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A Shave and A Fishing Trip

Here’s the other smut bribe for @outlanderedandoverhere! Hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also come to the conclusion that @outlandishchridhe is the other half of my brain sometimes. Writing with her is an incredible amount of fun and it’s thanks to her this got finished. Enjoy!

Jamie sighed and looked at the shaving kit beside him. He was tired, but his face itched like he’d been rolling in nettles. The water in the bowl still steamed and he moved to begin the long process of shaving.

“Wait a moment,” came her soft, smooth voice. “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll shave you? You’ve been working all day.”

“Aye, and I smell like it too.”

“You smell far better than some of my patients today. Sit.”

He did, pleased to be off his feet for a moment. Claire went to the basin and began lathering the soap before coating the shave brush in it.

“Off with your shirt. It’s soaked through.”

With a grunt of effort, he pulled his shirt over his head, leaving it in a sweaty pile on the floor. Before she asked, he stripped off his stockings and breeks as well, taking in a great deal of pleasure at being naked. It was much cooler this way, without all that cloth keeping in his body heat.

“My my,” she said with a laugh. “You look like Jemmy does when he runs around without his pants.”

“Well, he is my grandson, so it tracks, aye?”

“Head up.”

Lifting his head, he looked up at her to see her dressed in only her shift. Her hair was plaited neatly over her shoulder, dark against the white linen.

“Have I told ye lately how beautiful ye are, Sassenach?”

With a pleased smile, she soaped his face.

“Not in the last hour or so, no. Why? Am I looking particularly beautiful tonight?”

“Oh aye, verra beautiful in that shift.”

He lifted his chin so she could finish lathering his face. One of his eyes peeked open when he felt something soft against his thighs.

“Ye plan to sit on me while ye shave, do ye?”

“Easier access,” she said, a gleam in her eye.

The cold metal of the razor touched his skin lightly as Claire began to shave him. Her strokes were sure and steady, the hands of a professional. He’d seen her doctor enough people, including himself, enough times to trust her implicitly. All that mattered to him was that she was there, within his reach, not scattered across time. She had made her choice a dozen times over and he would never let her go.


He looked at peace, eyes closed and shaving soap lathered over his sharp jaw. No matter how many times I saw him, his beauty always struck me anew. He was beautiful and he was mine. Gently, I wiped the last smears of soap from his skin before leaning in to kiss him. Though his eyes had been closed, he didn’t seem surprised. I tasted the cheese he’d had with his lunch, and the ale he’d washed it down with.

“Before this goes any further,” he murmured quietly. “Perhaps ye should put the razor down on the table, aye? Wouldna want ye to stick me on accident.”

“What about if I stuck you on purpose?”

“Weel then,” he said, one eye snapping open in amusement. “You’ll have to tell me what I’ve done to deserve such treatment.”

I chuckled quietly, running my fingers through his thick hair. His rough, warm hands slid up my legs, pushing up the hem of my shift.

“Claire,” he breathed. “Do ye ken how much I love ye?”

“Yes,” I answered him, bringing his mouth back to mine. “I do.”

The chair beneath us creaked dangerously as Jamie shifted to be more comfortable. His kisses became more frantic, hungrier. Both hands found my rump and he squeezed, moaning in satisfaction.

“And do you?” I asked, pulling on his hair so he looked up at me. “Do you know how much I love you?”

“Aye, I do, a nighean. Ye traveled two hundred years for me. Twice, though ye didna ken it the first time.”

“We had two children, adopted another out of a French brothel.”

Jamie sat up, pulling me closer to him as my arms moved around his neck.

“We’ve too many grandchildren to count,” he continued. “A beautiful daughter who’s as brilliant as her mam.”

He untied the ribbon at the neck of my shift, pushing it down to puddle about my hips.

“And our first daughter waiting for us,” my voice caught in my throat. “In heaven.”

“Aye,” his own voice cracked. “Our beautiful Faith.”

As our mouths came together again, the chair creaked once more and I felt us falling. Jamie gripped me to him while my arms flailed about to try and catch myself. All I caught was the corner of the small table, bringing it down with us. The bowl hit the ground just after we did, the shaving soap erupting like an explosion.

I felt lobs of it land on me, making me flinch. A large glob landed on on Jamie’s chest as he groaned.

“Christ, Sassenach. That fat arse of yours nearly killed me!”

I glared down at him, dipping my fingers into the soap on his chest.

“Fat arse?”

“Och aye,” he said, patting my bare backside. “Verra fat and verra round. The most perfect arse, I say.”

I couldn’t help my giggle as we moved off the debris of the fallen chair.

“I think you are the most perfect arse right now, my love.”

He shrugged, hands moving up my back, smearing soap over my skin.

“Ye have such soft skin, mo chridhe.”

“And all my teeth.”

I demonstrated the fullness of my teeth by nipping his ear. I kissed him deeply as his hand snuck between us. A knock on our closed (and bolted) door had Jamie grumbling.

“Yes?” I asked, somehow keeping the trembling from my voice.

“We heard a crash,” Briana said. “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes,” I answered, eyes rolling shut as Jamie filled me. “We’re quite all right. Just helping your da shave.”

There was a pause and Jamie’s mouth fell open, releasing a silent moan of pleasure.

“Oh. Oooohhh,” Bree said. “I see. I’ll ah… I’ll just keep the boys downstairs with me, then.”

“That’s a verra good idea, lass,” Jamie said, his voice a little deeper than usual.

I waited until Bree was down the stairs to start moving against him.

“It’s a good thing I finished shaving you already.”

“A-aye. It is.”

Rocking gently back and forth, I let my eyes close and focus only on the feeling of him - of us. He muttered in Gaelic, though I wasn’t paying enough attention to translate. My fingers dug into the muscle of his chest as I rode him. His hips lifted to meet mine with each thrust.

