i have to bless your parents for this

“Yuuri, the baby is sniffling. I think we should take her to the hospital.”

“What?!” Yuuri screeches, vaulting out of bed because it’s four o’clock in the morning and the only things that made their way into his sleeping brain were baby and hospital.

Viktor is hovering over him like some sort of predatory bird, holding the baby. Their matching pairs of eyes are both fixed on him. It looks kind of like they’re one creature with four eyes and Yuuri is still partially asleep.

“Holy shit, never do that again,” Yuuri snaps, nearly punching the switch on the lamp.

The baby sneezes.

“Sniffles, Yuuri,” Viktor says gravely, slowly rocking back and forth. Viktor does that constantly nowadays, even when he’s not handling the baby. Yuuri caught him holding Yuri’s skate bag the other day, gently bouncing and patting it while staring with zero focus in his eyes and intense concentration on his face at the closest wall.

“Does she have a fever?”

“No, but I–”

“Did you listen to her chest? Is she breathing normally?”

“Yes, but–”

“Does she seem distressed?” To Yuuri’s eyes, she just looks perplexed. Perplexed and maybe a bit upset to have been removed from her warm bed and now have a bright light shining into her face.

“No, b–”

“Then it can wait until the morning.” Yuuri turns off the light and takes her from Viktor’s hands, curls up on his side with her wiggling in his arms. “Hello, sweetheart. Let’s go back to sleep.” He kisses her head and waits for Viktor to slowly shuffle around the bed and get in behind him.

“You can’t fall asleep with her in our bed,” Viktor tells him fretfully after a moment.

“I’m aware,” Yuuri says slowly. “Did you know that I’ve read the exact same parenting books that you have, Viktor? Did you know that?” He kisses her again. “The feeding alarm is going to go off in a few minutes. I’m resting my eyes until then.”

There is blessed silence for almost a full minute before Viktor says, “I just think–”

“I will strangle you in front of your child,” Yuuri hisses.

“Shutting up now.”

Six years later, Viktor watches their second child run head-first into a wall and does nothing but shout, “Shake it off, bunny!” from across the room. Yuuri avenges his younger self by dropping their third child into Viktor’s lap and announcing, “He needs to be changed.”

It’s one of those diaper changes that ends with Viktor standing in the shower with the baby, unsalvagable clothes (Both baby’s and Viktor’s) in a trash bag by the bathroom door. Yuuri films it.

anonymous asked:

Wow! Can't believe Ben's dad bought him a Tony! So impressive!

Okay. *Deep breath*. Here we go. I knew someone was going to bring this up eventually and I’m going to take a few moments to prove how wholly and completely wrong you are.

First of all, I assume this accusation is based off of the fact that Ben’s father, Marc Platt, is a producer.

First and foremost, I will remind you that Ben Platt’s father has no role in the production of Dear Evan Hansen. Here is a list of the shows he has produced:

Notice: Dear Evan Hansen is not on this list.

Secondly, here are the actual producers of Dear Evan Hansen:

Again, no where in this list is Marc Platt. He did not play any role in the making/production/casting of Dear Evan Hansen. He did not have a say in his son getting that role. The two people that did, though, are casting directors Tara Rubin and Lindsay Levine, both of whom have absolutely no connections to Ben.

If you already knew that Marc Platt has no role in the production of Dear Evan Hansen and are merely implying that having a father who is part of show business helps one’s career (which I don’t think you did because of your use of the word “bought”), I will remind you of one thing: There is no one but you and the casting directors in an audition room. 

Sometimes, people can earn roles in shows/movies/etc. based on other factors, but they cannot and will not keep those roles because of those factors. Ben Platt would not have been part of Dear Evan Hansen for 4 years if it weren’t for the fact that he earned his spot there, that he deserved to be there. 

Children of people involved in the arts are more likely to be involved in the arts themselves. That’s just a fact, and that happens because people involved in the arts are more likely to actually value the arts and expose their children to the arts from a young age, not because their children are magically blessed with more talent than anyone else.

The list of people whose parents are involved in acting/music/producing/directing who have made a name for themselves in those fields is astronomical. (It includes people like Liza Minnelli, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Chris Pine, Ben Stiller, Zoë Kravitz, Emma Roberts, Michael Douglas, and more). That is because increased exposure to something at a young age leads to increased interest in that field, which leads to, “Hey, maybe I could make a career out of this as well!” 

You cannot have a career based solely upon your parent’s achievements; you have to make new achievements yourself. You have to work really hard and for a very long time and be passionate. 

And that’s just what Ben did. He won a Tony based on his incredible talent and only his incredibly talent. You can’t buy someone a Tony. Those awards are based off of merit. He did not win a Tony because his dad produced a few musicals (none of which had anything to do with Ben himself). That logic isn’t sound.

Ben’s dad being a producer (of projects that have nothing do with Ben himself and have no effect on any of Ben’s shows, I will reiterate) did not land Ben a role in Dear Evan Hansen. Ben’s dad being a producer did not make Ben win a Tony. Ben’s dad being a producer did not magically make Ben himself incredibly talented. 

Ben earned his role in Dear Evan Hansen because he auditioned for Pasek, Paul, and Michael Greif and was the best person for that role. He was cast because of his pure talent. Ben earned that Tony because of years and years and years of hard work. He earned that Tony because he put the time in, worked hard, is an incredible singer and actor, and because he is the best performer on Broadway right now. Not for any other reason.

Attacking someone anonymously for something that is completely untrue is not only fucking ridiculous but also really shows just what kind of person you are.

That’s all. 

What else do you love about me? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n and Shawn talk about what they love about each other.

