i have to admit i did not see that coming at all

Responses to childhood trauma.

Our therapist mentioned a while back that there are common responses to childhood trauma.  The obvious ones being fight or flight. But she said three others were freeze, submit and attach.

I don’t think I understood at the time but looking at my system now I can see examples of all of these responses in system members.

They’re pretty self explanatory I guess but I just wanted to share this for reference if anyone finds it helpful, like I have.  I think these are even more relevant in dissociative disorders such as DID because there are often conflicting feelings towards abusers - we are often attached to them despite their abuse.  For us that has been one of the most grueling things to admit.

I know freeze is very common, in later trauma/abuse as well as child abuse. It often happens when fight/flight can’t happen and is when a child will become silent and still, anything to avoid drawing the attention of their abuser. It comes with a sense of powerlessness.

If the freeze response doesn’t work, the child can “submit” by going along with whatever the abuser is doing, in the hope that if they comply it will be over quicker/they won’t be punished. This can be seen in animals - they “play dead” and hope for the attacker to leave them. Submit parts often feel a great deal of shame and take on the blame/responsibility for what has happened.

It is apparently common to have alters who represent these trauma responses within the same system. I can now see all of the responses in our system, for example, fight presents in hypervigilant alters such as protectors, flight can be seen in those alters who distance themselves from external people to avoid being hurt, freeze is obvious in very scared/traumatised/often younger alters who can be stuck in the trauma, submit parts can feel shame or appear needy, whereas attached parts have a fear of being abandoned/always try to be better.

I’m not sure if this will help anyone but it helped us to figure out why certain alters act in a particular way/believe particular things.

just mickey fucking mickey :(


Dubsmash Wars

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Request: hey Grant Gustin one shot? Where you and him have a dubsmash war (like the one the Marvel actors did and you both post them on Twitter and all the fans ship it and then you end it with a really cute one of both of you and everyone just really loves you together?

Notes: I’ve never experienced what the logistics of Dubsmash are so some of the technical things might be wrong. Otherwise I hope this was kind of what you were looking for, there are only a few ‘dubsmashes’ because otherwise this would be super long hahah. Hope you enjoy!

Y/F/N is “Your friend’s name”

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Okay, everyone who still believes that there is just friendship or something angsty between Yūri and Viktor after this episode, can come and fight me.

Yūri admitted in front of a room full with reporters that the feelings he has for Viktor can be named love. The second half of his programm symbolizes his career when Viktor became his coach, and when he performed it, he was so happy that he does not even remember what he did.

He was badly hurt and the first thing that came to his mind after finishing his programm was Viktor, and he literally ran over the ice and threw himself in for a hug.

I’m sorry, but if that all is not enough proof for you that we have a real gay relationship in a sports anime, then sorry, I believe you don’t actually want to see a healthy gay relationship.

The Ride Home

“I admit. I am a bloody idiot.” 

John Watson finally breaks the silence with a non-sequitur and a suppressed laugh. Despite being tired to the bone, both men found themselves awake and lost in thought for most of the ride.

“I see but do not observe.” He finds his voice again and wraps the shock blanket tightly around him. 

Sherlock must be too tired to not take the bait. He looks back out into the bleakness of the country road.

“All these years, Sherlock. How could I have not known this? The signs were there.” John lets out a huff and shakes his head, as if finally coming to terms with how dense he’d been. “Irene Adler must have been a welcome distraction, the perfect foil to what you’ve been hiding, even to yourself.” A pause. He looks straight at his friend. “But maybe you did know?”