I felt him shift beneath me, but didn’t think anything of it until I was on my back, his thick hair falling down in a curtain. I grunted and bit my lower lip, grinning up at him.

“You’re mine, mo nighean donn,” he said, recalling our time at Leoch.

“Shall I call you master?”

“Aye, if ye like,” he said with a chuckle, lacing his fingers with mine. “Ye could call me laird, or sire…”

He pulled my arms above my head and settled between my legs. We must have made a bit of a sound when he’d rolled us over.


“Behave,” I hissed at my husband. “Yes, darling?”

“Have ye had a fall, Granny?”

Jamie sucked on the bottom of my ear and I did my best not to make a sound.

“No, darling I haven’t. I’m quite alright. Go on downstairs to your mama.”

“Have ye seen granda? He promised to take me fishing today.”

“I’m sure… Jesus H. Christ!” I breathed while Jamie began churning his hips. “I’m sure he’ll be down soon, darling.”

“Aye Granny. Are… Are ye sure you’re no’ hurt?”

Jamie clamped a hand over my mouth briefly.

“Yes,” I said finally. “I’m sure darling.”

Jemmy scampered off and Jamie grinned at me.

“That was very rude,” I said.


“You promised to take him fishing and here you are, with me. Didn’t even tell him you were here.”

He rolled his eyes, bringing his hips down hard as I stifled a moan.

“If I had,” he grunted, moving his hips again, “he’d have found a way to climb in through the window to be sure I’d still take him fishing.”

“That would be… one way… to have that conversation with him,” I responded, breathless.

Jamie stopped moving and stared down at me, incredulous.

“Ye mean Bree’s no’ told him about any o’ this yet?!”

I laughed at his shocked face.

“Not really. Though he’s lived on a farm for some time, now. But, perhaps we can dispense with the talking for a bit, hmm?”

I swayed my hips beneath him, reminding him of his unfinished job, and pulled him down for another scorching kiss.

Grandson forgotten, Jamie returned to me with vigor, still careful to make the least amount of noise possible to avoid any more intrusions.

With each return of his hips to mine, I felt more and more complete. Instead of crying out as I usually would, I moved and lightly bit his neck to stifle the sounds rising from my throat. He groaned in response, pushing harder and faster into me, losing a bit of the control he had as he neared his ending.

“Oh, Jamie,” I moaned softly, feeling him shudder with me as my muscles attempted to pull him in, keep him with me forever.

His body eventually fell slack, near enough to me that I could hold him to my breast still while we floated back down to Earth.

“I should have ye shave me more often, no chridhe, if this is the result I get from it.”

I swatted him lightly across the back of his head, but held him close to me still, laughing softly.

“Maybe you should, then. I can’t say I disagree.”


Minutes or hours could have passed, but eventually we heard Jem’s voice floating through the house and outside, seeking out Jamie again.

“You better go and get him to take him fishing,” I started, poking Jamie around his ribs. “You did promise him after all.”

He groaned, but made no move to get up, rubbing his freshly shaved face into my chest before nipping me softly.

“Aye,” he sighed. “I suppose that I should.”

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be here waiting for you when you return.”

I fluttered my lashes at him as he leaned in to kiss me soundly, cherishing each second we had alone together.

“I’m counting on it, mo graidh.”

Heaving himself off the floor, and taking me with him, he started to dress as I watched the lines of muscle in his back as legs work, covering his beautiful body.

Mine. I thought to myself, noticing a small, red love bite on his neck. He turned when he heard my laughter, but I said nothing, simply reaching up on tiptoe to kiss his face and lips.

“Go on. Go and take our grandson to have fun.”

He kissed me again before going in search of Jem. But I knew as soon as he found him.

“GRANDA! What’s happened to ye? Did the midges find ye and bite ye?!”

“What are ye on about now?” Jamie asked.

“Yer neck, Granda! Ye’ve a bite mark on it!”

I heard Bree laughing downstairs, as I was, and heard Jamie’s loud reply.

“Come on, lad. Let’s go and fish now, aye?”

Shaking my head, I looked out the window of our bedroom, watching Jamie lead Jem to the stream, still chattering away and Jamie unconsciously rubbing at his neck, and smiled. I would never trade any of this life for the world.

And I would definitely be giving Jamie another shave in the future.

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I think you'll find the majority of the fandom is Sam-leaning. The reporting reflects what the majority wants. I'd bet there's a ton of people who positively respond to everything Lynette posts. There's no reason to change when they are getting hits, selling mags, etc. Also your previous anon mentioned marketing but RDM/Starz have no say in marketing - Sony does all paid media.

And what does that say about our community, that we have in Cait/Claire a strong, positive role model that carries herself with poise and dignity and class, is humble, funny and talented and is at the helm of this incredible story and this incredible journey, yet according to you the majority would rather Lynette’s style of shallow, cheapened coverage of Sam? Last I checked, he was more than just eye-candy for the thirsty.

And I just have to respectfully disagree. Sam may have a more… for lack of a better word, overzealous fanbase, but they are first and foremost Sam Heughan fans (regardless of the show). Those that are Outlander fans appreciate Cait/Claire just as much (if not more) than Sam/Jamie. And saying Lynette - who is there to cover OUTLANDER for her respective news outlet - is just giving the masses what they want. No, she isn’t. Just because the same 6-7 people keep replying her with “great job!” in every single tweet, doesn’t reflect where most of us are at right now.

Whoever is behind or has a say in PR/marketing this show is doing a disservice to fans and Cait and Sam. How will he ever be taken seriously in the eyes of the masses/critics if all anyone sees is this beefcake image? How will women in this industry ever be taken seriously if the lead of a show like Outlander isn’t given the time and respect she’s earned and deserves as the lead?

