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My ClexaCon 2017 Experience

(Before you read: I got pretty personal in this post. I could have beaten around the issue, but I have had a lot of people in the past message me that my story is a lot like theirs and if my honesty can help others that are struggling, it will be worth it.)

First off, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude towards the people that made the convention happen. My experience is just one of hundreds of LGBTQ+ individuals that attended this convention, that is changed their life of for the better. As we all know there is a TON of stuff that has to happen bts, that we don’t know the full extent of, to make conventions happen. Like, I don’t even want to think about all the work it takes. I just want all of the people that had a part in making this convention happen, whether you were a staff member, panelist, guest, volunteer, etc. that your time, effort, and possibly sacrificing parts of your own con experience to make sure people like myself were able to enjoy it is so greatly appreciated. 

As someone who has been known in the fandom to analyzed things and can ramble on and on for days, it might be a surprise to you that I am left at a loss for words to write about the convention. I can’t find the words to encapsulate what it meant to me and the feelings I was experiencing –not to mention the complexity of those feelings. I have tried to write this so many times, but then draw a complete blank on how to describe it. 

If I had to describe what Clexacon was to me in one word it would be a sanctuary. It was a place where I felt safe and content. I felt hope and peacefulness spreading throughout my body each day I was there. The more I hung out with people, went to panels, or just observed everyone around me walking around the convention, the more and more I felt the weight of all the years of self-hate, repression, etc. lift from my body and a sense of clarity wash over me. I was legit feeling like Alex Danvers as each wave of repressed memory came to the surface and critically looking at my life. Going to the panels was also a big part of that process. I began to look more in-depth at the underlying reason of the severe self-hatred I felt for so many years, years of struggling with anxiety and depression, the eating disorders that almost cost me my life, the purposeful secluding myself from others, and the loneliness I felt even though I was in a room full of people came to the surface. I was trying to process all of these emotions at once and it was very scary. But, it was like a peaceful liberating panic? If that makes sense? It was finally confessing to myself everything that I knew for years, like completely confessing to myself…but then panicking about it. Because, it’s me and I’m a chronic overthinker. Lol. Each day I would get more and more courage to be myself, to push past all the years of internalized homophobia that made me feel worthless and ‘wrong’. 

Being surrounded by openly gay people that were authentically happy and full of pride for being part of the LGBTQ+ community was palpable in the air and you couldn’t help but feed off the energy. As someone who unfortunately doesn’t have this is my everyday life, I was trying to soak all of it in and store it in my memories to access it when I went back to my world of homophobic close-minded remarks. Clexacon was a place where I could be my true authentic self, or at least try to be. My authentic self with it came out to nerding about fictional characters, stories, etc. that I can’t talk to people about in my normal life. Also, my authentic self when it came to being part of this community.  

Now, onto the convention itself. I was fortunate enough to make it to the Badge Pick Up party due to my flight getting in an hour early, and the wonderful appalachiansprung  for picking me up from the Las Vegas airport. I want to take a moment and sincerely thank her for offering to pick me up from the airport and making sure I felt safe. She knew I had massive anxiety about traveling and her compassion and willingness to help me really meant the world to me. She really helped start off my trip to Vegas on a positive note, and without her, I wouldn’t have made it to the Badge Pick Up party, which I actually really enjoyed. I was able to meet my friends I had been talking to online, been mutuals of, knew of, and meet new people. It was just so surreal actually being face-to-face with these people. These people that you are friends with, but society telling you they “aren’t friends” because you don’t physically hang out with each other and it is only online.  But these people actually know you better than people in your “everyday life”. For instance, the first person I met was my friend PJ. The weird thing was is that I was in the process of messaging her that I was at the party, and just as I was about to send it, I look to my right and she was standing there next to me, not aware that it was me next to her. I stopped typing and then said “hi” and it was the first of many “omg! You ARE real” feelings I had meeting people throughout the convention. I really REALLY enjoyed talking with the people who came up to me and said they were followers of my blog. Seriously, knowing that there are actual people behind URLS and seeing your faces and hearing your voices was incredible. When I asked the people I met to show me what their URL and icon was, I was able to recognize most of you and your support and kind words meant more to me than I can say.

The convention itself was better than I had expected. It was actually my first ever convention so I don’t really have anything to compare it too, but it was just so wonderful. The turnout was wayyyyy better than I expected. Seeing everyone in the main hall during the larger panels was just incredible, as well as seeing the floods of people roaming around the convention floor. We all know there were people trying to cast doubt on this convention and basically said it was “toxic” and were basically trying to get it canceled. Well, I’m so glad that this past weekend proved them SO SO wrong. It was so cool going up and down the vendor rows and seeing the spectacular artwork. I did only get one piece of artwork from the convention and it was Pappurrcat’s newest Lexa vs. Pauna drawing and she signed it for me (picture at bottom of post). I was not expecting to see @immochiball there! It was such a pleasant surprise to see her there! I really love her Lexacoon/Lionclarke artwork and it was great to show my appreciation for all her hardwork and it was funny that she knew exactly what piece of Lexacoon/LionClarke artwork I was fangirling about. It was so great to meet other talented people in our fandom I’m a fan or and friends of, or became friends of. People like @critter-of-habit , @foomatic , @commanderlexaofthegrounders , @decalexas , @lingeringlilies@shes-special , @rin-says , @damnlexa, @molliemashstash , @oh-i-got-dibs , and i’m forgetting so many people so I’m sorry if i forgot you! I met sooooo many new people that I just clicked with and they made the convention an even better experience. Many of them in this photo below (but many are missing):

I will never forget the people I was fortunate enough to meet, talk to, and/or hang out with. I loved walking around Vegas with people and exploring places. So, by the end of this convention I have come to realize so many things. Realize so many things about LGBTQ+ issues, the dire need for representation, and about myself. I realized that I’m not alone. Leaving Clexacon was so hard. I already posted that I had a breakdown on the last day after I headed back to my hotel room and had to say goodbye to the people i met. The people I wanted to spend more time, as they were helping me more and more each day with feelings that I do deserve happiness, that I’m not alone, that there is nothing wrong with me, that I have value. This weekend was life changing for me. Even though this post is now close to 1,500 words…I still have not been able to fully express the importance this convention had on me in this post. I’m just so grateful for the experience and the wonderful people I was so fortunate to meet and now call friends. 

I do have a few regrets…and one of them is not taking enough pictures. I was kinda mentally preoccupied (if you couldn’t tell reading this post. lol) and forgot. 

BTS Reaction to You Starving Yourself to Fit Their Ideal Type


Anonymous: “ bts reaction when they found out that you have been starving for a month bc you want to fit their ideal type? thank you!!

I forgot to put in the 4 months part sorry! Also, sorry we have been MIA we forgot to post again lmao but we’re back for sure now. ALSO, send us asks and stuff please! We need friends lol :P

Jin: Jin would notice that you weren’t eating. It would become very apparent to him whenever he would try to feed you and you would always decline. At first, he would think that maybe you were sick, or just weren’t feeling that type of food for the night. But when you would refuse his meals every single time, that’s when Jin would snap. 

“How dare you refuse the food that I SLAVED to make for you,” he would say, throwing a fit. “If you think my food is nasty, just tell me." 

