i have to do a whole song

I’m going. To fucking. Scream.

Someone decided they were fucking fictionkin with one of my OCs. What the everloving fuck? I put a lot of work into all my OCs, but this one I poured my heart and soul into. And this fucker decided to steal my work and pretend to be her. They didn’t even ask to rp as her, which is what they’re really doing. This fucker took my work and claimed they know my character better than I do. They even took key components of her who she is as a person and completely erased them, then acted like they have the authority on her because “they are her.”

While I’m on this rant, the whole fictionkin/otherkin bullshit is really fucking disrespectful to my and a number of other religions. If you were reincarnated from something, it had to have been alive at one point or another. You can’t be a fictional character or an inanimate object or a song or whatever bullshit. Meanwhile, they switch back and forth between “oh boo hoo did I hurt your feelings” and “you hurt my feelings how dare you.” This is not about personal offense. You are appropriating so many cultures and religions with your kin bullshit, and it needs to fucking stop.

If you’re just pretending to be a character or something, just fucking admit it. I don’t care about your fucking coping mechanisms; come up with other ones because that type of dissociation is unhealthy as fuck. If you really think you’re that character, get psychiatric help. Delusions are a symptom of greater mental problems, primarily schizophrenia, and you could end up hurting yourself or someone else.

TL;DR: fictionkin is bullshit, get professional help, leave my OCs the fuck alone

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do you have any guilty pleasures?

sometimes when i’m in the mood i listen to a shitload of 90′s and 00′s pop music cause that was my childhood

and a lot of disney soundtracks

it’s so funny when on a playlist the songs go like this:

  1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  2. Toxic by Britney Spears
  3. Hate Creation by Whitechapel
  4. A Whole New World from Aladdin

I swear some of you just want to turn this place to trash. What’s wrong with having some fucking peace after the holidays? Y’all are crazy. What is with you, newbies? Do you all have a wish to ruin this resort for everyone except yourselves? I understand you’re all upset with the whole ‘no alcohol’ shebang, but Jesus. There’s more to life than tequila. You could at least try to enjoy everything else the resort has to offer before you do some stupid shit like smashing a camera while you try too hard to get everyone revved up and get everything taken away. Chill. Have a Shirley Temple. Record a song, get a tattoo, have sex, whatever. Just don’t get more shit taken from us. You don’t get how much you actually have till it’s gone, and then you’ll all be crying about how Big took your pool away when ‘all you wanted was some fun’. You can have fun without dragging us all down with you when one of you inevitably goes too far. You just got here. Please don’t ruin it for yourself straight away.

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Lipstick or Chapstick: i use more chapstick than lipstick but both honestly 

Last song/music I listened to: girl girls boys by panic!  

Top 3 Shows: mmhm maybe shadowhunters, the flash and skam?? 

Top 3 Characters: this is h a r d well barry allen , even bech næsheim and kara danvers?? maybe

Top 3 Ships: this is harder ng,l meredith and derek from greys anatomy, oliver and felicity from arrow and obv my faves evak 

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[161112] 3RD MUSTER #3 TRANS

Suga: I’ve always been thinking on how to showcase Jimin’s hidden rap skills. And I’ve thought for long before choosing the song (Tony Montana)

Jimin: I keep telling yoongi hyungs that “Hyung, I really can’t do it” but he kept encouraging me

Suga: I really think he can do it well and encourage him to write lyrics, not a whole song but even just a sentence, no, even a word is okay but he refuses to

Jimin: No… writing lyrics is a whole new world and I need practice. But i’ve always wanted to work with Suga hyung and now it came true

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the fact that louis’ first solo song is a tribute to his mother is truly a testament of who he is. he has such a big heart and the love he had for her and his whole family is so overflowing and everlasting. just hold on is him giving hope to his family, instead of immersing in sorrow he focuses on turning a new chapter and growing from the struggles they have to face. he stands strong and will continue to do so, and words will never be enough to express how fucking proud i am of louis. forever and always.