Fun, cute reporting has it’s place for sure! But it goes without saying that it should encompass the entire fandom not be directed to appease just one corner. It’s only that people are finally fed up with how this show is being peddled to audiences - established and new. What is being presented hardly ever reflects what these actors and show are about. Case in point: Last year’s EW cover. As beautiful and sexy as that cover was, it had nothing to do with what season 2 turned out to be.

Perception is a powerful thing. So are assumptions. Assuming the majority want this kind of coverage is simply false. But because most of us have kept silent for a long time, just letting things go, the perception out there now of this fandom is that it’s comprised of this skewed misconception of what we are/want. That now any legit critique/opinion going against that image is seen as unwarranted hate - which it is not.

Look guys, I don’t mean to be harsh or reduce one side’s fanning from another - I’m just tired of having to ask over and over again for something that already should be a given. This fandom is composed of a wide range of intelligent women from millions of different backgrounds, that appreciate the story and actors for millions of different reasons and ways. Promo should reflect that.

Recipe Day - Jamie Benn

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Note: So! When I was in senior kindergarten, we did this thing where everyone in the class wrote their favourite recipe from memory, and all the recipes went in a book, so when I got this request that’s legit all I could think about, so I hope you enjoy Jamie and kids!

Mentions: Tyler Seguin

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes | No

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Teaser: “Mr. Benn said I can’t put sugar in my mashed potatoes!” Your student cried, staring up at you with tears in her eyes while you looked around to see Jamie staring back and laughing.

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Well, for once I disagree with you, I think your summary is too extreme. I agree with Sam that seeing Jamie openly crying in that moment would have been too "theatrical" after we had just seen him crying while kissing Claire. I think they just needed more time during that scene. They didn't spend enough time talking about Brianna. I wish they had included more silly little stories about her to let him know his daughter. It felt rushed but not void of emotions.

I didn’t need tears. All I asked for was a couple of beats before Jamie gushed over Willie, which is a change/reveal I support. Like take a minute to bond over your daughter with your wife. Shifting the focus to Willie so quickly did ruin the emotion of the scene for me. It was abrupt and jarring and the scene was disappointing.

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I'm curious about your views on Ned, because at times it seems like Ned is blamed for everything (including Jamie) and the problematic view Ned should have gotten over it is disturbing. He's a core person in many lives, so I understand holding him to higher/harsher standard than other characters. I'm wondering if are you trying to explain the ripple effects-not necessarily condemning him-or trying to highlight his negative sides to look deeper at what cultivates emotional problems?

I’m not quite sure if you mean that you think I’m too hard on Ned or if you think people generally are too hard on Ned? Like, you can disagree with me about Ned, but you’re asking about positions I don’t take - I don’t “blame him for everything,” believe he should have just gotten over everything, or hold him to a higher standard than other characters, and I don’t think any of those things are particularly prevalent in fandom – but I’ll try and elaborate on what I think and what I’ve noticed in other responses.

I don’t, for example, judge Ned for not having “gotten over” the trauma he experienced during the Rebellion. In a lot of ways, he dealt with it as well as could be reasonably expected. I do, however, judge Ned for his failure to stow that baggage for five or ten minutes a decade in order to give Jon a little bit of peace of mind about his mother. There was no risk or cost to telling Jon the aspects of the truth that would have done the kid the most good – that his mother didn’t abandon him, that she was a good person and she and Ned had cared about each other, and that was why Ned had chosen to claim and raise Jon as his son – except that Ned would’ve had to suck it up and go near a painful topic for the space of a single conversation. That’s cold.

But yes, as you say, I do think it’s worth taking apart how his own character and experiences affected so many other important characters. Looking at Ned from this angle, it does take some direct effort to think critically, because so many of those characters are POVs who can’t know why Ned acted the way he did or understand how those actions affected them. Then there’s the general in-universe hagiography which has built up around The Ned, which does rile up at at least my skepticism.

I do, for example, really reject the in-universe framing of Theon’s situation. You can say that taking Theon hostage is something Ned had to do, given his social context and position (even if other characters who have to do some other awful stuff aren’t let off the hook nearly as often as Ned is). He didn’t have to allow his men to beat Theon. Theon is the only one of the kids that remembers this happening to him, and whether or not he was singled out, there’s a different power dynamic when you’re talking about a hostage. He didn’t have to make Theon carry Ice to watch executions, which is some sick shit to do to a teenager you are holding hostage. But those things did happen, and it says something about Ned that he was completely indifferent to them. (He thinks about Theon exactly twice, and only in context of using Theon against Balon.)

So overall, I think Ned is complicated. He’s lived a complicated life and he reacts to that in a way that strikes me as being pretty true to how people are. He’s overall a sympathetic figure, and he copes with some challenges in ways that I think are better than most people would be able to do. But he also had some serious shortcomings which affected a lot of the people around him. His tendency to stick his head in the sand when it comes to large public sphere conflicts manifests as a streak of callousness he shows toward children in his care, which again, I am not saying is the worst thing ever, but for me personally is jarring. And seeing the character in that light, The Ned’s martyr-hero status can feel a little dissonant.

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The popular bloggers and writes in this fandom has spoken positively to support Jamie andGeneva sex scene so who are you to disagree? You are a nobody. Their opinion is more valued.

This issue has gotten out of control so I’m going to nip it in the bud. 

As far as I know, this fandom is not about a popularity contest between bloggers. This fandom is not about how we should be whipped into subscribing to one viewpoint or be dammed. 