You would have to calm him down and tell him that you were just trying to fit his ideal type. That’s when Jin would feel extremely bad for everything. He would tell you that YOU’RE his ideal type, and no one else. He loves you just the way you are and would make sure you know it.

"I love you just the way you are, YN– and I only love you. Why else would I be cooking for you 24/7?" 

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Suga: Yoongi was never really good with his feelings, and you knew this about him. Of course, you knew he loved you and everything, but you always wondered if you were enough for him.  

Whenever you would refuse to eat popcorn during a movie night, or order only the salad during one of your dates, Yoongi would know something was off. In your head, you knew he knew what you were doing, but you didn’t think he would say anything because of how he is. However, you would be wrong. The moment Yoongi would realize what you were doing, he would snap right away. 

"Alright, YN, why aren’t you eating. This isn’t healthy and I don’t want you to do this to yourself." 

His words would make you tear up and you would tell him your reason. This would only make Yoongi madder, but he would be compassionate with you. He would tell you that you were beautiful and when he was explaining what his ideal type was during that interview, he was trying to describe you. He would assure you that there was nothing wrong with you and wanted you to know that you were the most perfect girl in his eyes. 

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J-Hope: Though Hoseok was usually a cheerful guy, when it came to you, he was so soft and weak. He loved you with all your heart and when he would find out that you were starving yourself, his heart would break. 

"YN, don’t you know that I love you more than anything. Why would you do this to yourself?" 

Hoseok would feel even worse when he would realize that you were starving yourself for him. He would tell you all the reasons why he loved you and would assure you that the ideal type you were talking about was from a long time ago. 

"YN, you’re my ideal type. You don’t know how lucky I am to have you,” he would tell you a million times over again.  

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Rap Monster: Namjoon would be angry with himself. He would think that maybe you didn’t know how much he loved you or something. When you would tell him it was because you wanted to fit his ideal type, he would be somewhat confused at first.

“Ohh, YN, I said that when I was a rookie. Even then, I shouldn’t have said anything." 

His words wouldn’t make you feel any better, so he would tell you a million times that you were perfect and that you were his ideal type. He would then go on giving you a lecture about starving yourself.  

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Jimin: Jimin would probably notice for a while that you have been starving yourself. However, he wouldn’t know why.

One day, you would come home to a surprise meal from Jimin. He made all of your favourite foods and decorated your shared apartment to look like a cute restaurant. He knew you had a soft spot for cheesy things like that.

He would greet you and bring you to the table and feed you one of your favourite dishes. When you would turn away from the fork, Jimin’s face would be filled with disappointment.

"YN… you need to eat. I cooked all of your favourite foods tonight–” when Jimin would see you tearing up a bit, that’s when he would realize.

“YN, you are so beautiful, I don’t want you to change for anyone but yourself. I love you just the way you are– you are so perfect." 

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V: Taehyung wouldn’t hesitate to show how much he loved you every single day. He had so much love for you that he had to share it with the whole world. So when he found out you were starving yourself, he would be so upset.

Though he was usually cheerful and happy, Taehyung would become very serious. He was protective over you, and never wanted to see you hurt. 

"YN, this isn’t healthy. I love you just the way you are. Don’t you know that?”

Taehyung would be upset with both himself and you. After telling you a hundred times how much he loved you and how perfect you are, he would make sure you would eat. He would want you to come and talk to him if something was bothering you next time, and for you to never, ever, think that you were less than perfect.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would notice something was off with your eating habits, but wouldn’t say anything as he would be afraid to hurt your feelings or something. 

One day, when he would see you struggling not to eat, it would be the breaking point for him. He would just blurt right out and say everything, unable to control his emotions. 

“YN, pleeease eat,” he would beg.  “This is not healthy and it hurts me that you’re doing this to yourself." 

Jungkook would literally beg you to eat and would be so emotional because he didn’t know why you were doing it. When you told him why, he would feel even more upset, knowing that it was his fault. 

"Are you kidding YN? You’re my ideal type. I love and care for you so much. Please don’t ever do this or think like that again.”

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Cody Christian

Tbh we all know and think Cody has a daddy kink like come on now. And I’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to write a cody imagine/smut with him having a daddy kink and I”M FINALLY DID IT! proudasf enjoy! I’d love to be his bitch (; I mean come on who wouldn’t want to be?

Warning - daddy kink galore damn, spanking, slight bondage just using his tie to hold your wrist together, just lot’s of stuff happening. Just drink holy water… please & first smut ever so spare my life and dignity and feelings.

p.s feed back is much appreciated this is my first smut don’t hurt my feeling please

Word Count - 2,375

A/N The “butt hurt little girl.” part my ex told me that once when I was annoying him when he was asleep lol. & named the waiter after him omg what’s wrong with me


(Y/N) sprawled across the king size bed that her and Cody shared her hands ran up the side of the silver sparkly dress “Cody!” She called knowing he’d be quite angry that she changed her outfit that Cody had picked out for her. They were suppose to meet up with her parent’s that were in town and had made dinner, (Y/N) knew that Cody would be quite pissed especially since it was almost time to meet up with her parent’s. He walked out dressed in a suit fiddling with his tie  “Princess, do you mind helping me?” his eyes were set on his tie not minding (Y/N) who stood before him “Of course love, but I have a question.” Cody hummed “Do you like my dress?” he didn’t look up at her but said “Oh of course baby I love your dress I picked it out for-” He eyes finally came in contact with the dress “Now, that’s not the dress I picked out (Y/N).” you knew it made him angry but continued to push at his buttons “But daddy I like this dress! Isn’t it lovely.” (Y/N) said in awe “But you know what’s my favorite part of the dress?” She placed her hand on Cody’s chest removing his hands from the tie allowing myself to fix his tie “the choker is my favorite part.” I whispered.

Cody hand wrapped around her throat causing (Y/N) to moan “Now (Y/N) that’s strike one” He squeezed a little on both sides of your neck you were wet by the sensation he was giving you “if you continue to be a bad girl you’ll be punished.” this caused (Y/N) to smile that was her main goal for that night “Now go change into the outfit that I picked out for you.” 

Once she got the dress on Cody came up from behind her to zip up the dress (Y/N) rubbed her ass lightly against his crotch Cody grabbed her hips staring at their figures through the body size mirror in their walk in closet “Strike two (Y/N) now we’ll make this quick. Come on now kitten.” Cody sat on the chair in the corner allowing her to bend over “Count for me kitten.” Cody’s hand came in contact with her plump round ass “One, thank you daddy.” by then her panties were soaked “Twenty, thank you daddy.” he pulled her up to wipe the tears away “Now grab your purse babygirl, we’re late.” (Y/N) ass was so numb Cody could read it on her face he scooped her into his arms “You see, if you weren’t being a butt hurt little girl we would’ve been with your parents by now.” 

