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Boys Don’t Kiss Boys

Group: Bangtan Boys

Pairing: Yoonmin

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi always liked Jimin the most.

Jimin wasn’t like the other boys. Jimin was different, much kinder. He didn’t want to hit Yoongi or steal his lunch like all the others boy did.

Instead, he wanted to play with Yoongi.

Yoongi always wondered why out of everyone did Jimin chose to be with him. But he was happy because at least he had a friend.

They were on the playground during lunchtime. While everyone else was away playing Yoongi and Jimin were hidden behind the trees playing pretend in one of the many elaborate stories that Yoongi came up with.

This time Jimin was playing a young prince that needed to be saved and Yoongi was the knight in shining armor that was going to save Jimin from the clutches of the evil dragon-a one-eyed teddy bear that they had found in the toys’ room.

“Stop right there,” Yoongi bellowed in his loudest voice to the teddy bear behind which Jimin was quivering with fear.

“What did you say?” Yoongi asked in a dramatic voice.

Jimin cried out louder.

“Do not worry prince for I am here to save you,” Yoongi said to Jimin before returning his attention back to the dragon.

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Friends With Benefits: Bill Skarsgard... Chapter 5

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A few weeks had passed since the almost incident at Bill’s house and neither of us had mentioned it, it was like it had been completely forgotten about or both of us were just too nervous to bring it up.

Work had been pretty hectic but we both still made time for each other, infact there wasn’t a night that we weren’t together. We were still being intimate with each other, that definitely hadn’t stopped.

The sly encounters in Bill’s trailer, or me waking up to him beneath my sheets, working magic with his mouth. Life was better than ever and I didn’t regret this deal one bit, even if the almost kiss was playing on my mind.

I just couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was more than just a friendly kiss, or the type we share when Bill has me on his kitchen counter and his literally pounding away for dear life.

We were currently out for dinner, savouring our only day off of the week. Bill had driven out to Beverly Hills and made reservations at a nice restaurant, nothing fancy though, neither of us liked anything like that.

We had a cosy little table at the back of the restaurant, a booth with red leather seats that were an absolute dream to sit on.

“Kevin says we only have one more scene to touch on and then it’s a wrap.” Bill grinned, glancing at me over his menu.

“Yeah, he mentioned it to me. I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited to leave him behind.” I chuckled, breathing a sigh of relief at having some time off before someone else was asking me to work on their set.

“Time seems to be flying by, November’s coming.” Bill motioned to the scenery outside, there were a few trees that were shedding their orange leaves and the sky was getting darker at the year progressed before us.

“You mean, Christmas is coming. Speaking of Christmas, you heading to Sweden this year?” I asked, the question had been playing on my mind for a few days now.

“Nope.” He smiled, causing me to raise an eyebrow.

“Bill.. all your family is over there. You need to spend Christmas with them, it’s not right.”

“Yeah, and your here. I’m not leaving you alone at Christmas, it’s not like your waste of space family are gonna be knocking at the door bearing gifts galore. And correction, Alexander and Gustaf are over here for Christmas.” He retorted, closing his menu and causing me to let out a sigh.

I knew I wasn’t going to talk him out of staying and truthfully, I wanted him here. Last year he was in Sweden for four days over Christmas and it absolutely sucked not seeing him, even though he flew back over on boxing day and surprised me with festive flowers and a beautiful necklace from Tiffanys.

I was just about to thank him for his generosity and kindness when the waiter came over to take our orders.

“What can I get for you both?” He asked, his accent thick and I guessed he was probably from Italy.

“Just the pasta arrabiata, please.” I replied, handing him my menu as Bill did the same.

“And for you, sir?”

“I’ll have the same, thank you.”

The waiter left us alone in silence, informing us there would be a short wait for our food.

“So… wanna sneak out back?” Bill suggested, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“You’ve got no chance.” I retorted, taking a sip of water that had been filled when we were seated.

“It was worth a try, maybe later.” He shrugged, causing me to roll my eyes.

“Do you ever regret starting this?” I blurted out, motioning between us.

“Not at all, it’s been great fun and I think it’s actually made us closer, weirdly enough.”

“I guess you’re right.” I smiled, poking at his hand.

Bill had a quick reaction and grabbed my hand in return and I admit it startled me for a moment, it also confused me when he didn’t let my hand go, he merely laced our fingers together like it was nothing.

It didn’t feel wrong at all, I loved the feeling of his skin against mine, it was my absolute favourite when we were being intimate.

His skin was incredibly soft, so perfect and so comforting.

Everything about Bill was comforting to me including his smell, the sound of his voice and even the small scar that lay on his cheek.

It was no secret that my life had been a shit storm these last few years, but becoming best friends with Bill had made me forget all that, he’d given me a purpose, a reason to strive.

I could feel his gaze on me and I watched his jaw tense, almost like he was about to say something but withheld from doing so.

I frowned, but once again as I was about to question him, the waiter delivered our food to the table, making us pull our hands back from each other.

Bill thanked the waiter and we both began eating, I picked at the food on my plate, suddenly finding myself without an appetite.

I pushed the food around my plate, not particularly aware of my surrounding anymore, only my thoughts.

“You okay?” He asked, finishing a bite of his pasta.

“Yeah, just tired.” I smiled weakly, putting my fork down, the thought of eating made me slightly nauseous with everything that was swirling around in my head.

“Mmm…” Bill’s eyes narrowed and I should have known better than to lie, he knew me better than I knew myself.

“Don’t start.” I begged, knowing that I was about to be the recipient of his twenty questions.

“Fine… for now.” He replied, taking one last bite of his food and wiping his mouth.

He didn’t mention anything more on the matter, even after we’d left the restaurant and were back in his car.

“Can I take you somewhere? I’m not ready for the night to be over.” He wondered, and I just shrugged.

“Sure, but where?” I questioned in return, only to be met with a devious smile.

“You’ll see.” was all he replied as he started the engine, turning out of the parking space he was in.

The journey was filled with the sound of the stereo. we only made small conversation.

We passed a few destinations, but not one of them was where he stopped.

Around half an hour later we were descending up a steep road, with tall oak trees on either side.

“Where are we?” I questioned, slightly anxious as to where he was taking me as it had gotten dark within the time of our journey.

“You’ll see.” He repeated, shooting me a look.

I rolled my eyes and slumped back into my seat, fiddling with the seat belt.

I was intensely distracted by looking into my lap and messing with the material of the seat belt, that I didn’t even notice we’d stopped moving and that Bill had pulled up.

I frowned at him before he nodded his head to the direction of the windscreen and I turned to face out of the glass.

What met my eyes astounded me, it was incredible.

We were parked ontop of a tall hilltop, staring out over the city, where lights illuminated the sky and revealed the stars to us.

I couldn’t help but basically throw my seat belt off and jump out of the car, closing the door behind me with a dull thud.

I walked round the front of the car and looked up, searching the stars for an answer to my problems.

“Sit.” Bill ordered from where he’d followed me out of the vehicle and perched onto his bonnet, patting the space next to me.

I complied and took a seat, leaning into his side.

We sat in silence for awhile, just taking it all in.

I didn’t want to ask how he knew this place  because I already had a pretty good idea and I had no interest in thinking about any other girls he’d bought here, but I knew this time with myself held a different purpose.

The view from the hilltop was incredible, the stars were bright and the dark sky was clear.

I was in awe but I still couldn’t focus on the scenery fully, I was too invested in my thoughts.

“You seem distracted.” Bill commented, hopping down from the bonnet, pushing my legs apart and standing between them with his hands on my waist.

I let out a sharp laugh and it was followed by a sigh, I placed my hands over his.

I knew he was searching me for answers but part of me wanted to withhold my feelings, like they were my darkest secrets.

“I’ve got alot on my mind, I guess.” I managed to reply, meeting his curious stare.

“Like what?”

I shook my head and let out a deep breath.

“This thing we have going on…” I murmured, motioning between us.

“What about it?” He pressed, frowning.

“It just doesn’t feel like friends with benefits anymore, it feels like friends with feelings.” I confessed and I heard him take an intake of air before he answered me.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s an unplanned thing, Bill. When we started this I told you it’d get weird, and it has. That night at your place, when were having pizza… it was confusing.”

“Mya, are you trying to tell me that you have feelings for me?” He inquired, not letting his eyes leave mine.

There was a pause.

“I think so.” I finally admitted, not only to Bill, but to myself too.

“You need to stop being so afraid of your feelings, you might shock yourself if you gave them a chance.”

“It’s not that simple, Bill. I told you that I couldn’t lose you, you’re practically my whole world and I’m not ready to let go of that. It’s fucking terrifying to me, the thought of waking up everyday without you lying next to me or without a stupid message you’ve sent me.” I asserted, dropping my hands from his and into my lap, pulling on the edge of my smock dress that lay on top of my tights.