My perspective on the Jamie-Geneva scene has always been constant. I have no love for the plot line as it was written, (however necessary it was to DG) and I have no respect for the adaptation. Zero. It was a completely gratuitous. For a show that prides itself for making sex about intimacy, it failed miserably. If the underlying message is that Jamie is soulless without Claire, it’s not even bittersweet. It might as well be super soft porn with a young girl and a horny, sad groom. Jamie could be a more multilayered tv character if they stuck to the book scene and adapted it to showcase the complex nature of that encounter.

As for the various interpretations out there about the scene, whether it was necessary, empowering, character building, non-controversial adaptation, and etc, all I have to say is bravo for the variety of perspectives people bring to fandom. I am not required to engage every single interpretation. 

You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. As for whose  opinion is more valued, that’s highly subjective. If you prefer other bloggers, why come to mine? There is no reason to spread animosity here. Absolutely none. 

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I hope the production crew start using DG books less and less... For me, after voyager the books lost my interest. Too much about Bree&husband. I don't read or watch Outlander for the sex scenes even though they're nicely done and appropriate to the story. It's the Jamie & Claire relationship I love. That said..I have to admit I've been a little bored with these eps because I miss J&C relationship. I DO think the eps have been well acted & R true to story. It's just like the books, I miss JC

Hiya, Anon! Thanks for stopping by.

I agree, the later books tend to have too much “other” in them. I’m usually not interested in side stories if they don’t directly have to do with Jamie x Claire, Claire, or Jamie. Certain characters especially (*coughwilliamransomcough*) really don’t deserve the chapters they get. Like you, Anon, I came for and stayed for their beautiful relationship. I don’t really need much of anything else to sustain my interest.

It’ll be interesting to see the direction the show decides to go with Season 4 since Drums of Autumn is really the first book where we get chucks of story that don’t have either Claire or Jamie in them. True, Bree’s 20th century storyline is all about her [SPOILER ALERT] eventually traveling to the 18th century, but I honestly hope that can be covered in parts of one or two episodes and the focus stays on 18th Century North Carolina.

I disagree with you, though, about the current season. I haven’t been bored at all, even if I haven’t agreed with all the writers’ choices. This really is shaping up to be one of the best seasons, if only because I feel like Jamie x Claire’s separation is still so much about them, whether they’re physically together or not. AND THE ANTICIPATION. *fans self* Makes it all that much better when they are back together physically… and physically 😏😏😏

If the show does continue after Season 4, they will take creative liberties with the books, if only because I feel it would be a logistical nightmare to maintain 4+ full storylines at once. And now that Fr*nk is finally dead and buried (HASHTAG BLESSED), and that obsession can finally die with him, hopefully the writers and RDM especially can realize what a gold mine they have with Claire and Jamie together, specifically with Caitriona and Sam. To shorten their stories further, or give them less screen time, in order to introduce several different side characters would be a disservice. To the characters, the actors, and the show in general.

Anonymous said to letterstodamie:

When you see how Jamie acts with his wife, cameras present, how could you want Dakota with him? Don’t get me wrong, Jamie and Dakota are just WOW together! But maybe Jamie IS the person we see when he is around AW. If we ALL think he and Dakota should be together (myself included), then what reason would he have to leave his wife? For her, that never works. I think he wants to be more like a Cillian Murphy type than a Ryan Reynolds type.. living quietly with wife vs. living in the public eye.


(Not 100% sure what the first part of your question is. If you’re asking if Jamie really is constantly that nervous and showing no human being affection when he is with Amelia on camera then why would we want someone like him with Dakota?)

“When you see how Jamie acts with his wife, cameras present, how could you want Dakota with him? - But maybe Jamie IS the person we see when he is around AW”  On camera moments with her he is nervous and acts so robotic. Both of them. They always do the classic *turn head, look at each other & laugh - turn straight & have serious face* (the first 3 attempts of hers to look at him always are a failure and she gets pissed because he is looking straight but on the forth he gets the hint 😂), never spontaneous. They never look genuine,well you know the rest. And let me not start on their pap candid pics.

“Jamie and Dakota are just WOW together”. And then you have Jamie with Dakota who like you say are wow together. I won’t even bother mentioning their non red carpet moments, their dynamic during interviews & the level of knowledge they have of each other.. So, red carpets. He is always more comfortable.Their attitude is different, the shy smiles, the whispers, the intense eye contact. There is always something so natural, it just takes a look and they both can sense each other and start smiling, no failed attempts to get each others attention with these two. It all comes naturally and you can feel that.

As you see there is no comparison between them.

So to answer your question, Jamie is not the person he is with Amelia because if that was the case then those moments he is with her would had been the ones feeling natural. If Jamie was the person he is with her then he would never be the person he is with Dakota. He couldn’t do it.
If Jamie was the person he is with Amelia why would he be a complete different person when he’s with Dakota?

“If we ALL think he and Dakota should be together (myself included), then what reason would he have to leave his wife?”

Because people should be with that person who makes them laugh, makes them happy and makes them feel like they belong there and when they feel that they start acting freely and start being themselves? He is attentive, he cares about her, steps in when she feels she’s uncomfortable etc etc She makes him a better and evidently happier man. We only have on camera moments of Jamie with Dakota and the same with him and Amelia. So why would he always be so loving towards Dakota, proving that he is indeed an affectionate man who shows that side of him when he feels the person next to him deserves it, and not do that to Amelia? All is on camera. He doesn’t have any preplanned reason to show indifference towards Amelia & affection towards Dakota. Is just his true feelings coming out. Actually the opposite is something that could and has been asked from him to help stop rumors and as we saw on the last couple of events he and Amelia tried… but he still was affectionate and loving towards Dakota. He is human after all, his true feelings come out, hence why i said above that Jamie is not the person you see with Amelia on camera. If he could “pretend” with Dakota so well to the point they made thousands of people to believe they are together or at least have feelings for each other, then with Amelia it should be a piece of cake and should come natural right? This for the funny people who believe Jamie and Dakota give a show on red carpet and set.