“Hi Mr & Mrs.(Y/L/N) we’re so sorry we’re late.” Cody said pulled the chair out for (Y/N) who secretly rolled her eyes she had a plan for him. The waiter came by “Hello I’m Gabriel I’ll be your waiter for tonight, what will you folks be ordering tonight.” (Y/N) placed her hand on Cody’s thigh resting it their while her parent’s ordered Cody glanced at (Y/N) who was looking through the menu he leaned in placing a kiss behind her ear “What do you think you’re doing kitten.” she inched her hand higher near his crotch “Be careful love, you don’t want another punishment do you?” She smiled “Maybe…maybe I want to be punished.” She unzipped his pants running her finger over his bulge “What would you two like?” the waiter asked “I’ll have a Ceaser Salad & a long island ice tea.” She felt Cody grab onto her wrist shooting her a glare “I’ll have a Shrimp Scampi & a Coke.” The waiter nodded and left to put in their order.

(Y/N) pulled out his dick that was already erected she pumped it slowly running her fingers over the pre-cum slowly taking it into her mouth keeping eye contact with him as he clenched his jaw  “So, how are you enjoying the L.A weather?” Cody questioned trying to distract himself from his girlfriend. “Oh it’s lovely, it’s humid but manageable.” They went on to talk between (Y/N) and Cody, his dick twitched in her hands causing (Y/N) to smile picking up her pace watching Cody draw in a sharp breathe drinking his water trying to suppress his moans “Cum for me baby.” she cooed in his ear watching him come undone in front of her and her parents who seemed to be in their own world. 

Once the food came Cody hadn’t said a word to you till you felt his hand rest on (Y/N) thigh she glared at him slapping his hand away. He hiked her dress up brushing his finger’s against her wet core she had no time to put on underwear so Cody had easy access to run his fingers along his slit “Cody, stop.” she pleaded grabbing a hold of his wrist “Stop.” she whispered again.

“(Y/N)?” her parents called “How’s school going?” She opened her mouth to answer but quickly shoved some salad moaning “This is some good salad.” Cody slowly pumped his fingers into her aching core “School’s great school is fine.” she began to stuff more salad into her mouth trying to cover suppress the moans. Cody added another finger then used his thumb to brush against her clit she grabbed her drink choking on a moan Cody began to pump faster curving his finger against her g-spot as he continued to use his other hand to eat, she grabbed onto his wrist warning him that she was about to cum “Cum for be baby.” he tone was raspy he watched as she came undone. She cleared her throat excusing herself to use the restroom. “Well, look at the time! Cody would you like to order a cheesecake to go?” (Y/N) father asked “Oh, yeah I’ll get two celebration cheesecake.” 

Cody went to check on (Y/N) her parent’s said they’d wait outside for them  he knocked on the women’s restroom “(Y/N) let’s go.” Cody demanded she slowly opened the door stepping she knew that Cody was going to punish her for the way she’s been acting tonight “Strike Three kitten, now let’s go home so I could fuck you senselessly.” He whispered in her ear as they left the dimmed hallway to the restrooms to bid (Y/N) parent’s goodbye.

The ride back home was silent Cody’s grip on the steering wheel made his knuckles turn white “Babe?” (Y/N) whispered “Baby?” she tried again, “Daddy?” He gave her a quick glance then turned his attention back on the road “Babygirl, if you’re trying to apologize to get out of your punishment just know that’s not going to work.” she clamped her thighs together trying to create some friction to her aching core. Cody pulled up to their house pulling into the garage once he got the garage door closed he quickly got out and helped (Y/N) out of the car only to push her up against the side of the car his hand wrapped around the back of her neck causing her to gasp “Now kitten, I’ll give a head start. Go pick out your favorite tie for me and I want you to be naked got that kitten. Oh and keep those heels on” She nodded falling submissive under him “Got hit kitten?” he squeezed the side of her neck slightly “Yes daddy.” He released her allowing her to enter the house slapping her ass playfully as she made her way up the stairs.

Cody’s footsteps echoed through the hallways he entered dim master bedroom that he and (Y/N) shared he walked towards her every step he took she grew wetter by the minute and needed him. He walked towards her taking in the sight of her naked body “Turn around kitten.” she obeyed handing him her favorite tie of his “Is it too tight princess? I don’t want to hurt those pretty little eyes of yours.” He whispered bitting onto her earlobe “No daddy it’s just right.” She felt him turn her around peppering kisses on her shoulder blade working his way up to her sweet spot she let out a sweet moan causing cody to smile against her skin kissing along her jaw making his way to her lips.

His lips ghosted over hers (Y/N) let out a sweet cry “Please.” she whispered “What is it love?” he asked “Please, please daddy kiss me.” she answered his hands rested on her hips pulling her into a passionate kiss his tongue ran over her bottom lip allowing him access as they fought for dominance. Cody tapped the back of her thigh telling her to jump she moaned when her folds came in contact with Cody’s pants “Kitten, don’t even try to make a noise.” she bit onto the bottom of her lip her back came in contact with their king size bed.

“Hands up kitten.” she felt her hands being tied to the head board of the bed “Now, kitten you will not speak nor will you cum without my permission.” Cody’s voice was filled with dominance full of authority “Got it kitten?” she nodded not knowing if she could speak up or not. Cody’s hand came in contact with her ass cheek “Kitten, use your words.” she nodded “Yes daddy, I understand.” 

He trailed kisses down her body leaving lovebites on her neck, boobs, stomach and inner thigh. He licked a bold strip through her slit (Y/N) couldn’t help but choke back a moan she brought her bottom lip between her teeth drawing holding back the sound of pleasure.

Cody sucked on her clit inserting a finger into her pumping slowly curving his finger upwards towards her g-spot adding a second finger adding more pleasure. Her breathing became heavy as she felt a familiar knot in her stomach “You’re close aren’t you kitten?” Cody’s voice echoed through the room she nodded “What is it kitten?” Cody asked as he harshly sucked on her clit pumping faster hitting her g-spot constantly “Come on now use your words.” she gasped her chest raising up and down due to her heavily breathing “I’m so close daddy please, please let me cum!” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Kitten why should I?” Cody asked attaching his lips to her left boob while his other hand massaged her right boob feeling the bud harden under his fingers twisting at it while he used his teeth to tug at the other “Because, I’ll be a good girl daddy. I’ll use what ever you say, please daddy please.” He lowered himself back to her aching core sucking harshly on her clit “Come on kitten cum for me.” she finally released he licked up her juice leaning back up to connect his lips to her’s. “You taste amazing princess, but I waste no time.” Cody quickly undressed himself and without warning slammed into her (Y/N) let out a scream of pleasure.

Cody undid the blindfolds looking into his princess’s eyes. Which quickly closed due to the pleasure he was giving her “Princess open your eyes look at me.” her eyes remained close he wrapped his hand around her throat causing her to moan as he pulled out quickly. Her eyes shot open “But daddy I-” Cody slammed into her without any warning “Open your eyes princess let me see those pretty eyes.” They kept in contact their foreheads resting against each other Cody lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and grabbed onto the headboard slamming into her endlessly their moans filled the room “Daddy, I’m gonna.. I’m gonna cum!” (Y/N) cried out looking into Cody’s eyes she kissed him hungrily she pulled at the ties around her wrist wanting to run her hands through his messy hair “Hold on kitten not yet.” he cooed leaving new lovebites on her neck.

