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[ 20th February 2017 ] February is almost over and I have yet to do something productive with my life,,,,, why am I like this ;-;
This spread is from 2 weeks ago and I took the pictures with a different background so any thoughts??

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hey guys! a lot of people seemed to like my last post: steps to a better life, so i decided to make a similar one about little things you can keep track of in your journal 📖 i’ve personally found that i’m much more productive when i keep track of my habits on paper (there’s just something so satisfying about ticking off those boxes), so i suggest you to try it for a few weeks and then check if it’s made any changes in your life!

i’d love to hear about your progress, so come say hi when you feel like it! oh and if any of you guys have any suggestions about what sort of masterpost you’d like me to do next, please let me know, i really value your input! 💡

Over Planning = Procrastination

I am making this post based on a request by an anonymous user, but as soon as I heard the idea it really resonated with me. When you are a perfectionist, like I am, procrastination comes very easily. As soon as I have a single doubt about what I am doing, I stop and turn to something else, which leads to a lot of unfinished assignments and unnecessary stress. So in this post, I’m going to give you my best advice on how to avoid this very thing and get back to work! 

Methods of Planning

You  need to start by addressing how you are organizing you time and if it needs to change. 

  1. Daily study schedule: This is my least favourite, and in my opinion leads to the worst kind of overplanning. This is when you schedule out your time hour by hour, down to what time you will study, eat, workout, etc. I understand that this works for some people and if you find yourself to be very disorganized, it can work for you. However, I personally find (and I think many would agree) that it ends up giving me anxiety and guilt when I don’t do something exactly at the right time. 
  2. Weekly or monthly schedule: This is ideal for people who like to plan ahead a lot, but don’t want to be too constricted to an hourly schedule. This method involves writing down what you need to study each day, but not declaring a specific time that you need to have it done by. I really like to use this for exam periods or before a big test, so I know that all the topics are covered by a certain point. 
  3. Daily to-do list schedule: This works for a ton of people I know, including myself. It is low-key, but also allows you to know what you have to do and actually get it done. This is what most people use in a bullet journal, which is obviously a very successful technique! It blends together the planning of the daily schedule with the fluidity and low-stress of the monthly schedule. I highly recommend this if you tend to overplan! 

Overall: You might need to re-evaluate the way that you organize your time and find something that is more productive. My personal favourite is the daily to-do list, but if you need more structure in your life, feel free to look at others. 

Dividing Tasks

One big thing that leads to procrastination is not being able to focus on the most important tasks that need to get done. If you put too much stuff on your to-do list or into your hourly schedule, it might actually end up taking away from more important tasks. 

Learn to prioritize. List tasks in order of their importance when you are creating a to-do list or other type of schedule. You can use a numbering system, or colour code them if you need more help:

  1. Red = Extremely important: Things that are due in the next day or two, studying for upcoming tests, steps in a process that needs to get done by the end of the week, bills that need to be paid, chores that have to get done before your home becomes a wreck. 
  2. Yellow = Pretty important: Things that are important to your schedule, but it wouldn’t be tragic if they got pushed off one more day. Re-writing or typing notes, writing out flashcards for a test a week away, working on an application or deadline that is still a while away, chores that aren’t going to affect you if they aren’t finished tonight. 
  3. Green = Filler stuff: Things that would be nice to get done, but aren’t urgent. Cleaning, organizing your desk, finishing a book or movie for pleasure, etc. 

Avoid Procrastination

After you have organized yourself and prioritized tasks, you need to be able to focus on actually getting them done. 

  1. Set firm deadlines. A lot of times, this is easy because teachers or bosses set them for you. But if they don’t, learn to set your own deadlines and stick to them. Write them in your calendar and make note of them in the days leading up to it. 
  2. Make mini to-do lists for an assignment. If you have trouble following deadlines, or value to-do lists as much as me, breaking down assignments and large tasks into small pieces can be super beneficial. For example, if you have an essay due, create a checklist with the intro, body paragraphs, conclusion, editing, typing, and final draft all as separate tasks. 
  3. Find ideal study setting. A lot of people have trouble focusing on tasks when they get distracted easily. I find it really helpful if I’m in an environment that gets me in a studying mood! Going to the library or a quiet coffee shop really motivates me. Finding somewhere with few distractions, limitations on how much noise you can make, and being able to see other people being productive is the ideal way to focus yourself. 
  4. Avoid social media and TV. This goes hand in hand with #3… Being in front of the TV or the computer (when you aren’t actually using it) is super distracting! Go somewhere that doesn’t have these distractions. 
  5. Start with small tasks. Sometimes, tackling your to-do list is easier if you start by completing a few small tasks. When I’m not in the mood to study, I try to do some household chores and update my bullet journal to get the ball rolling.  
  6. Use the Pomodoro technique, or something similar. Use a Pomodoro timer or another type of scheduling to stay focused when studying and take breaks when needed. If you find that breaking it down minute by minute is too stressful, try setting goals like “as soon as I am done studying this chapter, I will get up and make a snack,” and stick to them! 

Suga Kenta and Kimura Tatsunari
Livedoor Interview Translation

Translation continues under the Read More.  It’s important to note the actual interview took place about a month ago, it’s just this second part is now finally published.

Q: This will be my third interview with the two of you after the re-run “View from the Top,” and “Karasuno, Revival!” 

Kenta: Whoo! [applause] Thank you each and every time!
Tatsunari: That’s right, and for this particular production…
Kenta: Whoah whoah, no, too fast! [laughs] They haven’t asked us anything yet!

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anotheralmostunusedblog  asked:

What would you WANT to be doing if YouTube didn't exist? Like, what would Dan study instead of Law? And would Phil study something different?

D: as shown in my college dropout video i think i would have inevitably had my law school breakdown even if i wasn’t doing youtube! (thank god i was?) the reason i dropped out was because i realised my heart wasn’t in it and to enjoy life i had to at least attempt to persue something i would truly love. i like to think without youtube it would have still been something creative! i wont think about this too hard lest i end up face down on tumblr’s nice wood flooring.

P: I think I’d still have done post-production! I actually got an offer to do Summer work experience at the place that edited the Dark Knight so I could have been a little credit in some of your favourite movies! 

Imagine Chris realizing he’s in-love with you. (Part B)

A/N: Part 4B, yay! This is honestly taking so long, I’m so sorry. The two of them are just insufferable. 😂 (Unexpected Reader - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A) Enjoy! X

You decided to skip the date with Sam after seeing Chris at your doorstep. You wanted to go, but you couldn’t do it; you couldn’t pretend to be interested in another man. So you left him- looking politely pissed as he was a nice guy and it was fairly obvious you were lying- with the excuse of a family emergency. Sam, compared to the other guys you’d agreed to date before you met Chris, was amazing; he shared your interests, he cared about you, he was funny and good looking and so ridiculously nice. You would’ve been lucky to date him, and you wouldn’t have mind if you had to date him, but that shouldn’t have been how it felt.

Falling in-love shouldn’t have felt like a chore, or like you were settling. You should have felt excitement and passion, but no, you felt nothing. Sam could’ve kissed you and you would’ve felt nothing because your mind would be thinking about Chris and how his lips would feel on yours instead. You knew when you said yes to Sam that you shouldn’t have, now you’d hurt the feelings of the nicest guy in your class because you couldn’t admit the one you were in-love with was Chris.

And now you were too late.

Since you couldn’t go home in fear of running into Chris, you spent your time wandering a mall instead. You bought things you didn’t need to distract yourself because retail therapy was something you always found incredibly effective. You then went to a movie alone, ‘Gifted’ was the movie you decided to watch. Again. This time, however, you entered the theatre feeling more vulnerable than when you watched it the first time. You were lucky there weren’t many people watching a 8:50PM movie on a Thursday night, because you sobbed like a baby and it wasn’t just because of the movie.

The second you saw Chris on screen, you broke down. He was the one and you weren’t going to get the life every being dreamed of when they found their soulmate. There wasn’t going to be a cute proposal, or a wedding. There wasn’t going to be a nice house, or a picket fence, or mini versions of you and him running around. There wasn’t going to be a surprise trips to Rome. There weren’t going to be articles about the two of you being a power couple, or taking home six Oscars with the film you made together. God, you weren’t even going to get to dance with him in your backyard listening to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’, because life wasn’t perfect and you couldn’t just write a story and expect it to come true.