“And what if you didn’t have to lose me? What if in fact you had all of me… and I had all of you? What if I completely fancied the pants off you and wanted you to be mine?” He questioned, taking my breath away and make my brow furrow.

I was speechless, he’d left me without any words.

His hands tightened on my waist and he pulled me closer to him and I couldn’t help but drink in his warmth, my biker jacket not quite shielding me from the cold breeze.

“You know, I think your car is abit expensive to be sat on and not in.” I spoke,  motioning to the black vehicle beneath me.

“Your car cost way more than mine, and don’t change the subject.” He demanded, referring to my Audi Q3.

“Bill… I really can’t talk about this now, it’s too difficult and to be quite frank, it messes with my head.” I professed.

Bill let out a groan.

“Fine, if that’s what you want then I won’t push it. But I promise you that I won’t drop this, we’ll have to talk about it sooner or later.” He shrugged, moving his hands under my thighs and lifting me up, causing me to let out a squeal.

I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist also hooking my arms around his neck, feeling the back of his hair with my fingers.

“Please don’t keep anything from me again.” He begged, looking up at me with an expression that almost broke my heart.

“I promise, and I swear we’ll talk about things soon, just not yet.” I replied, resting my forehead against his.

A heap of truth had been spilled out into the night and I was scared shitless for when the time came that we had to talk about it.

I was still processing the fact that Bill had basically just admitted that he liked me and it seemed like I never was going to believe it.

That night, once we’d gotten back to Bill’s place after our detour to the top of the hill, we laid in bed together in only our underwear.

We were facing each other, lay on our sides. One of Bill’s hands was lay on my thigh under the sheets and my head rested on his other arm that was under me.

I stroked at his smooth jaw, feeling it clench underneath my touch.

“I meant everything I said to you tonight.” He said softly, tickling the skin on my thighs, trailing down to the back of my knee where he pulled me closer, like he couldn’t get enough.

I nodded and bit my lip, running two fingers over his perfect pout.

“I believe you.”


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‘Hot Guy’ (Final)

Summary: It’s finals week, and that means lots and lots of studying in the library. However, a certain stranger keeps distracting you from your studying. (College Alternate Universe Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Shoutout to @aelin-blackstairs for helping me!

Previous Part: Part Five

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 817

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A Place To Call Home  pt. 9


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 11,069

Warnings: Language, mentions of abuse, smut (bad smut, but there’s smut)

A/N: SURPRISE?! I know you guys have been waiting a long time for this part and it’s finally here! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to get it up, getting through this part was really a struggle for me and I’m not sure why. Every time I thought it was done I wasn’t happy with it and I started it over. I’m actually pretty happy with how this came out and I hope you all like it! Hopefully the next part wont take as long to get up. I was going to leave you all with another cliffhanger but I decided since you had to wait so long for this I would be nice and not torture you with that. 

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Fuck this one customer

Ok so i work at the place of Banera Pread and usually i have pretty good control of my attitude, however there’s always the regular customer who literally comes in every day and is so disrespectful to all the staff. (shoves past our table cleaner and demands to have everything taken care for him, Banera Pread is a seat yourself and take your plates to your dish bin when you’re finished) Lucky me, i had to take him at my cash register and let me just set this up, the bagel wall is directly behind me so customers have a clear view of what we have and what we DONT have. And let me just point out that this was around 6 pm so we of course didn’t have every single bagel in stock. Well this customer gives no fucks whatsoever and goes ahead and orders an everything bagel, sliced, toasted, and with cream cheese. Ok, once again the bagel wall is behind me, and i point out that we don’t have that type of bagel and apologize for the inconvenience.

customer: “ well why don’t you have that type of bagel”
me: “i’m sorry sir, we’re just out of stock”
customer: “there’s a better reason than that, you still have the bagel in the menu! that’s false advertisement! why don’t you have that bagel”
me: “there’s nothing i can do to change the menu if we run out of something sorry. we make a certain number and that’s what we have, if we run out, then we’re out”
customer: “well why don’t you make more right now”
me:“sir, we just don’t have any for today, sorry”
customer:“i think i need a better explanation than that, i’m a customer”

at this point i was literally ready to lose it and i pulled out my attitude because this man comes in everyday and complains about something, whether it be that the bagel is too light, or it’s too dark, or if the sweetened iced tea isn’t sweet enough (i’m sorry? we have a measuring guideline on the amount of sugar to put!?!?)

me:“sorry is there anything else i can help you with instead of the bagel?”
customer: “just give me a blueberry bagel then”
me: “ok fine… total is $1.49”
customer:“ i asked for a bagel!”
me: “and that’s what i got for you, a blueberry bagel is $1.39 plus our tax!”
customer:“no that’s wrong” he started looking at the menu and saw that it was indeed 1.39 “oh it’s 1.39”
me:“ yes sir. ”
customer:“never mind then” literally storms away then comes back 20 minutes later and refused to come back to my cash register.

another incident with this same customer: we were nearing our closing time and we still had some pastries left over in our bakery, and Banera Pread donates all leftover bread and pastries to shelters, churches, people in need, schools, etc… anyways, the customer decided to come up to my register and i of course greeted him politely and asked if he wanted to order anything
customer:“since you’re closing, give me one of your leftover pastries for free”
me:“um sorry, i can’t do that, you could buy one if you’d like to”
customer:“you’re closing, just go ahead and give me one, you’re gonna throw them out anyways”
me: “we donate all leftovers to shelters such as food banks or salvation army”
customer:“ok well donate one to me”
me:“… sir i can’t just give you one, sorry”
customer:“i want to speak to your manager”
my manager came up and told him the exact same thing and he threw a fucking fit about it, like you are a grown fucking man, act like it.

He likes to act like he deserves to be treated highly which is pretty fucking funny considering i went to take my truck to a car wash and guess who washed my truck? that same fucking customer :) so i guess it works out in the end when he decides to treat my coworkers and i like shit.

Lena x reader (I could use a little bit of you right now)

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Request: Lena x reader : where you’re kara’s sibling and lena has a crush on you

a/n: this prompt was so fun to mess around with, so thank you for that!!! I feel like there was so much potential for ALL the dumb ideas and I just got so excited. Also, just assume you’re Alex’s biological sibling or something, nothing too deep. You’re a fam and it’s happy, that’s it LOL. I just absolutely love the Danvers sisters dynamic, and how much better is it if you get a little part in it too?

I’m a really big fan of Lena falling for someone who has pretty much the most Mundane daily routine. Like, her entire life is so full of Greatness and Legacy and constant threats of being killed, but really? Imagine being the person who gives Lena that so very desired sense of normalcy, and being the one to balance her life out like that. Imagine her coming home from L-Corp and just being able to be ordinary. I like that a lot, I think Lena deserves that

- - - - -

There are two facts you can rely on in life and it follows as such: 1. you’re about as adorably oblivious as your older sister, Kara. 2. Your other sister, Alex, will stop at absolutely nothing to constantly remind you of that aforementioned fact.

You weren’t the prone to getting hit by errant cars or finding yourself dealing with shady people type of clueless - you would in fact say you are a bit too aware of your surroundings for that, a lot in part having to do with having an alien and also a special forces secret agent in the family. But that’s all technicalities.

You wouldn’t even argue with your annoying big sister, Alex, if she’d ever say you were oblivious when it came to taking a hint and realizing that people were hitting on you - it seemingly took a lot for you to realize that, and that left for a plethora of laughable situations in retrospect whenever the three of you went out together.

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We´re even now

A/N: You have two kids with Tom, fluff and fluff Part 1 , Part 2  (Part of the All was well series) Enjoy!

I was taking a shower when I suddenly heared Tom come humming into the bathroom.
“Tom! I’m taking a shower!” I exclaimed, not moving while my arms were wrapped around my upper half.
“I can hear that. Is it good?” he said in a singsong and opened the water to do god knows what and my hot water turned cold immediatly.
“Tom!” I shrieked while jumping to the side so that I wouldn’t get any water on my skin.

“Oh my bad. Sorry darling.” he apologiezed and yanked the shower curtain open and stepped into the shower as if it was the most normal thing to do.
“Hey!” he smirked but I was having none of it.
“Get out! It’s me time. I wanna take a shower.” I scolded him and pointed at the door so he’d leave.
“But if we shower together, we’ll save time, water and money.” he counted on his fingers and I glared at him.
“If you don’t step out, I’m going to shove those fingers so high up your ass that you’ll be able to scratch your breakfast from your teeth, Holland!” I growled and he pouted.
“I didn’t have any. Did you have breakfast without me?”

