i have to admit that i'm not a huge fan of this scene

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ok so in Centripetal Force, Ch.5 the comment about Game of Thrones and victor's like ha we should watch it and yuuri's like NOT THAT SHOW. omg i laughed for like a good 10 minutes and i still crack up thinking about it

HAHAHA I mean?? Just imagine them watching GOT together??

  • Yuuri trying to explain all of the different houses and getting really passionate about it. Victor lost him when he started explaining the difference between “Stark” and “Karstark” but he’s enjoying watching Yuuri make wide hand movements and point at a map of Westeros.
  • Victor being horrified by the graphic scenes and hiding behind Yuuri’s back. He pretends to be more scared/scarred than he is because he really just likes hugging Yuuri from behind.
  • As soon as Yuuri mentions that there’s a language in the show (Dothraki), Victor’s interest is piqued and he immediately does a lot of research into it.
  • Yuuri admits that he used to have a crazy big crush on Gendry and Victor getting low-key high-key jealous of a fictional character.
Lucky (to be Alive)

For @minglewithadingle​, because, dogs. <3

Robert’s stuck in traffic.

It’s been a hectic week. The scrapyard’s been doing well, which is good, but it’s been seeing Aaron leaving earlier in the mornings and coming home later in the evenings. And Home James has been doing so well that even with Jimmy and Rodney out on haulage runs with the rest of the drivers, Robert’s still been needed to take care of a few himself whenever he’s not been busy charming the clients through the Home Farm contract.

He’s supposed to be down south, now, stopping at a hotel for the night before heading back in the morning, but he’s managed to finish things up much sooner than planned, and he’s heading back home.

Robert checks the time on his phone. 9:47PM. If he’s lucky, he’ll make it back before Liv slinks off to bed, and before Aaron falls asleep. He’s not seen much of either all week, and he’s not ashamed to admit that he misses them. The reason he’s slowly losing his patience as the line of traffic crawls around an accident site up ahead is because he wants to surprise them both, and hopefully manage an hour in front of the telly together.

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Ben 10 headcanons

Ben loves memes. His greatest wish is to one day ascend to meme status himself.

He tries to teach Rook about memes. Rook doesn’t always understand but he’s trying his best

Sometimes Rook will correctly use a meme and Ben will puff up with pride like a mama hen

*some villain gets beat up*
Rook: as the Internet would say, get rekt scrub
Ben smugly: I taught him that

If Mr Smoothie was an actual person, Ben would marry him

He campaigns to get Mr Smoothie to sponsor him/become their official spokesperson á la Game Grumps and Wendy’s

He picks up languages really easily and now knows random phrases in a bunch of alien languages that don’t have much practical use on earth. He likes to show off his skill anyway

Ben: jfshv gu dbk gosbrta slysh kag folp: Human fans: wow! What else can you say?
Ben dramatically: łłüfgçįßrdæã kóòpłûŷtś
Human fans: woah that’s so cool!
Ben: oh yeah? Ėß nõsŶñ'šĘT Y'sïm sī'ta'ti’ ŃĮÆGee

Where is the space bus stop
Pass the salt
That Tennyson kid is at it again

He still gets nightmares a lot so doesn’t really get much sleep at night. He makes up for it by napping a lot during the day

Huge anime fan. Sumo slammers was the first one he watched and then Naruto. He is also a fan of sailor moon and sometimes when he transforms into an alien he pretends it’s a magical girl transformation. He’ll never admit that though

Didn’t have many friends growing up, and for years Gwen was his only real friend. After he put the omnitrix back on he met a lot of people and made a lot more friends, but he still only has a few close friends (Gwen, Kevin, Rook, Rex if you count Heroes United)

He thinks he’s pretty suave but he can’t flirt to save his life. He used to be flirtier when he was younger, like 13-14 years old, but mellowed out because he wasn’t having much success. He doesn’t really flirt at all now, he’s too awkward, and kinda oblivious to other people’s romantic advances (see: Ester)

This scene comes to mind:

Has a surprisingly good fashion sense, but opts for whatever is the first thing he sees in his wardrobe that morning because he’s too lazy to plan out a nice outfit everyday