The movie ended around 11:00PM and you took a cab back to your apartment. In the cab, when you finally turned on your phone- you saw text messages from both Ava and Chris. Ava sent you about five because she was understandably worried and confused by your absence in the apartment. You’d left at 1:30PM for a coffee date, you should’ve been home by 4:00PM at the latest. Ava knew you; you weren’t the type to prolong anything on the first date, especially considering the one you loved wasn’t the one you were with. You sent her a quick ‘I’m okay, on my way home’ text, then replied to Chris’ one which simply asked “are you okay?” Your thumb hovered over the send button as you reread your reply “no, we need to talk.” Were you really going to tell him now? Now that he was in a relationship with someone he undoubtedly could have forever with? Are you honestly that selfish? No, you weren’t. You deleted your four words and responded with a simple one, “perfect.”

The lights were out in the apartment by the time you arrived home, which meant Ava had gone to bed. She’d received and replied to your text; she knew you were okay now, so you’d didn’t blame her for not waiting up even though you could’ve used some company. It was nearly midnight and Ava had classes in the morning, unlike you who didn’t have anything on Fridays. You passed her room on the way to yours and quietly opened her door to leave a bag from Topshop by the foot of her bed; there was a dress you saw that you needed her to have.

“Hey,” you flinched when you heard her voice speak to you in the dark. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” you lied with a forced smile that you were glad she couldn’t see and decipher. But she knew, she could hear it in your voice. “I’m sorry I worried and woke you,” you whispered, patting her foot through her blanket. “Go back to sleep, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“There’s something for you in your room,” she told you before rolling over to go back to sleep.

You quietly made your way back out, closing the door behind you. Your eyes narrowed as you walked to your room, you pushed open your ajar door and saw the bouquet of roses Chris had said were Ava’s and an envelope sitting on your bed. You lowered your shopping bags onto the ground and sat down on the edge of your bed as you picked the envelope up. It felt heavy, like there was a long, long letter waiting inside for you. You could tell by the handwriting that it was from Chris, you loved the way he’d scrawl everything else but write your name with utter perfection. You stared at it for a little while, contemplating whether or not you should read it. What could it have been? He always spoke to you in person, why did he need a letter now? Was this a letter ending your friendship because he was in a relationship now and the two of you were too close for Scarlett’s liking? You’d never even met the woman before, could she have known? You were terrified to read it, because what if after reading it, Chris was no longer in your life?

“Grow some fucking balls, Y/N,” you muttered to yourself before carefully ripping the envelope. You were right about it being a long letter, it was at least four pages. You decided to get comfortable before you started reading because you had a feeling it was going to be a bit of a read. Just in case, you grabbed your tissue box and settled it on your lap.

“He wrote a story,” you mumbled to yourself as soon as you caught sight of the first sentence.

She opened the letter wondering what he could possibly have to say to her, wondering why he couldn’t just say it to her in person. She was an irrational person with thoughts beyond herself; an imagination so wild and expectations so high that it both amazed and scared him. He knew when he gave her the letter that her mind would’ve had a hundred thoughts going at full speed before she even read it. She’d think a thousand bad things, and one good, because that was the kind of person she was; she spent her life searching for greatness and striving for perfection that she didn’t believe she deserve. She’d question everything good in her life, like they were just part of a vivid dream that she would wake up from. He was one of those things she questioned, and he didn’t understand it. To him, she was part of the vivid dream he was afraid he’d wake from. To him, he was the lucky one who didn’t deserve a girl like her.

The further she read, the more she realized he was writing her a letter because he felt the same way she did. She knew now why he chose to write instead of speak, because she was the same; she used written words as a way to articulate the constellation of thoughts she couldn’t use spoken words to. She also used her writing as a shield to hide behind so no one could see her cry, or hear how fast her heart was beating. She used writing to make sure she was the only voice one heard, and that was what he needed from her now; to hear him and nothing else.

How was that, Y/N? I’m not as big of a fan as English as you are, but I think I kind of nailed it. I just needed that to capture your attention as well as give you a bit of an introduction to what this letter is going to be about. You’re a writer, an incredibly talented writer, so you should be able to read between the lines of the first two paragraphs and realize that I, too, am in-love with you.

Yes, you read correctly.

I am in-love with you. Read it, read it again. I don’t care how many times you read that line, or this whole letter- I just need you to hear me and understand me. I am in-love with you, Y/N, and I want to be with you. I’m sorry it took me this long to tell you, I just couldn’t until I figure out why I loved you. I didn’t want to start something with you based on an illusion, and I didn’t want to love you because of the series. I wanted to be sure that what I was feeling- what we were feeling was because of who we are when we’re together now, not who were are when we’re in the story. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry if I made you feel like I didn’t want to be with you because I did, and I do. From the moment I saw you at that check in talking to that little boy, Jasper, I wanted to be with you. Then you snapped at me and- God, I knew you were the one. I’m sorry I let fear get in the way, I’m sorry I wasted so much time not being the man you needed. But no more, I’m done being just friends.

I want more, I want a life with you. I’m sorry if I’m being too straight forward, but that is what I want. I know you’re only turning twenty and you’ve got this whole life ahead of you, so I’m not asking you to marry me. Yet. I’m going to marry you, oh- you bet I’m going to marry you. But I don’t have to marry you now, I’m very capable of waiting. I’ve waited almost thirty-six years to meet you, I can wait a little while longer to marry and start a life with you. I want you to go pursue your dreams first, write a screenplay for a big production company and win an Oscar. I’m going to be there with you every step of the way, just as I hope you will be there for me as I continue on my career’s journey.

I wouldn’t normally do something this extreme and futuristic, but you’re not a normal girl. You are the kind of girl who plans her entire life to the tee, you appreciate long term commitments and you don’t do causal well. You’re amazing and I’d be an idiot to let you walk away from me, even my mom said so. You haven’t met her, but she loves you already. If you agree to being with me, you can come with me to Boston on Sunday for the week. I’d love to spend some time with you (as your boyfriend) and have you meet my family before I have to go film Infinity War. I know this is a lot to process in a short amount of time, but I have a feeling you’ve thought about this before so it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with an answer.

Call me when you’re ready to talk?

You read the last line and nearly fell face first as scrambled to your feet, grabbing your house keys and phone from your bag. There was no way you were going to just call him, you needed to see him in person. The smile on your face since reading the line 'I, too, am in-love with you’ hadn’t faltered. Christopher Robert Evans was in-love with you. It was time to go and do what Ava advised, “just grab that man and kiss him already.”

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Part 5


Teach Me - Part Two/?

Part One

Warnings - mentions of both mental and physical abuse, fluff, swearing, angst.

Lyla sat curled up on the sofa in the Avengers Lounge, the TV was on and a movie created background noise but she wasn’t paying attention to the picture Bucky had decided to put on. Bucky himself sat on the other end, Lyla needed space and he appreciated that, after all she had been through. All she could think about was Steve and Sam, wondering what they were doing at that exact moment, they had been gone for hours and despite Bucky telling her that they would be back soon, she couldn’t help but worry for her friends.

The purple bruise on the side of her face was hard to miss, it made Bucky think of all the reasons why Kyle could have hurt her, what did she do to deserve such violence? Bucky knew that she couldn’t have done anything, it was just the action of a man who needed to prove his dominance over her, his ownership of her; and the mere thought of it disgusted him, “Are you alright?”  Bucky asked softly, Lyla continued to stare forward blankly before she dragged her head over in his direction, “Can I get you anything? Tea?” 

Lyla’s blue eyes softened at his attempt to make her feel slightly better about the situation, she cleared her throat, “Yeah, that would be really nice, thank you,” Bucky nodded and pushed himself up from the sofa to prepare her drink, remembering the voice in the back of his head telling him it was with two sugars, a dash of milk and not cream, he returned to the sofa, his fingers brushing hers as he handed her his favourite mug, “Thank you,” she held the mug in her hands and pulled it to her lips, smiling slightly, “You make good tea,” she noted as she sat it on her lap, looking at him.

“So I’ve been told,” Lyla raised her brow, “I might have been frozen for a few decades but I can still make good tea, Steve likes it too,” Lyla held her free hand up in mock surrender as he spoke to her playfully.