“Jesus Tom!” I exclaimed again and threw my arms up in the air in frustration which left my body fully uncovered.
“I guess I’ll have breakfast now.” he smirked and layed one hand on my waist trying to pull me towards him but I yanked his hand away.
“You’re so annoying.” I groaned before stepping out of the shower and wrapping a towel around me. I closed the bathroom door and walked into our bedroom to put some clothes on. The kids were still sleeping, so I prepared breakfast before I woke them up. I just had finished frying some eggs when a very sleepy Ben walked in, still rubbing his eyes.
He sat down on his chair and took a slice of bred on his plate without saying anything.

“Just like his mother.” Tom joked and ruffled through Bens hair which made me glare at him.
“Good morning, sweetheart. Everything alright?” I asked him and brought the eggs to the table and he shrugged his shoulders while chewing his bred.
“I just really wanted to join dad on his interview today.” he said finally and a smile appeared on my face.
“Oh darling, but you have to go to kindergarden. You’ll join him on a weekend. Alright?” I offered and looked up to Tom for some help but he was too busy trying to make Emilia eat something. She kept opening her mouth when Tom lifted the spoon but closed it as soon as he was about to enter her mouth and laughed in his face, enjoying her game. Tom furrowed his brows, fully concentrated on feeding her. Seeing that scene made me chuckle and I looked back to Ben.
“How does that sound?” I asked again and nudged his shoulder playfully and I could see a glimpse of happieness in his eyes.
“Good, I guess.” he answered but couldn’t hold back a smile. We finished our breakfast and I was dressing Emilia so Tom could get them to the kindergarden. I walked out to the hall with Emilia on my arm and saw Ben infront of the door putting his shoes on.

“Ben, where is your dad?” I asked him with a raised brow and looked around the corner to see if he was there. He just shrugged and kept tying his shoelaces. I walked into the kitchen but he wasn’t there either.
“Tom?” I yelled and was about to walk into the living room when he walk into me.
“Jesus. Sorry baby.” he said and gave Emilia a kiss on her forhead and I was left aside.
“I totally forgot that I was taking the kids!” he said and took Emilia into his arms and I leaned my hands on my hips.
“You better get going. Or you’re gonna be late for the interview.” I warned him and he nodded.
He leaned in to give me a peck on my lips and then stormed off to the front door.

“Bye Mum!”,Ben yelled and waved at me before following his dad out of the door.
After they left I got ready for my own work and leaft our home too.

I came back in the evening, exhausted from being in heels the whole day but happy to be finally home. Tom and I exchanged a few messages but we were too busy to get into detail. He let me know that he’d pick the kids up and that I didn’t need to worry. When I opened the fron door I could hear music from the living room echoing through the house quietly but didn’t think anything of it because Tom usually put music on when he was working on something. I kicked my heels off and closed the door and walked towards the living room, the music getting clearer with every step.

“Come on buddy. You got it.” I heared Tom encourage Ben and when I peeked around the corner I saw the most adorable scene in front of me. Tom and Ben were doing push ups to the song Bring Sally Up while Emilia was sitting on the back of her dad tugging at his hair.
“You good?” Tom laughed and Ben chuckled nodding his head.

“Alright. Last one, come on. Let’s see who can do more.” Tom teased Ben and I sneaked up on them to press my foot on Toms back so he couldn’t push up anymore. Meanwhile Ben did another two and the song was over.
“I won!” Ben yelled and I pulled my foot back and clapped excitedly.
“Wow Benny! That was amazing!” I cheered for him and kneeled down so he could hug me peoperly.
“Mom! Did you see that?” he asked while wrapping his arms around my neck and I pulled him closer to me while chuckling.
“I did!” I felt that his shirt was soaked with sweat and widened my eyes.

“Alright. Time to change. We don’t want you to get sick, do we?”

“No!” he yelled and raised his index finger into the air and rushed off to the bathroom.
“Take your clothes off. I’ll be there in a sec.” I called after him and looked down to Tom who was glaring at me.
“Hey.” I greeted him and he snorted while turning over and taking Emilia on his belly.

After I helped Ben take a shower I tugged both of them into bed and closed their door before walking into the living room where Tom was sitting on the couch while scrolling through his phone.
“Hey Moviestar.” I teased him and he growled something under his breath which made me chuckle. I sat down and wrapped my arm around him, pulling him close to me.
“What are you doing?” I asked and tried to peek on his phone.
“I’m trying to controll my social medias. The fans are going nuts.” he said and was typing something.
“Really? Why? What happened?” I asked while pulling away and took my own phone out to see that people tweeted me and tagged me on videos of Tom.

“Jesus. What did you do? Did you fall feom your chair again?” you joked halfheartedly hoping that nothing bad happened.
“No! This is your fault.”


“Yes.” he mumbled and I furrowed my brows. When he did not care to elaborate I clicked on one of the videos and my jaw dropped. There he was, my husband who hated to sing in public because he was insecure about it, singing because of what he had promised me. I laid my hand on his shoulder while watching the video and a big smile appeared on my face. I looked up as soon as it ended and cupped his face.

“I love you.” I simply said and he couldn’t surpress a loving smile.
“I love you too.” he answered and I leaned in to give him a quick kiss.
“The fans are loving it!”

“They love you because they know you made me do it.” he said and I chuckled.
“Well I’m your number one fan. I’m their leader. I had to contribute to the fandom somehow.” I joked and he rolled his eyes.

“You gave them two children they freak out about. How is that not enough.”

“Shut up. Would you look at that! They already made gifs and what not.” I said mesmerized while scrolling through Instagram.
“Oh god you’re worse than them.” he sighed and I raised an eyebrow.
“Oh hun, you’d be nothing without us.” I said and closed my phone. I streched my arms and legs, ttying to get rid of the soreness but it wouldn’t get better.
“So, we’re even now?” he asked and I looked up at him.
“Not that you singing is anywhere near the pictures of me climbing in to our house through a window in my sportbra,” I said squinting my eyes and he laughed nervously while scratching the back of his head,“ but yes. We are even. You did what you promised.”
He exhaled deeply and let himself fall back into the couch.

“I’m going to take a shower, since you didn’t let me in the morning.” I said and stood up.
“Can I join?” he said also jumping up but I pushed my palm against his face and he sat back down.


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My Childhood Obesity Storylines

All this talk about childhood obesity made me want to share my story with you.

I’m 24 years old now, and I weigh less now than when I was 10 years old.

I grew up in a house where “Eat everything on your plate” was a motto and a mantra. We wouldn’t be allowed to leave the table until our plates were licked clean. The problem was that the portions we were being served were massive. We had at least 3-4 cups of rice per meal. It would be piled so high that it would look like a little hill on the plate. The rice would have butter and oil added to it. The chicken, fish, and meat were always fried. Always. We had no vegetables. It was literally a pile of greasy rice with grease laden protein on top. And it was deliciously addictive.

For snacks we would have crisps, ice cream, biscuits, and chocolate. It was never portioned out. It was all just laid out in front of us and we were told to eat as much as we wanted.

Now imagine not being taught how to listen to your body’s hunger and satiety clues and then given the opportunity to eat as much junk as you wanted.

Eating and giving food is a huge part of my culture. It is how we show love towards one another. It’s how we show people that we care about them. This is a big factor in why we were fed this way and why we have such distorted thoughts about food.

Not surprisingly, we were all fat. We were sluggish, lazy, and listless. Our hobbies consisted of reading and playing video games. We didn’t play any sport.

Then the teasing started. Our parents would make fun of us for being so fat (they were also fat themselves). And yet they never ever changed a single thing in our lifestyle. Yeah like a 9 year old can control her own weight when she’s eating garbage food. As if a 9 year old can count her calories and choose fruit over chocolate — especially seeing as how we were never taught that chocolate was a special treat and not something to be eaten all day every day.

They used to encourage us to get second, third, and fourth helpings whenever we finished out plates. Then when we got “too fat”, they started telling us off. “Stop eating so much you are gonna explode! Look at how massive your stomach is! You look pregnant!” Imagine hearing that as a child. The worst thing is that they would shout at us while they themselves were getting extra helpings of food and getting fatter and fatter.

My younger brother has a BMI of 55. Yes. Fifty-five. My parents make fun of him and tell him to stop eating so much junk. How? How can you tell him to stop eating the way he was raised on?! And how can you say all these things and then tell him off for not finishing everything on his plate?!

