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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry James, but I have to vent for a minute. I love your videos and I've been watching your channel ever since you reviewed the original Tomb Raider game but recently I've been getting so pissed off with your videos, the Film Friday ones to be precise. In many of the reviews you complain that some of the actors and actresses cannot act (like Sophie in the BFG and the girl from Halloween) but I don't think you have any right to say that when you (no offence) can't act very well yourself.

Thanks for watching for that long!

Also, I don’t quite get what you mean, I’m afraid. Not only have I never EVER claimed to be an actor and never even studied it, but in critique that’s totally fair for me to say - otherwise your logic would state that you can’t call me a ‘bad actor’ unless you yourself were a good actor! I thought the child acting in BFG was so bad that I couldn’t believe everyone was okay with it being released - and you think my performing is shit. It’s fair game! No hard feelings. :)

I just had my phone interview for the virtual case management/disease management position with Anthem Blue Cross. I spoke to the supervisor for almost an hour, and I think it went very well. It’s a full-time work-from-home job, Anthem provides all the equipment, and all the training and orientation is completed virtually, It sounds like I would just have to talk to Comcast about arranging to get the computer set up with a wired internet connection since wireless isn’t allowed due to privacy/security concerns. 

I’m having a second interview with this same supervisor and her assistant supervisor on Friday at 1pm, and then we’ll see what happens after that.

Right now I’m definitely very interested in this position, because being able to work at home in my jammies for a good salary would pretty much be a dream come true. Maybe even also the reward for going through all the shit I’ve endured in the last 5 years or so. They say things happen for a reason, and maybe this is why my really unpleasant experience with that local skilled nursing at the end of December happened. Maybe this is what I’m meant to do.

One time Sehun and I were shopping for clothes in Hong Kong and I saw a pair of khakis for sale. So I thought ‘hm, they’re on sale so I should buy it right now right’ and so I did. I go to another aisle I see more khaki pants but the sign this time says “Buy three, get one free’ so I go and buy that one as well. So now I have about five khaki pants which I thought was a great idea cause I can wear one on monday, one on tuesday, one on wednesday, one on thursday and one on friday. It’s like I’ll never run out of khakis.
—  Do Kyungsoo interview (full interview click here)

23 October 2016

it’s been a looooooooooong time since i updated, yeah?


anywayy, i’ll be having my end year exams this coming friday onwards so i’ve started revising and making notes. i just hope to do well for my exams! hope you all are having a great day!


On a Dare [M]

Rating: M

Summary: My friends have a twisted sense of humor so during a game of Truth or Dare they dare me to have sex with the one person they know I hate the most: Yoo Kihyun.

Warnings: Crude language, crude humor, crazy sex, spanking, cumplay, etc etc. I don’t even know what else.

Sequel is here: On a Dare II

It was a Friday night and my closest friend Wonho had asked me over to hang out. He was in a group called Monsta X, and I was really good friends with the rest of them, too. Well, mostly, except for one member.

As I arrived at their dorm I pressed the buzzer. The door opened and Kihyun appeared looking pink haired and clueless as usual. I couldn’t even hide my disgust. “Ugh. It’s you. I suddenly regret that I even came.”

His eyes narrowed. He looked me up and down dismissively. “So go home then,” he said, and shut the door right in my face.

I stood there for two seconds, nose to the door, in total disbelief. Then I stepped back and knocked angrily on the door. “Yah! Asshole! Let me in!”  I cried.

No response.

“Kihyun open the door,” I said, starting to get serious, because the cold was starting to get to me.

Honestly, what possessed me to wear a miniskirt and some flimsy leggings in the middle of December? How I regretted it now that I would die and my tombstone would read ‘here lies Hani. Froze to death while trying to look cute.’

“It’s cold out here goddammit!” I complained grumpily.

“Good! Freeze and die!” Kihyun called and then cackled evilly. “Just stay outside and get snowed upon until you freeze into a slutty statue. No, a frightening whoregoyle!”

