rights. And I’m so fucking sad.


i thought up this script at like 2am a few days ago 

all i know is that it’s a big fucking joke

another joke is how much effort i put into jasper’s face. like damn. what a face.

best parts of this ep (spoilers)
  • angus showing up and kicking some magic ass
  • taako fully trusting angus
  • johann :((( 
  • voidfish babie
  • angus really loving the voidfish babie
  • killian!! carey!!! holy shit!!!
  • lucretia being good and having been working to save the world and fix the red robes’ mistakes this entire time c o n f i r m e d
  • lup being taako’s twin sister c o n f i r m e d
  • davenport is a red robe c o n f i r m e d
  • the post-credits scene!!!

Hello friends, it’s been a little while since the trailer dropped and I figured that you’re probably seeing this gif

A little less frequently on your dash and as a result have stopped having heart attacks every 5 minutes

So I thought I would do you a favor

And fix that for you

You’re welcome

everytime someone criticizes an art style of a show i just have to sit silently as, I–an animator–know art inconsistencies happen. Even in anime–esp since the animators are rushed for time.

Have u guys seen the sailor moon reboot (left) versus the blue-ray where they had more time in the world to fix their shit (right)?

imagine if your teacher was like “okay 12 page essay analyzing the all of the symbolism and metaphors in Shakespeare’s Hamlet” due tonight before midnight. You’d rush through the whole hecking thing–you’ve never read hamlet your entire life–you’d sparknote that shit–it’d be the saddest paper you’d ever turn in you’d probably get flagged down for grammar/syntax errors and plagiarism. That is what the networks are like to animators.

“But they get breaks so they have no excuse” It takes a week to animate 6-10 seconds, on “breaks” between new episodes is when they’re most likely working on new episode animation and most likely when a network has them on a deadline.

Alex Hirsh had to sleep under his desk when he directed gravity falls. What people fail to realize is that it’s A LOT OF WORK. If there’s art inconsistencies don’t blame the animators–blame the network big guys who give them no time to get a project done!  Can they go and fix it? Most of the time, no.  Would they go back and fix it if we could? Probably!!! What’s stopping them from fixing it? Keeping their jobs. Turning in something is better than nothing. And let’s not forget that most american animation is exported and done in korea, so on top of story-boarding they have to send it overseas so that animators can work on it. It’s a long process.

Don’t blame mistakes on what the big guys up there tell animators to get done.Things go wonky all the time especially if we’re rushed, that’s a human thing that happens. Ever been in a overly-busy Starbucks and they got your drink order wrong? Same situation. What Networks need to do is be more flexible on artists so that they can get their shows animated quality over quantity–not the other way around. But they have a schedule and they want things done quick–unfortunately. And that sucks for animators.

you're not fooling anyone victor
  • victor: hey yuri want a photo with me? no? :(
  • victor: *naked in the hot spring* hey yuri, i'm going to be your coach ;)
  • victor: so you have a girlfriend? past lover???
  • victor: i'm going to give you a sexy dance to learn for your short program because u need to learn about loooove ;)
  • victor: what do you want me to be? father figure? no? friend? no? well i /guess/ i could be your boyfriend...
  • victor: here let me fix your form while we're both naked in the hot spring
  • victor: hey, yuri. seduce me with your sexy dance i choreographed for you ;)
  • victor: you didn't sleep? here, let me nap on you. shhh. rest.
  • victor: oh shit i made you cry oh shit should i kiss you?????
  • victor: oh hey your lips are chapped. let me just rub some vaseline on there with my finger
  • victor: you just shocked the hell out of me, so i kissed you, because it would totally surprise you. right? you're surprised.

Guys, I figured it out

It all went down when the impossible happened and Leonardo DiCaprio won that oscar

That was a mistake, it triggered all later unfortunate events somehow that were linked to it

Someone must go back in time and prevent it


Sometimes I wonder if fans make animators loose sleep over little things. Like the fact we lost our shits over the fact Keith slept with shoes on. And the animators all saw this and went “shit we’ve done it now, we got to fix it”

so they go to the writers and have to ask for a specific scene to fix their error. Like “Oh my God, we need a scene with Keith in bed.”

“Um, why?”

“We need to take his shoes off. Please, for the love of God, for the fans. Give us this second chance to make things right.”

“Alright, I suppose we can make a random scene of him looking at his knife again-”

“YES LORD PLEASE, and we’ll take his shoes and fanny pack off. The fans will be so pleased. character development.”

Writers: o-0

Animators: :D 

And then when the episode finally airs they try to make a huge deal of it. Like, LOOK LOOK FANDOM WE TOOK HIS SHOES OFF. IS IT OKAY? HAVE WE DONE GOOD?

And then the fans either loose their shit over this development with them, or find something else about it to make a big deal about it.