“You don’t need to explain yourself to me, Bucky, I get it,” she told him before looking back at the screen and settling into the cushions around her body.

The elevator chimed, signalling that there was an arrival on their floor, Lyla slid her mug onto the coffee table and rose to her feet, pulling her sleeves past her hands and folded her arms over her chest, frowning as she did, “Lyla?” Steve entered the lounge with enlarged orbs filled with worry which softened once they found her, he sighed and in one swift movement he went over to her and wrapped his arms around her body, pulling her against his chest and nuzzling his head into her neck as she slowly snaked her limbs around his shoulders and hugged him back, “You’re safe now,” he stroked her hair softly and continued to keep her close as he pulled away and examine the bruise on her face before pulling her sleeves up slowly to see the damage on her arms which looked quite extensive from his eyes.

Sam approached the pair and sadness swirled inside him when he saw her eyes, how empty they looked, “I’m sorry for before, I shouldn’t have snapped, I didn’t mean to scare you or anything,” he told her softly, Lyla cocked her head to the side and smiled before latching herself between his arms, allowing him to cocoon her.

Lyla sniffled and blinked back her tears, “It’s okay, you were protecting me, I can’t thank you enough for that,” she paused as she pulled away, looking over to Bucky, “All of you,” she held Steve’s hand in her own as she sighed, “Did you go to my place?” Lyla asked with dread, mostly directed at Steve.

Steve nodded, “Yeah, we’ve got some of the guys to bring it up and put it in my room, just until Tony gets something sorted for you, okay?” he caressed her face, his thumb wiping away a loose tear on her cheek, “Kyle wasn’t there,” his jaw tensed as anger bubbled in his abdomen, “Do you understand how much restraint I needed to not go and find him, and kill him for this?”

Bucky had walked around the sofa and joined the trio, forming a circle in the lounge as they all spoke, “I’m guessing it took a lot,” Lyla stated as she looked down, suddenly feeling guilty, “I’m sorry that you guys got dragged into this, I never meant for this to happen,” she rambled as her eyes were trained on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Sam placed his hand on her shoulder and rubbed her back soothingly, “Don’t you ever say sorry, Lyla,did you really think that we would just leave you?” Lyla shook her head silently, “Exactly, because you’re our friend, you’re family, okay?” Lyla nodded and wiped her nose with her sleeve as she looked up and forced a smile.

The blonde super solider took her hand and she felt another wave of dread, “Come on, let me show you where you’ll be staying,” Lyla nodded and stood on her tiptoes, kissing Sam’s cheek just as Steve pulled her down the hall.

Steve had offered to give her the room, saying that he would sleep on the sofa until her room at the tower was ready, Lyla had declined and had insisted that she was okay with sharing until she got her own room. The brunette admired the decoration, the walls were a pale blue and there was a large super-king sized bed against the wall which had silver covers and pillowcases, there was a grey armchair in the corner by a table which had an open book left face down on the glass. The bathroom contained a shower and a bath which had high ends, a huge sink and a toilet, the room was pristine and white, it was so pure that it brought a smile to her face. The best part about that room was the view, she could see the whole city from where she stood and she felt like a weight from her shoulders had just vanished, “Do you like it?” Steve asked by the doorway, he leaned against it and watched as her fingers traced the skyline onto the window.

“I love it, everything looks amazing from up here,” she told him, he took a chance to look at the woman before his eyes, how despite her situation, she worried for Sam and himself, and most of all, felt guilty for letting them protect her.

Steve smiled softly and moved to stand next to her, “You need to tell me what happened, Lyla, if you don’t want to then that’s okay but I need to know, whenever you’re ready.”

Lyla pondered the thought in her mind and sighed before clambering onto the bed and sitting crossed legged, patting the empty seat in front of her which Steve sat on, “Where do you want me to start?” Steve heart swelled and he shuffled so that he sat next to her, their heads resting on the headboard.

Steve entwined their fingers, “How about the beginning,” he said, Lyla nodded and exhaled deeply before starting her story.

We met at a ball, it was in a fancy venue and he was the host, it was some kind of  fundraiser, and since I work in fashion we got invited, a friend and I. It was so strange you know, we walked in and there he was, Mr Kyle Peterson right in front of us. Between work and everything dating was the last thing on my mind, I wasn’t even interesting in dating but of course he had to go and change my mind. Kyle took me to Daniel on 65th Street and tried his hardest to get me to like him, he sent a dress and flowers over that morning, had a car pick me up, wore the best suit I’ve ever seen, and he made it so special and personal, how could anyone say no to that?

Time moved on and we went on more dates, I began to feel more comfortable with him and just happy. Then he invited me to a gala, introduced me to his employees and colleagues, introduced me to his family, everyone; he paraded me around like he had just won the lottery of life, and I loved that. Kyle met my friends from work and the more time we spent together it felt like something was missing when we were apart. So we moved in together, well he moved into my place because he liked it more than his own, it was more homey I guess. That’s when things started to get weird, he got a little more controlling everyday, called me at work demanding to know where I was and what I was doing. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought that he was taking an interest in my life or maybe he was stressed at work, the little things. 

One night I got home late, I stayed late at work to finish up some designs for a meeting with production and forgot to text him, and I have a strict no phones rule whilst I’m in the design room, so I didn’t get any of his calls or messages. When I got home he started yelling at me, telling me that he was worried sick and thought I’d been taken or something, and then it moved to accusing me of cheating on him, and everything got out of control and he hit me. Kyle apologised over and over again, saying it was an accident and that he was stressed at work and everything was getting to him more than usual, so I brushed it off as a one time thing, he wouldn’t do it again, he loved me, he showed me off to the world. It didn’t make sense.

The next time it had happened was when I got home from the gym, I told him that I’d run into you and we had a nice chat as we did our routines and he snapped again, he pushed me over the table and it smashed and all the shards got stuck into my arms and legs, and whilst it was painful and my heart was breaking, I again assumed that he was stressed, that he wouldn’t do it again.

But it became a recurring thing, if I wasn’t home on time he’d throw me across the room, push me down the stairs. Kyle stopped me from going to the gym, made sure to buy clothes which covered up the damage he caused, dictated when he wanted me, call my work and tell them I was sick so that he could keep me by his side all day. Kyle would call me at any hour and if I didn’t pick up then he would come and find me, he ruled my life, I couldn’t do anything. If I even muttered a word of it to anyone he’d find out and do it again. At first I was still able to go to the gym, it didn’t hurt that much but I just wore long sleeved shirts instead of sports bras, but the worse it got, the more it restricted my movement. Kyle took pleasure in breaking ribs by kicking me or punching me, he would smash glasses over my skin and get all of his frustrations out before throwing me a towel to clean myself up with. I was so afraid that he’d find me if I left, he knew where all of my friends lived, I had nowhere to go where he wouldn’t find me. I couldn’t leave him, I tried and it ended up with letters of abuse, silent phone calls, and two broken ribs once he found me. It was impossible to escape and I couldn’t tell a soul about how I was feeling, I felt like I was drowning and no matter how hard I tried to swim to the surface, it wouldn’t work. It was suffocating me, I felt like he was the master and I was the puppet.

I don’t know how to feel, while I’m so grateful that you guys came to help me, I can’t help but be scared once he realises what I’ve done. How can you protect me from a man who is hell bent on destroying me?

Steve’s eyes were filled with unshed tears as she told her story, not once did she look at him during it, afraid of what expression would face her if she did. There was an all-consuming rage building in his gut, it was uncontrollable and vengeful, it was pure and filled with fire as his sadness turned to anger, “I’m going to kill that motherfucker,” he seethed as he stood up, grabbing his jacket and sliding it onto his arms, “Where does he work, Lyla?”

Lyla knew better than to stop him, standing up herself and pulling her sneakers on, “I’m not going to stop you, but if you’re going then so am I,” Steve gave her a wary look and began to refuse, but she held her hand up and silenced him, “No Steve, I’m coming, you can’t stop me, okay?” With a sigh of disapproval he nodded.

“Where?” he repeated as they left the room, moving through the Avengers lounge quickly and with determination.

A voice stopped them, “There’s my favourite girl,” it chimed as the owner stood up with open arms, putting them down once he saw her face and then found the look of sheer fury on Steve’s face, “Who are we killing?” Tony asked as himself, Bucky and Sam and stood up and made their way over to them.