5sos Rant / /

After watching the music video for Jet Black Heart I feel like this needs to be said. 5sos are by far one of the most under appreciated bands of this generation. I get that they have a lot of fans and many people love them, but often they are targeted as being just another “boy band”. No one seems to realize or talk enough about how revolutionary Sounds Good Feels Good is. They wrote songs for this album that people can connect to. They are building a deeper emotional connection between themselves and the people around the world who continue to support them. This new music video is a prime example of that. It’s such a simple idea but it means so much to so many people, from the song and the lyrics to just the video itself. Not to mention they are not afraid of being diverse, like many people in the music industry. They aren’t even trying to take a stand, it’s just who they are. They didn’t just feature fans of one variety. They showed people of different race, culture, religion, and gender. They wanted a video that would be made specifically for their fans not just themselves. Their new album doesn’t exclude anyone and it exists primarily for us. People are so quick to base them off of their old songs, rumors, and the way they look. But their new music holds so much meaning. It breaks hearts, unites people, makes us think twice about who we are. Most importantly, it makes us feel as though we aren’t alone. Ever since they released She’s Kinda Hot, they have created an entire movement for us called The New Broken Scene. They are trying to bring us together and show us that it’s okay to not be okay. I’ve seen people say that She’s Kinda Hot is sexist (bc of the title) but they’ve missed the entire point. That song is about society’s standards and how it’s okay that you don’t reach them, it has nothing to do with a girls appearance. It’s about accepting yourself, mental illness and all. They are starting a movement, a fucking revolution, and they want to make sure that the fans are a huge part of that. Even going back to their old songs and music videos, like Good Girls. Yes it’s a catchy pop song, but think of the music video and idea behind it. The video shows girls of different looks, cultures, and backgrounds coming together to break the standards forced upon the female gender and saying that there isn’t any rule book for how a girl should or shouldn’t act. There is no such thing as a good girl because a girl can do or be whatever she wants to be, and that’s the message they showed. Michael, Calum, Luke and Ashton didn’t all grow up in some high end neighborhood and they’ve admitted to, in a way, using music as an escape. They’ve all had their own personal struggles growing up and they’ve all reached a point in their lives where they were rock bottom. But they will always have music. Hell, they dropped out of high school for this fucking band. They put their heart and souls into everything they do for 5sos. Not to mention Ashton spent a good portion of his life depressed and dealing with self harm and possibly even suicidal, but just look at who he is today and everything he’s achieved. He got himself out of a dark hole and he took his own life back into his own hands all because of the band and music and the support he received from fans. They care so fucking much and people need to appreciate what they’ve done and what they’ve overcome, whether they like their music or not. Sounds Good Feels Good is so much more than what people make it out to be. Each individual song tells countless stories but each one comes together to create something beautiful. It’s a fucking art form and I’m so happy that this band exists. They are changing the music industry but no one pays enough attention. No one sees how god damn revolutionary this is.

- Maria

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Hey hun - So I haven't seen Fantastic Beasts, but I've heard that people are really salty about Johnny Depp being in it. I'm only on the fringes of the fandom over here, so I've heard that JD is a domestic abuser, but I know zero details about it, so I'm really missing the hard facts that have made people truly hate him. I want to be clued in, can you help?

Hey, sorry this took so long for me to answer. I’ve been sick lately. I also didn’t think I was the right one TO answer it, at first wanting to hand off the question to someone else, but here goes: 

I want to start by saying I was never a huge HP fan. I was about to turn 32 when the first Harry Potter book came out in the UK in 1997, so the idea of reading YA fiction never occurred to me. I never encountered them in the bookstore. I watched a couple of the movies circa 2005-2006, because my fiancé had a young son.  

When @sozdanie-gryazi-eternal​ came to visit me recently, we went to see the movie (which she had already seen like 3x). She was writing Graves x Credence fanfiction (and wrote a ton more while you were here, amirite). I loved the movie, and have been reading her work as much as I can (while still trying to read Rumbelle from OUAT, and searching out Ice Princess and Ice Mechanic from the The 100). 

I followed a few Gredence blogs, because I really do like the pairing, twisted as it may be (I tend to like that, though). The ship is so bloody obvious in the movie, it’s impossible NOT to see. You would have to be freakin’ blind to not see this ship. The excerpt from the screenplay here, makes it even more obvious.