“Cum for me princess.” (Y/N) soon became undone under Cody who not so long after reached his high. Cody took off her heels and took off the ties from her wrist kissing them due to the redness and the way she tugged and pulled against it. He grabbed his dress shirt placing it on her body like she was the most fragile human being on earth. He grabbed his underwear slipping it back on “Baby did I hurt you?” he asked in a hushed voice (Y/N) smiled kissing him passionately “Of course not.” she brushed her fingers against his cheek she kissed his jawline making her way down to his neck peppering kisses here and there as he pulled her onto his lap she placed her head in the crook of his neck “You know I love you.. I’d never hurt you.” Cody said holding her in his embrace she leaned back to look at his face “Of course I do. I know you would never hurt me. I love you more.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips laying her down beside him. “Goodnight princess. I love you.” “Goodnight babe, I love you.”

(Y/N) woke up to an empty bed her body felt weak she touched her neck looking down at her body the art work Cody had done. Just then Cody walked in with a tray of pancakes and bacon “Morning princess.” He placed the tray at the on the desk when he notice (Y/N) trying to stand up but her legs ached from last night “I’m sorry love, does it hurt?” he asked scooping her into his arms placing her back in bed “Just feel a little weak, baby you didn’t hurt me.” she kissed his cheek he went to grab the tray “Breakfast in bed with my princess.” 

Cody leaned in to place a sweet passionate kiss on her plump lips.

“I love you.” Cody whispered 

“I love you more.” 

kang daniel first meeting! AU

summary: in which kang daniel happens to be your boss’ son

length: 1.4k

a/n: omg i keep bringing in parents into my scenarios but nevertheless i hope you guys enjoy this one. i personally enjoy writing it bc daniels my bias (if that wasn’t obvious enough already lmao) but i can see this happening like hes so shy and cute and awkward and beautiful and precious and his relationship with his mum seems really cute~ as per usual pls let me know how you found this and the series! and let me know which member you want next ;) 

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  • during the semester you worked at a pet shop 
  • you adored animals and you enjoyed looking after them during the semester
  • it was a great way to distract yourself from uni worries like exams and friendships and internships 
  • you only worked once a week but you were super familiar with the shop and the owner aka mrs kang loved you and said that you were her favourite employee
  • you loved both cats and dogs and it was impossible to choose which one you liked more because it was equal
  • mrs kang had two cats - rooney and peter 
  • when you first met rooney and peter you couldn’t help but fall in love with them
  • mrs kang had explained that her son had got them from the animal shelter and named them rooney and peter without realising that they were actually females 
  • but it was already too late to changes names bc the cats were already used to their given names
  • you’d already worked for mrs kang for half a year and she was a nice lady but you had been quite curious about her life
  • she had a son but why was he never around?
  • mrs kang was a woman who kept to herself so you didn’t want to pry into her life 
  • she was super sweet to you, paid you well and sometimes baked you cookies so that was enough 
  • meanwhile, daniel was actually on produce 101 s2 and thats why mrs kang’s son was hardly around 
  • you had no idea of course
  • you didn’t even watch the show as you were so busy 
  • occasionally your friends would talk about it so you were vaguely familiar with it 
  • “park jihoon’s wink is such a killer!!!!!!”
  • “kang daniel is like a puppy” 
  • “jonghyun is the nation’s leader” he is fight me if u disagree lmao 
  • so you knew some faces here and there and had seen some clips that your friends had made you watch but that was it 
  • one day, mrs kang asked if you could watch over the pet shop for a weekend 
  • she said that she had personal matters to attend to in seoul and that she needed to pick up his son along the way 
  • you usually worked on saturdays so it wasn’t a big problem for you to work on sundays as you exams week had ended and mrs kang also promised to double your pay
  • time skip to the weekend mrs kang is gone which also happens to be the week of p101 s2 finale 
  • you just didn’t get the link here lmao 
  • that saturday you closed down the shop yourself and went home to eat ramen for dinner 
  • you settled down on your sofa comfortably and realised that the finale for p101 s2 was airing live 
  • your friends were also sending  live updates about the show on the group chat you guys used 
  • you decided to tune in and watch the finale as well 
  • and you couldn’t help but be in awe of how talented all the trainees were and you honestly thought they all deserved to debut  
  • you even unknowingly shed some tears during some parts
  • you watched as boa slowly revealed who the top 11 were and you were pretty happy with the results even though you didn’t know any of the trainees too well 
  • you thought it was cool how kang daniel had gotten no 1 and he was one of your friends favourites 
  • your friends were pretty salty about samuel and jonghyun and youngmin SAME not making it  but you couldn’t feel them too much bc you hadn’t watched the show LOL 
  • so next day you open up the shop and set everything up and feed the pets lmao i have no idea how a pet shop works so forgive me 
  • at around noon you are sitting at the counter when the bell rings and the door opens signalling a customer 
  • “welcome” 
  • it was mrs kang and a tall built male followed behind him 
  • “y/n! thank you for helping me over the weekend!” beamed mrs kang happily 
  • “no worries mrs kang!” you replied
  • “also this is my son! does he look familiar to you?” asked mrs kang in a proud voice 
  • mrs kang stood aside and pushed her son forward
  • the guy rubbed his neck nervously as he chuckled, “mum don’t be like that!” he said cutely 
  • you smiled awkwardly as you squinted at him 
  • why did he look so familiar? maybe he was someone you had walked past on the street? someone from uni?
  • the ash blonde hair, the cute eyesmile, black stussy sweater and the broad shoulders why did he look so familiar?
  • “mum she probably doesn’t know me, it’s okay mum!” said the guy to mrs kang 
  • you looked at him and you tried to recall why the face was familiar 
  • “wait! aren’t you the guy who won on the really popular show?” you blurted out 
  • “ummm” 
  • “YES y/n! that’s my son, he came 1st place on produce 101 and is going to debut very soon!!!!” squealed mrs kang proudly hitting daniel on the back 
  • “muuuuuum” whined daniel cutely
  • you couldn’t help but swoon over how cute he was and how cute his relationship with his mum was 
  • “omg kang daniel right!?” you asked as you finally remembered his name
  • he nodded shyly, “yes i’m kang daniel, nice to meet you y/n, my mum has told me a bit about you!” 
  • he extended his hand for a handshake and you gladly accepted it 
  • “wow i’m shaking hands with a celebrity” you joked 
  • and he laughed
  • and his laughter was like rainbows?? flowers?? you didn’t know but you felt electricity run up your arm when you made contact with his big soft hands I CRY I HELD THEM TWO WEEKS AGO
  • “mrs kang why didn’t you tell me your son was on the show? i would have voted for him every day if i knew!” you said 
  • “it was so hard to keep it from you y/n! i really wanted to ask you about it since you’re young so i thought you’d be watching the show too but i had to keep it a secret” replied mrs kang 
  • “oh i see, i did vote for daniel a few times as i have friends that are big fans of him…they’re going to be so jealous if they find out my boss’s son is kang daniel!” you joked 
  • daniel and mrs kang laughed along with you
  • “well kids i’m going to buy some lunch for us, you guys get to know each other and chat amongst yourselves” said mrs kang and she left leaving only the two of you in the shop 
  • it suddenly got awkward without mrs kang and daniel got quiet even though he had a bright smile on his face 
  • so you broke the silence
  • “so how do you feel about debuting soon?”
  • “honestly it feels surreal, almost like a dream, i’m just so thankful to everyone that’s supported me even though i messed up so much” 
  • and from there daniel talked a lot about how he felt, his experiences filming the show and how sometimes it got tough
  • he asked you about your life and you told him about uni, your friends and the stresses of finding a stable job after you graduated
  • you guys clicked so well and talked about everything and anything
  • time went by so fast and mrs kang came back with takeaway boxes for lunch 
  • after lunch, daniel and mrs kang left to go home so he could rest and catch up with his mum which you understood completely as he had barely been able to see him mum for the past 4 months
  • when he left it was just a simple goodbye
  • a part of you for some reason felt sad as you wondered if you’d ever meet again 
  • time skip to a week later!
  • you walk into the pet shop and mrs kang is already at the counter
  • “good morning y/n! this is for you” said mrs kang while handing you a slip of paper
  • you looked at it and it seemed to be a mobile  number
  • “whose number is this?” you asked mrs kang curiously
  • “that’s daniel’s, he was too shy to ask you for your number so he made me give this to you. he’s busy but he’d definitely be motivated if you texted him,” said mrs kang cheekily 
  • you nodded and smiled to yourself as you safely placed the slip of paper into your jacket pocket 