The “Clean your plate” mentality lived on with me throughout my entire life. I just can’t get rid of it. I had a BMI of 34. I cook my own meals now. I still do “finish my plate” but this time I pile my plate high in steamed and roasted veg. I measure my protein, fats, and carbs. Instead of ice cream and biscuits for snacks I have fruit and vegetables. I had to reprogram my brain. I slimmed down to a BMI of 22.3. It was so difficult. It would have been so much easier if I didn’t have these shitty irresponsible thoughts about eating.

Childhood obesity more often than not develops to adult obesity. Parents are responsible for their children’s health.

- Do not overfeed your children.
- Do not use food as a reward, children are not dogs.
- Do not give them too much food and then say “It’s because I love you so much”, you are teaching your child to equate food with love.
- Feed them appropriate amounts of food. Let them see and learn what appropriate amounts of food are.
- Teach them portion control.
- Teach them to listen to hunger and satiety clues.
- Teach them what healthy foods are and what makes them healthy.
- Provide them with healthy food and snacks.
- For the love of GOD do not force them to finish their plate.

I had a crappy relationship with food. I still kinda do. But I’m older and wiser and can make my own decisions. It’s a struggle. Please do not do this to your children. Please.

Love Unintentional (Part 4)

A/M: Here is part 4 for you guys. There probably isn’t going to be too much more soon. I love how much support I have been getting from this story and thank you for liking it and especially telling me how much you’re enjoying it:) Things get a little complicated in this one. But I hope you guys like it. Tell me if you do Xx

Word Count: 3381

Other parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Five , Part Six

–One month later–

You stayed at Harry’s the rest of that day, but you didn’t want to take advantage of his hospitality and had gone home that night

once you had felt a little better.

It was already a month later and your place remained quiet in a lonely kind of way. Your ex was gone for good and it still felt bitter on your tongue.

You missed him like crazy, wanting to pick up the phone to make amends. You’d scroll to his contact and stare at the number and picture, wondering if he was doing the same. Wondering if he truly did miss you as he had said he had every time he’d come back for his things.

But he wasn’t the person you once thought he was and remembering everything he had done always made you sick.

You’d try to go out a little more often, but now with your rising career and an identity of being “Harry’s girlfriend” going out alone, even for groceries was a little bit of a struggle to do with paparazzi that always wanted to ask you things or take your picture.

“How’s Harry?” They’d often ask, and you’d answer them.

“He’s out of town, visiting family.”

“He didn’t take you with him?”  

You shook your head, “Well obviously. I’ve been busy and my family is coming.”

“Oh. So family reunions for the both of you.”

“Exactly” you smiled, “I’m about to celebrate my birthday.”

“Really? Well Happy Birthday.” The paparazzi said.

Taking it half heartedly you replied a thanks and kept walking.

When they saw that there wasn’t a story there they would often leave you alone and move on.

The stunt was proving to work as your fanbase and popularity had grown substantially from Harry’s popularity, and it worked for him as his audience had grown as well. The media had appealed to you both as a couple and based on a few people, you and Harry had appeared to be a great match. But you suddenly began thinking about the whole stunt and PR behind it. Now that it had achieved what was wanted, was there still a necessity for it?

Your family came to celebrate your birthday, and to make sure you were okay after the horrible breakup. They had liked your ex just as much as you had and they too were blindsided by what he had done when you told them what had happened. With their visit you got to see your young niece and nephew again the both of them improving your mood and making the place not feel as lonely as it once felt, aside from when Harry would come over.

Besides Harry being gone for almost two weeks to go back home, you both would visit each other at least twice a week; once at his place and once at your place. It would usually involve some lunch or dinner depending on the time, and a movie, a board game or going out somewhere, even if it was a walk around town. Ever since that night your friendship was closer than ever. He had seen you at your worst and still wanted to see you, and not because he was forced to.

Tonight having come back a few days before, you invited him back over to your place for dinner.

“Let’s do something.” He suggested.

You raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean do something? I’m already cooking, you can help me if you’re bored.”

“Yeah, okay.” He agreed coming over to help, “That’s not exactly what I meant though. I think we should do something. Besides eat and watch a movie or whatever’s on TV.”

You gave him a look, “I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight Harry.”

“We don’t have to.” And he left the kitchen looking around your place.

Things had obviously been missing since they had belonged to your ex, but you made due. The real important things were yours to begin with anyway.

Harry bent down and picked up one of the toys you had bought for your niece and nephew. A giant and brightly coloured plastic microphone. “What’s this?”

“A microphone? Please Harry, with your experience I’d figured you’d know that pretty easy.” You teased.

He chuckled, leaning over the breakfast counter in front of you with the item still in hand, “Not exactly what I meant, though I would love to have this design when I perform.”

You finished putting on the last touches to the food before it was ready to go into the oven as he continued to speak, “I was wondering why you had it.”

You smiled, “It was for my niece and nephew. Surprise surprise they like to perform too.”

“Hm. I think I know where they get the talent from.” You heard him say, which caused you to blush.

You picked up the tray and turned to go put it in the oven behind you, “Speaking of family, how was going back home?” You asked.

“Great. They always like to see me back. The whole town does.”

You giggled, “I thought you went back to be with family.”

He laughed, “I did. But the whole town loves seeing me back. To them I’m family.”

You both just laughed, “Must be nice to be so loved.” You said as you closed the door to the oven.

When you looked up you found him with the TV remote in hand.

He had become quite comfortable with you as he already knew how things worked at your place.  

“What are you putting on?”

He just smirked as he continued doing what he was doing without saying another word as he then took out his phone.

You walked over and by the time you had, his search was on the TV screen and showed he was on youtube looking at different videos that had karaoke versions of songs.

You started laughing, “Harry-” But before you could say anything else The Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” was already starting and he started singing along with just as much passion as he had the night you had first met.

You couldn’t stop laughing at his over exaggerated dancing, but like you had once shared publicly, his singing of course was pitch perfect… when he wanted it to be anyway.

When he finished he smiled at your little applause, and he took a bow, “Thank you, thank you”

“You’re a dork.” You laughed and he began to smile.

“Thank you, I take your laughter and comment as a compliment.” He said which caused you to blush, “I haven’t heard you laugh in the last couple weeks. It’s lovely.”

You giggled softly, “Thanks Harry.”

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Archie Andrews x Reader


Was this requested? No. Am I still going to write it? Yes, yes, I am.

“you moved away when we were in elementary school and moved back when we’re in high school and dear lord have the years been kind to you.”


Part One.

Ah, the horrible sound of your 5:30 AM alarm for a new school year. What could be worse right?

I hit the snooze button a total of four times before I pulled my sorry arse out of bed and did something with myself to make it look like I had put at least an ounce of effort into my physical appearance for the first day. I chucked on some high waisted skinny jeans, a striped crop top and an oversized black jacket and paired this with my black and white converse. I did my hair how I did it most days, and slapped on the minimal amount of make-up I could manage to do at such an ungodly hour.

I walked downstairs to be met with my overly-excited mother.

“Oh, Darling! A new school year, how exciting!” she practically yelled.

“Yes mum, another year of pure hell and torture” I grumbled.

“Oh, come on, lighten up! You’ll get to see all your friends! Now eat up, we have to leave soon.” She instructed. I sat down at the table and ate the pancakes she cooked for me. My mother must be a godsend at times like these.

I finished what was left on my plate and grabbed everything I needed for the first day, and then I was out the door and on my way to prison. Or school, as some like to call it.


I got out of my mum’s car and walked myself to an available bench near the front doors of the school. I sat peacefully for a few moments before I was met with my best friend, Betty Cooper. She was basically the definition of perfect! She got good grades, is the nicest person I’ve ever met, and not mention she’s gorgeous. Basically, everything I’m not.

“Hey, (Y/N)! How have you been? I haven’t seen you all summer!” she yelled.

“I’ve been good! How are you?”


We walked through the doors and headed to homeroom. I was greeted with my homeroom teacher, Ms Grundy. Our homeroom teachers were someone who also taught us for another subject, meaning Grundy would be my music teacher for the year. Great. Something about her just seemed off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Morning class, how was your summer?” she asked. I barely had time to even process her question when my head snapped towards the door of the classroom.

“Sorry I’m late! I missed the bus,” a tall, redheaded boy sheepishly spoke. I thought for a moment,

‘I know this kid from somewhere…’ I muttered to myself. And then it hit me, Archie Andrews! From back in elementary!

‘that’s weird… he moved. I wonder what brings him back here?’ I pondered.

My thoughts were interrupted by the loud ringing of the bell, signalling that we had to move to first period. I had music first. I heaved myself out of the chair and made my way through the busy halls. I wonder when I’ll be seeing Archie again?