“I think he wants to be more like a Cillian Murphy type than a Ryan Reynolds type.. living quietly with wife vs. living in the public eye”

Couldn’t disagree more. Jamie can say whatever he wants but his actions almost every time show a different story. You are giving Cillian as an example . Cillian doesn’t have a publicist, he did not go after a franchise. He build a career step by step. Jamie did Fifty Shades and knew very well the impact it would have and now he is doing a big production movie which is again part of a franchise. Cillian’s life is quiet, he proves every day that when you actually want you can have privacy and you can indeed protect and not expose your real personal life. You will never see his wife walking the red carpet, she always meets him inside and supports him by watching his movies not by walking the carpet and then leaving.  In what way Ryan Reynolds is more in the public eye than is Jamie? I’m sure Ryan’s pap pics & tabloid pages are equal to those of Jamie. A guy who arrives at an award show or non movie related event (notice : not premiere where pics are required) and waits 5+ minutes in line for his turn to come and pose in front of the photographers is not someone who desperately wants or seeks what Cillian has.

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Give a vote from 1 to 10 to these Feet: Nick Bateman, Jamie Dornan, Stephen Amell, Justin Bieber, Sean O'Pry, Ian Somerhalder

Nick Bateman - 8


Jamie Dornan - 7.5


Stephen Amell - 6


Justin Bieber - 10


Sean O’Pry - 10 


Ian Somerhalder - 8

I don’t have photos of him but click here


Do you agree of disagree lets talk about it!

nothing is lost, only changed

This takes place right after the scene in 02x07 “Faith” where Claire and Jamie agree to return to Scotland 


Jamie’s head had lay in Claire’s lap for some time now - still kneeling before her, his face pressed against her belly, hands tightly gripping her hips, tears soaking the fabric of her gown as she gently rubbed the back of his neck.

So many times she had held him so and he had marveled at the miracle that was - that still was - their daughter. He had never seen her - and had no other way to mourn her.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” The tears were gone from Claire’s voice, and he raised his head, eyes bleary from exhaustion and emotion.

“I think I ruined your dress.”

Her lips curved in a small, tentative smile. “It doesn’t matter. Come.”

He eased back and slowly rose, groaning at the strain and pull of his cramped muscles. Then extended one hand to help Claire rise. She rested her palm in his, and as he pulled her up he brought her knuckles to his lips. And held them there, eyes locked on hers. Watching her. Worshiping her.

She squeezed his fingers and finally he released, heart so full as she led him to their bedroom, helped him sit on the bed, and quickly departed to ask Suzette for a basin of hot water.

Jamie sat in the quiet voluptuousness of the master bedroom, seeing everything as if for the first time.

The heavy draperies. The paintings on the walls. The silver candlestick holders. Claire’s blue dressing gown sloppily thrown over one chair.

This wasn’t his room. This wasn’t his life.

He shifted his feet. His heel felt something solid under the bed. So he knelt, lifted the silk sheet, and saw the box.

The apostle spoons.

His heart clenched, fresh tears welling.

Oh, Claire. Oh, God, Claire.

With trembling hands he gently lifted the box and sank to the bed, carefully opening it on the bedspread.

Twelve spoons to feed a bairn that would never come.

He was no longer angry - no longer vengeful. Because those emotions could so easily mask the one emotion he so desperately did not want to feel.


He had lost so much - so many people - in his life. But why did this loss crack his heart wide open?

The bed sank in front of him. He blinked, looked up, and saw Claire, so heartbreakingly beautiful.

“I couldn’t bear to look at them,” she whispered.

He swallowed. “Aye.” He found what he had been looking for, and gently lifted it from the box.

“I want to leave this for her, when we go visit.” His voice sounded like it was a thousand miles away.

Her fingers were cold as she took the spoon. She squinted at the apostle on top - and Jamie watched her chin tremble.

“How can you transform so much pain into something so…so *sweet*?”

“Because I love you, *mo graidh*. You give me strength to feel what I’m too cowardly to feel on my own.”

He closed the box, gently took the spoon from her hand, and edged closer to her on the bed, framing her face between his hands.

When had she gotten so thin? So pale? He could see almost every vein, every capillary, blood racing beneath her alabaster skin.

“Do ye feel me giving you my strength, Claire?”

She nodded.

“And do ye feel yerself giving your strength to me, then?”

“Yes,” she breathed. “I do.”

A beat. She held his eyes, refusing to blink through the tears - terrified to sever this precious connection.

“This is how we will survive. We are neither of us whole, alone. It’s too much for one person - ”

“But not for two.”

He smiled slowly, sadly, tracing the curve of her lip with his thumb.

“I love you more than anything. You know that, aye?”


She kissed his finger. He bent his forehead to hers. Sharing breath.


When she had finally composed herself, Claire squeezed his hand, rose, and quietly stepped over to her vanity. She pushed away the pots of cosmetics and other fripperies Louise had bestowed on her right after their arrival, gently picked up a handkerchief, and carefully returned to Jamie’s side.

Carefully she lay the folded handkerchief on Jamie’s knee, and pulled back one end.

A beam of light pierced through the window, illuminating strands of impossibly fine copper-colored hair.

Jamie’s heart leapt to his throat, afraid to breathe.

“Mother Hildegarde thought we’d like to have this - it’s most of the hair she was born with. In my time we’d have taken prints of the baby’s hands and feet, but the nuns didn’t have anything for that.”

He touched the unbelievable softness with the tip of one finger. “This is hers?”

Claire nodded, afraid to meet his eyes for fear of losing herself anew in her grief. “Yes. I don’t know what to do with it - but I can’t part with it. I look at it every day - it’s part of her. Part of her that we can always have with us.”