other members: daehwi (x), sungwoon (x), woojin (x), guanlin (x), jisung (x), jinyoung (x) 

masterlist: (x)

reminder that mtl requests are open!

fun things you get to experience when you have diabetes
  • getting to stab yourself with needles all the time for fun! except not for fun, but to keep you alive
  • that one oral med you’re on? yeah sometimes it’s just gonna give you diarrhea lol have fun figuring out when
  • your whole body being hot and cold at the same time. like you’re cold, but you’re overheated and you want to take your shirt off but if you do you get massive chills and there’s no winning
  • walking up the stairs when your sugar is high? more like you’ve never done squats that burn this much
  • really bad circulation in your extremities. like your torso is hot but your toes are fucking freezing as hell.
  • being told that your kidney function is “thankfully still okay” or that “you don’t have retinopathy yet
  • stumbling to the kitchen in the middle of the night and having to decide which food will work best to treat a low when your brain doesn’t work and your body doesn’t work and if you don’t pick fast enough you’ll pass out and maybe die
  • going to bed in range and waking up feeling like hell on earth
  • dealing with shit like this:
  • and this
  • having to force yourself to drink water when you’re really really nauseated and want to throw up everything in your stomach. nausea so bad water makes you want to puke
  • ppl telling you it takes 15 minutes to recover from a low when it’s more like 2 hours before you feel like your previous self (and recovery from a really bad high takes like 3 days)
  • an achey body for no good reason
  • friends being like “we should work out together” but you’re like “how tf do I manage my blood sugar while I’m doing that”
  • having to push through and still go to work/school when you feel like shit
  • things that hurt. those pump sites and injections that feel like you’ve been stabbed. your body begging you to feed it. your eyes. your muscles. your head. your stomach. your lungs. everything hurts.
  • having to hear diabetes jokes “lol it was so sweet it gave me diabetes” “omg it’s like a big bowl of diabetes” SHUT THE FUCK UP THATS NOT HOW DIABETES WORKS YOU PIECE OF SHIT but having to hear it and stay calm
  • losing the ability to tell when you’re low so lol you’re in the 30’s and you only just realized
  • having to stop having fun or hanging out with people or having to go home because you’re out of insulin or strips or needles or your site fill out. and by extension, never really being able to do something spontaneous because you always have to think how will i manage the sugaz when I do
  • always worrying about food. where it’ll come from, how to count it, where you can get some of you suddenly drop. food is your biological imperative. if you can’t answer those questions you’re this much closer to dying.
  • you don’t even know who you are without this disease. you know it’s not everything about you but it consumes you. literally. it eats away at your body, eats away at how long you have left to live.
  • having to deal with the monetary cost. like, pay or die? what kind of life is that?
  • never getting to take a break from the ridiculously difficult task of keeping yourself alive.

Requested by @vigilante24-Dany at Dragonstone post 7x05 worried about Jon. Title kind of inspired by the song from Hamilton. 

She’d never realized how big Dragonstone was until Jon left. All of a sudden, the rooms that she’d given to the northerners-the rooms she’d avoided like a sickness-were no longer off limits. 

She lingered in those rooms, especially in Jon’s; it looked like it hadn’t been lived in. He’d left everything meticulously clean; no clothes hung in the closet, there was no dirt on the floor from his shoes. Even the bed was made neatly but severely, the corners pulled straight and even. The pillows barely smelled of his sharp, clean, woodsy scent-she didn’t let anyone wash them, for fear that smell would disappear altogether and she’d have nothing left of him. 

What if he died somewhere beyond the Wall, alone and freezing in the cold? How would she know if he never returned? 

“Your Grace?”

“Hmm?” She looked up from her plate, cutting a slab of meat into fifths and then tenths. Tyrion was looking at her the way he always did these days, as if he wasn’t sure what-if anything-to make of her. As if she’d changed and he didn’t recognize her. “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I understand you’re worried about Lord Snow, but please at least try and pay attention-”

“I am paying attention. Speak.” She looked at him head on, daring him to bring up the fact that this had been his idea and if Jon died that would be his fault too. 

“I only wanted to say that just because Lord Snow is gone, that doesn’t mean we should stop preparing for what happens when we meet with Cersei. She knows she’s at the disadvantage and my sister has never been one to take her fate lying down-”

“Will she try to kill us?”

“If she thinks there’s any way she can get away with it, she’ll try-” He realized that her attention had drifted out the window, as if at any moment she expected a boat flying the Stark standard to round the corner into the harbor. “Your Grace.” 

She turned back, abashed. “I’m paying attention.”

“You can’t bring him back by wishing for him.” His voice had gone soft…did she detect a hint of understanding in it? “And you won’t save him by worrying about him.”

“It was an idiotic idea. Cersei might not even believe us, even with proof.”

“I believe it was better than doing nothing.” His voice was short, as if his patience with her was already running low. “Remember who you are. Remember how much rests on your shoulders. This army of the dead can wait.” 

“But what if Jon doesn’t come back?” 

“He’ll be fine. He’s fought them before.”

“We’d throw away all of the ties we’re trying to strengthen with the North-”

“If something happens to Jon, his title will pass to his oldest sister Sansa. I know Sansa, personally-she’s smart and levelheaded and she hates Cersei more than her brother does. I’m sure we can find an ally in her.” But Sansa wasn’t Jon, and they both knew it. Tyrion sighed, gesturing towards the open balcony doors. “Fine. Go look for him. You won’t find anything.”

She knew it, but she couldn’t help looking anyway. The sky was grey and cloudy, with clouds full of precipitation hanging low on the horizon-and the choppy water was devoid of ships; only what remained of her fleet at harbor bobbing on the sea. 

Jon hadn’t returned. Not today. 

It shouldn’t matter. She shouldn’t be thinking about him-thinking about anyone-the way she was. 

He wasn’t the first to love you and he won’t be the last. She dug her fingertips into the stone railing so hard they turned white. But she wasn’t in love with him. He wasn’t in love with her. They couldn’t be. She’d been in love before and it hadn’t felt like this. It hadn’t consumed her every waking minute, making her long for him when he was away. 