“Dinner time” (Villainous drabbles)

“Dinner time” Drabble 3

There are rules to be followed in the Hat Manor. One of them being to never leave the toilet seat up. The other is when it’s time to eat, everyone has to come and sit at the dinner table. It does not matter what anyone is doing, Black Hat demands it and even he follows his own rules. Anyone who does not comply is sent to the basement to face the “Beast”. So far, Dr. Flug, Dementia and 5.0.5 have never seen the “Beast” but they remembered a time when Black Hat kicked a party clown down there. The poor entertainer knocked on his door and gave him a balloon animal, which made the demon grab him and toss him down the stairs. They never saw him come out.

One ring of the bell, ranged by Black Hat made the trio quickly rush to the dining table. Dr. Flug is the cook in the home and he was the one to pass out each plate of food. In a hierarchy, like in Black Hat’s home, Black Hat is the one who gets served first. The demon could eat anything that appears tasteful to him but his favorite will always be a rare steak, with a dash of salt and a glass of apple cider.

Dr. Flug, wearing a frilly apron, placed the bloody food down in front of Black Hat and nervously served his champagne glass with apple cider.

“E-enjoy, S-Sir.” Dr. Flug stuttered before going around him to serve Dementia next. Black Hat sat silently with a bored look as Dr. Flug slowly made his way around the table. Dementia’s taste buds usually consists of sugary candy and drinks. It is a hassle for Dr. Flug, who has to make baked goods along with what is called “a healthy meal”. Dementia was bouncing with excitement as Flug presented her with cupcakes, with green and pink frosting, drawn to look like her face.

“Wow, Flug, this is cute!” Dementia smiled widely while poking her finger into one of the cupcakes that had her eye drawn on it.

“Oh, uh thanks Dementia-” Dr. Flug said as he looped around to 5.0.5. “It took me all afternoon to make it just right.”

“Oh, really?” Dementia gave him a grin and slammed her hand onto the cupcakes. Dr. Flug’s shoulders slouched forward as he gave her an unimpressed gaze. He placed a bowl of salad in front of 5.0.5, who shook his head in disappointment towards Dementia, who batted her eyes innocently. Dr. Flug finally sat down in his own chair besides 5.0.5, with only a glass of water and a straw in front of him.

“Finally.” Black Hat muttered before picking up a fork and knife. “Now, everyone eat and everything better be off your plate before you even dream of leaving this table!” Black Hat growled, his sharp teeth protruding. He stabbed his steak viciously before tearing off a piece and placing it in his mouth.

Dr. Flug quickly picked up his drink and sipped quietly. Dementia is the loud eater in the house, devouring her meal with vigor, like a starving animal. 5.0.5 is more neat when it comes to his food. The loveable bear enjoyed each bite of his food and savoured it. Suddenly as they began, Dementia’s face quickly turned sour and a shade of green before spitting out her food.

“Oh yuk!”

Black Hat slammed his fists on the table, lifting from his seat. “Dementia! What have I said about your disgusting spit?!”

Dementia ducked in her seat, her tongue still out of her mouth. “B-but, Black Hat!” She whined. “My cupcakes taste gross!”

Dr. Flug blinked. “Oh, it must be the asparagus frosting.”

“Asparagus?!” Dementia shrieked.

“Yeah, I thought it will be a little bit more healthy for you.”

“Ew!” Dementia pushed her plate away and crossed her arms. “I’m not eatin’ it!”

Black Hat let out a snarl. “You will eat it Dementia, or did your forget about my warning?” His voice changed, making everyone at the table shake in their seat. When he switches into his intimidating voice, they all know when he is deathly serious. “No one leaves until everything is finished from their plate.”

Dementia whimpered. “B-but-”

“No buts! If you want to leave, you have to clean the litter box for my little pet downstairs…” Black Hat gave her a large grin when she shuddered. “Your choice.”

Dementia pouted and turned back at her plate. She shot a glare at Dr. Flug, who pretended to be looking off to the side to avoid her eyes. She sighed and wiped her finger on her plate. She stared at the dab of green frosting and with her stomach turning she put it in her mouth. She reeled and kicked but she forced herself to eat it.

Black Hat, feeling satisfied sat down in his chair and began to eat his own meal. Dr. Flug, having finished his drink, slowly turned to Black Hat who was quietly chewing. The young doctor slowly lifted up a shaking finger.

“Um Mister Black Hat, S-sir?”

“Hmm?” Black Hat muttered giving Flug an annoyed glare for having been disturbed.

“M-May I go and eat my meal in the lab now?”

Black Hat swallowed and scoffed. He lifted up his gloved hand and shooed him away. Dr. Flug immediately removed himself from the dinner table and ran out of the room towards the safety of his lab. Dementia pouted and grumbled.

“No fair…”She said, giving her food a glance. She wasn’t even halfway done. She was jealous that Dr. Flug didn’t need to actually “eat” with them, due to his “condition”. His paper bag mask hid his real face and he refused to lift it up and eat in front of them. Black Hat showed him mercy and recommended to sip his drink at the table before leaving to eat his own meal, in private.

Black Hat dabbed his mouth with a black napkin before tossing it aside. He lifted himself up and placed his hands behind his back.

“5.0.5, don’t forget to do the dishes.” Black Hat sternly said. 5.0.5 nodded, since he does not mind doing household chores. Black Hat shot a glare at Dementia, who chuckled nervously before glancing back at her food. “Don’t even think about throwing away your meal, Dementia, if there is one thing that irks me more than heroes, is people treating their meal like inedible garbage!”


“I-I wouldn’t dream of it.” Dementia forcefully smile, Black Hat shot her one last look, narrowing his eyes in suspicion before walking out of the room. Dementia sighed heavily and poked at her food. There was no getting around it, she would have to eat it. With a breath, she opened her mouth wide like a fish and gobble up the cupcakes. She chewed and gagged, and chewed again before finally she defeated her adversary.

5.0.5 happily clapped his paws for her accomplishment, which made her feel a little bit better. She got up and did a dramatic bow. Now, all there was left to do was distract Dr. Flug and ruin his inventions in revenge of what he put her through.


I hope you all enjoyed! ^_^ 


Request:  May I please request a one-shot where the reader suffers from insomnia and the only person that is capable of helping them sleep is Pietro Maximoff. He sings lullabies to her (maybe in his native language) which helps to relax and soothe her. He soon learns, however, that while away on missions the reader’s insomnia becomes worse because he’s not there to sing to her After learning of this he makes a habit of leaving songs for her (on her Ipod) to listen to while he’s away. 

Requested by: @narutoro 

A/N: I used Romanian since Sokovian is not a real language. Also you and Pietro are in a secret relationship for the first half of this fic. Obviously set in a universe where Pietro lives.

Iubirea mea - my love
prinţesă - princess
te iubesc - i love you
dragă  - dear
dragele mele - my dears

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So Close I Can Taste It, I See What's Mine And Take It- Part 3/?

Summary: You are the daughter of Robert Baratheon. During the events of S6, you are reluctantly sent to secure an alliance. It is not what you expect.

Paring: Eventual Euron Greyjoy x reader

Warning: Swearing, mentions of violence, background character being a creep.

A/N: Part 3. Smut is definitely incoming in Part 4 (actually- I wrote Part 4 first as a one-shot and actually ended up expanding on it to make it into a multi parter so I’ll try post the next update soon).


“Lady Y/N,” Euron stood up and gestured for you to sit down at his top table as you entered for your evening meal.

There were few chairs at the top table, a space for Euron of course, a comfortable guest chair for yourself, a large gap on either side then chairs for the small council.
“Lord Greyjoy,”
“Euron, please. If we are to become allies, why the formalities, Y/N?” he smiled and for a moment, you felt your skin prickle again.
The food was served within moments of you taking your seat and it allowed you time to think whilst you ate.

“Lor- Euron, how long have you been back on the Iron Islands for, I understand you were away for some years,”
He took a large sip of wine “That is true, I left after the failed rebellion, after my brother bent the knee, and I arrived the day before I killed him. Whilst he was fucking everything over, I was establishing myself as the greatest ship captain in the known world, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of it,”

“So I’ve heard,” you’d sent your handmaiden out to gather information for you whilst you bathed alone. She’d came back only to tell you he was the commander of the Iron Fleet and had sailed around Westeros and Essos for years. The largest ship was called the Silence. Named so because Euron had personally removed the tongues of his crew. It wasn’t much to go on but to be fair, you had given her a little under an hour to find information before you’d needed her back.

“What else have you heard?” he asked. It was like he could read you and you didn’t quite know if that was a good thing.