Authors note: Purely wrote this so I could gush about how amazing Shawn is 

“Why are you so hot?” I ask while I layed on the hotel bed, my legs hanging off the side. 

“What?” Shawn laughs, turning around and looking at me through the doorway from the bathroom.

I tilt my head to look at him. “I mean like, I know you go to the gym and everything but you’re face- flawless. I cannot find one flaw on your face,” 

“Is that so?” Shawn hums, his back muscles shifting as he turned the tap off after finishing rinsing his toothbrush.

“I’m not usually one to obsess over looks because personality is key,”

“Are you saying my personality sucks?” Shawn teases, flicking the lights off in the bathroom and he leans against the door frame.

I shoot up right, “Not at all. You’re a 10 out of 10. You have the full package. Good as looks, most amazing personality and you can sing. No wonder you got the chicks swooning,” 

Shawn’s head tips back as he laughs, “I only need one chick to swoon and that’s you,” 

“See, that is what I mean. That right there was perfect,” I point at him as I speak.

“Did it make you swoon?” he says smirking, sending a shiver down my spine.

“Just a little bit,” I grin, flopping back onto the mattress.

“What else do you love about me?” Shawn walks over crawling onto the mattress, laying on his side, head propped up on his hand to look at me.

“You have the softest hair ever. Do you use product? I’ve never seen you put any in but then again, I’m never awake early enough to see if you do anything after your shower,” I trail off, eyes flicking to meet his.

“All natural baby,” he smiles, his eyes warm as they lock with mine.

“Of course it is. I’m seriously considering that you might be a Greek god like Hercules or something. Left on earth to be raised by human parents so you could bless all us humans,”

“Pretty sure I’m human Y/n,” he says laughing.

“To be discussed,”

Silence settles over us, the heater humming creating background noise. Shawn leans closer, his nose brushing my cheek.

“Want to know what I love about you?” He whispers, his breath fanning my face.

“My charm?” I ask, winking at him. A chuckle escapes his lips, his head falling onto my shoulder.

“As much as I love your charm I also love how you always try and find something positive in every situation,” 

“I guess I do that,” I smile softly, pecking his nose.

“You also show so much love to all your friends and family. You don’t halfheartedly love someone, you put your whole soul and body into it,” He kisses my forehead gently. “Thats why I’m so lucky to have you in my life and to be able to receive your love,”

“Dammit Shawn, I’m going to cry,” I let out a shaky laugh.

“Aw baby no, this is meant to be a happy moment,” Shawn tucks some hair behind my ear.

“They’re happy tears don’t worry,” I smile at him, my heart feeling as though it would burst at the sight of the man in front of me.

“You’re also the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says and I gasp.

“But what happened to and I quote ‘she’s not even drop dead gorgeous’,” 

“Y/n,” he laughs, shaking his head at me. 

“Its okay, apparently it kills you anyway,”

Very Important mcnamawyer/veronamara headcanons that minna franklinshepard and i have been discussing