The first open mic was shocking to me. I was wearing jeans and a yellow shirt. It was at the Lilo Lounge. No-one was playing New York anymore then. I had my acoustic guitar. Everybody stopped. It was fucking embarrassing, I couldn’t believe it. It was a rock bar. I didn’t belong there. I sang a ballad, sort of exactly like ‘Video Games’ that I had written with three chords. The whole room stopped fighting and just went silent. They didn’t even clap at the end. It stayed quiet. I said 'thank you’, left my jacket at the bar stool and just ran out of the place. It was an interesting dynamic. I thought if I could just stop people, then that might be enough. Somebody ran out after me and said 'you should come to a night I’m doing next week and play some songs for me.’ I was afraid of everything. If they had laughed at me that night I would have never come back on stage. Ever.
—  Lana Del Rey about her first open mic night in Williamsburg, NY
i would delete your number but i have it memorized like the back of my hand so it wouldn’t do much good when i’m drunk.
i would burn all of my pictures of you but they remind me of the good memories more than the bad ones.
i would stop listening to that song but in my head we’re sitting in the car and your god awful singing drowns out everything else around us.
i would say yes to a date with that boy in my math class but i know i’d just be thinking about our first date the whole time.
i would stop wearing the necklace you gave me but you smiled with your eyes when you gave it to me and thats when i knew i loved you.
i would stop looking for your face in every crowd but you used to always be there when i wanted you to be and it’s still my first instinct.
i would stop writing about you but i need a a way to tell you things without actually telling you.
i would forget about you but it’s almost as if i don’t want to forget about you at all.
—  it’s not that simple, see
  • <p> <b>Friend:</b> Why don't you play some music? Y'know from your phone? It'd be nice to have some music while we do work.<p/><b>Me:</b> Uh. Um. Well. You see. *nervously sweats*<p/><b>Friend:</b> *grabs phone*<p/><b>Phone:</b> *whole bunch of anime OPs and EDs, Character songs, Kagepro music, Honeyworks, Utaites, Neruke, Rock bands from different countries, Kenshi Yonezu, Vocaloids, Undertale Music, Ace Attorney Music, some other trash*<p/><b>Friend:</b> ...<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Friend:</b> Your playlist literally says "Weeabo Trash"<p/><b>Me:</b> It's fittingly titled what's your point?<p/><b>Friend:</b> I'll just... turn on the radio.<p/></p>
wrapped around your finger (vocals removed)
  • wrapped around your finger (vocals removed)
  • 5sos

i wouldn’t normally upload a whole track but i feel like i’m having a religious experience listening to this and need to share, but if u listen closely at around 1:49 - 2:00 ish u can hear the screaming vocals a lil better than in the original version [ i do not own this song, all credits to 5sos and co. ]

{January 2017 challenge!}

Seeing as how we’re only a dozen days away from January, I came up with a January challenge. Publish pics & posts as you follow along! Tag “#AlicesJanuaryChallenge” so I can see everyone’s lovely contributions. (although seeing as how I’m still a relatively young blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing this! :P)

