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Easter Pick-Me-Ups

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut, (i think that’s it), maybe some light swearing???

Summary: Dean’s been feeling crappy as of late. Some vamps dented Baby, broke her windows, and slashed her tires, not to mention the fact that Dean lost two shoes( from different pairs too.) Y/N sees this and, being the good girlfriend she is, decides to help him out a bit by dressing cute and doing some cute things for easter.

A/N: heyyo this is for Elsie’s @sleepywinchester easter challenge. Let’s pretend that I’m not 3 days late. Sorry bub, I had so much hw and it’s end of year tests. I’ve literally had the blurb for this written for over a month but i didNT HAVE TIME TO WRITE💔💔. I considered posting the blurb but I felt like that was a cheat so here we are, 3 days late but hey, better late than never right? This was gonna be a full smut but I felt awk so I couldn’t do it :-( Hope ya’ll enjoy anyways!

To put it frankly, the past two weeks have sucked for me. A lot.

The ‘hellish period’, as I decided to call it, started on a hunt. When we got to our motel in some small town in Nevada that I already forgot the name of, I noticed that I only had five shoes, total. Meaning I had lost one of them. The next day, I had four, but only one full matching pair. After that annoyance, came the actual case. It wasn’t even anything difficult either; just some vamps, nothing major; a milk run, really. Or it was supposed to be a milk run but all of a sudden there’s way more vamps than we thought, and we all have this brilliant plan to take cover in Baby, and then it really went downhill. Grimacing at the broken window of my car, I scratched the back of my neck and tried to think up a way to fix her. So far all the dents and slashed tires are gone but the window— that might take a few more days to get done.

I sighed, running a hand down my face, and decided to take a break from it, leaving to get a beer. Once I exited the garage, the smell of food slapped me in the face and my stomach growled to remind me that I haven’t eaten in a few hours. Making my way to the kitchen, I figured it was Y/N cooking since Sammy was out.

“Hey, Y/N are you-” I stopped in my tracks upon seeing her, wearing a pair of loose athletic shorts and my Zeppelin shirt. That’s not what got me though. What got me were the pastel pink bunny ears she was wearing, along with the pie she was taking out of the oven. She turned to me, a smile lighting up her face, eyes sparkling.

“Hey, De!” She exclaimed, rushing towards me. My eyes racked her body, focusing on how those shorts made her thick thighs look so damn good and the way that my shirt clung to her chest, making her curves more prominent. That’s one thing I loved about her, her curves and the way she had all those little stretch marks on her body. I licked my lips, putting my hand on her hip and pulling her towards me.

“You made pie?” I asked, eyes staring into hers, trying to control myself from the swell of emotions that I felt, knowing that she most likely made that for me. She nodded, long hair flowing into her face. I knew she’d been meaning to get that cut, but we’d been working cases nonstop for weeks so she hadn’t gotten the chance yet. A small blush spread to her cheeks as she spoke.

“I know the past few weeks haven’t been the easiest for you, and knowing you, easter is not on your radar… but I thought it would be a good excuse to eat sweets and do some fun things so-” She cut herself off, shrugging lightly. My heart swelled at her words, head tilting towards hers to plant our lips together. Instead of deepening it like I wanted, she pulled away, a childish grin lighting up her face.

“Oh, no. What are you planning?” I teased, knowing what that look meant. She pulled away from my hand.

“I hid easter eggs!” She practically squealed, jumping up and down a bit in excitement. I rolled my eyes.

“Sweetheart, we’re not five anymore.”

“So? C'mon De, you know you wanna!” She said, dodging around my grabbing hands to roam around in the library, looking for eggs, I guess.

“Hey, wait, that’s not fair you’re cheating!” I called, deciding to play along with her. Her laugh sounded through the halls, making me smile by default. Trailing after her, like some lovesick puppy, I noticed her trying to reach a blue egg up on the top shelf. I reached over her and grabbed it, hiding it behind my back when she tried to take it back.

“Deeaaaaaann!” She pouted, crossing her arms. I laughed,

I laughed, “Nope this ones mine, sweetheart. I got it fair and square.” Spotting another one in the lamp shade, I grabbed it, holding the two of them up in the air from her. She groaned, jumping to try and grab them, making me laugh fondly at how funny she looked hopping around in her bunny ears.

A ding sounded throughout the bunker, making Y/N’s head snap towards the kitchen. Abandoning her previous quest of trying to grab my eggs, she bounded away again, making me furrow my brows at her.

“Y/N what else are you-” My breath caught as I walked into the kitchen, seeing her pull out some burger patties from the oven. She grinned at me again.

“Uhm, I kinda thought it would take more than pie to cheer you up about baby so I thought I’d make some burgers too.” She said, scratching her neck, a habit she picked up from me, no doubt.

I stared at her in awe as she got the burger buns out of the cupboard, having to stand on her tiptoes to reach. The action made her shirt ride up and damn I might have to let her keep that one. The bunny ears made her look both innocent and incredibly hot and the fact that she was doing something so nice for me made me think some extremely mushy (but also obscene) thoughts. She turned back around and jumped a bit when she saw that I had not moved, and still stared.

“Uhm… do you wanna eat the food now or..?” She lightly teased, trying to use humor to hide her awkwardness. God she was cute.

A smirk took over my face as I stepped closer to her, arm going around her waist to pull her towards me, our bodies meeting in the middle. I dipped my head down to kiss her.