My hands bunched up at my sides as I seethed. Kihyun always called me a cheap whore and I knew he did it just for fun since in all the time he knew me he had never seen me with any guys. If he thought just that would be enough to make me mad, he could think again.

“You are an annoying infant! Your insults are so stupid. They’re not even worth dignifying with a response. But I hope you know when I get in there I’m going to destroy you,” I growled.

“But you’ll never get in here,” he sang, tauntingly, and then laughed some more like the petty little brat that he was.

Furious now, I kicked the door numerous times as hard as I could. No response. So I just kept kicking it. “Open. This. Damn. Door! Kihyun!” I yelled with each kick. Then I got tired and gave up. He probably left, the damn bastard.

I raised up on my tiptoes to look through the glass window at the top of the door. Pink waves filled my view. “I can see the top of your empty head! I know you’re still standing there! Open this door Kihyun!”

Nothing but giggles.

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BTS get used to your sleeping habits

I’ll give you a special Christmas reaction tomorrow (Saturday the 24th) but since many people don’t celebrate Christmas or just don’t like Christmas much, I’ll have a normal one this Friday night, okay? :*

All gifs belong to their rightful owners=creators (see urls right under the gifs as always~) <3 Please support each other and BTS well! 

@ Yoongi’s ear: Please heal well! @ my fellow ARMYs: Please spend a happy weekend! Al eonni loves all 935 of you :***

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Your habit: Falling asleep close to Hoseok but moving away during the night

Hoseok’s reaction: “______! Do you know that each night, you’re moving to the other side of the bed? Sometimes, I wake up because it feels so empty, and you’ve moved all the way the other side.”

You: “I’m sorry~ I guess I just need the space~”

Hoseok: “[slightly disappointed but not for long] Then can I cuddle you more during the day? I want to be close to you at least once during the day~” 

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Your habit: You need a stuffed toy or a pillow or something in your arms to be able to fall asleep quickly 

You: “Omg Jimin, you came all the way to my parents’ home to bring me the kumamon plushie I forgot? Just so I can fall asleep comfortably?”

Jimin: “[insert gif] I want you to sleep well wherever you go~”

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Your habit: You sometimes get up in the middle of the night for a late night snack

You: “Huh? Oppa?  You are awake, too? Did you get hungry, too?”

Jin: “[munching on junk food] There’s nothing better than a late night snack~ [let’s you take a bite from his food~]”

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Rap Monster

Your habit: You sometimes take off part of your clothes unconsciously when you get too warm (like you take off your shirt or your socks)

You: [noticing that you’re only wearing your panties and bra the next morning, and your T-Shirt is buried somewhere at the end of the bed] Omg, Namjoon! Wake up! Did we? You know…why am I missing my shirt?”

Namjoon: “Oh? Ahh, you didn’t know you do that? You sometimes get rid of your clothes during the night when you sweat. I thought you did that consciously.”

You: “Err…I never took off anything too…”

Namjoon: “[figets with the blanket] Of course not! I mean…how would I know, I’m so pure, I don’t even look at you when you’re sleeping!”

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Your habit: You tend to steal the blanket that you guys are sharing

You: “[the next morning, after you stole the blanket once again] Tae? What’s up, didn’t you sleep well? You look tired~”

Taehyung: “Let’s go and buy a second blanket today. I woke up several times tonight because I was freezing.”

You: “Oh no! Did I take the blanket again? I’m sorry”

Taehyung: “You don’t have to be sorry. You even look cute when you take the blanket. Let’s just buy another one so I can take it when you take ours~”

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Your habit: You have nightmares often and therefore sleep very uneasily

Jungkook: [wakes up from your tossing and turning and realizes that you’re having a nightmare once again. Honestly, I think that’d torture him so much to see you uncomfortable like this and not being able to do anything about it. Watches you carefully until you quiet down again, talks to the sleeping you, brushes strands of hair out of your face, covers you with the blanket - anything to make you feel a tiny bit better]

Jungkook: “[whispers to the sleeping you] Nuna, if only you knew it was just a dream~ If only you knew Kookie was right next to you~ Come here~ [cuddles up to your side]”

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Your habit: You tend to move closer and closer to the person you’re sleeping next to until you’re cuddled up to them all cosily

Yoongi: [You can bet Yoongi loves that, provided of course he’s even noticing it and not sleeping like a rock. But even then Yoongi is the kind of person who’d take you into his arms intuitively in a situation like this. Yoongi would also love to wake up and find himself to be the little spoon after you moved closer that night.]

