i have to drink from this

Seventeen as things my mom has said/done

Most, if not all have been traslated from spanish, so yeah…

Seungcheol:  “You can either have kids or a trip to Europe every month, I’m not good at making choices.”

Jeonghan: *The one time I asked her why she decided to have kids* “I had you and your brother just so someone would bring me my morning coffee and tell me I’m beautiful.” 


Jun: “I’m a very good boss because I only smile and look better than everyone else.” 

Hoshi: “I want to get into belly dancing again but I’m afraid it’s too late for me, I’m dying.”  

Wonwoo: “Apparently the kid inherits the mother’s intelligence.” “See! Aren’t you glad I’m the smartest person you know.” 

Woozi: “You grow a centimeter more and I will disown you.” 

Seokmin: “This christmas lights have nothing on my smile.” 

Mingyu: “I clean!” “No you don’t.” “I cook!” “MOM YOU DONT” “And this is how you repay me?” 

Minghao: *playing scrabble*  “Scrabble is not about being fluent [in english] it’s about being smarter and I’m smarter than the both of you”

Seungkwan: “Someone in this family had to be charismatic and its CLEARLY not your aunts.” 

Hansol: “You lie as a sport and I’m afraid I was your coach.”

Chan: “I’m the eldest of three and still somehow they all end up treating me like I’m the youngest of five.” 


Fullmetal Alchemist x Sweets Paradise [2017/11/23]

Hopped over to the Kawasaki branch to enjoy the collaboration menu they have, as well as the quaint setup in the shop. Like the Dangan Ronpa Sweets Paradise collaboration from before, they also had some music from the Brotherhood anime playing, notably the opening and ending themes. I got the Roy gloves special set, and surprisingly, the tokuten postcard was also that of Roy! The pizza and mango milk (the Ed drink, ehe) I had were pretty good!


Chibi POTH and RavenPrint.


Goth - @nekophy

Palette - @angexci

Blueprint - @pepper-mint

Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily

(might be my last art post. i have deadline to catch up and really hard to find a free time to draw digitally :/)

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FAVORITE SEASON: probably autumn… i hate temperature extremes (too hot/cold) so fall is usually when i’m at my most comfortable and can wear all my favorite clothes

FAVORITE BOOK/AUTHOR: i haven’t read an actual book in forever which is super unfortunate. as a kid, i loved brian jacques so i’ll just go with him. 

FAVORITE SONG: uhhhhh literally anything by hammock. i love alternative instrumental music and they are my all time favorite. if i had to pick a specific song, probably i can almost see you. it was the first song i ever heard from them and have been obsessed ever since.

FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK: sushi, pizza, korean bbq, and green tea lmao (i will legit eat anything and i’m so in love with food… it’s so hard to pick a favorite)

DOGS OR CATS: kitties for sure!!!!

Please don’t shop today

This is just the view from my tiny window in the human experience, but Black Friday is a monument to capitalist waste and excess; the ‘doorbusters’ you are being offered are at great prices because they are shoddy products rushed to market for this not-holiday. Nonetheless I don’t have a choice in working at my retail job today - YOU have the choice to get your bargains online, if you simply must shop, but ideally I would love to people to realize how much personal misery is involved for every one of us getting you that cheap shitty 4k TV. I’m running on five hours of sleep after working all of last night, and I’m one of the lucky ones.

I know most people don’t care what retail workers think, but if you care about us as people, stay home today. Be with those you care about. Build non-material-good-based relationships. Don’t contribute to human misery the way this “holiday” now does for all of us.

Okay people, I need your help

Do any of you know any Spotify playlists or any individual songs that are Christmas themed and not too awful? I have to organise a Christmas party for our department and I’m CLUELESS. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Since we are people of very different origins (Germany, Greek, China, Spain, Croatia, Egypt, India and many more), English ones would be best but it doesn’t really matter. We all have nothing in common despite being scientists so no genre is right or wrong.

Edit: it will be a party with alcoholic drinks and standing tables. We think to start more christmas-y and turn it into a regular party then, but I have no idea about that so.. The people range from people that get wasted (lots of alcohol provided) to anti-party people like me.

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I’ve seen a few post about getting cravings for something Loki wants. Now I hate coffee but for the past few weeks and it is about once a week I will randomly get a craving to go and make a coffee and because I hate it I just offer it to Loki. Is that something Loki does often to communicate?

This is something a lot of people experience, both with Loki and other deities. It could either be interpreted as them poking us for a particular offering, or a subconscious craving on our end to experience their presence through tastes and scents we associate with them.

If you have food allergies or don’t have the money to keep around food you won’t eat, it’s okay to say no, or offer a raincheck, or negotiate for a substitute. After many attempts from a different deity to get me into tea drinking, we’ve reached a compromise where he gets tea while I enjoy a hot chocolate.

- Mod E

this time around, i’ll be better.

pairing | mayor damien x reader

requested? not on this platform

word count | 1,991

summary | he won’t make the same mistake again – he won’t break your heart again. he’ll be better this time around.

NOTE: this is for a different platform (wattpad) but i really liked it and felt like i should share it here, too. so if you follow me on wattpad and here, have a nice duplicate part. - ash :)

It used to be something meaningless.

You’d need a release, he’d need a distraction.

The two of you would meet up, maybe have a couple drinks, and then things would go from there.

There was only one problem now. You loved him.

His name was Damien, and he was the Mayor of a rather large town that had constant traffic economics and politics-wise. He rarely had a break, being the mayor of such a big city; days, nights, weekends, holidays were all spent signing bills, accepting plans, declining business deals. He truly never had an off day.