“Sure, but there’s something else I wanna eat first.”

ghost tae

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  • i have so much hw i hope y'all realize how much i love you
  • i’m giving up my grades for this
  • jk apes is hard to handle i can’t focus i have the worst attention span in the world
  • anyway i’ve said it like twenty times but tae is gonna be a ghost in this au!!
  • mostly bcuz in scooby doo and the ghoul school,,, the ghost in there is so !! cute and bubbly and screams tae and i needed to pay homage to my queen
  • i really like that i can do backstories in this au so let’s get going!
  • the year is long ago in korea
  • things are about to get sad
  • things are hard for taehyung
  • korea is experiencing an industrial revolution which means people are getting off the farms and into the factories
  • taehyung has his own farm, which he inherited from his parents before they passed on
  • but a terrible drought has totally destroyed his crop and winter was harsh and he hardly had enough food to survive
  • he had to take three weeks of fasting to find himself tbh because he was that low on food
  • so when he hears about jobs in the city, he doesn’t really need to think twice about packing up and leaving
  • he knows that how he’s currently living won’t be enough to keep him alive, and so he decides he’s gonna take his chances with the factories
  • the government has really cracked up the factories to be something amazing too, like a really positive environment where people get paid well and treated fairly and everyone is chipper and happy and wonderful!
  • so taehyung packs up his things and he starts off down the long road to the city
  • country taetae has never been to the city before and he’s absolutely amazed at how big everything is!
  • there are so many people like they seriously like ram into him and nearly knock him to his bum but he doesn’t care at all because he’s so overwhelmed by all of them!
  • and the sights and smells too! like there’s food he’s never tasted and he wants to try it all because it smells so good and it makes his mouth water
  • tbh he ends up stealing some off a food cart because he’s so hungry and it smells so good
  • but he’s a little ! because there’s so much smog and garbage and it’s really a suffocating environment
  • tae is still pretty young for factory standards which means that damn a lot of factories want him
  • he’s tall, agile, sharp minded
  • he learns fast and it’s made obvious because he adapts to city life in a matter of days, picking up the slang, and the mannerisms of city goers
  • he knows how to act to and that’s how he lands himself a job actually
  • he shows up to a textile factory one day and it’s a lot of women but he doesn’t care, he needs a job and he needs a job fast
  • and so he goes into the interview and he draws his holey jacket close to his shoulders and he adjusts the cap on his head and he starts the dramatics up pretty quickly
  • he sits down in the chair and sighs loudly and the head of the factory is like why should we hire you
  • taehyung sniffles and takes the cap off his head “sir, you see, it’s my wife back in the countryside. she’s fallen extremely ill sir and i needed the money so we can get her to a doctor-”
  • he chokes on a sob and he sees the the interviewer dab at his eyes with a handkerchief and taehyung knows that he’s got the job
  • except the day he starts to work he really wishes that he didn’t
  • factories are god awful taehyung realizes
  • the second day he’s there, somebody gets their fingers caught in the machinery and it causes a mass panic
  • he works over twelve hours a day, in the dark, in the cold, in the dirt
  • his job specifically is working with the sewing machines because he’s nimble, long fingers, and he has a keen eye for detail
  • he works with a lot of older ladies and they all absolutely adore him they basically have adopted him as their own child
  • but things aren’t good for taehyung
  • he’s used to the fresh country air and light and the factory is bad bad bad bad
  • like his vision starts to go in and out and sometimes he gets serious migraines whenever he steps into the sunlight
  • and whenever he goes to the dingy apartment he shares with like ten other people he immediately collapses on the floor because he has no energy to do anything but sleep anymore
  • he thought that he would at least be better off food wise but he’s lost so much weight that he can see his bones whenever he looks in the mirror
  • things get worse when one day he’s working on a blouse and he starts to cough up blood everywhere
  • the aunties try to cover it up but the overseer comes and gives him a long talking to and a nasty bruise on the cheek
  • but taehyung is making money and even if it’s not a lot of money he’s still making it and he hopes that he will be able to maybe one day he can start a family and have his own house and-
  • but then it happens
  • the factory that taehyung works at does not follow any sort of safety precautions
  • they leave unused scraps of cloth lying in the corner of the room
  • and that’s where the trouble starts
  • the overseer?
  • yah he likes to smoke
  • and one day he disposed his cigarette on the floor, because what’s the harm right?
  • wrong
  • he doesn’t fully extinguish the flame and it catches on those unused scrap piles
  • taehyung is sitting on lunch break when he smells the smoke
  • he races to the back room and half it is eaten away by flames
  • he gags and sputters and he runs back into the main room and screams “fire!”
  • everyone goes into a mass panic because there’s so much cloth and so much wood and dust that the fire spreads faster than anything taehyung has ever seen
  • but he can’t save himself, not when there’s women and children around
  • he starts with the younger kids who shouldn’t even be in there in the first place and he ushers them all outside
  • when he goes back in to get some of the older ladies out, the smoke is so thick he can’t see anything at all
  • he hears them calling out though and he manages to push through the pain in his lungs and the tears streaming down his face to get them outside
  • third trip he doesn’t know who’s still left but he goes back in
  • everything is black
  • the fire is so close it scorches his face and causes him to sob
  • he can’t breathe the smoke is so thick
  • he calls out for anyone but all he can hear is the crackling of wood as beams fall around him
  • he collapses to the ground, eyes shutting slowly
  • the next day, the report is issued across the news
  • taehyung wakes god only knows how much later, feeling a light headed
  • scratch that
  • he feels light entirely
  • and that’s when he realizes, my dear readers, that he is no longer living
  • he wriggles his fingers
  • wriggles his toes
  • blinks a few times
  • he’s unnaturally blue and unnaturally see through
  • oh, and is he floating?
  • taehyung, as a spirit, is connected to the factory by spirit laws but since that places burn down he’s free to wander until he finds a place where he connects to
  • and that’s where you come in
  • taehyung woke up much after the accident and since his body was never found he immediately became a ghost
  • but the poor thing needs a place to stay and by accident, he stumbled across your house
  • he was tired of wandering aimlessly and you had a puppy in your house and that first peaked tae’s interest
  • you were playing music he liked and the whole place smelled like cookies
  • it’s a warm apartment, cozy, just you inside
  • you’re always at school so tae decides that it won’t be that big of an issue if he just stays for like, ever
  • you don’t notice him for a while
  • your slippers can never be found in the morning, but hey, maybe the puppy took them!
  • and the water runs sometimes, but you assume that you probably just left it on, right?
  • and so what if the tv is on when you get home, maybe you left it on and just forgot about it!!
  • well my friends, you are wrong
  • okay you are very wrong
  • it’s taehyung
  • he doesn’t think you mind because you never seem to comment on it but soon he gets kinda attached to you
  • whenever you try to skip breakfast, he opens the fridge door to give you a friendly reminder
  • and whenever you’re sleeping past your alarm, he’ll yank the covers off of you