You decided to speak boldly “I’ve heard they call your ship the Silence, I’ve heard… it’s called so because you cut out your crew members tongues,”

Euron didn’t look at all fazed “Its true,” he pushed his finished plate away. “I needed the silence, I needed quiet,”
“And if they refused?” You asked. It was unlikely men would volunteer for a maiming.
“I gave them a choice, stay loyal to me and have their tongues removed. Or betray me, and die,” he opened his arms wide. “I bet you can guess what option most of them chose. At sea, there is only the Iron Fleet, everything else pales in comparison. No man with a brain would try their hand against my ships,”

You gestured for the server to refill your now empty goblet and composed yourself, rather glad you’d managed to find some information on him. There was a part of you, oddly impressed. There wasn’t many a man who could maim his crew and still have a crew willing to serve under him.

“That is…very reassuring to hear, we need a strong navy… with a captain they will remain loyal to in times of war,”

Euron smiled, somewhat pleased with your reaction “And what do we get from this alliance?”

You had had time to think on this whilst at sea. Deep down, you knew that should the dragon girl come west and wage war, the late Walder Frey would not turn up he was sure of a Lannister/Baratheon victory. He’d switch alliance at a moments notice. You’d never trusted him. Had it been you sitting on the Iron Throne, you’d have handed his castles in the Riverlands and at Twins to the Ironborn after the war was won just to see the look on his face.

You bit your lip. “I have what I believe would be a sufficient offer, however I require King Tommen’s approval. Due to the short notice of the trip, I have not been able to consult with him,”

Eurons gaze fell on your lips and you released it from your bite. “Mores the pity, I think I’d like to hear your offer,”.

In your head, you knew you probably shouldn’t advise what you’d give, when there is a chance Tommen, sweet and gentle Tommen, would come back with a much less interesting proposal.

“Should you side with the crown…when we have defeated our enemies, I would take the castles in the Riverlands and the Twins given to House Frey and allow House Greyjoy to take them….keep them for as long as you could hold them,” you paused and gave him a knowing look “however I am not the Queen, I cannot promise this, I will notify the King of my suggestion,”

Euron licked his lips “And what a shame that is, we both know you’d sit the Throne well… I look forward to your brothers offer, I hope he listens to his lovely sister,”

As did you.


It had been almost two moons since you’d arrived on the Iron Islands and you found yourself dining with Euron for each meal, often you’d talk late into the night and more often than not, the topic would stray from your alliance rather quickly, sharing jokes, trading stories.

You’d often ask him about his time at sea, and he’d recite a different and interesting tale each time, from sailing the Jade Sea, to travelling to Asshai, to walking through Old Valyria. All places you’d heard of but never seen. This was a man who had seen the world and experienced it first had, you found yourself enjoying both the tales he’d have and the way his eyes would sparkle when you asked him about it.

He’d in turn talk to you, ask you about about how a woman of her house had came to be a more valued envoy than most of the small council.

One evening you found yourself confiding him about just how you’d managed to secure a six thousand strong calvary from a Westerlands Lord.

“He was an idiot and a fool, all it took was a low cut dress with sheer sides, he’d handed his calvary over and betrothed me to his heir and sworn to House Baratheon within two hours,” you took a long sip of your drink. “An foolish Lord who’d handed over his only worthy asset,”

“You didn’t go through with the wedding, obviously,” Euron gestured with his glass “No little mainlands Lord would ship their wife off to Pyke,”

“No,” you let a smile play on your face. “My grandfather made sure to invite him on a hunting trip to celebrate the union, my husband to be rode too far, and fell from a steep verge, horrible accident,” you cradled your glass of wine.

Tywin had assured you that he would ensure you were not married off. In truth, you didn’t care how…you were just glad not to be a broodmare for some entitled boring Lordling.

“Sounds like it,” Euron smirked. “A terrible accident, no doubt Tywin Lannister did not know the verge was there,” he cocked his head slightly.

“How dare you,” you pretended to be offended “I was so looking forward to marrying my betrothed,”

Euron still wore his smirk “Of course, forgive me,” he joked in return, “You must have been devastated,” he never took his eyes from you.

You let out a laugh, stood up and walked to the window and stared out onto the sea. The waves were crashing against the rocks of another one of the islands in the distance, the sound of a lone an anchor being pushed over, docking another ship and you breathed deeply. There were a few dozen men on the shore below, still working on ships. There were multiple already built ships docked, including Euron’s main ship, the Silence.

“I’ll take you tomorrow…if you’d like to”

You spun around, a quizzical look on your face.

“I’ll take you out…on my ship, on the Silence,” He spoke from his chair.

“Where?” You asked.

“Satcliffe or maybe around Ironmans Bay, not far,”

You nodded, attempting to convince yourself it was because you wanted to stand on and view one of his ships first hand, you knew deep down, it was because you wanted to see him sail. “I’d like that, I’ll make it clear now, I’m not much use on the water,”

Euron came over to stand beside you “You don’t have to be, I’ll be there,” he grinned again. You turned to look at him. He wore a smile but you could tell he was completely serious about wanting you to sail with him. “Rest, then join me at the Harbour tomorrow,” it sounded half question, half order.

“I’ll be there,” you finished your wine in a final swig and left.

You began the walk back to your chambers but were soon interrupted by a loud call

“Lady Y/N,” one of the guards ran over and you wondered what exactly he wanted. You’d noticed him staring at you before, but he’d never dared to speak with you. He was always watching you and he made your skin crawl, you could be wearing a gown and cloak and would still feel exposed.

“Where are you going?”

You didn’t fancy telling him you were headed to your chambers so lied “I am going for some air. I need a moment alone, if you please,”

“It’s been raining out there, you might slip,” The guard grinned, leering at you. “Maybe you’d like my company,”

“Maybe another time, for now I would like my own company,”

He grabbed your arm, you attempted to shrug him off “Pretty woman you are, prettier than the ladies on the Iron Islands, Are you sure you’re a Baratheon, only I’ve seen Robert and I’ve seen Stannis and you’re far prettier…like the Lannisters,”

“That’s very kind, Ser but I must be going now,” you excused yourself.

“You sure you’re not a bastard like your brothers and sister, Everyone’s heard…”. The guard called out.

You spun around, raised your hand into a fist and punched him as hard as you could, your ring catching his lip.

You’d heard people’s whispers. You’d heard people say your mother was a whore, your brothers and sister were your Uncle Jamie’s bastards. The Queen Regent had been mocked and humiliated during her time with the Faith Militant and you were not about to stand by and see the Houses of Lannister and Baratheon dragged down by some household guard.

“Fucking whore,” the man staggered back and then lurched forward and grabbed your arm tightly. “I’ll fucking kill you, bitch” he pulled out a small blade out from his armour and held it close to your throat. “I’ll send you back to Kings Landing piece by piece for that,”

“Let me go and I won’t tell your liege Lord, your King….of your actions,” you wrenched your arm away, but he held on.

The guard laughed mockingly and he moved the knife closer “Take a look around, my Lady” he spoke mockingly. “I don’t see him anywhere,”

“Then maybe you should look closer,” you heard Euron’s familiar voice from behind the man. He approached, stepping out of the shadow.

Your attacker dropped you and as you dusted yourself off, you noticed the sheer terror in the guards face. Just moments ago, he was threatening a high born, royal woman, now he looked terrified like a boy in his first battle as Euron approached.

He helped you up, “Are you alright?” He looked you over, you could see the anger burning behind his outward calm.
“I am now,”
Euron nodded before turning his attention to the man. “Someone see Lady Baratheon to her chambers,” he ordered, staring down the guard.

A Baratheon knight came forward and took your arm to escort you.

“Come with me, m'Lady,” He lead you gently and you could, for a moment, have sworn you heard the guard begging forgiveness, before you headed up the stairs to your chambers.
“I will stand guard outside, m'Lady, in case he comes back”
Somehow you doubted he would.
“Thank you, Ser” you spoke anyway and entered your room.

Someone had been in and lit a fire and it was strangely warm in contrast to the cool outside. You opened your balcony doors, stepped out into the evening, and leant forward to look out at the view.

You shut your eyes and took a deep breath again. It could have been seconds, minutes or hours, before you heard a knock and turned around, to see your guard

“M'Lady, Lord Greyjoy here to see you.,”

Star Trek Headcannon

So, I’ve seen a couple posts about things that could happen when Riley finally joins the crew, and I wanted to add a thought that’s been bubbling around my brain for a while now.

Normally Jim does alright eating, he never finishes a full plate; it’s something he seems slightly guilty about but is also never fully able to bring himself to clean all the food away. But other than that everything was fine. Until Riley joins the crew.