She couldn’t be in love with him. She didn’t have time for love. She had too many masks to wear, too many walls to build around herself. She could never be with him fully, just him and her with their hearts bared to each other. 

Love couldn’t be so frightening. Please tell me I haven’t sent him to his death. 

She’d had such a terrible feeling about it but she hadn’t been able to tell him. She hadn’t been able to tell him that she couldn’t lose him, that his people couldn’t lose him, that the only reason she’d tried to exercise her power over him was because she thought it would keep him with her. She hadn’t been able to tell him that her heart had hammered in her throat when he’d left and hadn’t looked back. She’d wanted to leap into his arms. She’d wanted to kiss him. 

She couldn’t just stay here and do nothing. But she didn’t have a choice. 

And until then, she couldn’t think-even to herself-that she loved him. 

I’ve got to write some meta on how Dany’s feelings change from 7x03 to 7x05 (especially that moment in the war room). I have too many feels. 

Short and (hopefully) sweet. 

Send me prompts, send me headcanons, send me asks-send me anything to feed my trash obsession lol 


So I have another quick video! I hope you guys like this vlog from today and aren’t sick of my videos yet 😂😂😂

Bendy and the Ink Machine - Fan Songs Masterpost

I’ve been inspired to do this for a while by @the-crab-who-became-a-legend ‘s “Shiny” masterpost, but only am just now getting around to it because @swordpillow made some recent post about Bendy songs that reminded me ha ha *dies* Mostly I just want to keep track of all these fucking songs and I also want to share them with people because they are great??? Will also be rating them out of 10 and adding stupid commentary because why the fuck not idk i just wanna scream about music (most of these are gonna be 10/10 because i am a terrible critic)

Build Our Machine 

((10/10, catchy af. Can’t be a BatIM song compilation without this classic amirite)) 

Bonus: Impossible Remix, Caleb Hyles Cover, Build Our Dreams mashup, Music Box

Can’t Be Erased 


The Machine

((9/10 Kinda reminds me of Shinyzango’s 2D Bendy AU in the most depressing way possible ha ha *dies*))

Bonus: Mashup with Shade Me Pt.2

Can I Get An Amen 

((10/10 This one really catches the old-timey eerie feel and I just??? Love it??? So does my mother and she doesn’t even have a clue what it’s about lmfao))

Bonus: Female cover

Who’s Laughing Now?

((10/10 Not only is the animation fun to watch, but I love how Sammy’s just chillin’ mid-song about how demon worship is fine and not scary at all XD))

Bad Wolf


Bonus: Guitar version

Boris The Big Bad Wolf

((10/10 Unique in a way I can’t quite put into words, but either way, very very good!!!))

Boris’ Revenge

((9/10 A N G E R Y W O L F ))

Horror Show

((10/10 IT WAS STUCK IN MY HEAD ALL DAY (also catches old-timey cartoon feel very well)))

Cartoon Swing (The original video is unavailable at the moment for some reason so here you go)

((10/10 y’know what very many bendy songs get that classic old cartoon feel very well asdffgdhjk i am such a sucker for it))

Sammy Lawrence

((8/10 I am 100% down for getting straight-up murdered by Sammy Lawrence lmao))

The Devil’s Swing


Bonus: SFM Caleb Hyles Cover, Super Elon Remix, Acapella, Music Box 

Draw Me Closer

((9/10 Sammy Lawrence is one obseeeeessed motherfucker))

Dance Like The Devil

((10/10 Kinda feels like Bendy’s flirting here, perfect for all the fangirls out there lmao))

Sheep Sheep


Bonus: Female Cover, mashup with their Little Nightmares song, mashup with Dance Like The Devil

Shade Me

((9/10 Nothing really to say about this one, I just like it~))

Shade Me Pt.2 - The Old Song


Ink It Up

((9/10 Not my usual kinda music, but there’s just something strangely catchy about this one???))

Bend You Till You Break


The Dancing Demon

((8/10 Not as big a fan of the upbeat cheery tune in this one, but it’s still a good song!!!))

Bonus: Female Cover (The cute little animation in the beginning just makes it that much better hee hee)

Blood And Ink

((10/10 I have always loved Natewantstobattle so I wAS SO PSYCHED WHEN I SAW THIS IN MY FEED AND MMM BOY HE DID NOT DISAPPOINT))

Bendy and the Ink Machine Song

((9/10, same kinda deal as The Dancing Demon, but I like this one better lol. Feel like they could’ve come up with a better title, though))

Bonus: Super Elon SFM Remix

Enjoy Your Stay

((10/10 CATCHYYYY))

Ink Devil Anthem


Angel Of The Stage

((10/10, nice to hear something Alice-themed!))

Bonus: SquigglyDigg cover

Flowing Free (again, the original is unavailable rn, so meh, here ya go)


Recording Town

((8/10 i long to be as fucking cheery as this singer lmfao))

Brought To Life

((10/10 meets all my song aesthetics yup yup))

Our Dreams Come True

((10/10 help it’s making me sad somehow))

I Lied To You

((9/10 The singer’s voice is a little hard to hear, but otherwise, gOOD SHIT YUSSSS))

Set Me Free

((8/10 lol sammy you crazy old chap you ded as fuuuuck))

Even if you aren’t a BatIM fan I would still recommend these songs, because they are wonderful. My damn mother loves them and she doesn’t have a clue about the games. XD (I know there are probably some I’m missing, and that more will probably be made in the future, so I’ll do what I can to keep this updated!)

@spirits-and-scales LOOK I DID IT

Boyfriend! au - Seungkwan

So this is requested… and I’m gonna be completely honest i never thought about writing for him before just cuz every time he talks its like the office moments where it pans in on their stoic faces (in a loving way ofc). He’s just a lil shit but thats ok. So here’s whatever this is, enjoy :)

Originally posted by mvpgyu

(used this gif purely for that glow gd k bye)

  • Ok so little seungkwan was as passionate about singing as seungkwan now
  • Almost to the extent where he annoyed everyone in his neighborhood
  • Buuutttt the catch was that he was actually good so just imagine a bunch of old people sitting around with fake ass smiles and half hearted clapping lmao
  • He soon realizes their expressions and decides to take all that passion to the karaoke
  • He kills it in there literally the employees start filming him to promote their karaoke lmao
  • Which is how he meets friends like seokmin & woozi who are bit older but theyre like damn boy i see u
  • So they form a lil group for themselves & begin to hang out at school
  • Ofc seokmin & seungkwan are the loud ass jokesters while woozi is like wtf?? Yall lucky im still here
  • Tru tho
  • anyWAYS so seokmin and woozi want the best for their younger friend which means tutoring him & setting up a group dates to try to get seungkwan to socialize more instead of singing 24/7
  • And i know how this sounds, no seungkwan isnt anti-social, hes friends with everyone basically, but theyre not as important to him as singing
  • So he kinda separates himself from people esp in his free time so seokmin and woozi are there to give him at least some normalcy
  • So seokmin is always the ones setting up these group dates cuz he has a close girl friend which means they always focus on seungkwan and trying to find someone he can really connect with
  • Which is how u get dragged along on this next group date
  • Ur kinda confused as this upperclassman girl youve never seen invites you to hang out with her and another friend and you try to stammer out a no but shes being so nice u get looped into going lmao
  • She tells u like 5 minutes before arriving at the karaoke that you guys are going on a group date & to not freak out
  • Which makes u freak out ofc but lowkey
  • You decide to just get through this night by not embarrassing yourself and maybe having a good time
  • After a while u notice that theyre all actually really good when theyre not trying to be funny
  • And its fully proved when seungkwan stands up and begins to sing a ballad and everyone is hooting and hollering
  • And hes of course used to this and the clapping that proceeds after hes done
  • But what he doesnt expect to hear is,
  • “Damn beyonce”
  • Of course coming from you even tho you guys havent directly talked the whole night
  • And of course hes shocked and something clicked in his head he has like an instant connection to you after that