Steve smirked, “A guy called Kyle Peterson, you know him?” Tony clenched his jaw and nodded, “Where does he work, Lyla?” Steve asked for the third time.

Lyla looked straight into his eyes, “235 Madison Avenue,” Steve nodded stiffly as he headed to the elevator, three males following him with Lyla in tow, walking behind Bucky who held back to stay close to her, “You can’t just walk in there and punch his lights out,” Lyla stated, earning a groan from Tony and angry glances from Steve and Sam, Bucky stayed neutral, “What? You think that entering a private building with the intent to hurt the best lawyer in the state is just going to work out fine?” Lyla asked with disbelief, “Kyle is devious and manipulative, he has the DA on his side, there’s no way you can just walk in there and beat him up without him coming after you,” Steve attempted to interject but failed when Bucky spoke up first.

“Listen to her guys, Lyla knows this prick better than all of us, maybe we should hold off and wait until he comes to us?-”

“Which he will, he won’t stop until he’s found me,” The five all shared a look with one another, Lyla’s eyes plead with Steve to think the scenario through logically.

Steve hisses and shakes his head, “Fine, we’ll wait until he comes to us,” he pauses and wraps an arm around Lyla’s shoulder, “And when he does, I’ll fucking destroy him.”

Tony gasps, his hand over his mouth as he looks across at Steve with disbelief, “Did- did you just swear?” Lyla and Sam share a look before giggling profusely, Bucky shakes his head with a smirk as he allows Lyla to lean into his side. Steve scoffs before pressing the button to head back up to the main floor, “Jackass.”

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“everything the light touches is something the survey corps will someday explore, nanaba.”

“what about that big hairy monkey over there?”

“what big hairy mon–”


juniperuniverse  asked:

What made you fall in love with tony? Like wat made it be finalized that "yup he's my baby I must protect son"

(I’mma post this publicly because I think people should see it. If you want me to take it down shoot me a message tho okay?)

Honestly? The first Iron Man was when it happened. I was ten/eleven when we sent troops to Afghanistan. My cousin was over there. I was terrified. And it comforted me to know that Tony Stark wanted to protect American troops. Like when he realized his weapons were in the hands of terrorists? He was honestly horrified. That’s not what he created the weapons for. They were protect American Soldiers, the people on the ground and risking their lives every day. And he immediately tried to to rectify that.

Now, I’m a little uncomfortable with how willing Tony is to kill terrorists considering he hated having to kill people in the comics, but 9/11 was still fresh in my mind, even seven years later, so I found that justifiable. In fact, this is probably going to be something that sticks with me until the day I die. (I also had a cousin in the Pentagon. He didn’t work that day, but I spent the entire day terrified until we got a call from my uncle that my cousin was okay.)

Then Tony shut down weapons productions. A lot of people were angry, but again, he was doing it to keep soldiers safe, so no more of his weapons could be used against them, and that was something I could understand. “These can’t be used to hurt our soldiers if they don’t exist.” Even if he planned on reopening weapons production, he’d need to plug all the leaks first, right?

Maybe I fell in love with Tony because I have family in the military (more have joined since then, in the Navy and the Army). Maybe I was just in the right stage of life where I saw this and thought, “This character embodies my feelings on the war. I want my family to be safe, but I wish there wasn’t a war at all.”

But mostly, I look at Tony and see a man who realizes he has made mistakes, and he takes responsibility. No one has to tell him he has to take responsibility. No one has to make him guilty. Tony sees his mistakes, and is guilty, and takes responsibility, and you know what? The thing I love most is that Tony can say he’s sorry and mean it every single time. I feel like the same cannot be said for some Marvel characters.

14-15/05/17 || I had a bit of a freak out earlier this afternoon and made a very dramatic post about how I’m feeling anxious and about how I’ll probably fail, but Tumblr is against me lately so it didn’t actually post it, which is probably for the better because I was really stressed in that moment. Not that I’m not stressed right now, I still am but I’m trying to make something productive out of it and study study study for this exam. My exam is in exactly a week time and I am indeed worried, I still have loads to read and memorize, I hope I’ll be able to do everything in time for next Monday. 

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #144 - Coraline

Spoilers below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: No.

Format: Blu-ray

1) Director Henry Selick is probably best known for his work as director on The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I personally think (and this may be considered blasphemy) that Coraline is his magnum opus. More on that coming up.

2) In both horror and animation, a well done score can boost the tone of the film remarkably. And composer Bruno Coulais is able to turn in a score notable for its subtlety and tone boosting. It is able to be ominous, child like, fantastical, and creepy all at the same time. That is actually a perfect way of describing this film.

3) Animation fans with eagle eyes will notice that the movers in the beginning in the film are the “Ranft Brothers”. Joe Ranft was a legendary animator, known mostly for his work at Pixar until his tragic death. His brother is a noteworthy animator too, Jerome Ranft. The movers are animated in the likenesses of the brothers (you even get a glance at a name tag reading “Jerome”), with Joe being the mover who gets the crummy tip and Jerome Ranft voicing his counterpart.

4) Dakota Fanning as Coraline Jones.

Originally posted by black-rabbit-in-winter

Coraline is not your typical animated heroine, which is exactly why she is such an amazing character. She’s a bit of a snot actually. She’s bratty, shown to be mean, overdramatic, sarcastic, winey, and it is all amazing! Because she’s not ONLY those things! She’s also fun, intelligent, clever, imaginative and adventurous. For most of the film she is at odds with her parents but she risks her film for them because, well, they’re her parents! The best way to describe Coraline is as a kid. An honest portrayal of a kid! Not totally one thing or another and not nearly as oblivious as some people may expect. Dakota Fanning (who was attached to the role when the film was meant to be live action even) is perfect in the part, able to portray all of Coraline’s qualities with wonderful ease while totally losing herself in the role. Coraline is the title character which means we - as the audience - NEED to be invested in her for this film to be any good. And the filmmakers did an excellent job making sure we were just that: invested.


Coraline [after seeing The Cat]: “Not talking, huh?”

Originally posted by wish-for-the-moon

6) This film is a little more adult than your typical animated fare, something which is established pretty early when Coraline refers to Wybie as her stalker. It is a decision in tone and content which works wonderfully for the film.

7) Wybie.

Originally posted by bluebomb29

We don’t get to see much of Wybie in the film. Well, that’s not entirely true. We don’t get to see much of Wybie compared to CORALINE, who is the lead and is therefore in every scene except for the one that plays during the opening credits. But in the time we see him it is very clear that this is the neighborhood weird kid. And it’s done accurately too! He’s not the butt of any joke, he’s not someone who’s supposed to be a creep or a plot device. Just like Coraline, he’s an honest representation of the kids out in the world who are sort of strange.

8) Dang, Coraline can be mean!

Coraline [after someone calls for Wyborne ‘Wybie’s’ name]: “Oh I definitely heard someone, Why Were You Born.”

Like, sure the dude is sorta weird, but he’s been pretty nice so far. But that’s part of Coraline’s character, and we see that side of her go on a bit of a transformation throughout the film.

9) Film is first and foremost a visual way of storytelling and animation can do that better than live action can if done right. Through animation you are able to portray the character of things (not just your characters but places and items) through design. Through your visuals. Take this film for example: the real world is marked by a more subdued color palette and look. Everything - including Coraline’s parents - look grey, tired, and worn down. Something which creates an immediate visual conflict through Coraline, who from the very start gives off these incredible vibrant and lively colors. It is a visual conflict which is reflective of a textual one that works wonders for the film.

Originally posted by rippedheartsandbrokendreams

10) It would have been easy to make Coraline a total brat and her parents good parents who try their hardest, but Mom and Dad aren’t perfect either. Mom particularly shows us where Coraline got her attitude, sarcasm, and occasional brattiness from (and I know “brat” has negative connotations to it but I love Coraline so when I call her a “brat” I’m doing so with love because that trait is something I think is a great writing decision for her character). It also gets to the idea that a friend of mine told me once: parents are just kids who have kids. Parents don’t know what they’re doing when they have kids, they’re making it up as they go along. Which means they’re not perfect. They can get tired and impatient and mean too, and showing that in this film continues its honesty streak. That honesty - in relationships in characters - is what helps make it so great.

