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Osomatsu San Secret Santa Exchange

Welcome one and all to the Osomatsu San secret santa exchange!!

What is a secret santa exchange, I hear you ask. Well, my dear, let me explain. If you enter into this exchange your url and request will be given to someone else who entered and they will make a lovely present for you. You will be given someone else’s request and url and you will in turn make a gift for that person. On Christmas Day you will post your gift for the person you got and the person who got you will post their gift for you. Feel free to ask questions if you have any!

I’m going to give everyone from today until November 20 to sign up. After that I will start messaging you who you need to make a gift for so please please have your inbox open. Then you’ll have until December 24 to make your gift. On December 25 you can start posting your gifts. Please tag your piece as “osomatsu san secret santa” so I can find them easily and reblog them here!!

But what if my art/writing/etc. is crappy? No worries, my love, I am 100% sure it is not crappy at all and that it’ll make a wonderful gift for someone!!

Any rules about the gifts and requests? Unfortunately yes. I’m going to ask that there be no NSFW requests and no BLmatsu requests please. I don’t know who’s a minor and who’s uncomfortable with that kind of stuff so I’m just gonna play it safe and ban it all together. Another thing is no self insert, I just don’t want to deal with submissions of how people look and all, that might get to be too much work for me. Any requests with any of these things will be deleted.

How do I enter? Well it’s pretty simple. All you gotta do is send an ask to this blog with your url and your request. That’s it.

What if I have to drop out? Just be sure to let me know! If it’s before you’re assigned to someone then it’s no worries, if it’s after then please also send me their url and request so I can fill in. I don’t want anyone to go presentless. Please try your best to drop out before you’re assigned though if at all, I don’t know if I’ll have time to fill in for everybody.

Also you don’t have to celebrate Christmas to join in on this!! Everyone is welcome to join!! And by the way, your present can be anything really as long as it fits in with the request. Like it can be a fic, art, gifset, a playlist, etc. Anything at all!!

And that’s it!! So once again, feel free to ask any and all questions you have on here! And reblog this if you’d like to spread the word, the more the merrier!!