Jamie gently, reverently, folded the handkerchief and took both of Claire’s hands in his.

“Look at me, please.”

She did, afraid to see pain - but elated to see joy.

“Thank you for the gift of our daughter. The most loved little girl who ever lived.”

“But - ”

“Dinna disagree wi’ me. She was alive. She *is* alive, here, with us now. We canna ever lose her, as long as you and I love her, and remember her.”

Feeling. So much feeling. Sorrow? Guilt? Joy?


Suddenly the strength left her body, and she took solace in Jamie’s outstretched arms.


He relaxed his back against her front, tilting his head as she scraped the razor over his chin.

“Don’t move - I don’t want to nick your skin in any way. I just got you back - and I don’t feel like mending any new scratches.”

She pulled away the razor in time for a laugh to rumble through the freshly-shaved column of his throat.

“Hold still,” she hissed.

For a split second they were back - there was no pain, no grief, no overwhelming sense of *loss* - not while he tried valiantly to keep from moving and she focused diligently on her work.

“When was the last time you had a beard like this?”

He paused, waiting for the razor to complete another sweep down his throat.

“Probably that winter when I lived rough - raiding cattle. Afore I was hit on the heid wi’ that axe.”

She repositioned his head and squinted in the pale midday light filtering through the heavy curtains of their bedroom. His whiskers were so fair that it was hard to see without the direct sunlight.

“But I certainly didna have a pretty lass such as yerself to help me tidy up,” he continued, worming one hand in the general direction of her hip. She gracefully darted away from his touch and scraped away at a patch she had missed right on the edge of his jawline.

She smoothed more lather onto the side of his cheek. “I certainly hope not. I don’t mind the scruff - but you look. I don’t know. *Wild* with it.”

He waited for her to scrape away the final bits, then rub his face with a damp towel.

“All done,” she said softly. “Now I want to look at you.”

He dropped the towel and turned to face her, skin stinging a bit in the cool air.

“There’s my Highlander,” she whispered, raising one hand to twine in his unruly curls.

“Your servant, madam,” he replied.

16 Days Of Outlander - Day 10

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

There are episode openings and then there are Episode Openings. This one has, shall we say, quite the memorable one!


Fraser Mornings

Are much like Fraser nights – Ridiculously sensual, intimate and make you feel like a downright voyeur. I mean come on, the goosebumps…

(Only difference between a Fraser Morning and a Fraser Night is Murtagh apparently has no chill in the mornings - like fuck dude, easy with the door thumping!)



The Slap That Satisfied Thousands

If not millions

It’s one of those gifs that never get tiring to watch!

Plus, her blooming red cheek’s just the perfect icing on that bitch slap.


Moonlit walks In The Woods

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Bear McCreary and - for me - one of his best compositions in Outlander is ‘The Summoning/The Dance Of The Druids’ (Raya Yarbrough’s vocals… perfect). Every time I hear that piece, it always gives me chills. It’s absolutely thrilling; whether it’s quietly creeping in whenever Craigh Na Dun comes into view, or as it build’s and swell’s around the druid dancers, it’s a piece that’s hauntingly captivating.

There’s no shortage of amazing cinematography in ‘The Summoning Scene’ as the camera cuts between Claire, Geillis and the dancers on Craigh Na Dun. It’s one of my favorite sequences of S1 – beautifully shot, masterfully cut together to give an enchanting, free flowing sequence that’s as magical as it is primal.

Faerie Hills

It’s eerie and menacing, and completely heartbreaking once the top’s reached. Claire cradling the baby, trying to give it what warmth and comfort she can, yet knowing it’s far too late for any of it, guts me every time. But as Jamie comforts her, you see a very lovely moment arise from all that sadness, that I don’t think even Claire realizes

It’s timid and and yet so full of emotion.

Simon Callow

What an actor, made all the more memorable by that unique cadence his voice has - especially at the end of his sentences. He plays the Duke pretty damn perfectly – Simon Callow has the ability to move seamlessly between bumbling, unassuming aristocrat to threatening foe

“Anyone ever told you, you have the most gorgeous neck. It holds your head so prettily. I’d hate to see them parted…”

His scenes with Caitriona Balfe were amazing. They played off each other naturally. And Claire fiercely looking out for Jamie is beautifully endearing.

Duke: Merely a quid pro quo. You’re familiar with the term? Simply means ‘this for that’.

Claire: Well if anything happens to Jamie during your little duel. Quid pro quo.

Duke: Your concern for your husband is commendable, but may I point out that it is I that will be faced with the disagreeable end of a pistol. So you better hope that nothing happens to me or this petition of your husband’s will never reach London.


How they both instinctively gravitate to each other, without even needing to look at one another

“I Hate That You’re Travelling With An Open Wound And I Won’t Be There To Tend To You.”

An open wound in more ways than one. Any time these two are separated it feels like a part of them is being torn away. Neither is whole alone. What can I say that hasn’t been said already about their goodbye(s)! It’s achingly tender how Claire seeks more, both unable to satisfy their need of each other with a mere kiss. Jamie seems to hold himself back at the last, lest he too can’t bring himself to stop.  

Honorable Mention

Mrs. Fitz picking up on Claire’s melancholy

“Oh now. Dinna fash yerself. It’s not a permanent situation, ye ken. Jamie will appease his Laird the best he can and be back in his good graces in no time. In your arms as well.” 


Fraser Mornings

Hawt and Sweet Jamie

“I said kiss her, dinna swallow her!”

And lastly, some favorite stills:

anonymous asked:

I am so scared and nervous still about what the minor change that Diana strongly disagreed with that she says we'd feel same about and notice right off is. That would make us say this person wouldn't do that and were able to get other situations that were same but with different folks changed but not this. I don't want whatever it is to make us lose love for a fave. I hope they wouldn't have things at tavern that Jamie is at as Alessandro go further then sit on lap on even jamies end.