  • he can go completely invisible, and that’s what he’s been doing for the most part but he wonder if he should reveal himself to you sooner or later
  • he does by mistake one day
  • you have a little keyboard in your house, you know the electronic ones that beginning piano students use?
  • you got it for sale really cheap at a garage sale and although you aren’t the most talented you still like to play it from time to time
  • so does taehyung yikes
  • whenever you aren’t home he’ll sit down and play whatever comes to mind, and he isn’t half bad either
  • your dog likes to sit there and listen to him play and bark along
  • one day your classes end early and you come home to hear piano music playing
  • you slowly open the door and see the keys moving up and down, same with the fake foot pedal you had to plug into the keyboard, but there is nobody in sight
  • you do what any normal person would do in that situation and you scream bloody murder
  • the piano playing comes to an abrupt halt
  • taehyung slowly comes into view and you can tell that it’s a young man but you can also tell that man probably isn’t the best word
  • he stares at you and then starts to stammer and as soon as he appeared, he vanishes
  • you can tell he’s moving though because he knocks down the coffee table in the process, can’t blame those long limbs
  • you run to try and follow after him
  • “hey wait a second i don’t wanna hurt you!”
  • slowly, he appears, and he’s standing in front of the kitchen sink, wincing
  • “it’s okay!” you smile slightly “I guess you’re the one who’s been moving everything around yah?”
  • he gives a quick nod and at first you guess he can’t speak but then he says “god im sorry, really, i wont do it again”
  • and you’re shook because he has such a puppy face but his voice is so deep and masculine and wowow that’s nice
  • “no it’s okay, i’ve been meaning to renovate for a while. say, what’s your name?”
  • and so he tells you his story, about the farm, the factory, they way his fate ended up playing out
  • of course you feel bad for him, how could you not? the poor baby is all alone in the world!!
  • so ofc you’re like yah you can stay with me for as long as you need but can you maybe stay in kinda human form??
  • so he does
  • at first it takes some getting used to because he’s there but he also isn’t there like one time you made this god awful pun and he laughed so hard that he threw his head back and it just kinda went through the wall
  • funny thing is though, whenever you go to reach out for him, it’s like you make actual contact with him like you don’t go through him like you can actually hold his hand when you two are watching scary movies
  • your dog absolutely loves him and that’s how you know he’s a good spirit, because your dog will not leave his side
  • tae feels bad for imposing so he tries to help around the house but when he tries to hold the pot of spaghetti it goes through his hands
  • or when he tries to mop he presses to hard down on the floor yah to try and remove the dust that he ends up falling through the floor
  • he still tries though and more than anything he becomes your personal companion!
  • like he stays up with you when you have lots of homework to do
  • he makes sure that you go to bed on time
  • he tells you scary stories when you’re bored too
  • he loves playing the piano for you too!
  • he says these are the greatest hits in the graveyard and then plays stuff like spooky scary skeletons he’s a hot mess
  • but something starts to go wrong
  • you wake up one morning and tae is not hovering over your bed like he usually does, he’s laying there, like actually laying
  • you scream and then he screams and bolts up and successfully manages to fall through the floor
  • when he floats back up he’s staring at you with the most wth look on his face
  • “tae you were actually laying there!?”
  • he laughs “yah so?”
  • and then he thinks about it and his eyes go wide and he holds his arms up and they aren’t as blue as they used to be
  • you guys need an intervention
  • you guys need seokjin
  • you two rush over to the witch’s house and you’re like hello emergency
  • seokjin spins to face you two and he rolls his eyes and tsks “i have customers you know”
  • “BUT I HAVE COLOR AGAIN” tae wails
  • “so?” seojin turns on his heel to grab a tea “it happens sometimes. the love of a human is enough to bring a spirit back to the mortal world”
  • seokjin glances at you accusingly
  • you go bright red and shake your head and start to stammer
  • meanwhile taehyung is staring at you with the most innocent of smiles and he is beaming like actual beaming
  • “wait you LOVE me”
  • “w-well i wouldn't’ say th-that”
  • seokjin rolls his eyes again “okay we get it, you two wanna make out or whatever, get out of my shop, you’re scaring the customers”
  • things are a bit different back home after this
  • tae is always winking at you for everything
  • and also somehow manages to fall through the walls at the most inconvenient of times???
  • “oh wait you’re about to change sorry didn’t realize”
  • “whoa there’s a bubble bath, no fair, i wanna come in!!”
  • and he physically starts to change
  • like one day you cut your finger while trying to cook dinner and you start to tear up and tae rushes over and thumbs the tear from your eyes
  • and you pause and take his hand in your and murmur “tae you have heat now”
  • but some things aren’t so cute
  • like the day his legs don’t wanna go ghost anymore and he gets stuck in the wall and you have to call over seokjin and yoongi to try and break him out
  • that day was filled with tears and curses and lots of laughs too
  • seokjin and yoongi were gagging the entire time
  • but one day you wake up and he’s not in bed beside you
  • like sure sometimes he’ll be hovering around or kinda drifting but he’s never not there? that’s not part of his usual routine?
  • you immediately panic and you race out of bed, your hair a mess, drool all over your face, your pajamas wrinkled
  • you get caught up in your blanket and trip but you push yourself up because where is he?!
  • what if something bad happened to him like god was finally like enough time to get off of earth you’ve had your time?
  • what if he was suddenly, somehow disconnected from your house, from you?!
  • you call out his name and search around the house but he isn’t anywhere to be found, not in the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the spare bedroom either
  • you don’t know what to do so you slump down on the floor and hug your knees to your chest because you can’t imagine your life without him no matter how strange and unusual it was
  • it’s like a part of your soul has been taken away and you don’t know what to do about that and so you lay there and you sob and you curse the world for being so cruel because just when everything seemed to be going alright, it all goes downhill
  • “i do love you!” you sob “i was lying when i told seokjin i didn’t!I love you kim taehyung and now it’s too late and i’ve lost you!!”
  • and you’re so busy crying that you don’t realize that taehyung has slipped in, through the front door, your dog trotting in front of him happily
  • he gives you a really confused look and leans down beside you and shakes your shoulders and when you keep crying he sighs and picks you up like you’re a small child or something
  • “did you stub your toe or something again?”
  • you stop crying and blink, and then look up, because standing there is taehyung, in the living flesh, amused smile on his lips
  • “i… i thought you were gone!” you cry, but you start to laugh, because he’s here, and he’s human, and what could be more perfect and-
  • “well our baby had to go to the bathroom so i thought i would take him out so you could sleep in a little bit more?” he tries
  • but he’s distracted because you’re so close and he’s so real and things are so perfect
  • and so he leans down and kisses your lips and he’s so soft and gentle, and maybe even a little scared but that’s okay because you are too
  • he pulls away and he’s so red and it’s so beautiful compared to that somber blue he used to be
  • “i uh…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck “I kinda wanted to do that for a while now…”
  • and you nod and lean up and kiss him again
  • and against his lips you mumble “yah, me too”
  • the end