  1. Describe 3 things that will be left behind in 2016.
  2. What are you proud of having accomplished in 2016?
  3. List 5 things you look forward to in 2017.
  4. Remove/unfollow at least one negative person from social media. Why did you choose them?
  5. What 3 people are you thankful for in particular today?
  6. What is something you will try to improve about yourself this year?
  7. What’s something that you’re nervous about regarding 2017?
  8. Doodle a flower–or a whole garden!
  9. List your top five favorite songs of the moment.
  10. What new book are you reading or wanting to read? If you’re not reading it now, when are you going to read it?
  11. How is your New Years resolution going so far? Or do you not have one?
  12. Five ways to win your heart!
  13. Today’s Friday the 13th! Describe an unfortunate or unlucky time in your life from the past 13 months.
  14. One month away–who do you want as your Valentine, and what kind of date do you want to go on?
  15. Elaborate on three things that you like about yourself.
  16. Share a photo, video, or gif that always makes you laugh.
  17. What are your pick-me-up foods and/or drinks? Treat yourself to one of them today.
  18. What 3 things are you thankful to have in particular today?
  19. Treat yourself with yet something else today–candies, a latte, a massage, extra fries, that jacket you’ve been eyeing, anything!
  20. What quote has inspired you recently?
  21. Doodle an octopus.
  22. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. How did the conversation go?
  23. Give somebody a random note of appreciation/gratitude/love. Let’s see it! Upload a pic of the note.
  24. What’s one of your favorite episodes of a favorite TV show?
  25. Show us a picture of something you ate today.
  26. Doodle the weather today.
  27. Name something on your bucket list that you hope to do this year. Plan for it!
  28. Lyrics to a song stuck in your head right now.
  29. What good thing has already happened in the first four weeks of 2017?
  30. Doodle your happy place–real or imaginary!
  31. What are you looking forward to in February?
My friend texted me late one night and was wondering 10 reasons to keep living. This is what I told her.
  • sometimes nights will feel cold and empty when there’s no reason for it. live for these nights. embrace them. dance in them. do what you need to feel complete again, make tea, watch movies, write poetry and wear your prettiest pajamas. and when they are over, rejoice because you made yourself feel whole again. you did that. live for the nights in which you heal yourself.
  • words have more power than you think. they can save you. you need to live to see these beautiful words that will come, and sometimes they’ll come to you in the form of songs or poetry or texts or even the words that come out of your own mouth. live for these words.
  • there’s no such thing as a stupid reason to stay alive. think of these reasons and hold onto them. you want to see the finale of your favorite show? you want to wait for that clothes order to arrive? you want to play your entire volleyball season? and when those little things to look forward to run out, find more. live for the tiny things that make you happy.
  • being “something” is easier than you think. passions come across when you’re not even expecting them. you love morning tea? live for those morning cups of tea. buy a teapot, get yourself a ton of flavors of tea. try every flavor of tea known to humankind. make your own tea. open a tea shop. make a tea kettle. live for your passions.
  • boredom is a dangerous thing. I know sometimes you want to lay in bed and do nothing, and sometimes that helps but more often it doesn’t. a lot of the time staying busy will be the only thing that will help. find those little distractions and live for them. they may seem like chores or busywork but you’ll grow to love them, I promise. paint your nails, try a ton of hairstyles, go through all your drawers and throw out old stuff, do 100 sit ups, spend an hour looking through all your music and create a master playlist of your favorite stuff, research things you’ve always wondered like ‘why do cats have whiskers’, look up motivational videos, watch interviews of your favorite band. you’ll feel productive. do anything to keep your hands and mind busy. live for being busy.
  • self-love is hard to achieve and it’s a lot of work but it’s so wonderful. learn to love yourself. stop rejecting compliments, accept them and maybe you’ll finally come to see them as true. self-love isn’t thinking that you’re perfect, it’s knowing that you’re human and beautiful and you have more prettiness in you than flaws. it’s also knowing that yes, you are beautiful on the outside in your own unique way, but you are more beautiful on the inside than anything. make it your mission to finally recognize that you are a good soccer player, that you have really pretty colored hair, that you are your own worst critic and you are full of stardust and fairy kisses and you can conquer the entire world. live for loving yourself.
  • people are not as fragile as you think. you keep watering yourself down and you’re receiving watered down love. it won’t hurt them if you show your entire self in all it’s glory. it won’t hurt them to tell them what you really think. you are full of comets, stars, galaxies that they should be dying to see. show who you truly are. and if people are too fragile to handle it? leave them. if they can’t handle the complete version of you, the you that makes you happiest, the you you’re not ashamed of, then they don’t deserve you. live for being yourself.
  • we are a flawed, broken people. life doesn’t have a meaning. the universe will end someday. people get sad and hurt every day. these are all things that are true, sad, but true. sometimes we just need to acknowledge that things are true, let ourselves feel what we feel, and move on. live for acknowledgement. but also…
  • we are a flawed, broken people but that makes us all the more beautiful. life doesn’t have a meaning but you can make one for yourself. the universe will end someday so we should make it as beautiful as we can before it leaves. people get sad and hurt every day but they get better. live for positivity, live for knowing that you’ll be okay.
  • once in a while it will seem like nothing is going right. it may seem that way right now. but remember that you always, always have someone, in good times and in bad. even if everyone else abandons you, I’ll be here. I will stand by you in your brightest days and your darkest days, in my stormy skies and in my sunshiny afternoons. I will be a shoulder for you to lean on, I will do my best to make you happy when I can and help you when you’re sad. live for the people that love you and make you happy. live for me, and the countless other people that want you to keep walking this beautiful earth. live because there is so much left to see, live because there is too much left to do. live because one day, you’ll be sitting at your kitchen table with sunlight streaming through the window at just the right angle with a cup of coffee and a gentle smile on your face, and you’ll have a wonderful job and a beautiful family and friends that love you with their entire hearts, and you’ll be so, so glad that you stayed alive to witness that very moment.
Epilogue // A Stiles Stilinski Smut