And, well, this gifset’s not helping anybody’s heartrate. (Where you can practically hear Ezra’s mind screaming, Not now, boner!)

Where was I? Got distracted by the pretties … oh, yes. Why are fans pissed off with the casting of Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald? I don’t want to speak for all the Harry Potter fandom, but … I think it stems from the fact that he had an abusive relationship with his wife, Amber Heard. 

You can be suspicious, if you like, about Amber’s motives for calling the police in May of this year and claiming that Johnny came home drunk, high, was screaming obscenities at her, and threw a phone at her head. She retracted her request for spousal support, however, as the “financially motivated” accusations flew.

In a joint statement released by the ex-couple after their divorce settlement, Heard and Depp said: “Our relationship was intensely passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love.

“Neither party has made false accusations for financial gains. There was never an intent of physical or emotional harm.”

Johnny now saying her claims were not false (as his lawyers claimed they were, earlier this year) … that’s one way to admit guilt and hope no one notices.

Not only that, but Amber promised to donate her entire $7 million settlement to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. TMZ came out with a smear about that, but do you know why she hasn’t done so? Johnny hasn’t paid it. 

Instead, “Depp then followed that up and made the initial $200,000 payment of the settlement to the charities instead of Heard, something she slams him about in the court documents.” It will also benefit him at tax time, won’t it?  ::sips tea:: 

You can read this link about this casting clashing with the ideals of Harry Potter fans. 

Here’s another, which includes Tweets like this: 

There are going to be FIVE films in all. Quite the payday for Depp. It’s frustrating that another white male abuses a woman, yet it has little impact on his career, even though he’s in the wrong. Meanwhile, I wonder what will happen to her career. 

@seasons-gredence​ said on a recent post:

i want grindelwald to take on colin farrell’s form for the rest of the franchise. they could just handwave it saying he finds it is easier to influence people in that form.

fuck they could even go the back to the future route and just refilm the final scene and pretend it never happened with another actor

i dont care

Same. Even though Grindelwald is the baddie, and I’d rather associate Colin’s face with the real Percival Graves (will we ever find out what happened to him?), I’d rather see Colin Farrell in the role–or anyone else, actually–than Johnny Depp, especially for another four films. 

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The recent news regarding Scott's potential bi storyline is certainly a nice turn of events. I'm here for as many queer characters as you can throw at me. However, I was also a bit surprised by it all, since I personally have never really seen him display any attraction toward another guy. I'll be the first to admit that I'm likely to have been blinded by his whirlwind romance with Allison and the subsequent one with Kira, to detect any interest in anyone else, so it's very possible that (1)

oblivious of an evident queer inclination. I’ve seen you say that the show has shown numerous hints of Scott manifesting queer feelings throughout the show. This intrigues me so much. Would you care to do a meta detailing these hints to the blind among us? Thanks!


I’ve got a few posts to link you on this one!

The larger ones are here and here with scads of links to follow. There’s also this touching on Scott’s “I like girls” and this observation.

A lot of it depends on the viewer, which characters they’re paying close attention to when watching the show, and how they’re inclined to interpret what they see.

For example, here’s an unbiased commenter giving a scene between Scott and Stiles has a queer reading: (x)

Scott’s “but I–I like girls” has been taken as a declaration of Scott’s heterosexuality even though Kaitlyn’s conversation with Stiles turned that very line on its head, while Stiles makes just as bold a declaration–

Stiles: Fish? Why you talking about fish? I’m talking about girls. I love girls. I love ‘em. I love especially ones with strawberry blond hair, green eyes, 5'3"…

–and that declaration isn’t taken by the same fans as proof of strict heterosexuality.

(I don’t personally feel like either character is treated as strictly heterosexual.)

In another example, take Scott and Isaac and then Stiles and Derek.

There are meta writers who’ve done extremely long, detailed breakdowns of the smallest scenes between Stiles and Derek who haven’t given the same treatment to similar, comparable scenes with Scott and Isaac.

I mean:


–that is not heterosexual fond hand caressing there. It’s on out into the homosexual stratosphere. Especially with Isaac holding a phallic object. Especially with the intense look they’re giving each other above it.