Yoongi: [Doesn’t ever tell you that you unconsciously do it though because he’s scared it might stop then and also he can’t really admit that he likes it so much]

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Bonus Jikook gif that I found while researching this and idk god bless:

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February 3rd - Darkiplier and Anti Day.

Yes my sweeties. Its Dark and Anti day next Friday. 

What does that mean I hear you cry through the internet?! Well - for the ENTIRE day all we’ll be posting is Anti and Dark things.

Art, gifs, videos, stories, poems, what ifs - ALL OF IT! 

Oh they are so fucking good. I love these days and thanks to Anti coming back I now have the perfect excuse to enjoy ourselves.

So you have 7 days to get creative and let the dark side take over, before we get back to our moral high ground on Saturday 4th.

Spread the word.

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Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Updated theories about season 4 dates - To keep us sane.
  • Okay, so shall we do the math (again), count some days and weeks, in order to have something to hold on to, countdown to and basically keep us sane?
  • I’ve done this before (on other premises), but after Even’s birthday *painful flashbacks* everything has changed!… We desperately try to make up theories in order to stay out of a limbo and accept that we know nothing, and the lightning might as well strike on a very random day.


  • Let’s take a look at season 4. What do we know? nothing! … But we know that the school year at Nissen ends on the 22nd of June. That means the season must end on Friday the 23rd at the very latest. 
  • I actually hope that is the case, and part of the reason everything is so late. If the season ends when the summer holiday begins, then we get to witness Even’s graduation AND Isak’s birthday on the 21st. Even deserves that, and we deserve that!!
  • We don’t know how long the season will be, but my guess is 10 episodes, so let’s stick to that (keep it worst case scenario so we won’t get disappointed)
  • We also know that there will be a break in the middle of the season. season 1 & 3 had a one-week break, and season 2 had a two-week break. We don’t know if the length of the break has anything to do with the time of year, or the length of the season. But let’s stick to a 1 week break (again, we are working with the latest the season will start)
  • So, that means we have to count 11 weeks back from Friday the 23rd of June, which is Friday April 7. So, the first update will (most likely) be a day between Saturday April 1st and Monday April 3rd.
  • We can’t compare trailer calculation with the previous seasons anymore, because they came out about 3 month before the season started, so we are way overdue.
  • My take is, that we will get it about one month before the season begins. It doesn’t make much sense to release it later that that. A month before is VERY close to the premiere date.
  • My conclusion: The trailer will premiere in week 9
  • A reason everything is so late compared to the other seasons could be that season 4 wasn’t planed out for Julie as the other 3 seasons were. Maybe she didn’t make her final decisions about the main before season 3 was over or close to end, because she wanted the fans reactions - And from there she had to figure out the story line.
  • Does this sound plausible to you? please tell me… am I way off?

So before this episode aired, I didn’t realize more than a day passes between the GPF Short Program and the Free Skate.

According to the 2016/2017 GPF schedule, the Men’s SP takes place on a Thursday and the FS on Saturday (source). There’s a day in between. Prior years have a similar schedule.

Assuming Yuuri announced his retirement to Victor on the night of the SP (Thursday), this means almost two full days went by with them at odds.

Two days! Thursday night. (Where did they sleep?) ALL of Friday. The full freaking day. (Where did they sleep again??) And then most of Saturday as well, all the way until the evening! That’s almost 48 hours.

This was no little argument. We don’t even see them speaking or looking at each other until Yuuri takes the ice.