  • they start dating a few weeks after the whole incident with jd
  • veronica invites heather to watch the movie with her and martha because she wants to keep an eye on her
  • after that they just start spending more and more time with each other (bc heather is a natural follower and needs someone)
  • they help each other out, heather helps calm veronica when things get bad (even if she doesn’t know what really happened, she is always there when veronica needs it) and veronica makes heather feel better when she feels like she’s drowning
  • they have many movie nights and heather always ends up cuddling veronica bc she is a Cuddle Bug
  • one of their movie nights they end up kissing each other (its really sweet and gentle and shy) and after that it’s history
  • veronica is always the big spoon bc heather is so tiny
  • heather tries being the big spoon but it just doesn’t work and her face ends up in veronica’s shoulder blades and they laugh about it
  • veronica always teases heather about how short and tiny she is and is always picking her up and swinging her off her feet. heather pretends to hate it but she actually really loves it
  • no one realizes they’re dating for a while, they’ve been affectionate friends even before then and have been holding hands in the halls as just friends so there isn’t much transition
  • veronica tells her parents when they start referring to her as “your very close friend heather" and veronica’s just like “we’re girlfriends.” and her parents are totally cool w/ whatever makes veronica happy so they’re just like “oh okay dear”
  • heather’s parents are a different story, they’ve never really been fond of veronica bc she’s so weird and she’s from the poorer side of town and is like ten feet tall and laughs really loudly for ten minutes at every funny thing heather says
  • for a while they’re like “i’m sure there are some nice boys around honey” and heather is just like “but I like veronica” and eventually they get over it bc they do want their daughter happy
  • veronica goes to football games to watch heather cheer, she always brings hUGE signs with lots of hearts and heather always picks her out in the crowd. she gives 0 fucks about the actual football game and screams only whenever heather does something and heather blows kisses from across the field
  • one day after a football game someone comes up to heather and asks “why is veronica sawyer so obsessed with you?” and heather just looks them dead in the eye and says “we’re dating” and it seems like within the hour the entire school knows but it’s like totally whatever because everyone is still kind of terrified of veronica after everything that happened
  • heather duke makes fun of them for dating but veronica just tells her to shut up and kisses heather mac in front of her
  • they become the power couple of the school and a lot of people think they’re super cute. they sit at lunch with their arms draped over each other with 0 fucks to give
  • heather drags veronica around shopping which isnt veronica’s thing but she goes for her gf. veronica wanders off and comes back with stuff from the kids section and says it would fit better bc she’s always teasing heather for being so tiny
  • when they watch horror movies heather spends most of the movie with her face buried into veronica’s neck
  • heather makes veronica watch all of the rom coms and she always tears up and gets the sniffles bc “it’s so romantic” while veronica’s scoffing at the cheesiness and how all the movies are about heterosexuals
  • heather doesn’t talk about it but she constantly thinks about how veronica could dEFINITELY pick her up at their wedding and carry her bridal style
  • veronica buys an engagement ring for heather from her own parents
  • she goes in there and is like “i’d like to buy an engagement ring. can you bless me? i mean. can i have your blessing to buy an engagement ring? for your child. your child heather, that child. your daughter. i want to buy an engagement ring to give to yoUR DAUGHTER. I want to marry your daughter please” and she is extremely flustered
  • she has to make sure her parents dont tell heather (when heather has been worrying to her parents that veronica didnt want to marry her and would nEVER propose)
  • and heather’s parents get so excited and they’re like showing her the most expensive rings bc they want a nice one for their daughter and veronica’s getting visibly more and more uncomfortable as the prices go higher
  • they’re like “what’s wrong dear” and she just gets really flustered and is like “these aren’t really…. in my price range”
  • heather’s parents offer to pay but veronica is super stubborn and insists on paying herself so she gets a beautiful and simple ring but heather’s parents still give her a “friends and family discount" 
  • when she proposes she makes sure it’s romantic bc heather is such a hopeless romantic but it’s also simple and perfect and heather nearly faints
  • and heather like gets so excited that she like makes out with veronica for a minute after pulling her to her feet (bc she made sure to get on one knee) and then immediately starts planning like “it should be a spring wedding. who will we invite?! OH MAN I HAVE TO CALL MY MOM” but she totes forgets to actually say yes and veronica just stops her and is asks “so that’s a yes then?” and she’s all teary and happy and heather is like “oF COURSE YES. I’VE BEEN PLANNING OUR WEDDING IN MY HEAD FOR YEARS. I THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER PROPOSE”
  • and heather keeps going on and on about the wedding and how she’s been looking at wedding dresses for aGES and veronica’s like "oh i’d love to see them” and heather gasps and says no bc they’re not allowed to see each other’s wedding dresses (potential or not) until the day of and veronica goes “i thought i just wasnt allowed to see you in it?” and heather just hushes her and says it will be a surprise
  • veronica is totally noT allowed to help with wedding planning also bc she’ll just be like “I don’t know I wanted something small and simple?” and heather is like “no shh babe you don’t get it I’ve dreamt about my wedding since I was like six years old”
  • they both cry when they first see each other at the wedding, heather is all teary walking down the isle just from seeing veronica on the other end
  • they write their own vows and in heather’s she says “with you, i am a gameshow host” and at the end she really quietly goes “thanks for coming after me”


the pull of the tides (m)

↳ surfer au

pairing: park jimin | reader
genre: fluff, light smut
word count: 12,513
description: The expanse of the deep blue sea has always drawn you in. Each ebb and flow of the tides never ceasing to take your breath away. And now, a boy with hair as light as the morning sun and a smile just as bright does too.
author’s note: i dedicate this to @workofteaguk ‘cuz look girl, it’s finally here! and i also dedicate this to @jamlessness because you told you have yet to write a jimin fic so i wrote one for the two of us! okay, and @wonhopes too because i subjected her to read over this thing kjddghsjdkh <3

also, bless this post for the inspiration!

Originally posted by lonastic

When you were young, you begged your parents to take you to see the beach. This was your family vacation suggestion every year. All because you wanted to feel the sand between your toes and slip between your fingers and to watch each grain land right back where it was meant to be. And much like those grains of sand falling away from you, those trips seems to go by, and eventually they ceased the older you got.

Since then, being a prime age of twenty now, you’ve long since yearned to return to the beach town you’ve come to know and love for more than its seaside views.

With school out for another few months and nothing but time to kill, you’re actually more than ecstatic to take up a summer job at Bang’s Snack Shack. It’s directly across from the shores, and the view is absolutely amazing. You can see the way the sun reflects against the waters when it’s high up in the sky and when it goes down. The rays of orange and yellows bounce off the blues in a pretty swirl with small dots of people enjoying the waves on long boards. Each of them practically floating as the blue hues carry them across the vicinity until they’re in the safe confines of the wading area.

You enjoy the sight of surfers though you’re definitely no surfer yourself. You just find their ability in skimming the waters on a long piece of polished and colored wood amazing, especially when they’re at the peak of the waves build-up, and suddenly they’re coming back to the sands with bright eyes and grins to match on their sun-kissed skins. There’s just something beautiful in their enamored states, and although you can never truly understand it, you’re happy to witness it with your own two eyes until a customer snaps you back to reality.

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Last Game


Jeff playing his final game in high school. Y/N getting to bond with Mama Atkins. Overall, just fluff because he deserved better!

Words: 1348

Warnings: None. Just fluff.

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long. Also, thank you @fuckkoffcourtney for this idea. I hope you like it! I really enjoyed writing this one and any feedback would be much appreciated.:) i suck at titles lmao

Originally posted by knightlley

The drums and cheers of the audience were exceptionally louder in this game, which comes as not a surprise considering that this is the senior’s final game against in high school and so far, the fight has been neck to neck. The seniors had evidently been giving their best and some more throughout the game. It was their last but more importantly, college coaches are spread out throughout the stadium scanning for potential candidates to recruit to their team. You looked at the scoreboard worriedly then back to the field. The cheers died down as the last batter walk towards his position. It was Jeff, the star player of Liberty’s baseball team. One last point. That’s all it takes for Liberty’s team to take home the victory. Shuddering at the thought of how much pressure he must be feeling at the moment, you quickly stood up along with other students who shout Jeff’s name in their cheer.

