i have to be up at 4 am

½ Marathon Gear Check 

I decided to go with my power red outfit. Still deciding on compression pants (pictured) or red and black shorts. I’d prefer having the compression but with the heat, I might be better off without it. 


  • Bluetooth headset
  • Headlamp (Race starts at 4:30 am)
  • Polarised glasses
  • Nike Dryfit hat and Shirt
  • Compression pants
  • Jackrabbit running socks
  • Nuun and GU for energy and electrolytes
  • Running belt - I won’t use this if I decide on shorts
  • Water bottle / Phone holder

Not pictured - but included: Shoes, undies, shorts, Garmin, Phone.

I need to charge electronics tonight, switch out my Headlamp batteries, just to be safe and pack my bag up. I leave for the Hotel Friday after work. (The race is about 90 min from my house, so I am staying at a hotel.) 

It’s almost go time!

27. part 4

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Sleeping with Chris last night was terrible, I could barely breathe and he was all on me and I got so hot so I thought I would just wake up and come downstairs and clean the house. I just really hate my moods right now, like I know I am not myself but I can’t help it at all. Slowly sitting down on the couch “you didn’t have to clean Rylee” my mom said “you look so much in pain” I cringed at the pain “well it is slowing down now, you know I don’t do well with my periods at all” I think it is time for me to have some pain killers “is it slowing down now though right?” my mom asked, nodding my head “just a little painful, it’s weird though because my period is going but yet the pain is there and it just feels weird. I am off my tablets now and I was late for my period, I did kind of thought I was pregnant” watching my mom’ reaction “what made you think you was pregnant baby?” shrugging not really knowing “just was late but then again I was having the tablets so I cannot get pregnant” my mom smiled at me “tablets do nothing, how else did I have Kyrie? I didn’t want another child, I have you grown babies. I mean ok it lessens the chance but you could have been, I think it is good you want a baby. My baby having a baby, this just makes me so happy” I want my mom to see this, I want my mom to be with me “you need to be with me, I don’t think I can push a whole baby out. You have to be with me” my mom chuckled “your husband will be with you, I always wondered why you was a nurse sometimes. You hate pain and blood but then you’re like me, so caring” rolling my eyes “Chris will be just as bad as me, you have to be with me” my mom shook her head “I promise you now, Chris will be with you” I am scared to push too.

It worries me when my mom makes plans and she never includes herself in my future like I do her “Kyrie got a game today” looking away from the TV “football game?” I said as my mom nodded “yes, he is actually playing this time. Harvey said he is doing so well and they picked him to play this time, he did say he wants Chris to go and I did say ask him but Kyrie won’t. I think it would be sweet if all his siblings were there, you all are never usually here and I would like you all to go, I am going too” Kyrie never said anything about this “well I will say it to Chris but it’s always so much effort going places with him, he might be doing something today too but I will ask him. I don’t see him saying no anyways” Chris will generally go anywhere I go, I don’t know how he puts up with me because I am awful right now “that is fine, Rylee can you please not fight people either. That is not how my daughter acts” eventually my mom would say something “she was saying things to Chris and flirting, I am not having that shit at all. I won’t be disrespected like that, I was sat there mom.” I will honestly hit any bitch.

Blake pointed at my legs, staring at him with a blank expression “there is no space, move your legs” he can ask me nicely, I ain’t about to move my legs “dad tell him I am resting, I need my rest and there is the floor to sit down on” watching him leaning down to grab my legs “mom! Tell him!” I spat “Blake, please don’t. Rylee just let him sit” sighing out with a scoff, shuffling up on the couch “I thought dad would have my back but clearly not” he didn’t even speak a word “I am trying to concentrate on Kyrie, it’s his big day” from the corner of my eye Blake pointed at me and let out a laugh “it’s not Rylee’ world anymore, brat” well that is annoying “I heard you want Chris to come Kyrie, why don’t you ask him now” Chris rubbed his face walking into the living room , Kyrie didn’t say a word “I’m hungry” the first thing Chris said “no morning? No kiss? Just hungry?” he is half asleep still “Morning Rylee, can you make me some breakfast and let me sit down” my mom smiled at me “come on Rylee, your fiancé needs feeding” pulling a face “but I am not well?” I said as my dad chuckled “you can make me some breakfast too” this is why I don’t want to make breakfast for anyone because now everyone wants it “fine” slowly getting up from the couch “what are you doing today?” I asked Chris “I have a meeting with Black Pyramid, I also have to go back to LA tonight after the club. Why?” Chris sat down “Kyrie wants you to come to his game, when is it?” looking at my dad “starts at one” looking back at Chris “starts at one, if you can’t come then it’s fine” Chris paused thinking “I can come after, probably be late but I will come” there is that then “that is all you need to do Kyrie, just ask him” walking by my dad.