And I’m a little confused by what Morooka says in these screenshots because it seems to imply more than two days have passed? When he says Yuuri practices on Friday (the day after the SP) and also on Saturday (the day of the FS), which day exactly did he not practice publicly? Surely there’s not another day where they were fighting??

Andreil Quits Smoking

so i somehow messed up answering your ask directly, but this was requested by @vexingcosmos! i’m sorry it took me forever, but i actually did some research because i know NOTHING about smoking. also, this got long. like…really long. 

  • it began as most things do, where the Foxes are concerned: with a bet
  • it’s a Friday night and the Monsters have come to Columbia, and for once, the upperclassmen were allowed to come along
  • Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday, and he just wants to hang out with his best friend and favorite human Neil okay let him live
  • so Neil *asked* Andrew and well…we all know how that goes
  • the whole gang is having a grand ol’ time
    • Aaron, Nicky, Allison, and Dan have been on the dance floor practically since the second they walked into Eden’s
    • Allison dragged a reluctant Renee out to join them within the first hour, and this girl can DANCE don’t fight me on this 
    • Kevin has been drunk since before they even left Sweetie’s (snuck in a flask, the little troublemaker)
    • he’s so far gone that he couldn’t even tell you who the first striker in Exy history to reach 1,000 goals was. he may or may not be aware that he is swaying.
    • Matt has been hanging out at the table with Neil and a rather annoyed Andrew
  • Matt has convinced Neil to take way too many shots for his tiny body to handle, but Andrew is there, so he’s trying not to worry about it 
  • sometime around the seventh shot, the rest of the gang makes their way over to the table
  • Andrew’s hand is on Neil’s thigh, and his pointer finger has been tapping incessantly for the past twenty minutes
    • and Neil can only take so much, even from Andrew
    • he stares at Andrew as subtly as he can (i.e. not very) in an effort to catch his attention
  • Andrew eventually drags his gaze over to Neil and lazily cocks his head to the side, as if to say what could you possibly want at this moment in time, Neil
    • Neil looks pointedly to Andrew’s hand and then jerks his head towards the exit
  • Neil is, of course, very unsubtle with all of this
    • Kevin turns to stare at them and says, in a barely intelligible voice, “if you’re gonna hook up, you could at least wait until we’re back at the house and i’m passed tf out”
    • Nicky laughs and says, “aww Kev c’mon, let the munchkins have playtime whenever they want”
  • Andrew is about to turn his whiskey glass into a weapon for the munchkin comment when Aaron suddenly pipes in
    • “nah, Andrew needs to take care of his other habit”
    • it is now very quiet in their group of normally very loud people
  • everyone looks to Aaron for him to clue them in on what he means
    • everyone except Renee, who has silently moved closer to Andrew just in case he really does decide to use that whiskey glass
  • Aaron continues: “you know what smoking does to your body over time, right? i assume i don’t need to go all Bill Nye on your ass and draw you a picture”
    • Aaron becomes Dr. Minyard when he is very drunk. trust me.
    • Andrew doesn’t say anything, just stares at Aaron. is he even blinking? probably not
  • “who am i kidding. you don’t care. you’ll just let this ruin you. i bet you couldn’t quit even if you tried” 
  • that gets everyone’s attention
    • Nicky: “did he just say the B word”
    • Allison: “looks like it’s that time again where i get even richer”
    • Matt, softly: “oh shit”
  • Neil is about to jump in and open up a can of whoop ass on Aaron when Andrew’s steady voice comes from beside him
  • “fine”
  • everyone, collectively: “WHAT”
  • Andrew rolls his eyes. “fine. i bet that i can quit completely within a week”
    • complete silence. everyone just stares. shock. disbelief. 
  • Andrew gets up and starts heading towards the exit, dragging Neil along with him 