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I was thinking about it earlier and, yes, latine cultures are unique, diverse and all that. Heck, I live in Brazil, and I can guarantee you, each state has it’s own culture, customs, traditions, folklore and all that. We can’t even agree as a nation what’s the word for cookie!

(é biscoito)

So like, of course you can’t expect every country to have the same culture and dishes and music and all that, when not even a single country have that. 

But, by following other latines, and talking to people from the neighbor countries over my life, I learned that there are a few things that can be considered Universal Latine Experiences. Among them

🌺 The thing with rice and beans. Like, no country will ever have them the same way, of course. But it’s… Overall, so present. Some will lean more to the rice, some to the beans, but it’s there, wherever you go

🌺 Seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about winter where it’s summer where you live, and it’s so bad, your flip flops actually started melting when you went out to buy something cold to drink

(alternatively, seeing posts from gringos on your dash complaining about summer and giving out tips on how to control the heat when you are freezing on your couch and wrapped in three blankets)

🌺  The overall feeling of companionship? Like, I won’t like, I know it’s not perfect. There is a huge problem with xenophobia (I would say Brazil is the worst on this matter, but then again, it’s easier for me to see it here since I live here), and there is some bloody history between some countries. But the companionship is still there, you know?? We call each other hermanos, we receive each other in out country with open arms, we share our culture… I don’t know, there is some beauty to it. Or maybe this is all in my head because I’m feeling specially gushy today

🌺 Going to your grandmother’s house almost every sunday for lunch. Greeting your uncles and aunties, and asking blessings from your grandparents (even when you aren’t catholic anymore, but at this point, it is more a sign of respect and affection rather then religion) before going to play with your cousins in the backyard, while your parents play cards with their siblings or help your grandmother with the kitchen. 

When you notice it, it’s already midnight, and they are still playing cards. Come on, pai, we need to go home, I have class tomorrow. Just one more round, flor. But your said that three rounds ago!  

🌺 Having your natives being wiped out to near extinction my foreigner invasors, if not complete, and then having your fauna and flora destroyed, being forcefully brought to a distant land as slaves, and then when you finally say enough for both the invasors and slavery and call your land as yours, usa comes and fund a dictatorship in your country to which your people is still trying to recover from 

🌺  Little statues of saints and the Virgem Maria and portraits of Jesus and crosses and candles all over your elder’s house. Old houses with old paint on the walls, an old radio playing music in the kitchen, a road of battered down bricks and dirt, and your great grandmother is there, smoking a cigarillo de paja on the steps that lead to her house, keeping an eye on you as you play with your cousins and the neighbor kids you met that day, but it already feels like an eternity

🌺 El Chavo Del Ocho

🌺  Reclaiming your own culture after years of cultural imperialism saying that it’s not a good culture. Falling in love again with something that you were coerced to fall out of love with as you grew up. Learning again how to love the local legends, when you were thought that they were no good, and that the ones from europe and usa are betters. Learning again how to love your traditional music, dances, culture when you were thought that those were no good, that the ones from europe and usa are better. Learning your history in dept, seeing how complex and rich it is, after years hearing that it’s boring, not as interesting as those from usa and europe. Just… Falling in love with your roots again, and getting excited every time you see something from your country making success out there, and then also getting excited when something from you neighbors make success out there and yes! We deserve this! We deserve to have our history told and shared and appreciated too!

🌺  These assholes, somehow

Another leaked scene from Season 5
  • Robbie: Coulson, May.
  • May: What is it, Robbie?
  • Robbie: I need to ask you two something-
  • Coulson: Oh god, is it HYDRA again?
  • May: The Superior's back with another robot body?
  • Coulson: AIDA's return as a demon?
  • May: Does it have ANYTHING to do with Grant Ward?
  • Robbie: Who's Grant Ward? Uh, nevermind that. No, there's no threat or anything. I just wanted to see if I have your permission to ask your daughter Daisy out on a date.
  • *Coulson and May look at each other, surprised, while Daisy, who is watching the security camera, starts blushing furiously*
  • May: Hold on, Daisy's not our-
  • Coulson: -You have my blessing, son.
  • Robbie: ???
  • Coulson: I mean Robbie. Sorry, I dadn't mean that-DIDN'T mean that. It's a habit.
  • Robbie: Uh...thanks. (pause) You two sure you aren't her parents? I could've sworn that y'all were.
  • *Coulson and May laugh nervously*
  • Robbie: Are you two at least together?
  • Coulson and May at the same time: NO.
  • *Daisy facepalms as Mack and Yo-Yo laugh behind her*
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~Notes On My Writing Makes Me V Happy~

  • Bold=Contains Smut
  • Italics=Just Angst
  • (^)=Male Reader
  • ($)=Threesome
  • (!)=Multiple Current Relationships (With the reader)
  • (+)=Basement AU
  • (*)=Punk AU
  • (@)=Danger Days AU
  • (%)=High School/College AU (or implies that they are younger)
  • (-)=Vampire AU
  • (&)=Parent/Pregnancy AU or involves kids (such as  Bandit)
  • (#)=Self Warm TW

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Panic! At The Disco:







An Announcement

I’d like to tell you all that I have officially been accepted to the Discalced Carmelites in Lafayette, LA!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, support, and words of encouragement throughout this process. I will take you all with me to Carmel.

My entrance day is set for September 30, 2017 :)

I ask for your prayers for me as I prepare to start a new part of my life, and for my parents who still do not support me. Thank you and God bless you :)

college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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Elephant in the Room

Combination of Two Prompts: How would Batmom react to Teen Titans Robin and him not being in contact with them for so long? What would happen if she showed up at the tower? AND Dick calls Bruce and Batmom dad and mom for the first time after being adopted.