I have not seen Kyrie play at all, his football kit is so cute and his little team and cheerleaders. This game is so adorable, placing the shades over my face “come on Kyrie!!” Nathan shouted clapping “you’re at a kids football game and you are rolling a blunt?” side eyeing Blake “getting it ready for later” I have no idea what happens at the game, I am watching him run and hopefully he scores something, I am not even sure. Getting my phone out of my pocket, Chris hasn’t text me back so he must be in his meeting still. Unlocking my phone, tapping Instagram and holding my phone up to record my brother “wait, where is he?” I questioned, Blake bought his head closer to me. He moved my hand to the side and touched my screen to zoom in “thanks” smiling to myself pressing record “he is good at running” I said watching him run “good, my little nigga will be good at running away from the police” flipping the camera to myself, looking up at Blake “is that what you think about?” moving the camera to Blake “hell yeah, can’t trust the police at all” Blake loves himself so much “ugh, you are so ugly” stopping the recording as he took over my camera “I am beautiful as fuck” captioning the video ‘Proud of my little brother, I don’t know about the other one! #Family’ pressing send “did you ever ask Chris about me being his bodyguard?” Blake asked, he actually wants to be that “not really but I don’t agree to it but maybe he can put you forward to do it for someone else? I mean it is up to him but I don’t agree with it, there is too much conflict there. I will say it to him” locking my phone “cool, I want to be legit. Bailey’ baby could be mine and I am a little scared about it, I am fucked up. I came here to get away from her” shaking my head “you’re so stupid, you need to find out. I mean it’s good you want to do better but she is trouble and I don’t want no relation to that” I don’t want that to be my niece or nephew “trust me, I am praying” Blake mumbled.

My smile grew seeing Chris, I missed him and I need someone to complain too “took your time” he has his hood up “yeah, just trying to sort your clothing line out babe. I was going to ask you to come but you ain’t feeling good” wrapping my arms around Chris “why didn’t you just say?” he never said anything “you might just fight her” moving my head back “her? Who is her!?” moving my arms away from Chris “she is the girl I was starting the women’s line with, she got some dope ideas and I wanted you to both meet but you ain’t in the mood for it. We are homies, no need to worry” pulling a face “I will determine if she is a homie or not, I am not playing Chris. I won’t lose you to some bitch that want to break us” Chris shushed me “you are so dramatic, when does this period thing end? Bring back my laid-back baby” Chris pulled me into a hug “not when I feel like I could lose you” I do feel like that though, he don’t get it.

Squinting my eyes, I am not sure if Kyrie’ team won. Pressing a kiss to Chris’ arms around my neck “did they add any minutes?” I don’t get it “Yes!!” Chris moved his arms away from me cheering “did he win?” looking around me, nobody answered besides cheering “yes Kyrie!” Chris clapped saying, turning back around clapping my hands. Moving by my dad, Kyrie pulled his helmet off and so did his little team as they ran over “we won Rylee” seeing this very muscled black man, looking up at him. I have seen many black men but this man is a man, a beautiful chocolate man. I got a little lost for words “Harvey my man” he said looking at my dad “told you they could do it, this is my daughter” my dad said “I know, I remember her from University” he got his hand out, I am a little taken back by how good looking this man is “hi” I said in a whisper “you’re beautiful and you don’t remember me” he said out of nowhere “wait, what? We went to University together?” looking down at our hands, snatching my hand away. This is doing too much, looking behind me and luckily Chris did not see that “yeah, I was doing sport and you did nursing or something? We spoke a couple of times, it’s funny you don’t remember me but I can never forget you” I really don’t remember him “I was way more skinny then this, you remember a party you went too? I drove you home? I called you Bajan Beauty and my dad worked at Walmart and that time he gave you free groceries?” I gasped touching his arm “oh my god, I do! I remember you, your name is also Kyrie and I said my little brother is called that” he smiled laughing “yeah, I have changed a lot now. I still remember you and even if you didn’t want me then I still liked you a lot” I didn’t think he would get like this, he was a little nerdy.