But on the rare occasion that he could slip away from it all, that he could distract himself for even just a night, you were there. He always called you after a rough day, voice hoarse and full of desperation, “Your place in an hour?”

“Yeah, I’m here.”

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hello! i would say this off anon but i’m really shy. you’re one of my favorite artists and everything you do and say on this weird website really lights up my day! seeing posts from you really helps whenever i have a bad day. please remember to stretch and drink a glass of water :)

thank you!

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Lately my anxiety has been extremely bad. I've been disrupting family coming over with panic attacks, haven't been able to sleep, and find it hard to go to school. I'm going to a therapist but nothing much has really happened yet and everything keeps getting worse. I was just wondering if you had any tips to stay calm or advice to try and communicate better what's going on with my family

are you being honest with your therapist? make sure you tell them what you need and yeah ive got some tips. if you feel a panic attack coming remove yourself from the situation get something to drink and sit down itll help you recover quicker from a panic attack 

have you tried explaining to your parents and being open and honest ask them if they have any questions about how it feels so you can try to convey how you feel at these moments your family loves you and theyll be more supportive than you think esp since youre already seeing a psychologist 

be honest and convey what you need dont be afraid to ask 

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OKayoKAyOkAY listen to this: Sam wrapping his arms around you from behind as your drinking hot chocolate, admiring your work on the Christmas decorations, with a sleepy smile as the Christmas lights twinkle in front of you. (was that good, idk if that was good lol) Shit, I love Sam.

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

send in headcanons for the boys

a .  age : 21
b .  birthplace :  melbourne
c .  current  time :  8:19am
d .  drink  you  had  last : Coffee
e .  easiest  person(s)  to  talk  to :  Angelo ( Boyfriend ), and my squad.
f .  favorite  song(s) :  honestly i can’t think of one off the top of my head.
h .  horror  yes  or  horror  no :  Fuck yes

i .  in  love ? :   Yes
j .  jealous  of  people :   Never.
k .  killed  someone :   ;) 
l .  love  at  first  sight  or  should  i  walk  by  again ? : No and you might have to… worked for my current boyfriend ;p 

m .  middle  name :  louise
n .  number  of  siblings :  2
o .  one  wish :  isn’t bringing someone back from the dead frowned upon?
q .  question  you’re  always  asked :  “where are you from?”
r .  reason(s)  to  smile :  life in itself 
s .  song  you  sang  last : perfect by ed sheeran 
t .  top  3  fictional  characters :  Alisa Bosconovitch, Cana Alberona, Laxus Dreyar
u .  underwear  &  color :  What if i’m not wearing any? White

v .  vacation :  Canada pls 
w .  when’s  your  birthday :  September 28th
x .  x - rays :  Had 1 too many
y .  your  favorite  food :  one does not simply have a favourite 
z .  zodiac  sign :  Libra

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i just want to cuddle up in front of a fire with sam while drinking hot chocolate and being wrapped up in those ugly yet also kind of cute christmas sweaters just talking about how good the family dinners went and just how thankful we are for each other um i’ll stop now please let me have this one day god that’s all i ask

a mood!!! this is so pure i need it

sam night!

It was a fucking Vodka

Yeah. That drink was a vodka. I’m just sipping. I can’t “drink” it. If I do, I’m gonna die. I already feel acid burning inside of me. And I was hungry. Empty stomach filled with a drink that have 30% Orange Juice and 70% Vodka.

And even it was my first experience of Vodka.

Yes. This post from hell. I am dead.

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A - Age: 93 19
B - Biggest Fear: rah there’s too many things 
C - Current Time: 19:29
D - Drink You Last Had: orange/mango juice
E - Every Day Starts With: neck pain BUT I DONT KNOW WHY my pillow is appropriate height/thickness/position n everything
F - Favorite Song: Huuh don’t really knoww but i’d say anything from the ghibli & kimi no na wa soundtracks also all the gintama ops & endings basc (i’m sorry but t’aint just one)
G - Ghosts Are Real-?: if you talking dead ppl then nah                                                               I  -  In Love With: food & german shepherds  
K - Killed Someone: have come very close to come on  
L - Last Time You Cried: after my a level chem exam back in june :D
M - Middle Name: Faven…idk y but i’m so gassed i have a middle name (my siblings don’t) 
N - Number Of Siblings: 4
O - One Wish: to have a normal, uneventful & peaceful life tbh
P - Person Last Called/Text: uni mate ; asking her where she was at  
Q - Questions You Are Always Asked: “what are you? so what kinda guy you gonna bring into the house? why do you wear so many layers? have you done x chore yet? why aren’t you working?” TT^TT    
R - Reasons To Smile: my fam, food, certain goldens tht im lucky to currently have in my life   
T - Time You Woke Up: 07:30
U - Underwear Color: …like taupe? (who tf made this)
V - Vacation Destination: hawaii & japan mebe sweden 
W - Worst Habit: procrastination :)
X - X-Ray’s You’ve had: teeth/dental , right index finger , chest
Y - Your Favorite Food: chips n steak / fish  
Z - Zodiac Sign: apparently i’m a virgo (mm yh i dahn’t follow these ~)

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And now a random thing from a month ago in Discord chat that I accidentally unearthed while looking for something completely different
  • Nero: (throws down a slightly damp beer mat with something scribbled all over it) Schematic. Ceruleum jet-powered rocket hamster. Chew on that, Garlond.
  • Cid: ... ... ... ....no guns?
  • Nero: Expandable mandible pouches allow for the optional installation of two grenade launchers.
  • Cid: Or?
  • Nero: Or what? Whatever else a hamster feels compelled to stuff in there, I s'ppose.
  • Cid: (eyeing suspiciously) Have you been drinking?