The two can eat at separate times and nothing changes however, if they’re in the mess hall at the same time, Jim will literally eat nothing until Riley finishes all his food and is obviously full. They don’t even have to be sitting by one another, Jim will just watch from across the room. It confuses most people but they really don’t ask about it. Bones talks to Jim about it eventually, and slowly he gets better at relaxing and eating his own food knowing Kevin will have enough to eat himself. 

overworked dad

seventeen’s mingyu

word count: 2594
synopsis: Mingyu is so excited about you coming home with your newborn son that he forgets to take care of himself.
a/n: if you read this lil thing i wrote, thank you so much ♡ (i also posted this on aff lmao) (the title sucks :( im sorry ay)

“Ready to go home today, ma’am?” You were cradling your newborn son when one of your nurses came in with a wheelchair. “You and your husband must be excited to bring home little Minjae, huh?”

You smiled at her. “Actually, I think my husband is more excited than me,” you joked. It wasn’t really a joke; throughout your whole pregnancy, Mingyu was always the one reading up on parenting books and some nights you had to pry the books out of his hands so that he can finally get some sleep. (Also, you could’ve sworn he bought those books way before you two even began discussing having children.)

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Moose and Me

Happy Birthday Jared!! It’s cute and fluffy and smushy! Jared and the Reader find out their expecting and get a huge surprised on his birthday! This is the start of my first Jared and Reader series! Let me know what you think here!

Jared Padalecki and Reader, Jensen and Danneel Ackles, JJ Ackles, The twins

Warnings: It’s just super adorable and fluffy

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              Jared Padalecki was an amazing man, amazing husband and amazing person to be with. He was there with my dark days as I was with him. He and Jensen had just come home from London and really wanted to just chill out before he had was going to Italy for JIBcon. I told him this year that I would stay home to help Danneel with the JJ and the twins. I loved JJ, we had a very special relationship and I always treasured that.

              I decided to make dinner for us and the Ackles, Dani was always cooking so now it was my turn. I loved to cook, I always wanted to go to culinary school but things just didn’t work out. So, I took community classes. My specialty was steak, and the boys loved my steaks. I always had a special seasoning that they had tried to bribe me to get it but I wouldn’t budge.

              Tonight, I was making steaks, corn on the cob, roasted broccoli and for dessert my bourbon pecan pie. The pie was already cooling and the grill was getting nice and hot. I grabbed a couple beers and headed to the back yard to check on my husband. I stood there a couple minutes and watched him. I never knew what I did right to get a man like him but I was blessed. “Working hard or hardly working?” He started laughing and beckoned me over to him. I handed him the beer but before he opened it he pulled me to him kissing me with all the passion he had. “I would say hardly working babe”

              I giggled and just shook my head, “Whatever moose” I dramatically stepped away, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back. “That’s Mr. Moose to you” I giggled and just enjoyed him just holding me. His arms were my escape from the cruelty of the world outside. We were in our own little bubble just happy and blissed out in that moment. “Hey! There are kids here” I rolled my eyes and walked over giving him a hug. “Yes squirrel” I heard Dani laughing and rushed over to hug her too.

              “Auntie Y/n” “Hey Doodle bug” I picked her up swinging her around making her laugh and hold on tighter. I went in to grab the steaks from the counter, I also grabbed the tin foil with the broccoli and the corn as well. Once everything was cooking, we sat down and just talked about everything we could. I was holding onto Zep and just watched him smile at me. Jensen just watched me, he always told me I was a pro with kids. I would smile and nod my head, Jare and I had talked about having kids. We decided to just have fun and when it happened it happened.

              Once everything was finished and ready, Jay said the prayer and dug in. Dani and I just sat and watched them hoover the food on their plates. I looked at Dani and we just rolled our eyes and laughed. After the food was consumed, Dani had put the kids down in the guest bedroom. I grabbed ‘Suicide Squad’ and put it in. I was head over heels with the movie and it helped that I loved the actors as well as the characters. Everyone loved the movie and I asked if they saw the Hillywood parody.

              I connected my phone to our television and pushed play. I was a giggling kid and sang along, Lady Gaga was a pretty awesome singer at least to me. The boys loved to pick on me about the music I listened to but it never bothered me. I could see Jen and Danneel were getting tired, so I sent them upstairs even though they lived right next door. I was exhausted myself, I decided to get a quick shower before bed and of course Jared joined making sure that I didn’t fall.

              I was so tired that once my head hit the pillow I was out. I started waking up to little kisses all over my face and knew it was JJ. I started tickling her making her giggle like crazy, opening one eye I scooped her up and kissed her all over. “Daddy says brekfwast is weady” “Sounds good kiddo” I started to get out of bed when I felt really nauseated. “I’ll be down in a minute ok?” She nodded and skipped out of the room and I rushed over to the bathroom to empty the contents of my stomach. I never had any issues with my cooking before. I felt a hand on my back and a soothing voice that belonged to my husband. Once I was finally done, he grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped my face. “You ok baby?” “I don’t know, I’ve never had any issues before”

              He helped me down stairs, I sat down at the table and had concerning looks from Jensen and Danneel. “I’m good, I was really nauseated”. “Auntie y/n can I sit in your lap?” “Of course, doodle bug” I lifted her onto my lap and helped her color a picture. I could only dream of having a little girl or boy on my lap like JJ coloring away. “Can I ask you a question JJ” She just nodded and looked at me. “Do you think I would be a good mommy?” “Well duh! You’re my auntie and I already think your awesome” “Well ok then” We decided to have an adult night out, so I asked Danni to go to the drugstore with me.

              Danni was really excited at the idea of me being pregnant. I was really nervous about it, for the simple I had health issues that could make it a difficult pregnancy. “I’m excited but I’m also nervous Danni, I have health issues that could make it a difficult pregnancy” She reached across and grasped my hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “As long as you have us you’ll never be alone” We pulled into Walgreens and headed to the section we needed picking out four assorted brands making sure I would get the right answer.

              We came back to their house and I had made sure to drink enough water for all four tests. I walked out and Danni set the timer. I felt really nauseated so she made some hot water for tea to settle my stomach. It was a tense silence, but then the timers went off and I went to see what my future was going to hold. I looked at all four tests and saw all plus signs, telling me that I was indeed pregnant. I walked down the stairs and lifted her hands in air. “There’s a mini moose on the way”

              She pulled me to her, hugging me close telling me that I was going to make an amazing mother. “How should I tell Jared?” “Oooh…” We got to talking and working on a plan.

Later that night…

              We decided to head to San Jac for barbecue and music, I couldn’t drink but I also planned on revealing my surprise tonight. Danni and I had found a shirt that had ‘ICE ICE’ right over my barely there bump. Both of us cracked up and knew this was the shirt for tonight, I did grab one of his flannels he had stolen on set so that I could reveal it at the right time.

              I walked into the kitchen to see that he poured two glasses of wine, and I was panicking at how I was going to dodge it. “Hey babe, thought you might like a glass before we head out” “I’m still not feeling well, can I pass?” “Yeah sure, do you want to cancel tonight?” “Nope! I really need food!” I wrapped his arms around his neck kissing him sweetly then grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door. Jensen and Danni were waiting for us, and we just shared a look of pure excitement.

              We grabbed our usual booth while the boys were signing some autographs for a few fans, I was always happy to meet fans of the show. We knew what the boys would order so we just gave our order and ordered our drinks. It was time to reveal the secret, I took off the flannel just as the boys reached the table, hoping they would get it. Both stood there for a couple of minutes trying to figure it out. “Wait I know the song but…” “HOLY CRAP!!! REALLY?” I nodded at my husband who had tears forming in his eyes. “That’s why you haven’t felt good”

              Jensen was over the moon for us completely, I could see tears in his eyes as well at how happy he was for both of us. For some reason, the food tonight tasted so much better than before, Jared kept saying it was because I had a Padalecki growing inside. I just giggled and shook my head, kissing him on the cheek. The whole night was amazing, we were celebrating after all. Before we got into the car, Jensen hugged me tight and whispered how happy he was for us.

              I started tearing up immediately, Jensen was like a brother to me and to hear that made me the happiest person ever. “I didn’t mean to make you cry” “they’re happy tears” He kissed me on the cheek and walked over to Jared giving him the same hug. We got in the car and headed home, the whole time Jared had his hand on my stomach the whole time. I could feel the joy and excitement radiating off him.

              We said our goodnights and then went into the house happy but tired. Jared stayed by my side the whole night, looking at me with awe in his eyes. I stepped into the hot water and sighed at the near scalding water. I heard the door open then close, felling arms wrap around me hands landing on my barely there bump. “I’m so happy baby, thank you” “Jare I should be the one thanking you, you gave me so much love and understanding. You’ve been there when no one else was.” He kissed me sweetly and had this look of pure adornment on his face.