11) I can’t IMAGINE what animating the tunnel sequence was like.

Originally posted by bitemytonguedarling

I mean stop motion animation is moving something a tiny bit, then taking a picture. And you repeat that process over and over again with puppets until you have a moving image like this one. So the tunnel on its own - with the lighting and the fabric - must have been a pain to animate. But then Coraline walking through it? And jostling it around, but the animators have to make sure that jostling is perfect in every frame? I do NOT have the patience for stop motion animation, I tell you. Or the fingers. I don’t have delicate fingers.

12) The Other World.

Originally posted by disneyskellington

Going with the idea of visual conflict, there is immediately more of a peace between Coraline’s vibrant colors and the creative rainbow like Other World she finds herself in. This resolves most of the visual conflict ON THE SURFACE, but everywhere there are these black buttons. These little dark specs that just liter the world in hard to see places, things which can easily get lost in the magic of it all but are always there. Hiding in plain sight.

The Other World - both in its dream and nightmare phases - show off Selick’s wild imagination. The best animation directors have a penchant for imaginative visuals, using the medium to do things live action couldn’t (something I observed in my The Book of Life post back in November). Selick as not only animator but production designer on this film is able to create some wonderful and memorable images of dream like fantasy which makes the transition to nightmarish scenes in the back half of the film all the more powerful. It is truly wonderful.

13) According to IMDb:

The band They Might Be Giants wrote 10 songs for the movie, but a change in tone from a musical to a darker production meant that all but one was cut; a scene in which Coraline’s other father sings along with a piano features John Linnell’s voice. The band has said they will release the other songs created for the movie in other projects, including albums.

Originally posted by captainestablishment-blog-blog

14) It is worth noting that the initial dinner Coraline has with her Other Parents is more of a Norman Rockwell, classic/idyllic image than her dinner at home (in both the food served and the look of the place). This relates to the film’s almost critique (I say almost because I do not know if it was intended, but it very well could have been) on expectations vs reality. How we have let certain fantasies shape our expectations in the real world and if we find something that fits those expectations perfectly it’s probably a lie.

15) Teri Hatcher shines in this film, particularly as Other Mother. There are three sort of phases to her performance as Other Mother which I will discuss individually as they occur. The first of these is the initial encounter with Other Mother. The sweet sing-song tones filled with love and warmth which can trick someone into thinking its honesty but when you listen there is DEFINITELY something false about it. A faux kindness which can catch you off guard. No one is really that kind, that nice. That’s the face you put on for company when it’s over and not one you can sustain forever.

Originally posted by disneyskellington

16) Ian McShane as Mr. Bobinsky.

I observed in my recap for the Selick directed The Nightmare Before Christmas that the film was able to create unique characterizations within seconds of introducing us to said characters which lasted consistently throughout the rest of the film. In this film - especially with Coraline’s neighbors - the same holds true. We are able to get a sense of what kind of fun weirdo Mr. Bobinsky is within seconds of meeting him, someone who’s a bit of a nut but also a generally nice guy, and that lasts through the end of the film. Ian McShane does a wonderful job as Bobinsky and out of the three neighbors (Bobinksy and the two actresses), Bobinsky is my personal favorite.

It is also worth observing Bobinsky’s character design here. As I said before, animation tells you a lot through its visuals about a character. Small elements in Bobinsky’s design make him a bit more human than say your average Prince Charming or seven dwarfs. The ratty shirt, the unkempt body hair, the big gut. All of it gives Bobinsky not only a sense of character but a sense of realism, as life is not always as pretty as we expect. This plays DIRECTLY into Other Bobinsky’s appearances, notably how he is better dressed AND his torso is upside down. Instead of having a large stomach, he has a large chest suggesting strength. THAT is your fairytale version of Bobinsky right there and - like everything else in the Other World - it’s a lie.

Originally posted by fuckyesanimatedgifs

17) Similarly, the two actress neighbors of Miriam Forcible and April Spink are established as weird but lovable dog ladies as soon as we meet them.

I mentioned before how this film plays with the ideas of expectations vs reality, and that becomes pretty clear after we meet Coraline’s neighbors. This is not some fairytale for Coraline. In a fairytale Mr. Bobinsky would run an incredible jumping mouse circus, not be a vaguely crazy man trying to create a jumping mouse circus (I say with love). And the pair of Miriam and April would be elegant world famous actresses, not two washed up has-beens (I say with love). But you know what? This is EXACTLY what they are in the Other World! The fairytale versions of themselves that is meant to be exactly what Coraline wants. And just like the change in design for Bobinsky in the Other World, Miriam and April get similar beautifications.

Originally posted by hrmphfft

Now they’re as pretty as any fairytale princess with a waistline to match, because that’s the “better” version of this isn’t it? Except it’s not real. It’s a lie, meant to entrap you and keep you from having a good REAL life. I sort of love that about this film.


Coraline [after Other Mother asks her to get her father]: “You mean my other father?”

Other Mother: “You’re better father, dear.”

Originally posted by gif-007

Red flag! Red flag! That’s a creepy thing to say Other Mother! (It is also here when we start noticing the fakeness of Other Mother’s nice voice.)

19) I keep mentioning how you can detect a slight hint of fakeness in Other Mother’s face. The hint is not so slight in Other Father’s voice. There’s nothing real there, nothing honest. Just fake honey that’s meant to entice Coraline. And I think that’s because Other Mother is the mastermind and she’s making Other Father BE like that. It’s a nice choice on the part of the filmmakers and actor John Hodgman I think.


Other Mother [about Other ‘Silent’ Wybie]: “I thought you’d like him more if he spoke a little less. So I fixed him.”

Originally posted by gif-007

If anyone says they “fixed” a person, turn around and run like crazy away. That’s creepy.

21) Hmm, wonder which of her parents Coraline takes after…

Mom: “I did not call [Mr. Bobinsky] crazy, Coraline. He’s drunk.”

22) The. Freaking. CAT!!!!

Originally posted by aditlovesosweet

Can I just say first and foremost: I love Keith David. Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog is my favorite Disney villain of all time in no small part because of Keith David’s voice over work as the character. And his role as The Cat is just as good. I love The Cat, which is saying a lot because I’m a dog person. David is able to work with the writing and make the character both wise and mischievous but in a unique, dark, sarcastic way. He’s also the first hint of trouble and the only character other than Coraline to travel between worlds. The animators do an excellent job making sure The Cat’s characterization is clear and consistent, even when he can’t speak in the real world. He’s an excellent addition to the film and a wonderful companion to our hero.

23) Everything gets real freaky real fast.

Originally posted by somethingstirringonhalloween

Originally posted by heckyescoraline-blog

Right after Other Mother asks to put buttons in Coraline’s eyes (or, more accurately, REPLACE her eyes with buttons) this film turns into a horror film. Full on Stephen King, Poltergeist, “Stranger Things” horror! (Not that I’ve seen or read any of those things because I scare too easily.) And it is born not from jump scares or gore but from tone. The atmosphere becomes notably chilly and ominous and everything just becomes so FREAKY. THAT is why I think this is Henry Selick’s magnum opus. Because he can be as scary as he want to be!

24) For me, one of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when Coraline walks around Other World.

Originally posted by filmvisionary

The simple decision to have her walk through a white abyss then find herself back in the Other World the Other Mother created just really works for me. It’s a simple yet elegant concept.

25) Other Mother’s truer form (her true form comes later).

Originally posted by disneyskellington

This is when Teri Hatcher and Other Mother start really shining as villains. There is still an attempt to be motherly, to be warm, but the creepy factor is turned up. There’s a sick playfulness there at times as well as terrifying anger. But this form is most marked by the cold reservedness. The chilling tones the Other Mother uses when taking to Coraline about the game they’re going to play. It’s crazy freaky and I love it for that!

26) There is no scene quite as haunting or quite as sad as when Coraline talks with the ghost kids.

Through its use of haunting visuals, eerie sound design, excellent writing, and top notch voice acting from the child actors, this one scene tells you perfectly what exactly the stakes are for this film. What exactly will happen to Coraline if she can’t succeed. And it’s terrifying.

27) I did not remember this line from before and the way Coraline describes the ghost kids to Wybie had me laughing my butt off.