“I am honestly shocked, so good seeing you though” he looked behind me “you done good for yourself though, you dating Chris Brown” looking behind me, Chris is staring at me so hard “yeah, people always say he is too good for you and he is. Right now he is not happy though” looking back at Kyrie “he is so lucky to have you, I was so sprung and I felt so rejected by you. I envy him, you’re funny, beautiful and everything and more” he needs to stop “please don’t” feeling an arm come around me, I knew it would be Chris “Chris this is Kyrie” touching Kyrie’ arm and instantly regretting it “I know him from University” Chris stared at him “cool, nice meeting you. I need to speak to you” Chris said to me walking off “he ain’t happy at all, I follow you on IG though. I’ll message you through there, meet up sometime” nodding my head smiling “bye” slowly walking off, I know I am in trouble already.

Slowly walking over to Chris, I am not ready for what Chris is about to say to me and I won’t argue with him because I mean I touched him a few times but it’s just me and I would never cheat on Chris. He shouldn’t act like this with me, Chris is so angry “I want to leave this place now, I am about to flip” Chris said to Joe, Chris turned around to walk off. Chris also walked off without looking at me and I followed on, I am going to go with him of course “you guys going?” Nathan asked as I walked by “yeah, need to pack my things” I did this but not on purpose, I would never do this to him but I feel bad “I am sorry Chris, I didn’t mean to upset you” Carlos flashed me a smile but it was a nervous smile, I haven’t really seen Chris angry at me well not this angry at me “I don’t want you driving me home” Chris said to the driver “you sure?” the Latino guy said “I said it didn’t I!?” he snapped, Joe opened the SUV door.

Chris just stared ahead not speaking a single a word “Chris I am so sorry, I just got happy to see him” Chris’ head snapped in my direction “then be with him, I mean I have never seen you so happy and giggling. You looked so happy to see him, you were flirting with him with me there. You might as well cheat, first Daniel and now this motherfucker!?” I don’t like Chris shouting at me “Chris that has nothing to do with it, I am with you baby. I love you so much, we are getting married too. Why do you think he makes me happy? I remember him from university, I don’t want to argue with you because it’s not worth it, I want you” Chris shook his head giving me the dirtiest look, a look I have never got from him before “you touched another nigga in front of me, you introduced him to me. You were flirting, I mean verbally no but your eyes. They were glistening in happiness, I am not even going to say what I was going to say. You’ll cry, but I fucking get it. He is a friend but you thought wrong if you think I am a nigga that will take it like that, I fucking love you and I would do anything to make you fucking happy but I won’t have you fucking with niggas, you didn’t even touch him once. I saw the first time and then the second and then holding his hand” Chris kissed his teeth “I swear to god if that was me, you had a meltdown for a girl that was backstage with me. You beat her! And then you expect me to be cool!? Are you kidding me” biting my top lip not knowing what to say “I can’t believe I fucking let you flirt with a nigga in front of me” I flinched as Chris punched the seat in front of him “don’t speak to me” he opened the car door, slamming it shut.

“What do you want to see at the TMNT panel at comiccon?”
“What are looking forward to in future episodes?”

Me: *Pulls out ukelele*

♬♪ All I want to do
Is see Yoshi turn into ♪
A giant rodent! ♫

♪♫ All I want to see is him
protecting 4 babies
as a giant rodent … ♪♬

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Hey, I don't know if you remember me, the same aged law student, who hates law and wanted to actually study architecture???? But I wanted to update you. I applied to architecture and I am waiting up on the admission results. Tbh, I am really scared. Changing my major so late in the game. I am 24, might as well be an old lady for university, and it might take me 3-4 years to finally graduate but I couldn't stay in law school anymore. And it's also terrifying because I don't know if I have made /1

the right decision even tho I have always been interested in architecture . What if I go and I have zero talent or can barely make it?Or all this just proves that I am not fit to be an architect?and I know that all majors are difficult and ultimately your passion and perseverance determine if you make it or not, but I guess I have lost all my confidence in the last few years due to all my failures and this just scares me. I can’t go to architecture with that kind of weak mentality. /2

I don’t know how to regain my self confidence and get rid of all this fear.Tbh, I thought I would have been more excited about applying, but the fear is overshadowing everything.Fear that I don’t get accepted, fear that I might be stuck with law forever, fear that I won’t do a good job.My parents are already disappointed af for taking so long to graduate and I haven’t even told them about my changing majors.Only my brother and my hest friend knows and they support me , but I know my parents /3

will never support me on this.They will drag me back home and make study whatever they want me to do.I guess I feel way too anxious and afraid of everything.I am sorry for rambling and making no sense, but I do view you as a confident and ambitious person and I want to be at least 1/8 of how confident, hardworking and strong as you are.I know it seems much to say this, but you are an inspiring person.I did follow you for bts quality content, but I found you as a person much more interesting./4