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Who did it?
  • I was practicing 'self care' taking a nice, relaxing tub. Well, I couldn't relax, so I decided to write a quick little dialogue-only fic for @xfficchallenges. Enjoy!
  • "Mulder?"
  • "That's me!"
  • "You could have at least rolled down the window first.....warn me or something"
  • "What?"
  • "Oh, come on...."
  • "Eeeewwwwww Scully, was that you?"
  • "No way, Mulder! You are the one that had the giant garbage cheeseburger. All I had was a salad."
  • "I know it was you Scully. What, not getting enough bee pollen in your diet?"
  • "Excuse me???"
  • "You're excused....see, I knew it was you."
  • "Mulder, shut up! It was NOT me."
  • "She who smelt it, dealt it!"
  • "Mulder, you're so childish. Why don't you just admit it was you?"
  • "Because it wasn't me Scully. Mine smell like roses."
  • "Yah, dead roses the have been sitting in your stinky gym bag for a month."
  • "I'll have you know, my gym bag smells good. I bought these smelly balls that you put in your shoes that keeps things fresh. Anyway, I promise it wasn't me."
  • "Why is the smell not going away?"
  • "I don't know. All of the windows are down. It must be an Xfile!"
  • "Queequeg!!!"
You see, you don’t get to do this, to come back and try to talk after all the bullshit. But instead of simply ignoring you as you liked to do, I’ll let you know exactly how I feel so you can move on with your life. What we had was a lie and a farce. I was with you because I was afraid of being alone, afraid of change and not having anyone to talk to. When I finally figured that out, everything suddenly became clear. I realized how happy I was without you and I knew our “happiness” was just a lie to keep myself from admitting the truth. You, us, our whole relationship was a waste of time and energy. I never loved you, but I did love the possibility of what you could have represented. You gave me hope that just maybe, I could find someone to connect with, and shortly after that, you shattered that same hope to pieces. If I could go back I would change everything. I never would have spoken to you, and I sure as hell wouldn’t have used you as my crutch for so long. I don’t hate you, but I don’t have feelings for you either. You are at best a stranger to me, a passing moment in my life that happened within a blink and will be forgotten just as fast. So I’ll save you some trouble. Move on and stop dwelling on something that never existed in the first place. But thank you, thank you for helping me realize what I actually want in life and what I need to do. Again, I don’t hate you, I just hate myself for being deceived for so long. So here you go, move on with your life and put the past behind you. There’s no point in dwelling on something that was never there.
—  Moving forward is better than looking back

Oh my GOD

Excuse me while I slam my palm into my face a few times.

How the fuck did I not see this coming. Of course this is where Garnet’s odd numbered eyes comes from.

Okay, I’ll admit. Season 2 is, like, sensory overload with all the new info and flippin’ twisted-ass revelations. So in trying to look at the big picture, I’ve missed a small detail.

This is the first non-fusion Gem to have an inhuman body shape. Interesting.

I think I was unfair to Mick Rory recently, when I complained about his “I liked you better when you killed people” comment.

I mean, I’m still a little annoyed at the fandom double standard.  Because I still think, objectively speaking, that comment was worse than anything any of the other teammates aimed at Mick himself.  The others may have forgotten Mick’s trauma as Chronos, but they’ve never intentionally thrown his violation in his face like that.

But I was just rewatching Land of the Lost, and I have to admit, I’m seeing the comment in a new way.

Rip, coming into the scene, looked so tentative.  Not meeting their eyes.  Very brittle.  He seemed a little less tense after each reunion, but still…

Then Mick gives his line, and for just a second, Rip actually looks like Rip again: annoyed, offended, and amused all at once.  And it actually seems to bolster him before he greets the newcomers, Amaya and Nate.

And I noticed this time that Mick’s face during this scene is very interesting.  Because he’s frowning.  That’s not terribly out of character, of course.  But the type of frown isn’t what I expected to see.  He doesn’t look angry, or annoyed, or even bored.  If anything, I think he actually looks concerned.

And it’s interesting.  Because if anyone understands what Rip is going through right now, it’s Mick.  Their experiences weren’t exactly the same, of course, but there’s enough commonality, that Mick might well have the best idea of what Rip actually needs to recover.

I’m hoping that the show will use this to develop the characters’ relationship further.  After all, they’ve already paralleled their experiences.  And Rip was the one who first argued that Mick could be saved.  And Mick was the one who suggested the means that they used to save Rip.   There’s a lot that can be used there.

I admit it, you were everything to me. You were. My world revolved around you and I didn’t realise how much you have affected my life. All the despicable things you have done, I still cannot forget but I will always forgive you no matter what it was that you did because that’s how much I loved you . I loved you so much and for so long, I don’t know how to let go of you.

I thought that  I was fine, but I am not. It’s so hard to go to sleep at night when all it comes back running to me, where I do not want it at all.