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re:THG Chapter 7 - My Favorite Chapter

A. Feeding Each Other in a way that nourished their adolescent growth towards adulthood.

This may be one of my favorite chapters in the whole book.  (But then, I feel that way about a lot of them, don’t I, lol.)  This is one of the cornerstone Everlark chapters, because it is where we see both are looking out for the other, even in the context of being opponents and even being angry.  It’s here where KATNISS decides they should train “together.”  (bring to mind “always”?) It’s here we see that both of them have been watching and in some degree of admiration of the others’ physical talents. She describes Peeta’s work as one of the rare things that brings “Beauty” to the grimness of D12 life.  THREE times, Katniss thinks or brings up Peeta saving her life with the bread.  But at the same time, we see that they BOTH have fed EACH OTHER, not just Peeta giving her bread.  He gave her carbohydrates when she was starving, what the body needs to make fat (to survive starvation).  While she supplied him with fresh meat (which apparently was harder for his family to get than she’d thought) which is protein, what’s needed to make muscle and **strengthen the body.

B. Foreshadowing of three deaths that crushed us all.

We are in Chapter 7 of Book 1… with CF and MJ to come.  ALL over this chapter is subtle cues towards who will die.  And interestingly, which deaths are necessary and which was needless.

First is Prim’s (the last death).  Needless.  There is the discussion about traps and snares, with Gale.  Gale’s a “genius” with them. (p89)  This foreshadow comes at a time when she’s talking about “putting food o the table for years,” in her de facto parent role over Prim.  KATNISS’ work and sacrifices, protect PRIM’S life is the context of the discussion in which this is mentioned.  Notice also, during training, the “snare” they learn helps hang someone “from a tree.”  The Hanging tree is about murder, in one aspect of its use in the trilogy. (And there have been arguments made that both Katniss and Peeta murder three people each during the course of the books.  In fact, pg 95 Katniss points out “BOTH of us” mastered hanging a person from a tree before they moved o.)  Prim’s death was not necessary, it did not save anyone, it was simply murder. 

Second, Finnick. Haymitch tells them to go learn to tie decent knots.  (92) Knots and rope clearly represent Finnick later. Sure enough, the very first thing they do in training is tying knots. Third, Rue.  They are literally throwing spears when SC first describes Rue to us, which is how Rue dies.  What is interesting about the emphasis on knots and spears, and why I DO think it might not simply be mere coincidence but rather foreshadowing, is the bread at lunch. Peeta dumps the basket and describes ALL the bred.  But SC, for US, describes ONLY D4 ad D11 bread.  Finnick and Rue’s district’s.  Bread nourishes.  Bread is broken.  Looking at it froma religious perspective, Jesus “broke” bread for his disciplies and take his body would be “broken” so they could live.  In contrast to Gale’s traps and snares and the pointless death of Prim, I think the fact that both Finnick and Rue are represented in this chapter as bread is a foreshadow that THEIR DEATHS, which are really both sacrificial in nature, had purpose and ultimately played tangible, immediate roles in Katiss and Peeta’s ultimate survival.  (Katniss’ treatment and care for Rue stirred the nation, but also the heart strings of those who would sponsor her and Peeeta in the rest of the games.  Finnick’s life, obviously, also was given to save Katniss and Peeta in the sewer.)

C. A minorly unfortunate change in the movie

To make merchandise, (the tribute training shirt), they all had a uniform for training in the movies.  But here we see on 93 that it wasn’t the case, and in the books it’s important because it was her and Peeta’s SOLE uniformity that set them off.  That marked them as “together,” whether they wanted it or not i that moment.  It’s a minor change, but still notable.

D.  “He runs his fingernail along the woodgrain of the table, refusing to look at me.”

While I’ve been sitting here drinking my coffee, I actually acted that out.  It’s an interesting description.  I don’t think it’s the type of action a GUY would normally do.  It draws our attention to the fact that Katniss isn’t just noting he’s refusing to look at her, she is noticing the smallest detail of his actions… it’s not his finger running over the table, it’s his finger NAIL along the WOODGRAIN.  Try doing this for yourself.  Doesn’t it feel like something you do when you’re nervous and embarrassed? It’s a line, something that helps you feel in bounds and in control.  I think it’s similar to how when I’m really really stressed out, I find myself doodling not dogs or flowers, but batches, BATCHES AND BATCHES of hash marks.  I find comfort in the lines. It also means that this 16 year old boy is contemplating the texture and pattern of the wood, appreciating the detail nature has imbued in the wood.  I dunno, it just seems like an odd sentence and feels like it’s loaded up as more than a mere descriptor to say he was ‘avoiding her.’

igot7anna  asked:

Why is Jaebum so fine?!

I ask @mumbleybummie this same question all the time.. Like he is so fine and sexy and yet still the biggest dork ever I love him lol. Idk how JB stans live because he is literally always on the attack! He’s so extra sometimes like you’re already hot af that’s not necessary jaebum >.<  I mean have you seen those videos where he’s even turned on by himself?!? I can’t lmao 😂😂 

Originally posted by chattyang

Another thing is his singing and songwriting. Talent is always sexy and he has one of the smoothest voices in kpop in my opinion. It’s so perfect for his style of music like on his soundcloud. 

Originally posted by nexttimeisnotthesame

But besides that he also just has one of the sweetest personalities. He is a great leader who loves all his members. He has such a soft spot for animals, feeding stray cats even if they scratch him up. He’s such an adorable mama’s boy and the cutest meme lol I feel like his personality makes him even sexier 💕

Originally posted by kotchop


Missing kookmin world on yt

I miss km’s videos on yt. I mean i miss that feeling of excitement whenever theres a pop of notif from her and its mostly 12-1 am here when that happens. After that, ill have a goodnight sleep. Last night i even search for some of her videos on yt that was re-uploaded by some of her subscribers. Then i end up watching reaction vids that used km’s videos. I felt that sudden joy again. Watching a fellow jikook stan fall inlove with them, seeing that they cant even mutter a word or describe what they were feeling. You literally see yourself having that kind of reaction when you first saw the video.
I wished yt did not take down her channel. But because of her, i have opened my gates to tumblr. Now im here. Lol. And for those people who reported her yt acc? Sucks on you. You cant stop km from feeding us with her analysis.