And I will definitely follow your career. In case, I don’t get to do it myself, I will live vicariously through your art. /5

1. nothing is ever certain in life and like you said it’s all about how much time, and effort you put into it to get to where you want to be like in all things in life

2. we all have to start somewhere. year 1 I was absolute shit and had no confidence in the work I produced. I had so much difficulty learning how to do hand drafting and hand rendering and just trying to get my ideas out on paper or even just trying to find inspo to design. the truth is 90% of people suck at first. it’s all a learning process. no one is good at everything they do or try. we have to work at it, and if it’s important to you and it’s something you really want you just have to work hard

3. I get it trust me, it is scary to switch majors but it’s never too late. 24 is so young when you look at time as a your entire lifespan. would you rather continue in law and hate what you do for the next 50 years? or try architecture and take though 3-5 years and come out doing something you love and are passionate about. the unknown is scary but you don’t know the result of anything unless you try

 4. it’s going to be hard, but you’ll have to work. and in this field perception is everything. even if you make something shit and you know you’ll get ripped during crits, or even if you designed something that is not strong to your concept, you fucking make yourself confident and act like you know your shit and all your decisions were made for a reason to help support your concept because at the end of the day you’re also selling yourself, not just your work. if you don’t seem confident in your work, people will know and will see fault in your designs and if you’re not people around you will find ways to take advantage of you 

5. fuck everyone. I could have finished my two fucking degrees at the age of 21?22? and that’s what my parents wanted but I took time for myself, I did shit at my own pace because it’s already so hard. fuck everyone else, this is your life and you need to do things to satisfy yourself and not those around, who cares if you only finish at 34. if this is what you want, and what you need you have to do it

6. even if you don’t get in this time, work on your portfolio and reapply. if it’s something you really want, go out and get it. don’t let anything or anyone stop you

I wish you a lot of luck. yes, it’s extremely hard and you’ll need to work really hard and it’s going to feel too much more often than not. try not to give up. keep working hard and at the end you’ll feel like it was worth it. and as always I’m here if you need advice or want to talk about anything

I am frazzled

In the past two days I have learned too many happy things.

1: Freaking Wolf Among Us is getting a season 2!

2:Dylan O’Brian was gonna be at SDCC,

3:Fairy Tail is finally gonna wrap up in 2018 with a new season.

4: Kingsman is getting a sequel.

5: So is freaking Pacific Rim!

6:Will Smith is playing The Genie in the live action Aladdin.

And that’s just off the top of my head!

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How about headcanons about each band member having a long-time s/o break up with them and being pretty upset about it and going to the other band members for comfort? (I was gonna ask for just one person but I couldn't decide who I liked more for Angst, so quick/short headcanons are okay, since it's 4 people. Thank you!! You write so well!)

(This is what I am here for!!!!! Thank you for liking my blog, anon!!!!)


  • Noodle doesn’t date a lot so when she finally gets a girlfriend everyone is happy as hell, and that’s why things go terribly when the relationship ends.
  • Noodle goes full rom-com version of a breakup; locks herself in her room, watches Dirty Dancing on repeat, cries to love songs and eats away her emotions.
  • The boys try to talk to her one by one but she ignores or tells them to go eat a dick until Russel finally tricks her into talking by bringing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.


  • Russel is a very private man who especially does not fall in love very much.
  • Russel fears being abandoned a lot, especially after the drive-by shooting in his past where he lost Del. Departing with those you love is his worst fear, and it will definitely show.
  • Even though he is very private, he also knows that these feelings cannot be bottled up, and he is the only one of the four of them, who actively seeks comfort right when he feels the need to.
  • He has long talks with Noodle, even 2D at times. Furthermore, he keeps himself busy and asks the band if they want to do something fun together.  


  • Murdoc likes to pretend that he is fine and if you go to his room, or wherever he is, you will find him buried in cigarette buds because his smoking habits go off the charts when he is upset.
  • It often leads to several outbursts of rage and plates get broken quite a lot but he WILL NOT talk about feelings.
  • Goes out to find a rebound: Several lousy one night stands.
  • Noodle hears him crying at 3 A.M. and walks into his room. He refuses that something is wrong but then starts rambling, and crying, Noodle having to hold him and they talk until the sun is up.