We have this disparity where people see Stiles as queerer and more frequently queer than Scott simply because attention has been turned to even the smallest scenes, whereas Stiles and Isaac have profoundly queer chemistry – Isaac loves Mexican, Scott stares too long – but the miles of queer between them remain relatively uncharted.

I’m not at all saying that fans of Derek and Stiles together should be fans of Scott and Isaac’s relationship, only that there is a huge disparity in fandom that needs to be recognized as a disparity that doesn’t exist in the show.

Scott’s already had a whole potential bi storyline, with Isaac a potential LI in S2 and his only potential LI in all of 3A – before Sharman began to flirt with network television.

It’s not that it’s not all there in the show, it’s just that the fandom has chosen to pay attention to other areas.

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can you explain the concept of shipping real people? i'm not trying to be attacking or anything, i just don't understand why and stuff

Alright, here we go.

Sources of Acknowledgement:

Shipping real people who are okay with it is no big deal. For my explanation, I will be referring to the Jack/Mark/Game Grumps communities, as of course I dwell in the Septiplier scene and I’ve been reading EgoBang as of late. 

But, as we have experienced, Jack and Mark often discuss the ship as a joke, poke fun at it, and even reblog Septiplier content from time to time.
Source: …every collab they’ve ever done and their blogs when a huge Septiplier joke goes around.

Jack and Mark have both admitted/have been shown to read some of the fics.
Source: x x

Now, as for the Grumps, they all have officially acknowledged it, and Kevin is the only one who does not want to partake in this. Brian has even written his own fan fiction, although it was more to annoy Danny than anything.
Source: x.

The Main Point About Why We Do:

While everyone calls this creepy or weird (I know someone who doesn’t ship real people but self ships??), it ultimately isn’t. And let me tell you why. 

Those of us who ship real people and create content about these ships completely have the capacity to distinguish what we write/draw from reality. We know the difference. 

We’re not stupid, alright? Call it creepy, call it dehumanizing, but as long as no one is uncomfortable with it, and no one has shut it down, or has even remotely mentioned that it wasn’t okay with them, then there is no harm. Take Jack for example. He fuels it like no fuckin’ belief. There’s even the joke that no one ships Septiplier harder than Jack himself. Kevin has outright stated that he didn’t like it, and therefore, no one writes/draws him in shipping format. 

Shipping is something that is supposed to be fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. It’s not as taboo as everyone makes it out to be, alright?

Also, for those of you with fictional otps who criticize us for real people otps: remember that we get constant new interaction while you’re stuck with books and movies that can’t progress because their stories have ended, and our real life people live lives and interact on some sort of timed basis. ;D

Shipping Content:

As a fan fiction writer, I am writing a character, not the person themselves. Which is what most people don’t get through their heads. Yes, the character is them, but do you think what I write is what I wish upon the real person or that I think certain things about them? No. I am taking a character already made and using them for a story. I don’t associate what I write with the actual person.

Everyone assumes that when we write Mark or Jack or Brian or something that we legitimately imagine them in these situations. No. The way I personally look at it, is that we are using characters that everyone already knows, enjoys, and relates to, and using them in stories for everyone’s entertainment. Viola. That is legitimately how I view the content about this. 

Final Statement:

And the key factor about all of this: the moment anyone says that they are uncomfortable with it, is the moment we stop. 

Despite popular belief, we do in fact know these people are real human beings. We know that they have real feelings and emotions about this, because they do in fact exist alongside the rest of us. Again, we aren’t dumb. I know that the moment Danny or Suzy say they do not want it anymore, us shippers have the decency and human understanding to stop. 

Those involved have acknowledged and/or even interacted with the ships, shippers know the difference between what goes on in our shipping activities and real life, and it’s all in good fun. 

Viola. Welcome to the safe world of shipping people in real life. 

Sterek shippers seriously make being in this fandom intolerable. Literally intolerable. They’re so quick to bash and judge every other ship. They’re so quick to write out essays. Literally, pages and pages of complete bullshit as to why any other Stiles(or Derek) related pairing is morally wrong and illogical. The fact that you’re trying to attempt to categorize Stydia and Stalia in the same realm of existence, let alone define them as the same level of insanity, baffles me. I can’t even fathom it. You’re actually saying there’s barely any character development between Stiles and Lydia? Come on, I know y’all have your heads so far up your delusions ship’s asses that you hate to admit to any potential character growth when you see it but now I’m generally concerned for your wellbeing. Stiles and Lydia have had more build, more development, more REAL progress as a unit then any damn pair in this entire show.