Words: 1745

AN: This was a pretty long one, but filled with fluffy feels, and I love it!!!

Your son is one of the best of his generation, and in your mother’s eye, the best. You understand why he left, you support his choice of independence, but an entire year without a call is simply too much. He stayed in contact for the first two, a random call here, and email, there, but then suddenly there was nothing.

          The only thing that let you know he was still alive were the news reports. Bruce, of course, follows every morsel of news. Though he’d never say it out loud, he knows that things need to be fixed.  You’d be willing to bet the Wayne family fortune that Dick knows the exact same thing.

          You can’t help but smile, after all, that’s what you’re here for; to beat sense into those stubborn heads. The security system is the exact same as the Batcave’s, and you’re surprised to find that your codes work.

          You let yourself in, and one quick hack into the system tells you that no one is there. So you wander, you take in the sights, and look around at the home your son has built for himself. You smile when you find his room. He’s changed his uniform a bit. There are no photos in obvious places or any real identifying marks.

          You leave the room for the common room and take a seat on the couch. You pull the photo album out and just wait. When the sound of footsteps and laughter sounds, you slip on the mask that’s needed; it actually goes rather nicely with your outfit.

          More than just his team strolls through the doors, it seems like every super powered teen in existence is there and Dick just stops at the sight of you. You stand up, and say, “I didn’t realize you’d be in the middle of a party.”

          He stiffens a bit and asks, “What are you doing here?” His voice is a bit hesitant.

          You grab your bag, and approach him. The closer you get the more you realize just how much he’s grown. You smile and say, “We need to talk.” He glances back at his friends and back to you, you just say, “I’ll wait in your room, I already know the way.”

          He watches you slide through the doors and Starfire asks, “Robin, who is that woman?”

          His voice is tight with emotion when he says “She’s my mother.”

          There’s a collective statement of “You have a mother?”

          Dick just glances at Roy and Wally, the only two not surprised and says, “Of course I have a mother.” Before he walks out of the room.

          He finds you sitting on the bed, sans mask. Before he can say a word you say, “No masks, you know the rules.”

          He doesn’t fight you on it, just removes his mask. You smile and open your arms. Sure enough he slides right into them. His head goes to your lap, and your fingers run through his hair. When the sobs come you know something happened, that there was a reason he hadn’t called.

          You let him cry, because sometimes everyone needs to, and you’d be willing to bet that your baby is long overdue. When he’s done, he slides on to the bed and tells you everything. He tells you about being held against his will by Slade, being forced to do horrible things, and then he tells you about the Brotherhood of Evil, and finally about Trigon.

          You listen as he pours out every pent up emotion, and when he’s done you don’t say anything about it. Instead you start on your own story, “Do you remember when you first came to live at the manor?”

          His brow furrows, “Of course.”

          You smile and remove a stuffed elephant from your bag, his eyes go wide at the sight of it. “You were so little and scared, and man oh man, did you remind me of Bruce. You two were the same age you know, when you lost your parents. You didn’t know what to make of us, and we weren’t really sure what to make of you to be honest. At that point we’d only been responsible for ourselves.”

          Dick smirks, “And all of Gotham.”

          You smile, as your hand strokes over the elephants worn head, “We’d never planned on kids, but when we saw you after that show, it hit us, you were ours. And then you started to grow, and you took on the family business with your dad, and I was just amazed, at how lucky we were to be blessed with a kid like you.”

          “You always made sure to keep my birth parents in the picture though. You’d talk about them with me, you’d take me to visit their graves whenever I wanted to. You even had that portrait made.”

          You grin, “That was all your dad, he didn’t want you to feel like we were replacing them.”

          “You didn’t I just got lucky  and got to have two sets of parents.”

          You smile, and there’s a moment of silence, “He misses you, you know.” Dick doesn’t say anything. “He bookmarks every newspaper article on you saving the day. Even has a subscription to the local paper. He’s very proud.”

          “He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what happened.” You smile a bit and he just groans, “How in the world does he know?”

          You smile, “He saw the footage from the top of the Wayne tower, you were stealing from.”

          “He didn’t come.”

          “He was on his way, already tracked Slade’s headquarters down and everything, when it suddenly blew up, he knew that your team had made things right. The Brotherhood of Evil was a learning experience too, and you saved the world from Trigon. When it comes down to it, you’ve done a lot of good Dick. And you’ve made a lot of friends too.”

          He smiles, “It’s the bi-yearly get together. Pizza party.”

          You groan, “Please tell me you at least eat some healthy things.”

          He smirks, “I make Alfred proud every once in awhile.”


          You pass him the elephant and he smiles and you say, “I never thought you’d leave her behind.”

          He shrugs, “I outgrew her.”

          You just smile, “When you first came to live with us you refused to let her go. Took her everywhere, for that first year.”

          Dick just smiles, “You guys homeschooled me for that first year. I didn’t have to let her go.”

          You laugh, “Still, you took her to all the Wayne foundation events, to restaurants, when we’d visit your dad at work. You even insisted that she be buckled in. You also insisted on taking her to that theme park. I was against it, I just knew she’d get put down somewhere, but Bruce insisted that everything would be fine.”

          “I’d been with you guys for about eight months at that point, I was at the tail end of my Robin training.”