  • Neil decides to join Andrew in Operation Quit Smoking
  • but two days into it, they’re both at their wits end
  • they definitely aren’t about try anything medication-related, for obvious reasons
  • after doing a bit of research related to natural methods like adding more of certain vitamins into your diet, Neil confronts Andrew
    • “you know we have to. we don’t have another choice”
    • “fuck you, i’m not doing that”
    • “Andrew. it’s our last option.”
    • [after a long, defeated sigh] “fine. but you have to ask him”
  • so Neil does the one thing he wished he’d never have to do with anything that isn’t Exy
  • he asks Kevin to help
  • when they wake up the next day, Kevin has printed out color-coded meal plans for both Andrew and Neil
    • Andrew Minyard does not cry. But let me tell you. Looking at that list of food options…it was an extremely close call.
    • on every single day, the breakfast item was a green smoothie
    • Andrew thought he’d rather just pay the entire $500 betting pool off himself
  • but Neil. precious, precious Neil. tells Andrew that they can definitely do it, and wouldn’t it be great to prove Aaron wrong and make him lose money that he probably would have spent on Katelyn?
  • so they pull themselves up by their metaphorical bootstraps and follow all of Kevin’s rules. every. single. one. 
  • halfway to their deadline, Andrew finally wants to kill everyone slightly less than he did yesterday. he marks this as massive progress. 
  • Neil didn’t really smoke in the first place, but he’s still having trouble finding something to replace that feeling he gets from the smell
    • he’ll be okay without it, he thinks. he has Andrew to keep him steady, to ground him when he feels like he could float away from reality for good
  • by the following Friday, the Foxes have gathered in the girls’ room to hear the final word and settle their bets
  • Kevin has become the official referee of this particular bet
  • everyone waits in suspense, heartbeats flying at the thought of all the cash they are either about to lose or gain
  • Kevin takes his role seriously, as he does everything else
  • “i declare that, as of this day at 4:27 pm, Andrew and Neil have gone three consecutive days without one cigarette. i predict that they will be able to continue resisting, if they keep following my suggested guidelines”
    • the last bit is said with a hard look at Neil and Andrew. of course.
    • Allison, Matt, and Dan don’t try to hide the smug looks on their faces as Aaron and Nicky hand over entirely too much for a bunch of college students to bet with
    • Renee chose not to participate, but her new bruises say that she’s been helping Andrew cope all week
    • Aaron grudgingly looks back to Andrew, holding out his hand with his share of the winnings
    • Andrew just stares at him. blinks. turns around and walks out the door. 
  • Neil edges out of the room to follow him up to the roof while everyone is arguing over who gets Andrew’s share, since he’s obviously not taking it
  • Neil reaches Andrew and sits beside him with their shoulders touching
  • they’re looking out over campus when Neil turns to Andrew
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • Neil gets a disgusted scoff and a hand pushing his face away in return
  • “you’re still a junkie”

Hey guys! Many, many months ago someone requested I make these available to buy, and I did that awhile ago for the Asexual Pirate one. Well, I will finally be making the Ace Invaders one available too in the next couple days. This is also good news because for the next couple days the website will be having a Black Friday sale! As far as I know, everything is at least 20% off, plus many items are up to 50% off! There are t-shirts, stickers, plus many more items!

You can buy the things here!

If there is something that isn’t currently in my shop that you’d like to buy, feel free to message me and I’ll try to get that up for you!

~Admin Sierra

There’s a Right Way and a Wrong Way

Bucky x Reader Christmas Oneshot

Summary – You and Bucky have to decorate the Christmas tree, but he does it completely wrong.

Warnings – Christmas Fluff!

Word Count – 1,293

Notes – I wanted to write some Christmas fics because I don’t already have enough on my plate!!!  I decided that I would dedicate each one to one of the lovely ladies at the Avengers Trash Tower since they were so nice to allow me to use them in my 27 Dresses series!!  There will be six Oneshots and they will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays for the next two weeks!!!  I have another special surprise for you guys the week before Christmas, so look out for that as well!!!!  I also have another Drabble series starting this Friday, so from now until Christmas you guys are getting a new fic every day!!!!  Merry Christmas!!!!  I love you all so much!  

This one is dedicated to Anika @avengerofyourheart!   Merry Christmas, my dear!