  • Big long sighs and “T/N used to do/like that”.
  • Spontaneous crying at the dinner table but also in the shower.
  • 2D also goes out to find a rebound, which often turns out to be someone totally opposite of what their ex was. No one likes them but 2D is often quite blind to that.
  • When things start to go really shitty with his new girl/boyfriend, he finally goes to Noodle, who is like a sister to him, and talks about it all.

I don’t know why people have to put licenses for so much on the GTN. Here I am just trying to buy my stupid gal a lil exoboar or a vine cat and they’re 19 million and up. Look here - I have 4 million saved up right now. This ain’t cool.


I got the news from a friend minutes after the news popped up on the internet, I couldn’t believe it at first, it had to be a joke, right? But the source was reliable… I googled his name and every news were about his suicide. My heart is broken and I have no words that can describe what I’m feeling for losing an idol like this. All I can say is that I am deeply sad.

I started listening to Linkin Park 4 or 5 years ago, when I was in the beginning of my teenage years. It is the favorite band of my best friend and she showed it to me. I had heard of the band before, of course, I knew some hits like “Numb” and “In The End”. I enjoyed those songs but at the time I had never went far enough to know how awesome they were.

Since then, Linkin Park became one of my favorite bands. They inspire me, they help me, they showed me that it is okay to feel bad sometimes and showed me that you can overcome your demons. A few months ago, something bad happened and I listened to Linkin Park everyday because they helped me keeping my sanity and gave me hope when I most needed it. The song “Waiting for the End” quickly became one of the most important songs of my life and I will never regret it.

I grew to watch Linkin Park live videos only to hear and appreciate how beautiful Chester Bennington’s voice is. I would talk with my best friend for hours about how amazing he was on stage, about how awesome his voice was, his screams, the way he could sing in such a clean way without failing a note, his duet with the amazing Mike Shinoda, something, that sadly, we will never be able to see happening again, giving us the strong vibe of his presence in that stage, letting us feel the song and the magic of it throught his voice, a voice I will never forget, a voice I’ll keep listening even now that he is no longer between us. I wish I could have had the chance to see and listen to him live, but now that chance is gone and it doesn’t even matter because the only thing I truly wish is that he was still alive, living a happy life.

I respect you a lot, Chester, not only as an artist, but as a person above everything else. You are a true inspiration for me… I’m sorry, I don’t know how to describe how much I admire you because words seem worthless, especially in this moment. You left behind a family, friends, an amazing career, millions of fans that today and forever cry for your death and a world that could have been better for you and that I hope will become better for everyone that is still in it.

You will always be loved and you will always be missed. I respect your decision of wanting to leave this world but I wish you would have stayed a little longer… I’m so sorry that you had to end your suffering like this and I wish that you had found another way, you know? It’s unfair that we’re left with this kind of sick option, it’s unfair that sometimes we reach a point in life when we don’t have any other path to follow than this one. You were so strong and wherever you are now, don’t ever think otherwise. 

You were a great human being and I hope it’s better for you on the other side and that you’ll be happier than you we were in this corrupted world.

You might have not been able to save your own life, but you are a life saver.


Thanks for the tag, @wherethereissmoak. I have a really eclectic music taste, so here we go. (And sorry for the late reply). Basically all songs are love, sex, romance and taking down bad guys,

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims!

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1. “Reforget” by Lauv

2.” Dynasty” by MIIA

3. “It Girl” by Jason Derulo ft. Jordin Sparks.

4. “Love Song Requiem” by Trading Yesterday

5 “Let Go” by Frou Frou

6. “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

7. “OMG” by Usher ft. will.i.am.

8. “Glowing” by Nikki Williams

9 “How We Do It” by Royal Deluxe (on the Arrow season 5 soundtrack)

10 “Cough Syrup” by Darren Criss

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The lovely @stayhungry-stayfree tagged me to post 5 facts about myself :)

1) I just adopted a 2 month old kitten last week. Her name is Daisy and she is black and white and the cutest little cat and I am so happy to have her.

2) I am a huge horror movie junkie. I love horror tv shows, movies, books. I used to have a Sunday ritual when I was younger where I would wake up, have pancakes, and watch a new horror film.

3.) I love to write. When I have free time I love to free write creatively, usually in the form of short stories–something I shared with my dad.