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Word count: 1241

Warnings: ANGST

Author’s note: Oh yeah I’m trying something new. Different headline same story. I’m so adventurous :D So this is the second part to “Useless” which some of you requested me to do. And even when I’m pretty late I always love to make you happy ♥♥♥ So please leave me some feedback if you could and enjoy of course.

Little sidenote: This is inspired by Labyrith’s “Jealous”. Awesome song!

Useless (part 1)

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Definiton: adjective; Feeling or showing an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages

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Monsta X reaction to them going to the military and asking you to wait for them


“Shownu, that’s so soon?” You say, your obvious sad smile plaster onto your face. Shownu nods, as his heart gets heavier thinking about leaving you for the military.

“You should’ve told me earlier, I would have prepared something for you” You continue to be upset, but couldn’t help feeling the emptiness from not seeing your boyfriend often for about two years.

“You don’t have to prepare me anything,” He replies, his fingers trace onto your face slowly, lovingly. “I just want you to do something for me, please?” His voice sounds insecure, worried.

“What is it?” You ask him, looking at him with concern.

“Can you… wait for me?”

You chuckle hearing his request, that you didn’t even need him to mention about. His eyebrows raise in confusion, seeing your different respond to his question.

“Of course I would wait for you, Shownu” You tell him, your palm goes to hold his. Slowly, you grab his hand and hold it.

“Besides, why would I leave such an amazing person?”


“Wait, what?”

“I’m going to the military”

You frown looking at Wonho who has a small smile on his face. “When are you leaving?” You ask, trying to shake off the sadness from your chest.

“In a few months” He answers, excitedly. You force a smile, it was his decision to go and you have to accept it.

“That’s soon…”

“Well, yes” He says, finally sees your upset look. He tries hold in his tears, by acting happy, but how could he remain happy when his woman is sad? Suddenly he panics, the thought of you being with another man.

“You won’t leave me, right?” He quickly asks as his smile left his face.

“I might”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Yes –”

“You can’t leave me, okay, you have to stay with me –”

You stare at him, shaking your head at your silly boyfriend. “Wonho, I said I was kidding”

“Oh” He laughs awkwardly, “I knew you would wait for me, because I am the best –”

“Don’t make me change my mind, Wonho”


“Military? You?”

“Yes” Minhyuk replies, as he squinted his eyes to your playful tone.

“Are you sure you’re up for that, this early?” You tease him.

“Of course!” He exclaims, a little too loud, making you flinch. “Oops, sorry” He says, lowering his voice.

“I’m going to do very well for you” He tells you, his cheesy smile appears. You roll your eyes playfully, “Should I be happy about this?”

“Of course!” His voice goes loud again, before he says sorry again. “So you better wait for me because I’m going to show you the better me”

“What if I don’t want to wait?”

“W-What?” His eyes widens, before grabbing your arm.

“You have to wait for me!” He pouts, “You can’t leave me”

You smile looking at him, before knocking his head lightly. “Yes, Lee Minhyuk, I will wait for you, even if you finish it in 10 years, I will still wait for you”

He gives a wide smile, hugging you tightly before letting you go.

“What do you mean 10 years? Are you underestimating my strength??”



You hear him humming a yes from his kitchen. You sigh, as you poke your food with the fork. “When will you finish?”