Coraline [about the doll]: “It used to look like this pioneer girl, then Huck Finn Junior, then this ‘Little Rascals’ chick with hair ribbons…”

I don’t know why, but something about hearing her call the kid, “Huck Finn Junior,” is just wildly funny to me.

28) The entire idea of the eyes of the dead children being hidden in the “three wonders” Other Mother crafted for Coraline is not only an excellent way of juxtaposing some of the dream like imagery from earlier with its now nightmarish quality, but it also gives plot relevance to scenes which could have easily just been entertaining and excellent eye candy (Bobinsky’s circus, the garden, and the theater scene). It helps push the writing of this film from good to great.

29) So Coraline thinks she has lost her game with Other Mother and she’s going to end up like the ghost children, when a dead rat with the last eye falls in front of her and The Cat shows up.

The Cat: “I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t like rats at the best of times.”

Coraline: “You may have mentioned it.”

I love these guys.

30) Can we just take a second to appreciate how incredibly frightening Other Mother’s true form is?

Originally posted by callerofthecrows

Teri Hatcher gets to totally let lose as an actress with this final form of the Other Mother. There’s no more fake niceness, no more hiding, no more tricks. Just sheer, terrifying villainy in all its glory. It’s so creepy and evil and I love it!

Originally posted by frankensteinsbrides

31) If you’re ever in a jam with a homicidal maniac, just do what Coraline did:

Throw a cat at the homicidal maniac.

Originally posted by halloweenmagick

32) I find the web that Coraline falls into with Other Mother perhaps the most frightening visual of the whole film. I love it.

Originally posted by horsesaround

But the way Other Mother shouts after Coraline makes her way through the door is almost equally as terrifying to me. Just the desperation and madness in her voice gives me chills.

Other Mother: “Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I’ll die without you!”

33) It is a classic rule of suspense, an almost Hitchcockian rule (although I don’t think he invented it), that the story is never over when you think it is.

Originally posted by un-cadaver-en-el-armario

The entire final “battle” with Other Mother’s disembodied hand, how it drags Coraline away, how Wybie has to come and save the day but it still keeps going, is all a great final horror movie moment. Just the creeping crawly uncatchable-ness of a spider and how you have to work really hard to squash it. I love that.

34) The final scene of the film resolves the visual conflict Coraline was having with the real world. Everything - hear parents, the neighbors, the flowers - is a bit brighter. A bit closer to her but not so perfectly as the Other World. Things are resolved, but everything is still in the real world. Everything is still honest and it may not be perfect, but it is a happy ending.

Originally posted by a-ripley

It has been a while since I’ve watched Coraline so in all honesty I forgot how good it was. It is an excellent piece of not only animated filmmaking but filmmaking period. The visuals and imagination is incredible, it is truly frightening at times through its use of atmosphere and (again) the visuals at hand, the writing is top notch - ESPECIALLY when it comes to our titular lead - and the voice acting is there to match (Hatcher and Fanning being the clear standouts). It is an incredible film I think everyone should see. It’s just that good.

A Devotional For Your Career:
Working hard to be successful at something is no easy task, but when you know WHY you’re aiming for what you’re aiming for, your perspective changes and you begin to realize that you’re not in your daily battles alone. Wherever you are right now and whatever you’re doing with your life, it all needs to come back to this: why are you doing what you do? Who are you doing it for?

As followers of Christ, this is why we do what we do: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” - Colossians 3:23

Of course we go to school and work so that we can be able to earn a living, but there is no amount of money or earthly success in the world that can fill us up the way the Lord fills our souls through salvation in Jesus Christ!

Hold onto this when:
1. You’re faced with pressure from family members to pick a certain career
2. You’re really good at doing something, but you do don’t enjoy it
3. You’re applying and interviewing for jobs but not getting anywhere
4. You’re financially strapped and need to find a better route
5. You’re content/loving your job but you want to improve in your skills and efficiency

As you pray about where the Lord would have you to be, pray this prayer:

“Dear God,
Wherever You will have me to go, I will go.
Why? Because I know Who I am doing this for…and it’s You. My education, my career, and everything else I have worked for in my life is a product only of the hands that You have provided for me to work with. And for that, I thank you. Strengthen my heart, my mind, and my soul as I prepare to make decisions that affect my finances, where I work, and how I live. Open my eyes to be more like You on this journey, that I may go out of my way to love and serve others no matter my job description. When I’m faced with big decisions, remind me that You’ve got my back and You always have, and You will always lead me right where I need to be.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Words by Morgan Harper-Nichols for #QWCDevos

Download a FREE printable of this prayer at qwcdevos.com/downloads!

I’m just laying in bed scrolling through my ship tags and all these antis have me like.

Who hurt you?

What level of PETTY do you have to be to act like that?

I am just confused lol like how about doing something productive with your life, like reading a book, going outside, exercising, riding a bike, idk NOT BITCH ABOUT A SHIP THAT YOU DONT LIKE?

Why are you wasting all of your pettiness and insults on something as small as a ship?And something that you claim you don’t like..? Why are you paying so much attention to a ship you hate and the people who ship it. Use that anger for something that actually matters in life. Or maybe learn how to tag your posts properly.

Sincerely, someone who has lost their shit because they can’t peacefully scroll through their ship tags.

Originally posted by gif-007

The Self Care Woman

“When we force ourselves to take care of ourselves we stop hating ourselves. The negative thoughts and bad decisions lessen and the anxiety begins to turn into ease and joyfulness and our confidence and perception of life begins to grow outward.” x Princess Nokia👑

🌹check with yourself. Ask your self .. How am I feeling today? Be honest. Then figure out what you can do to help you feel better.

For example, today I felt really anxious. Like really anxious.. I woke up worrying. And I then had a beautiful talk with one of my sister women and realized I need to stop and regroup. So I decided to clean my physical space to clear my emotional and spiritual space. I am seeking clarity at this moment.

🌹listen to something empowering

Right now, I’m listening to Princess Nokia’s podcast on sound cloud. It’s helping me to clear my mental space of worries and add productive thoughts and feelings of being an empowered woman that deserves the world.

🌹take a bath

Listennnnn, these baths have been getting my life lately. That’s probably what I am about to do after I finish cleaning my room. (Oh yes I def need to. Start getting my ass ready and clear for this new moon)

🌹reprogram your thoughts, feelings, crystals, vibrations, your space, all dat.

It’s nothing like a spring cleaning of everything. I try to do it everyday honestly because I always seek being clear. I don’t like being uneasy and anxious. I literally get in a state of not being able to function. So I need to be as clear as I can. And my environment needs to be as well. I have hella crystals with different energies and intentions. I might want to re program them so there aren’t a whole bunch of energies bouncing around at once. Decluttering your space also helps. Does everything around you have a purpose? It might be time to let go of some things.

🌹take out time for yourself

In order to do all of these things you need to create time. Whether it’s 5mins of yoga or meditation to calm yourself or an hour of cleaning or cleansing yourself. You are more important then anything else in this world. You matter. So don’t create the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse because you should always have time for yourself my love. You matter.

🌹set intentions

Be clear about what you want in life. Be really clear. A lot of the times we don’t even know what we want and don’t really take the time out to think about it. Or at least I do. I don’t even sit with myself and say where am I trying to go. What is the essence of why I want this thing.

🌹be patient with yourself

The more patient you are the more productive you are. If you are mad at yourself or angry.. You won’t get much work done. But if you understand these things take time. You are literally unlearning a lot of the programming you have been taught and re programming what you actually want. So give yourself time and patience and love.

These are just a couple of tips I have picked up and needed to hear today.

Sending our source energy and light to anyone that reads this.


Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson talk beard

Charlie “I showed up with a rather lovely looking beard and then Rob showed up and said: "Ha ha, yeah, that’s a lovely little beard….Lovely LITTLE beard, because he had this magnificent creation.”

Rob: “It did get a little too much and I did feel like I was very much part of the beard-gang which I didn’t really want to be part of, so I had to get rid of it then.”

Tom Holland talking about bugs all over the floor and having to lie down on it.

More stories from the cast about filming of The Lost City of Z  from Variety:

Pattinson, who plays Fawcett’s aide-de-camp Henry Costin, discussed what it was like to shoot in the jungle. “After the first week when we realized it’s basically going to be a tropical thunderstorm at 3:30 p.m. every single day, it was kind of easy to go with it because it was pretty consistent weather — just not a lot of time to shoot anything,” Pattinson said. “But I find that anything that makes it easier to not act at all makes it way easier. We were just in a raft on the river and the only difference was there was a camera there; I thought it was very satisfying and fun.”

