i have to admit that i did this for all the wrong reasons

Do you realize what we’ve done???

I know for a fact the people who create Sherlock know about our conspiracy blogs – they even said they were the reason The Empty Hearse played out like it did. I’ve seen BTS coverage where online Sherlock fandom is studied in regards to theory of episodes. They absolutely know we’re out here. They have admitted to writing plot points around people like us.

And you know what? They saw TJLC.  They saw how we cracked that major code REALLY EARLY.  That’s why there’s an underground cult who operates silently in The Abominable Bride.  The threat to life as they know it.  The only thing the cult did wrong was “break the glass”.

Don’t you see??? They wanted to break their own glass!! That’s why Eurus’ cell is made of “Elephant” glass and can vanish in an instant. The writers of this show knew we’d figured it all out and decided to create the “Sherlock changes fates and writes his own fiction whenever he wants” storyline to mess with the natural order. “Appointment in Samarra” is TJLC – is us. We knew what was going to happen, they knew that we knew, so they wrote “Appointment in Sumatra” to change their own fate and give everyone the middle finger. BUT you can’t really change fate, they even said so. They tried changing the outcome of Sherlock from what we knew was going to happen to what Sherlock wanted to happen – he goes somewhere nonsensical and becomes a pirate.  They tried running from us, but even they know they can’t. 

We didn’t allow them to break their own glass, so they created a completely ridiculous scenario in which they could: “Appointment in Sumatra”. Because they have dual timelines playing out like Clue, we’ll be getting the real fate soon. 

I’m in shock. 

Well played, Gatiss and Moffat.  Well played.  

Does anyone else..?

Re read this scene and want to cry?

 Kanda has changed sooo much since we first saw him. He was all like “I’m not going to help you” and didn’t want to give Allen the time of day. Now look at him! He does so much to help Allen. Both because he cares about him and because Kanda admitted he did wrong, and is doing his absolute best to fix it….I mean it’s practically his only reason for living!

And these two pages from chapter 217 show how badly he wanted to tell Allen multiple somethings (probably “thank you” but i’m still hoping for an “I love you” in there too) and chat with him but he didn’t and now he might not have the time and it makes me so sad. Because they need this chat. Both of them.

Allen needs to know Alma died happy. Or happyish at any rate. He tried so hard for those two and Allen deserves that last bit of closure. Just like Kanda deserves to be able to tell Allen “thank you”


I think about Allen and Kanda’s relationship a lot. And not just in a “I ship these two way”. I mean in a “I love these two so much as characters and their relationship is just fascinating to watch.”

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baek is my bias too <3 What have the fans said about bbh? :/ I've always seen that he is really popular and has a lot of fans. maybe i missed something :(

ahh anon, back when baekyeon was confirmed, both baek and tae got a lot of hate. They called him a ‘traitor’ and over 1800 ‘fans’ signed a petition for him to leave exo.

apart from that, as much i love him y’all have no idea how much i adore this lil 

he did a few inappropriate actions when he was younger and I’m not gonna just blindly defend him just because I love him so much:

1. involved in underage drinking and smoking 

2. insulting autistic children

I admit that what he did was wrong, but everyone does something wrong at some point of their lives right? No human is a saint. There’s a reason why we’re humans, we make mistakes. I know many fans (especially new ones) don’t know about this matter because SM tried covering it up.

Anyway, I’m sure Baekhyun has matured after so many years and he is sorry for committing such things. 

I’m not asking for y’all to worship him. Just please, don’t hate on him. He isn’t perfect, but nobody is. 

To non-fans of Baekhyun, y’all don’t have to stan Baekhyun if you don’t want to. But as a bbh stan, it hurts to see him get so much hate and death threats. He even has to take anti-anxiety medications. My heart hurts for him.

He has changed and I hope his future actions will prove it to you. 

sorry this turned into a mini rant i still love my bby so much and i want to do ntg but protect him 

Friendly reminder: I ship Karamel, Sanvers, and Superc*rp. I love every single one of these relationships. I can admit that I have had my fair share of hating on a ship. I have pointed out all of its flaws and expressed every negative thought I had on it. But, I did this is on my own blog and made sure to censor my tags. Once in a while a post or edit about the ship would come on my dash because that fandom also tagged incorrectly. I would tell them to keep it out of the wrong tags if they don’t want backlash. Regarding edits fans make for their ship, I’m not sure if I have insulted one before, but I have no idea. So even if I have, i am sincerely apologetic. If a shipper has ever done something harmless and I got upset or defensive for no reason, I also apologize. But one thing I have not, and will never do, is deliberately go into the wrong tags to spread my hate. I won’t reblog stuff just to tag it with hate. I won’t call someone harsh offensive names purely because they ship something. I won’t go look for shippers talking about their ship just to insult it. And I guess you could say my blog started out as a “hate blog”. I don’t have a good memory of the things I have said or done. But if I have done any of the things I just listed just to do them and be hateful, please know that I am sorry. The last thing I want to be is a hypocrite. Some of the superc*rps that I have encountered are really something else, and seeing how disgusting they act is encouraging me to express my opinions and thoughts more calmly and wisely. I will try to spread more positivity regarding the things I love, and be appropriate about the things I hate. I don’t want any of my friends/followers/mutuals thinking negative of me. And I want to thank the Karamel fandom for being such a great group of people that have so far had the biggest positive impact on me and really make me re-evaluate myself and others, and for trying to block out the hate instead of feeding into it. We should all continue to show our love for our fandom and ship as much as possible❤