Ok, just for you, I dug through the compuserve nonsense. I low key hate you now, especially because it revealed nothing useful. Minor change, something a character would not do, later in the season. I gotta go with the whores. That’s my guess based on all the bizarre chatter over the past few days about “whores, WWJD” (J for James, not Jesus) and the fact that DG said supposedly (didn’t look for it) that Jamie only stuck his junk in Mary, Geneva, and Laoghaire. I don’t think he will partake in the Haitian whores, I think it will be some sort of dialogue between Jamie and Claire where he says he utilized them in those 20 years. Which, if that’s the case, they fucked up. Jamie would NEVER use a whore. Never! But then again, my biggest complaint about the adaptation thus far is the dumbing down of Jamie. And they have dumbed the fuuuuuuuck out of him. Jamie going to a whore would be consistent with the dumbed down show version. So there. That’s my guess. Lovely day to ya! 😀


And I bring you yet another fancast no one asked for! Some of the Ripper Street characters as they would have looked as children/teens 

Feel free to disagree and make your suggestions… also, please notice some of them are yet to blossom into the beautiful adults we know and love

(Top row, left to right)

Homer Jackson/Matthew Judge - Logan Bartholomew

Bennet Drake - Jamie Bells

Edmund Reid - James D’arcy

(Middle row, Left to right)

Jane Cobden - Alexis Bledel

Rose Erskine - Jo Woodcock (it’s hella hard to find a good younger Charlene)

Susan Hart/Caitlin Swift - AnnaSophia Robb

(Bottom row, left to right)

Hermione Morton - Amelia Shankley

Fred Best - Louis Hynes

Jedediah Shine - Ezra Miller

Sorry if I missed your favorites… I might eventually make a part 2 

To all Onision haters,

You all are so sad, obsessing over someone you ridiculously hate. Hate equals views. Views, equal money. Internet logic 101. You are essentially following and dissecting an individual, THEIR FAMILY, THEIR CHILDREN, for you own personal gain and entertainment. What is wrong with you? Why are you voluntarily engaging with someone who you hate? What is your agenda? End result? Is there even one? You want the guy dead? Will that please your appetite? I will venture a guess the answer is no, as this kind of mob mentality and mass hate psychologically says and does nothing to the object of said hate, and says everything about you; the source. You do this I assume because human beings love and thrive off drama.

At some point in your life, hopefully sooner rather than later, you will face a moment whereyou will have to choose… growth or stagnation? At least, if you look at yourself honestly you will. Also, you know if there was no such thing as online attention, validation, and money for some, none of you or this would even be around. A time will come when you need to look at yourself honestly and ask, continue my growth through negativity and online drama, which no matter how you dignify it… is so petty and contributes nothing to this world of value… or continue and grow through positivity and enjoy what life is supposed to be. Support and dedicate time, resources, energy, likes, and ultimately money, to those you love. Oddly enough, they need it more and deserve it. The easy way is what you are doing. What’s harder? To rebel and support those with love and encouragement when the more popular and accepted thing to do is hate and ridicule.

I hate to admit this, but I am extremely honest, and I believe all of you who thrive off Onision drama are genuinely good people, you are just horribly misguided, lost, and passive observers of an unsatisfactory life you could be dedicating to something that actually makes you feel good, and you can benefit from. You chose however, the easy route, to blindly follow and hate despite an obvious interest in the individual, which clearly is a paradox as no one would spend this much time on a totally hateful figure. Fact. The cesspool of hate online will never end, it will only get worse. Likely, people like you will always remain, the question is, at what point will you wake up and realize how much of your life you have wasted on hating someone and regret that you didn’t look elsewhere and change your route sooner.

Jamie Leigh Fischer 
https://youtu.be/4QcJRSJ-eZc - Disagree? Film a video response, I’d be open to watching it.

Submission above

Key words in your novella: “ You chose however, the easy route, to blindly follow and hate despite an obvious interest in the individual”

The ones who obsessively love someone despite all the bullshit they have done for years are the ones who are the actual blind followers. And apparently you are one of them.

And how do you know how much time we spend on him? I may go on Tumblr some nights and reblog 4 or 5 posts. Maybe watch a video or two of his and read some of his tweets. That is nothing more or less than what an average person fan or not does.



Would have loved it to be like in the book. Disagree with Sam’s idea – it could’ve probably improved the flow and the balance of the scene a lot. 

Don’t think the writers were deliberately trying to put the blame on or to shame Sam. Disagree with me if you must, but that wasn’t how I interpreted their tweets. 

Ultimately Sam doesn’t have the final word in such matters. The decision wasn’t his alone. 


anonymous asked:

I think it was a really well done episode. Even as a book reader I liked the changes. That was a hangover for Jamie and Claire - yeah we had a great night, but who the hell are you now? I liked that Jamie asked Claire straight away if she fell in love with Frank a second time + plus his jealouse eyes. Great acting from both Sam and Cait. Remember what Matt said - J/C love is always there. We saw it this ep. but in different shades. We just have to look outside the box imho

Eh good for you anon but I strongly disagree. Jamie and Claire looked like they resented each other the entire episode. Even when Jamie began to talk about Brianna, he had a horrible look on his face. He was more interested in talking about her “BIKINI!!!!!!!” rather than wondering what kind of person she is. I haven’t read past the reunion in the books so maybe it’s supposed to be this way and everyone is okay with it, but I’m seriously irked right now. 

TMI Movie VS Shadowhunters: Clace Edition

So upon going into the clace tag on twitter and still seeing others saying how Jamie and Lily are the real clace I decided to re watch the movie so below are my thoughts. Just a quick note, I love all four of these actors and have nothing negative to say about their performances.