I still see you around, everywhere I go, everywhere I turn.
I want to avoid it all, but sadly I cannot. I can easily erase you from my mind but in real life you are always there, when I do not want you. I am finished with all of you, but my mind cannot seem to let go the idea of you.

Gradblr Challenge: Day 18

Thursday, 03.23.17

My paper presentation was today. A partner and I split up the paper, and there was miscommunication on my part where I asked her to do odds and I would do even, but I had meant it the other way around, so I ended up covering her portion. We didn’t figure it out until 3 hours before the presentation, but crisis was averted because I actually did all of the figures. It didn’t take me long to type up my notes for the even figures. We presented, and I think it went really well!

Afterwards, a bunch of current grad students and I went out to dinner with the recruits who have been admitted and were coming back on their return visit. Some people went out with us after their interviews last time they were here, so it was really nice to see them get accepted to Rutgers and also deciding to come here in the fall! 

I would also like to say a huge thank you to @cancerbiophd, @caffeinatedcraziness, @madscientista, and @geekification for weighing in with their advices on my thesis lab situation. After reading your comments and listening to the opinion of the older grad students in my program, I’m leaning more towards the newer PI now, but I’m going to give myself until Monday to decide for sure.

you have no right ~ part 5

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You were car pooling with Lydia wringing your hands out. You hadn’t seen Theo in four days and if he didn’t show up to school again today you wouldn’t see him for the entire weekend and you were itching to know what you’d done wrong. 

You’d tried to call him but he never picked up. You texted him, and he’d read your texts but never respond. You were honestly so done with him, but not knowing what’d come between you was killing you inside. 

“Relax.” Lydia said. “It’s going to be okay, did you study for the AP stat quiz?” Lydia asked and you nodded. 

“It’s all I’ve been doing. Just focusing on school right now, Finals are in two weeks and then it’ll all just be over.” You admitted. 

“What are you doing this summer?” Lydia asked as she pulled into the parking lot. 

“Well for the rest of June I think I’m just going to go surfing, maybe hiking, watch some classic movies. Just chill really, and then in July I’m going to Mexico for three weeks and in August I’ll just get all of my summer work done.” You told her. “How about you?” You asked. 

“Staying in Beacon Hills. Making sure nothing gets out of hand, you hang out with us this summer if you have free time.” Lydia said. You nodded. 

The AP STAT quiz was a breeze, and at Lunch Theo was sitting at your old table. You slipped into your old seat and stared at him, he looked more unapproachable than he had all week. 

“Theo.” You breathed. “Are you okay?” You asked, he kept on looking down, ignoring. “Look, I don’t know what’s going on between us, but I know you’re a werewolf and-” Theo’s head shot straight up. 

“You don’t know werewolves exist.” He whispered deathly serious. “You cannot continue hanging out with Scott or Stiles or Lydia or anyone else in their friend group.” Theo added. 

“They’re my closest friends.” You whispered back harshly. “You can’t tell me that I can’t be friends with my friends. You don’t have authority over me.” You exclaimed as quietly as you could. 

“And I’m breaking up with you. You can’t talk to me, or sit with me, or even try to contact me. I’m changing phone numbers and I won’t talk to you if you try to talk to me.” He commanded. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You asked, your anger covering the tears that were threatening to pour out of your eyes. 

“Don’t you get it?” He seethed. “I’m trying to keep you safe, are you blind to everything that happens with them? People die. More people will die. I’m just trying to make sure you don’t become one of them.” He was getting louder and drawing the attention of a few adjacent tables, and the one where Lydia sat with her friends. 

“Do you know something that you’re not telling me?” You asked but then laughed sarcastically, “I meant something that could possibly hurt my friends?” You demanded. 

“They’re listening in on our conversation.” He gritted, rubbing his thumbs. 

“Do you or do you not know anything.” You growled back. 

“We’re broken up remember? You have no reason to be here, just like I have no reason to tell you whether or not your friends are in danger.” He sighed looking down at the table. 