“Around 2 years” He answers, the sound of frying was louder than his sad voice.

“That’s kinda long”

“It’ll pass by fast” He tries to reassure you, as he turns off the gas stove.

“So I guess I won’t be eating your food for two years…” You mumble off. He sits across of you, looking at you eat.

“I didn’t know you like my food that much” His voice changes to overconfident, his smile shows proudness.

“Well, I am getting free food” You joke, making him frown childishly.

“Then if you like the free food, you better wait for two years for it”

You hear his statement, as your lips turn into a teasing smile. “But I can find other people to get free food”

“No, you can’t”

“Why not?”

“You love my food too much” He says. You look at him in disbelief, there was no way to win against him.

“Okay fine, I’ll wait for you because I love your food more”



“You’re going to the military?” You pout, looking at Hyungwon that’s trying to stay positive.

“Be careful, okay?” You tell him, already worried about him. He nods, as he bit his lips. “Stay hydrated too”

He nods again, his fingers fiddling with each other. He seems to want to say something as you look at him more. “Is something wrong, Hyungwon?”

He tries to shake his head, but stops. “Actually…”

“Do you think you can wait for me?”

You pauses, and smile. “Of course”


“Do you not trust me, Chae Hyungwon?” You tilt your head. He waves his hand as a sign of a ‘no’.

“It’s just that… I don’t want you to feel not loved when I’m away because I always want to show you I love you but since two years is a long time…” He mutters off, his eyes look down on the floor.

“Hyungwon, I’ll be fine” You say, “No matter where you are, I’ll always feel your love”


“You’re kidding, right?” You try to force a laugh but gain nothing from Jooheon.

“I should’ve told you earlier, ah – I’m so dumb” He mumble to himself, making you feel bad for doing that to him.

“It’s okay, Jooheon,” You reassure him, “But I’m a little sad” You say, unable to hide your feelings.

“I’m sorry, babe,” He strokes your hair, “I’ll make you happy when I come back, okay?”

“When you come back?”

“Yeah, so you must wait for me” He highlights his ‘must’, bringing you to a cheeky state. “It is kinda long to wait though…” You start off, eyeing him playfully.

He furrows his eyebrows and puts up his index finger up. “Like I said, you must wait for me” He sternly say, before pouting. “Please?” His voice changes to cute.

You chuckle hearing him, “I guess I must wait for you to hear that cute voice again”


“It’s called serving the country”

“It’s called leaving me for two years”

“You can visit me, sometimes… I think?” He says, his serious tone never left him. “Besides, I am not leaving you”

You sigh, “Two years, huh?”

“I think you can survive that, right?”

“I’m not sure, Changkyun”

His lips goes dry, as he blinks repeatingly. “Don’t say that”

“Say what?”

“Indirectly saying you’re going to leave me instead”

You smile quietly, hearing his rare worried voice. “I’m not going to leave you, Changkyun”

“Are you sure because you sound like you were going to leave me” He tells you again, making you roll your eyes.

“Fine, let’s make a bet” You suggest.

“A bet?”


“So what is it?” He asks, confuse at your short reply. You smile, “We’ll think about it after you come back”

“When I come back? You mean –”

“I’ll be waiting for you, Changkyun”

Do you want to make out? (Harry Potter)

Requests: PLSZS Could you please do an imagine where Harry is on his third year at Hogwarts and I’m his best friend and both of us are not permitted to go to Hogsmeade so instead we go to the library and study and he asks me questions on our hws and just please make it fluffy and then admits his feelings? Thank u omygdo

Hello could I please have an Harry x reader imagine it would be like cute and fluffy preferably in 3rd or 4th year. Thanks, Love!


 “I can’t believe your parents didn’t sign your permission slip!” Hermione exclaimed. Since we were now in our third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we were allowed weekend visits to a nearby wizarding village, Hogsmeade.

“Apparently, dying your sisters skin green the day before her choir concert deserves a punishment!” I sighed, dramatically. 

“YOU DID WHAT?” I heard a voice gasp from behind me. I turned to see my two other friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, staring wide eyed.

“She deserved it!” I said quickly, defending myself. “She called me a freak.”

My family always had trouble accepting magic, due to them being muggles, so they tended to treat me differently. They were probably worried I’d transfigure them into mice and feed them to the cat. Pfft, of course I’ve never thought of doing that…

“That’s horrible!” Harry said, the three of them giving me sympathetic looks. “If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t got permission either.”

“Really? I have to spend time with you? Ergh!” I groaned, jokingly earning a smack on the shoulder from Harry. “Okay, okay. I was kidding!”


“For all those of you permitted to attend Hogsmeade, I expect you to be on your absolute best behaviour.” Professor McGonagall warned. “Please note that these trips are a privilege so if any of you choose to cause trouble, that privilege will be taken from you immediately.”

“Those with permission follow me, those without can stay put.” Filch said, grumpily, signally the students forward.

“See you later!” Hermione waved to Harry and I, as her and Ron walked towards Filch. “We’ll buy you loads of sweets from Honeydukes!”

“Bye!” The two of us said, simultaneously.

We stepped back into the warmth of the castle and slowly strolled to the Library where I had agreed to help Harry with his potions essay. Once we reached the familiar surroundings, a huge smile spread across my face. What? I love books! That is how my friendship with Hermione started. Harry and I sat at an empty table in the corner and began writing.

“I don’t understand!” Harry groaned, laying his head on his hands. “What does a bezoar do again?”

“We learnt this in first year, Harry! A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and it is a common antidote for most poisons.”

“Right, I remember now.” He looked up and smiled. “Thanks.”