4.) I love video games. I have 2 older brothers so always begged to play with them when I was younger and got hooked on Call of Duty, GTA, and Halo. I had a headset and everything to play live.

5.) I officially live in DC full time right now as I go to school here and I’m working here this summer for the first time!

I tag @championsaremade @littlesumz @jessicaanicoleexo :)

"But they have long wait times in Canada!"

I am from the USA.

I have one of the most top-teir private insurance plans available.

I live in a city with four, count ‘em, FOUR hospitals.

I have been a patient of my pulmonologist for 2 years.

I scheduled my next appointment today. The first available appointment?

In three and a half months.

Please stop with this “you can see a specialist in a week!” Nonsense. No you can’t. Not with elite insurance and not as an existing patient. I’ve had to make specialist appointments as far as 8 months out.

Yesterday I made an appointment with my primary for a somewhat urgent matter. His next available? In 3 weeks.

I hate going to the emergency room because the average wait time is 4-10 hours. I ended up in a coma once because of complications caused by the wait time.

I am in the most medically privileged position a chronically ill person in the US can be, and the wait times to see my doctor are still very very long.

There are people in my country who can’t even afford to go to the doctor and people justify it by saying “but in Canada, they have to ~*wait*~.

We wait here too. We wait JUST AS LONG, and sometimes even LONGER.

But not everyone gets to wait, and they die because of it.

That disgusts me.

Universal health care now, please. And yes, my full time working, disabled, chronically ill self is more than happy to fork over taxes so that nobody goes without healthcare-even the people I don’t like!

And a quick dash of Megane!Prompto! I really love this boy, My sunshine, my wooooorrlllddd!  I love drawing Prompto but it’s always more fulfilling when I draw him for others, especially for my @playdencos! Pink with a dash of blue, I end the night with his smile :)

hoseok is literally staying up till 4 AM for this mixtape i swear to god if yall dont hype the release and talk about it for the rest of the year we finna have a little talk,,


Congratulations on 16 million subscribers!!!!

It seems like only yesterday I saw your 15k subscriber special and now the channel is already at 16 million!

I am so incredibly proud of you, Jack, for never giving up, for always being honest and for always making me feel like I have a place to go to whenever bad things start happening around me, watch some awesome content and forget about everything. Thank you for 4 years of hard work and dedication, thank you for being such a good person.

Even though I may never be able to tell you this in person, I wanted to thank you for saving me from myself

I’ve been battling with depression and anxiety for the longest time and I’ve never managed to find something that could calm me down. Until I found your channel, Jack.  Now, whenever I feel sad, or depressed, or anxious, I watch your videos or look at a photo of your smile and it calmes me down. So thank you for that too… :)

To many more milestones, achievements and celebrations!

I love you, Jack.


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Do you Suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a psychological condition where people are unable to believe in their successes. Thus, despite the evidence that points to the fact that they are skilled, capable and competent they write this off as temporary – or timing and good luck. Thus, they constantly struggle with feeling like a fraud.

So what are some ways that you can counteract this syndrome?

1. Admit this is something that you suffer from. When we know we’re not alone, and our symptoms have a name (because they are part of an identified disorder) it can help disperse the feelings of anxiety and shame.

2. Distinguish between facts and feelings. Everyone feels stupid and inept at times. That doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Our feelings aren’t facts. So try to be objective - and seek out the real truth.

3. Don’t demand perfection. It is good to set goals and have high standards for yourself. However, it’s unhealthy to obsess over every little thing. You’ll simply waste a lot of time and never feel quite satisfied. And all of us are human and make lots of mistakes.

4. Take a look at the rules you have imposed upon yourself. Are you saying to yourself: “I have to always get it right”;”I should never ask for help”; or “It is bad to make mistakes”? These are misguided rules that undermine your self-esteem. They set you up for failure as they close the door to help.

5. Change the tapes in your head. Instead of constantly repeating faulty self-destructive thoughts (such as “Wait till they discover just how useless I am”) replace it with a thought that builds esteem and confidence. (Such as, “I’m better at this now as I know what I am doing … It’s so much easier when you’ve been here for a while.”)

6. Don’t look to others to affirm your success. Don’t look to other people to rate and judge your work. Set your own personal goals, and mark your progress and success.

7. Fake it till you make it. Almost every individual who succeed in life has a period when they’re acting, as they don’t feel confident. It doesn’t mean that they’re a failure, a fake or a fraud. It means that they’re still learning, and are not afraid to try.