Series: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six

Relationship: Stiles Stilinski x Reader/Stiles Stilinski x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Trespassing Restricted Areas, and Fluff.

Song: Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin

Word Count: 3,057

A/N: Thank you for all of the support, kind messages and new followers. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep writing when I first wrote this little series, but you have all definitely inspired me to keep doing so. Thank you for that! 

“Emma, for the love of God, please tell me where we’re going.” Stiles pleaded in the passenger seat and a smile spread across my lips.

“Stiles, if I told you that, it would defeat the whole purpose of the surprise in a surprise date.” I shook my head at his impatience and chuckled when he whined.

“How long will it take ‘till we get there?” He complained, his entire body facing me.

“About five minutes, babe.” I stated and Stiles smirked, his hand settling on my thigh as he approached me.

“I love it when you call me babe.” Stiles pressed his lips on my neck and smiled against my skin.

I smiled to myself at the memory of when he called me babe for the first time and I was so frightened. Now, we both say to each other constantly. It’s funny how life changes in ways you’d never expect it to.

“Well, I love saying it.” I giggled when he got a grip of my thigh and my entire body shuddered with want.

Stiles’ mouth continued to caress my neck with wet kisses and, even though I was driving, I didn’t mind it. I’m complete putty in his hands and I no longer have any shame in admitting to that. It seems so silly to me, now, just how terrified I was of letting Stiles into my life back then. We’ve been together for a while now and he has kept every single one of his promises he made that night of the bonfire. Stiles slowly broke down my rigid walls without me even feeling it and when he rebuilt them, he added windows to let the sun shine through.

He slowly slid his hand higher on my thigh and below my dress when I was too focused on his delicious assaults on my neck. Stiles’ finger lightly danced on my skin covered in goosebumps, gently stroking and massaging. They were innocent touches, only there with the purpose of creating some sort of contact between us since we find it really hard being separated. But, the way his mouth sucked on my pulse point as he kneaded my thigh had my entire body begging for more. I could already feel my core getting damper than before and I internally scolded myself for being so weak towards Stiles’ fingers.

“Stiles,” I moaned and he smiled against my skin, his teeth nipping my neck. “Please, stop.”

“Now, why would I do that?” He mumbled and his hot breath on my body sent jolts straight to my core, wetness already pooling in my panties.

“Because I’m driving and you make me weak.”

“I make you weak?” Stiles removed his lips and lifted his head to look at me, a smirk planted on his face.

I just nodded and tugged my bottom lip in between my teeth, slightly embarassed. A gleam like no other sparkled in his eyes and he cocked an eyebrow, feeling confident at my latest confession. Stiles took his hand away from me and leaned back in his seat, cockiness radiating off of him.

“Am I sexy to you?” He grinned, his posture mischevious.

“Yes, Stiles.” I chuckled, pulling into the location I wanted to reach. “We’ve been over this more than once. You’re hella sexy.”

Stiles let out a sly little chuckle and I, immediately, laughed at how adorable he was. I turned to gawk at him and he licked his lips, extremely satified with how attracted I am to him.