“Anytime.” I replied, my eyes meeting his sparkling green ones.

Harry’s expression turned flustered as I gazed into his eyes, a smile playing on my lips.

“You have a pretty face.” He muttered without realising. He looked down, groaning as he blushed furiously. I chuckled as my cheeks grew red also. 

“You too.” I replied, mentally face-palming at the lame response.

An awkward tension filled the air as neither of us knew what to say next.

“Do you want to make out?” I blurted out, my eyes widening at the realisation of what had been said.

“What?” Harry questioned, looking gob-smacked. “Did you just-”

“Pfft no,” I mumbled, attempting to hide my face behind my hands. “I never said anything.”

“That’s a shame,” He smirked. “I was excited for a minute.”

“WHAT?” I exclaimed, my cheeks growing hotter by the second.

“Truth is,” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I really like you, Y/N.”

“Really?” My eyes lit up as a smile plastered itself on my face.


I instantly leaned across the table, pressing my lips against his in a short, sweet kiss.

“Hmm, I thought you said make out…”

college taehyung

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  • lmao i’m locked out of the house so i’m sitting in the car and jamming to monsta x and writing this
  • okay okay to the point though!!
  • all his life tae has been excited for college
  • like it’s a privilege to get to go and not many people have that opportunity and he’s so happy that he got a job young and saved up to go to college
  • in high school, he applies for a lot of international schools, and believe it or not, he gets accepted to one in the grand ol USA
  • he’s so excited like when he gets the letter he hugs it to his chest and sobs and he’s just a crying mess for like a week straight and his parents have no idea what to do with him
  • but then he realizes that he’s gonna be leaving his parents and suddenly the week of crying has turned into a month and just stop to picture clingy tae who won’t leave his parents’ aides and literally hugs onto them wherever he goes and they’re like oh my god our baby has reverted to a literal baby
  • ps he video calls them every single day when he gets to college!!
  • okay okay but he eventually goes over to study right?
  • his major is agriculture with a focus in sustainable agriculture
  • and he minors in history because he absolutely loves learning about other cultures and he thinks that there’s so much to learn from the past!!
  • but he soon changes his major to primary education bcuz he loves kids so so so much and he wants to be around them always and be such a bright positive influence on them and seriously help shape future generations for the better
  • but then problems arise
  • change the perspective over to you
  • you kinda keep to yourself in college, have your group of friends, do your work, join a few clubs that interest you
  • but you’re a good student and you’re sweet and kind and one day one of your professors is like hey can i talk to you after class??
  • and you’re like uh yikes but you can’t say no so after class you’re like yah what’s up??
  • and she’s like there’s a new student transferring here and they’re gonna need help around… and you’re so sweet and friendly and a good influence so please will you help him out for a couple of weeks?
  • ofc you say yes like any chance to help someone you’re on board for though you’re a little worried because it’s already like four months into the school year
  • like is this kid a serious slacker who had to change schools cause he was failing?
  • maybe he’s a rich party animal and he got wasted one day and his snobby parents were like lmao time to change schools!!
  • or maybe he got in a fight and now he has to flee to your school
  • you can’t help but think the worst and you go to bed that night feeling absolutely stressed about this new boy
  • the day comes when you gotta meet him though and you’re completely stressed and you’re pulling on the sleeves to your sweater as you walk down to the guidance office
  • you’re so busy stressing you literally slam into someone and topple over because this is apparently a giant you’re dealing with
  • “oh god are you okay?!”
  • the person kneels besides you and you look up into the eyes of an angel
  • he’s bronzed, kissed by the sun, with obviously dyed honey brown hair (but damn he rocks it), and a large, boxy smile
  • he offers you a hand and helps you up and you’re super red because cute boy refuses to drop eye contact with you and your heart is racing and you hope your palms aren’t sweaty or something
  • it’s kinda quiet because he’s so busy staring at you tbh but he finally says “i’m taehyung! i’m the new kid here, i’m supposed to be meeting someone to show me around…?”
  • your eyes widen and you smile a bit and you’re like !! that’s me !!
  • and he just sighs in relief and you notice it’s a rather deep sigh as if he was like anxious or something?
  • you shake it off though and introduce yourself and ask to see his schedule of classes so you can help him around and guess what you guys end up having your sociology class together and you don’t know why but you’re kind of excited about this…
  • like he’s such an innocent angel like have you seen this kid he’s saying hi to dogs as you walk around trying to find his classes like he’s not the bad boy that you thought he was
  • you almost start to forget about asking about why he switched
  • almost
  • you two get closer and closer because even though taehyung knows where he’s going within like a week he doesn’t wanna leave your side and you don’t wanna leave his
  • you two always walk each other to class, and he’ll buy you smoothies every day and you’ll get him coffee and he’ll ask you for homework help and you’ll make him pay you in chocolate bars
  • and he’s such a sweetie like he’s immediately a campus heart throb and so many people swoon over him and he’s too sweet like people will legit like offer to do his hw and buy him sweets and like make him lil love letters and he’s too sweet to turn anyone down so like you’re pretty sure he’s dating like seven hundred kids on campus this poor bean child
  • and one day you guys are chilling at the local cafe and he has hot chocolate (and whipped cream on his nose) and suddenly you’re like?? why would you ever leave your old school you’re literally perfect?
  • and he kinda freezes and glances down at his hands and he doesn’t speak and that’s so upsetting because if tae isn’t talking you know something is up
  • “i um…” he puts his hand on the back of his neck and gives you this sheepish smile “kids weren’t nice to me.”
  • and the way he says that you know that they were more than just “not nice” like you can see it in his eyes and the way his body tenses up and his gaze darts around the room like he’s being hunted or something
