i have to draw her more!

Design trade with @lebazardesmondes ~

Meet Blush Rose, the world’s most awkward runway model with a keen eye for design. She may be a cousin to a certain pink hair stylist of mine~ 

Hope you like her Moon! <3


@askbasb i can’t believe star became an actual fairy

(toxic was taken so i used lie instead)

Post Pocket Mortys Series: Morticia Smith

I can’t believe its been about a year since I started drawing this girl with her new Rick.  

Thank you guys so much for your support on it! It’s been real fun thinking of stories and planning comics for her! It has been such a great learning experience. c: Thanks so much to my friends who’ve also helped me along the way! Correcting grammar or making sure I’ve written the characters correctly, couldn’t of done it with them. <3 Feelings about the drawing below the cut.

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I drew my favorite fashion model, Symmetra.~ *throws sparkles* I wish she would get more legendary skins. OTL

A new Bnha oc in the making

Kimari is her name, it’s a little longer but I can’t spell the rest of it, her Quirk is Called Beast, where she can communicate with animals, while also having a form called ‘Feral’ where she turns even more animalistic and gigantic.

Her age is about ether in the twenties or thirties, it hasn’t been decided yet.

I wanted to draw it and post it along side this picture but I got too excited to show her off–

Ask any questions about her that you’d like!

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*kicks down door* -inhales- I just wanna say I LOVE how you draw ladies in your art. They're all different and unique yet they're never treated negatively for it. And another thing: I am in love with The Queen. Is she interested in relationships? (Hell I'll be her coffee bitch, I'll do anything for her)

HEY THANK YOU…. I appreciate this a lot, I know I don’t really have a very ‘pretty’ style and I used to be really self-conscious about not being able to draw super conventionally pretty women, but… I don’t really want to anymore! I’m way more interested in ladies that look average, or weird, just like any of my dude characters. I’m still working on pushing my designs more and not being afraid of taking risks, but I’m glad you like my ladies already! They’ll never be treated negatively for how they look because physical appearance is not something I think ever needs to be pointed out, teased, or a measurement of someone’s worth. *thumbs up emoji*


Ahhh….some Hange x Nora…these i’m quite proud of. They are just quick sketches and doodles. I doubt I’ll actually finish any. But I enjoyed drawing these. I seriously have such fire for these two. lol No hate please. I love my oc x canon pairing. (this is just the beginning of sketches…i have more of them laying around) 

Refs and model photos were used. It was fun converting real people into these two 

If anyone has a favorite let me know lol My personal favorite is the last one…big sunglasses all day every day >_<

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What do you think on how ishida always draw touka and rizeas a friend in Tokyo ghoul school and calendar ? They always show as a friend or maybe he just want to draw two main female character together

I think that more than drawing them as friend he often draws them together, maybe due to the fact that both have been Kaneki’s main romantic interests since the beginning of the manga, both being in an indirect way rivals in love (at least for Touka). 

However, I sometimes like to think that perhaps one day Rize will manage to escape from Furuta’s hands and form a friendship with her, as it happend in School of Ghoul by Ishida

With time we will know, maybe is foreshadowing events for the future.

Second day of classes wasn’t the best and it was more tedious than I would have wanted, so I came home and wanted to kind of let it out. I got inspired to draw this after seeing a post on pinterest.

So I present to you two sleeping agents, my precious angry daughter, Cira and her favorite agent (apart from her brother), Muhren who belongs to @trashmuh.

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Hello! I would like to ask #1, #10 and #18. I hope you have a nice day.

1. How did you discover DGM?

 Actually, my ex-girlfriend introduced it to me. We watched the whole anime and she bought me the first 4 manga for my birthday one year. Luckily, the show wasn’t tainted for me because of her. :3

10. Do you prefer the anime or the manga?

TBH, I really like both? I like the manga because Hoshino’s style only gets more beautiful the more she draws it. But watching the anime (minus most of the filler episodes) is fun, too.

18. Favorite headcanon?

A headcanon I will never let go of is that Lavi cannot deal with someone flirting with him. He turns into a blushing mess and can barely function.

Thanks for the ask!! :3c

Another reason to stop ‘cringe culture’

I’m a teacher. Today I was covering for a grade 9 science class. Decent kids, if a bit rowdy, and didn’t want to do their work. Wtv, it was textbook work. Not the point.

1 girl (reminder that these kids are, like, 14/15) was doodling bust portraits (head & shoulders) in an art book. I had a squiz and asked her if they were her characters. She said they were and excitedly told me she had so many characters for this one story of hers. I laughed about how I wished I could draw mine, and moved on.

Later in the class, I hear her enthusiastically telling her friend all about her main OC - a gay kitsune prince with a tragic past. It was so, pure, classic Deviant Art: my first OC. And you know what? I loved it. I was just sitting there half overhearing, smiling to myself and glad that her friend was engaging and interested in her story and characters.

This is a girl who will become a creator. She will draw and write and imagine, get better and better. She’ll probably move past this stage and start making more nuanced characters (she was already lamenting she didn’t have enough girl OCs). But this is where she started. This is where so many of us started. I had a tiger catgirl, goth witch/sorceress OC in high school. I found my original design for her recently. Look what I create now.

Let kids be kids. Let them explore and invent and go wild and be cliche and make overpowered OCs. Let them have their anthropomorphic animal OCs. Let them try everything before they settle into maturity.

For fucks sake; let them have fun.

ice ice paladin‧₊˚


Hairstyles and realizations

yes hello i just wanted to remind u all that allura is amazing and i love her

if you’re going through a tough time, just remember these two are cheering you on <3