“I love you, so much.” I smiled, playfully shaking my head and returning my gaze on the dirt road.

“I know.” Stiles smirked and I snorted at his use of a Star Wars quote to answer me.

It was when we reached a NO TRESPASSING sign that Stiles stopped grinning so much and turned to look at me with an intrigued expression. Once I passed right by it, completely ignoring its existence, Stiles snickered.

“Seems about right.” He sassed and I smirked at him.

“Oh, you know how I like my illegal endeavors.” I retorted and Stiles placed his hand back under my dress.

“You and me both, sister.” His mouth returned on my neck and he sent chills up my spine, getting a moan out of me.

Stiles’ hands slid to caress me over the fabric of my panties and he groaned into my skin, my core throbbing at the beautiful sound.

“How is it that you’re already so wet?” He asked and I whimpered when he put more pressure, his fingers now touching my clitoris.

“Remember when I said you’re sexy and make me weak?” I smirked and Stiles laughed, his other hand gripping my thigh.

Stiles slowly pulled aside my panties with his pinky to touch me where I wanted him the most and I spread my legs wider for him before he slipped his middle finger through my slick folds. It was strange to have someone touch me as I drove, but I didn’t push away the idea just yet. I accepted it and was already too excited to feel his finger inside me.

I turned the car towards the entrance I wanted and continued to steer us in the direction of our destination. When Stiles began to gently massage my nub with his finger, I gripped harshly onto the steering wheel and had to try my best to keep from closing my eyes. I seriously do not need to get us into a car accident.

He worked my pleasure, letting it build up before pushing a finger inside of me and I moaned at the feeling of him stretching my walls. It was a slow pace and I bucked my hips against his hand, begging for more friction and he chuckled. Stiles added another finger and increased his pace, my body immediately thanking him for it as I clenched around his fingers.

“Oh, my God.” He grunted, pulling my focus off of this sexual trance and I now noticed that we had arrived.

I put the car in park, but Stiles didn’t stop his movements inside of me. Instead, he pumped deeper inside and worked my clit with his thumb. Taking the keys out of the ignition, I threw them into the cup holder and let my head rest against the seat. The feeling of his fingers smoothly filling me at an incredible pace and depth had my core throb with a desparate need to release.

My orgasm was building up inside of my body already and I could sense my arousal dripping down my inner thigh, ready for all of this to take its next step. I bucked my hips against his hand again and whimpered, letting him know what I needed.

“Do you want to cum?” Stiles smirked, his hot breath whispering in my ear and sending shivers down my body.

I nodded, not even having enough strength to speak, before he placed his lips on mine with a passionate kiss as he added more pressure on my clit and hooked his fingers against my walls. It was exactly what I needed for the knot building inside of me to bind tighter and snap, my release falling over the edge. I shamelessly moaned into his mouth as my eyes rolled to the back of my head and my legs shook uncontrollably.

The feeling of euphoria rushed throughout my entire body and I let myself get consumed by the thrill of it all. I was dimly aware of Stiles retracting his hand from my core, too focused on the high he just gave me.

When I had finally come down from my orgasm, I turned lazily to see Stiles happily licking my juices off his fingers before popping them into his mouth and sucking. The sight alone was enough to spark urge in me again and I opened the door to the driver’s seat without saying a single word.

Stiles’ eyes were on me the entire time as I ran over to his side of the car and pulled the door open. I pushed his fingers out of his mouth and replaced them with my own, kissing him with need and want.

“Take me.” I panted, my breath fanning across his lips and he smiled.

“What about our date?” Stiles smirked, his hands on my waist.

“It can wait.” I shook my head, pulling him out of the car and he chuckled. “I want you, right now.”

“Okay, okay.” He smiled, standing and shutting the door behind him. “I know I’m too sexy to handle. I got you.”

I laughed at this new found sense of confidence in him, but appreciated it anyway. It’s about damn time Stiles knows how fucking hot he is. As I thought about his attractiveness, Stiles turned us around and pinned me up againt the car. Excitement seething in my veins at his sudden act and I noticed the enticing grin on his lips.

