i have to delete it

why is victor always turned into the bad guy in fanworks. what makes people look at this soft sweet bean and think “yes let’s make him out as a possessive abusive rapist stalker dickhead etc that’d be perfect”

i’m just??? ? ???? why always victor???? the guy who spends the whole series supporting and uplifting someone else???? who inspires so many out of the goodness of his heart???? who’s not without his flaws but he’s always willing to learn from mistakes and not repeat them??? who never wished anyone harm??? who always wants what’s best for yuuri?????? victor, whose entire soul glows with wholesome love???? i don’t understand????

please protect victor nikiforov, he is an angel and doesn’t deserve this

Me: Don’t think about it or you’ll draw it. Don’t think about it or you’ll draw it. Don’t think—

Brain: okay but what if we made fan ocs, and draw some sketches about them?

Me: Darn it, brain! If I invest time into this, I’ll get attached to the idea!


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Okay y’all how does this sound to you. I got to define what I think a soul is and this is what I put: 

I believe souls to be the essence of someone’s humanity. A consciousness that resides in someone that is separate from the physical body and that retains all the same knowledge, memories, beliefs, values, personality, thoughts, and relationships that the physical brain in a body holds. Like a copy of someone that is able to leave the physical body after death and that lives on forever. 


Crying? Me? During taking these screenshots? Haha, you must be mistaken. Hahaha. Ha. Ha. ….

xsimstuffx  asked:

hello! what do you do to get such amazing photos? (do you edit them on photoshop or you use a mod??? idk i’m super curious.) they’re gorgeous just like your works (sims, etc) have a nice day. <3 btw, you’re one of my favorite simblrs ^////^

Hello! Thank you for your very sweet words!

I do not use lighting mods but I do use a really simple ReShade present. I don’t necessarily recommend ReShade because I see it hurt more than it helps in a lot of cases. Very simple presets work best if you are planning on editing too.

After I take all my screenshots before editing the photos lighting, etc, I shade the sims. I shade around the face, sides of the nose, cupids bow, and neck with black on 60% (hardness on 0%) and use Gaussian blur to make it look more natural. I highlight the bridge of the nose, upper lip, and outside the cupids bows with white on 60% (hardness on 0%) and Gaussian blur. After all the that I apply this photoshop action, and tweak the curves to my liking. My last step is to make some white highlights for shine, sharp, and sometimes add a texture to two.

I always save my photos in .png and at a width of 540px because I have found they look the sharpest in photosets at that size. 

I have more recommend photoshop resources here along with tutorials I have learned from. Maybe some with help you?

I posted a speed edit a while ago, I do not edit like this anymore but it could give you some ideas with your own edits. 

I am thinking of doing another speed edit (I really like that doing them) of this edit:

I think it is like a really simple edit so it might be helpful? I am still not sure though. 

A disclaimer just to say I said it, use editing tutorials and resources to create your own style not to copying someone elses. It is infuriating watching someone steal your style/trademarks/etc.

oh my god imagine adam buying college merch like a sweatshirt and he doesn’t really care about it, only wears it once in a while but ronan will steal and wear it proudly and be like, “i’m wearing my boyfriend’s sweatshirt and guess what? he goes to harvard.” 

and imagine ronan wearing it and just feeling really good because he’s wearing something that the boy he loves wears, and the boy he loves adam parrish.

Why are all my posts getting reblogged by rp blogs….like guys..this isnt an rp blog. Please stop being edgy on my posts about harmless lesbian headcanons, its weird af

so it has come to my attention that i need to make this post:

if youre a terf, radfem, swerf, transmed (cis people cant be transmeds, youre just a transphobe sweaty :) but yes this includes you), pedophile apologist, ship any kind of incest/pedophillia/etc, dont follow this blog. dont touch my fucking posts. catch my block bitch.

p.s. cis people dont get an opinion on intracommunity trans issues stay in your fucking lane 

Alright guys here’s the thing: I’m gonna go ahead and have a massive purge of my inbox and drafts because I just don’t feel certain stuff anymore and I want to stop getting anxiety over them so I can finally start interacting with all of my new mutuals as well. 

But! Certain prompts and drafts will be kept and they are as follows! 




Everything that @diaboliktheology has sent me

These are still a fuckton of stuff to write but I know plenty of people in those lists do not mind my incredibly slow ass tending all of those things.

ok so let me just say this myrtle warren even without her reasoning is a driven young woman like OBSESSED with getting her own way. And she’s in ravenclaw what? Cause she reads or something? She’s quiet? SHES NOT QUIET WE KNOW THIS SHES YELLING IN EVERY SCENE! Ok first of all being in ravenclaw is just asking to get your ass kicked by everyone else in school so thanks you stupid fucking hat and second of all LISTEN! as SOON as the oppertunity presents itself she goes RIGHT to olive and RUINS her whole life until she gets ghost arrested literally what INTJ stay inside and don’t cause trouble you’re above it bitch would do that? I’m telling you *hillary Clinton waving her hands around when she’s talking gif*

idk if im gonna keep up with this blog anymore, i might just let my queue run out but i don’t see myself doing this for much longer unless i start feeling better abt myself bc i have enough negativity in my life, so don’t unfollow yet- I’ll let you all know if this will become an archive or not soon enough