Holland, who plays Fawcett’s eldest son, Jack, shared some anecdotes from that same jungle shoot. “One of the funniest moments was when the howler monkeys decided to throw feces at us, because that’s what they do,” Holland recalled. “It was disgusting, but also hilarious.”

Hunnam, who had an insect crawl into his ear at one point in the jungle shoot, still loved his time on set. “I’m a great lover of the outdoors so any time I can be, like in our film, spending enormous amounts of time in the Highlands of Scotland and Snowdonia National Park and then in Colombia,” Hunnam said. “Any time I can be outside and away from big groups of people, I’m at my happiest.”

More stories from the cast about filming of The Lost City of Z from ET

Sienna Miller “He (Charlie Hunnam) was very method in an amazingly impressive way…He was starving himself half the time, he didn’t speak to his [girlfriend] at all, and she’s amazing. But he really buried himself into it and he has an intensity and I think it really resonates in the film but we had a lovely time because our dynamic in the film is lovely.”

Charlie “It’s nice actually to come out of that fog of the production and see that he (Robert Pattinson) is a lovely guy, I can actually enjoy having a drink with him now and a hang. There was something really exciting about the idea of not knowing someone, just letting a relationship exist exclusively on the screen and so I had decided that I wanted to do that, but sometimes that can be alienating, and put another actor off of their work and I don’t want to be that selfish. I mean, I’ll be selfish in my personal life, but I got on and I started playing this game with Rob and he just started playing it right back. I think we both really understood what we were doing and there was no real contention or beef between us, that we were just playing the game.”                                        

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I Hate My Life.

I’ve spoken with many people who tell me this and I ask them - Can you do something about it? If they say yes then I have to tell them - it’s simply a matter of either committing to making it better or they can keep complaining. Complaining breeds more of what you already have.

If you have the time to complain - you have the time to put in the work necessary to change your situation for the better. Do something productive with the time you have, or watch your life pass you by amidst all of the thousands of complaints you have about it.

I used to be a degenerate and found myself in the company of others who were like me. Most of us complained about the way things were but continued to act in this way even though we knew it wasn’t serving us. This is one of the highest forms of ignorance.

First I’d like you to acknowledge why you think your life sucks - identify whoever and whatever it is and ask yourself if you want them to be in your future. If they are making you miserable right now - they aren’t going to miraculously stop later on.

You must hold yourself accountable for the way you feel - you must be the one to decide to better for yourself. This is called becoming the creator of your own reality - as opposed to being a victim of circumstance. The latter is where the complainers find themselves because they are unwilling to change.

Realise that YOU and you alone have the power to change your life, no one else can do it for you. No one else is going to act in your best interests for you, it is unfair for you to expect this of anyone except yourself. Be selfish when it comes to how you want to feel.

You create your reality - create a better one for yourself.

Peace & positive vibes.

4kidztv  asked:

OK I'll take the bait -- how fucked up is Kavinsky REALLY? I'm expecting at least an 5 on the Richter scale of heartbreak.

Okay, I’ll take the bait back, because I’m young and crotchety.

Note, spoilers for Dream Thieves will abound.





Readers can interpret the events of the book in all sorts of ways, obviously, but here are things that happen canonically in The Dream Thieves:

  • Kavinsky drugs his mother without her knowledge
  • Kavinsky pursues Ronan with multiple text messages and gifts that indicate he has observed Ronan closely — i.e., copies of bracelets Ronan always wears and Ronan’s driver’s license
  • Kavinsky generally calls Ronan either gay or a girl
  • Kavinsky is seen once with a girl, who he calls “bitch”
  • Kavinsky has at least one dead companion who he dreamed a perfectly obedient replacement for — it is heavily implied that Kavinsky was somehow responsible for the guy’s death.
  • Kavinsky claims to have killed his own father (but this is debatable, as Kavinsky clearly is a liar)
  • Kavinsky tries to get Ronan to give up his friends
  • Kavinsky touches Ronan’s head, taps Ronan’s teeth with a pen, leaves stuff at Ronan’s home when he knows he won’t be there
  • Kavinsky gives Ronan a drug that renders Ronan immobile and barely conscious and then, while Ronan is helpless — and only then — sensually touches Ronan’s body (Ronan tells himself this might be a dream)
  • Ronan tells Kavinsky that they will never be an item, but Kavinsky keeps texting him
  • Kavinsky tells Ronan that consent is overrated (which echoes him continuously stepping into Ronan’s space without permission)
  • Kavinsky ultimately grows frustrated that Ronan will not give in, kidnaps Ronan’s brother, drugs him, and stuffs him in the trunk of a car to provoke a reaction from Ronan.

Here are other things that are canonical:

  • Kavinsky is a scary, terrible predator
  • Kavinsky has a very logical backstory that leads him to this place
  • Kavinsky chooses to be led to this place

Here are other, other things, also canonical:

  • Kavinsky can pull things from his dreams, has an absent (possibly dead) father, and an absent (largely useless) mother
  • Ronan can pull things from his dreams, has an absent (definitely dead) father, and an absent (largely useless) mother

I very much enjoyed writing Kavinsky — as a character, he challenged and delighted me. And I really wanted him to challenge and delight readers. One of the main ideas I’m exploring as I write the Raven Cycle is the question: how much are you a product of your upbringing? And can you overcome the terrible parts of it to become something better? All of the characters engage with these questions, which I find fiendishly interesting in real life. Kavinsky and Ronan both get the same set of circumstances and handle them in very different ways. It’s a choice.

So do I like Kavinsky? Out of all the characters I have ever written, he is one of my favorites.* Top four, probably. Or five, since four is an ugly number. But he’s a terrible person, more terrible because he chose it every. step. of. the. way. A logical backstory is not justification for trampling over consent, for kidnapping, for harassment.

Otherwise Adam would be justified in hitting Blue when he was angry, because he was hit by his father.

Kavinsky’s scale on the Richter scale of heartbreak? I’ll give him a solid 9, where 10 = absolutely zero evidence of desire to change.

These are all of my thoughts on Kavinsky. Your mileage may vary.

*ETA: I mean, people: I painted my car like his.

Author Self Fic Rec

This was one of the hardest things ever! Two of my favorite people, @suddenclarityharry and @dimpled-halo tagged me to talk about my five favorite fics that I have written so far! And it’s really difficult when I have so many, but oh boy… Here goes. 

5. Monday Meetings. This was my very first fic in the fandom, so it holds a lot of special memories for me. It was the first thing I started writing only a few weeks after I started reading fan fiction and also the first story I’ve ever completed. I have a lot of original things on my computer, but nothing ever came of those. MM was actually finished and I got a lot of wonderful comments on it, even though I really had no idea what I was doing, lol. This (plus the sequel, Wednesday Edits) are the only fics that I have in a series right now, but hopefully that changes one day!

4. I Can’t Say Goodbye (Are There Windows in Heaven?). Definitely one of my lesser known fics. This was written at a time when I was just really struggling with a lot of emotional issues and was just really critical of religion and God and everything (not that I was a super believe before, but, you know… I was worse at this stage of life). So it was helpful for me to have a way to channel that emotion into something productive. And I got a few comments saying that my fic was helpful to other people, so that makes it even better. 

3. Like to Keep You Laughing. My first ace fic! I loved writing this fic, because it required a lot of research into asexuality and aromanticism. This is also one of my few fics that doesn’t have any actual smut, and it took until writing this to realize that people actually do read your fics if they don’t have smut, but are written well (up until then I had seen otherwise). I’m just so proud of this fic because I’ve received so many comments on it from people on the ace/aro spectrum saying how accurate it was and how the fic perfectly described their own emotions. And that really meant a lot. I also just love the characters in this fic and would love to return to this verse one day. 

2. Bye Bye’s Are Not For Legends (I’m Forever Young). Another of my lesser known fics, this was a first for a lot of reasons - first superhero fic, first supernatural fic, first chaptered fic I’d ever written all at once, first fic with fight scenes, first fic with another spoken language in it… and a few others that i can’t think of right now. This fic was so much fun to write, and I got to be really creative with it. I got to read all about the four horsemen of the apocalypse and figure out who in OT4 would be each, which was surprisingly easy. I got to research other countries and different landmarks there, and the history of certain countries. Of course, my obsessive nature took over and I overanalyzed a lot, but it came out so well and I’m so proud of it! 