He reattached his mouth on mine and gripped my ass, telling me through his actions that I should jump up. Following his request, I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss to plant some wet ones on his neck and Stiles moaned.

Suddenly, he gasped out of nowhere and I looked up to see what was going on. Stiles’ eyes were focused behind us as a huge smile grew on his face. I furrowed my eyebrows at him, completely confused.

“Stiles, why are you-”

He didn’t even let me finish speaking before quickly placing me back on the ground and letting go of me.

“You brought us to a field of flowers?!” Stiles exclaimed and, before I knew it, he ran out towards the field.

I smiled at how happy he looked as he ran around in the flowers and fell down on them, laying in the flowerbed and just enjoying the feeling of nature around him.

Opening the door to the back seat, I grabbed the blanket and picnic basket I brought for our date. After shutting the door again, I walked towards Stiles and he let out a laugh. His eyes sparkling as he watched me approach him.

“Oh, my God!” He shook his head, standing back up to place his hands on my waist. “A picnic on a field of flowers? You are such a cliché romantic type!”

“Oh, shut up.” I blushed, slightly embarassed and Stiles kissed me eagerly at this information.

“I love you, so much.” Stiles stated against my lips, pressing his forehead against mine, and I smirked.

“I know.” I mocked him, pushing myself away from his grasp and he scoffed at me.

I leaned down to place the basket on the ground and spread the blanket on a patch of grass, determined not to ruin any flowers. Laying down on the fabric with a grin on my face, Stiles slowly approached me. Both of our pupils were black with lust when he began taking off his clothes as he walked. The first to go was his shirt, that now lay gently on some flowers. Next, he unlooped his belt and took it off, I bit down on my bottom lip with how turned on I was. Once his pants were on the ground and no longer on him, he came down and hovered his body over mine.

Stiles’ mouth was back on my own and I’ve never felt more at peace than when his lips caressed mine. I smirked against him when a deviant little idea came to mind and I reached up to roll us over. Stiles’ eyes were wide with excitement as I took over and the way he was looking at me made me blush. Running my fingers through his silky hair, I kissed him again. It’s funny how I’ll honestly never get tired of how addictive his lips are.

Stiles’ hands ran down my body before settling under the fabric of my dress and on my ass. I yelped when he squeezed and a dark chuckle escaped his lips. He did it again just to get the same reaction out of me, but this time took the advantage to slip his tongue into my mouth.

I let him be dominant in the kiss as I gently massaged his scalp with my nails. This act seemed to spark something in him because the next thing I know he’s pushing me to sit up and, immediately, removing my dress from my body. Stiles’ lips attached to my neck and his hands reached behind my back to unclasp the hook of my strapless bra. It fell down on the blanket the same time Stiles blew cold air on the spot he was just sucking on. The contrast of hot and cold on my skin making me melt.

Not wanting to let him be in charge anymore, I pushed him back down on the blanket and straddled his hips. He smirked at me once I placed my hands on his broad shoulders and gently grinded our clothed sexes together. I could feel some of my wetness transfer onto his underwear, wetting his bulge in the process and a strangled noise came out from the back of his throat. His hands grabbed onto my hips, moans falling from both of our lips and I couldn’t take this teasing anymore.

Lifting my body off of him so he could take off his boxers and I could take my soaking panties off, I watched him with lust clouding my mind as he slowly pumped his shaft. Our eyes met and I licked my lips at how damn inviting he looked. Stiles’ member was standing straight, begging for attention, as he spread his precum with his thumb. Not being able to wait anymore, I replaced his hands with mine and Stiles smiled at the feeling.

Straddling back over him, I lined his tip with my entrance and slowly slid down on him. My head fell back in pleasure at the feeling of his width stretching my walls. One of Stiles’ hands was on my hip as the other squeezed my thigh, forcing a moan out of me. I created a steady pace and brought my face back to watch Stiles’ reactions.