I just love how this person(god bless their heart) is steadily preaching on how Lydia needs to remain single, and Stiles needs to heal and “take a break from romance plots and deal with the shirt storms of a life.” Only to finish up with “how about actually giving us what the majority of us fans want aka Derek!!” Wow, okay. So, let me get this straight. When Lydia is linked to Stiles, she’s seen as a “pointless romance”, and forced but when it’s Derek, hell yeah, all board the tunnel of love! Simply because majority of you so called “fans” want it? Are you kidding. Three years of slowly molding, shaping and building a new form found friendship is considered “suddenly, out of the blue” but wanting a emotional compromised man ( who’s not shown a single trace of having any other preference besides women ) to just magically fall in love with a highschool student (who, a season earlier, couldn’t give two fucks if that man lived or died) is justifiable? Tell me how any of this makes sense!

“Let’s mash together two mentally unstable teenagers and tell us it’s romantic, because that just screams healthy.”

So you honestly, truly think, the man who watched his family die in a fire, the boy who murder his first love at the age of 15, the man who’s basically completely fucked up in the head is more mentally stable than Lydia or Malia? Really.

You seriously have the audacity to talk so boldly about an unhealthy relationship, when you’re shipping a 20+ year old man with a 17 year old boy…? Let’s just take out the huge, gag inducing age gap for a moment shall we. You’re so stuck on saying that these two characters together would be romanticizing insanity but for two and a half seasons, weren’t you shippers the ones who kept romanticizing a giant pounding the shit out of a defenseless boy? Mistaking, abuse and freight for “undying sexual chemistry.”?
And to this day. Derek still talks about Stiles likes he’s a incoherent child. Like he’s weak and useless. If anyone’s health or stability should be questioned it’s your’s.

“How about not shoving a new ship down our throats”

I’m genuinely laughing my little tushee off over this statement. Gather around y’all. This is extraordinary. What we have here is a STEREK shipper, complaining that a ship is being shoved down THEIR throats. No! I’m not lying, go look if you don’t believe me!

This is coming from the same side of the fandom that sent porn edits and fanbooks to Dylan and Tyler. This is coming from the side that calls themselves the “alphas” and “light of beacon hills.” From the side that literally over analyzes and twists every single scene or thing in to sterek. This is coming from the people that legitimately destroyed the teenwolf tag with their AUs, metas, smutt and fanfics. Because you know, having 700 tags isn’t enough, they had to take over the main tags too. This is coming from the side of the fandom who literally trolls on a innocent, fun poll, THAT DOESNT EVEN INVOLVE THEIR SHIP, and gets pleasure off of belittling and completely demolishing ships while trying to promote theirs.

Are you literally insane or are you just trying to make every other shipper detest you. I don’t know what it is. Maybe you’ve all just become so good at lying and living in your fantasy world that you’re starting to believe its really true. Maybe you actually think you’re trying to look out for Stiles. What ever it is. Whatever you’re trying to do, just step back for a moment and realize, that just because you don’t like a certain ship, doesn’t make them any more wrong or worse then your own and if you want to be completely honest, Sterek is in no way, shape or form even close to fitting any vague definition of a stable relationship, let alone a healthy one. So you can take your hypocritical nonsense and butt hurt opinions and bounce.

(P.s I didn’t like this post personally I got it off of a twitter account that thought what this shmuck was saying actually counted as relevant. Ha)

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I don't mean to be sad and complain but I'm just really unhappy with the way the real or not real scene was. They weren't even looking at each other. Peeta's neck was awkwardly bent. He didn't hold her tight after real. She only placed her hand on top of his like not even grasp it and worst of all, no kiss. Biggest disappointment of my fucking life. What was Francis even thinking? He definitely wasn't thinking of the fans who have waited for this forever.

i feel like francis has been thrown a lot of criticisms regarding this scene, and I have already spoken a couple of times in defense of FLaw on this coz I do wholeheartedly think he did right by this scene. 