Individual Characters: One of the biggest and most insane topics is the shade of Clary’s hair. In the TV show its much brighter then the movie. In the movie it almost seemed brown most of the the time so personally I like the choice Shadowhunters made. Clary’s hair is suppose to make her stick out. As for as characterization i think in the movie she was great but she really lacked that spark and attitude from Clary in the books. There were a few moments we saw it but for the most part I found it lacking. In the TV Show Clary is much more feisty and has much more of an attitude. She’s going to go as far as it takes no matter what and I felt it the movie she almost felt like more of a follower.

On now to Jace I’ve seen so many complaints about the lack of sassy Jace in the TV show. I have to agree that Jace gets a lot more Sass in the movie but it falls empty. Jace’s attitude and snark is suppose to be a cover for his inner turmoil. I felt no on going inner turmoil. In the TV its clear that Jace is guarding himself from something. All with his walls up and he does a some sassy lines its just not the focus of his character. Side Note: In the movie their is no mention of his connection with the Lightwoods or his relationship with Alec besides Alec’s romantic feelings. So huge take you to the writers of Shadowhunters or actually including that in the TV Show.

The Build up and Romance: One thing you always hear about is chemistry. Lily and Jamie had so much more chemistry then Dom and Kat is something I’ve seen many times. I have to disagree with that. The chemistry is different but that does not make it nonexistent. Other compliants I’ve seen is that the clace romance moved too fast.In the movie we have two or three tension building scenes then two kisses before Simon ruins things. In the TV show perhaps in the same time frame we have several tension building scenes but also trust building. Clary and Jace go through so much more together in the TV Show (Of course the would being their is more space and time in 13 episodes) and become more like a team and we get to watch every moment and visually see them fall in love apposed to being told that they are in love.

The Big Reveal: So in the movie we get Hodge telling Valentine to lie and say that Clary and Jace are siblings to break their hearts. Then we get the scene where Valentine puts that fake memory in Jace’s head. Its obvious that Valentine doesn’t give a crap about Jace and that he is a means to an end.On the TV Show as messed up as it is I feel like Valentine genuinely wants Jace by his side and wants him to love him. It makes Jace’s struggle more real because their is an actual relationship their. Speaking of Jace’s struggle I hate that at the end of the movie Jace says he doesn’t believe Valentine. The whole sibling angst hangs on the face that Jace believes what Valentine said and loves him as his father.

How Clace dealt with the fallout of this is so much better in the TV as well. I know people complained that Clary didn’t seem to care enough but I think she was just trying to put of a brave face but you could see she was struggling where as in the movie they were both more then okay with jumping on that bike and riding off into the sunset together.

So I personally prefer the show version of Clace. I think its perfectly okay if Jamie and Lily are your Clace but you show really the show a chance. It has personally made me fall in love with this couple again. I decied to do this instead of an overal review of Clace in season one. If your interest in that inbox and I may do that as well. Much Love.

Babysitting an Injured Seguin

I just wanted to thank everyone for the requests & for the few sweet messages from those enjoying these one-shots. Thanks! :)


gottalovethatloki - How about Jamie comforting Tyler after his knee injury this past season? Go wild.





Ja–” Tyler quieted when the bedroom door flung open and slammed against the wall, an irritated Jamie standing on the opposite side.

“I swear to God, if I hear you call my name one more time, I’m going to hurt your other knee,” Jamie sneered, chucking a bag of ice at Tyler’s chest.

The injured idiot just grinned, placed the bag of ice over his knee, and said sweetly, “Thank you. Now, where’s the grub?”

“The pizza should be here in, like, ten minutes.”

Tyler, like a child, pouted and threw his hands in the air. “Ten minutes? Jamie Ulysses Benn –”

“I don’t have a middle name,” Jamie interjected, but the pouty, injured child continued on.

“Why aren’t you making us food?”

“I don’t think the team wants you out for any longer than you already are.”

“I would like to have the Benn experience and taste your handmade work. So, why – why, Jamie Lesley Benn, are you not cooking for me?”

Jamie cocked an eyebrow at his on-ice partner and said, listing off on his fingers, “Firstly, quit adding middle names to my name. You’re trying to make it sound more patronizing, but…” He shook his head. “Secondly, like I said, I rather not be the reason you’re out any longer.”

“Care for your best –”

“Quit acting like a spoiled princess,” Jamie shot back right when the doorbell rang. He left and returned to a pouting Tyler. He paused at the doorway with the pizza box in hand. “You know, I could always just call up some of the guys and eat the pizza in your living room if you’re not gonna stop pouting like a five-year-old.”

“Feed –”


“But I’m –”


Tyler, still pouted, said, “At least put a swirly straw in my beer.”

Jamie opened his mouth to refuse then he closed it and furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “You have swirly straws in your apartment? How old are you –” He shook his head, dropped the box of pizza off on the edge of Tyler’s bed, and walked out of the room, grumbling, “I give up.”

Tyler snickered, reaching over for the box and taking out two pepperoni slices. “I wonder who I should have over tomorrow,” he said. “Daddy would probably be a better babysitter than Jamie.”

“I strongly disagree with that,” Jamie chimed, walking back into the bedroom with two beer cans – both with swirly straws sticking out the top.

Cheers?” Tyler asked, holding out his beer can, while Jamie grabbed a slice for himself.

The younger Benn brother glanced over at his partner-in-crime and smiled. “Cheers,” he said, clinking beer cans. Before he took a sip from the swirly straw, he commented, “You know, five-year-olds really shouldn’t drink alcohol.”

“I hope you get arrested for supplying minors,” Tyler shot back, happily slurping on his drink through the swirly straw and taking a big bite out of his sandwiched pizzas.