“You are cold.” You said quietly before getting up, throwing your backpack over your soldier and walking away. You walked right out the doors and halfway down the street before you realized that you couldn’t miss class. You’d have to compartmentalize this, and get through the day. Pretend your friends were fine, Theo didn’t just break up with you, and that you were going to be fine. 

You walked back up to your classes and went through the day. 

You were fine. 

“(y/n)!” Lydia called running up to you. You were waiting for her so you could go home. “Are you alright?” She asked. 

“Fine.” You even added a smile. It felt detached. 

“How can you be fine?” She asked. 

“I don’t have time to not be.” You stated. “I just have to get through finals.” You told her. 

“Okay.” She said, quietly. You knew she couldn’t say anything about this, because she did the exact same thing. 

  • Moonie: I'm starting to see why Halloween is your fav holiday, Snarkieboo
  • Snark: Halloween can't disappoint you. What's my mom gonna admit to me, that the goblins and princesses and Batman knocking on my door aren't real?
  • Moonie: Hate to break it to you, Snarkieboo...
My favourite Flyboy

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A/N: This goes out to anonymous who asked: Can I see a story where Poe & the reader clash a lot at work b/c she thinks he’s cocky (she calls him flyboy) & he thinks she’s a know it all (he calls her something sarcastic). They are both pilots & he is in charge &would never admit she was right. It’s not mean its more like fiery stubbornness! in a firefight Poe is about to be shot down dramatically & reader can’t bear the thought of him dying so she does all she can &saves him. They finally make out on D'Qar :)

To the requesters who are currently still waiting: I don’t do requests in order (I don’t do first come first serve) but I have yours in the making and will produce them throughout the week(s)!

“MORON!” You screamed. You wish you had a lightsaber so you could cut your way through Poe. “YOU DID EVERYTHING WRONG!”

Poe gave you an accused look, and put his hands on his hips. “I did everything wrong? Well excuse me, princess! I wasn’t aware that this X-Wing belongs to you! And please don’t scream at your superior!”

SUPERIOR?! THE HECK DID HE THINK HE WAS?! Your mind screamed. You swore out loud and then said in a bossy tone, “Poe Dameron!”

“Will you cool it down, missy!” Poe said crossing his arms.

“YOU DELETED MY MISSION! NOW I CAN’T GET IT BACK!” You shouted violently. You took a few steps forward to Poe and snarled, “You had better find a way to get it back!”

Poe frowned hard at you and closed the space between you and him, which on a normal basis would make you feel super uncomfortable. The two of you locked eyes as the tension became high. Not wanting to lose the battle of looking away, you glared at Poe, his big brown eyes not moving from your eyes.

“Hey, can you two love birds help me unload the cargo that just came?” a voice came from behind you.

Grudgingly, you looked away from Poe, but you could tell his eyes were still on you, which was starting to make you feel uncomfortable. “We’re not love birds, Finn,” You said sourly. “Flyboy here just deleted my mission.” You shot Poe an angry look.

Finn raised an eyebrow. “Are you serious? How did he manage to delete your mission?”

Stressed, you began to run your fingers through your hair. “I don’t know, Finn. He just did. Little Mister Upstart thinks he can do anything he wants,” You gave the cocky pilot another angry look.

Poe was studying your face, as if he was trying to decide how to tell you something. Instead he just snapped back into reality and said roughly, “You could show a little more respect to me. I’m the best pilot in the galaxy, and you should be honored that I’m teaching you how to become a pilot.”

You changed your voice into a high and annoying tone and mimicked, “Best cocky pilot… don’t give me that crap, Dameron!”

“Whoa, easy guys. I don’t know what’s going on between you two, but maybe you need to chill. Poe, the General would like to see you,” Finn chided.

Poe nodded, stared at you for a few more seconds, and then turned to walk away without saying anything.

“Can you help me with the cargo?” Finn asked you.

Sighing, you shrugged, “Sure Finn.”

Unloading cargo wasn’t your favourite thing, but you got to talk to Rey and Finn and it helped that you could vent your anger out on them and they just listened and gave you advice back.

“How long has Poe been teaching you?” Rey asked you, as she picked up a big box of weapons.

You lifted a box up to your shoulder. “Since May. He’s a good teacher, he’s just really cocky and I can’t stand cocky guys.”