  • he sips his drink and kinda mumbles “and i thought it wouldn’t get very bad, but it did… and, and i thought that i could handle it… but i guess i couldn't…”
  • your heart shatters right then and there and you don’t even think about it you grab his hands in yours and you squeeze them as tightly as you can
  • “kim taehyung you are the most perfect, beautiful, angelic human being that has ever walked this planet do you hear me?!” you lean over the table so you can look him in the eye “and if anyone EVER hurts you again, or makes you cry, or upsets you, they’re gonna have to fight me okay they’re gonna have to get through me i’ll fight them and i’ll make sure they never make fun of you again-”
  • he laughs softly and stops your ranting by putting his finger to your lips “hey, it’s okay… i have people who love me now and that’s what matters, yah?”
  • and you guys are so close like you can feel his breath tickling your skin and you’re sure his lips taste like whipped cream and wait are you closing your eyes??
  • but then
  • “tae!! tae-tae!!”
  • taehyung jerks away from you and he’s stammering and he spins around to see who’s calling his name and it’s none other than his roommate, another korean boy by the name of jimin
  • you curse under your breath and quickly pull your phone from your pocket to pretend as if you and taehyung weren’t just about to kiss or anything definitely not
  • you grumble and pout because jimin has completely stolen taehyung’s attention
  • and honestly you had never really thought about taehyung like that, not romantically, but something felt so right about almost kissing him and it felt so natural? and now you’re genuinely upset that jimin has dragged him away
  • you’re confused about your feelings and you’re not thinking straight and so you stand up and shove your chair under the table and grab your stuff
  • “bye taehyung, bye jimin, i’ll see you guys later”
  • and with that you rush out of there and taehyung kinda watches you go and his smile falls
  • jimin quirks his brows and nudges him playfully “what’s that look about?”
  • and taehyung, my small son taehyung, is so open about his feelings and his emotions so he kinda “i think i like them. like the like when you wanna kiss someone’s face and snuggle with them and roll on top of them to keep them warm and maybe kiss some more? you know that feeling huh chim?”
  • and chim kinda !!! “yah sure i guess” as he does that thing where he “looks into the camera” and shakes his head you know how they do on the office?
  • yah that’s jimin
  • okay so i know taehyung like i say it every time but he has such strong emotions like? but he’s also very perceptive and sometimes negative emotions can outweigh the positive ones when you’re designed like that
  • so while he definitely has feelings for you, the guilt of possibly ruining your friendship feel a tidal wave, threatening to drag him under and?? so he doesn’t want to make a mess of things??
  • jimin is actually kinda surprised because i think taehyung would be one to bottle up his deeper emotions like you think you know what’s going on because he’ll say things like “i’m having a great day!” or “i’m just okay, kinda tired, kinda stressed” but that’s just the tip of the iceberg, like nobody ever really knows what he’s actually feeling, not even jimin
  • so when tae says he likes you, jimin knows that there’s so much more running through his mind than he’s letting on, but he doesn’t know what exactly
  • he’s totally gonna be there for tae though no matter what!!
  • except none of them actually know what to do about crushes like neither of them ever dated throughout high school so it’s a mystery
  • tae does what any normal person does and he’s like oops better talk to yoongi about it
  • that’s a bad idea
  • because yoongi is literally sitting there on his bed and he’s surrounded by tasty cake wrappers and he’s snuggling a dog that tae swears that hoseok must’ve smuggled in also yoongi and a dog since when??
  • and tae and jimin are like help we need advICE
  • and yoongi kinda looks at them and proceeds to shove an entire devil dog in his mouth
  • “okay but consider love is stupid and pointless and also makes you spend a lot of cash money and im not a fan you better get over this one taehyung buddy ol’ pal”
  • “um yoongi aren’t you dating someone??”
  • “they’re literally the only exception in the world, sorry taehyung, i don’t make the rules, only my babe is worth it and makes love wonderful and amazing oops”
  • jimin proceeds to drag taehyung away before he actually starts to believe that
  • but over the next few weeks you kinda notice a little bit of a change in taehyung
  • pretty sure if he ever liked someone, they would never be able to tell because he would continue just to be his friendly, bright, cheery self and i see him being touchy with all his friends so it’s not like suddenly there’s a change in that either
  • but jimin told him if he’s actually serious about you, that maybe he needs to start treating you a lil differently!!
  • it’s subtle but it’s there
  • like he’s touchy before but now it’s like fingers brushing over yours or his thigh up against yours when you two are watching a movie together or casually messing with your hair ???
  • like he has no chill still but uh
  • also gets almost shy sometimes?? to which you rest a hand in his forehead because “my tae tae doesn’t get shy”
  • and that makes him more flustered because your hands are all over his face and sides of his neck and he’s like plz spare me
  • okay hold this hit me during ap environmenthell
  • one day you’re chilling in one of your lectures, “paying attention” to your professor and you get a text and you open it and it’s like thirteen selfies of tae being swarmed by small children
  • like one pic a lil girl with pigtails is hanging on his back
  • and another he has twin boys on his lap and one is playing with his hair and the other is trying to grab his phone
  • and there’s one where you can tell he’s lying on the floor but you cannot see anything else because he is smothered by small bean children like all you can make out is his arm sticking from the pile
  • and he captions his masterpiece “hello from my student aiding lecture gone wrong” and he sends like seven hundred two million emojis and like half of them are hearts
  • and you’re like awww cute !! and send him a low key pic of you chillin in class, dying of boredom
  • and he doesn’t respond for a bit and of course you jump to the worst conclusion like wow great i must have burned his eyes out bcuz im so ugly
  • but he sends “all the kids are asking if we’re dating don’t you think that’s so cute?? they say you’re stunning btw, i didn’t even know kindergarteners knew what that word meant, what a world we live in huh?”