His eyes were closed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration at the pleasure building inside of him. It was a definitely a sight for sore eyes to see him render himself helpess against my doings. Rolling my hips and grinding our bodies together, I let out a filthy moan and Stiles’ eyes shot open.

He grabbed my hips with both of his hands now and I screamed when he jerked himself up, his dick hitting me in a new angle. Stiles’ groaned at the sight of my breasts bouncing in front of him and my fingers pinching my own nipples as he thrusted roughly, his member deliciously massaging my tight walls. It was enough to get a knot quickly building up in me, my body already begging for release.

Once he created a fast and hard pace that satisfied the both of us, one of his hands came down to rub harshly against my clitoris. My core clenched in response and a shameless scream escaped Stiles’ mouth, goosebumps covering my skin at the sound. I leaned down to kiss him, never letting our speed slow down, and he gladly kissed me right back.

Stiles moved his hands to my thighs, squeezed, and spread them further. This new angle allowed his tip to repeatedly hit my g-spot and was everything I needed to have the knot explode, spreading a mind-blowing orgasm all throughout body. My legs shook and I didn’t even try to hide the embarassing screams escaping my voice along with the sound of his name.

My core clenching around him was exactly what Stiles craved to reach his own release and, even though I was still swimming in my own high, I watched in awe. His back arched and I could feel his penis twitch before releasing his pleasure inside of me, the warm feeling making me moan.

It’s no news that Stiles is a very beautiful man. His gorgeous golden brown eyes, plump lips, adorable freckles painted across his skin like stars, and his jawline that could literally cut someone were a few of the many attractive things about him. But, the thing is, Stiles always looks his best when he’s drowning in an orgasm. His eyes are shut and eyebrows furrowed in satisfaction as his slightly swollen lips part in a breath-taking o-shape, letting out the most beautiful sounds of filthy moans mixed with my name. It never ceases to make me smile.

Once we were both back in reality, I got off of him and layed down on the blanket by his side. Stiles’ hands already wrapping around my naked body, my head resting on his bare chest. I smiled to myself when I noticed we made it just in time for what I wanted us to see the most.

“Look.” I pointed to the sky and Stiles’ gazed up. “The sun’s setting.”

“A picnic over the sunset?” Stiles chuckled lazily, caressing my skin with his fingers. “Could you get more cheesy?”

“Well, I brought a heart-shaped box of chocolates.” I shrugged, smiling, and this time Stiles full on laughed.

“Of course you did.” He scoffed, snuggling me closer into him and I shook my head.

“You’re such an idiot.” I playfully rolled my eyes at the man holding me together.

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.” Stiles smiled proudly, lifting his hands to point to the gold wedding band on his ring finger. “Forever!”

My heart fluttered at the sight before me and it’s funny how he never ceases to make me blush.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I confessed, leaving gentle kisses on his skin at the same time as I kept repeating I love you numerous times.

We watched in awe as the sky changed from the vibrant blue to various different warm tones, pink being the main color. It reminded me of my heart and how warm it is, thanks to the man who has it in his hands. The man who will always have it in his hands.

I bet if someone were to dust my heart for fingerprints, they’d only find his.

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

I was 15 [or] 16 when I released my first record, and I think I had a song called ‘Crush’. Like, what do I know? What do I know about life? By all means, I don’t have life figured out, but I definitely have lived a lot of life. And I still have my moments when I’m insecure, but I feel like I’ve pulled myself up, and this is the best that I’ve ever felt in my whole life. I feel great. I feel confident. I feel comfortable. You’ve got to choose to have a good outlook on life.