I’m being a broken record here, but while a kiss would have been nice, i think it’s more important to convey their love beyond the physical. Plus kissing and sex would be such a lazy device to employ at this point. They’ve kissed plenty of times before for the cameras, and i’ve always liked the meta in the book and now in the movie that, just like the Capitol, we the audience are no longer privy to their intimate moments, and their lives finally belong to them and them alone.

It’s like that quote in THG when she’s having a real moment with Peeta in the cave: “I wish I could pull the shutters closed, blocking out this moment from the prying eyes of Panem. Even if it means losing food. Whatever I’m feeling, it’s no one’s business but mine.“ 

I think Katniss showing more emotions is more important, coz we already know Peeta loves her, and it’s nice to see the progression of her falling in love with Peeta from the cave in thg, which was for the sponsors; the first time they shared a bed in the train during their victory tour, which was to help each other with nightmares; the dream sequence in mj1, where she misses Peeta’s comfort; to this final one in MJ2 where she’s the one who comes to him instead and it’s not because she has nightmares or in need of comfort or has to do it for the cameras, but simply because she desires to be with him and is in love with him. 

Even just putting a kiss while they’re in bed right away puts a sexual element to it that imo takes away from the scene, coz then is she just saying anything just to get sex so she can forget about her dead sister for the moment? was she just acting on teenage hormones?

as for peeta’s reaction, i take it as peeta trying to not scare Katniss by doing anything drastic. Like, Katniss just confessed her love for him. THAT IS HUGE. coz for katniss everdeen, admitting he loves her is not just about her realizing her feelings for Peeta. The big reason katniss refuses to fall in love because she believes she can’t afford the kind of love that leads to family and children, that she thinks there’s no good in loving her because she’s not getting married and peeta would just hate her sooner or later. Her admitting she loves him means she also now allow herself to want marriage and children and sees having all that with Peeta in her future.

If I were Peeta I would also try not to make any sudden movements, since this is such a raw and vulnerable moment for Katniss, and for him too, so he’ll just soak up the moment and let that sink in for both of them. And knowing Peeta, he would be gloating about it the next morning anyways, saying sth similar to what he said to her in the cave, “What was that you were saying just before the food arrived? Something about me…no competition…best thing that ever happened to you…” :)

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You guys get mad at MCU fans because they ignore the faults in their movies, but you guys do the exact same thing. You say "BECAUSE THEY'RE HYPOCRITES" but you guys are being hypocrites yourself. Like I'm sorry but I honestly can't stand the DCEU movies and I've really tried, I never see a movie to just hate it, but I really hated BvS and SS. The story was awful in both and the characters couldn't be less interesting to me. If you're gonna call them hypocrites, accept your movies faults too.

I accept their faults.

I’ve fully admitted that the story in Suicide Squad wasn’t great and it was paced weird. Zack Snyder is too much of a subject-centric director and he doesn’t let us get familiar with a setting unless it’s absolutely necessary (but that could be said about almost every director, at least he doesn’t film fuckin pointless things when he isn’t pointing at the subject like others do). The studio makes unnecessary cuts. The choreography in the knightmare scene was bad. But there are no, and I repeat NO massive problems with the DCEU that aren’t totally subjective.

On it’s own front; there are no huge plot holes that can’t be explained by a basic understanding of human nature, there is none of the huge film problems that random idiots accuse it of. And if you compare it to marvel; there are no rape jokes, there are no poc being entirely relegated to sidekick positions, there’s no character development that goes backwards at the beginning of each film, there’s no studio making sure each film feels exactly the same with no variety whatsoever (no our studio has a different slew of problems it needs to work out).

MC• fans aren’t just hypocrites for not accepting faults in their movies, their hypocrites for accusing the DCEu of having faults that it doesn’t have, while their universe does. Remember the article claiming that DC has a weak villain problem? Yea, that was fun. And all the people criticizing DC’s diversity, while Mårvel has YET to have a woc as a main character that isn’t covered in paint.

So get off your fucking high horse. I don’t give a fat shit that you don’t like DCEU movies, that’s your business, holmes. The story wasn’t bad, you just didn’t like it. This blog is about the things wrong with MC* and us talking about them, loving the DCEU is just a sweet bonus, you cock. 