          You nod, “Sure enough you left her there. You were in tears, you kept saying I have to have her, we have to get her back, she’s family. And then at some point you look up at me and Bruce and you said, ‘Please Mommy, please Daddy, we have to go search for her.’ That was the first time you called us Mom and Dad. It wouldn’t become a regular thing until a few months later, but in that moment your dad and I knew we’d move heaven and earth to make you happy.”

          Dick just smiles, “That was the first time he took me out as Robin. He called it the case of the missing elephant. He helped me track her down. Someone had thrown her in the trash on top of some nachos.”

          You smile, “I had to hand wash her, and then throw her in the washing machine three times to get all that cheese off. It’s amazing she doesn’t have any stains.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in contact.”

          You pull him in for a hug, “It’s okay, baby boy. You can make it up by coming to dinner this Friday.”

          “Mom, I don’t know if I’m …”

          You cut him off, “He misses you Dick. You’re his son, and whatever that stupid argument was about three years ago, it’s forgotten.”

          “He really wants to see me?”

          You smile, “He talks about you all the time, how proud he is of what you’ve accomplished.”

          He smiles and says, “I’ll be there.”

          “Good, you can meet your new brother.”

          His eyes go wide, “You had a, but the papers didn’t say anything about …”

          You smirk, “His name is Jason, Bruce found him trying to take the wheels off the Batmobile. He’s in training right now.”

          Dick smiles, “Good, Batman needs a Robin, and I’ve been thinking it might be time to change things up. New identity for a new chapter and all that.”

          You lean down and kiss the top of his head, “As long as Dick Grayson remains that sweet, caring, and noble boy that I’ve always known, I think that sounds wonderful.”

          He kisses your cheek, “I’ll see you Friday, Mom.”

          You smile and leave his room, slipping on the mask again before you go. Waiting outside the door are all the teen heroes. You smile and say, “Speedy, Kid Flash, you have his back right?”

          Wally just grins and says, “Always Batmom, you know that.”

          You turn to the rest of his immediate team, “Thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s good to see he’s made excellent friends.” They’re too stunned to say anything else. You leave the tower without another word. You reach home several hours later, to find Bruce waiting up for you despite the hour.

          “Jason asleep?” you ask.

          He just smiles and says, “Yep, he and Alfred baked cookies all day, and you know what a task master Alfred is when it comes to his kitchen.” He pauses before asking, “How’s our oldest son?”

          “Coming to dinner on Friday.”

          “He’s okay though?”

          You nod, “The picture of health, seems like he made some pretty good friends, too.”

Bruce just smiles and says, “Thank God.”

          You grab his hand, “Come on Caped Crusader, time for bed.”

          He come with you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and says, “Bed sounds absolutely divine.”

i have a special place in my heart for children who calmly translate for their parents. so proud of how they switch their tongue, carrying two languages in their mouth without ever feeling like their parents are a burden. bless your hearts. 

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You are not alone, my son. We are always with you here. Here, in your heart… The place we will make our stand against this evil.

But I was not there for you.

Nonsense. Aku’s victories are not your failures. The struggle against Aku is arduous and none have fought more bravely than you, my son. You have won many victories, rekindling hope in the hearts of those you have protected. Each sends their blessing. Each blessing, a stone to fortify this land. Your castle is strong, my son. Your allies are many. Wield what lies within and reclaim what is yours. Break the siege of darkness.

Ankle Biter | 03

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets.

words: 4.1k

Playlist | 01 | 02 | 04 | 05

moodboards: before & after

You looked down at the little boy, who was jumping excitedly up and down at the sight of you, the Pretty Coffee Girl and his dad together somewhere that wasn’t the shop.

“Pretty Coffee Girl? Does she have a name?” The woman asked accusingly, looking you up and down with a judgemental look on her face.

It was obvious who this was: Taeji’s maternal grandparents, and you vaguely remember the day you ran into Taehyung that he mentioned something about how they thought he was unfit to be a parent. At the thought, your blood boiled and your face flushed with regard for Taehyung over all.

“My name is Y/N,” you spoke with a discerning glare at the woman, turning ever so slightly to look at Taeji and crouching to his level. The little boy grinned at you, black bouncy hair shiny in the sunlight. He looked so much like Taehyung, there wasn’t anything you could pinpoint that made him look anything like his mother. You’ve never met Minsoo, and maybe the fact that her son didn’t look anything like her was a blessing. Taeji belonged with Taehyung, but it was obvious the kid’s grandparents didn’t think so.

“Hm. Well, we must be going. Oh, Taehyung, expect a call from my lawyer today after I speak to him about your…” Taeji’s grandma said, shoving a finger in Taehyung’s direction then slowly moving it to point at you, “…little situation you have going on here.”

Just as the three of you thought you were free from Grandma Choi’s intense glaring, she popped her head back in the room and said with a menacing smile, “Good parents don’t have one night stands.” Then disappeared down the hallway.

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This Woman’s Work: Tom Holland x Reader

Based on the song (flawlessly) performed by singer Maxwell. Inspired by @cocosierra94 hyping me up to write this under this pic of Tom holding a baby😭

Reader has complications during what’s supposed to be a normal childbirth and has to fight for her life. 

Warnings: Angst, Hella Sadness, Death (???)

Words: 2k and some change. 

You can take a quick listen here (highly recommend that you listen if you want to cry😂)

It’s not supposed to happen like this, Tom thought as tears streamed down his face. He sat in the private waiting room with both of your families. He let out a loud sob and his mother rested his head on her shoulder. “She’s going to make it.” She kept repeating that to her son whose mind explored what he could’ve done better as a husband as you fought for you and your unborn baby girl’s life.