To my salt fam (from the teen wolf fandom in case any supergirl fans are confused😂), do not worry, I am still a strong member of the salt fam. I’m just trying to ease up a bit. I love all of you😊

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How could you fight with them??? They're so nice??? You must be really fucked up to fight them. Unfollowed

I apologize that you have the misconception that people do not fight just because a person is nice.

People fight all the time, whether or not they’re nice or not. Of course, ideally, one would want to communicate the issues, but 15 year-old me did not understand that.

I’m an adult now and I’ve learned what I’ve done was wrong and I would never, absolutely never, do what I did again.

Now, do not get this mixed up with me admitting that I was the reason we fought.

There are two sides to every story and this is mine.

You can keep insulting me if you wish, but at the end of the day, this has absolutely nothing to do with you.

And, I would greatly appreciate that an anon like you would leave me, and probably others, alone about matters they have no say in.

(Note: this is the only ask I am answering. I have about 6 or 7 hate anons in my inbox that I am going to delete about this.)

Asriel admitting that Chara wasn’t perfect and did a lot of things wrong was a very healthy thing for him to do, first of all.  Being able to see that someone you love dearly is flawed isn’t easy to do, but it’s very important!  Idealizing everything a person does isn’t how to build up a strong, lasting relationship.

But at the same time, Asriel’s blind idealization of Chara was very bad for them as well.  Think about this: Chara may have hated humanity, but they seemed to hate themself even more.  A lot of their behaviors and habits were self-destructive.  Asriel didn’t understand how idealizing and encouraging everything Chara did was hurting both of them, himself and his best friend as well.

Chara and Asriel’s friendship as it was in the past was codependent and pretty unhealthy for a lot of reasons.  Asriel being able to see the flaws in his friend was a huge step forward, just as much as Chara realizing how wrong they were in holding onto all of that negativity* was.

There’s a lot of other stuff going on with these two and their relationship, but this is already getting long haha.

(*by “negativity” I don’t just mean their vengeful feelings, I also mean their self-loathing and otherwise.  To me a good deal of Chara’s development has to deal with learning how to love themself, something they never were able to do in life)

I have to say the romanticizing of the assassins bugs me. Don’t get me wrong I love each and every character this series has produced  (except Paul revirere I mean come on) but these were not men on the moral high ground. It’s amazing how few people remember that in brotherhood ezio sent untrained assassins after men, he did not know, for money and to train them.

Like, I love all these characters and they have good qualities  (god bless the deeply religious ezio not being homophobic) but they are still cold blooded killers, and some not getting into the brotherhood for the right reasons.

I mean love them all yall want just admit your fave is problematic.

10 Reasons Why I Believe Lexa will Survive into Season 3

This is my updated version to why I think that Lexa will survive this season into Season 3. I’ll be reiterating certain things mentioned in my old one with more detail but I’m also adding a couple new ones to try and lift your optimism. If I end up being wrong well… That’ll suck but I truly believe that she’ll live past the finale.

1.) Enough people have died. As much as I loved Anya, it made sense for her to die because had she not the current dynamic between Clarke and Lexa would not exist. Same with Finn, it made sense for him to die. I’ll admit it, in the beginning I did like Finn but then he went and killed all of those innocent Grounders. I lost all respect for him when he did that and was on Lexa, Gustus and even Indra’s side waiting for him to die. Did I want him to be tortured? No, so I’m glad Clarke did it but he deserved what he got in my opinion.

2.) She is the only (from what we know) lesbian character in the show. There would be no reason to indicate she’s a lesbian if she wasn’t going to stick around.  If they were only going to kill her why bother with the Costia storyline, let alone the Clarke/Lexa dynamic in 2x14. What kind of writer would kill off Clarke’s one love Finn to then have Clarke start to fall for Lexa only to kill her too? That seems a little harsh to me.    

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When you say something sincere and your homie responds with a wicked burn

When you realize at 2am that you have an essay due in the morning

When you get picked to read out loud in front of the class

When you confidently shout the answer out in class but its wrong 

When Nicki’s verse comes in but you didn’t expect it

When someone flicks a light switch and kills you in a fiery explosion; firstly freeing your warped and tortured spirit from its rotting sarcophagus of a body, and subsequently ending the cursed existence in which you’re only reason for being was the thirst you felt for human flesh


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3krVl6UMIeo)

I keep seeing this in the chronic illness tag so I finally took the time to watch it.  And I really like what he had to say.  I especially agree with the part where people want to blame something. 