“Y/N, he’s not that bad. He may seem a little cocky, but he’s loyal as heck and he cares about you,” Finn told you softly.

You made a sour face and didn’t say anything. As if to make things worse, Poe came up to you three. You really didn’t want to see him, especially since you had just been really rude to him in his face.

“I’m going on a mission!” Poe announced to you three. His face was full of energy and youth, like it always was. You looked at his big smile. He was rather attractive… for a freaking cocky showoff.

You pretended not to care all that much, but truthfully, you didn’t like it when he left on missions. You didn’t like being without him. You hated to admit it, but you enjoyed his company… sometimes.

“When do you leave?” Rey and Finn both asked curiously.

Poe glanced at you and said, “I leave right away. Y/N, our practices are going to need to wait.”

“Swell,” You grumbled, refusing to look at him.

Poe stepped closer to you. “Well aren’t you a ray of sunshine, sweetheart,” He said sarcastically. “You could at least—you know what, never mind.” Poe rubbed his face and looked critically at you.

Poe turned around and waved to you three, “See you guys later!”

“See ya, Poe!” Finn said, shifting the luggage onto one arm so he could wave.

Rey nodded and called at him, “Stay safe!”

Poe turned his head at you and locked eyes. You mustered out, “S-see you around, flyboy.”

“Likewise, princess,” Poe mused backwards as he walked off.

Your face turned red, either from anger or embarrassment. “I’m not a princess!” You mumbled to yourself, as you walked away with your cargo.

“Y/N,” General Organa said swiftly.

“Yes, General?” You said back, saluting her.

“Don’t salute me right now,” General Organa barked gently. “I need you to find someone to send to Dameron. His ship made it safely to his destination but he needs a backup right away.”

You hastily volunteered, “Let me go!”

General Organa looked a little surprised. “You? But Poe isn’t done teaching you how to fly…”

Biting your lip you lied back, “I’ve been practicing on my own. Flyboy is just around to help. I can do it. Please, General…” You gave her your best puppy dog eyes.

General Organa looked you up and down. “If you insist. But take ten other fighters with you.”

You bowed your head quickly and said, “Yes, General!” You turned away and began to hastily walk away but General Organa called after you, “Y/N… don’t let your feelings get in involved with saving Dameron. Save the kissing until you make it back safely.”

Your face turned a few shades of red before finally settling for a bright poppy red colour. You stuttered back, “O-of course, ma’am.”

It wasn’t long before you got the X-Wings up and going. It wasn’t long before you got to the planet Poe was on. What was long and incredibly annoying was finding Poe. You were worried sick for him. The moment you found him, you were going to punch him and beat him up, and then he would have your permission to go die in a corner by himself.

Your fellow mates called after you, “L/N, we found Poe! He’s unconscious but alive! He took down all the stormstroopers but it’s probably only minutes before a new batch come! We need to get Poe and take him back to base! Let’s go!”

You wanted to shout for joy or at least scream with absolute rage at how idiotic Poe was to take this mission alone. You hurriedly followed your friends to where Poe was.

Poe was on the ground, a big bruise on his forehead. His mouth was half open and his lip cut badly. You dropped down to Poe and tried to shake him away, “Poe? Wake up! Someone give me water! He needs water and bandage his wounds before we leave!”

Someone brought water and bandages and you set the task of bandaging his head up. You refused to let anyone else help as you cradled his head in your lap while you worked. Brushing his black hair out of his face, his eyes flittered open slightly. He main a groaning noise before closing his eyes again and moaning, “Y/N…?”

You wanted to scream angrily at him but you restrained yourself and said briskly, “Quiet, Dameron.”

Half unconscious, Poe was still Poe and replied sassily back in a murmur, “That’s no way to treat me, beautiful…”

It was the first time he had ever called you beautiful. Princess and Missy, yes, but never actually beautiful. You started blushing a bit. “I said you need to be quiet,” You stuttered back.

“Y/N, I’m irresistible. Just go out with me when we get back…” Poe said barely audible.

That was the last straw, you were now blushing furiously and were tongue tied. Luckily, Poe passed out again so you didn’t have to think about it.