“Are you nervous?” You joked as he drove to the hospital. “Me, I’m not the one giving birth.” He said. “Well by the way your gripping that steering wheel I would say you were.” You laughed and then winced once you felt a contraction. He jerked his head to look at you, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just the contractions.” You rubbed your stomach and smiled, “I can’t wait for her.” He nodded, “She’s going to be perfect.” He said loosening his grip from the steering wheel and took your hand. He pulled up to the hospital and ran to alert the staff.

You were wheeled to your room and made comfortable, “everyone’s on the way.” Tom said looking up from his phone. “Calm down baby.” You laughed taking in his anxious demeanor. “I-I’m fine.” He shrugged, taking a seat beside the bed. Six hours had passed and all of your family had been in the room to see you. “You two are going to be great parents.” Mrs. Holland gushed grabbing your hand. After a chatting for a while, you felt a fire shoot through your lower body. You let out an agonizing scream and Tom jumped up, “Are you okay love?”

“The contractions are getting closer.” You breathed. “I’ll go get the doctor.” His parents walked out of the room t o get your OB/GYN. The doctor came in and smiled, “So how are we doing?”

“They’re closer.” Tom answered. She put on her gloves and checked you, “You’re not dilated yet so we’ll give you the epidural and then let the magic happen.”

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Moments. Chapter 5: Blessing

Idea explained here

You can read all the parts here

(I’ve decided to put the prompts in the end from now on so it’s not like a spoiler or anything)

Chapter 5: Blessing

Sana looked at herself in the mirror. She had chosen smart clothes, she wanted to look responsible, not like that would matter once she told her parents what she was planning on telling. Sure, her parents had always supported her and respected her decisions, her mom was always saying that she trusted her but it’s one thing saying it and another one actually believing it.

For a brief moment she questioned if it was worth it, if she should even tried but then his smile came to her mind, the way she felt when she was around him and everything seemed worth it. It was going to be difficult but she needed to at least try.

Her parents were in the kitchen, completely unaware of what was going to happen in the next minutes. She took a deep breath and entered the room.

“Hi” she greeted them

“Hi habibti, wow you look really beautiful, are you going somewhere?” her mom asked

“No, but…someone is actually coming”

“That’s okay, everybody is welcomed here” her dad said

“Is it a friend of yours? Noora maybe?”

“No, not Noora, is not…is not a girl actually” she said looking at her feet. “And we need to tell you something important”

“Sana, you’re scaring me. Who’s coming? What’s going on?” Mama Bakkoush asked worried.

Sana was going to answer but the doorbell interrupted her.

“I’ll go” she said

She got to the front door and opened it smiling when she saw him standing at the other side.


Hey” he smiled

“You’re wearing a shirt” Sana said staring at him from feet to head.

“Yes, is it too much? I wanted to seem responsible” he said blushing

“You’re perfect” she said smiling

“And you’re beautiful”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked biting her lip “It’s not going to be easy”

“I’m ready if you are” he nodded

“Thank you” she said

She looked at his hand and slowly reached it, intertwining his fingers with hers. She never thought that the first time she would hold hands with a boy would be in the hallway of her house but she really needed to feel his touch in that moment. Yousef looked at their hands a little shocked about the proximity. He then looked at her and saw the fear in her eyes.

“Hey” he said squeezing her hand making her look at him “Everything is going to be okay”

She smiled and nodded closing her eyes to gain the strength she needed. She let go of his hand and led the way to the kitchen.

“Mom, dad, Yousef is here” she said entering the room with him right behind her

“Good afternoon Mr. Bakkoush, Mrs. Bakkoush” he greeted them politely “I uh…I have something for you”

With all her thoughts Sana hadn’t noticed that Yousef had in fact brought something with him. He was holding a bouquet of flowers which he offered to her mother. Sana’s mom took it from him frowning a little bit but smiling.

“Thank you, Yousef, it’s very nice of you” she said

“And this” Yousef said showing Sana a single bluebell he had in his hand “This is for you”

Sana smiled widely at him, she remembered the first and only time he had given her flowers. That perfect afternoon they had spent together, the afternoon that made her believe that there was a chance for them. She took the flower from him looking tenderly at him. He smiled back at her with the same affection.

“Okay, I think we should take this conversation to the living room” Sana’s dad said standing up from the chair and leading the way to the other room.

Sana and Yousef followed her parents trying to prepare themselves for what was coming. Her parents sat on the couch while both Sana and Yousef stood in front of them.

“So, Sana you said you had something to tell us. I’m guessing it has something to do with Yousef” her mom said

“Yes…I…I don’t know how to start” Sana said “Well, mom, dad, you know I’ve always tried to be the best daughter possible and I’m responsible and I think I’m a good person”

“And we agree with that” Sana’s dad said

“Well, I have to tell you something and I don’t know what you’re going to think about it but I really, really hope that you’re okay with it ‘cause your opinion means the world to me and I don’t think I could do this if I didn’t have your blessing”

“Our blessing for…?” her mom asked

Sana opened her mouth to talk but no words came out of it. She panicked and looked at Yousef for support. He nodded at her and cleared her throat.