1. Branching Out. I always say this fic is my favorite, but I really do think it’s the one that I go back and reread the most. I don’t read the whole fic over again, because that would take me forever, but just certain scenes and chapters of it. It’s probably the most original fic I’ve ever written and definitely the most complicated. It was the first fic I wrote that included flashbacks, and that’s something that I still use in fics today. It has all kinds of drama, and it’s one of the only fics I’ve written where you really need to read the tags. And there was a lot of controversy surrounding it, but I’m over it now. It’s been two years since I finished it, believe it or not. And I still love it. 

Honorable mention definitely goes to my most popular fic, the lube fic, A Match Made in Aisle Three (Everybody Cut Footloose). This was probably the first time that one of my fics was really recced on Tumblr. MM had some success on different pages, but Aisle Three really sort of took over a lot of blogs at the same time, and I was not used to that, haha. 

So many people have already done this, but I’m going to tag @becomeawendybird @jaerie and @100percentsassy to do this if they would like! Also, @letsjustsee and @hrrytomlinson, even though you don’t have five fics on AO3, I’m still tagging you, if you just want to rank your fics in order? Or favorite chapters or something? I don’t know! No one should feel obligated to do so. And anyone else who would like to do this, of course! <3

Yahoo Movies exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson by Kevin Polowy

How familiar were you with the source material for Lost City of Z? Had you read David Grann’s book?

Yeah, James gave me the book when it was a totally different script. Or I may have read it long before there was even a script at all. I think at the time he was thinking about me to play Percy’s son. Because I must’ve only been about 21. And then I just kind of stayed with it as time went on, and it went through all these different casts. [Laughs]

It sounds like the script changed a lot through the years. What were the biggest changes made over time?

When I first read it, it was a straight action movie, like Indiana Jones. It was this rip-roaring adventure movie, and not this kind of epic, elegant saga that takes place over 30 years.

Costin is a much more minor character in the book. What did you build off of to shape him?

Well, I always thought with Percy’s character it would be a good idea to have a foil. I always interpreted Percy’s character as this man determined to fix the reputation that he thinks he’s deserved, and which his father has ruined for him. … He keeps going back to the jungle again and again and again, just to fix this insecurity. So I liked the idea of Costin being this character who basically had a total disregard for the English aristocracy or any kind of social climbing whatsoever. So he didn’t really want to bring anything back from the jungle, anyway. The entire point for him was just to go because he had nothing to live for in England.

How much information was out there about the real guy? Any sense of his military career?

Well, Costin in reality was a refrigerator salesman. There was an advert in the Times of London saying, “Adventurers Wanted.” That’s actually how he got the job. [Laughs] He was one of the only people who applied for it. But he was in the army — he was a physical fitness instructor. But really, I liked the craziness of just applying to be an adventurer.

You rock some pretty rad facial hair in this movie. Did that look grow on you — pun intended — or did you not care for it?

By the end, I was definitely over it. But at least when you’re shooting a movie with your face covered, there’s very little makeup to be done. It was definitely a “Get out of bed and that’s it” situation. That helped in the middle of the jungle.

You’ve played lead roles, you’ve taken supporting parts — this is more of a supporting role in an ensemble. Do you have a preference these days?

There are certain directors I just really want to work with, and you bring what you can to a part. But in some ways it’s kind of nice [to play a supporting role]. It is a little bit liberating because you don’t have to concentrate on the narrative thrust of the story. You’re just purely thinking about character and just embellishing it a little bit. But with this, I would’ve played any part in it, pretty much.

Costin has some great lines in this movie. I think one of my favorites is when you say to Hunnam, “We’re too British for this jungle.” Did you guys feel out of your element filming in the jungles of Colombia?

No, I really loved it. I guess in some ways, it was kind of hard. But it’s just incredible, going to work every day in a little boat, going up river in the middle of virgin jungle in Colombia. It was very, very close to being on vacation, to be honest. [Laughs]

But the type of vacation where you couldn’t eat anything?

Well, yeah. There’s a certain degree of harshness, and we were trying to lose as much as weight as possible in a really short period of time. So I guess there’s that element to it. But there’s a reason those guys wanted to keep going back as well. It’s amazing.

Do you consider yourself pretty adventurous? Could your relate to that thirst for exploration?

Yeah, definitely. I do sometimes find myself gravitating toward a job just because it’s shooting out in the middle of nowhere. If I’m shooting in a city, generally it can become a repetitive scenario. If you have anyone taking pictures on their phones, it just constantly reminds you of the reality of your life. And I find it becomes a little more difficult. Whereas if you’re out in the jungle and everyone is on the same page as you, you just sort of believe in character a little bit more.

What is your own personal Amazonian adventure? What is the biggest risk you’ve taken in your career so far?

I don’t know: I’ve done things which I thought were going to be really risky, which ended up not being risky at all. I generally try to keep finding ways to push the envelope as much as I can, and whenever I get the opportunity to do it, I generally try to take it. But I don’t really worry about taking risks, to be honest.

What’s something you thought was risky that ended up not being so?

I did this movie years ago called Bel Ami, which was at the height of all the Twilight stuff. It was this Guy de Maupassant novel about a guy who seduces women specifically to screw them out of their money and ruin their lives. I thought that was a relatively subversive choice to make at the time. [Laughs] And no one really seemed to think the same thing.

What is your relationship with your Twilight fan base these days? Has the madness that surrounded your life calmed down at all?

It’s definitely calmed down in terms of my everyday life, but mainly because I spend more time in London, which is totally different. And I’m doing more parts that just sort of interest me, while in a lot of ways taking a little bit of a step back just to learn and get better. I guess I’ve never really acknowledged what the fan base is, or even if I have one. [Laughs]

Oh, you have one.

But, yeah, I’m always pretty curious about what people say afterward, and who turns up, who likes the movie. It’s always kind of random. But I love it when someone who you just really wouldn’t expect says, “Oh, I liked you in this.”

What films have been most unexpected?

It’s always just really strange. I’ve done a bunch of movies which I thought might’ve been impossible to be seen. There was this film Little Ashes, where I played Salvador Dalí, from years and years ago, and just the other day I was walking down the street and somebody came up and said, “Oh, that’s my favorite film!” You kind of forget that people even watch your films. [Laughs]

What do you think of all the universe building that is going on in Hollywood right now and the possibility that they could reboot Twilight and expand its world? Could you ever see yourself playing Edward Cullen again?

Really, they’re expanding it? So I’ll get my own spin-off? [Laughs]

Potentially! It could be called Edward: Homecoming.

Yeah, exactly.

But would you ever dip back in if the opportunity presented itself?

I mean, I’m always kind of curious. Anything where there’s a mass audience — or seemingly an audience for it — I always like the idea of subverting people’s expectations. So there could be some radical way of doing it, which could be quite fun. It’s always difficult when there’s no source material. But, yeah, I’m always curious.

What type of role haven’t you been offered yet that you’re eager for?

I sort of, to a fault, rely a little bit too much on being inspired by things that land on my doorstep. I literally just did this movie called Good Time, which I think is a really interesting role. But I would’ve never, ever predicted that I would’ve liked it. [Pattinson plays a New York bank robber running from the police.] I think that he’s basically the embodiment of an angry commenter on the Internet.

That sounds great.

Well, if you watch the movie you’ll probably be like, “Huh? What are you talking about?” But one of my favorite things to do — this is quite embarrassing — but you know how when you look on Amazon and you see a product that’s got a consumer review that is so scathing, on like an electric toothbrush or something? Like, literally buying this toothbrush has ruined this person’s life. I always click on that person’s buying history, or their other reviews, and I’ll just read them for days and days. And I’m really amused. These people just have to vent this kind of furious anger on product reviews. I’ve always found that sort of character really interesting. [Laughs]


“The Lost City of Z”, opens today April 14 2017 in NY and LA, with a wider release on Friday, April 21.

I’m trying to get my life together and do something productive so I’m having driving lessons and I swear traffic lights are my new number one enemies.