As you finished bandaging up his head your X-Wing mate came up and said, “We need to go right now!”

Standing up, you slung Poe’s arm around your neck. “Help me out!”

Your friend came over and slung his other arm around their neck. Together you three marched back to your X-Wing.

“Hey, Y/N?”


“Why is your face bright red?”

“Shut up!” You barked angrily.

Your friend gave you a silly look, which made you want to punch him. “How are we going to get him onboard?”

Feeling sulky and sassy, you replied back, “Magic, you moron. Let’s focus on bringing Dameron home.”

“POE DAMERON!” You shouted in that voice you always used on him when you were angry with him. Tears were beginning to build up.

Poe looked confused. “Y/N, what is it? I’m alive and safe!” He said softly to you.

He was back. Poe was in the recovery room and recovering quickly, but he was still weak. This was the first time you were allowed to see him after he got back. Once you made it back they had taken Poe right away and then you weren’t allowed to see him until a few days later.

You wanted to slap him, but you were too afraid of hurting him anymore. “You jerk!” Was all you could say, while the hot tears finally started to fall. You hated crying, especially in front of Poe, but it was a mixture of joy and absolute anger.

You crashed into Poe and embraced him. Warm arms wrapped around you as you cried into Poe. You didn’t care if you were smothering him or was on his perfectly clean bed while you were a mess after flying practices from earlier in the day.

Poe held you for a few minutes as your sobs became less noisy. “Hey, Y/N… wanna know something?”

You sniffled in response.

“I didn’t delete your mission. I changed it around so I’d get the mission,” Poe said softly in your ear, his breath tickling your cheek.

You lifted your head and gave Poe a confused look. “What do you mean?”

Poe stroked your hair and moved the stray hairs away from your face. “I couldn’t let you take this mission. You wouldn’t have survived. I don’t know why the General wanted you to take this mission,” Poe said quietly, gazing into your eyes. He had a sort of peaceful look that made you stay calm.

Sniffling some more, you said slowly, “You mean… you took this mission to keep me safe?”

Poe rested his lips on your forehead and murmured, “I couldn’t have my little rookie pilot take the mission. I would have been devastated and fully reasonable for you if something bad happened.”

His lips were warm on your forehead and you didn’t want him to move. “Hey, Flyboy,” you whispered quietly, breaking the silence. “Kiss me.”

Poe looked at you hard. He looked at you the way that always gave you butterflies. The way he bit his lip and has such a serious thinking look as if he was trying to decide something.

Poe closed the little bit of space between you two. This time you weren’t mad at each other. This time you weren’t angry. This time, your lips met together for a sweet and simple kiss.

Once you pulled apart from the sweet kiss, you gently banged your forehead against Poe’s, gazing into his eyes. You said softly, “You’re my favourite flyboy, Dameron.”


Thanks for reading! If you have a request go ahead and send it in to me! It doesn’t have to be Poe X Reader, it can be any other shipping if you want! Just beware, I don’t know how well I’ll do at Kylo X Reader!


Sean is sitting in his apartment building when the news first reaches the Congressman that the former first son – TJ Hammond – is set to get married. The words hurt more than the blond would like to admit. All this time he pushed TJ away. Because he was too much of a coward to come out and announce to the public that he was interested in men. But it finally happened a couple months back. Explaining to Nikki that he shared a six month relationship with someone. Not once did he speak of TJ’s name because he did not want any ill feelings or intentions to be directed to the brunet.

Bad idea or not, Sean makes it his top priority to see his ex-fiancé. Strong feelings were still there. They never truly left. Not after he said goodbye to TJ around Christmas time. Not when their engagement was called off. Never did he stop loving the younger male. But maybe he could find it within himself to wish TJ the best. It would be difficult, yes, but for once he was actually doing the right thing. That and he just wants to see him again.

Some research was needed on Sean’s part, but he’s eventually walking into the very location where TJ can be found trying on an assortment of different tuxedos. When the blond steps inside – assuming TJ didn’t notice – he finds him checking to see how said outfit looked on his behind. Some things never change. The sight before him brings out a smile from the blond. Even now the brunet has a knack for making the Congressman smile and he wasn’t even trying.