“I…we…we like each other” Yousef said “And we…we want to be together”

“Well it was about time” Sana’s dad said chuckling

“Huh?” Sana said looking at him frowning

“You’ve been crushing on each other since you were kids, it was bound to happen” he explained

“What…why…how…?” was all that Yousef could say

“I have to say that you had me fooled for a moment. Last week when you were in the kitchen with us, Sana, and the boys came in you didn’t look at him” her dad said “The poor boy was desperately trying to get you to look at him but you kept staring at the table. I thought something had happened between you but I didn’t want to pry. Then like I told you, I saw you playing basketball on Sunday and I knew things were better, you were smiling again”

“But mom, you said you didn’t want me to spend time with him” Sana said

“Sana, I’m a mother who’s 17 years old daughter is starting to be interested in boys and dating, what can I say? I’m protective of my children” Sana’s mom said shrugging

“Guess the only two people that didn’t know about each other’s feelings were us” Yousef said chuckling

“We still have to talk about this, though” Sana’s dad said serious “What are exactly your intentions with my daughter”

Yousef took a moment to think, what was the right answer to that question? He looked at Sana who was staring back at him with a smile and the answer, the truth, came to his mind instantly.

“I want to make her happy” Yousef said, he then turned to face her parents “I like her, a lot, I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I just want to be with her, to be there for her and to make her smile and be happy. That’s all.”

“Yousef, we know you’re a good boy but you have to understand that we have some…concerns about this” Sana’s mom said

“I know and I get it but…you should know that I would never do anything that could hurt Sana or that could put her in a position where she’s not comfortable. I respect her so much and I also respect you and this family”

“You really like him?” Sana’s dad asked his daughter

“I do” she said nodding

And does he make you happy?”

“He does, he really does” she said smiling

Her parents looked at each other for a moment seeing if they were both thinking the same thing.

“That’s all we want Sana, we want you to be happy. We’ve never stopped your brothers from dating anyone and we’re not going to do that to you. And we appreciate the fact that you both came and told us. So if you’re really sure about this…”

“I am” she assured him

“Then you have our blessing”

Both Sana and Yousef smiled widely in relief.

“Thank you, thank you so much” Yousef said

“Thank you, I love you both” Sana added hugging her parents

“We’re trusting you, both of you, you have to be responsible about this” her mom said

“We will, I promise” Sana said

“You can trust us” Yousef finished.

“And what does Elias think about this?” Sana’s dad asked “It’s his best friend and his sister, after all”

“I support them!!!” they heard a voice saying from outside the room

“Elias? Are you listening through the door?” Sana’s mom asked

“No…” he whispered

“Come here” Sana’s dad said rolling her eyes

The door opened and Elias came into the room smiling.

“Hey, looking good bro” he said patting Yousef’s back.

“What do you think about this, Elias?” Sana’s mom asked

“They like each other, he’s my best friend, he’s the best guy I know and I want the best for my sister” he said shrugging “besides, they look really cute together”

Sana rolled her eyes and shook her head while Yousef just chuckled at his friend’s comment.

“Seems like you two have everybody’s blessing then” Sana’s dad said standing up.

He shook Yousef’s hand and gave his daughter another hug.

“Thank you” Sana said once more

“Would you like to stay for Iftar, Yousef?” Sana’s mom asked

“I’d love to, thank you” he said

“Maybe you can help me with the food, I’ve heard that you know how to cook” she said giving her daughter a knowing look

“Of course, I’d be happy to help”



“I love your fanfics so much. I have a prompt request: Sana’s parents noticed the looks Yousef kept giving their daughter in the balloon squad in the kitchen clip. Thank you!”

“Hey don’t worry take the time you need to write the prompts we’re sending you! Future prompt: Sana and Yousef talk to her parents about their relationship”

Thank you for the prompts and thank you for reading!

Hope you’ve liked it♥

Year of Loneliness

I live in a 2-bedroom apartment with a wonderful friend that puts up with my weirdness and respects my beliefs. I have lots of friends in my life who I see on a daily basis and even some I get to enjoy outside our workplace. My parents live across town and I speak to my other set of parents at least once a week, I’ve even gotten to see all of most of my siblings more than once within the past 2 months. The point of this being: I am not alone. My day is filled with faces that I love and am blessed to be around.

But it wasn’t like that this time last year.

I lived alone. I only saw a few people outside of work. I would try to see my parents as often as possible but it still wasn’t as frequent as it is now. Now many of you may have turned your emotional setting to pity after reading that but I implore you to hold off on that. Because looking back that year I spent alone in my ridiculously expensive 1-bedroom apartment was one of the best. In that year I felt so close to God and so near to His heart that every day, no matter how hard, had hope. The year was still a ‘normal’ one, don’t get me wrong, I had really great days and really suck days the same that I do now; but back then I felt so near to God because I had no one else to be near to.  That’s an amazing feeling!

And no I’m not saying that being around people is bad or that it’s damaged my relationship with God in anyway at all. We’ve simply moved on to a point in this walk where I get to be an example of God’s love for people, He is still with me always and I’m still learning of course. There are nights where I miss the balcony I would sit on where I would talk to God all alone. Yet He reminds me in those moments of yearning that He is still just as close to my heart regardless of how I feel.

The reason I felt the need to post this is because I see so many of my beloved brothers and sisters talk about how lonely they are, how they feel isolated, and they feel like there isn’t anyone out there for them. My friends, I know it’s hard, trust me those suck days I mentioned were like super suck; but I can also tell you with confidence that those moments can be the best moments in your life for your walk with God. It might take time and you might feel silly at first but genuinely I want you to try and just talk to Him in those moments where you’re all alone. Just talk. About your day. About your plans. About the things you’re afraid of. About the things you are excited for. About how lonely you feel.
Despite the moments of pain along the way, I can say with confidence that my ‘year of loneliness’ was one of the most amazing and impactful years of my life. I am so grateful to God for that time we spent together and I’m eternally grateful that He is still with me and has blessed me through the season to this one.

Hang in there, my dear friends. The seasons of loneliness aren’t nearly as lonely as you think because you’re never truly alone.

-31 Women (Nan)