Christmas Fic Masterlist

Originally posted by joyeuxno-el

The end of December was fast approaching and for once, Hydra was laying low.  You weren’t sure if it was because of the holiday season, or if they were just working on something big.  Either way, you were glad for some much needed time off.  This was going to be your first Christmas with Bucky and you were really excited.  Most of the team had decided to head home for a few weeks, or at least until the world was in danger again.  Since Bucky didn’t have any family other than Steve, you’d opted to stay at the compound with them and Natasha.  You would have liked to go somewhere alone with Bucky, but it was Steve’s first Christmas with his friend and you didn’t mind sharing.

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Healing Incantation

Thank you so much to @thestrongvatic for requesting this, I really hope you like it sweetheart and thank you so much for being so patient with me. Please let me know what you think darling x

Based on this song from the movie Tangled.

Feedback is always welcome my little lovelies so please do not be shy x

Request: Hello babe! ❤ i was wondering if you could write buckyxreader where all of the avengers have movie friday and they watch Tangled(readers choice) and she and Buck are cuddling(they aren’t together but they love each other) and on Healing song, she start to singing to his ear and kiss his scars from metal arm and say something like im sorry it doesn’t work. All sweet and fluff. I hope you doing well ❤

Warnings: fluff and cuteness that will make your heart hurt.

Words: c. 950

Originally posted by ichigowolf

The opening credits had been paused for the last 20 minutes while everyone gathered their snacks and comforts and claimed their seats, because everyone had their own seats.

Yours and Bucky’s were a two seat recliner that you had sort of drifted to accidentally, when Bucky had first arrived at the tower, you had had been the only one sitting quietly whilst the others chattered and bickered over picking the movie, he had quietly asked if it would be alright to sit beside you and when you had smiled shyly and nodded, moving your selection of treats aside to accommodate him, he knew he had made the right decision.

The first time you had ended up cuddling had been completely accidental, you and Wanda had been away on a mission all week and despite your best arguments that you needed sleep, the team had insisted that you stay and watch the movie with them, and when Bucky regarded you shyly, silently hopeful and you found yourself not quite able to refuse.

But tiredness had taken over roughly half way through the movie and you hadn’t even noticed you’d drifted off curled into Bucky’s side until a loud crash on the screen woke you with a jolt and you found yourself cheek pressed against the soft cotton of Bucky’s shirt.

“Why didn’t you wake me,” you asked voice hoarse and barely above a whisper.

“You were tired,” he whispered back as if it was the most obvious answer in the world “and I didn’t mind.”

When you had gone to move Bucky had stilled you, “It’s alright, you’re not bothering me you can lay on me if you want to.”

You should have argued but your eyes were slipping closed in acceptance.

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buy your kids books, guys.

  • i was very fortunate to have two parents growing up who MADE me read.
  • i was read a bedtime story every night until i was maybe 8 or 9 years old
  • from the second i learned to read my mom took me to the library every friday as a treat
  • after every doctor’s visit that i behaved well at, we’d go to the bookstore and I’d get to pick a book
  • sometimes my dad would randomly bring home a book he thought id like 
  • i was by no means a kid who even remotely got all the toys i wanted but if i wanted a specific book? id get it. even if i had to wait for my next birthday, but my parents would make sure that i got it.
  • the first thing my parents did when i started learning english at school when i was maybe 11 or 12 is buy me a book
  • any present, any treat - it was ALWAYS books. 

…. and all that paid off. If you want your kid to grow up to be an intersectional feminist, to be liberal and open-minded, buy them books to support that. books open minds and hearts. trust me. 


Friday, June 17th, 2016. Hello, community! How’s everyone doing? I missed you. I’m freaking out over college, but I’m fine, I think. 

I’m currently preparing myself for a test that I’ll do in a week. To ensure that I am well prepared, I borrowed a book in college library, gathered all my notes and I have a list of exercises to solve later. I really hope to do well in this test, because I don’t think the previous one went very good. Today I stayed home all day and did nothing yay! (nervous laugher). Well… I’ll try to make up for it I promise.