One of the worst feelings I will ever have is playing Ranked and going on a really good winning streak and just nearly making it to promos. The next game I go into, someone feeds, the team throws, or maybe I throw, or I play badly in my lane. After that, it just gets worse, I play more and I continue to drop. Today I went from 92 LP and nearly made it into my gold promos, but then I just had to lose… feelsbad.

anonymous asked:

I didn't quite catch all of what Chris said, but I got that it was probably offensive, I just didn't want to rewatch the video to try and understand because pretty much everyone made me mad with their tone deafness and ignorance besides Katie. It's crazy how they were still all smirking and being dicks even as Katie tried to fix the situation and validate f/f shippers seeing chemistry where they may not. The open mocking was really gross. Non-canon m/f don't get that treatment, not even Blarkes.

It’s funny to me because you can tell that Katie had an “Oh shit” moment and clearly was trying to clean up the mess that was made. I feel like she jumped in as soon as she could get a word in bc she thought “some ppl were probably definitely offended” and she starts out by saying ‘to be fair’ right? Then Chris fucks the whole thing up and her save was for naught lol. No I mean, I do think ppl are blowing this up but I also think ppl are allowed to feel whatever they feel, so…

I have never watched the show so I have no invested interest. I am, however, a wlw who is constantly disappointed with the scraps we get. I’m a wlw who has definitely seen chemistry between non canon pairings. I’m a wlw who has sought out fanfiction and edits and such just to feed my hunger for rep. I’m a wlw who doesn’t enjoy seeing fans being mocked for shipping two women. Feeling invalidated is killer.

Why do you co-sleep?

Wellllll, for starters because I want to lol.

In the beginning - it started out as me breast feeding.. and it being easier to feed at 2AM when he’s in the same bed as me & I don’t have to get up and leak my whole way to his crib.

When I no longer could produce breast milk *cries* it became more of a comfort thing. He didn’t like to be in his bed, or feeling alone.. and would wake up every hour. I was not going to let him “cry it out” like other suggested, so I put him back in the bed with us . That’s when he started sleeping through the night! It was like magic lol.

For whatever reason, he likes to be in the bed with his parents & I just won’t deny him that. I figure, he’ll only be a baby for a short amount of time. These are moments I’ll never get back. If he wants to sleep with us, fine. Some day he won’t want to anymore, and I’ll cry my eyes out & I wish I had my little baby back.

If you don’t co-sleep, that’s fine. It is OKAY to have different parenting styles. I wish more people understood that.

ximmortalpranksterx  asked:

Hi! Love your Sophie art she soo cute! if she met the other rogues I take it she met penguin then? Maybe he let's her feed his penguins?

“Papa is all this necessary? i feel like the Michelin man”

“ Mr. Cobblepot’s establishment is rather frigid my little crow. I will not have you coming along unprepared”

Notes on Onision's Apology Video

I should have posted these 2 days ago. 3 days.

- He says “Lol be mad” seemed like a “sociopath thing to do”. Of course him saying something like this will feed into the perspective he meant for his fans to have aka Billie is pretty much Satan.

- “I used that to justify my own cruelty.” - Talking about how “lol be mad” supposedly hurt him. Playing victim a little bit here.

- “It’s way too late for sorry. I can’t even take down the videos because people will just reupload them. So there’s nothing I can do at this point but feel like a total piece of shit for what I said.” Feeling sorry for himself. Refusing to take down the videos. Sure, people might see it on another channel but it’s likely more people will see it if it’s still on your channel, right?

- “Nobody’s perfect in this situation, but I don’t want to act like that diffuses how fucked up I am.” He’s totally using it to diffuse how fucked up he is.

- “Both myself and the other person released stuff that probably weren’t the best things to be shared with the public.” He was demonizing Billie and she defended herself. He’s criticizing her here for speaking out against him. And he’s making this out as a situation where two people were in the wrong rather than one where one person tried to control, hurt, and shamw the other.

- “Not everybody was exactly unbiased in their sharing of that information because the information was shared in a way that would hurt the other person. Rather than a way that was without an agenda.” Implying Billie is both a sociopath and has an agenda? Nice one, Onision.

- “We’re so fucking wrong. Both of us.” I don’t need to point out what’s wrong with this.

- “What I’m going to do is never, ever discuss my friendships, my other relationships, in a negative way to the greatest extent that I can manage… ever again.” Loophole.

- “That’s it. I quit drama… for the most part.” He’s giving himself a loophole here.

- “I wanna thank the people who disliked that video.” You’re welcome.

- “I wanna appreciate the people who stood by me, but we were wrong. I mean, we had the facts, but the decency… We had no decency at all.” So he’s saying here that, technically, he was right in everything he did?

- “I took the truth, and I made it as ugly as fucking possible.” Same as right above.

- “You can make most everyone look bad, and still be honest.”

- “I could tell you I’m a pervert who looks at total strangers unclothed and I gawk at them making love to each other, but really all I’m talking about is looking at porn. We can make most everything sound way worse than it actually is. And that’s just not as honest as it could be.” I feel like this reasoning of his can also relate to him recently having been called a pedophile. People are just being dishonest and making him out to be worse than he is. But back to Billie, is this not slightly contradictory? He just said he had facts and truth on his side. It’s almost as if he’s calling himself dishonest, but with this example he’s using… It’s also like he’s not calling himself dishonest.

- “Just let me know I’m a fraud [if he causes any drama with his friends or love interests].”

- “If I do break this, I want you guys to pledge to me that you’ll unsubscribe from me and forget I exist…” You know how much a statement like this would distress his fangirls. He’s making himself sound so sad and pathetic to appeal to them emotionally.

- “To the people that I hurt, I’m sorry. I was hurt by some people that I hurt, but that doesn’t mean I can punch back. That doesn’t mean I can justify being cruel. Cruelty matched with cruelty, everybody suffers. I need to be the bigger person.” Again, this is making Billie out for having been wrong for trying to tell her side of the story.

- “I hope you don’t forgive me because I definitely don’t deserve forgiveness.”

That didn’t sound like an apology.

milfregina  asked:

20, 21, and 37

20. What I hate most about myself

Oh, gee, this should be fun… let’s see, I’m oversensitive, I take things too personally and get my feelings hurt over nothing, I’m afraid of confrontation, I procrastinate everything, I have a self-destructive streak a mile long, I think I’m annoying, I get too attached to people way too quickly, I talk about myself too much, I can be extremely petty, I’m way too competitive and way too obsessive. Oh, and I’m a perfectionist with hardcore anxiety, which feeds a lot of the other things, I think. 

21.  What I love most about myself

This one is probably going to be much harder lol

Um… I think I’m funny, I care a lot about other people (sometimes way too much tbh), I forgive easily and I trust easily (which could be good or bad, tbh), despite fearing confrontation, I will speak up when I see someone hurting someone else… it’s easier to advocate for other people than for myself, I think. I’m slowly learning to be proud of who I am… it’s a journey. I’m open and honest and I try to brighten people’s days whenever I can.

37.  One of my insecurities

Just one? But there are so many… I think one of my biggest fears is looking stupid. I don’t like being wrong and I don’t like being criticized and you guys have no idea how many times I google something ridiculous like a word that I know (and use!) just to make absolute sure I’m using it right, just because I’m afraid of sounding dumb when I talk about something. 

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