“You look fine, TJ. You have nothing to worry about.”


Ladies and Gentleman, big or small, young or old, come one, come all to see the most magical show on earth. As old as time, see the wonderful and bright color CIRCUS OF MONSTERS!

Yep I went and done did it. Here’s my own AU called Big Top Tale.
Mettaton: Ribbon dancer/Acrobat
Alphys and Napstablook: Backstage (pretty much in charge of props, music, contraptions, etc.)
Muffet: Plate Spinner and Trapeze with her spiders
Sans: Jester/Clown
Papyrus: Juggler
Undyne: Sword (or in this case spear) Swallower
Toriel: Fire dancer
Asgore: Ringmaster
Frisk: A lost child in the circus

I’ll admit there’s nothing completely set and stone about this AU but I do have a few ideas (like the circus being much different at night) If you guys have any headcannons or ideas that you might have for this, I’d love to here, so please tell me ouo
(not gonna lie I’ve been a bit insecure making this, but too late now it’s out and about)

edit: changed the name because circustale is already a name for another AU, I hope this new name is alright \D

///Continuing the answer to the previous ask, with the letter directed to “a person I had a crush on.

Dear Laila.

I have been unable to visit you canteen for the past few years. Before you come to the conclusion that I no longer enjoy your place, let me assure you that I will have a cup of your renownedwine as soon as I can. Duty has prevented me from taking many breaks, and most of the time I have been outside Anor Londo, so I have not had a chance in all this time.

But my tasks are not the subject of this letter. I just wish to thank you for something that I did not back when it happened. Surely you remember our first meeting, and the first conversations to follow… I must admit that I am to this day ashamed of my old behavior. I know that you did not mind it in the slightest, but I was most likely a little troublesome at times.

I was an inexperienced man who had dedicated so much time to his training that my social abilities were… minimal. Women were so new to me, a young knight who blushed simply at the sound of their voice, hoping to get one’s attention only to stumble on my words and make a fool out of myself. I was particularly persistent with you, much to your amusement if I remember correctly. I have no shame in admitting that I found you charming, and I still believe that you look lovely, even if I can thankfully say such words without having my heart try to escape my chest in some absurd passion.

I would like to thank you not just for being patient with me, but also for not telling anyone about it, allowing the few who knew about it to forget about the past. Imagine how bothersome it would be for me to have stories about how I was high over heels for you, although something tells me that you would get a laugh out of the subject. Either way, I am sure we can talk about this and much more when we meet again, hopefully soon.

Looking forward to meeting you again,

WHOOPS I DID A THING. Inspired by this post and some gentle harassment of upallnightogetloki in her inbox :)

Bucky was not here for blind dates. Not. Here. Especially when the guy that was so great, and so wonderful didn’t even have the nerve to show up. Bucky was crafting the angry text he was going to send to Natasha in his head as the waitress passed him again, that pitying look still on her face as she refilled his water glass.

Maybe, just maybe he could stay here all night so none of the other patrons would know just how stood up and pathetic he was. Sure the wait staff would know, but he never had to come back to this restaurant. He would just be another tale they told, that poor guy who waited all night for his date.

He was reaching into his pocket to pull out his phone to text Natasha (not admitting defeat, he wasn’t) when someone dropped into the seat across from him.

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I hope you see this. I hope six months from now you’ll start to remember all the shit things you did and said to me. I hope you wish you had done things differently. I hope you call me at 2 am and tell me that you're lonely. I hope you have the guts to admit that you miss me. I hope you tell me to come back. I hope by then I’m able to say “No”.
—  taytaylillay

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I'm completely refusing to read cursed child or anything about ilvermorny but like I love hp I just hate what she's doing with it and also!!!!! That shit is NEVER on sale bc there's ALWAYS something new coming out like ffs let us have a big enough gap that some shit can go on sale ;-;

did u see/like fantastic beasts? I’m not even CLOSE to being as into it as I am with hp but I thought it was pretty good (I’m already such a sucker for Eddie redmayne tho) but I LOVED Tina and queenie.

anyway, ya it feels like a capitalistic grab at this point, all the stuff that she’s come out with but i admit it is nice to have a little bit of hp mania again I think!