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Hi! I'm in love with your Timetale comic and was wondering how you stay DETERMINED to continue it. I'm always giving up on comic ideas, and stories. I mean, I know you continue it because you have a huge fanbase and love it, but for someone like me, how can I stay focused?

The most difficult question I got ever. ( ゚ヮ゚) Welp, let’s try, shall we? I might not be the greatest example for that but will try my best!

In all honesty, I think that having experiences gained from both art school (already graduated) and old hobbies over years did really help me. Aside that, you probably would be surprised to hear that I had a few fan comics in past that I’ve been dying a lot to finish them as soon as possible, but due the worst reasons, many unwanted obstacles/complications got in my way and, unfortunately, I was forced to give up or had some critiques that caused some fear in mine. Pretty sure I was nothing but an inexperienced teeny artist and was not 100% prepared to start a serious comic and who always urged to do ANYTHING without thinking in the first place nor planning. Bleh.

Frustration, negative feelings and anxiety are deeply understandable, at least, applied on everyone, both pro-artists and beginners. I live with them EVERY DAY and try to ignore them as much as I can. Which is not the easiest thing to do? Tell NO to procrastination. That’s basically what I’m doing every now and then. Every minute, every day. I just keep trying to block my mind from the distractions (blame Tumblr and social medias lol NA!). But the most important thing among all is DON’T get too hard on yourself. Seriously, take breaks when needed! Just like I do with funny stuffs, messaging, watching funny videos and all. LOL It’s good for brainstorming.

Speaking of those things you mentioned above, I think you shouldn’t dump them away, just store them! (◕‿◕✿) Because, someday, you may strongly want to look at that again, change your mind, be accidentally inspired by something and attempt to improve further. Sometimes, the very first ideas/concepts/inspirations are nothing but more like simple drafts, all ready for a revolutionary development. For an example, remember the Timetale scene with skelemom that scared the crap out of Sans? I never had that plot back in that day when I submitted the very first pages, plus prologue, neither in some of messy scribbled stories that were ready to be converted into a comic storyboard. Yet funny is that I made a drawing with the similar subject but never thought it’d appear in comic one day lol And already love how the comic story turned out. And hopefully it will turn out BETTER later knowing that there’s SO much work to do but I DON’T CARE LOL. Also, it’s okay to sneak the minor details between two scenes, as long as it should fill up enough steps to build up and complete a necessary plot.

Astonishing, no? After each new page, my new ideas keep flowing in an unstoppable way. Another funny thing to tell ya, there’s some old ideas that used to look REALLY good back then, like months ago, NOW they’re like WTF to me. XD Afterall, the comic story TAKES DAMN LONG TIME and NEED SOME SPECIAL CARE, seriously, no kidding! Again, things happen all time, don’t worry! You will be fine!

And other secret would be HAVING a partner in crime. When you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to share your ideas and progress with your friend or anyone you trust. Also sharing opinions is important, best/ worst ideas can lead to a new direction or can possibly change/influence the storyline. FOCUS on yourself, not comparing it with someone’s work. With that you may become confident little by little. 

Keep scribbling, keep throwing stupid ideas that will be polished for later, keep thinking about story plans, from beginning to ending, keep telling yourself to GET STARTED, keep visualizing how long it takes you to finish up a certain task, keep playing with mental images from some of your most favorite story scenes, keep thinking over and over till you discover the tiny flaw, the cause of nonsense. Keep practicing, lazy/tired/bored or not. STAY DETERMINED.

Set goals: I don’t know about your own life but scheduling your work is great! While having a full-time job, I’m not very fond of throwing a deadline for myself but sometimes I go from one to two weeks to finish each update. And how many pages should be updated (usually 3-5 pages for me, but other artists usually update once per week, depending on their life activities or overly motivated), and which last page should have cliffhanger. It’s a big challenge, I admit, but somewhat worth in the end! Not everything is perfect and I know it so I don’t really expect the outcome at all, otherwise.

HOLY CRAP never thought I’d write that so long! ;w;  WELP. Hope this helps!!! ;w; If this is not the exact answer or explanation you’re expecting, I’m terribly sorry!