  • and you’re spazzing in class because what the actual hell is this kim taehyung you cannot just drop shit like that and you do your best not to throw your phone against the wall because is he playing with you or is he seriously that oblivious to everything in the world??
  • you take a screenshot and you text jimin and you’re like bitch wth is up with your bestie here like you better get a reign on him before i strangle the little brat
  • and of course jimin texts tae like “bro, um they definitely have the hots for you, you better ask them out now before come and steals them away, idk, that older kid namjoon has been chatting them up…”
  • which is a lie because namjoon has one love and that is his books but like hey gotta motivate tae somehow yikes
  • okay so the actual confession part right right
  • gdi im so bad at this
  • oh btw all those cute kids, yah they draw pics of you and tae holding hands and being cute and tae always brings them over for you to see because he’s a sweetie and he likes seeing you all flushed and embarrassed that’s a very important fact that i needed to mention oops
  • okay but tae is like stressing over thos confession right? because he never really dated in high school or anything? and he wants to make his first relationship extra special okay like he has such a big heart that he just wants to make things perfect and wonderful and memorable for your sake
  • but no ideas are coming to him and this is stressing him out because you deserve the world and more but here he is, unsure of what to do
  • dinner dates are so cliche, but he doesn’t want to go overboard either, like roses and chocolates are so cliche
  • he wants something that screams you and him, something that really makes it special for just you two, something nobody will be able to recreate because nobody will ever have the same love you two have??
  • but just his luck, as he’s getting closer to his feelings totally enveloping him whole and eating him alive right, midterms start popping up
  • so guess what, confession goes on the back burner!!
  • like you two still chat but he’s so stressed with everything that legit all you two do is like drink monster mixed with an expresso and then spend the night quizzing each other on definitions and terms
  • he seems like someone who would show his stress really obviously and not be able to bottle things up and it breaks your heart because you cannot bear to see him so frazzled and overworked
  • so you’re like hey i’m gonna do something nice for him, and hell, i’m gonna confess right then and there and if he doesn’t like me, so be it!!
  • jimin is totally in on your plan because yes, bros help bros
  • he’s like he doesn’t eat at all anymore, you should make him his favorite food from back home, his mom gave me the recipe a while ago if you want it!!
  • and you’re like !! um yes plz???
  • and you guys enlist seokjin to come and help oversee all the cooking right and you even convince hoseok to come and help decorate, and that cute freshman jeongguk, he is like i wanna help too!! and he’s the one who distracts tae while you guys transform his dorm into the most calming of places
  • seriously you go out and buy matching snuggies and you get some onesies too in case he prefers and the walmarts is having a sale on furniture and stuff so you get some beanie bags while you’re at it
  • you find all this calming music and you make a playlist of all these nature sounds because you tae is a fan of nature and some of music that you’ve saw on his phone
  • and of course you make him dinner too and you think it actually tastes pretty good!!
  • you even call his parents up and ask them to record a video of all of them to motivate tae and tell him how proud he is of them
  • you’re kinda nervous because you wanna confess too, but his health and wellness is your number one priority
  • anyway the time comes and the others boys have disappeared (…) so it’s just you, chilling on one of the bean bags in your bumble bee onesie
  • and he opens the door and his face is all red and he just lets out this giant sigh and throws his bags to the floor
  • but then he sees you and all the cute decorations and hears the calming music and also sees you, did i mention that?? and it’s like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders and he runs and decks you oh my god, completely tackles you to the ground and will not let go of you, he’s far too happy
  • you laugh and ruffle his hair and tell him that his onesie is on his bed, and that while he’s changing you’ll serve up dinner
  • he changes and you bring some dixie plates full of food over to his bed and plop down, waiting for him to come over
  • he throws himself onto your lap and almost spills the food everywhere im smh
  • he insists that you feed him and every two seconds he says that you’re the best chef that the world has ever witnessed and that you should change your major right away
  • playfully bites your finger at one point and you don’t even care because he’s laughing and you have not seen him laugh in weeks??
  • but then you show him the videos of his his parents and grammy and poppy and he just grows silent and stares down at the screen and before you know what’s happening he’s in tears and you panic because oh my god this was not supposed to happen at all???
  • but he hugs you and buries his face in the crook of your neck and he’s laughing through the tears and he kinda
  • “god i love you so much, what would i do without you?”
  • and after he pulls himself together he immediately proceeds to kiss you long and hard and you can hear this gagging from outside the door and you’re like “wtf tae they were waiting out there… the entire time…”
  • okay but after that you guys are obv official!!
  • he takes you to meet all his kids right away and is like guys btw,,, we’re finally dating,,,
  • and the kids proceed to ask you when you’re gonna get married and if they’re invited and tae laughs at how embarrassed you get
  • always goofing off during sociology and drawing hearts on each other’s papers and being greasy together
  • he lets you wear all his clothes and jimin complains because you have stolen his spot in the dorm and he has to end up crashing with jeongguk half the time now
  • legit voted the cutest couple on campus!!!
  • he’s always showing you off
  • comparing you to ancient people like um btw we learned about this kick butt person in chinese history today, they reminded me of you bcuz you’re both the bomb.com
  • you guys run an animal shelter in his dorm and he calls all your rescues your guys kids
  • always rubs it in yoongi’s face that he found someone super wonderful and perfect and beautiful
  • yoongi is very happy for him
  • all the boys love you and are low key planning your guy’s wedding and betting money on who you guys are gonna name the first kid after,,,
  • cutest couple ever that’s all i gotta say,,,