              When he left for Italy, he felt terrible about leaving me and I had to get Jensen to drag his butt out of the house. I saw some of the YouTube videos and just laughed at the antics of those boys. When he came back home we decided to wait until the second trimester to tell the fandom. It was getting close to his birthday and I told him that his birthday present would be the gender reveal and he was more than happy to do that but with that plan he became a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

              It was finally his birthday and I woke him up in the best way possible, but we didn’t get out of bed until early afternoon. We didn’t have to leave until later so it was a good way to celebrate the day that he was born. We finally got out around three and got showered then dressed, excited that we would find out what we were having. Then we would do live stream and announce that there was a mini moose on the way.  Danni offered to do the reveal cake, I kept telling her that she didn’t have to but once she had made up her mind I couldn’t argue.

              When we walked in we could hear the laughter and music, happy to see our friends and family there to celebrate with us. We greeted everyone there hugging and kissing, happy to see them here to celebrate. Everything was amazing, the food, the music and the company all made the day. Danni brought the cake out as we sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Jared cut into the cake got the shock of our lives to see pink and blue. “Jared does that mean?” He nodded “We’re having twins” I could feel the tears filling my eyes, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

              He kissed me sweetly then noticing the tears in his eyes as well, Jensen just hugged me tightly and kept whispering how happy he was for us. Jared did the live stream and announced that we were expecting twins and that we loved everyone. Both of us were so happy and blessed to be where we were happy and starting our own family.

Ready Steady Part 10

Summary: Reader stays with Rob as she is too afraid to return home. Fluffiness ensues. Reader also comes face to face with her ex.

Word Count: 2730

Warnings: fluff, angst, anxiety, physical violence (not graphic).

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

Another Note: Just a quick chapter to move the story along. I wanted to keep writing since I had the day off, so enjoy back to back chapters!

Catch up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

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You woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and coffee. Inhaling deeply, you groggily reached over to Rob’s side of the bed to find that he wasn’t there. Rubbing your eyes, you sat up. You could distinctly hear someone moving around outside of the room, singing quietly. You smiled when you recognized it as Rob’s voice. You got out of bed, fumbling through your luggage only to find that you had no more clean clothes. You frowned, and decided that it might be okay to wear something of his. Feeling a little guilty for rummaging through his closet, you managed to find a pair of shorts and a t-shirt that fit. You headed to the kitchen, hoping that he wouldn’t be upset that you helped yourself to his clothes.

When you got to the kitchen, you found Rob, singing to himself and busily cooking breakfast. The smell of food and coffee was stronger and your stomach growled as you realized just how hungry you were. You leaned against the entrance to the kitchen and just watched him. He continued to move about the kitchen, singing a song that you recognized as one of his. He was in a t-shirt and boxers, and was now wearing glasses. You had to admit, he looked really good in glasses. It took only a moment for him to glance up and notice that you were there. He gave you that big grin that you loved.

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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 12

  Blueberry Pies & Jealous Eyes 

Negan x Addison 

A/N:  :D I haven’t updated the Masterlist yet, so I’ll keep linking the previous chapters until I do. xoxoxoxo 

Chapter 11 || Masterlist

(gif by @jeffrey-daddy-morgan) 

Things seemed to have calm down at the sanctuary. Although, I could see that the saviors still felt like they were walking on thin ice. Eyes would fall to the ground, whenever Negan entered a room. The silence that followed brought a satisfied smile across his face as he relished in his authoritative power. 

I’ve come to terms with accepting his behavior, it’s just who he is. But none of that seems to be enough to deter my feelings about him. Usually, I would turn to Michonne, Maggie, or even Daryl when something’s on my mind. Since they’re not here, I looked to my newest confidant for advice. 

I talked Naomi’s ear off, giving her a detailed explanation of my encounters with Negan. 

She finally faced me, grinning from ear to ear, “Maybe it’s just a physical thing” She stated while devilishly grazing her tongue over her teeth. 

“After everything he did to me, to my people…how could I still tolerate the thought of wanting him?” 

Naomi arched one of her perfect brows, “It’s because you’re human, Addison. Just because you’re attracted to him it doesn’t make you a bad person” 

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Sweet Tooth // T.O

Prompt: Reader is a pastry shop owner and Thor is a lil hungry. He’s new to sweets so the reader bakes him some treats

Warning: Starving! Thor , A lot of food, FLUFF, mentions of Loki , Thor and Jane broke up

Word Count: 649



I smiled as unlocked the doors to my shop. ‘At least all those years in college paid off’, I thought smiling as I entered. I walked in ,placed my items near the back, and prepped for today’s service.  “Hello is anyone there. I saw that you are open”, a curious voice said. I smiled at went to the front of house. I looked and saw a man with blonde hair and blue eyes standing there with a confused expression on his face.

“Hi I’m Yn , the owner of this place. Is there something that I can help you with sir”, I replied smiling. “I’m Thor, beautiful maiden. I’m somewhat …”, he trailed off as his stomach started growling. I chuckled at him as he blushed. “I know what you need. Why don’t you sit down over there ,I’ll take care of the rest ok “, I answered pulling him to a nearby table and sat him down. I decided to make him some cookies , chocolate covered croissants, and a small chocolate cake.

I washed my hands , put on some gloves , and grabbed the necessary ingredients for the treats that I was going to make. An hour later, I finished baking everything . I plated the food , smiled at my hard work, and headed out of the kitchen.“Thor, you never tasted pastries before have you”, I said.

Thor POV

“No , Yn , I can’t say that I have”, I replied nervous. “I got a feeling that you’re going to love these”, she answered placing two dishes in front of me. “These treats smell really delicious Yn. What are they ”, I said smiling . “Those are  cookies and chocolate covered croissants. Feel free to dig in , I just have one more thing to grab”, she replied heading back to the kitchen. In the meantime, I finished the plate of cookies and I was halfway done with the other dish. “You must have been famished Thor. I hope you like chocolate”, she answered.

I chuckled at her, “You really are a wonder Yn”,I said. She smirked and sat across from me. “So … how is everything”, Yn said hesitant. “This food is utter heaven. That’s saying something where I come from”, I replied grinning. “Well , where are you then”, she answered interested. I swallowed some of my food so she could understand me. “There are nine realms. Muspelheim, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Alfheim , Niflheim, Svartflheim , Nidavellir are 7 out of 9”, I said calmly.

“You’re missing two then , since there are nine realms in total”, she replied. “I know Asgard is my home world and Midgard is yours”, I answered smiling . As the day progressed, we spent the whole day talking about my home. I was very delighted that someone other than Jane was interested in me. “Wait I’m confused. If there are nine realms then how are they all connected”, Yn said puzzled. “They’re connected by two thing. The first one is Yggdrasil or “the world tree”, it’s connects all of our worlds. The Bifrost Bridge is the second one . We use the bridge mainly for travel”, I mumbled the last part.


I saw Thor’s face change. “If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine”,I said grabbing his hand. “No … it’s just that my adopted brother Loki wanted commit genocide against the frost giants.They’ve been our enemies for decades. He didn’t need to go to extreme lengths to kill all of them. In turn , I had to destroy the bridge before it could destroy any other planet close to ours”, Thor replied still shaken .

“It’s better to tell someone what you’re feeling , then keeping it to yourself . That’s what my mom always said”, I answered smiling sadly. “I’m glad I met you Yn .I’ll be sure to tell man of iron about your pastry shop”, he said hugging me. “It was nice meeting you too Thor”, I replied hugging him back .

Heartbeat- Part 4

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summary: reader is Seth Rollins’ baby sister and is secretly dating Roman and ends up pregnant and there is a huge age gap between them; I hope you like this series, anon!

The next morning, I woke with a pounding headache. I couldn’t remember anything after I had a few drinks. My eyes fluttered open, staring at the neutral colored hotel wall. I turned to my side only to almost have a heart attack. Roman laid next to me with no clothes on. He was fast asleep. 
“Oh, no.” I spoke, getting out of bed, startling Roman in the process. He opened his eyes and panicked just like I did. I wrapped a blanket around me while trying to focus with the horrible hangover I had. 
Just to make it worse, someone knocked loudly on the door. Roman was still laying in bed so I went over. I opened it without even checking the peep hole.
“Hey, Roman-” It was Dean. My eyes widen.
Dean smirked.
“So, I found you. Seth asked me to go look for you. Now I know where you have been.” Dean said. I then pulled him in closing the door. 
“You better not say a damn word to Seth about this.” I pointed to him. Dean put his hands in the air. 
“I just say you were with Sasha or something. But are you two a thing?” Dean asked, looking back and forth between me and Roman. I just nodded. “I won’t tell Seth. I swear. I better leave now.” Dean spoke before leaving. I sighed, leaning against the door, holding my head with my hand. 
“My head feels like it’s gonna explode.” I mumbled.

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