B.A.P song asks (≧∇≦)/
  • Fermata: what’s a moment you wish to relive again and again?
  • Bow Wow: time for positivity! State one thing you love about yourself, can be anything :D
  • Unbreakable: are you the type of person to conceal don’t feel or do you prefer to have a good cry?
  • Carnival: if you could travel to another country and attend any event, where and what would it be?
  • Rainsound: list 5 songs from your rainy day playlist
  • I Guess I Need U: what’s your new obsession?
  • Power: do you have any life mottos/quotes you particularly live by?
  • Coffee Shop: next please! What drink would you like?
  • Do What I Feel: are you a straight-forward person or do you keep your opinions mostly to yourself?
  • Monologue: tell me something you are concerned about that the whole world needs to know! SHOUT IT OUT OR FULL CAPS, SAY IT ALL!
  • Bang X2: give me the 3 best songs you whip your hair to
  • Warrior: do you believe that your past experiences have shaped who you are now or did they change you?
  • Be Happy: close your eyes and think of happiness, what’s the first thing you see?
  • That's My Jam: *when new jams come out* do you listen to the same song on a loop or listen to the whole album/ep on repeat?
  • What My Heart Tells Me To Do: what do you REALLY want to do right now?
  • Badman: what's a quality you absolutely despise in people?
  • Voice message: tell me something you wish you did differently **record after the beep**
  • Killer: what/who really has the rhythm of your heart & makes it beat?
  • Back In Time: imagine time travelling is actually possible, which certain era/event in history would you want to experience and why?
  • With You: name something/someone you are thankful for :)

THE MAGIC OF DISNEY  a playlist. This playlist features some of Disney’s most beautiful pieces throughout the decades and serves the purpose of reliving our childhoods (and yes, I have included one song from Tangled). I’ve tried my best to choose the most iconic songs (both instrumental and lyrical, specifically the princesses) so I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do! 

Tracklist: So This Is Love (Cinderella), Tale As Old As Time (Beauty and the Beast), Overture (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), Short Hair (Mulan), Farewell (Pocahontas), Under The Stars (The Lion King), The Second Star To The Right (Peter Pan), Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty), Main Titles (The Little Mermaid), Nemo Egg (Main Title) (Finding Nemo), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Waiting For The Lights (Tangled).

Listen here.

Okay, so I saw the matinee of The Great Comet today (11/12) and I was on a stage seat. It was majestic, but, me, being me, managed to embarrass myself in front of approximately one thousand people and Josh Groban…

…basically, in the beginning of Natasha and the Bolkonskys, Deneé (Natasha) and Gelsey (Mary) take two wooden stools at sit themselves down at a table to do the whole “And from the first glance…” part of the song. And, welp, that table was my table. So I’m sitting there, amazed that they’re standing in front of me, and then I realize Deneé is subtly motioning for me to move over. So I do. But I move the wrong way, apparently, so she really quietly goes like “to the left” and I have to literally lift up my seat and walk over to where she wanted me to go so that the song could, you know, start and everything


Plus I made eye contact with Josh Groban at that exact moment and he kind of just shook his head at me and it was a lot okay. 

Anyway I have a ton of feelings and little things I noticed so please ask me questions about the show I have so much to say. 

Markiplier Community 'Silent Night' Cover!

Credit to @lum1natrix and the lovely anon for the idea!

So, first, we have singers. Myself, @totallynormalmaggie, @fandoms-and-music, @zombii-pandaa, and others (let me know if I missed you or you are interested!) are willing to do vocals! For that, I’m wondering if anyone either wants to do harmonies or sing the whole song and we’ll cut to different people.

Instruments: @darkimooplier is a musician, and plays piano wonderfully! If anyone wants to join her with an instrument, let us know!

Lastly, we need an editor to put this together…sadly, we don’t have anyone yet. If you think you’d be up for it, please let us know ASAP!

Thanks, everyone!

I can be me
  • I can be me
  • Song by: rissa-annnn
  • Fluorite

Fluorite gets her own song!! Created by my talented friend @rissa-annnn! Whole song was made by her, its based off my Gem, fluorite!


In home world everything is a copy;
The same uniform, same colors, same body;
There are rules, lines, and restrictions
There are punishments and inflictions
Everyone’s the same it drove me insane

But here, Earth, it’s something new
I get to choose what I wanna do
And I’m free to be me!

I can run skip jump sing
I can do almost anything
I don’t have to worry about what I say
I can even help save the day!
I’m so happy I can be, me!