I have often said that people face their own mortality because they are forced to eventually.  But people don’t always have to face their own fragility.  And when confronted with the idea that people just get sick for no reason, they find it is too terrifying.  They’d rather live in denial and blame the sick person than admit that crappy things can happen to anyone. 

So for anyone who is blaming themselves for their illness right now, or anyone being told that they deserve this or did this to themselves or they can somehow control their illness, I want to remind you that it is not your fault.  It’s crappy and scary and wrong, but please be angry and upset with your illness, not with yourselves. 

All my love,

Admin J

Mockingjay Thoughts-Gale

So, ever since I joined this fandom, I have seen quite a few people who have spewed their “Gale hate.”  This mostly stems from two directions.  One, that so many love Peeta and just decide to feel the opposite for Gale.  The other, and more prevalent argument, though, are those who do not like Gale at all “because he killed Prim.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Peeta as much as anyone (just read my fanfiction to know that!), but I do not hate Gale.  Honestly, I kind of pity the guy a little bit.  But, I don’t believe there is a reason to hate him.  Let’s go over the facts…

Did Gale create the bombs that killed Prim?  I think we can safely assume that the answer is yes.  We know that he and Beetee were discussing traps and working on a two bomb plan, and what happened in the Capitol looked like they described.  Even Gale admits that he doesn’t know for sure if it was or was not, so that he can’t deny it to Katniss.  So, one can probably assume that the plan was more than likely his.

Did Gale give the order to use the bombs?  I think this is a definite no.  There is no evidence that he had any idea of it being used.  He is in deep to the plan to get to the City Circle with Katniss to get close to Snow.  He would have never let her do this if he knew what was going to happen.  We learn later on that Coin is probably the one who gave the order, and that is one of the reasons Katniss shoots her.

Would Gale have given or agreed to such an order?  I think this at least is possible.  Gale says in District Two that he would “sacrifice a few to take out the rest of them.”  His viewpoint in Mockingjay is pretty much to do anything or sacrifice anyone to get rid of Snow and the Capitol.  So, I think it would not have been beyond his capacity to be in line with this kind of order.

Would Gale have allowed Prim to be a part of the medical team that went in, knowing what the plan entailed?  This is the point where the argument that Gale killed Prim fails.  Because no matter what he may have believed or be willing to do to overthrow the Capitol, I don’t believe that if he knew about such a plan would he have ever allowed Prim to go in there.  This is because he had one overriding mission above everything else.  Protect Katniss’ family.  This was his promise to her from the beginning and his ultimate failure.  As he said, “it was the one thing I had going for me.”  With this, any scrap of hope he had left of a future with Katniss was gone.  If he had known about the plan, I think there is no way he would have allowed Prim to be put into that situation.  Because he would have to protect her.  

So, he failed, and lost Katniss in the process.  And this is why I pity him.  Yes, we know he got a fancy job in District 2, but we will always wonder if he was happy.  So, after everything I can not find it in my heart to hate Gale.

Even so, I also believe that Gale knew long before Katniss who she would choose.  And that it would not be him.   We can only hope he finally found his own peace with it all.

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kc + "we’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years" au

This is my basic headcanon so no 4x16, no baby, Kol is all alive and well, inseparable with his bat as he should be.
Set some time in the future. Crack-ish.
Hope I did this prompt justice.

If there was one thing people could say about Caroline Forbes, it was that she surely knew how to throw a party.

So there was absolutely no reason in the world for Caroline to feel nervous about holding a simple family dinner to celebrate nine-year anniversary of her marriage to the certain hybrid.

No reason whatsoever.

And yes, indeed, they got married.

It wasn’t something either of them needed, with Klaus often repeating how he was an Original and thus, above such silly human conventions. Even Caroline had to admit she had got over her simple-human-life fantasy solid thirty years ago or so.

However, when her mother had inevitably grown old, something she was dreading since the day she had fully understood just what her immortality meant, Caroline decided to fulfill one of her mother’s wishes – to see her daughter in a white dress, getting married.

Of course, nowhere in those dreams her mother imagined walking Caroline to the altar so she could marry Klaus Mikaelson, of all people.

For a long time, that wasn’t something Caroline imagined, either.

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I’ll admit, I’m guilty of having jumped to a conclusion so fast. I didn’t know the whole story. I, probably like many of you, believed Saki to be a horrible mother. “Why would you do this to your own son?” “The world’s not perfect so why try to make him play a score that way?” “You do realize he hates you.” All these ideas popped up in my head. I hated her too. When I saw this scene, explaining why she did it, I cried. We’re all have people that we love and would be willing to do anything for. I can’t tell if Saki went too overboard with what she did for Kōusei, but she did it for a right reason. We wish the best for our loved ones. She was scared about what would happen to he son the day she left. Kōusei knows that she loved him and the bond that they have will remain there for the rest of his life.